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Green color in fashion


Forget about dullness. In the trend - bright, deep, warm, sparkling shades.

Fashionable colors traditionally define the Pantone Institute and the collections of the best designers presented at the world fashion weeks.

Important note: these 22 colors are absolutely self-sufficient. Anyone can be used as an accent in a wardrobe (for example, to highlight a handbag, scarf, shoes, hair strands), and can be the basis of an absolutely monochrome, but no less lively outfit.

1. Ultraviolet

Pantone experts called PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet UV the main color of the year. Intense, cosmic purple, as if glowing from the inside, it is an important element in the new collections of many designers.

This is the real color of the future that is about to come. This is a bridge from modern technology to fly to another galaxy. Ultraviolet - a symbol of creative expression, mysticism and spiritual qualities.

The future in the context of fashion 2018 is a defiant phenomenon. Therefore, ultraviolet designers see either monochrome - the only color in the outfit, or in the frame of equally bright shades, such as red, orange, silver, piercing green or bright yellow.

2. Canary

If ultraviolet - the color of the year, the piercing canary experts unconditionally called the main shade of autumn.

The most winning designers considered the combination of bright yellow with classic black. However, other colors play well with him in a pair. In particular, we are talking about pink, white, marsh-green and ultraviolet.

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2. Canary

If ultraviolet - the color of the year, the piercing canary experts unconditionally called the main shade of autumn.

The most winning designers considered the combination of bright yellow with classic black. However, other colors play well with him in a pair. In particular, we are talking about pink, white, marsh-green and ultraviolet.

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3. Lime Punch

It is, in fact, neon green, eye catching and glowing at dusk. Another color for the bold and extravagant.

Due to the brightness, the “lime punch” is self-sufficient: it does not require other colors in the set. Those who decide to choose a pair for him should proceed with caution, preferring neutral nude hues or akin tones: yellow, green, turquoise.

6. Peacock pink

Screaming colors are traditionally claimed in spring or summer, but here you have an exception. This feminine and at the same time energetic pink and crimson hue is found in many fashion collections of the autumn-winter season.

Designer hint: the most interesting thing is that the “peacock” is combined with things that have a strict geometric print: a cell, stripes, squares, zigzags, and so on.

7. Pink lavender

Delicate lilac-pink hue refers to nude, almost merging with skin tone. Smooth and sophisticated, it gives the image airiness, severity and at the same time homely warmth.

Color is absolutely self-sufficient, it does not need a rim. Lavender looks great in combination with natural body shades. Therefore, if it is rhymed with something, then with soft nude, beige, gray tones. Well, to make the image more contrast, black is suitable, fuchsia, metallic shades.

10. Blooming dahlia

This warm, peach update nude trends that have reigned in fashion the past few years.

So that the familiar, in general, the color does not seem boring, it should be beaten in a print (ideally combined with snow-white) or combined with bright warm colors: red, orange, sky-blue, green.

11. Transparent purple

Another fresh reincarnation of the classic Nyudov.

Light, soft, surprisingly delicate and feminine color does not need additions. If you want to dilute the image, other shades of the same pale lilac, as well as peach, lilac, classic white and black colors will do.

12. Chili oil

This mix of red and brown is surprisingly rich in color. Even a small amount of it can give the image of fleur status, luxury.

The most interesting “chili oil” looks against the background of related colors: dark pink, classic red, burgundy, brown. A win-win solution will be radical black.

14. Emperador

So warm, thick, rich shades are traditionally used in the autumn-winter collections. Chocolate and cognac "Emperador" - the color that gives the image chic.

Ideally, the "Emperador" has a glossy finish with a gleam: in this case it can be used as a mono-color and does not require additions. If you plan to collect a multi-colored suit, it is better to combine the shade with white, classic black, warm brown-red tones.

18. The boy's blue

Very restrained, at first glance, even boring, soft and clean light blue is in fact many-sided. He is able to refresh the most simple image, giving it a discreet, but fascinating color zest.

To rhyme this rather picky color is better with neutral shades: gray, silver, black, cool white, nude or powdery.

19. Turquoise

A clean, cool blue-green color - this is what the sea wave looks like on a bright sunny day. Turquoise can bring spring freshness to any look.

In order not to overdo it with piercing paints, it is best to combine the “sea wave” with neutral shades: white, gray, beige, nude. Bright colors are allowed only in the form of small accents. Otherwise, the image will look flashy.

21. Orange

Cheerful orange blossom flashes in the autumn-winter collections 2018/2019 of almost all the major fashion houses in the world. The most interesting thing is that it looks on leather (trousers, skirts, gloves, bags) and faux fur. But the most popular color combinations are with piercingly blue (for example, jeans of the corresponding color) and black.

22. Sparkling Silver

Designers have fallen in love with this color so much that they serve it even in a total bow format. It’s not necessary to be led by fashionable extreme lovers, because silver is perfectly combined with other shades - from discreet to bright. Separate plus silver: it unexpectedly fits well into a business wardrobe.

Green color in fashion. Natural harmony

Green color multifaceted. He can be carefree, fun, exquisitely romantic, or strict in military terms. Century after century, green color proves its loyalty to other colors with enviable consistency. He does not force out, does not aspire to become leaders, he just is. And for this he is loved and worn by all the rich and poor, adults and children, men and women.

As time shows, fashion comes to green suddenly, giving rest to the eye and mind after the domination of exciting red-orange colors. And just as quickly disappears - until the next whimsical coil of fashionable spiral. As a rule, in spring-summer collections green color –Pure, intense and fresh, like May greens. In the autumn-winter seasons, green in magnificent, complex, marshy and mossy shades, in colors of needles or bottle glass sounds more restrained and cooler - in accordance with the season and mood.

Green is the color of life, balance and harmony. Of the 8–10 million colors perceived by the human eye, most of all we distinguish shades of green.
The whole palette of green shades is relevant all year round, but especially popular green shades In spring and summer. These are real favorites of sports, everyday and resort clothing.

  • Bright green is an informal color. Therefore, it is often used in sportswear and rarely in business.
  • Green favorably emphasizes a fresh tan - stock up on at least tops!
Bright shades, as a rule, rich shades of lime, green apple, lettuce, chartreuse come and go according to fashion. But in everyday wardrobe they always remain accent, attracting attention to themselves. They are out of competition in clothes for sports and leisure, in summer dresses, tops and T-shirts, in the colors of bags, sandals, swimsuits and jewelry.

Light green tones can be used both in an independent ensemble, and in accents (scarf, bag, shoes, etc.). They look great in evening wear as well as in casual wear.

The militarized military style, where olive and khaki are the dominant colors, enjoys particular prestige among the youth. These unsaturated yellow-green, brown green shades in the modern world are the color of camouflage tourists and military. They create the effect of disguise, allow to merge with nature, not to attract attention to themselves, to hide the individuality, to hide the inner world behind a neutral facade.

In themselves, olive and khaki are harsh colors, but in soft fabrics and knitwear they create a feeling of comfort, tranquility and naturalness. Olive, marsh and khaki are easy to make attractive when combined with soft colors such as coral, blue or beige.

  • The palette of green shades in military style: olive, khaki, protective, marsh, tobacco, gray-green, all shades of earth and grass. Combined with red, orange, bronze, brass, gold, combinations appear that help to create unusual, sexy and extremely feminine images.

Such shades as moss, bottle glass, brown-green, are actively used in practical and functional models of trousers, jackets, sweaters, ecological-style shirts. The very combination of green with beige, brown, camel, terracotta, sand have a relaxation, quiet pastime, nature walks. In clothes for tourism and active recreation use these natural shades of green and they never leave fashion.

To create a truly spring look, just add at least one light detail to your wardrobe. green color. Both in nature and in spring wardrobe, bright colors of green appear gradually: first in accessories, drawings, then entirely in clothes. Lime color perfectly combines with spring clothes of beige and sand shades. This combination gives freshness to the image. In combination with other bright colors, an op art effect is created, which is welcomed in youth and creative circles. White summer outfit perfectly refreshing accessories of bright yellow-green color.

Greening from head to toe is not necessary. Much more important is not the quantity, but the quality of the shade and the correctly chosen combination of green with other colors.
Aqua color is indispensable for summer parties. Open silver sandals and jewelery made of multi-colored transparent stones will suit the side of this color.

  • The main colors of spring-summer wardrobe: pistachio, apple, aqua, lime, mint, lime, chartreuse (bright yellow-green), deciduous-green, willow.

Green colors of the autumn-winter season

Autumn is the time for high boots, half-open dresses and demi-season unbuttoned coats. Autumn wardrobe consists of things of darker, saturated colors. Autumn is so rich in its colors that the bright green becomes alien. It loses its relevance, its shades are difficult to combine with other autumn colors. Only complex dark shades of a green palette look harmoniously. Their combinations with bright colors - yellow, gold, burgundy - create a rich, sophisticated image. Accessories and ornaments in blue-green with silver can act as a wonderful accent for brown and beige tones of clothing. Dosed bright yellow-green color in combination with black lacquer adds hard chic to the autumn city wardrobe.

Shades of green gems in winter look expensive and high quality. They work fine in outerwear, including fur. The malachite color creates a warm mood in woolen, cashmere, knitted fabrics, goes well with rich bright colors, creating festive images. Bright blue-green color in small quantities, as an accent or decoration, it is good to combine with white and black warm things. But the aquatic colors in winter look very cold and inappropriate, and therefore unpopular this season.

  • The main colors of the autumn-winter wardrobe: coniferous, bottle, malachite, emerald, jade.

Green color in a business wardrobe

Despite the fact that green is the color of money and financial structures, green is practically not used in conservative business clothes. It is not formal enough and authoritative for a competitive business environment. However, this color helps in those situations when it is necessary to draw an interlocutor to yourself, convince you that you are right, to incline you to make a profitable decision. In such cases, rely on dark shades of green.

In the business wardrobe actively use unsaturated muted shades, such as jade, olive, dark bottle and aqua. In combination with the light soft colors of blouses, they create spectacular, creative costume ensembles, not devoid of delicacy and sophistication.

Olive itself is a harsh color associated exclusively with military uniforms. In business clothes it is used extremely rarely. This color is especially undesirable in the communicative business. Undoubtedly, it looks rich in costume fabrics, but in combination with white (shirt) and black (shoes) flowers does not look presentable, and in the worst case - gloomy. The best combination is olive with pastel and energetic colors.

  • Example: a suit of an unsaturated, muted olive shade and a blouse of bright saturated coral color will emphasize the depth of the olive color, effectively contrasting with the color of the suit.
Olive can also be used in shawls, bags and shoes. They would emphasize the neutral color of a business suit.

Malachite - the color of the autumn business wardrobe. It is perfectly combined with burgundy, plum and brown, and in combination with black, it makes the image somewhat unusual.

Bright green and blue-green shades look great in blouses and accessories, they give the business style freshness and dynamism. And the combinations in the business ensemble of emerald green with pink and rose-purple create an elegant feminine look.

In the warm season in women's business suits are allowed light shades of green, such as pistachio, muted mint, pale green. The aqua blouse refreshes and ennobles strict business suits. Bright green shades with a blue hint are more conservative. Their popularity in the business wardrobe is growing. They give the image individuality, demonstrate strength, confidence and professionalism.

Dark shades green color look restrained, respectable, conservative and serious. A suit of a dark green color in combination with light soft colors gives a business image diplomacy. Dark cold shades of green with a blue subtone are actively used in blouses, shawls, accessories and outerwear.

If you do not feel love for green shades and do not accept them, considering that green does not quite fit your image, use it at least in accessories and decorations. This is the easiest way to bring a fresh stream to the business style. In this case, to choose the color of the bag to the shoe or vice versa is not necessary.

  • Conservative image
Suit color: dark green shades.
Color of a blouse: white, light and bright colors of a blouse in a contrasting combination with a suit allow you to look authoritative and businesslike.
Color accessories (bag and shoes): black, neutral and dark colors do not attract attention, emphasize restraint and conservatism.

  • Communicative image
Suit color: muted and light shades of green make you look relaxed, have to communicate.
Color blouses: white, rich pastel shades do not contrast with the color of the suit, look elegant.
Color accessories (bag and shoes): neutral, unsaturated shades emphasize femininity.

  • Creative image
Suit color: a bright shade of green creates an unusual trendy look.
Color blouses: choose the most contrast - white, black, all bright colors.
Color of accessories (bag and shoes): bright and bold combinations emphasize individuality, modernity and non-standard image. Yellow, scarlet, orange, purple, pale blue, pink - the palette is unlimited.

Green color in evening wear

Dresses the color of precious green stones literally chained to his eyes. These magical green colors in brilliant silk and embroidered brocade in the evening light mysterious and beautiful. Cocktail dresses of emerald satin or chiffon are unusually good in summer and winter. Green water is an indispensable color for summer parties. A heavy blue-green silk is the perfect choice for an evening out. Outfit malachite color may well replace black. This dark green color is surrounded by a halo of mysterious attractiveness and inaccessibility. Gold jewelry looks great against the background of this color. Union malachite with black, of course, you can give the palm among the most spectacular evening dresses.

Надо быть крайне аккуратными с тусклыми и сероватыми зелеными оттенками в вечерних нарядах. При искусственном освещении они невыразительны и скучны.

Вечернюю одежду самых разных оттенков зеленого цвета – от нежнейших светлых до благородных темных тонов – желательно сочетать с аксессуарами, контрастными по цвету. It can be black, white, as well as golden, raspberry or deep blue.

  • Footwear. Gold or silver open sandals only emphasize the greatness of color and create a generally rich image.
Light shades green color in the evening palette should be bright enough and rich. In this case, even a small stroke will give expression to any achromatic dress. Light shades of green are often used as accentuating accessories and jewelery. Live, refreshing and cheerful blue-green shades are especially relevant. These colors are effortlessly combined with achromatic. In union with white, they create a fresh image, with black - a dramatic one.

  • Emerald, jade, fern, are quite intense and attract attention. They should be combined with such colors that enhance their purity. They are wonderful paired with other bright colors - scarlet, yellow, coral, purple.

  • Combinations green shades with achromatic colors: white and beige enhances the purity of bright light green and emphasizes the nobility and solemnity of dark green,
  • Black underlines the strength and drama of green. The whole duo was built on this win-win duet fashion 1980s.

Combinations of bright green hues with other colors:

Bright green - as Colour The gemstone should be worn with flowers that enhance its purity and unusualness. Combinations with bright turquoise, purple, sapphire, ruby ​​are magnificent, discovering the best virtues of each. Wonderful combination with fuchsia, orange, bright blue and yellow. These are quite courageous and avant-garde duets. When paired with red, green looks very elegant, festive, New Year's,

Combinations of dark green shades with other colors:

Dark shades of green look best with bright colors: purple, blue, red. Such luxurious and rich combinations create an unusual, lively, dynamic style.

Shades of green in clothes

Let's try to systematize all the variety of greens for a more convenient understanding of this tone.

Let's try to systematize all the variety of greens for a more convenient understanding of this tone.
1 Warm Pastel: pale green, pistachio, light green - soft, delicate shades of green. They are sunny, unobtrusive, but effectively support the contrast with dark colors, while light ones acquire a playful, romantic nature against their background.
2 yellow green: chartreuse, yellow-green, light green - saturated, warm, active colors. They colorfully present an image, can arrange a bright “show” with other expressive tones or play a solo in a neutral scale.
3 Green mixed with red: olive-green, olive, marsh-green - fascinating, rich, complex shades of the autumn type. Successfully combined with brown, orange, yellow, forming a flowing, warm gamut.
4 defensive tones (mixed with red and / or gray): protective, khaki, brown-green - camouflage shades as close as possible to the forest colors. They are actively used in the style of millitar, can create a vintage or even glamorous image in combination with gold.
5 Saturated green: grass, moss, greens - expressive tones that create juicy pairs, give freshness, gloss, but are not available to all appearances.
6 bright green: acid, bright green, toad in love - extremely pronounced, most catchy, shocking shades, which are more likely to occur in the summer, festive, requisite wardrobe. A pair for them can be either as pure and bright tones, or neutral, as well as other greens.
7 Gray-green cool shades.: light gray-green, frog in a swoon, wormwood - unpretentious shades, whose properties are close to neutral, but they are able to create sophisticated, expressive combinations, built on the difference in brightness and lightness. So, quite surprisingly, they will look with burgundy, warm dark green, soft pink.
8 Cold Pastels: water color, neon green, mint - fresh, light, clean, tones close to summer rest, underwear, home clothes. Absolutely unobtrusive, but at the same time ready it is beneficial to support any shade: bright, dull, dark. With them get a juicy pair. It is not beneficial in the environment of neutral shades.
9 Blue-green or cold greens: Mint, emerald green, patina - rich colors with a predominance of blue in its composition. Gamma is one of the most beloved. These colors can be used in all spheres of life: bright and unobtrusive, they decorate, emphasize and create a style with any shades advantageously and effectively.
10 dark green: coniferous, malachite, dark green. The tones are divided in three directions: dark olive-protective, dark cold, dark warm.
Any dark tones are alternative to black - contrasting shades. Dark green lays a rich color that starts playing with the presence of other shades: from gray to red.

The combination of green in clothes

The combination of green in clothes is a powerful tool for creating a juicy, colorful image, and it doesn’t matter whether it wakes piercingly bright or modest: the sensation of color play will be felt in any expression and environment of green. Perhaps he has the largest number of variants of combinations. Choose an interesting option for you and click.

For brave extroverts

Such shades prefer open and sociable people who do more than they say. But It is worth noting that this tone is quite complex, and many designers avoid its bright options, preferring muted olive and marsh.

But let you not be afraid of any obstacles, because we will tell you about who he is shown, and how to combine it with other colors.

The variety of shades makes it possible to use green in things for any season and occasion. Lettuce, mint, olive, khaki, emerald, the color of wormwood and marsh - among them there will definitely find the right one for you.

Fundamental rules

If in doubt when choosing a pair of your favorite green thing, always carry a cheat sheet with you - a color wheel. With it, make a choice is not difficult. According to this diagram, there are three ways to combine:

1. Monochrome. The basis of the dress should be the thing of the main tone, which is complemented by things derived shades. Neutral colors will also help to diversify the kit. With this classic combination, you can always create a win-win image.

2. Contrast. The combination of two independent colors, opposite in location in the color wheel. But it is worth remembering that one of them should still be the main one.

3. The triad. The principle of this combination is simple - you need to take three equidistant tone.

Perfect couples

Shades of green are also divided into “cold” and “warm”. So, among the warm ones you can meet lime, apple, grass, moss color, and cold ones include mint, emerald, turquoise. How to properly use them in the images?

Achromatic variations

Achromatic are gray, white and black. And they are perfectly combined with juicy colors.

White. The perfect match to the green, this outfit is always refreshing. Classic white tight pants paired with an emerald blouse will be an excellent option for the office, and replacing the blouse with a satin top on the hairstyles, create a beautiful romantic bow.

You can also use the "shell principle", wearing white trousers and top, and complementing them with a mint jacket and shoes of the same color.

Gray. At first glance, they are incompatible, but by selecting the right combination, you can get a wonderful conservative bow, which will be to face adult business women.

The black. Even one lime piece in a completely black set will make it fashionable and fresh, becoming the main "chip". The combination of green and black will look great in evening dresses, but in order not to look too gloomy, it is better to choose light green tones.

Chromatic compounds

To chromatic shades include everything except the above white, gray and black. Let's try to try on bolder variants:

  1. With red. These are dresses for women who are not afraid to be in the center of attention. But stylists say that two bright colors will look too aggressive, because it is better to give preference to, for example, a skirt of a dark marsh color and a bright red blouse.
  2. Orange. Wonderful summer option. A definite plus of such sets is that any shades of orange will suit the base of the green one.
  3. Yellow Think it's too much? And no. On fashion catwalks you can often see models in such sets. Who will they suit? For those who love summer. Why not combine in one set a yellow top and a bright lime skirt?
  4. Pink Another shade, undeservedly questionable. The dress of gently pink color will make a wonderful ensemble with a dark soft grass color scheme. The main thing - no excessive brightness.
  5. Blue. The first thing that comes to mind is denim. A blue denim shirt and bottle-tone skinny will turn into a super comfortable look for walking and shopping.

If you are going to once again update your wardrobe, look at the things of green. We are sure that they will bring a touch of elegance, enthusiasm and brightness to it. Be beautiful!

What is so attractive about green?

Green is the color of life. It carries calmness, confidence and a positive effect on mood. That is why after a walk in the park or in the forest, a person replenishes his life energy and determination. Shades of green have different effects on the psyche of people:

  • soft green soothes tired eyes, eliminates anxiety,
  • raises energy, tones and refreshes juicy green,
  • green gives a natural shade a sense of stability
  • dark green makes you feel protected.

Along with this green color can get sad and dreary if it is too much. Therefore, it is undesirable to use only one green color in one onion, moreover, such a technique is considered a bad taste. It is necessary to dilute it with other tones, then the green will play with completely different colors.

What is the combination of green?

Not all colors combine equally well with green, despite its natural origin.

You can see from the color spectrum that the main colors along with green are red and blue. Green is also successfully used in the interior, creating a harmonious, pleasing to the eye environment. In the autumn-winter period, dark green nail polish is successfully used, and in the warm season - a gentle turquoise, aquamarine. But with clothes, not everything is as simple as we would like.

There is no definite rule with which colors in the wardrobe you can combine green and with which not. But still there are combinations that will be the most advantageous.

White and light green

The main thing in this combination - to choose the right shade of green. Yellow-green lime in the company of snow-white will look fresh, juicy, and just attract the attention of others. But dark green should not be used with white, you get the impression of a dirty and heavy color.

Beige tones, of course, are universal and are suitable for all colors, including green. But here you need to take into account the shades. A bright green color is suitable for a milky beige or pearl color, muted tones of green and dark colors are for a warm beige. The accessories of gold color will perfectly fit into the image.

Pastel and green

Trend season 2018 - pastel and green. But it is not so easy to combine gentle tones with a fashionable shade. Light green color with soft pastel is not the best solution. But bright lime and pastel shades will create a fresh and juicy combination.

By the peach or pink is to choose a dark green color, and to the mint or sky blue will suit all shades of bright green. A real spring bow is made of dark green trousers, a pale pink blouse, a peach-colored jacket and shoes of a muted light green color.

Red and green

This is the most difficult and challenging combination. You can resort to it if you want to make an outfit extravagant, screaming, but beware of busting. This is not the most fashionable crossing of flowers, as well as hot pink or fuchsia with green.

Yellow and blue

Yellow, blue and green are related colors and therefore it is a pleasure to combine them. Proportions can be any. For example, bright colors of green and yellow will create a cheerful summer outfit. Gray or black will be a neutral color for these three tones to create everyday patterns.

Brown and green

The combination of green and brown created by nature itself. The combination of these colors is suitable for casual or military style clothing. Brown can be replaced with terracotta or maroon, then the image is suitable for business or ceremonial meetings.

Black and green

Classic black is combined with any color. In the case of green one should pay attention to the shade: it should be light enough not to merge with black in one tone.

Who is green?

Stylists claim that the green color and its shades can go to any type of appearance.

A woman of the “winter” color type should pick up cool shades of green, for example, emerald, jade.

For women "spring" bright shades of spring greens, color of cabbage, lime perfectly will approach.

Summer type of women can dress in gentle tones, without a sharp contrast. This is an apple color, turquoise, aquamarine, mint.

Red-haired women of the “autumn” type can get things in green without paying much attention to shades. They are suitable for all tones, and saturated, and light, and muffled marsh.

To the question whether the green color is fashionable this season, it’s definitely worth answering. The main thing is to combine it correctly.