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Top 10 most fashionable swimsuits for the summer of 2018-2019 - new items and trends


Summer is in full swing, but you have not chosen the most fashionable swimsuit? No wonder, fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 is a fairly large variety of swimsuits, so choosing a swimsuit for the summer is easy to get confused.

In order to at least somehow help you choose fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 for the summer beach season, we offer you to focus on the most current swimwear models that are suitable for any figure.

Being on the beach, every woman wants to look attractive and confident, and for this she needs a suitable fashionable swimsuit that could emphasize all the virtues of the figure and hide the flaws.

What fashionable swimsuits 2018-2019 should pay attention to girls and women gathering to the sea, show in the photo beautiful swimsuits and tell about the most fashionable trends in fashion for women's swimsuits of the summer season.

Beautiful bright swimsuits 2018-2019 - actual colors and prints swimsuit

First of all, select the most fashionable prints in swimsuits 2018-2019, with which you will not lose.

In addition to fashionable one-colored swimsuits that remain in trend for several seasons in a row, beach fashion offers beautiful swimwear with a floral print, fashionable swimsuits with a geometric pattern, and bold swimwear with animalistic.

A fashionable swimwear with an animalic print will be a win-win version of the summer season.

Besides the fact that such swimsuits are considered one of the most fashionable in the season 2018-2019, they have a large number of styles: solid and separate swimsuits for any figure. Choosing fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 with an animal print, you just can not go wrong.

Very beautiful and fashionable swimwear with a floral print, will delight with fashionable solutions even for the most sought-after fashionistas. Swimwear 2018-2019 is in fashion, both in a small flower and swimsuits with a larger and brighter floral print, which will help you to hide those extra pounds.

The color palette for fashionable swimwear 2018-2019, as always, varied and bright. The advantage of pastel shades in combination with a bright yellow, green, golden color. Trendy dark blue swimsuit, emerald green and super trendy marsala-colored swimsuits look very stylish and attractive.

The most fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 - the best models and styles

Now let's go through the most fashionable styles of swimwear 2018-2019. New in this season are the original swimwear in retro style. This and fashionable swimsuits and sexy separate swimsuits with panties with a high waist.

Such fashionable swimsuits look great on any figure. If you want to beautifully emphasize your figure or hide problem areas, feel free to choose a retro swimsuit.

Without a bikini, fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 certainly will not do. Models of separate bikini swimsuits with a different version of the top will appeal to many fashionable women.

If it is important for you to tan well, you need a fashionable strapless swimsuit. In this case, you should pay attention to fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 in the style of a gang.

In such swimsuits you will find a lot of options, from the brighter and more romantic, for example, both fancy swimwear this season and more conservative options, like sportswear swimsuits.

About the last I want to say separately. In the trend of the swimming season 2018-2019 one of the most important places is occupied by fashionable swimsuits of sports style.

If you think that sports swimsuits are more suitable for girls with ideal forms, then this is not quite so. Designers offer a variety of sportswear swimwear styles, designed for different types of figure.

Not new in the beach fashion 2018-2019 are fashionable separate swimsuits with a wide top, which last season had a great popularity, not lost in confusion today.

A real discovery of the beach fashionable 2018-2019 can be called elegant and light swimwear-dresses. Quite an interesting option for those who love swimwear gated. Hang out at a beach party, wearing such a fashionable swimsuit in the form of a dress would be the best option.

Original swimwear 2018-2019 - lace, lacing and knitting

Trying to make fashionable swimwear 2018-2019 more interesting and attractive, the designers used very unusual combinations of fabrics.

Fashionable swimsuits with ruffles and ruffles are no longer a novelty, but swimsuits, decorated with lace, have become a novelty in this beach season. The same can be said about knitted swimsuits. Crochet fashionable swimsuits look very cute and unusual.

In addition, swimwear decorated with fringe and tassels of threads will also be fashionable.

This summer fashionable swimsuits with lacing in the decollete or on the hips are also relevant.

After learning about the latest fashion trends of beach fashion 2018-2019, it will become much easier to choose the perfect swimsuit.

Do not be afraid to experiment with the style and colors and choose the most fashionable and beautiful swimsuit that will meet all your requirements.

Fashionable swimsuit tankini

Beautiful women's swimsuit tankini, consisting of shirts and panties can now choose not only pregnant. Model looks very stylish swimsuit with classic panties and top gang or high-nek.

Conservative lovers will appreciate the tankini swimsuit with mini shorts. The colors of these swimsuits are very diverse. You can safely combine plain panties with a top in a print and vice versa.

Fashionable swimsuit with cutouts

The most fashionable swimsuits 2018-2019 with cutouts are not only popular and very sexy monokini models with side cutouts at the waist.

Trendy model this summer will be a one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out on the stomach. Therefore, if you want to show the perfect press and still remain mysterious, feel free to choose models of swimsuits with flirty cutouts, cuts and transparent inserts.

Fashionable swimsuit in retro style with peas

Fashionable swimsuit summer 2018-2019 in retro style with high-waisted panties and closed style with a print of peas will help you to be irresistible on the beach.

Such a model retro swimsuit in polka dots will be the most hit this season. Small black and white and red and white peas look amazing, and fit any figure.

Fashionable one-shoulder swimsuit

The original swimsuit model summer 2018-2019 will be a fashionable one-shoulder swimsuit. It may even be a one-piece swimsuit.

An interesting detail is harmoniously combined in separate bathing suits with a gang-type bodice and in matching models of a sportswear swimsuit.

Trendy bikini swimsuit with gang top

From fashionable separate bikini swimsuits it is worth looking at models with a gang bodice. The lack of straps makes the swimsuit ideal for tanning, and the hidden cup supports the chest well.

Actual various styles of gangs. In such swimsuits, ruffles on the bodice look beautiful, there can be a front closure, the overlap bodice will be an original option.

Striped swimsuit

In addition to the trendy floristic colors, a stripy swimsuit in the most unexpected variations will be very fashionable in the summer season 2018-2019. Classic black and white, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, arbitrary, multi-colored - in general, any strip will make your swimsuit the most relevant.

And the fused and separate swimsuits with stripes look very stylish. In addition, the correctly chosen strip will be able to slightly tighten the figure and focus on the merits.

Fashionable swimsuit with lace

Lace trim in trend today and therefore could not ignore the beach clothes. Unusually beautiful lace swimsuits look very gently and attractive, creating the image of an elegant and sophisticated lady.

Lace for the decoration of fashionable swimsuits 2018-2019 are used in contrasting versions and to match the swimsuit. Choosing a similar swimsuit, you can not be unnoticed.

Fashionable jeans swimsuit

Fashionable denim swimwear has become a novelty of the summer beach season 2018-2019. Similar models of swimsuit appeared in the last season, but denim was just a print, under which swimsuits were made.

Modern jeans swimsuits are completely sewn from thin denim, so they look very stylish and original in both closed and separate versions.

Fashionable swimsuit with a lowered line of shoulders

One of the most elegant and feminine models of swimsuits summer 2018-2019 can be called a swimsuit with a lowered line of shoulders. Similar models of swimsuits are often complemented by flounces and ruffles, which makes it even more interesting.

Naked shoulders can be present in both closed and separate swimsuits. Such swimsuits should not be confused with gang models, which also expose the shoulders, but with the hands.

Fashionable swimsuit with bare back or plunging neckline

Swimsuit 2018-2019 with an open back - the embodiment of charm and elegance. The main element of this model swimsuit is a deep neckline at the back. It is perfect for tall and slender girls with beautiful posture.

A good way to attract the attention of the opposite sex is a summer swimsuit with a deep neckline. Such summer swimsuit models are suitable for women with small breasts and will look great on a tanned body.

Become a real queen of the beach, you can in any of the options presented fashionable swimsuit 2018-2019. We hope that our small excursion helped you decide on the ideal swimsuit model for this summer.

Fashionable swimwear 2018

This year retro motifs are back in fashion: high-waisted swim trunks, which seductively emphasize the hips, bright colors, eye-catching décor. Also sporting chic swimsuits decorated with ties and straps are becoming fashionable.

Trendy colors will be: black and white combination, shades of red, olive shades, khaki, metallic fabrics, orange and emerald. Annual shades will also be more than ever.

Still remain in the trend of swimwear with lace inserts, an abundance of straps and zayazochek, fringe, delicate shuttlecocks and ruffles, fringed trim.

What prints will be in fashion in 2018?

This year, designers presented a huge variety of prints on swimsuits, ranging from geometric shapes and ending with ethnic motifs. Also, many models were decorated with stripes and feathers, floral prints, pictures in pin-up style.

One-piece swimwear models this year should be decorated with geometric patterns in the waist, as it will look very stylish!

Separate swimsuits this year are characterized by differences in the upper and lower parts. Such a contrast performance is suitable for the most daring girls! For those who are ready for such experiments, suitable plain melt, decorated with a gang. The Torah halters and cups look great - triangles with a monophonic bottom.

What fabrics will be in fashion?

Most often, designers make swimwear and likes, polyester, nylon and microfilm. But, this year you can find models made of thin leather, fabrics of metallic, cotton and neoprene color (although this texture is already beginning to lose its ground).

The collections of swimsuits in 2018 are so diverse that you can hardly manage with one set! Well, to make it easier for you to decide on the swimsuit of your dreams, let's talk about the main trends of the summer season 2018.

Who is this swimsuit?

This swimsuit is very versatile and is suitable for every girl. It will look great both on a figure like a peeking clock, and magnificent women, who tend to hide all their figure flaws.

What are the variations of a retro swimsuit?

Many designers in their shows presented models of vintage kupal nikov, decorated with ruffles and prints in the form of stripes and peas.

 Fused swimsuits. One-piece swimsuits are relevant is not the first season. Due to its versatility and maximum comfort, many women prefer this type of swimsuit. This season, fashion designers offer monochrome models with bright decor in the form of sequins or colorful prints in the form of animalistic motifs. Also, a very interesting variant of decorating with fringe and lacing, geometric and ethnic patterns.

The most trendy style of summer 3018 will be the Mayo style, which is decorated with a trendy V-neckline that emphasizes the chest, thereby hiding curvaceous hips.

What else can be variations of such a model?

Designers offer us to try monokini with ruffles and skirts, which will hide voluminous hips and sides. Also, fashionable trends is a one-piece swimsuit with one shoulder.

 Halter. Halter includes both femininity and comfort. The main feature of this style is the presence of straps on the neck. Designers offer us halter, decorated with transparent inserts, ties and necklines.

What are the most current colors?

Now at the peak of fashion halter bright ethnic colors. Also, models with geometrical and abstract patterns that emphasize the beautiful chest and shoulders of a woman look stylish.

 Bikini. As always, bikinis are in the top of the most popular swimsuits. In the same season, models without straps decorated with curtains-triangles of nude shades are very relevant.

If you want to look bright on the beach, feel free to choose colored swimsuits with prints, decorated with tassels or pom-poms. In the fashion remains a fringe on bikini, ruffles, ruffles and tropical colors.

 Sport swimwear. Convenience and comfort will always be in fashion, so many designers at their shows presented models of swimsuits for lovers of outdoor activities. These swimsuits are sewn from modern materials, which gives girls complete freedom of movement.

In 2018, swimsuits will be decorated with a multitude of zippers. Also, fashionable colors will not leave indifferent to sports monokini any woman, because at the peak there will be colors with animalistic and geometric patterns. The colors are electric, lime, orange, black and wine.

 Deep neckline. Seductive cuts on swimsuits like never before in fashion. Many fashion houses in their collections presented frank versions of a monokini with an open belly, waist or hips.

This swimsuit is perfect for parties by the pool and beach parties.

What are the variations of this swimsuit?

Designers decorate monokini with lace, rhinestones and sequins and to create a more effective image.

 Evening style. This trend is perfect for lovers to stand out from the crowd. Evening style, having won recognition in the segment of dresses and top, reached and swimsuits. Now on the podium you can see swimsuits that are easily confused with underwear.

Designers have created kits made from materials such as silk, satin, lace and chiffon. Also, it is necessary to mention the swimsuit, decorated with gold embroidery, feathers and crystals

 Tankini. In the summer of 2018, tender tankini decorated with folds and flounces will become popular. For girls who have not quite perfect forms, it is recommended to choose tankini bulk models. So, fashion designers delight us tankini, which consist of swimming trunks and top. A tight top is now rare, as designers prefer thick-sleeved lanterns and ruffles.

Extravagant style swimsuit requires delicate colors to not make too many accents. Unlike in previous years, when neon flowers were used in fashion, in 2018 nude shades, floral prints, and stripes will be relevant.

 Beach accessories. Another trend in 2018 will be the emphasis on accessories. For example, this season will be a very fashionable pair that matches the color with your swimsuit. Ie, a harmonious combination of accessories and a swimsuit will create the perfect image.

Topical accessories also include tunics and beach capes. Only in this case, they must match in color and print with a swimsuit.

A new beach towel in the summer of 2018! This hit of the season was presented in the collections of many fashion houses. Stylish towels with an ethnic print, or you cut me the fruit has already conquered the hearts of many fashionistas.

What swimsuits are suitable for women with the figure of "pear"?

The main feature of women with such a figure are lush hips. Therefore, in order to balance the proportions, it is necessary to choose those models that will open the shoulders to the maximum and close the hips.

When choosing colors, consider the basic rule: the top should be light and the bottom should be dark. In this way, you will visually enlarge the chest and hide the hips. Also, you can choose models with contrasting colors and inserts.

What swimsuits fit women with an inverted triangle?

Для такого типа фигуры подойдут модели купальников, которые скроют широкие плечи и сделают бедра визуально больше. Тоесть, в этом случае необходимо выбирать светлый низ и темный верх.

Лучше всего на женщинах с таким типом фигуры смотрятся слитные купальники бандо, халтер с высокими завязками на шее, суим-дремс. Рекомендуется выбирать плавки стиля ретро с завышенной талией.

Какие купальники подойдут женщинам с фигурой «банан»?

The main problem of women with this type of figure is a poorly defined waist. Therefore, when choosing a swimsuit, you need to take into account this feature and choose models that focus on this particular area. For example, a model of a swimsuit with a smell on the waist or a small edging in the decollete area would look perfect. When choosing colors, pay attention to the printed models and swimsuits in bright colors, as they visually enlarge the hips and chest.

Look good on girls with a "banana" swimsuit style suim-drems with a belt. This accessory focuses on the waist, making it more expressive. Also, swimsuits with side panels look good, as they reduce the volume and model the silhouette

What swimsuits fit girls with an apple?

The main task of girls with the type of figure apple is to hide the belly, emphasize the waist and eliminate the imbalance between the narrow shoulders and hips.

To hide the figure flaws, you need to choose one-piece models of swimsuits with side inserts of dark colors that visually stretch the silhouette of a woman. It is recommended to choose models with contrasting colors and vertical stripes.

Which swimsuit is suitable for women with an hourglass figure?

This type of shape is perfect. Ie, these proportions look harmonious and there are no significant drawbacks. Such women suit swimsuit any style.

Choose a retro style model with high-end swimsuits if you have a tummy that needs to be hidden. Such model of a bathing suit will emphasize a waist and will hide this lack. But, it will be relevant if you have a small tummy. In case it is large enough, then turn your attention to closed models of swimwear.

Some recommendations when choosing a swimsuit 2018

  1. Choose a swimsuit made from likes or elastane, as they are well suck problem areas.
  2. Stop the choice on tankini and one-piece swimsuits, if your task is to disguise a small tummy.
  3. The extra centimeters on the hips will be able to hide the swimsuit of the suim dress style.

Swimwear for the summer period of 2018 is not only a variety of models, but also convenience. Do not forget about the correct choice of a bathing suit, only if all the rules are followed, he will be able to highlight your strengths while hiding the flaws!

The most fashionable swimsuits of 2018: from nostalgic retro to sport chic

Finally, the designers paid attention not only to women with a graceful figure, but also to pompous beauties, categories plus size. First of all, it is they who are addressed to ultra-top, one-piece swimsuits and retro-high-waisted fashions that have become the novelty of the season. Both models allow you to hide what I would like to leave behind the scenes and emphasize the appetizing forms. In addition, they often suggest a tightening that visually gives slimness.

At the peak of popularity is a sports style that will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities.

The highlight of many cruise collections are fashionable swimwear with suspenders. They create a bright and sensual look, immediately highlighting its owner from the crowd of holidaymakers.

Much attention is paid to the decoration of decorative products. In the summer of 2018, rhinestones and other glamorous decorations lose their relevance, giving way to details borrowed from boho and ethno-style: tassels, multi-layered ruches, fringe, cords and knitted inserts.

The color range of fashionable swimsuits - 2018 is surprisingly diverse. You can choose a black and white classic or nude shades, or rich, rich colors, in harmony with the bright colors of summer nature. Popular floral and geometric prints, ethnic motifs.

Blue is recognized as the leading fashion trend - he conquered the podiums in this spring-summer season.

Fashionable swimsuits 2018

The false idea that piecework models are suitable only for obese women was finally dispelled at the latest fashion shows.

Deep piquant cuts will allow slender girls to demonstrate the beauty of their figure and the results of hard training in the gym, while leaving the place to the secret that men love so much.

Chanel swimwear cruise collection

Designers have relied on asymmetrical fused models or monokini, almost completely opening the abdomen and waist area, to show that there is not a single extra kilogram on them. The top and bottom in such styles are combined by creative fittings that add personality to the image. Lacing, which has also become one of the fashion trends of 2018, is widely used.

Need an image for a beach party? Choosing a one-piece halter swimsuit, complementing it with appropriate decorations and the desired look is ready!

For full girls, there are models of mayo and plunge with a low, V-neck, which emphasize the chest and distract it from the hips. Add slim current in this season, black closed swimsuits or models with contrasting side panels.

Do not give up their positions and tankini. The loose-fitting styles with ruffles, resembling small beach dresses, have become a fashionable novelty.

Fashionable swimwear

Whatever the fashion industry gurus dictate to us, we mainly come to the beach for a beautiful tan, which is hard to get by wearing solid models. Therefore, bikinis and other types of separate women's swimsuits will never lose relevance.

Among the fashion trends should be noted models of the gang, which provide a uniform tan shoulders, at the same time, elegantly emphasizing the line of the neckline. This summer, push-up cups are gaining popularity, giving the breast a neater shape.

If, on the other hand, you want to protect your body from the scorching sun rays at least a little, you should pay attention to the fashionable cropped-top swimsuit - this is another trend of the upcoming beach season. The top in this case may be different: with strings, lace, ruffles or ruffles. But the most relevant are asymmetrical tops on one shoulder. Having added such a swimsuit with a beach skirt or a pareo, you can not only relax by the water, but also go to the coastal restaurant, or take a romantic boat trip.

As for the fashionable bikinis - 2018, among the already classic models, select the styles, decorated with fringe or frill, which will help slim girls to increase the volume in the hips and breasts. For decoration is used:

  • embroidery
  • sequins
  • volume applications from fabric
  • brushes
  • pompons

No less relevant are the styles with interlacing strips, effectively revealing the body.

Fashionable swimsuit models - 2018: return to the 60s

This year, lawmakers of beach fashion wanted to move from sexually explicit to more sophisticated and delicate female images. And the appeal to the vintage style had the most appropriate way. After all, swimming trunks with a high waistline, accented by a massive belt and a bodice with wide straps, look no less seductive than open bikinis.

In combination with retro prints: large peas, stripes and flowers, such fashionable swimsuits in 2018 look very elegant.

Knitted swimwear

Another fashion trend of the season - exclusive handmade items. These include crocheted swimsuits. They not only emphasize our individuality, but also help to create a trend look. Whatever we choose: a bikini or monokini, in any case, the image will be unforgettable.

Most often skilled workers make the bodice and melting more dense, and between them have openwork elements, complementing all this splendor with tassels and fringe. Considering the photo of fashionable swimsuits - 2018, we will definitely meet several knitted models.

It is important: that such a beach outfit is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, without losing shape in the water, it is important to choose the right yarn. She must necessarily have in its composition elastane, then knitwear will “sit” well on the figure and will not slip when wet.

Sports swimwear - 2018

This is the most practical clothing for active contact with water. However, today it has become a fashionable trend, which means that soon we will see models originally designed for surfing or swimming in the pool for girls who are completely distant from the sport.

The main decoration of sports swimsuits will be snakes, both decorative and functional. And still color inserts of neon shades or geometric prints, (see photo).

Fashionable swimwear colors - 2018

In addition to the already mentioned shades of blue, we advise fashionable women to pay attention to other equally bright and saturated colors:

  • fuchsia
  • coral red
  • Violet
  • turquoise
  • salad dressing
  • citric

Actual swimsuits - 2018 can be made in one color or combine several (but not more than 4) contrasting shades.

For girls who like to attract admiring glances, we recommend metallic outfits.

Designers did not go around with the attention and black models, adding a slim figure. So that the achromatic beachwear does not seem too gloomy, complex styles are used with cutouts, transparent inserts, stripes or weave fabrics, lacing, and so on.

But the most popular will be white swimsuits. They are especially good on tanned, tanned skin.

Swimsuits for the summer of 2018 do not have to be bright. No less in demand and nude shades inherent in the popular lingerie style:

And to make it clear that in front of us all the same beach outfit, is actively used black finish.

What patterns on swimsuits will be fashionable in 2018

The hit of the season - floral and tropical prints of the brightest colors. In addition to them relevant:

  • Any drawings in retro style - from peas of different sizes, to pictures in the spirit of pin-up.
  • Stripes.
  • Cage, unexpectedly returning to the fashion catwalks.
  • Ethnic patterns.
  • Geometric prints.

It is allowed to combine several different patterns in one bathing set, but it is important to know the measure and not change the good taste.


The legendary revolutionary in the world of underwear fashion offers a variety of styles that will appeal to fans of a concise sports style. These are actual bikini-bando today, separate models with a top, monokini and one-piece swimsuits.

Bright colors, topical prints and elastic belts with a company lettering will allow you to easily create your stylish look. And it’s probably not worth mentioning the highest quality of the brand’s products.

Swimsuit with off-shoulder top

Swimsuit with a cropped top


Italian designers are always a little ahead of time, creating great masterpieces, followed by the rest. And the brand Calzedonia is no exception.

Bathing suits of this brand are distinguished by subtle beauty, harmony of forms and colors, as well as elegant decor. In models from Calzedonia, any girl will look perfect and feel confident. The Italians' collections include several current trends, including classic, retro and sporty chic.

And with all its merits, the brand's products differ in quite reasonable prices.

One-shoulder swimsuit

Velvet swimsuit

Puffy Bikini

Striped Ruffle Bikini

Models with lacing

Bright one-piece swimsuit

INCANTO (Incanto)

Model Incanto swimsuits from season to season delight with their original styles and prints. This summer, supporters of this brand will be sporting bikinis with trendy racing prints on the beach. Also pay attention to the stylish swimsuits with curly necklines and models with a gang.

Swimsuit with figured cutouts

Fashionable racing print

Long sleeve swimsuit

Monokini with mesh and floral print

Solid swimsuit with cutouts

Swimsuit with a top

Bandeau Swimsuit

Bandeau one-shoulder swimsuit

High rise slips


Elegant swimsuits of the Russian manufacturer are not inferior to foreign analogues. Bright colors, interesting cut, fashionable prints - all this is present in the beach outfits from Milavitsa.

In the collection of the brand there is a separate line of swimsuits for full girls, aimed at correcting the proportions of the figure.

Each of us will find in Milavitsa a suitable model for ourselves to look irresistible in the new holiday season.

Halter Swimwear: Current Trend 2018

Halter swimsuit is often confused with traditional blinds. Both options are similar: they have straps that are tied or fastened on the back of the neck.

Halter is a closed type bodice. The actual forms of the bodice 2018 are triangular or trapezoidal, completely covering the sternum and reaching the very throat.

In the fashionable models of the type “halter” 2018, the front part is as closed as possible, with the exception of only shoulders and back.

Tanning in a halter swimsuit is unlikely to work out, but using the model as a dress for walking on the beach or relaxing in the shade would be the best solution.

Back to the past: Vintage collections

The most open forms are no longer in fashion - this is the opinion that designers of stylish vintage collections adhere to.

The style of vintage swimsuits is aimed at awakening men's fantasy, and not to show everything as it is.

The height of the vintage models reaches the waist line and above, and the bra is held on wide straps, emphasizing the tendencies of the 60s, when low-key, sometimes shy, and modesty reigned.

The main advantage of vintage swimsuits in its excellent ability to hide the imperfections of the figure. But if you have a beautiful body, you can choose vintage models with a low waist.

Particular attention to detail - deep cuts, open spaces on the side, stylish straps, multi-colored stones - it is beneficial to emphasize the style of a vintage swimsuit.

Close to the maximum

Closed swimsuits, as a continuation of vintage models, are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas.

In the opinion of many, close-fitting swimsuits are the lot of fat women who want to smooth out the problem areas of their bodies by hiding them behind dark-colored closed swimsuits.

The summer season of 2018 will finally dispel this erroneous statement, showing that the one-piece swimsuits look great on women of the most varied build.

Fashionable designers admit that the cult of candor too long dominate the collections of swimsuits.

The latest collection of one-piece swimsuits is presented in the form of monochrome models with décor in the form of sequins, lacing and fringe.

The flower range of closed swimsuits is as bright as possible - with tropical prints (flowers, birds), with geometric shapes, ethnic patterns, abstract bright colors.

At the peak of popularity, the mayo style is a one-piece swimsuit with a V-neck.

Thanks to the original style, the Mayo swimsuit perfectly balances the figure with voluminous hips.

Blue Life, Jeremy Scott presented a one-piece swimsuit with skirts and ruffles of matte and velvety fabrics.

The trend of the last seasons - asymmetry - is also reflected in beach swimsuits.

Issa de`mar, Mara Hoffman included in their collections one-shoulder swimsuits with the most unexpected prints - with peacock feathers and bright colors.

Sports style on the beach

Initially, sports swimsuits were used as suits for lovers of surfing, sailing and beach sports.

In the summer of 2018 sports monokini will go beyond the preferences of a narrow circle of sports fans. Famous designers (Stella McCartney, H & M, Duskii) drew attention to the ergonomic style of sports swimsuits and diversified it with a variety of prints and unusual elements.

The main decoration of sports swimsuits 2018 - lightning of various sizes and configurations. They can play as a decorative role, and be a fully functional part of a swimsuit.

The colors of sports swimsuits are impressive with their variety - lime, red, orange, with prints in the form of animalistic and geometric shapes.

Stylish swimsuit with a side neckline

The side cut, slots, inserts of transparent materials, the few that some fashion houses decided to do. The focus on chastity and modesty in the fashionable collections of swimsuits 2018 manifested itself in the creation of swimsuits with a slightly open stomach, waist or hips.

Cutouts can be made in the form of oval or geometric shapes.

A swimsuit with cutouts is perfect for a beach party or an evening with friends by the pool.

Fashion Trend 2018: Lacing Swimwear

Absolute antipode to one-piece swimsuits - these are swimsuits with lacing.

Designers offer maximum use of lacing in the form of decorative stripes. Without a lacing can not do any detail swimsuit. They are added to the bodice or open bikini.

Lacing as a connecting element of the halves of the bodice - cups of the bust or “curtain” looks sexy and bright.

Shorts with lacing will be mega-popular in the summer of 2018. Lacing allows you to maximize certain parts of the body, without making the image vulgar and defiant.

Stripes can be very different widths. For open bean fit thin strips arranged transversely or asymmetrically crossed.

Wide stripes served as an idea for creating “hybrid” swimsuits, parts of which are connected by large wide stripes. Благодаря такому фасону купальник выглядит как раздельный, но по факту считается слитным.

Загораем по-максимуму: Сексуальные бикини

Бикини вновь покорили модные показы в Париже, Милане и Майами. Дизайнеры просто не могли забыть о девушках, которые не мыслят летний отдых без солнечных лучей и бархатистого загара.

Famous designers Missoni, Tori Praver, Montoya and others presented open swimsuits with traditional curtains-triangles.

The classic style of separate swimsuits is complemented with a decor in the form of tassels, colored pompons, fringe, ruffles and frills. Similar decor options are among the top in the upcoming summer season and can be used in other styles of swimsuits.

Such a "carnival" mood of the designers was reflected in the color range of swimsuits. Floral prints that dominate fashionable clothes, ethno-prints and tropical motifs are the hits of the 2018 beach season.

Fashionable beach image can not be imagined without a chiffon cape or other transparent fabric. Try to choose a cape to match the swimsuit or the appropriate print.

Original towels from The Beach People 's designers in the form of sliced ​​orange or watermelon have become a real fashionable discovery. The bright and unusual idea of ​​beach capes in the form of fruit won the hearts of numerous fashionistas.

It would seem that swimsuits, as the most minimalist subject of women's wardrobe, can not be diversified, come up with something new. The latest collections of fashion houses and world brands of beach swimsuits have shown that even classic models have the potential for improvement in favor of the rapidly changing preferences of fashionistas.


The one-piece swimsuit in fashion is not the first season, but this year its “area” became minimal. Formally, while remaining fused, maillot swimsuit exposes about the same amount as a classic bikini. But it looks more stylish! In the SS18 season, designers offer to wear such swimsuits with large accessories and wide-brimmed hats. Looks seductive!

Sport style

Sports style continues to be relevant, sneakers are again the most desirable shoes of the season, and sports swimsuits are an obvious trend. And if the separate sporty swimsuits are a great alternative to the classic bikini, then long-sleeved swimsuits are the subject whose purpose I still think about. Such swimsuits are cool to wear anywhere, just not on the beach (just put it on instead of a t-shirt - the wow-effect is guaranteed!).

Ruffles and flounces

If you are a romantic person in your soul, this season you will also find a suitable swimsuit! One of the trends is ruffles and flounces, and they make swimsuits extremely cute and romantic, even with a simple cut. This type of decoration is found on both swimsuits and split ones. Please note: Ruffles are a visual accent, therefore, they should be located only in those places that you want to draw the attention of the public. A few rows of ruches on the bodice or a diagonal shuttlecock on a one-piece swimsuit look beautiful.

Black and white stripe

The strip as a whole is one of the main prints of the summer, and striped swimwear is a trend that is hard to miss ... but it’s better to ignore. A contrasting black and white stripe can distort even the most ideal shape, and if you like this print, choose a bag with it, for example. But from these swimsuits, I would advise to stay away.

Bright, open colors - one of the key trends of the season, and, of course, he could not touch the beach fashion. From simply bright to acidic, from minimalistic to deliberately sexy - crayola swimsuits are very different.

Lacing looks especially advantageous on a one-color one-piece swimsuit. With the lacing you should not restrain yourself, so if you like it - let it be noticeable, and not a miserable cord somewhere on the edge.

Black swimsuit

White, fortunately, has ceased to be a new black, and the good old black has again taken its place, including in the ranks of swimsuits. Personally, I love black swimsuits very much, and this season my inner shopaholic rejoices, because the choice is simply huge. In black you can find an erotic monokini, a modest tankini ... and, in principle, all the other models too.

Tropical flora and large flowers - this is probably the key pattern in the season, when the presence of a pattern on a bathing suit in principle looks strange. And sexy one-piece swimsuits, and swimsuits with frills, and swimwear in a sporty style - they all look much more stylish in a single-color design, not to mention the lacing. But swimsuits with patterns have one indisputable advantage: they better smooth out the figure flaws.

Top on one shoulder

Both fused and split swimsuits often have an asymmetrical bodice cut this season.

High-waisted swimsuits are so firmly rooted in the ranks of fashionable favorites that the usual low panties look like an atavism, although they expose the sun more body. I think Cosmo readers will agree with this, because the style is much more important than the extra 5 centimeters of tan.

Selection features

Girls always dream to look good. Especially when it comes to the beach season. To do this, they do not need to exhaust themselves with heavy diets. Simply select the right outfit. He will be the missing part that will help to stand out from the crowd.

Summer is always associated with romance, the beach, the sea. A bathing suit should emphasize all the virtues of the figure and hide its flaws. If last season in the fashion were challenging and sexy kits, then they were replaced in 2018 by gentle models.

Geometric swimwear

This season, swimsuits decorated with various geometries are coming into fashion. It does not have to be strict forms of prints or a pattern with the correct forms. Today the following images are in fashion:

  • rhombus,
  • oval,
  • stars,
  • trapeze.

There can be not one geometry on swimsuits, but weaves of several shapes or figures. The drawings look original and are suitable for brave girls. They will not look on the beach mediocre or dull, merging with the total mass.

Bright and juicy shades of swimwear

Girls should not be afraid of bright colors and non-standard color combinations in a bathing suit. The juicier the colors, the better the outfit will look on beautiful tanned skin. There are several proven options:

  • The combination of bright and juicy shades. They draw attention to themselves, which will help to stand out on the beach.
  • White swimsuits. Today they still remain in fashion. This is a simple way to highlight the southern sun, which leaves its mark on the skin.
  • Black bathing suit. It is a classic option. It will help to visually make the shape slimmer. This hides the flaws of the female figure.
  • Retro peas or wide horizontal stripes. Such models have just begun to come into vogue, but have already managed to catch the fancy of a large number of women.

Swimsuit must be chosen not only by color. It is very important to build on the type of figure and character of a woman.

Monochini flower drawings

This type of dress includes lightweight models of solid swimsuits. Their main feature is deep cuts on the sides.

This season, costumes with engraved flowers are gaining popularity. Top and bottom may vary significantly. Designers use the full contrast method. This allows you to combine conflicting colors. Top and bottom often differ not only in colors and patterns, but can even be sewn from different materials.

New cocktail swimsuits

Rest on the sea is not only lying on the beach. Depending on interests, you can go to foam parties or take romantic walks. For such an atmosphere will not fit pretentious and evening dresses. They will be uncomfortable and too hot.

In such a dress, the girl will feel comfortable and look elegant. Today, designers have developed a large number of different models. There are instances that are suitable only for club parties. In others, you can safely go to a secular evening, arranged aboard a posh and expensive yacht.

Swimsuit for a glamorous party

The correct swimsuit will hide all the flaws

Girls should be able to evaluate their figure. Everyone wants to be slimmer and fitter, so they begin to pick the wrong models of smaller sizes. It will play against them. Visually, the silhouette, on the contrary, will look even more. All the flaws will come out.

There are several types of shapes, based on which you should choose a kit. Among them:

  • For girls with a big waist. To visually reduce this part, it is necessary to focus on the chest or thighs. The best option would be to visually enlarge them. For this you should choose a model with cups in the bra and bright prints on the panties. Favors that have ties at the sides will look great.

Swimsuit for owners of a wide waist

  • For women with wide hips. They should pay attention to the dark monochromatic shades in the bottom of the swimsuit. Bodies, on the contrary, should be bright and rich colors. They can be supplemented with various draperies or volume decorative elements.

Dark bottom, bright top

  • For owners of large breasts. The model should support well. It is recommended to stop the choice on bras which have the wide shoulder-straps which are tied on a neck. In order not to visually do the upper part even more, it is better to choose models of calm and monochromatic colors. If the hips are narrow, then the bottom of the bathing suit can be decorated with colored drawings.

Set for girls with big breasts

  • For owners of magnificent forms. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the fabric. Girls with such a figure, you can choose only the dense weave tissue. They will help hide the flaws in problem areas. In the bra must be present cups. This will give the breast a beautiful shape. If the girls have too full hips, then they are not recommended to wear models of panties with deep cuts on the sides.

Women of magnificent forms

  • For owners of small breasts. They are suitable models with decorations and drawings. Among them:
  • waves
  • fringe,
  • balloons,
  • flowers,
  • embossed decorations
  • large figure.

Thanks to the visual effects, the breasts seem somewhat larger.

Fringed models

Bathing suits that protect from the sun

When choosing a swimsuit, you must consider its convenience. A woman should be comfortable in it to move, swim, sunbathe or just sit. It is not recommended to choose models in which you need to constantly correct or correct something.

They will protect from the scorching sun, thereby not allowing to burn. The girl will be able to spend more time on the beach, and then go straight to the cafe for a snack, while remaining feminine and elegant. All additional toilet articles should be combined with the chosen swimsuit model. Thanks to this, the image will be thoughtful and logically complete.

Closed swimwear models

One-piece swimsuit is present in almost all designer collections of this year. They have a different decor. Particularly popular models:

  • with floral ornament
  • bright colors
  • high-waisted
  • with a deep neckline hips.

Fitted swimsuits are decorated with various accessories, which adds to the image of piquancy. Models with beads, ruches or other decorative elements that make a swimsuit look like evening wear look great. Because of this, it can not only sunbathe on the beach or swim in the sea, but also feel free to go to a party on a yacht or foam party.

What colors for a swimsuit in fashion in 2018?

Successful shades complement the image and make it really interesting. Every year their favorites. For 2018, they were white and black. Swimwear can be completely made of these shades.

To diversify the image and add bright colors to it, many people choose the classic version of black or white bottom, and the bodices choose juicy and color shades.

This year again incompatible pairs come into fashion, when the top and bottom are completely different. From the outside it looks like I left the house and pulled the first thing that came to hand. This applies not only to the different colors of the top and bottom, but also drawings and prints on them.

Incompatible but stylish top and bottom swimsuit

New Season: Halter

In 2018, should be paid to the model halter. It has several advantages:

  • high thigh line
  • narrow neckline,
  • back - bare to the area of ​​the shoulder blades.

All this resembles a cocktail dress, on the one hand - elegant, and on the other - mysteriously sexy. It is performed in black, white and bright emerald green with a southern tropical pattern. This option visually reduces broad shoulders and large breasts, makes the figure more elegant and tall.

Grid - hit 2018: photos of models

The grid is another discovery of the summer of 2018. It is used as the main element or as a decor, thanks to this an interesting visual effect is manifested.

Also, designers use laser processing cloth. It consists in the following:

  • edges are cut,
  • cut out the ornament
  • put a texture in the form of a picture.

In 2018, designers offer swimwear made of chiffon, batiste, silk, as well as suede and jeans with a stretch effect. Because of this, swimsuits are more like evening dresses than beachwear. Enhance visual perception can be accessories.

Basic colors in 2018

A bathing suit in the form of a small white dress is the undisputed leader in 2018. Any shade of white will accentuate the bronze tan. As a supplement, it is recommended to supplement it with bright accessories, preferably with gold plating.

It is important to remember that white color is not passion, but purity, sinlessness and innocence, this should be used. Should not be aggressive in the vestments. It is better to focus on coquetry with cold notes.

White bathing suit

Classic of the genre in 2018 - black and white colors in bathing suits

Beach fashion is characterized by similar principles when choosing that in ordinary clothing. Therefore, white and black shades are recognized leaders of the classical genre. This applies to any style of swimsuit. However, if you choose a unique style, you are guaranteed to focus on the beach or by the pool.

Such models can be met both in models of sports design, and in glamorous styles. And if you throw a jacket or veil on top, you can safely go to any party, disco, date or gala dinner.

Brazilian style swimsuit 2018

Bikinis made in this style are filled with sexuality and grace. Therefore, many girls choose these models for a trip to the beach. The winning shades for Brazilian swimwear are:

  • black and white combinations
  • blue,
  • silver,
  • golden.

Brazilian sexy outfit

But, nevertheless, models in the style of Fiji and Bali continue to be relevant, blinding by their rich patterns and bright colors, despite the fact that more monochrome decisions prevail this season.

The trends of fashionable dresses for the beach this year adhere to minimalism. Calm and gentle dresses look advantageous. They should look both calm and innocent.

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This year, manufacturers offer fashionable women a wide range of swimsuits for all types of shapes. How to choose a suitable model, you can learn by reading the tips from this article. If you do not agree with the rating of the article, then just put your ratings and argue them in the comments. Your opinion is very important for our readers. Thank!