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Right choice: mascara VS eyelash extensions


Do you know why in makeup Pay special attention to the eyes? Because they speak better than words, and eyelashes make them the most expressive part of the face. That is why every year the cosmetics market is replenished with new products and services for the care of eyelashes. Today at sympaty.net we will tell about the novelty - semi-permanent mascara Myscara.

One of the latest inventions, which is rapidly entering the market, finds its supporters and is in demand in beauty salons, is now recognized semi-permanent mascara myscara (Mayskara).

How does it differ from the usual mascara, how much MYscara lasts on the eyelashes and what is the expected effect from the application, what do the service reviews say, why does Miskara can not be seen on the market - these and other questions we will look at in detail on the women's site "Beautiful and Successful."

MYscar semi-permanent mascara: general characteristics

MYscara is a mascara of long lasting durability.

What does the word "semi-permanent" mean? From the English “permanent” is translated as “permanent, one that always remains in the state in which it is currently in transit,” “extra-long”.

The myscara mascara has exactly such properties - it rests on the eyelashes and looks as if you just applied it to your eyelashes, about 20 days: from the moment of application to removal from them.

One small nuance - it is semi-permanent: the “constancy” of MYscara is still limited in the time interval.

But for 20 days, forget about what it is to apply mascara, wash it off, make sure that it does not spread and always have perfectly painted eyelashes - isn’t it a dream of each of us? You can 2 - 3 weeks with mascara applied on the cilia, wash oneself, take a shower, go to a sauna, sob while watching soap operas, laugh to tears and do not be afraid that it will spread and leave dark circles under the eyes - your eyelashes will be as if you had just mascara applied to them.

It looks like an advertisement, but so promise the developers of the myscara mascara. The reviews of real users, although still insignificant, since this is quite a new product in the market of cosmetology, are also mostly positive and confirm this.

  • “I have bright eyelashes. It is for this reason that I often contact the salon to make them painted. My beautician told about the new mascar mascara. She said that this is what I need. If you apply it on the eyelashes, then it will stay on them for at least 2 weeks. Moreover, it has all the properties of the best mascara - it lengthens the eyelashes, is evenly distributed, does not stick together and does not crumble. Well, how can you not agree? I asked how much mascara costs, but it turns out you can't buy it. Apply it to the eyelashes should only specialist which was trained, because this procedure requires a special approach. I agreed. Everything cost me $ 20. For the past week I can not get enough of it. I do not need to paint every morning, torment my eyelashes, removing mascara from them every evening. I get up - and my eyes are already beautiful. I am very pleased. Lena".

As you can see from the review, there is one feature that is endowed with myscara semi-permanent mascara - you can not find it in the free market. She refers to specialized cosmetics which can be used by masters who have been trained.

The application technique has its own characteristics, which we will discuss below.

How to apply mascara on eyelashes?

The procedure for applying MYscara mascara on eyelashes is not difficult, especially for those who work with eyelash extensions. But at home, quickly and accurately make this work impossible, as there are some nuances.

One of them is that the mascara dries quickly, so you need to catch it in a short period of time. split tweezers ciliaso that they do not stick together.

Otherwise, the result will be deplorable. The whole procedure takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour - depending on the experience of the master and the desired result.

It all goes like this:

  1. The client lies on the couch.
  2. First, make-up is removed from the eyelashes using an oil-free product.
  3. Impose under the lower eyelid halogen lining so that the eyelids are covered. This is done in order to separate the lower lashes and protect the delicate skin under the eyes.
  4. The upper eyelashes using microbrushes and special means - primer, degrease. This will provide a more lasting bond to the eyelashes with Maiskard semi-permanent mascara.
  5. Then the master combing his eyelashes with a scrolling brush with a disposable brush.
  6. If the client wishes, at this stage the eyelashes are curled with a special curling iron, which is heated to the desired temperature. Cilia comb again.
  7. Apply mascara to the inside of the eyelashes from the roots to the tips using a microbrush. Roots are not affected. This is done very quickly, since mascara dries instantly.
  8. After that, thin eyelashes with thin tweezers to keep them from sticking together. Tweezers are periodically cleaned of mascara.
  9. Next, myscara mascara is applied to the outer surface of the upper lashes.
  10. Separate them with tweezers and allow to dry for 2 - 3 minutes.
  11. If you need to create additional volume, at the request of the client, you can apply repeated layers of ink several times.
  12. Next, myscara semi-permanent mascara is applied to the lower lashes. To do this, they are placed under the halogen lining and carry out all stages as when applying mascara on the upper eyelashes: degrease, comb, apply mascara on the inner surface of the eyelashes, share with tweezers and allow 2 - 3 minutes to dry. Before applying each new layer should wait for drying.
  13. Remove the remains with a microbrush and wipe the skin with an agent that does not contain fats.

Mascara can be applied or only on the lower or upper eyelashes. The procedure is combined with eyelash extensions: you can apply semi-permanent mascara on the lower eyelashes after the extension of the upper ones. Also compatible with eyelash biozavivka: mascara can be applied immediately after the procedure of curling eyelashes.

Like any new product on the market, today the service is expensive.

Price issue varies from 20 to 90 dollars, depending on the city in which the master works and the prestige of the cabin.

Attention! There are "iron" rules first two days for those who have used this service from the master.

  • Do not touch the eyes for the first 2 hours.
  • Do not allow contact with water and steam for the first two days, and also avoid physical exertion.
To ensure long-lasting effects, there are also some limitations:
  • It is advisable not to sleep face down and do not rub your eyes hard.
  • Do not use fat-containing eye care products.
  • After 2 - 3 weeks recommended contact the master to remove mascara from the eyelashes. It is not allowed to do this yourself at home. Immediately after that, you can re-use the service, but after 3 sessions you should take a break for a week.

What's inside?

When we figured out all the visible positive moments which the developers of MYscara promise us, let's look behind the secret door.

Are you interested in what is included in the extra-resistant mascara for eyelashes, after applying which they look made up for more than 2 weeks, do not crumble and do not require daily care for application and removal? “Beautiful and Successful” also became interested in this issue, since the contact of a cilium with a foreign substance has an effect on it.

Here is the information that was found:

  • "Maiskara produced in the United Kingdom. The brand is owned by the Caledonian Therapeutic Academy. The idea to create semi-permanent mascara arose after the invention of the adhesive substance Flexi Glue, which, upon drying after application to the eyelashes, retains their natural look and flexibility. To create semi-permanent mascara, several types of fibers were added to this rubber-enriched base, which add volume to the eyelashes, and black pigment. Today it is the only product that combines water resistance and volume - so important properties for mascara. Ingredients have been tested for safety and meet the ISO 9001 and 1907/2006 / EC certification standards. ”

As you understand, mascara applied on eyelashes for 2 - 3 weeks envelops them, protecting them from external factors as much as possible - this may hide its danger.

Some consider it negative point, and they have every right to do so.

  • “Eyelashes must breathe! How can they do this if they are mated for 3 weeks? After all, even the usual mascara is recommended to wash off every day so as not to harm the eyes. And what is so useful composition, if you remove the mascara from the eyes can only be in the cabin using the same chemicals? I would not advise anyone to use MYscara mascara. Pure my IMHO. Zhenya".

If you are a supporter of naturalness, then it is better to grow eyelashes - we told about this on the website earlier on how to do this and use the usual high-quality mascara.

Myscara ink: reviews

MYscara semi-permanent mascara occupies an intermediate position between ordinary mascara, painting eyelashes and extensions. Therefore, one should not expect from its application of supernatural lengthening of eyelashes, which can be obtained from the procedure of artificial extension, or the appearance of a bend, which is achieved by biowave.

Do not forget this - ink!

  • “I would like to note that the external effect of using MYscara ink is no different from very good quality mascara. No sticking, no “lumps”, does not crumble and does not spread - eyelashes look natural. You should not expect from the procedure of adding the number of eyelashes, as when building. Also, they do not particularly lengthen. Look at yourself in the mirror after applying lashes with mascara that you like. The same will be effect from using myscara. Negative reviews are mainly about the fact that "I expected stunning long eyelashes, but they look like regular make-up". The convenience of a semi-permanent mascara is that you don’t need to wear makeup every morning and carry a brasmatic in your pocket. I like it a lot, so I am only in favor of such a service. Lara.
  • “My friend tried MYscara mascara on vacation. I was very pleased. He says that it is convenient - and bathed in the sea, and did not bother about "I do not paint on the beach." This service should be in the list of those masters who work with eyelashes. I wouldn’t spend money on a permanent thing, but for a while, for a while, for example, for a rest time, perhaps, yes. Katya"

There are also negative reviews about myscara from girls who did not like the result, because the eyelashes turned out to be glued together and looked sloppy. Masters comment on such reviews about myscara with the fact that a bad result from the use can happen only non-professionalsas it was, for example, with eyelash extensions.

The first "craftsmen" so spoiled the opinion about this service, that some people still believe that eyelash extensions are ugly and unnatural.

You now know what the MYscara is, as they say, both outside and inside - so it’s easy to decide whether to use this new product for you or not.

Summarizing, we can assume that this mascara will appeal to many women. She is especially loved by busy ladies who want to look beautiful with minimal time, as well as those who go on vacation. As stated in one review - “This mascara was invented for me - lazy!”

The author - Julia Spiridonov, site www.sympaty.net - Beautiful and Successful
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Review of MYscara by Sympaty

"Miskara" on the market is completely new. 2 weeks ago, when I learned about her, I gave Julia a task to write an article and rushed into the salon. So what can I say:

1. Result "Myskara" depends on the experience of the master. My - not very experienced, did not have time to divide the cilia properly. I paint my eyelashes better))

2. Much has been written about the advantages of this mascara, and I will tell you about minuses noticed:

  • It is necessary to adapt to “Miskar”. She is afraid of oil - therefore nothing oily can be used for the eyes. Rubbing your eyes and sleeping your face in a pillow is not recommended - because it is corny washed off the eyelashes. Cilia inelastic and can sometimes prick the eyes (I had it with the inner corner of the eye).
  • "MYscara" is always the same. If you are used to painting at work less intensely, and more at the party, then with the "Miskara", alas, the number will not work.
  • It prevents the use of shadows, as they settle on the cilia. With the usual make-up, we paint all this with ink, and then the number will not work. Exit - do not use shadows at all? Sadly

3. What happened to MYscara in 2 weeks

  • Wiped on the outer corners of the eyes (but here I am to blame myself - it was possible to be more careful)
  • Some cilia began to stick out in different directions. The reason: after all, it is impossible to perfectly separate the eyelashes, and some stuck together in small bunches. But as the eyelashes constantly fall out, some fall off from the bottom, and hold on top, so the whole strand and warps.
  • Eyelashes grow, so over time, the roots appear "bare" eyelashes. And it is good for those who are naturally black. I, for example, noticeable!

But in general, the state of "Miskara" after 2 weeks is not critical, you can live.

4. How to remove MYscara at home

My beautician said that the mascara can be removed at home itself, because it is afraid of oil. And so, to write this review, I got down to business. To begin, I returned to the use of oil cosmetics. However, so simple "MYscara" did not leave me, and hot oil compresses on the eyes gave little. Cilia are not smooth, but rough, as if I erased 1 layer of this mascara.

After tormenting half a day, I spat on this matter and began to live a normal life. It turned out that “Maskaru” can be painted on top with ordinary mascara, use oil creams, and it will not fall off all of this right away. I live in the usual mode already the 3rd day, and my eyelashes are still in “Miskar.”

My verdict: MYscara is a great way to travel and for those who do not like / can not be beautiful. For all others in the usual ink much more advantages.

Eyelashes Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, not all of us are happy owners of long fluffy eyelashes, and sometimes there is not enough time for daily makeup. Agree, it is much more pleasant in the morning to spend an extra hour under a blanket than to sit in front of a mirror, curling and painting eyelashes. Today, there seems to be a great alternative: eyelash extensions. In fact, they are no different from the good old invoices, however, they last longer. But the harm is done more than we would like.

Of the main disadvantages of the extended eyelashes, it is their fragility. Despite the fact that, unlike overhead, they last much longer - about three weeks, but, alas, not a day longer. The reason lies in your own eyelashes, which are updated about once a month. So, with the real and artificial fall out. In addition, the quality of these cilia falls dramatically, under the weight of artificial material, natural breaks more often than usual, so that after removing the extension eyelashes, you risk remaining with bald spots in front of your eyes.

In addition, many in the pursuit of glossy beauty forget that every artificial body in your body requires significant limitations in your daily life. So, for example, false eyelashes can not be dyed, as well as wet with salty or chlorinated water, so if you dreamed of a sea or a pool, forget it, but you have to remember this: you can sleep with extension eyelashes only on your back or side, not face down, otherwise there is a risk of waking up with a badly damaged makeup. If we talk about the pros, then without them, too, it was not done: first, you have almost a unique opportunity to change the natural shape of the eye, the benefit of ways to build it very much. In addition, the look becomes deeper and more expressive, but the same effect can be achieved with the help of ordinary mascara.

Mascara - the pros and cons

The mascara of flaws is not less than that of the extended eyelashes, although here everything depends only on you, by and large. Beauticians, first of all, insist on the proper flushing of mascara - using makeup remover or cosmetic milk.

To prevent the mascara from harming your health, we recommend replacing it every three months after use. This advice is explained by the fact that microbes on the brush multiply at great speed.

If we talk about waterproof mascara, which we like to use so much in rain or snowfall, then it really has a lot of complaints, in general it is poor in waterproof cosmetics - its durability. Eyelashes are simply deprived of the opportunity to breathe, so waterproof mascara is akin to the extended eyelashes risk leaving you without natural ones.

In addition, experts say that colored mascaras can cause much greater harm to health, because black, as a rule, contains only natural ingredients, such as natural oils and soot, while colored, as is easy to guess, colored chemicals are added to that in itself cannot bring any benefit.

Но плюсов у туши для ресниц если не больше, чем у наращивания, то, по крайней мере, они куда более весомые, чем просто таинственность взгляда. Качественная чёрная тушь не только придает ресницам объем и удлиняет их, но также и хорошо защищает их от ветра, солнца, пыли. Так что не стоит верить тому, что тушь обесцвечивает и делает слабыми ресницы. Вред может оказать только некачественный продукт, а так же долгосрочная косметика.

Что это такое

Along with pastel crayons, mascara allows you to temporarily change the image, making it a bright strokes. Convenient use and a short period of coloring makes the mascara ideal for those who do not want to change the image for a long time.

Externally, the product does not differ from the tool for eyelashes. A small cylindrical bottle has a twist off cap with a fleecy brush, with which the dye is applied to the hair.

The principle of the ink is simple: the paint envelops the curls and remains on it until the next shampooing.

Carcass benefits

  • It is harmless, does not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other components that may cause health problems. It can be safely used for children.
  • Provides a color change for a short time. This allows you to get the desired shade for a particular case - for example, to make a lilac accent on the bangs, putting on a lilac dress.
  • Experimenting with shades, you can choose the color that suits you the most. This is important for those who want to decide on a long-term paint staining, but have not yet decided on a shade. It is easy to apply, maybe with glitter or neon glow.
  • A wide color palette of mascara allows you to show imagination when choosing the right shade. These can be both ultra bright colors (green, pink, fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, blue, red, purple, salad), and more traditional (red, copper, brown, white).


Color mascara has some features that you need to keep in mind when buying and using.

  • You need to take into account the peculiarities of your natural color. On dark and black hair, some colors of mascara may be almost imperceptible.
  • If you go to the sauna, swimming pool, to the beach, or walk in the rain without an umbrella, you will have to give up this kind of money.

Even if you have never had any allergic reactions to hair dye products, perform a simple test before first use. Apply a small amount of ink to the inner surface of the wrist or to the elbow bend. If after 15-20 minutes there is no redness, burning or other irritation, you can safely use the dye.

Fundamental rules:

  • Apply the product only on dry and clean hair. If you do this on wet, they will stick together, and the dye will not lie evenly. The result will be a hairstyle with clumps of paint.
  • Before applying the mascara carefully comb the curls. Note: after staining, it will not be possible to comb. Therefore, it is recommended to dye your hair with mascara at the final stage of creating hairstyles.
  • If you plan to create a bleaching effect, highlighting some of the curls or ends of the hair, then take the selected strand in your hand, lightly stretch it and apply mascara. This should be done in the direction from the roots to the tips.
  • To get a richer shade, you need to cover the strands with several layers of mascara. This is especially true for owners of light brown and dark hair, while girls with light-colored hair need only one brushstroke.
  • After applying mascara on the hair, you must wait a while so that it is completely dry (5-7 minutes). If you do not have time, you can use a hairdryer. Guide the air jet carefully and do not make it too intense so that you do not have to comb it.
  • When the hairstyle is ready, gently shake the hair and gently mix it with your fingers. This is necessary in order to mix colored strands with natural - then they will look more natural.

Depending on the type of product and its brand-manufacturer, some nuances of carcass application may differ. Before using the new cosmetics, carefully read the instructions.

Depending on the type of hair

For long

Girls with hair below the average length can choose from two options - paint only the tips or create a highlighting effect. In any case, the mascara on long hair looks more stylish and fashionable.

For short

The technique of applying mascara on short hair (for example, on a car) has some peculiarities. In particular, in order to give them more visual volume, it is recommended to apply mascara on the hair with short chaotic strokes resembling brush strokes.

On straight, curly and wavy

This tool is easiest to handle straight curls. As for wavy and curly hair, you have to spend much more mascara to evenly paint over the strands.

On gray

Effectively paints over undesirable gray hair, but in this case it will be necessary to use the product daily.

On painted

If you put it on the brushed curls or on the ombra and choose the right tone, you can get a gorgeous combination of shades.

The choice of mascara by brand

Carcass producers include manufacturers such as Essence, IsaDora, Stargazer, Isslyn, L’Oreal, Deborah, Estel, Kapous, etc.

  • Especially popular is the mascara brand IsaDora. The Hair Mascara Highlights & Streak line-up has a large selection of shades (from bright pink to beige and brown), so those who want to quickly change their style will have a lot to choose from. It is applied very easily and does not glue the hair. The cost ranges from 350 to 450 rubles.

  • Fast Help Kapous is ideal for masking regrown gray roots and is available in natural colors - brown, black and copper. The cost of carcass is about 300 rubles.

  • Estel MY ANGEL is presented in seven bright colors. The hair painted by ink, will shine in ultraviolet rays. It costs about 200 rubles.

  • Essence Kalinka Beauty is presented in a limited line, consisting of only two colors - golden and bright orange. The cost is about 200 rubles.

The history of the origin of carcasses

The first mention of this carcass appeared in the middle of the 19th century. These were special dry mixtures of wax, petrolatum and coal. Beauties, using a special brush, easily put them on their eyes.

Approximately 100 years later, the customary to modern society was invented cosmetics, which is popular. Probably, there simply isn’t a girl whose cosmetics bag doesn’t have this little helper.

Manufacturers offer a variety of mascaras. How not to make a mistake with the choice? Need to adhere to the following tips:

  1. See the list of the best cosmetic products in advance.
  2. Buy mascara only in specialized stores.
  3. Pay attention to shelf life.
  4. Before you apply it, check for an allergic reaction.
  5. Functionality. It is necessary to select cosmetics, based on the necessary requirements.
  6. Cost It is better to see in advance in what price category should be good products. Mascara should not be too expensive, but the low price is a significant reason to think.
  7. Fame. Popular brands are usually interested in good quality.
  8. Marketing is a deliberate cunning move aimed at high sales, so advertising does not always mean excellent quality.

To make it easier for girls to make purchases, a special rating was created. It includes the best mascaras based on customer feedback.

Vivienne sabo cabaret

The brand was particularly popular due to the unique composition that includes only natural oils and waxes. During its use, cilia are rendered under reliable protection. The maximum effect is achieved through accurate application in several layers. Some stars of the show business preferred the Cabaret brand. This product is available only in one shade - black, but being universal, it is suitable for both business meetings and social events. The silicone brush helps to apply the product in an even neat layer without any lumps.


  • low cost,
  • efficiency, one tube lasts a long time
  • excellent hold
  • not showered

For some buyers, the brush seems inconvenient.

Eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes is also called keratin curling. The name is at the discretion of the master or salon, but in fact all the same.

Keratin perm (lamination) gives the eyelashes shape, bend and adds volume. The effect lasts for three months.

Also, lamination is very useful for eyelashes as the composition of the laminating substance really cares for them. In the composition is a protein that fills the cilia, making them not only more "quality", but also protects from the harmful effects. And also, can stimulate their growth.

Lamination of eyelashes is important for those who are satisfied with the volume and length of eyelashes, but I want something more.

Henna eyelash dyeing

Henna staining has become relevant again. In our age of ammonia and harmful paints you want something more natural. And so the eyelashes henna appeared.

This option is very convenient, especially during the holidays. After henna, you do not need mascara - they will be dyed and will become visually longer.

You can, but not necessarily.


In fact, biowave eyelashes is all the same perm, only with a more "natural" prefix. According to the legend, there are no harmful and active components in biosaire eyelashes that will somehow adversely affect the eyes or eyelashes.

Although, an allergic reaction to various components is possible.

The biowave procedure promises stunning lashes without harm to them. It is suitable for those who already have long eyelashes, since short hairs simply cannot be curled. Remember this when you will be offered a biowave.

What is mascara and its types

Professional mascara will help you quickly and accurately paint the villi. It is not recommended to save on decorative cosmetics, at a low price you can buy a fake.

Brasmatics with combined properties are popular: length + twisting, volume + bending.

Presented by a wide color range: from classic black to green, brown, bright pink.

Cons and advantages of mascara

  1. Convenience of drawing. Manufacturers produce brushes for curling, separation, volume of villi.
  2. Many brands add to the composition of caring ingredients: vitamins, oils, wheat germ proteins. Active nutrition of eyelashes, protection from negative environmental factors. Some products contain a mineral base (calcium, magnesium), which helps to strengthen hairs.
  3. It does not take long to create a daily make-up.
  4. Low price, as opposed to permanent makeup, extension, lamination).

  1. Short shelf life. After 2-3 months, the composition thickens, you need to buy a new tool.
  2. Waterproof brasmatic contains substances that lead to the appearance of wrinkles, increased fragility of the villi. For flushing required special tools.
  3. Possible allergic reactions, irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Carefully read the composition of the cosmetic product in order to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye and further loss of eyelashes.

Professional Choice Rules

When choosing a subject of beauty take into account the brand, manufacturer, type, composition. Before buying, read the expiration dates indicated on the packaging.

Proper selection of professional mascara:

  1. See the expiration date, date of issue.
  2. Examine the composition indicated on the tube. The basis are polymers, resins, soap, water, soot, a coloring pigment, care products (vitamins, keratin, lanolin). The quality depends on the composition. In the carcass for the volume should be microparticles of wax, hypoallergenic brasmatic should not contain preservatives.
  3. Open the bottle, check the shape of the brush. Brush with a round tip will help paint over the cilia to the tips. Silicone brush prevents adhesion of the villi, prevents the effect of spider legs. A curved brush is convenient to do curling.
  4. In order not to harm health, smell the contents of the bottle. Quality products do not smell.
  5. Examine the texture, it should not be viscous or liquid. Lumps on the brush should be absent.
  6. For high-quality make-up you need to purchase makeup remover. Water-based products can be easily cleaned with water, waterproof brasmatik requires the purchase of cosmetics.

When choosing a color mascara, take into account the color of the eyes, hair, shade of lipstick. For women with brown eyes suitable brasmatic blue, shiny biphasic shadows.

Relouis "XXXL Extreme Exciting Exclusive Luxury"

This company exists on the market relatively recently, but has already managed to find loyal fans. Mascara perfectly curls up, giving a visual volume. Perfect for any makeup. A convenient small brush helps to make the application process more comfortable, and most importantly easy. To achieve an extraordinary effect, it is recommended to apply a new layer gradually, waiting for drying.



Rimmel Extra Super Lash

Excellent product, distinguished by good quality, unique brush and quick drying.


  • comfortable brush with a spiral shape
  • perfectly lengthens
  • significantly adds volume
  • does not dry out for a long time
  • easily removed with plain water.

If applied incorrectly, it may peel off.

L’OREAL Telescopic

A wonderful option for ladies with sensitive eyes. It is comfortably applied, held, has a deep color, and most importantly visually increases the lashes.

As for the negative reviews - the poor quality of the tube, the paint is quickly erased.

L’OREAL Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black

Gives the effect of natural makeup. Hope to get from her gorgeous eyelashes with the effect of overhead is not worth it.


  • greatly lengthens
  • no lumps
  • has a deep color,
  • comfortable brush that guarantees the desired effect,
  • quickly washed off.


  • during long storage it dries quickly,
  • Special recommendations should be followed regarding application.

Bourjois Volume Glamor ULTRA CARE

The product has a creamy consistency. Suitable for women snow skin eyes.


  • one coat of application is enough
  • paints evenly across the surface
  • easy to lay down
  • does not require special skills.

Recommended for day makeup.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max volume definition mascara

The product, which became the main ink on the fashion week in Milan. This success was achieved thanks to a number of positive advantages:

  • capable of several times increase in volume
  • makes the look chic,
  • Available in three colors - black, brown, blue,
  • leaves no residue
  • no lumps
  • comfortable silicone brush,
  • beautifully kept.

Inconvenient dispenser - product mine.

Bourjois Twist Up The Volume

I was able to get a truly global popularity. This was achieved thanks to a unique 2 in 1 brush. Expressive eyes are obtained after the first application. We must not forget about the unique composition - beeswax and jojoba oil, they allow you to care for delicate cilia.


  • easy application
  • real effect
  • water resistance,
  • passed the most stringent ophthalmic testing.

In multilayer application, the cilia stick together.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks

She is bought for waterproof qualities, rain and tears will not spoil the makeup.



  • may crumble slightly when flushing,
  • the brush does not fit all, you need to adapt to it.

Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic

The product comes from France, but is particularly popular in Russia. Many beauties without hesitation acquire it for themselves.


  • lengthens well
  • easy application
  • lack of lumps,
  • suitable for any skin, even the most sensitive,
  • not showered


Lancome hypnose

Ideal for sensitive eyes


  • a good brush with four faces,
  • rich black color
  • paints the entire surface
  • contains vitamins,
  • The effect is visible after the first application.


  • high price,
  • in hot weather can flow.

Clinique Moistureproof Lash Power Mascara

Just a unique product in its characteristics. It is produced in two colors - black, brown. Fits under any skin.


  • does not spread from tears,
  • washed off with a sponge and water,
  • hypoallergenic.


The best mascara should be combined with high-quality cosmetics. Particularly noteworthy products from Korea. Korean creams and tonal foundations are actively advertised, but they need to be carefully purchased.

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