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Diet for weight gain: menus and recommendations


Oddly enough, there are many people who want to gain a few pounds. Despite the desire of the modern man to keep weight normal and not to allow him to gain, some are unhappy with their physique and consider him too thin. Men and women, seeking to get better, make efforts for this, rebuild their diet. But their task, as a rule, is building up muscle mass, not excess fatty tissue.

The problem of lack of weight

Sometimes a person is not able to get rid of excessive thinness due to the fact that he suffers from a serious disease. Only in conjunction with the intake of drugs a certain diet can help cope with this unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, if a quick loss of kilograms is combined with a deterioration in health, you must seek medical help.

Effective therapy will achieve the desired result.

When do you need a diet to gain weight?

Approximately ten percent of the population of European countries has a lack of body weight. This statement applies to people of both sexes. According to medical research, there are 5 categories of people who need a diet to gain weight:

  1. Individuals predisposed to thinness.
  2. Patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. People who lose weight due to psychological reasons (depressive state, nervousness, emotional overload).
  4. Persons who have undergone serious surgery or recover from severe pathology.
  5. Athletes who want to increase muscle volume.

If a person belongs to one of these categories, a certain nutrition system will help him to gain pounds. But to talk about the right diet, you need to figure out for what reasons the weight is reduced.

Main factors

Before adjusting the mode of eating, experts advise to be examined.

After all, the first explanation of this phenomenon, as the loss of kilograms, can be a serious failure in the body. The list of diseases in which the patient loses weight includes:

  1. Disorders of the GIT.
  2. Parasites.
  3. Malignant neoplasms.
  4. Pathology of the nervous system.
  5. Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  6. Deviations in food behavior.

Issues such as diet for weight gain, menus and diet, are solved only after assessing the state of the body.

As other important factors provoking weight loss, experts call:

  1. Accelerated metabolism.
  2. Abuse of alcohol-containing products, coffee, tobacco.
  3. Wrong diet.
  4. Lack of calories.
  5. Emotional overload.

Weight loss is not a harmless phenomenon. This is a problem that in some cases can lead to deterioration. In the presence of pathologies, treatment in conjunction with a specially selected diet allows you to normalize and body weight, and well-being.

The main misconceptions of those who want to recover

The basic principle of a diet for weight gain is the right balance of nutrients.

It is important to consider not the volume of products, but the calorie content Many of those who wish to recover, consume a large amount of food. Such a diet not only interferes with weight gain, but also creates problems in the form of disorders of the stomach and intestines. After all, the digestive system is difficult to cope with overload.

As for the energy value, it should be increased gradually. Many people mistakenly think that this can be done dramatically. But experts advise you to add about two hundred calories per day to your normal diet. Excessive consumption of animal fats, sweets negatively affects health.

What should be the right diet for weight gain?

Important principles

So, to add a few pounds, you must adhere to these tips:

  1. Eat often. Its quantity should be small.
  2. The time for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner should be clearly established.
  3. Periods between meals should not exceed 3 hours.
  4. There should be slowly, calmly.
  5. You must use at least 2 liters of water daily.
  6. Before bed you need to drink a glass of milk or yogurt.
  7. It is recommended to refuse alcohol-containing products.

If you follow the basic principles of a high-calorie diet for weight gain, you need to remember that the diet should be varied. Proper rest is also important. You should sleep at least 8 hours.

Sample diet

As an example, a diet for a week to gain weight can result in the following.

Omelette, bread with ham and cucumber, walnut kernel, compote are recommended in the morning.

For lunch - the first dish with noodles, 100 g of fried chicken and peas, pear, 2 slices of bread, tea.

At the afternoon snack are offered: half a cup of kefir, 4 dried fruits.

Dinner - is 150 grams of crushed potatoes with a chop, 2 sandwiches with cheese, juice.

In the morning, they eat 100 grams of millet porridge, 5 hazelnut kernels, yogurt, and drink tea.

For lunch - 250 grams of chicken soup, pasta, sweet peppers, fresh cucumber and jelly.

As an afternoon snack kefir and a glass of strawberries are recommended.

In the evening you should eat 100 grams of omelet with cheese, tomatoes and ham, cookies with milk and honey.

Breakfast is three boiled eggs, 100 g of vegetable salad with olive oil. For dessert - 30 grams of dried fruit with tea.

Eat noodle soup during the day. The second will suit 100 g of beef pulp with beans. Optional: compote and orange.

At lunch, a handful of dried fruit is recommended and drink a glass of yogurt.

In the evening, they eat a sandwich with cucumber, tomato, cheese, chicken and tomato sauce, chocolate, drink fruit juice.

In the morning, pearl barley cereal with kernels of nuts, honey and apples is suitable. The composition of the breakfast also includes bread and butter, tea.

During the day, they eat cabbage soup with meat broth, 100 grams of pasta with cheese, meatballs, vegetables with sour cream, and drink compote.

Snack consists of boiled eggs, cedar seeds, sandwich with butter and juice.

Dinner - 150 g of sea fish in fried form with crushed potatoes, salad, tea with milk added.

Breakfast - 100 grams of pasta with vegetables, compote, 4 plums.

During the day, they eat 250 grams of pea soup with smoked meat, boiled pork pulp, tomato salad, 2 slices of bread, drink jelly.

Snack is a bun with cottage cheese filling, a banana, a glass of yogurt.

In the evening, you can eat 150 grams of fish fillet (salmon, tuna) in fried form, cauliflower, bread and butter, drink juice.

In the morning, 100 g of beef stewed with onions and pasta, cocoa are offered.

In the afternoon - cheese soup, crackers, tomato salad with cheese, lemon juice and greens, one hundred grams of tuna in a fried form, compote.

Snack - a glass of yogurt and a handful of almonds.

In the evening, you can eat 150 grams of pasta with sauce, chicken fillet in a fried form, bread with the addition of bran, drink carrot juice with cream.

The seventh day of the diet to gain weight (in the menu for the week)

In the morning they eat cottage cheese casserole with dried grapes and sour cream. Extras: cheese sandwich, cocoa.

In the afternoon - fish solyanka, 100 g of chops and pasta with sauce, cucumber. Also in the composition of the dinner includes two pieces of bread, tea.

Pancakes with sour cream, pear, juice, and several kernels of nuts are suitable as an afternoon snack.

Dinner - braised turkey with tomato sauce and green beans, 40 grams of cheese and cocoa.

Features of the diet for men

The body of the representatives of the stronger sex does not function as a female. And therefore it is important to take into account some of the nuances when choosing nutrition for weight gain.

First, the metabolism in men is quite fast. Representatives of the stronger sex can not get fat, consuming a large number of calories. With increasing weight, fatty tissue is deposited throughout the body. Due to the characteristics of the body, a man’s diet for weight gain should be based on the following principles:

  1. About seventy percent of the diet is food rich in protein (meat, dairy products, fish).
  2. Porridge should be cooked with milk and butter.
  3. The men menu includes dishes of vegetables, herbs. Meat and fish dishes alternate. In this case, preference should be given to lean varieties.

To build muscle mass, it is recommended to attend workouts in the gym.

Proper diet for women

Diet to gain weight girl should not include a large amount of sugar and fatty foods. After all, a rapid increase in body weight leads to such an unpleasant phenomenon as cellulite. The formation of "orange peel" are subject even to those who have a lean physique. The diet should consist of five meals. It should not be too much and quickly increase calorie. Baking, chicken thighs, convenience foods, alcohol and fast food should be excluded.

Useful products that will achieve results and do not harm health are meat, low-fat fish, cheeses, ham, white bread. Suitable: cottage cheese, pureed soup, halva, marmalade, compote.

Approximate diet

In the diet for gaining weight girl menu looks something like this.

In the morning it is recommended to eat porridge from oatmeal with milk, a cracker with jam, drink tea with honey.

As a snack, cottage cheese with sour cream is used, all this should be washed down with compote.

Fruits are offered between breakfast and lunch.

A daily meal includes: soup, 2 slices of bread, crushed potatoes, cutlet, vegetables. As a sweet dish you should eat marshmallow with tea.

At lunch, a salad, cottage cheese or fruit is recommended.

Evening food intake - baked meat, vegetables.

At night you can drink a glass of yogurt.

High Protein Diet

Such nutrition experts advise those involved in sports. It aims to gradually build muscle.

There are several rules that allow you to achieve good results, adhering to this mode. First, you need to play sports. Secondly, preference should be given to dishes cooked on a grill or steamed. Thirdly, you need to use at least 2 liters of water per day.

Here is one of the options for a protein diet to gain weight.

Breakfast - some rice and chicken breast flesh.

Snack - orange, a handful of kernels of nuts.

Lunch - beans and carrots in stew with meat, tomato.

Safe, - apple (kefir).

Evening meal - fish, vegetable salad.

Diet to gain weight - get the kilos correct

It would seem that it can be simpler - you need to eat everything you want, without restrictions, and then the weight will definitely begin to grow steadily. However, it is not. This statement is true for people with the usual constitution of the body, but not for the hereditary "thin".

The task of the diet to gain weight is not only an increase in body weight, but also the preservation of health, beautiful appearance and well-being. It is possible to overate with might and main with cakes and pastries, drinking all lemonade, and at the same time increasing the fat layer, which is aesthetically unattractive and harmful to the body.

Diet for weight gain is based on the optimal set of high-calorie foods that supply the body with all the necessary nutrients and allow you to gain kilos without compromising human health.

Protein shakes - tasty, nutritious, effective

The basis of weight gain diets are protein shakes, which can be easily prepared at home. Protein shakes are indispensable helpers in high-calorie nutrition, supplying the body with the protein it needs.

Recipes for making protein shakes for women (without protein concentrates):

Cocktail "Air Souffle":

  • 50 grams of cottage cheese,
  • one banana,
  • tablespoon of cream,
  • a tablespoon of ice cream,
  • a handful of oatmeal,
  • one candy with a wafer layer,
  • a glass of milk.

All whip in a blender. Drink chilled.

Cocktail "Coffee Aroma":

  • half a cup of heavy cream,
  • a teaspoon of instant coffee,
  • two tablespoons of creamy ice cream,
  • one raw egg yolk.

First, mix the coffee with the cream, then whip all the ingredients in a blender.

Cocktail "Solar charge":

  • 2 oranges,
  • ¼ part of the whole pineapple pulp,
  • 2 raw yolks,
  • A tablespoon of honey.

In a blender, whip pineapple with orange first, then add the remaining ingredients. Drink chilled.

Protein shakes are extremely tasty and are very effective with a weight gain diet. Thanks to the daily use of these healthy desserts, kilograms arrive at the same time with excellent well-being.

Basic diet rules for weight gain

  • A rich and tasty breakfast is 50% success. No sandwiches with coffee, but only a full-fledged high-calorie meal,
  • To provide the body with protein in the diet menu for weight gain must be present daily meat,
  • Eating at least 6-7 times a day, and the last time - at night,
  • Daily calorie menu - 2500-3000 kcal.

Diet menu for weight gain

  • pumpkin porridge on milk with raisins and honey, sandwiches with butter and cheese, tea with sugar, a few dates,
  • omelette of 3 eggs and cream with herbs and bacon, fresh vegetable salad, sandwiches with sausage, coffee with sugar, dried apricots,
  • cottage cheese with vermicelli and cherry jam, croutons sweet, cocoa, a few pieces of dried figs.

The second breakfast may consist of fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable salads, mashed potatoes with sour cream, crumbly porridge with butter.

Several options for dining:

  • borsch, vermicelli with meat sauce, vegetable salad, white or black bread, tea with sugar or honey, sweet rusk,
  • pea soup, fried fish in batter, boiled potatoes with butter, tomatoes, bread, tea, cinnamon bun,
  • Kharcho soup, pork chop, tomato salad with sour cream and herbs, bread, tea.

At high tea should be used protein shakes.

Dinner options:

  • baked meat with spices, vegetable stew, bread, tomato juice,
  • boiled sausages, mashed potatoes, green peas, sandwich with butter and cheese, tea with honey,
  • meatballs in sauce, vegetable salad with butter and cheese, sausage sandwich, tea with honey.

  • cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, tea with toast,
  • bun, cocoa,
  • sandwich with sausage and cheese, sweet tea.

Diet to gain weight for men - increase muscle mass

Etadieta is designed for men who want to not only grow stout, but to make their body in relief and muscular. A prerequisite of the diet for weight gain for men is a gym visit - then an increased rate of proteins and complex carbohydrates will help build muscle, and not fat deposits.

Important points of the diet for weight gain

For people after serious illnesses or operations, diet for weight gain should be supplemented with vitamin preparations (as prescribed by a doctor). Adjust the menu in accordance with medical recommendations, specifically for each patient.

All people who want to get better should avoid stress, be optimistic and confident about the future, and then the result will be just around the corner.

The problem of weight loss

In fact, this question remains painful for both men and women. Causes of weight loss can be very different. For example, stress or a serious illness, as well as pregnancy and childbirth. In these cases, the body is depleted and it takes time and effort to recover. At the same time, people not only look not exactly attractive (too thin limbs or a hollow stomach), but also feel bad: constant dizziness, drowsiness, apathy, depression. In addition, a small weight can prevent a woman from becoming a mother, since pregnancy simply does not occur. To do this, experienced doctors are always advised to gain the missing pounds. Diet for weight gain exists just to solve this problem.

General rules if you want to gain weight

Most people who decide to get fat, go to extremes and make many mistakes on the way to achieving the cherished goal. Diet for weight gain was created specifically in order not to make these errors. Remember a few simple guidelines:

- Fatty can not be quickly, only moderate growth of muscle and missing adipose tissue is welcomed.

- Accept the fact that you will eat only high-quality and healthy food, while quietly gain weight. No fast food or other harmful food, due to it in your body as a result hormonal failure will occur, and you will get a terrible result in the form of health problems.

- Diet for weight gain involves an active lifestyle and sports. This way you can properly distribute the pounds you have gained throughout your body.

- Before starting the path to the addition of the missing mass, try to be examined by a highly qualified doctor to exclude the presence of various diseases.

Recommendations and sample menu

Of course, there are a huge number of different types of programs for weight gain. They differ in terms, quantity and quality of food consumed, passive or active lifestyle, and others. But the basics are the same for everyone. К примеру, рекомендуется есть часто и стараться не пропускать ни один прием пищи. Каждый день активно тренировать свои мышцы, с каждым разом увеличивая нагрузку. Ваш рацион должен быть наполнен разнообразной и полезной едой: молочные продукты, крупы, хлебобулочные изделия, овощи и фрукты, мясо и рыба. Вот так может выглядеть диета для набора веса (меню в один из дней):

1) Breakfast: cocoa or coffee with milk, cereal with the addition of jam, jam, dried fruit, sandwich with butter and cheese.

2) The second meal: any fermented milk drink (kefir or ryazhenka), a bakery product.

3) Lunch: soup in meat broth, fresh vegetable salad (which helps clean the body of toxins), meat or fish with a side dish.

4) The fourth meal: juice or dairy product, bakery product.

5) Dinner: meat or fish with a side dish.

6) The sixth meal: milk or fermented milk product (snowball, yogurt), fruit.

How to gain weight for women?

The actual question for those who recently became a mother or suffered severe stress. Believe that there are representatives of the fair sex who do not like the reflection of their bony body in the mirror. Do not be afraid to eat a little more than usual, this will only lead to the appearance of beautiful roundness, but not to excess weight. First of all, for a girl with low weight, it is important to preserve reproductive function, look and feel good. Both men and women can follow diets such as weight gain. The girl in this case, the main thing is to keep a flat stomach, stay without cellulite and highlight their beautiful areas. This is how an exemplary menu might look for a fair sex person who wants to get fat:

- for breakfast: chicken and buckwheat meat,

- for a second breakfast: any fruit,

- for lunch: fish and garnish, fruit,

- for the second lunch: fermented milk product or cottage cheese, fruit,

- for snack: cocktail, smoothie and fruit,

- For dinner: vegetables, meat and side dishes, for example, potatoes.

All this should be combined with an active lifestyle, daily workouts and the desire to build muscle mass. If we are talking about the fat layer, then in the diet you need to add healthy fat, a lot of flour and sweet. As a result, such a diet to gain weight girl will help not only look more attractive, but also feel much better.

Calorie Counting for Weight Gain

Understand that you can increase the caloric content of any dish not only due to its fat content, you just need to add more protein and carbohydrates to your diet. A high-calorie diet for weight gain allows the use of various sauces and dressings in the menu. Buy for such a diet more fatty cheeses, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt and yogurt. Boil more nourishing soups and borscht, grill cutlets and meatballs before steaming them. Add butter to the potatoes.

The main secret of any diet is the right attitude, good mood and faith in the best. Do not try to gain weight very quickly, so you harm your body. You can not overeat, you are in a competent relationship with your body, learn to listen to any of its changes and requests.

Permitted Products

The weight gain diet includes:

  • Dietary varieties of meat (chicken, turkey), rabbit meat, low-fat varieties of veal, beef.
  • Chicken eggs (or separately proteins) in any form.
  • Without yeast / bran, cereal bread, cereal loaves.
  • Fish (salmon, trout, cod, sardines, tuna, perch, hake, herring, pike), seafood (squid, mussels, shrimp, crabs).
  • Soups on lean meat / fish broth.
  • Porridge (oatmeal, rice, wheat, buckwheat), pasta from coarse flour.
  • Dairy / dairy products of average fat content (milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir), hard cheeses.
  • Soy and soy products (tofu, milk), legumes (chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils).
  • Nuts, seeds, bran, seaweed, sesame and flax seeds.
  • Non-starchy vegetables (tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, onions, cucumbers), garden greens.
  • Unrefined cold pressed vegetable oils (sesame, linseed, corn, olive), butter, fish oil.
  • Unsweetened fruit / berries.
  • Freshly made juices, herbal tea, dogrose broth, green tea with lemon, non-carbonated purified water.

1. Eat often to consume more calories.

Although everyone should follow this rule, it is especially important for those who try to gain weight quickly. Eating often means eating five to six times a day in small portions containing as many calories and nutrients as possible.

This does not mean eating harmful foods and sugar, it means more protein and complex carbohydrates. If you want to gain a healthy weight, then do not stock up on fat. Your snacks should be nutritious, but high-calorie, think about:

  • nuts
  • nut oil
  • cheese
  • dried fruit
  • avocado.

And this is your evening snack. Forward!

And, although it is a great way to gain weight, it is unhealthy, so give up sugary drinks and coffee. A reserve of liquid refill simple water and smoothies (like a milkshake with ice) or cocktails of skim milk or juice, for a more active increase in calories.

Snack 2-3 times a day

To gain weight as quickly as possible, you can use the suggested power options. If there is no result, then the calories need to be increased. This can be done by simply increasing the number of servings in half, or adding 1-2 more meals, or adding high-calorie foods. It is your choice that will be more convenient for you.

2. Consume the right kind of fat.

You want to increase body weight and look healthy, and not as a skeleton with a tum. Then maximize your intake of cereals, dairy products, nuts (including peanut butter), and meat, and bypass ice cream, fried and fatty junk food.

Healthy fats should be obtained from fish, peanuts, cashews and olive oil. Beware of saturated fat (bad) of animal origin. If you want something tasty, then a good alternative is bran muffins, yogurt, fruit pie and fitness bars.

3. More protein

Although the opinion that the more protein you consume, the more muscle you grow, is a myth, but protein is an important part of your diet. This is a building material for our entire body: muscles, bones, skin, hair and blood. Therefore, supplement your menu with high-protein food.

Protein-enriched foods are meat, cheese, milk, fish, and eggs. For vegetarians, protein can be obtained from soy products, such as tofu, and even better from a combination of products, such as rice or corn with legumes.

4. Increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet

Although they are criticized, carbohydrates provide energy and help build muscle and participate in all vital functions. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for your body. But simple carbohydrates should be avoided. They contain empty calories, and are likely to be stored in the form of fat, because sugar, quickly entering your bloodstream, causes a sharp increase in blood sugar levels.

Buckwheat, rice, pasta (pasta made from durum wheat), potatoes and all grains fall into the approved category. Glucose from them is released into the blood slowly and provides a steady flow of energy for a long period, without causing insulin jumps, which lead to fat deposition.

5. Food for the night

When gaining weight is the total calorie intake per day. And to gain weight, you need to increase the daily caloric intake. Eating before bedtime will add another intake and increase total calories.

In addition, the body takes about 3-4 hours to digest and assimilate food. After this time, he is in a state of hunger and begins to use the muscles to get nutrients. That is, it begins to destroy, hardly obtained muscles.

To avoid getting excess fat as a last meal before bedtime, you can eat:

2. Exercises for quick weight gain

If you decide to go to the gym or have some equipment at home, pay attention to which exercises for gaining muscle mass are the most effective, this will allow you to correctly prepare a training program. And also use our advice in the selection of exercises by body type, because the length of the limbs, the size and strength of the muscles impose certain restrictions in training.

1. Strength training

To get better quickly, it is not enough just to increase the caloric intake. The fact is that the body must see the need to gain extra muscle mass. Because more weight is an increase in the load on the cardiovascular system, an increase in the load on the nervous system. What, for security reasons, our body will not do. He should see a clear need for a set of muscles.

In this we will help and strength training, which will give a signal that the existing muscles are not enough and you need to build new ones. And the increased caloric intake will be a good opportunity for weight gain.

Yes, cardiovascular training develops some of your muscles, but how can you gain weight quickly if the body does not get enough strength? No And then come to the aid of training with additional weights. Here is a good set of workouts with dumbbells at home.

This does not mean that you should add up to the gym (although this, of course, will work!). Perform push-ups, twists, lunges and squats in your comfortable home environment. But to speed up the process and better results, you need to use extra weight.

Exercise will also increase your appetite. A protein bar or a cocktail after a workout will give what your muscles need.

2. Increase Exercise

As stated above, for weight gain, the body must receive a stimulus. Your muscles should get more work and work hard. If your loads are small, change them and make them more complex.

Buy home strength training equipment. It will work, if you only have 15 minutes before going to work, then you can strain all your muscles by running a quick muscle building program that will guide you along the right path.

3. Spend less energy out of training.

In addition to accumulation, burn as few calories as you can. Grab the remote, your milkshake, and fall on the sofa. 🙂

If you really become less mobile everywhere, then it is important to do strength training. Even if you do not see fat in your body, internal fat (one that covers your internal organs) may appear unnoticed. And inner fat loves inaction. Therefore, before you sit down to watch a movie, shake the iron. And then arrange a movie marathon with a few snacks.

Useful tips to help you gain weight quickly

  • Bring snacks, cheese, nuts. They can be consumed between meals. This is convenient when it is not possible to take buckwheat with meat
  • If it seems to you that you have excess fat, then reduce the number of calories, remove or replace harmful products with more useful ones and perform more exercises for burning fat.

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Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Gain-Weight-Quickly

Interesting topic:


The hardest thing for me to organize proper nutrition. In the end, he came to the conclusion that we needed cereals and meat - the most important thing.
As a result, exercising 2 times a week and fully eating and 3 times a day (rice + scrambled eggs, rice + chicken breast, fried pork + potatoes) I gain 3-4 kilos per month.
But the problem is that along with the muscles appears and fat on the abdomen.
You write that you need to reduce calories in this case, but how realistic is it to increase the mass at all without increasing the volume of fat? All the same for the mass of carbohydrates is more important.

The whole point is that you can only gain if the calorie intake is greater than their consumption. But if, when building muscles, the amount of fat mass increases greatly, then you need to slightly reduce the caloric intake or change the proportions. For example, reduce carbohydrates or improve their quality, if a lot of fast carbohydrates. Well, you need to understand that there is always a set of masses and drying. And no other way. Another thing is you can start drying with 14% fat, and you can with 17%. That is, who has gotten so angry.

That is, garnish like rice and potatoes to reduce? Or the main cause of excess fat rather something else?
It would be interesting to find out what percentage of body fat is considered normal and how to measure it.

At the expense of potatoes and rice is not an entirely correct question. You need to calculate in general how many carbohydrates you eat and whether there are sources of fast carbohydrates and to start, you can remove them, then you can cut back and take rice with potatoes while increasing the amount of protein in the diet. Everything revolves around the daily caloric and protein proportions of fats and carbohydrates.

About the normal percentage of fat when recruiting a mass, I will say that for everyone it is different. Previously, it was considered normal to grow on substandard products to unreal sizes and then a long and painful drying process followed, in which a lot of meat was drained. Then we noticed that if you follow the nutrition to the mass, you can gain less fat and more muscle, which shortens the drying period and helps to save more muscle. And also need to push away from the amount of fat that each individual has. For few people start mass set after drying. Usually, it is autumn now, so I’ll recruit, and then we'll see in the spring. By the way, here http://athleticbody.ru/kak-izmerit-protsent-podkozhnogo-zhira.html describes how to calculate the percentage of body fat, and here the examples in pictures http://athleticbody.ru/protsentnoe-soderzhanie-zhira- v-organizme.html so that you can evaluate what 8% is and what the same 14% look like.

Thank. Clarified something.

Hi Andrew. Another question arose, if you do not mind.
I now have 3-4 months of ideal conditions to gain masses. I want to add sport nutrition to the diet, but there is a problem of choice: gainer, isolate, hydrolyzate, regular protein, low-carbohydrate gainer?

It has always been an ectomorph, but with age the metabolism seems to slow down. A week of sweet (cake, dried fruit, ice cream) and fat appears on the sides.

At the same time, the main food (eggs, rice, breast, pork, kartoha) clearly does not give me 2000 necessary calories. Eat about 100 grams of protein and 100 carbohydrates and just over 1000 calories per day. I don't go to the hall yet.

Height 174, weight 65.

I tend to take low-carbohydrate gainer: Dymatize Nutrition Elite Mass Gainer

But, as far as I know, these are the same fast carbohydrates as in sweet.
I do not want to gain extra fat, because I am not used to it, I feel not comfortable and I lose muscle when drying.

Recommend that in my case of sportpit would be the best option for gaining maximum muscle mass with a minimum of fat.
There were difficulties with lactose, but it seems to have passed.

Please note that any sports nutrition is only an additive to the basic diet. To gain weight, you need to build the correct caloric intake with a competent proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats (by the way, by literacy I personally understand the proportion chosen by myself by experience). In order to gain weight very quickly (often no matter what, muscles and fat) usually resort to a strong excess of calories, ectomorphs, by the way it is recommended to greatly increase the amount of fat and add fast carbohydrates.

I recommend that you count your calorie intake per day, for example, http://athleticbody.ru/kalkulyator-kalorij/ and add to this another 500 calories. Based on this, make up a diet in which there will be 50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, the rest is fats and preferably useful. Consume this diet for a week or two and see if weight is growing. If not, add another 300-500 calories.

Food is better to consume 4-5, you can 6 times a day. This is necessary so that at one time you do not have to push a mountain of food into yourself.
And here we come to Heiner and proteins. If the weight is really badly gained, you can add a gainer as a 1-2 tricks. One in the morning after sleep or before training and one during the day or after training. If there is a fat, obviously superfluous, then we reduce carbohydrates as a whole or in general we remove the same gainer and buy protein. Normal serum - the best option. If there is nowhere to put the money, then we take casein for the night, whey concentrate by day or half an hour before training, isolate or hydrolyzate after training and in the morning after sleep.

I specifically wrote that you understand that all nutrition revolves around results in weight gain and normal nutrition, which can be slightly varied with protein supplements.

You write about weight gain in 1-2 weeks.
If you are talking about the growth of muscle mass, then what growth can be considered good for such a period?

In fact, in 2 weeks to gain just the lean muscle mass will not get much, not at all a lot. It is the case when we talk about a person who ate 2-3 times a day, one of which is coffee and it’s good if you’re having a sandwich. And then he decided to quickly gain weight and with proper nutrition, which includes a significant increase in calories and water, he can easily gain 5 kg in two weeks. But it will be the total weight, which will consist of water, which he had to start drinking at least 1.5 liters per day, or better than two, muscle glycogen, which will begin to accumulate due to increased nutrition and exercise, plus the contents of the stomach and intestines will give weight . In total, a thin guy or girl in two weeks may begin to look more impressive visually, the muscles will be given water, the number of myofibrils in the muscle cells will increase, but not significantly. Ну и весы будут показывать плюс 5 кг, может и больше, а если человек плохо придерживался режима, то меньше. Очень хороший показатель набирать мышечной массу в количестве 0.5-1 кг в неделю в первый год тренировок. Итого при соблюдении всех рекомендаций, начиная с питания и тренировок, заканчиваю восстановлением и сном можно набирать по 4 кг сухой мышечной массы в месяц.But honestly, this is a practical ideal option with perfect observance of the regime.

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it's all good, but I sometimes have no time for a snack, but overeating is also bad

Description of the diet for weight gain

Lack of kilograms can be a symptom of serious disorders. Therefore, first it is better to consult a doctor and be examined. Perhaps you need serious treatment, and high-calorie diet here will be powerless. Sometimes it happens that the organism, due to its individual characteristics or some kind of pathology, is simply unable to fully process and use the nutrients from food for its intended purpose.

Do not think that you can eat anything that pleases, and in unlimited quantities. The main task is not only to gain the necessary kilograms, but also to preserve health, attractive appearance and excellent well-being.

Eating an excessive amount of high-calorie cakes and buns will lead to serious problems in the work of the digestive system and will only help to increase the fat layer. High-calorie diet is based on other principles - the choice of suitable wholesome foods and the successful combination of them. This will help not only to fill the weight deficit, but also to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

The main rules of nutrition for weight gain:

  • Caloric content should increase gradually - every day not more than 200 kcal. But this does not mean that you need to overeat. It is necessary to increase the number of meals and give preference to more nutritious foods.
  • It is forbidden to drink any liquid while eating. It is better to drink a glass of juice or water half an hour before the intended lunch or dinner.
  • Eating should be fractional, in small portions, at the same hours.
  • It is also desirable to take vitamin complexes or enzyme preparations (if it is necessary to support the organs of the gastrointestinal tract).
  • After eating, it is better to rest, and not to go in for sports or hard physical labor.
  • All dishes must be properly selected and easy to digest. Preference is better to give baked or cooked in a steaming mode products. They retain a greater amount of nutrients, moreover, such food is easier to digest and process.

Do not forget about the mode of the day. For normal and harmonious work of the body, you need to sleep at least 8 hours. No need to wait for midnight, and only then go to rest. The best time to hang up - 22-23 hours.

Anorexia diet should be prescribed only by a doctor. It is necessary to introduce nutritious, high-calorie foods into the diet gradually. It is necessary to work a lot with such patients, and not only nutritionists, but also psychologists, since these people often have a pathological fear of calories and overweight, with which they cannot cope on their own. As a rule, such patients are not devoted to the subtleties of calorie counting and menu compilation, as they consciously can do everything to reduce the nutritional value of a particular dish.

Diet options for weight gain for men and women

The basic rule - the day should begin with a hearty and satisfying breakfast. Before the first meal, it is very useful to drink a glass of lukewarm water to prepare the digestive tract for the working process.

To get better, nutritionists recommend that in drawing up the menu to adhere to this ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates: 35/30/45 (in percent).

Of course, a diet that is quite suitable for a girl is completely powerless when it comes to a man. Therefore, there are different power options, adapted to the needs of each.

The problem of underweight in children is also very relevant. However, in this case, parents need to be very careful not to force the child to eat or feed him with high-calorie foods. Such an unwise approach will lead to even greater problems.

Variants of dishes:

  • buckwheat porridge with mushrooms,
  • borscht,
  • vegetable casserole,
  • oatmeal with dried fruit,
  • vegetable stew,
  • pea soup with breadcrumbs,
  • pickle,
  • Stuffed pepper,
  • shchi
  • pilaf with mushrooms,
  • cabbage and carrot salad
  • mashed potatoes,
  • the vinaigrette,
  • cabbage rolls.

You can eat very diverse, since there are a lot of cooking options.

A nutritious protein diet is perfect for eliminating dystrophy. To find out the optimal daily caloric values ​​of the menu, you need to multiply your weight (kg) by 30 and add another 300-400 kcal to the resulting figure. For example, a girl with a weight of 45 kg should be consumed at least 1350 kcal per day - this is the norm. 300 must be added to this figure - it will be 1650 kcal.

Approximate version of the high-calorie menu for one day:

  • bacon omelet, 400 ml milk,
  • cottage cheese with yogurt (200 g),
  • hearty meat solyanka, 2-3 slices of wheat bread, stuffed peppers with sour cream,
  • cheese sandwiches, milk,
  • a portion of egg noodles with grated hard cheese, a pair of meat chops, vinaigrette,
  • a glass of milk at night.

The basic rules of the diet:

  1. For breakfast, it is best to combine proteins with carbohydrates (for example, cottage cheese casserole with dried fruit).
  2. Breakfast is required. Even if there is no appetite, in the morning you need to eat at least scrambled eggs.
  3. Before bedtime, you can safely eat vegetables, fruits, drink 220-250 ml of milk or kefir.
  4. The menu can be supplemented with protein shakes and bars.

Confectionery, alcohol and fast food should be excluded from the diet.

Mila Jovovich's diet for weight gain

This way of eating is great for girls who are already close to anorexia. Compliance with all the rules allows you to gain about 3 kg in 7 days, but not due to fat deposits, but due to the growth of muscle mass.

The main component of the menu is prunes. The diet for four days is described below.

High-calorie menus with a lack of weight

With such a diet, sweet milk porridges with any nuts or dried fruits, cheese cakes, omelets are perfect as a breakfast. At lunch, there must be a hearty first and second course (borscht, soups, side dishes, meat or fish, salads). At dinner, it is desirable to pick up meat or fish snacks in combination with cereals or vegetables. Sandwiches, cocktails, fruit and vegetable salads are perfect as a snack.

An example of a menu with a high nutritional value for one day:

  • in the morning - oatmeal on milk with dried apricots, nuts and honey, a sandwich with cheese,
  • second breakfast - spaghetti with turkey meatballs,
  • at lunch - cabbage soup with meat, mashed potatoes with baked mintay, cucumber and tomato salad, dressed with cream sauce,
  • afternoon snack - bun with jam and milk,
  • in the evening - buckwheat with mushrooms and meat, a salad of carrots, a sandwich with butter.

There are 4 types of people who would rather stick to a more high-calorie diet:

  • Persons who have a genetic tendency to overly thin physique. However, if a person feels well and does not experience any problems with the level of performance, it is hardly worth worrying. This is the aesthetic side of the issue.
  • Patients recovering from surgery or severe illness and slowly gaining weight.
  • Athletes who lack muscle mass. For such people, special strength exercises are also provided, which in combination with a high-calorie diet help to gain weight.
  • Too nervous people who lose weight due to stress. However, before starting a diet, it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to normalize the activity of the nervous system with it.

In such cases, a diet for rapid weight gain is quite effective.

In order for the gained kilograms to be evenly distributed throughout the body, and the figure to remain attractive, it is advisable to go to the gym and practice at least once every 3-4 days, performing specially selected exercises. This issue should be discussed with the trainer, since most of the physical complexes are designed to remove excess weight. In this case, you need to engage in precisely those sports that help build muscle mass.

Proper diet for weight gain

Noticing pathological thinness and deciding on weight gain is important not to make a common mistake: just increase the amount of food consumed. This, firstly, will not be enough, secondly, this approach is fraught with problems with digestion, and, thirdly, disgust for food may come.

It will be right to increase the calorie content of your menu gradually - adding 200-300 calories every day. It is also important to increase the number of meals - up to four or five times a day. Fractional nutrition in small, but high-calorie portions will have a better effect on physical and mental health.

General rules of the diet for weight gain: it is recommended to drink 250 ml of juice from vegetables or fruits 30 minutes before a meal, and it is extremely undesirable to drink it while eating. It is also not recommended to do sports after eating. Proteins and carbohydrates should prevail in the diet: legumes, various cereals cooked exclusively on milk, pasta, white bread, honey and sugar, fruits and juices can be consumed. It is useful to use vitamins during the period of weight gain.

You can increase the caloric content of familiar and favorite dishes. For example, a casserole of vegetables, pasta, and any other garnish can be sprinkled with grated hard cheese, salads are good to fill with sour cream. In general, this product should be included in the diet for weight gain - it significantly increases the calorie content of the dish.

Sample diet menu for weight gain

Below are an example of a balanced menu. You can use this diet to gain weight for men and women.

For breakfast, you can eat porridge cooked in milk, with the addition of honey, raisins, nuts, white bread with cheese, butter, coffee with milk.

At the second breakfast - meatballs and pasta, fruit juice.

For lunch - soup in meat broth, boiled potatoes with butter, fried fish, vegetable salad with sour cream, fruit juice.

Snack. Milk with biscuits.

Dinner. Buckwheat with milk and candied fruit or dried fruit, tea with sugar, white bread with butter.

For breakfast, you can make milk porridge from millet groats, vegetable caviar, white bread and butter, cocoa, cooked in milk.

For second breakfast, you can eat bread with butter, sausage (alternatively, whole piece of meat boiled or baked with spices), yogurt, juice.

For lunch you can eat meat borscht, chops and macaroni with cheese, sweet compote.

For a snack, you can prepare a salad of vegetables, fill it with sunflower or olive oil and grated cheese.

For dinner - omelet with cheese, ham and tomatoes, milk with honey.

For breakfast - potatoes stewed with meat, butter bun, coffee with milk.

At the second breakfast - cereal with milk or oatmeal.

For lunch - pea soup with smoked meat, a salad with sour cream, cake or biscuits with tea.

As a snack you can take a fruit salad, seasoned with sweet cream or yogurt.

For dinner, you can make goulash, rice porridge, eat a sandwich with butter, drink sweet tea.

Taking into account the fact that the menu contains dairy products, fatty meat, before applying such a diet, you should consult with your doctor, exclude pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, liver. With the permission of the doctor, in addition to vitamins, you can take drugs to stimulate digestion, improve appetite.

The principle of adherence to a diet for weight gain for men is not much different - it is necessary to gradually increase the calorie content of the daily menu, which should be based on proteins, carbohydrates, fats: seafood, fish, meat, eggs, beans, cheeses. In addition, a diet for weight gain for men should also be accompanied by physical exertion - in order to give the increasing muscle mass a regular, attractive shape.