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How to choose a quality and durable mixer?


Today, there are many different mixers on sale. They differ in functionality, durability, design. In order not to get lost in this diversity, you should consider reviews of buyers and experts. This will allow you to choose a good bathroom faucet. At what points to pay attention when buying, which models are recognized as the best, will be discussed in detail below.

Some tips from professionals

To choose a good bathroom faucet, you need to take the advice of professionals. You should also read customer reviews. This will allow you to choose the best option. The quality of the faucet you chose depends not only on its service life, but also on the safety of the repairs in the bathroom in your apartment, as well as on the neighbors below. In order not to arrange a flood, it is better to give preference to a reliable model that will save the family budget from unforeseen losses. The choice of plumbing should be approached responsibly.

What are some good bath faucets on sale today? You need to choose a model in accordance with their requirements, features of operation. Mixers differ not only in design and functionality, but also in the method of fastening, type of material, cost.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers make mixers in different styles. This allows you to choose the optimal model in accordance with the existing interior. You can choose a universal faucet that will harmoniously look in the classic and modern design of the bathroom. However, there are many models designed for a particular style, for example, modern, retro, hi-tech, ecostyle, etc.

Experts say that saving on the quality of the mixer is not worth it. Cheap models can not boast of a long service life. In this case, if a leak occurs, if the owners are not home for a long time, the water will gradually begin to dig through the broken tap. Then the flow will intensify and it is possible that there will be flooding of your apartment, as well as the premises below. It is better to purchase products of proven, well-known brands. It has proven its reliability and high quality.

Varieties of materials

Not knowing which faucet is better to choose for a shower, a bathroom, one should pay attention to one of the most important indicators - the material of the product. The body is made according to different technologies. Depending on what material it is made of, the lifetime of the mixer largely depends.

Often presented today in the sale of products made from silumin. The body in this case is made of aluminum alloy with silicon. This is a rather fragile material. With careless movement, you can easily break the mixer. A distinctive feature of such models is light weight. The price for them is low. If you do not want to change the mixer in the near future, it is better not to choose models from silumin.

Good bath mixers are made of brass. It is one of the most reliable and durable alloys, which consists of zinc and copper. Such a mixer weighs a lot. This is a distinctive feature of the quality model. This material is not subject to corrosion, mechanical damage. Brass faucets are quite expensive. But their price matches the quality.

Bronze faucet is ideal for retrointeriors. These are refined, elite models that are made for special interiors. Bronze - durable, durable material. The mixer made of it will last more than 50 years.

The body may be ceramic or have some non-ceramic elements. This is the most stylish and original products. Such mixers are resistant to salt deposits, but react poorly to temperature changes.

Most often, the surface of the mixers covered with chrome or nickel. They protect the product from the development of corrosion. Nickel models are cheaper. However, some people may be allergic to it. Therefore, chrome faucets safer.

Type of construction

What are some good bath faucets on sale today? To answer this question, it is worth considering the type of design of such products. In total there are 4 groups of bathroom faucets:

  1. Two valves. This is the oldest construction used for domestic purposes. One tap supplies cold water, and the second - hot. By turning one or the second valve more or less, you can adjust the temperature. They also control the water pressure. The design of such a mixer is simple. They are usually inexpensive. However, elite bronze models created in retrostyle are specially made using this technology. The disadvantage of the two-valve design is a large water loss when adjusting the pressure and water temperature. This is the most uneconomical type of mixer. Valve seals wear out quickly. Change them is not difficult, but the procedure will need to perform frequently.
  2. One lever. Today it is the most popular design. It is chosen in most cases. With just one movement of the lever, you can not only mix cold and hot water in the right proportion, but also adjust the strength of the water flow. This is a reliable type of design. Inside such mixers have only one removable cartridge with a ball mechanism.
  3. Thermostatic faucets. This is a relatively new design option. They work automatically. You need to adjust the temperature of the water. Automation itself will mix the two streams in the right proportion. This is a good mixer, which is much more expensive than the first two types of construction.
  4. Touch design. In such models there is no lever to adjust the water pressure and its temperature. Hands bring to the mixer. He determines that they are now under the spout. This serves as a water supply command. The design provides for the presence of an infrared sensor. It sends a signal to the control unit, which is responsible for opening the water.

Specialist reviews about manufacturers

To understand which faucet is better to choose for the bathroom, reviews of specialists should be considered first. They name some of the best manufacturers that have proven their reputation as years of excellent work. Based on the reviews, a ranking of the best brands was made. Places in it are as follows:

  1. Grohe. The German company, which is the world leader in the field of creating faucets for the bathroom, kitchen, industrial needs. Mostly the models of this company are quite expensive. The price is fully consistent with the quality. The products of this company is named the most reliable in the world. In the line there are models and the average price category. The minimum price of a Grohe mixer is 2.9 thousand rubles.
  2. Hansgrohe. The second place in the ranking is also a manufacturer from Germany. Experts even divided in opinion which brand is better. Some argue that Hansgrohe surpasses Grohe in some indicators. However, it would be more correct to say that these are two undisputed market leaders. Hansgrohe constantly offers innovative innovations to the consumer. A variety of model range is great. The minimum cost of mixers of this brand is 3.2 thousand rubles.
  3. Gustavsberg. Swedish manufacturer. This company was the first to offer buyers to buy color mixers. This is a stylish, unusual products. The range of models is extremely wide. The minimum cost of the mixer is 4.2 thousand rubles.
  4. Roca. Russian company that cooperates with the production of Spain. The model range is wide. This allows everyone to choose the best option for themselves. The minimum cost of production is 4.3 thousand rubles.
  5. Iddis. It is a Russian-Chinese brand. The company's products are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time quite high quality. The minimum cost of the mixer is 2.6 thousand rubles.
  6. "Varion". Also, a domestic manufacturer, whose products are inexpensive and reliable. There are some flaws in the models of this company. However, they are not so significant. The minimum cost of the mixer is 2.1 thousand rubles.

According to reviews, a good bathroom faucet with a shower can be chosen from the offers of the listed companies. Each of these manufacturers stands out several popular models.

Grohe faucet reviews

When considering what a bath mixer with a shower is better to buy for your bathroom, it is worth considering reviews of the most popular models of famous manufacturers. One of the best in the world is recognized brand Grohe. The company produces durable, reliable mixers for every taste. The products of this German brand are provided with the longest warranty, which is 10 years. After the expiration of this period, according to customer reviews, the mixer will work properly for more than a dozen years.

Among the models Grohe, which are in demand, were named:

  1. Eurodisk SE. Model for the sink, the cost of which is about 25.5 thousand rubles.
  2. Eurosmart. According to reviews, a good bathroom faucet. The cost is 3.2 thousand rubles.
  3. Essence New. Model for the sink. The cost is about 10.5 thousand rubles.

The presented mixers differ in effective design. They are suitable for different styles of interior. It is the products of the company Grohe that dictates the global fashion for the design of mixers. At the same time, the products are combined with unique innovative technologies that are being developed by a whole workshop of the company's designers.

These mixers do not break even under loaded conditions. With pressure drops, poor water quality, the system will work flawlessly. Literally with one hand movement, you can adjust the pressure and temperature of the water. The lever moves very smoothly. In this case, the installation is very fast. Almost everyone can cope with it. Each mixer of this company undergoes thorough quality control.

Customer opinion

Considering reviews of good mixers, it is worth noting that buyers also highlight some of the best options. Each manufacturer receives certain statements, was able to gain a certain reputation in the market.

Customers call the most reliable mixers of the company "Groe". They have the longest warranty, and the product life is long. Buyers claim that for the first 15 years it will not even be necessary to change seals, cartridges and other structural elements.

For a small bath it is better to buy compact mixers. The undisputed leader in this nomination is Hansgrohe. Laconic faucet design. It harmoniously complements the interior of both spacious and very small bathroom. On sale are models with very tiny dimensions.

A good bath faucet should also be beautiful, look spectacular in the interior. According to this criterion, customers allocate Jacob Delafon products. This is a French company. Its products are made in a special style. The lines of Jacob Delafon mixers are smooth, the curves are soft. They have an original style, a special French charm. Most models are made in a classic style.

The price and quality, in the opinion of the buyers, is ideally related to the mixers of the Finnish company Oras. It is available and at the same time has a spectacular design. The quality of this product is high. Manufacturers in the development of their models prefer smooth forms.

Top models of low price category

Considering reviews of good shower faucets, you should pay attention to the products of low price category. Far away, every customer can afford to buy a Groe mixer. Therefore, in the low-price category, several undisputed leaders emerged. Of course, this product is inferior to branded models in terms of durability, but in general, their quality is acceptable.

The first place among low-cost models takes Vidima "Orion". Its price is 4.3 thousand rubles. The quality of this mixer is high. It is easy to install on the bath. The body is brass. The shower hose is not hard enough, which, according to buyers, is a minor drawback.

In second place is the Vitra Viva Set, which costs about 3 thousand rubles. Many buyers like the design of this mixer. The case is also made of brass. The model is durable, practical, but the functionality is rather limited.

Third place belongs, in the opinion of buyers, to the Milardo Bosfor mixer. The cost is 4.1 thousand rubles. The mixer has a large spout. This is an advantage in operation. The adjustment lever rotates easily. From tap to shower, switching is also easy. However, the disadvantage of the presented model is noise during operation.

Another low-cost model is Rossinka Silvtrmix. It costs about 2.8 thousand rubles. This is one of the most inexpensive models. It is easy to install. The kit includes a spare ceramic cartridge. Spout turns easily. But the quality of the case is inferior to previous models.

Short spout

A good quality bath mixer can have a different configuration. If it is important that the spout is short, you can choose one of the following models. Lemark Thermo (7.9 thousand rubles) was named one of the best buyers. The mixer consumes little water. The design is stylish, but the model makes a noise when it is working.

In second place is the mixer with a short spout of Grohe Grohtherm 1000 (11.6 thousand rubles). It quickly adjusts to changes in water pressure, different build quality.

The third place belongs to Hansgrohe Talis S2 (11.5 thousand rubles). The model has a reliable cartridge. Included are silencers, aerator. There is also a temperature limiter. This is a safe, durable model. The disadvantage is the need to purchase a shower head and a hose separately.

Fourth place buyers give the mixer WasserKRAFT Berkel (11.7 thousand rubles.). It is distinguished by precise water regulation, durable and reliable. The body is made of brass. The mixer emits noise during operation.

Long spout

If you need a mixer with a long spout, you should pay attention to the following models. The first place in this category, according to customer reviews, belongs to the WasserKRAFT Aller model (9.8 thousand rubles). It has a spectacular design, high quality.

In second place is a model with a long spout Grohe Costa (8.2 thousand rubles). It is a reliable mixer with high-quality spraying on the body. However, silicone hose does not suit every interior.

The third place belongs to the Migliore Lady mixer (23.6 thousand rubles). It has a bronze case. The quality is high. This is a vintage model designed for special interiors.

In fourth place is a good mixer with a long spout Iddis Praktic (4.7 thousand rubles). His body is covered with nickel-chrome plating. The quality of materials and components is high. The model is easy to use. If the pressure is low, the model does not mix well with water.

Built-in mixer

A good built-in type mixer, according to buyers, WasserKRAFT Donau (6.8 thousand rubles). The design of the model is stylish. It allows you to transform the existing interior. The mixer body is durable; Spout is purchased separately for this mixer.

The second place was given by users to Hansgrohe Logis (16.9 thousand rubles). Graceful contours and high quality of assembly do this model demanded. It is quite difficult to install this mixer by yourself. You need to contact a professional plumber.


First of all, it is necessary to determine where you will put the faucet, as the mixers are divided into several types:

  • For the sink. Usually they are mounted on the sink or on the wall and are intended mainly for washing hands, that is, they have one single tap. In this category, you can include faucets for kitchen sinks, but they have some differences from those that are installed in the bathroom.
  • For Bath. This faucet is attached either to the wall or directly to the bath itself and usually has a hose and a shower head (all this can be included).
  • Shower faucet is usually installed in the shower. As a rule, such a model is attached to the wall and has only a shower head, as the tap is simply not needed.
  • Not so long ago, special bidet mixers appeared.
  • Universal faucets can be found in many of the combined bathrooms of the old "Khrushchev". Such a model has both a faucet (most often a long one), which can be turned on a bathtub and a sink installed alongside, as well as a hose with a shower head. This option is quite convenient and economical.

Control method

How to choose a good bathroom or kitchen faucet? A very important selection criterion is the control method, since it will depend on it the usability of the mixer. Today in stores you can find models of several types:

  1. The two-valve mixer has two valves: separately for cold water and for hot. This option is more familiar to most people and perfectly fit into a classic or retro interior. But there are some drawbacks. Во-первых, такой тип управления не позволяет отрегулировать температуру или задать необходимую.Secondly, the weak side is the gaskets, which usually fail quite quickly, which leads to leakage. If you want to eliminate such a drawback, it is better to purchase a model with a rotating mechanism and a ceramic valve.
  2. The single lever mixer has only one lever that moves 180 degrees from one side to the other. This model is modern and comfortable, so it is becoming more and more popular. The control is carried out with just one lever, which moves in different directions, as well as up and down. Thus, you get the opportunity to regulate not only the pressure of the jet, but even the water temperature. Single lever mixers can be divided into cartridge and ball. The latter are not very reliable, therefore they are practically not produced by modern manufacturers. Cartridge more convenient. In addition, if the cartridge fails, it is easy to replace.
  3. Thermostatic mixers appeared in stores relatively recently, but they are becoming more and more popular. The main advantage of such models is the ability to control water pressure, as well as temperature control. That is, setting a certain value once, you will be sure that the water will have just such a temperature, and this reduces the risk of getting burned. You will only change the pressure. This mixer will have two rotary knobs, one of which is responsible for the pressure, the other - for the temperature.
  4. Contactless mixers are the most modern, and today they can be found in shopping centers or expensive restaurants. The principle of operation of this model is that the valve opens when the user brings his hands to him. The inclusion is provided by a special touch device that reacts to the heat of the human body and movement. Such mixers can be operated from the mains or from batteries.
  5. Portions are rare and not very comfortable. The point is that the user presses the button, the water flows for a while, then its delivery automatically stops.

How to choose among such a variety of mixers, which one is better? Everything will depend on your habits and preferences, as well as on the style in which the room is made. So, if you chose the classical and traditional direction, then the usual option would be a regular two-valve valve. And if your bath is from the future, then choose a modern and high-tech model.

Having poured out is directly the crane, and it can have different forms and practically any size. The height of the crane is determined by its purpose. So, if you choose a kitchen faucet, then it should be quite high so that large items of dishes and utensils fit under it. For the bathroom, it is advisable to purchase a model with a low but long spout. The shape of the crane is determined by the comfort of use and personal preferences.

By the way, today you can meet on sale spouts, changing shape, or retractable, which is sometimes very convenient and even necessary.

Mounting method

There are several ways of fixing mixers:

  • Directly to the bath or sink. Some sinks and bathrooms have a prefabricated hole used for installation, but you can make it yourself.
  • On the wall. Two options are possible: just fix the mixer on the wall and lay all the necessary communications from it, or practically cut it into the wall and disguise all hoses.
  • Floor-mounted faucets are rare, and they are usually chosen by lovers of modern styles and technologies. This model is a rack (sometimes two) with cranes.

Manufacturing materials

The material from which the mixer is made is also very important. Today, several options are available:

  1. Metals or their alloys. They are the most durable and durable, of course, if they are stainless, or at least protected from corrosion. Commonly used bronze, steel, brass, nickel. The most reliable and practical brass. Also there are models with a combined case or coating. The perfect coating would be chrome.
  2. Ceramics. Usually internal parts are made of it, and they are durable and do not rust. But ceramic body can be spout.
  3. Plastic. This material is the cheapest and easiest, but extremely unreliable.

Additional functions

All strive for maximum comfort, and plumbing manufacturers are well aware, therefore, offer their customers a variety of additional features. Among them are such as:

  • Bayonet mount. If desired, the mixer can be pulled out and placed on any surface.
  • Folding spout
  • Built-in lights.
  • Built-in switch for appliances, such as a washing machine, steamer, coffee maker, dishwasher.
  • Built-in filter.

And now you can go to the plumbing shop, because you are knowledgeable and can make the right choice.

Faucet-box kitchen faucets

Externally, this mixer is a traditional device with two valves for mixing streams of hot and cold water.

Crane-box mixer for kitchen sink.

But according to the design of the locking mechanism, there are two types of crane-boxes - worm and ceramic. When they are mounted in the mixer, it is not possible to distinguish them among themselves, but the difference in their design is still significant.

  • 1. stock
  • 2. O-rings,
  • 3. Slip ring,
  • 4. The piston
  • 5. Shut-off gasket (rubber, silicone),
  • 6. Housing
  • 7. Fat chamber,
  • 8. Protective shell,
  • 9. Screw for fastening the locking gasket.

The principle of operation of such devices is quite simple. Turning the rod 3-4 turns, the user presses the locking gasket to the valve seat, inside the body of the mixer, blocking the flow of water. The main advantage of this type of crankcase is its exceptionally high maintainability. In the overwhelming majority of breakdowns, repair is limited to replacing the locking gasket, which can be cut out of a piece of rubber on its own or purchased at the store.

  • 1. Staple,
  • 2. Stock,
  • 3. Sound attenuator
  • 4. Top ceramic plate,
  • 5. The housing of the axle box
  • 6. Bottom ceramic plate,
  • 7. Rubber ring
  • 8. Ceramic crane box assembly.

Two ceramic discs inside the tap are slotted. One of them (adjusting) rotates relative to the other (input), fixed in the housing. The intensity of the water supply depends on the size of the hole. Operation of such a crane is more convenient, since the rotation of the valve should be carried out only 180º (half-turn) or 90º (quarter-turn). However, such mechanisms, although reliable, are considerably less durable. If you fail, you have to change the entire karan-buksu.

+ Pros faucet-box mixer

  • Simple design and high maintainability. Replacing parts yourself is not difficult,
  • Relatively low cost.

Cons tap-box mixers

  • In order to replace the complete crankcase, it is often necessary to bypass a lot of stores with a failed sample, as there are so many models of these mechanisms, but there is no single standard.
  • Large water overrun. During temperature adjustment, water flows out but is not used.
  • Not very convenient management.

Single lever faucets

They are also called mono-commands or joysticks. Having entered the market not so long ago, single-lever mixers quickly gained popularity. A huge number of models of single-lever kitchen faucets are produced, how to choose a reliable product mechanism?

Single lever kitchen mixer.

There are two types of single-lever mixing mechanisms - ball and cartridge mechanism.

  • 1. regulating rod
  • 2. adjusting ring
  • 3. ball cuff,
  • 4. regulating cuff,
  • 5. water flow (a-cold, b-hot),
  • 6. release of water
  • 7. rubber saddle
  • 8. ball sleeve.
  • 9. hollow ball

The ball has several holes. turning it can regulate the amount of incoming hot and cold water, temperature and pressure of the outgoing flow.

The main disadvantage is the excessive complexity of the design. The main breakdown is the rapid abrasion of the cuffs and gaskets and the weakening of the spring support of the adjusting cuff, which is why the valve begins to leak.

It has the same principle of operation and principal design as the ceramic crane box.

Consists of two ceramic plates with holes. The lower stationary (A) through which comes hot and cold water and there is a drain hole and the upper movable (B).

The temperature of the water and its pressure depend on the area of ​​registration of the holes on the two plates.

By type of housing design, such mixers can be divided into fixed and rotary.

1. Fixed (cast) housing.

The mixing mechanism is in a solid molded case. The control lever is located at the side at an angle of 45 - 90º from the body. To adjust the direction of the jet is used movable outflow. The advantages of such a body is its high reliability and maintainability. Disadvantages - less convenient handling and a large jet power, which can be sprayed. The main types of breakdowns are spout shaking, the need to periodically replace gaskets on it, and tightening the mounting ring.

2. Swivel housing.

The main advantages are convenient control and significant water savings, since the joystick is initially in the position of a uniform flow of flows for mixing. Spout moves smoothly has a secure fit and a small height.
The main disadvantage is the need to periodically replace the gaskets of the rotary part of the housing.

+ Advantages of single-lever kitchen faucets

  • Simplicity and ease of use,
  • Efficiency,
  • Functional design.

- The disadvantages of single-lever mixers

  • High cost
  • Rapid wear of seals (for some not very successful types of construction),
  • A rather high complexity of construction and, accordingly, repair.

IMPORTANT! Regardless of the type of mixing mechanism, single-lever mixers are very sensitive to solids in the water. In order to significantly prolong their service life on the water supply pipes it is strongly recommended to install a coarse filter.

Electronic mixers

This is the latest novelty in the plumbing market. Such devices have significant functional differences from simple mechanical devices. There are volatile models that require connecting to a 220 V network via a 12V adapter and standalone, which work for several months on batteries, and the functionality of these devices is rather limited. Their main disadvantage is the cost of such mixers is too high.

The main functions of electronic mixers are, first of all, the adjustment of water temperature. Regardless of the change in temperature of the incoming flows, water from the mixer will flow to a given temperature.

Non-contact activation, provides an infrared sensor. It is necessary only to bring the hands to the mixer and the water of the set temperature will turn on itself.

The advantages of such devices are obvious - this is a significant saving of water and ease of use. However, when choosing them, it is advisable to give preference to devices with a system for duplicating water supply by manual control.

A budget option for upgrading an existing mixer can be a special nozzle attached to the spout spout instead of an aerator mesh.

Manufacturers claim that using it will save up to 20% of water. Such a device works from an ordinary battery, which must be replaced every six months.

Which kitchen faucet is better to choose, you decide, based on the above features, advantages and disadvantages. As a rule, housewives prefer to have a single-lever mixer in the kitchen, but if they need a budget option, then faucet-axle box mixers will help you.

Spouts - which are most convenient for kitchen faucets

Depending on the location above the sink distinguish:

The size of the spout depends on the depth of washing, the greater the depth, the higher the bend of the spout is allowed. When a jet falls from a great height, water will spray out, respectively, for not deep sinks, which theoretically designed taps of great height, they will not fit at all. When using devices with low spout, there is a problem when filling with water a large amount of dishes.

This problem was tried to be solved by developing several versions of spouts with variable geometry. The most popular are telescopic.

They consist of several tubes held together by permeable joints. Their main drawback is the unreliability of the design, a large number of hinges and gaskets. The more connections there are, the more likely it is that a leak will form somewhere.

The next type is retractable. They resemble a shower handle in the bathroom. A flexible hose with a depth of 1-1.5 meters is hidden inside a decorative short tap.

This type of mixer is almost universal. Some models have an additional control, which is equipped with a sliding element, it provides additional savings of water. When choosing such devices, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the decorative crane, in particular to the place of fastening the sliding head in the socket of the decorative spout. Many cheap models are made of plastic, which quickly fails.

Low cost, but quality option can be a crane with a flexible flexible spout on an elastic holder.

They are very functional and reliable, but their design does not fit any kitchen interior.

Spout nozzle - which is better and more practical

Despite its small size, this is a very important part of the mixer. The most popular retractable watering cans and small aerators. These devices operate on the principle of cavitation, mixing water with air. This provides significant savings, as water consumption is reduced to 8 l / min.

There are devices with a static arrangement of grids, and there are with adjustable ones, which can change the density of the air-water mixture. Many models of mixers are equipped with nozzles with a changeable direction of water flow. This idea turned out to be so successful that special nozzles were developed with wide ranges of saturation adjustment and jet shape that fit most kitchen faucet models.

However, progress in the development and modernization of kitchen plumbing does not stand still. Many ideas are just beautiful decorations, some can bring undoubted benefits.

Simple or LED lights on the faucet. Will allow not only to decorate the kitchen, but also to wash dishes better.

Electronic thermometer and water temperature meter. It will help not burn yourself and significantly save water. A feature of this device “FaucetBuddy” is that it is absolutely independent. All the necessary energy nozzle receives from a jet of water.

Types and types of construction fixing kitchen faucets

Most kitchen faucets are installed either at the sink or on the countertop. Fastening can be made with the help of a fixing nut or one, two studs with figured semi-washers.

Faucet-box mixers have a collet for fixing - split sleeve with thread. The nut is screwed on it, which attaches the mixer to the surface.

In the lever mixer, threaded holes (one or two) are located at the base of the housing. The studs are screwed into them, then the puck put on the floor is pulled by a nut.

Usually vertical connection is made using flexible hoses. But if it is necessary to connect the mixer directly to the pipes coming out of the wall, then eccentrics are used for correct positioning, and in order to hide the fasteners, tapered trim plates are used which should be included in the mixer kit.

Mixers from which material is the most durable

The mixer has many parts and various materials are used for their production. Various alloys are used as the body material. The most common brass and steel. Mixers of them are among the highest quality. Mixers made of copper and bronze are not inferior to them, but their cost is very high.

Low-cost models are made from zinc-aluminum-copper (TSAM) and silumin alloys resulting products do not differ in strength and durability.

Many modern manufacturers are experimenting with high-strength and heat-resistant plastic and metal-ceramic. The performance of these products is very high, but compared with metal mixers, their impact strength is much lower.

The same problems arise when choosing the coating of a metal mixer. Chrome plated are more durable, but the dirt on them is more noticeable, and the color range is very limited. Enameled have a wide palette of shades, but the coating is less reliable, can peel off or change color from the effects of cleaning products.

Mixer Manufacturers

How to choose a faucet in the kitchen, among many models, the best for the price and, most importantly, high-quality. The answer is the weight of the product. Reliable product is not easy. You should also pay attention to the brand. Это тот вариант, когда название фирмы производителя не дань моде, а гарантия качественного смесителя.

  • Производители Германии: Grohe, SIEMENS ag, Viega, Kaldewei, Dornbracht.
  • Производство Италии: Jacuzzi, Roca, Bonomini, Duka, Rifra.
  • Производство Франции – Jacob Delafon,
  • Швеция – Alfa Laval.

Виды смесителей

Leading companies produce plumbing from brass and stainless steel, choosing porcelain, nickel, and even precious metals for decoration. You can easily find mixers in a classic style, modern, interesting water shut-off fittings of the most incredible fantastic look, but you cannot rely solely on the design when choosing plumbing fixtures. Experienced craftsmen classify all types of sink faucets according to technical parameters and the principle of water mixing.

Single lever mixer

Considering various options for how to choose a mixer, people stop the choice on single-lever products. They are equipped with replaceable cartridges made of ceramic or metal-ceramic parts that play the role of a sealant and a fluid pressure distributor. The single-lever device is simple and reliable, but to increase durability, it is better to equip your plumbing system with reliable filters against sand, rust and dirt. For hard water it is recommended to choose mixers with large cartridges.

Two valve faucets

If in the question of how to choose a mixer, young people prefer modern innovations, then the older generation, according to tradition, chooses products of a familiar design with two separate handles. The advantage of these devices is the simplest design, low cost, easily replaceable parts, plumbing fits perfectly into the retro style. In a dispute about which mixers are now considered the best, two-valve taps are losing to their competitors. The crankshaft wears faster in hot water or liquids with impurities; you cannot make quick adjustments without engaging both hands.

Thermostatic mixer

If you are interested in the question of how to choose the best faucet for a shower, then be sure to consider the option of buying an appliance with a thermostat. It costs more than the usual analogs, but in the end you get incredible comfort and safety. Thermostatic mixer on the principle of operation resembles a car thermostat that can accurately maintain the temperature of the liquid at the outlet. Old models came with the usual levers, but now the choice is wider, many new devices with electronic control and touch buttons.

The thermocouple reacts to the temperature of the medium and instantly changes the ratio of the flow and flow of the fluid. When abruptly stopping the flow of cold water thermostat completely closes the mixer. With a gradual decrease in pressure, the device tries to maintain the temperature in accordance with a given mode. Choosing this mixer, you protect yourself and loved ones from the threat of getting a sudden burn.

Contactless mixer

Wealthy people can solve the problem of choosing plumbing, by buying modern faucets of contactless type for washbasins. It is extremely convenient to operate these devices, the user makes pressure and temperature adjustments once, and he no longer needs to turn the crane levers. The liquid itself begins to flow when a person’s hands get into the zone of the optical sensor, and turns off if removed from the tap. In addition to the comfort of the owners receive significant savings in water and do not dirty dirty fingers expensive plumbing.

Which faucet is better for the kitchen?

If you are seriously worried about the problem, which kitchen faucet is better to choose, then you need to make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages for each type of faucet, compare the prices of devices, consider the quality and type of fasteners to the wall or sanitary fixtures. Be sure to pay attention to the convenience of operation, as the spout is located in relation to the bowl.

How to choose a faucet in the kitchen:

  • for any kitchen sink you need to purchase a faucet with swivel spout,
  • it is advisable to place the spout nose closer to the center of the bowl,
  • New models with a flexible retractable spout in the form of a shower head allow to fill the volume tank without installing it inside the sink,
  • double-lever mixers made of bronze and copper can be chosen for the classic kitchen,
  • single lever faucets and contactless devices made of chromium fit into modern interior more easily,
  • round spout looks better next to a round bowl,
  • for a square sink, get an L-shaped spout.

How to choose a bathroom faucet?

Solving the problem, what kind of faucet to buy for the bathroom, you have to deal with two types of devices - a faucet for a washbasin and a faucet for a shower or bath. These sanitary devices differ in purpose and shape, they require different types of fastening and connection, therefore they are often completed with mixers of a completely different design.

What faucet to buy for a bath?

It is simpler to equip a new bathroom, but when repairing it is necessary to adapt to the realities, not every kind of mixer can be mounted on old-style plumbing. Be sure to examine the type of water connections, select the model of crane based on the size and design of the room. Sometimes an expensive device of complex design does not look in the interior and creates difficulties in operation.

How to choose a bathroom faucet:

  1. For the bathroom you need to buy a faucet with pull-out flexible shower.
  2. Wall mounted mixers are cheaper than embedded samples and are easier to install.
  3. Built-in plumbing look aesthetically pleasing, the type of communications does not spoil the interior.
  4. It is easy to drill installation holes in acrylic bathrooms, mounting the mixer directly on board, saving the landlord from damaging expensive tiles.
  5. In a small room, you can use a common swivel mixer with a long spout for an adjacent washbasin and bath.
  6. The rotary switch shower-outflow safer and more comfortable cork devices.
  7. For bathing children it is convenient to use faucets-thermostats with fine temperature control.

How to choose a sink faucet?

Dealing with the solution of the problem, how to choose the right mixer for the sink, you need to take into account a lot of nuances. We'll have to study the size of the sink, its depth and width, so as not to splash the floor during hygienic procedures. The washbasin faucet differs from the sink unit in one important detail - the height of the spout. A faucet with a small spout is suitable for this room so that it does not interfere with brushing your teeth or washing your face. If you need to fill the volumetric basin, then this can be done directly in the bathroom or use a hose for the shower.

What material faucets better?

Immediately, we note that the silumin mixers are extremely unreliable. With increasing pressure or during installation, they often crack, the service life of the crane rarely exceeds a couple of years. Considering buying them in the bathroom or in the kitchen is the worst option. To compile the ranking, which mixers are now considered the best, you need to use devices from high-quality alloys.

What is better to buy mixers:

  1. Bronze and brass mixers - the most durable, not afraid of mineral deposits. Shells of these metals are often nickel-plated or chrome-plated, giving them a modern look.
  2. Stainless Steel Faucets - cheaper than previous devices, practical, look more modern, but inferior in durability.
  3. Ceramic faucets - stylish and beautiful, always stand out with original design. The disadvantages of ceramic devices are expensive and fragile, they require careful attitude.

Which company faucet is better to choose?

Often we buy a beautiful device that serves less than a year, darkens, cracks and falls apart before our eyes. Having set out to get a durable and high-quality faucet, you need to decide for yourself in advance which company to choose the mixer in the store. Well-known companies value their reputation, give a guarantee on the product and produce a minimum number of defects.

Rating of home faucet manufacturers:

  1. Grohe (Germany) - the widest range of models of different classes, elegant design, quality control according to the EU standard at all stages of production.
  2. Hansgrohe Group (Germany-USA) - experience in the market over 100 years, the release of mixers of any type of installation, a wide price variety, 5-year warranty on the devices and a 3-year-old component parts.
  3. Gustavsberg (Sweden) - this company was the first to start applying color solutions in the production of sanitary ware for the home, in its design Scandinavian simplicity is perfectly combined with high aesthetics.
  4. Wasser kraft (Germany) - an elegant and stylish look of mixers of any model, smooth operation of the swivel lever, reliability and durability, quality guarantee for 5 years.
  5. Jacob Delafon (France) - beautiful design, handles of always convenient configuration, French faucets perfectly decorate the interior of the kitchen and bathroom, are guaranteed to cover stainless steel for 25 years.
  6. Oras (Finland) - mixers of high-quality durable brass without the slightest impurities, all certificates of quality and environmental friendliness meet the standards, the company is among the leaders in the strength and durability of sanitary products.

How to choose a mixer: external parameters

Going to the store or inspecting products in market pavilions, buyers see, as a rule, assembled sets of mixers on special demonstration stands. Then, having defined the model, they pay for the goods and receive a “designer” in the box.

Not all sellers willingly unpack these same boxes, and not all buyers insist on a thorough inspection of their purchases, but in vain. "Surprises" may be in the closed original packaging. Remember that everyone has the right to check the product and refuse it in case of dissatisfaction with a visual inspection.

High-quality branded goods are packed in boxes with compartments (made of cardboard sheets, foam boxes) for various component parts. Or at least small parts are placed in bags, and the body and the shower head are wrapped in non-woven bags. When buying a mixer in a store, be sure to unpack it (in good stores, the sellers do it themselves) and see every detail. A “classic” device should consist of:

  1. housing (gander, spout, it's a spout with valves or with a lever),
  2. two water lines (two thin hoses),
  3. mounting kit (gaskets, springs, etc.).

The bath mixer is also equipped with a watering can with a hose, a watering can holder, eccentric adapters and decorative cups. In the joints (on the thread of the case) there should not be chips, cracks, rust, all components should be new and without signs of "use".

The box should also contain a passport of the product, “shedding light” on the origin of the goods and containing information on warranty periods, installation instructions, and a care guide.

What are the faucets, choose a faucet for the kitchen or bath

Of course the crane is different. Products differ from each other in many ways, depending on the purpose. In total there are six types of mixers:

  • for kitchen,
  • for Bath,
  • for washbasin
  • for hairdressers,
  • for bidet
  • for shower.

However, some mixers for hairdressers (with a pull-out spout and two water supply modes) can be installed on kitchen sinks. Samples for showers are equipped with only watering cans, for a bath they always have a spout and a watering can, for a bidet they are distinguished by short nozzles. Washbasin taps can be "long-nosed" or with short goose, swivel and "fixed". Units with rotating nozzles are convenient and practical in everyday life, fixed ones are less likely to break due to the monolithic construction.

Mixers also differ in structure and type:

  • with two valves
  • with one lever,
  • thermostatic,
  • non-contact (sensory or infrared).

Two-valve taps are easier to repair, they are unpretentious in operation (less sensitive to water pollution), but they “force” to perform more manipulations when using. Water supply in them is regulated by crane-boxes, which are ceramic and rubber: rubber deforms, giving a leak, when water is too hot or hard, ceramic are resistant to water temperature and hardness, but less durable and react to mechanical inclusions in water.

Single lever mixer layout

Single lever faucets (ball or cartridge) are easier to manage, adjust the temperature and pressure of the water, but hard water can quickly disable it, and if it breaks down, the insides must be completely replaced.

Thermostatic faucets are not cheap, but have a huge advantage: they can adjust the constant temperature of the water and not be afraid that the child will burn, incorrectly turning on the faucet.

Contactless devices (when you need to bring your hands to the spout to “turn on” the tap) are the most expensive, they require professional installation, but they are easy to use. Quickly turn on and turn off automatically, you need only take your hands off the tap. Thus, they are also the most economical, practical, hygienic, which is important, for example, for public places, medical institutions.

Mixers are different as fixing type:

Floor mixers require the connection of a piping system to a floor covering or the installation of a special base. At the same time, they are very convenient to use: you can install one faucet, for example, in a bathroom with two bathrooms or between a bathtub and a washbasin. Wall - the most popular due to ease of installation, comfortable use and reliability. Built-in taps have a more decorative function, especially common in the interiors of minimalist or high-tech areas. However, such devices are quite difficult to mount and repair. Mortise mixers are very common in kitchens: they are mounted in the holes of steel sinks. Universal configurations allow you to choose the mechanisms of any style: with square spouts, with sheep, with fancy shaped space levers, etc. Also, mortise models can be used for steel and acrylic baths, ceramic washbasins.

Mixers are different in shape, height, length of the spout.

Tips: how to choose a bathroom faucet with a shower or a kitchen

If hinged low shelves are installed above the sink or washbasin, then when buying a mixer, it is necessary to take into account its maximum height - the distance from the base to the top of the device. It should be less than the distance between the sink and the shelf. Too long or low spout is not suitable for compact shallow sinks, and the mixer with a short gander is out of place for a deep large washbasin or bathtub with wide sides (it simply can not "reach"). Modern designer models of mixers include spouts of unusual shape — flat, wide, cup-shaped (also called cascade ones). So, in order not to be mistaken and not buy an unsuitable product, match the width of your washbasin, for example, and the width of this spout itself (it should not occupy more than half the width of the vessel). When buying a faucet with a watering can, consider the length of the hose, especially if you have a large bathroom or a double kitchen sink.

Installation Instructions

Do not forget about the type of fastening: if there are three holes in your sink and you do not plan to replace it, you will have to select a mixer for these holes, that is, with two valves. For a bathtub and a washbasin, located close to each other, you can install one faucet with a long "agile" gander.

If you choose between a tap with a lever or push-button mechanism for switching the water supply from the spout to the shower handle, it is better to give preference to the lever. Practice shows that it is more reliable and convenient in operation with “our” water.

If you have a gas water heater, then it is better to refuse single-lever mixers.

How to choose a mixer - recommendations sellers

You do not know how to choose a mixer for the sink in the kitchen, give preference to the most practical: a single lever, with a turning high spout, under which the bucket and a large saucepan quietly “come in” (and it is easier to repair). And even better if he has a retractable spout. The market today offers such technological options as faucets with two spouts, one of which is designed to supply filtered water, devices with the function of boiling water before supplying, which saves housewives time and electricity, modern designs with additional valves for connecting machines (washing or dishwasher) .

You have probably heard about mixer aerators - these are such small grids that are screwed into the spout. When buying a mixer, be sure to check the availability of this device, since it performs such important functions as saving water, clearing mechanical debris, chlorine weathering, jet quality control.

What is produced - basic materials

Mixers are made from different materials. In large-scale production, various alloys of metals with a corrosion-resistant coating are used, glass, wood, ceramics, metal ceramics, and crystal are used for design models. Cheap options include:

  • алюминиево-кремниевые (из «силумина») — довольно распространенные, не отличается особой прочностью, быстро теряют «товарный вид»,
  • пластиковые — не ржавеют, не подвержены оседанию накипи, но «бояться» высоких температур и перепадов давления воды, отчего часто деформируются.

Латунные смесители более дорогие, но и более долговечные. Против коррозии их покрывают никелем, поверх которого «накладывают» слой хрома либо эмали. At the same time, chrome-plated ones are somewhat more expensive, their surfaces are protected from the development of pathogenic microbes.

More durable mixers are made from stainless steel and chrome. The term of their operation can reach 50 years.

Bronze antique mixer

The cost of bronze sanitary faucets is even higher. Bronze does not rust, resistant to high temperatures, hard water, durable. From this material obtained refined designer models "antique".

Ceramics are aesthetically pleasing, “not afraid” of salts and scum, but “do not tolerate” temperature and hydraulic fluctuations and require extremely careful and careful attitude to themselves. In addition, ceramic faucets are quite expensive.

If you are ready to spend an impressive amount on a mixer, pay attention to designer sanitary products: models made of glass (usually cascade-type units), crystal or taps with “plating” of rare wood species. As a rule, the warranty period for branded goods is always longer than for "mass".

Which company is better to choose a mixer

Which company is the best mixer to choose to enjoy his "trouble-free" work for several years? Everyone decides for himself, to give preference to Russian or imported goods, to facilitate the task, we suggest to get acquainted with the ratings based on the analysis of sales by country and customer reviews. Among domestic manufacturers, the trust of consumers managed to win brands such as:

  • "Sanlit-T" from the city of Kolpina,
  • Iddis - St. Petersburg,
  • "Arkon" from Tula,
  • "Santarm" from Rostov-on-Don,
  • "Santekhpribor" from Kazan.

The average retail price for them is 1500 rubles.

As for foreign manufacturers, among them distinguished themselves:

  • German Grohe and Hansgrohe,
  • French JacobDelafon,
  • Finnish Oras,
  • Spanish roca,
  • Bulgarian Vidima.

Prices start from 3200 rubles and can reach more than a hundred thousand for some exclusive samples.

As always, do not forget about the guarantees of not only the manufacturer, but also the dealer or seller. Not everyone works in good faith and provides full factory warranties to customers. By the way, reliable manufacturers and sellers always provide services for the qualified installation of products, in whatever locality the buyer does not live. Payment for the service is set separately. And for self-installation passport branded unit always contains detailed and understandable instructions.

Memo to the buyer of the mixer

Before choosing a bath mixer with a shower, for a washbasin or for a kitchen according to external features and design, familiarize yourself with its technical parameters. The dimensions, the type of fastening, the material from which the unit is made, matter under certain “water conditions” (composition and hardness of the water, hydraulic pressure drops) and the design features of the bathroom, sink, piping system.

Any mixer will last longer if it is properly maintained - timely removal of limescale. How best to care for the device, what household appliances are allowed for this particular model - all this should be indicated in the passport.

We hope that you find the mixer you need in the nearest shop.