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Baking - a new word in the technique of makeup


Baking is a new super popular make-up technique that makeup artists borrow from make-up artists. It is suitable for those who can not achieve a perfectly-even skin tone and soft radiance for various reasons - be it bruises under the eyes, enlarged pores or even small rashes.

From the history

The technology of baking initially belonged to professional makeup rather than makeup. Then girls began to use it, for whom a tight make-up is part of a stage and everyday image. For example, this is how the burlesque diva Dita Von Teese is painted. But the show didn’t stop at one show, and gradually moved into ordinary life, becoming part of the beauty routine of girls around the world.

It all started with a light hand, Kim Kardashian, as without it! Kim, who first made contouring a cult and fashionable makeup technique, as usual with her Instagram.

What you need

Two key products in making baking are concealer and loose powder. You can choose a concealer in a stick, it is most convenient to apply and is able to mask even dark circles under the eyes or reddening. As for powder, it is necessary to use crumbly: in the baking technique, we use cream textures to refuse to make the coating as even and matte as possible.

Baking aids - highlighter or light bronzer, as well as foundation or tone serum as the basis of makeup.

How to do it

Step # 1:

Prepare skin for make-up: apply a light moisturizer or gel on the whole face, also be sure to cut the area under the eyes with a cream, later you will pay special attention to it. Allow the means to soak for 1-2 minutes, and then soak your face with a napkin.

Step # 2:

Arming concealer. Apply a dense layer under the eyes, gently blend with a wet sponge (the most convenient is to use BeautyBlender). With the same concealer you can cover the cheekbones, chin, middle of the forehead and nose bridge near the inner corners of the eyes. Do not be afraid that the coating will be too dense: we achieve the effect of perfectly smooth skin.

Let concealer soak a little, blot up excess with a napkin and once again lightly feather it with your fingertips.

Step number 3:

Apply a tonal basis to the remaining parts of the face. We would recommend using the maximum liquid, such as, for example, Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 from Bobbi Brown or moisturizing foundation Double Wear from Estee Lauder.

Step number 4:

And now - the most important thing! With a fluffy brush, powder the areas where concealer was applied. Do not feel sorry for the powder even under the eyes - there should be a “clutch” of liquid tonal textures with the powder.

If you have a rough surface of the skin, then try to apply loose powder with a wet sponge.

Step number 5:

Highlighter. We use crumbly, it must be applied for the finishing radiance of the face. Pay special attention to the cheekbones, nose, chin, the area above the lip and the middle of the forehead. Baking is ready!

To suit

The technique helps to level the skin, make it radiant, tidy up the area under the eyes, eliminate all visible flaws. This makeup is simply necessary for girls:

  • with dull skin
  • bruises under the eyes.

However, there are contraindications:

  • acne,
  • peeling,
  • dry skin.

It is not recommended to use baking often so as not to worsen the skin condition. In addition, for everyday use, it is not too suitable, not only because of the density, but also because it is quite noticeable on the skin. The best occasion for baking is a solemn event, public performance.

With the help of this technique, girls and women of different age groups can achieve perfect skin, however, such makeup emphasizes deep wrinkles.

What is required

Baking is performed using a primer, concealer, transparent powder, highlighter, foundation.

Primer - prepares the skin for the application of several layers of cosmetics, improving skin texture. It helps to fill the bumps, slightly overlap the shortcomings.

Concealer is a means by which inflammations, dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections are hidden. The most convenient for these purposes concealer in stick.

Powder - for baking, it is loose powder that is used. She bakes makeup.

Foundation - is necessary to create the foundation. It is important to choose the texture of the product: not too fat, rather soft and light. The tool should be well shaded, do not leave streaks.
In addition to cosmetics, you will need tools:

  • quality brushes,
  • sponges.

Important! All means must be of high quality, preferably from well-known brands. Poor cosmetics can ruin the skin.

The best powder

Since the main tool in this technique is baking powder, you need a product with a suitable texture. Below is a list of well-proven tools that do not roll by the end of the day and provide porcelain effect.

  • Professional Loose Powder Translucent by Max Factor is a fine product that makes the skin dull and removes irregularities. Price - 500 rubles.
  • Pupa's Luminys Baked Face Powder is baked. Particles of different shades perfectly adapt to the skin tone, add naturalness and dullness - what you need to create a bake. Price - 900 rubles.
  • Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation from Chanel - the texture means light, little felt on the skin. Helps to achieve the desired porcelain effect. On the skin lies like a soft foundation. Price - 1700 rubles.
  • Chambor's Silver Shadow Compact Powder is a product that demonstrates true Swiss quality. Along with such properties as dullness, good quality of fixing the makeup, it is also inherent in the lightness of the texture. In addition, it is enriched with vitamins. Price - 1000 rubles.
  • Artdeco High Definition Loose Powder - German powder with reflective particles. Ideal for porcelain slightly radiant effect. Well covers the shortcomings. Price - 1000 rubles.
  • Benecos - powder from the German manufacturer, rich in mineral particles. It has a light texture. Price - 800 rubles.

How is baking, see the video:

How to make makeup in the technique of baking

Creating a bake-like cover implies following step-by-step actions:

  1. Training. First of all, you need to clean the face, using a scrub and lotion for the face. Then attention should be paid to moisturizing the skin, applying a suitable cream, since a lot of powder will be used. Especially requires care area under the eyes. After a couple of minutes, the remainder of the product is propped with a paper towel.
  2. Concealer. The masking coating is applied with a considerable layer, and this is the peculiarity of the technique. The tool is distributed under the eyes in the form of a triangle, put on the central part of the forehead, chin, nose bridge and cheekbones. The dense layer should be absorbed slightly. Then it needs to be shaded with a wet sponge. Use of fingers is allowed. It is necessary to keep the line between beautiful porcelain mask and theatrical makeup. Small reddenings also mask concealer, gaining a small amount of money on the finger and spreading it clapping motion.
  3. Concealer. This product is applied after concealer and distributed in a thin layer. Serum can be used instead of cream. Color choose one tone lighter than natural.
  4. Loose powder. The tool will fix and align the result. It is recommended to apply it with a brush. First, a light translucent layer is distributed, and then the make-up is “baked” by adding a product to the areas under the eyes, under the cheekbones, the wings of the nose, the forehead. To the tool mixed with the previous layers of cosmetics, you must leave the powder on the face for 5-10 minutes. Then the remnants brush like a brush.

Professionals do not advise using professional substitutes for baking, for example, use powder or soda. The experiment, firstly, will not lead to an ideal result, and, secondly, the skin can deteriorate.

  1. Highlighter. Required at the final stage. It helps to highlight the necessary zones and adds radiance to the face. It is applied over the lip, nose, protruding parts of the cheekbones, the middle of the forehead.

Time to complete is approximately 30 minutes.

If there are slight wrinkles on the skin, you need to use the concealer again after the foundation to mask the problem areas.

The technique of baking in make-up allows you to achieve results without flaws, however, beginners do not always succeed. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with professional tips to improve your level:

  1. It is recommended to paint the eye before applying the baking, since due to the fallen ink it is necessary to reapply all layers.
  2. The tonal framework should be light. Professional makeup artists recommend using cushion.
  3. If the skin flakes a little to hide this defect, powder is applied with a wet sponge. To moisten the sponge in order to prolong the resistance of the makeup, it is recommended to use a fixative, for example Superstay 24 from Maybelline New York.
  4. Powder is applied without waiting for the previous layers to be absorbed. Powder should connect with them, "cemented" coating.
  5. The skin does not breathe under such dense makeup, so at the end of the day, the coating is removed necessarily.
  6. At a time when makeup is not used, you need to use moisturizing and nourishing face masks, saturating the skin with vitamins and minerals, refreshing it.

How is the procedure, see the video:

Baking - makeup that gives the effect of smooth, well-groomed skin. However, it is often not recommended to use it in normal life, since the skin condition worsens due to the dense coating.


Make-up baking or “roasting” has been used for a long time as a professional makeup that hides flaws. This makeup is perfect for women who prefer dense application of decorative cosmetics. But now this technique is being introduced into everyday life.

The technique of baking in makeup is not familiar to everyone, but it has already become popular among women over 30 years old. The main advantage of baking is to achieve perfect skin tone, radiance and concealment of all the flaws, which makes it the ideal basis for any makeup.


Baking does not apply to flaking skin, since dry bases are used to create the image. It is unacceptable to apply a leveling tone and with significant acne in the cheek area.

Bake-up based makeup should not be done daily. A large number of leveling agents can lead to clogging of the pores, so the skin needs periodic rest. It is also recommended to use it in the cold season.


To create the image will require special tools. All cosmetics should be of high quality so that the tone is as uniform as possible.

This unique tool is applied as an initial coating under concealer. It fills all depressions, bumps and wrinkles. After applying concealer all the flaws on the face become invisible. You can not use a primer in a banking, but if you include it in this makeup, the effect will be better.

This is a special pencil for masking defects of shade under the eyes, on the chin and cheeks. The most popular option is concealer in the form of lipstick.

They perfectly hide the redness, blue in the face, age spots, freckles and gloss with increased sweating. With the help of concealer cleaned natural and acquired circles under the eyes.

Concealer - the initial makeup base, which gives a haze to the image, but does not make it heavier.

Soft foundation

Finding a good foundation with a soft texture is difficult. It should not be heavy, greasy and leave stains on the skin. His main task is to cover the areas and change their color, to make the tone more saturated.

It is recommended to use a fluid foundation. It warms up under the fingertips. Due to this, the skin produces a thin layer of the second type of skin.

From compact and transparent powders will have to be abandoned. Only friable products are suitable for baking. They perfectly cover the skin with a brush. To achieve this effect with a sponge is impossible.

Almost all professional makeup artists use loose powder for makeup. It provides a long-lasting smooth skin effect, does not fall off during the day.

Crumbly powders from well-known manufacturers are composed of special components with antiseptic properties and protection from ultraviolet rays.

This is a special tool in decorative cosmetics, designed to highlight areas on the face and adjust the relief. Thanks to the highlight, the complexion becomes fresh, healthy and natural.

It perfectly masks fine wrinkles. Highlighters are available as powder or special blush. In their composition there are special particles that reflect light. Bronzers have the same quality. But the latter material gives a golden hue.

What to get: highlighter or bronzer? The woman herself chooses it at her discretion, taking into account the skin type and season.

The only requirement is good quality material. The main task of the highlighter is to brighten dark areas of the face, which is ideal for pale skin. Dark women are guided by the bronzer.

Baking equipment is divided into several stages.

1. The first and most important step - moisturizing the skin. This will prevent the harmful effects of dry powder and maintain water balance. It is important to choose the best cream.

It should have a light texture and not be bold. This will allow it to quickly absorb and fill the skin with moisture. After application, it is recommended to wait two minutes. Leftover residues are gently wetted with a paper napkin.

2. Applying a primer will allow you to see where you need to even out the tone on your face. If a primer is used in baking, then you do not need to use the basic makeup tool. Thanks to this cosmetic preparation, the skin will not appear dry and unnatural.

3. After the primer, the concealer line comes. It is applied in a dense layer and bleached with a wet sponge. Pencil used in the forehead in the middle, on the bridge of the nose, chin and cheekbones. The technique of baking is a significant application of all means, therefore the concealer coating should not be thin. It is recommended to feather concealer by gentle touches of finger-pads in the form of pats.

4. Foundation cream put with your fingers, carefully concealing concealer. Its shade should be lighter than natural skin tone. The tool is distributed over the entire face.

5. Then powder is applied. To do this, you need a large fluffy brush with a soft pile. It is used in all places where concealer was applied. Powder is applied with a very thin translucent layer.

6. Baked makeup highlighter. The forehead, the area under the eyes, the front part of the nose and the area under the cheekbones is covered with a thick and uniform layer of finishing powder. For this, wet sponge is used. You need to leave makeup for 10 minutes, and then hold several times on the face with a clean fluffy brush.

This type of makeup may seem difficult, but with proper use of the necessary cosmetics, it will master quite quickly.

What is a baking technique in make-up?

Baking make-up technique is a technique that uses a lot of powder and concealer to create an even perfect skin tone. In another way it is called the technique of roasting. Something remotely baking make-up can resemble a make-up that actors do. In their field, this make-up is very popular, but it has leaked into everyday life relatively recently.

Baking in make-up shows how beautifully and quickly you can hide all the flaws of the skin on your face. This is the favorite technique of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Teese, Rita Ora, and many other stars who, because of this make-up, have impeccable skin tone.

Can I make a bake at home?

Baking technique has become popular not only among the stars, but also among ordinary "mortals". This makeup can be done at home, but it is worth remembering that not all situations will be suitable. For daily use, this is not the best solution. It can be used at parties, events, but not for office work. Baking technique can be used by women of any age who know a lot about beauty and perfection.

It is important to know: do not apply baking make-up to those with rashes or acne in the cheek area and around the eyes, as well as owners of very dry and irritated skin.

You have to stock up on enough powder to make yourself baking make-up at home. To create it, use the brief instructions on how to make a make-up yourself.

  • Scrub or at least lotion
  • Concealer,
  • Wet sponge
  • Powder,
  • Eye cream,
  • Makeup base,
  • Concealer,
  • Paint brushes.

Step by step scheme of applying makeup

  1. First, cleanse your face with a scrub or wipe with lotion, remember: the face should not contain any acne or other rashes.
  2. На чистое лицо нанесите крем под глаза, и подождите, пока он впитается.
  3. Теперь время базы. Нанесите основу под макияж, чтобы мэйкап держался целый день.
  4. Следующим этапом будет тональный крем. Небольшим слоем кистью нанесите его на лицо.
  5. Когда основа подсохла можно наносить толстым слоем консилер. And you can not regret it especially on those places that are prone to dryness. Pay special attention to your eyes. To concealer in the folds did not roll it is necessary to apply it correctly. Apply in the form of a triangle, starting from the corner of the eyes, and pull to the temples.
  6. Then we take a wet sponge and feather these triangles. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to erase the concealer at all.
  7. If there are small pimples, then you can disguise them again with the concealer, gently patting them with the pad of your finger.
  8. So we got to the powder. The best brush for this technique will be kabuki, but if it's not there, then you can have another one, but let it be very fluffy. Smooth movements begin to apply powder to the places where concealer was applied. Powder should be a thick thick layer.
  9. And now begins the process of "baking". It is necessary to apply a lot of powder on the nose, cheekbones, forehead and eyes, and wait 7-10 minutes until this beauty merges with the other layers of cosmetics.
  10. With a fluffy brush brush off the excess powder residues and ready.

This is how you can gradually learn how to use baking in makeup. If you master this technique, you can hide absolutely all the flaws and defects on the skin.

What you need to create a baking?

If you decide to create a bowing make-up, you will need some tools:

Concealer - It is recommended to purchase in sticks. It will be convenient for you to apply it. In addition, this "magic" tool is able to hide redness and other shortcomings. Concealer can be selected in the stick, so that it is convenient to apply and to hide dark circles under the eyes or reddening in this area well,
Powder - buy this component only in crumbly form. Technique baking in makeup causes a complete rejection of cream cosmetics. Only thanks to the crumbly textures can the ideal coverage be achieved,
Lightweight bronzer or highlighter,
Tonal serum or concealerthat are used as a makeup base.

When buying everything that is required for baking, do not save on your beauty, pay attention to the quality and brand of the manufacturer. Doubtful origin of cosmetic products can be great to spoil the condition of your skin.

Baking: sequence of execution

So, you have everything you need for a procedure such as baking makeup. The execution sequence is now in front of you:

1. Preparation of the skin. Moisturize your face with a light gel or cream, with particular attention being paid to the skin under the eyes (How to choose an eye cream, you will learn by reading the article). Then you should wait some time (1-2 minutes) until the moisturizer is absorbed. Now you can blot your face with a tissue
2. We use concealer. A rather dense layer is applied to the skin under the eyes, then, using a moist sponge, blend. If you want to achieve the appearance of a smooth skin that looks perfect, cover with the concealer in the middle of the forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. Applying a baking do not be afraid of the density of the coating, this is the effect of this cosmetic procedure. Only when the concealer is absorbed, with a fingertip, slightly blend it,
3. Tonal means. Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream or liquid serum to the remaining parts of the face.
4. Loose powder. Apply powder on top of the concealer. You need to do this with a fluffy brush and you don’t need to feel sorry for the powder, powder it abundantly in order to achieve the connection of tonal means with crumbly powder. If your skin is a little rough, you can apply loose powder with a wet sponge,
5. Highlighter. To achieve a radiant effect, use a crumbly highlighter at the finish stage. Apply this tool should be on such parts of the face as the middle of the forehead, the area above the lip, nose, cheekbones.

Only 5 simple steps with the use of high-quality cosmetics and baking is ready.

It is recommended to use a light tonal framework that will create the effect of radiance of the skin. The best option for this is the Cushion, which has already come to replace the usual tonal basis.

The ideal make-up is a thin layer of tonal basis, crumbly armor and highlighter. And that's all, nothing else is needed.


Before you apply baking, you need to make sure that you do not have contraindications to this procedure.

It can not be done with the following problems:
• Acne,
• Peeling and dry skin of the face,
To use such a technique as baking is often not necessary, so as not to harm the skin of the face.

Until now, everyone was accustomed to such a method of face sculpting, as strobe, baking came to replace and proved to be very good.

Frequently asked Questions

Olga, 37 years old:
Is it possible to use the technique of baking daily?

Specialist answer:
The method of baking is heavy for any type of skin. It is often not recommended to apply it, it is better to use it only in special cases. For daily makeup, you can use this method, after using a light foundation to give the face the effect of "bakedness" with the help of crumbly bronzer and highlighter. Means should only emphasize the shape of the face. Bronzer should be applied to the cheekbones, as well as along the hairline, and the highlighter should be applied over the cheekbones, on the chin and back of the nose. The coating should be almost transparent and very light.

Inga, 39 years old:
I have rather deep wrinkles on my face, will the baking technique help to hide them?

Specialist answer:
If the face has too deep wrinkles, make-up bake will only aggravate the problem and highlight the flaws. First you need to rejuvenate the skin using available methods.

Star makeup

Kim Kardashian became the popularizer of the skin tone leveling technique for the public. Kim provided comparative photos on Instagram before and after applying makeup. With the same approach, Dita von Teese and Lady Gaga are looking for the perfect look.

Basic Baking Supplies

The most important cosmetics in baking are concealer and powder. Moreover, baking powder is taken only crumbly. But concealer is desirable to take in the form of a stick. It’s nice to have a highlighter and tonal tool on hand.

Make-up of this kind does not imply darkening of any areas. In face sculpting, some areas of the face are darkened, and some are lightened. Only light skin care products are used in baking.

The basic rules of baking

First concealer masks dark under eyes. Then it is applied to the forehead and nose and cheekbones. Then the face is generously covered with powder. After applying the crumbly powder, you must wait a few minutes until the cream and concealer absorb the powder. This coating will be very dense.

This technique is not very suitable for daily makeup, but it is quite possible to use it for an evening out or photo shoot. In addition, baking is not recommended for those who have any rash on the cheekbones or near the eyes. If the skin on the face is prone to flaking, then the option of baking is also not suitable.

Stages of creating baking

All lessons of baking consist of several basic stages of applying cosmetics.

  1. First, the face must be moistened. Apply day cream to the entire face, including the area around the eyes. You should wait for it to soak.
  1. Certain areas of moist face are covered by concealer. It is usually applied under the eyes, on the T-zone, on the cheekbones and chin. The corners of the eyes are also slightly brightened by the corrector.
  1. On untouched concealer areas of the face can be applied tonal basis.
  2. A round fluffy brush covered with corrector areas of the face covered with a crumbly powder. If there is a slight peeling of the skin, then you can use a wet sponge to cover the necessary areas with powder.
  3. Now a crumbly highlighter is applied on the middle of the forehead, chin, cheekbones, nose bridge and over the lip.

The technique of baking is one of the most noticeable beauty trends of the year. If you carefully study the techniques of makeup artists, then this makeup can be done in a few minutes.

A bit of history

Despite the fact that this technique came into vogue recently, it appeared in the twentieth century. Think of actresses in black and white photographs or in silent films, where the faces were covered with a large layer of powder. This basis accounted for the way for bright theatrical makeup, and it looked beautiful only on a black and white film. With the advent of color photography, this technique has been forgotten. And strangely enough, transvestites returned it at the end of the twentieth century, they used make-up baking for their performances on the show. And then the Hollywood divas showed in their examples how the skin is transformed from this technique, how profitable it looks in photos and other events. And now a lot of girls take note of this simple method to create a perfectly smooth skin tone.

The essence of technology in stages

First you need to take everything you need, namely:

  • Can not do without concealer which is needed to mask the red and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Loose powder. Why precisely crumbly? This texture is more suitable for creating an even complexion.
  • You also need a highlighter to create a glow.
  • And, of course, Without a foundation, the baking technique will not be complete.

Stages of application:

  1. First, prepare your skin well. Lubricate the face with a cream, especially linger on the area near the eyes. Then do not rush to immediately take up concealer, because the cream must be absorbed within one to two minutes. After that, using a napkin, dab your face lightly (no need to rub hard). Why do you need to moisturize the skin? Cream removes puffiness and thus minimizes wrinkling when applying the following products.
  2. Take concealer and put it on the area under the eyes. So that it does not flow into the skin folds (because it contains several oils), you need to apply it correctly by drawing a triangle from the inner corner of the eye to the temple (moving along the cheek). Then wait for about five minutes, and then blend concealer with a wet sponge or fingers (gently, without rubbing it). In addition to the triangles on the cheeks concealer is applied to the middle of the forehead, as well as the chin with the cheekbones and the nose. The bleached product will “bake”, because the skin is warm, this will allow the foundation to lie perfectly ideally even.
  3. So, after the concealer "got baked," we put a tonal basis.
  4. Then, using loose powder, we fix the result from concealer.
  5. Then put a highlighter in the middle of the forehead, cheekbones, nose, and on the area above the upper lip. With it, the skin will look fresh and radiant.
  6. After this, once again we pass powder for baking in those places which we have identified with the help of a highlighter, wait about five minutes, and after a fluffy brush remove excess powder.

As you can see, this technique is not complicated at all, but it produces the effect of smooth and glowing skin. Makeup with this technique is widespread among celebrities, as is makeup with glitter or smoky makeup. Beynging can be seen on the faces of Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Dita Von Teese and other stars of show business.

Tips and tricks

  • It is important to understand that daylight gives make-up to heaviness, whether it be classic makeup or beautiful light makeup for every day, therefore, it will be more appropriate to use the technique of baking for evening events or in places where there is no bright sunlight. For photo shoots, it is also quite suitable.
  • It is important to follow the rules for applying each product. highlighting exactly the zones that are needed. The texture of the funds should be light.
  • All means should be as close to your complexion as possible. because in this technique it is important to create the illusion of naturalness. Only powder can be used one or two tones lighter.

This technique is already used by many girls and women, as you can be sure of by reading reviews on the Internet.

I have been using baking for a long time for various celebrations. At first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in this, but when I tried this technique for the first time, my face literally acquired a mask. The result was a make-up effect, which, of course, looked ridiculous. But everything came with experience, so it is important to carefully apply concealer and concealer, following the instructions on which particular areas should be allocated. The skin really becomes smooth, but upon closer inspection, of course, you can see all these layers of masking agents, if it is certainly not fabulously expensive cosmetics. And yet for the evening event, a meeting at a restaurant, this technique of creating the ideal makeup base will be most welcome.

This friend introduced me to my friend. We decided to make a photo session in the studio, and my face was far from perfect (there were reddening and pigment spots), usually I used a foundation, but for a special occasion my friend decided to give my skin a well-groomed look with the help of baking. During the application of all these tools it seemed to me that I would look like a mime in a circus, but the result really surprised me. No pigment spots, no irregularities, no bruises under the eyes and other signs of fatigue! It seemed to me that I was younger by several years, this is true. The face in the photos turned out so fresh and smooth that I didn’t even have to use Photoshop. Of course, for everyday use such a heavy way to contouring the face is not suitable, yet your skin should breathe, but for photo shoots or for other important events I highly recommend baking!

I learned from this method of "roasting" on the Internet. I constantly try various techniques of applying make-up, and more recently I have been fascinated by such a useful thing as contouring, when you can make a clearer, smoother and more harmonious one out of a regular round face like mine. And so I learned about baking, which helps to hide the roughness and roughness of the skin, giving it a perfect look. In fact, I use this method quite rarely, but, as they say, aptly - for the most important events. It is very convenient that the base does not flow, does not roll, my makeup lasts for several hours, and I never powder it.

So, we shared with you the technique of baking, told what it is and how to use it correctly in makeup. We hope that our advice will help you in this way to hide all the flaws, turning them into advantages.

Makeup Baking

A lot of things are used to create the perfect face, the same strobe. So that the fans of your alabaster skin just multiply, exclaiming “Such a miracle!”, Something is clear.

Perfectly even tone and complexion is an undisputed trend. Fashionable make-up implies elements of sculpture, light correction, contouring. Any make-up is done by preparing the foundation. Reception, which we describe now, copes with the task of perfect coverage. No wonder he was borrowed from very popular beauties.

The function of the so-called baked make-up is to visually align the skin defects (except acne at the eyes and cheekbones), as well as its dull color. The scourge of modern beauty, bruises under the eyes, can be hidden more effectively than the use of classical techniques.

Nuance: the desire to make the perfect natural face with this technique is extremely dry, as well as very irritated skin, a failure will answer. As befits a make-up, it is rather heavy, therefore, it is not suitable for the daily. Overdried dermis such a novelty would seem to work out the extra factory shift.

Baking uses a large amount of masking tools. Concealer here is not bleached immediately when applied - here the difference with the usual method of application. From 5 to 10 minutes, it covers the skin with a thick layer, filling its flaws. During this time, the main amount of body heat is literally baked - hence the name, the brainchild of fashionable trends.

In order for every woman to master this technique as a professional master makeup artist, just read the tips below.

What is baking in makeup: baking recipe

Following the usual algorithm for creating any make-up, we collect step-by-step detailed guide. But first, we will prepare the necessary tools for the best trends in personal care:

  • scrub,
  • lotion,
  • concealer (often used stick)
  • sponge (then moisten),
  • friable transparent powder,
  • bronzer (highlighter),
  • eye cream,
  • primer
  • foundation (cushion) or tonal serum as a base coat,
  • brushes (kabuki).

By the way, you can purchase good quality decorative cosmetics here: L’Etoile, Cosmetics Gallery, Ile de Beaute.

Note: this technique creates masterpieces only with the help of loose means. Just creamy viscous textures will add years, so it will be inappropriate to apply them.

We achieve a smooth face shine without surgery and botox:

  1. important step: cleanse the face, moisturize, especially under the eyes,
  2. Apply concealer in a dense even layer over the center of the forehead, chin, nose, cheekbones. We are waiting for 5-10 minutes, then with a damp sponge we slightly press against the skin,
  3. the rest of the face is covered with a light layer of tonal means,
  4. copiously, not saving, apply loose powder with a fluffy brush,
  5. we beautifully complete the make-up with a crumbly highlighter on the application areas of the concealer and the area above the upper lip.

Итог — здоровое мерцание идеально-ровного личика. Добиться которого может любой человек при минимуме косметических ухищрений, это обуславливает данный гример.

In a word, full of ahead beauty technicians - because, thanks to them, you can watch the latest fashion trends online, not a year later, read about them in some magazine.

Dear friends! Write comments, did you manage to make such a structure on the face, did you get the desired perfect effect, did it become clear from our material the main thing - “baking what is it in makeup”? Looking forward to feedback. See you soon!

What it is?

Baking is a modern make-up technique. And what is it? Translated from English, naming literally means "roasting". That is, it is supposed to mask all the existing shortcomings with the help of certain means and their application in a special way.

In general, makeup artists took the baking techniques from professional make-up artists. Complex makeup involves literally creating a new face, so at first the technique was used by professional actors. But then other celebrities began to master it.

For example, this makeup is regularly used by Dita Von Teese. And the beautiful Kim Kardashian not only mastered the skill of baking, but also gladly shares her knowledge with the fans by posting step-by-step photo instructions on social networks.

Even if you are far from a celebrity, then, having learned the basic rules and secrets of technology, you will be able to master it and eliminate any defects that disturb you.