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Hot Hair Cutting with Scissors


Every girl uses everything to look well-groomed. One of the key points is the condition of the hair. In order to hair was beautiful, the fair sex make a lot of effort. One of the modern procedures that beauty salons offer is a hot haircut. In this article we will get acquainted with the procedure, find out the effect and consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Meet the hot haircut

Cutting with the use of thermal scissors is carried out, as a rule, in the case when the client wants to get rid of the split ends.

The structure of a human hair is easy to imagine as a thick rod that is covered with countless scales. In a healthy state, all the particles fit snugly together, outwardly it manifests itself in brilliance.

However, afterwards, permanent blow-drying, curling, aggressive coloring or improperly selected shampoo, the scales begin to bristle and no longer adhere to the base.

For healing the hair, a haircut with scissors' blades is applied. As a result, cut under a high degree cut "Soldered". This effect allows you to retain moisture and nutrients inside the rod. Thereby we prolong the healthy shine and well-groomed appearance.

At first glance, the tool is a little different from the usual hairdresser scissors. However, there is a significant difference - this is a power supply wire. This design allows the metal plates, the blades to heat up in a certain temperature range.

The master selects the appropriate temperature based on the condition of the hair, and then trim the ends. The technology for performing trimming in this case differs from the usual one in that the master works with tightly twisted flagella from individual strands. It is them that he mows.

This feature is necessary to understand where the damage is, because single hairs begin to creep in different directions.

Main hot haircut advantages Compared with the usual are the following:

  1. Inside stored beneficial substances that are necessary for their beauty and health.
  2. You will forget about what are bitten and brittle tips.
  3. Now you will not need to go to the salon every month, because the effect of the use of thermal scissors 3-4 months.

Indications for hot haircut

In general, cutting with hot scissors can be done for everyone. However, professionals especially Recommend this procedure to those who:

  • hair is long and brittle,
  • Perm was produced,
  • the hair is permanently dyed.

After a few treatments, your curls will become noticeably more shiny and healthy.

The difference between polishing hair and hot haircut

First, let's look at what hair polishing is. Polishing is another kind of structure restoration procedure. For its implementation, a machine with special nozzles is used. Alternately, strands are passed through one of these attachments to cut the protruding scales.

For durability of results it is important:

  • permanent application of oil masks,
  • use balm after washing hair,
  • rubbing the roots of vitamin solutions.

Difference of procedures

Consider the features of the procedures in relation to each other. Key difference polishing off hot scissors is that the latter seals the ends with a temperature, and the polisher only shears split hair.

However, polishing is not used for all hair types, for example, it is necessary for owners of long and thick hair, but for owners of thin and curly hair it is contraindicated. The effect depends entirely on the care of curls in the future and proper nutrition.

Moreover, an important factor for each of us when going to the salon is the cost of services. In this also hot haircut and polish are significantly different. Polishing price varies from 700 to 1200 rubles depending on the length. As for cutting with hot scissors, here the budget will be within 1600-2500 rubles.


Each of the procedures we have analyzed is carried out with one goal - the restoration of damaged curls. It is impossible to unequivocally say the choice of which of the procedures should be given. The effect of cutting with hot scissors does not appear instantly. Moreover, to maintain it, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure over time.

The effect of polishing hair will be visible immediately after the procedure and will last longer. However, for long-term enjoyment of healthy appearance and shine of hair will have to make a number of efforts. Also the decisive factor for many is the price, where the advantage is on the side of the polishing procedure.

What it is?

In the process of a similar hairstyle under the action of high temperature, which the blades of special scissors possess, the tips of the hair are sealed, the hair section is closed, and harmful particles from the environment no longer penetrate into the structure. Thus, the hair section is terminated. Moreover, curls no longer lose moisture and nutrients. They become healthier and fatter.


Hot scissors is a great option for those who can not grow hair because of the constantly split ends. Cutting with hot scissors is especially useful for long, curly, dyed, streaked, weakened and damaged hair, as they are most susceptible to the appearance of dry ends due to malnutrition. For short hair, a similar haircut will give an incredible amount.

The external result will be noticeable after the first procedure of cutting with hot scissors, but to achieve the full restorative effect, 4 to 6 procedures must be performed. With regular execution of such a haircut, the hair will acquire the same thickness along the entire length, will look stronger and more voluminous.

Due to the thermal conductivity of the hair shaft when performing a hot cut, involuntarily stimulates the work of the hair follicles, promoting active growth and regeneration of the hair.

After cutting with hot scissors, split ends can appear only after 3-4 months, whereas with a regular cut, this is a question for 30 days. The difference is obvious!


Haircut with hot scissors is absolutely harmless, more precisely, it is even recommended for hair after dyeing and perm. However, unprepared master or poor-quality equipment can harm the hair.

Most often, this service is provided by high-level salons in which there is an opportunity to properly train the master. After all, the temperature regime for each type, structure and length of hair is chosen strictly individually.

Therefore, the main disadvantages of cutting with hot scissors can be attributed to its high cost and too long procedure.

Performance technique

In a professional salon, before cutting with hot scissors, they usually scan the hair. Thanks to him, the master can identify problem areas and determine the required temperature regime.

The fact is that most often the master first gives the head shape to ordinary scissors, and then performs the final treatment of the hair with a hot tool.

And this is the only correct option. If the master performs filing or straightening strands with ordinary scissors after a hot cut, this indicates his incompetence, because with these actions he reduces the entire therapeutic effect of the haircut to nothing.

To perform a hot cut, an experienced hairdresser connects the scissors to the electrical network and implements a special cutting technique - highlights thin strands, twists them into flagella, turns on itself and cuts sticking, broken and split hairs around. Then the tourniquet unfolds, and the remaining hairs are lost from the total mass.

The surface temperature of hot scissors is adjusted depending on the type, condition and thickness of the hair. Blades can heat up to 180 degrees, however, the likelihood of burns is minimized.

Experts recommend making a haircut with hot scissors at least 1 time per month.

Hot scissors can be used in two ways:

  1. As the main tool. The master performs the entire haircut hot method, while for the implementation of filing, he can use hot thinning shears or a similar razor,
  2. As a therapeutic tool. In this case, the main haircut is performed on wet hair with a conventional tool, and after drying, hot ends are soldered.

Pros and cons of hot scissors haircuts

According to reviews of professionals, cutting with hot scissors helps to cure hair, making it strong, shiny, silky. Healthy curls will seem more voluminous and will take longer to form the hair. The therapeutic effect is achieved after several procedures and ensures the elimination of split, dry tips. Girls who regularly make such a haircut, assure that their hair gets additional volume, become more obedient, less confused and fall out. However, thermal cutting has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

The advantages include:

  1. Effective protection of strands from the cross section. The hair is clipped, at the same time with what is soldering, which prevents their further separation.
  2. Hair health remains for a long time. Through the closed (sealed) tips, in contrast to the cuts after the standard haircut, there is no leakage of important, useful substances.
  3. Increases hair growth rate. After a few hot haircuts, the hair begins to grow faster. This is justified by the fact that the nutrients that feed the structure remain inside the hair, and do not go through the open cut of the tips. Thus, they not only gain length, but also become thicker, more voluminous.
  4. Hair is protected from the harmful effects of the environment. Regular haircut opens the porous structure, as a result of which chemicals and dirt are easily absorbed from the atmosphere into it.

  1. The duration of the procedure. Hot haircut, despite its benefit, takes a long time. If you decide to go to the hairdresser, you have to sit in a chair for several hours.
  2. High price. For a haircut will have to pay an impressive amount.
  3. Waiting for effect. Hot scissors will not give quick results. This means that after the first visit to the master you probably will not see a noticeable effect. It often takes 3-4 repetitions to make the result of treatment noticeable.
Watch the video trim call.

The principle of the haircut

Hot haircut is a modern treatment of strands, thanks to which it is possible to get rid of split ends, to prevent their appearance, to give strength and beauty to curls. Using hot scissors, an expert solders the cut, which makes the hair perfectly smooth. Moreover, the scissors themselves remain cold, only their blades in the cutting area are heated. They acquire a certain temperature, which depends on the type of girl's hair, so the heating level is set individually for each visitor.

Technology perform hot haircuts

  1. Using computer diagnostics, a professional determines individual properties of a client's hair: thickness, structure, and so on. The results of the study help to determine the temperature of scissors heating (maximum - 180 degrees), and, in addition, based on them, the master can advise the client the appropriate means to care for curls.
  2. The barber twists each strand with a cord and cuts split ends.
  3. Hairstyle is given the necessary form. The tool can only change if some areas need to be shaved - then the master uses a hot razor.

Do not be afraid of burns - they are excluded, because the scissors have special protection (plastic edging), which does not heat up with the blades. This provides the ability to create using a hot tool any, even the most complex, hairstyles. The work of the master itself takes from 1 to 4 hours. If the barber did it in less than an hour, the procedure was probably done poorly and you should look for another specialist.

Cost of service in Moscow salons

The price of such a medical procedure is somewhat higher than a standard haircut. In addition, its value is different in different salons in Moscow. The main factors that influence the price of the procedure are, length, degree of damage to the client's hair and the complexity of the haircut. You can choose either wellness or model hairstyle. A simple cropping of the ends will cost about 1000 rubles, a more complex option will cost from 1500 rubles and above.

Reviews of the procedure

Kristina, 27, Nizhny Novgorod: Because of the split ends, I have not been able to fulfill my dream for a long time - to grow long hair. It is necessary to get a haircut often so that the hairstyle has a less well-groomed look. I have already tried keratin hair straightening and lamination, but I did not like the result - after a short period of time, the tips looked awful again. But I was not accustomed to surrender, so I decided on another treatment procedure - a hot haircut, and the effect surpassed all my expectations. Despite the hour and a half that I spend in a barber's chair once a month, it's worth it.

Diana, 20 years old, St. Petersburg: I ​​have to go for a hot haircut, because I really ruined my hair with a perm. I appeal to the master every month, the result is still surprising - the curls are soft, shiny. This procedure was a real salvation after my dangerous hair experiments. The only minus thermostatic - the high price, but these expenses are fully justified.

Anastasia, 32 years old, Smolensk: I am a natural blonde, our big problem is thin hair, which after the first painting becomes like tow. The general condition of the strands before the thermostisk was terrible, the usual trimming of the tips did not help - the hairstyle returned an ugly look already for 2-3 days after visiting the salon. Only after 4 sessions of processing the strands with hot scissors, my hair began to please me. They have grown to the shoulders, no longer split, they seem to be thicker!

Hot scissors haircut: photo before and after

Thermal sheathing is not only an excellent method for making your hair look beautiful, but also an effective way of healing the strands, thanks to which they become smooth, shiny, voluminous. The wonderful effect of the procedure is due to the fact that the tips of the hair are sealed after exposure to hot scissors. So, the curls cease to stab, start to grow faster, less injured by styling an iron or a hairdryer. Below are illustrative examples of how the appearance of hair changes after thermo shearing.

Why should you try a thermal cut?

  • Due to the heat, the tip of the hair is heated and sealed, it helps to retain moisture and seal nutrients. As a result, dryness and brittleness disappears.
  • Regular haircut with hot scissors adds shine and silkiness to hair.
  • After shearing with hot scissors, hair growth accelerates. This happens, because after thermo shearing, you can forget about dryness and brittleness for about 23 months and during this time the strands have time to grow.
  • This method also helps to give hair volume. You can verify this by reading the reviews of those who have already tried.

Hot hair cut scissors

After the first time, you are unlikely to replace significant changes. You will need to regularly refer to this method in order to forget about the dryness and brittleness of the strands for a long time. After about the third time, we can talk about a visible result.

To conduct a hot haircut with scissors should exclusively experienced master. Therefore, approach with great responsibility to the choice of a specialist. A good master knows exactly what temperature to choose based on the characteristics of your strands.

Haircut hot scissors rather expensive. She is conducted by an expert with experience, plus the tool itself is rather expensive. A high price would not have been very important if it did not require a regular procedure. Cutting with hot scissors should be done less than once every 2-3 months.

After thermal cutting, your hair will need special care. You will have to use quality and expensive care products on a regular basis. You will also have to abandon the use of styling devices and beauty tools. All this can significantly damage the hair and spoil the result.

Finally, keep in mind that cutting with hot scissors is a rather long procedure. It takes about two hours to process each strand.

But the rest is a very useful and pleasant procedure! Your hair will thank you and will please you with its appearance for a long time!

What is hot scissors haircut?

Haircut with hot scissors is a kind of medical procedure, it helps to get rid of split ends, heals hair.

Hot scissors look like ordinary, only they are connected to the mains, and the hairdresser has the ability to set the temperature necessary for a certain type of hair.

These scissors don't just cut their hair: some sort of tip sealing благодаря чему он больше не сечётся, а стрижка приобретает аккуратный и ухоженный вид.

Кому подходит стрижка горячими ножницами?

Обратить внимание на процедуру стоит девушкам, которые:

Обладательницы длинных волос will be able to keep the length due to the hot hair cut, and thus get rid of split ends.

Curly and wavy hair - ideal "clients" of hot scissors. After a haircut, this type of hair is easier to style and less push.

Short hair Such a procedure will be able to give volume and beautiful styling.

Information on strengthening the hair with a decoction of oak bark can be found here. Also with its help you can dye your hair in darker shades.

How much does hot scissors haircut cost?

The price of hot scissors haircut is slightly higher than normal.

At the same time, the cost varies between salons in the same city, in different cities, and it also depends on the type of haircut and hair length.

Simply trim hair will cost about 1000 rubles.
But if required model haircut, you need to prepare for the amount of 1500 rubles.

The fact is that if used improperly, you can seriously damage your hair.

Hair diagnostics

Diagnosis is needed to correctly determine the temperature of the scissors.

This stage can be compared with ultrasound - the image of the hair structure is displayed on the screen.

There are masters who can independently determine the condition of the hair.

In any case, this is an important stage, because the wrong temperature can cause severe damage to the hair and they are not something that does not stop cutting, but also stratify even more.

Thin blonde hair shear at low temperatures, and thick thick dark - at high.

Twisting in flagella

Cutting with hot scissors begins with twisting the hair with flagella. The hair is divided into strands, twisted, and those tips of the hair that bristle to the side, trimmed.

What when cutting hot scissors is impossible to do:

  • wet your hair before you start cutting
  • to cut the hair with regular scissors,
  • finish the procedure too quickly (for example, the length of the haircut for hair just below the shoulder blades lasts at least one and a half hours).

If a person picks up ordinary scissors, it means that the entire previous procedure was carried out in vain - all the sealed ends will be cut.

If you need to do model haircut, the barber should use a hot razor specifically designed for this purpose.

To make sure that you are in the hands of a person who has been cutting hot scissors, do not hesitate to ask him to show his certificates and other documents that can confirm his qualifications.

If the master is not just ready to cut you, but told about the procedure, explained all the stages, why it is needed and what results should be expected, then he can most likely be trusted.

Reviews hot haircut:

Diana, 26 years old, Voronezh: When I was looking for a salon in which they could cut my hair with hot scissors, I was constantly discouraged from the procedure. But I am persistent, and as a result I received a long-awaited haircut. The result exceeded expectations, hair became better than from lamination. Three months after the haircut, I do not think about hairdressing. Yes, minus hair cutting with hot scissors is that it lasted an hour and a half. But it's worth it.

Varvara, 22, Moscow: I used hot scissors to cut the tips once and now I go to the procedure once a month. Hair after it, as in advertising - crumble, shiny and smooth. After all that I did with my hair (dyeing, curling) it became a real salvation. The only negative - the cost of cutting hot scissors is quite high. It is also very important to just get to a good master, otherwise you can ruin the hair so that it will not be possible to restore them.

Karina, 34, Smolensk: I have always loved long hair, but mine, unfortunately, did not grow below the shoulder blades. I do not know what hindered - split ends, or the general condition of the hair. I learned about haircut with hot scissors and went to the procedure. The effect did not immediately notice, but went again and again - only 4 haircuts. My hair is beautiful now! They have grown to the waist, the tips do not split, the overall look is amazing. If you compare the condition of my hair before and after cutting with hot scissors, you can see a great result! Highly recommend.

Hot haircut helps to get rid of many problems with hair.

With proper hair care, regular haircuts from a good master hair gain unprecedented strength and beauty.

What is a thermostisk

The first mention of the use of hot scissors dates back to ancient Egypt. Queen Cleopatra, who was famous for her luxurious thick hair, ordered to cut them with scissors heated on a fire.

The procedure is a haircut with scissors with hot blades. This is a special tool that connects to the mains and heats up to a temperature of 80 to 150 ° C. When cutting hair cut soldered. As a result, more nutrients and moisture remain inside the hair shaft - the hair ceases to split at the ends.

The cost depends on the level of the beauty salon, the experience of the master, the availability of related services (for example, ultrasound diagnostics of the condition of the hair), length and thickness of the hair. On average, the price of thermo shears varies between 1000-3000 rubles.

What problems does the procedure help

Cutting with hot scissors can be done as a prophylaxis and for solving specific problems.

Indications for:

  • Dry, split and damaged hair ends.
  • Hair confusion
  • Sticking hairs.

The procedure is often done after dyeing, clarification and perm. First of all, it is recommended to owners of long hair. To give your hair a well-groomed and healthy look, thermal cutting is combined with lamination, keratin straightening and shielding.

Photos before and after the procedure:

Recommendations for hair type:

Hair of any type and structure is suitable for the procedure: straight, wavy, curly, thin, tough. Depending on the type of hair, you need to consider the temperature of the scissors:

  • If you have thin, dry and porous hair, the temperature should be no higher than 110 degrees.
  • For normal hair, a temperature regime of 120-130 degrees is suitable.
  • Thick and hard curls cut at a temperature of up to 150 degrees.
  • To cut badly damaged hair, scissors heat up to 80-110 degrees.

What are hot scissors

The tool looks like ordinary hairdresser's scissors with one difference: it connects to the mains using a network adapter. Also in the kit may include: a temperature controller, thinning shears and a razor, which also work from the network.

There are fixed and mobile devices. The temperature range of most thermal shears is 80-150 degrees. Mobile and stationary systems have a different principle of operation. In mobile scissors, both cutting blades are heated, while in stationary shears, only one is heated. In both cases, the handles are covered with insulating material - this eliminates the possibility of burns.

The most famous manufacturers of scissors are Jaguar (Germany), Yasaka (Japan), KIEPE (Italy). The cost depends on the company, the quality and characteristics of the instrument and varies from 40,000 to 60,000 rubles.

Pros and cons of the procedure


  • During the shearing with hot scissors, the hair becomes healthy: the cross section of the ends decreases, dullness and brittleness disappears.
  • After "soldering" in the hair shaft moisture and nutrients are preserved. Hair begins to grow faster, becoming supple and smooth.
  • Does not damage the hair, as the temperature of the scissors is safe relative to its stem.
  • The procedure is safe and does not cause burns, as only the cutting surface of the tool heats up.
  • After the haircut easier to do styling, hair gets a clearer contour and shape.
  • With regular procedures reduced hair loss.

  • It has a high cost.
  • To achieve a pronounced effect, you will have to do at least 2-3 procedures.
  • The effect of cutting with hot scissors lasts about a month.
  • Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, the process of cutting takes from 1.5 to 3 hours.
  • The end result depends on the professionalism of the hairdresser.
  • Within a month after the procedure, it is undesirable to have a haircut with ordinary scissors, since the result of the thermo-cut will disappear.

The difference with hot scissors cutting from polishing, hot razors and hair treatment with fire

In addition to thermo shearing, there are other procedures that give smoothness to the hair and eliminate the damaged ends.

Unlike cutting with hot scissors, polishing does not seal the ends of the hair. For the procedure, a special machine is used, which shears off all the split ends, even from the shortest hair.

Haircut hot razor differs from scissors in that in the first case, the master can use only two techniques - flagella and on the slice (slice). The use of hot scissors allows you to resort to other techniques - for example, a direct cut, etc.

Pyrophoresis (treatment of hair with fire) also allows you to get rid of the hair section and heal them. But in contrast to cutting with hot scissors, pyrophoresis involves the processing of strands along the entire length, and not just their soldering at the tips.

Also, when treating with fire, oils are applied to the hair for additional treatment and nutrition. The procedure has a high cost: pyrophoresis will cost you at least 4000 rubles.

The choice of a suitable procedure is highly individual. It is necessary to take into account the type and general condition of the hair, as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend on improving your hair.

Types and technology of hot scissors cutting

There are the following types of haircuts:

  • Flagella. The wizard separates the thin strand of hair, twists it into a bundle and cuts off the loose hairs. This method of hair cut along the entire length.

  • Contour With the help of thermo shears you can model any haircuts. In this case, the haircut is performed using the same technology as ordinary scissors.

  • Polishing. This type of haircut with hot scissors resembles polishing, but with one difference. The master pulls the strand with his hand and bends it. All tips of hair that are knocked out of the strands, cut off with hot scissors.

Recommendations for hair care after haircut

To keep the effect of the procedure for a long time, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • Reduce the frequency of using curling iron, ironing and thermal curlers. When laying, be sure to apply thermal protection agents to your hair.
  • Periodically you need to do nourishing hair masks.
  • It is preferable to dry the hair naturally. When using a hair dryer, it is necessary to choose the minimum temperature.
  • Hair must be protected from the adverse effects of the environment. It is advisable to wear hats (a hat in winter and a hat in summer) and try not to fall under the rain.

If you want to get rid of the bitten tips and make your hair smooth and elastic, pay attention to the hot haircut with scissors. The combination of cosmetic and therapeutic effect makes this procedure a great helper for solving a number of problems with hair.