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One of the most comely things in the world of today's fashion is a microbag. This accessory is different from the usual women's handbag in a miniature size, but it is its exact copy. What makes it possible to wear it not only at parties, but also in everyday life. It is also suitable for meetings with friends, dates, special occasions.

If you have a micro dog, then a micro bag will complement well the image of a stylish, extravagant lady.

Pros, cons and features of micro bags

The color range of such products is very diverse, it is easy to choose an accessory of the desired color to any combination. Many models are decorated with accessories: chains, rivets, rhinestones, fringe and even buckles. Due to the small size it fits a minimum of things, so you can leave all that is unnecessary at home. But there is a drawback - even a smartphone may not fit in a miniature handbag, but this problem can be solved by taking several microbags at once. Wearing several similar or identical accessories will not seem ridiculous, since in the fashion world this is perfectly acceptable. Bank cards, lipstick and money can fit in one handbag, powder can be put in the second and keys, and the third one can be used to place a mobile phone.

Difference from Klatch

The clutch is also a small handbag, but you have to carry it in your hands or in your armpit, unlike in a microbag, since the latter is equipped with a strap with which you can hang it on your shoulder. This accessory can be worn at the waist, hips and even knees. Another option socks - on hand. For this, the strap is wrapped around the arm several times.

How and what to wear

Several accessories can be worn collectively, throwing over one shoulder, but the straps should be the same length and look like something single. One mini bag can play the role of a wallet or key fob. It is enough to attach it to a large bag outside.

It is easy to carry several microbags at once.

Allowed and sock several products on different sides of the body. For example, one can be placed on the right shoulder, making a waist-length strap, a second one can be put on the left shoulder, having thrown the strap over the head, and the third one can be hung on the neck or waist.

Women's Pink Bags

Trendy light pink bags made of natural and artificial fur, leather and fabric conquer the world podium with great strides, but the products in the saturated dominant range do not lag behind them. What is the trend?

  1. For business style and officialdom, designers have released a number of models: exquisite rectangular, square and trapezoidal bags of knots on the frame, soft but laconic hobo, large clutches. These solutions can be both soft and fuchsia, but with minimal decor or without it at all. The only thing that is allowed is embossing and laser skin treatment.
  1. Urban chic pink bag, original printed and combining several colors or the play of shades of one tone of the solution, bags with holographic décor and in the form of voluminous appliqués and embroidery fit perfectly into the urban chic.
  2. Elegant ensembles will easily complement mini and mega clutches, from classics to novelties of the most unexpected forms, patterned suitcases, tight minodriers and vintage ridicules.

Pink bag shopper

Bulky gently pink bag has become a real seasonal mast have. Plain and printed, incredibly comfortable, made from durable materials, modern options, complemented by designer ornaments in the form of key chains, tassels, inscriptions and logos, will bring the desired variety to the daily bows. Great shoppers with handles, chains, sets of two and exquisite products of well-known brands of medium size, with which you can go not only shopping, look spectacular.

Pink bag shopper

The trendy pink tote bag is made from both natural and eco-leather, as well as hard textiles, canvas and straw, or in combination variations. On takeoff, patterned solutions with holography, gradient transition and floral ornaments, stylish leather smooth and embossed models, albeit monochromatic, but decorated with weaving, rivets and original locks. Many new items have short handles for wearing in hand and a fastening shoulder strap, which makes them incredibly comfortable.

Pink shoulder bag

Nontrivial pink bag for girls will delight young fashionistas with their new-fashioned shapes and styles. Along with hobo, backpacks, saddlebags and suitcases, interesting models of diverse geometric shapes were released in the new season, in the form of amusing muzzles, animals and cartoon characters, plastic and transparent rectangles, from light to dark shades of pink. Some products have not only a long leather belt or a metal chain, but also a short handle for greater convenience.

The women's pink bag with a shoulder strap is designed in strict and neoclassical versions; it can be soft and framed, smooth and embossed. These bags are more suitable for spring-summer wardrobe, but fine products are perfectly combined with outerwear, especially if you choose a lipstick or scarf to match the bag. Pink shades, thin chains and straps visually facilitate the images, giving them a hint of romanticism and coquetry.

Pink shoulder bag

Little pink bag

What could be more beautiful than a “little elegant envelope bag”? Only a pink clutch bag, regardless of size, because leading designers are so carried away by giganticism that they have turned this theatrical accessory into a real mega bag, although they have not canceled the traditional classics. Since the clutch is no longer a handbag, which is simply grabbed, new-fangled models have an upper or side handle, and some not too bulky straps or chains are fastened.

Little pink bag

Along with theatrical inlaid leather and plastic minodieres and vintage reticules there are hot hits of various shades, from white-lilac to red-pink:

  • decorated frame and soft products for the publication,
  • fur, suede, leather and textile clutch-giants in the form of envelopes and tablets,
  • a pink little handbag of non-trivial forms, even in the form of washing sponges and fish,
  • triangular and rectangular clutches with a decor of rivets, rhinestones, and with holographic modulations.

Fashionable little pink bag

Pink sports bag

The spacious pink gym bag Reebok, Puma, Nike and Adidas is simply created so that every trip to the gym brings not only pleasure from workouts. After all, in the trend models you can easily fit the form, special shoes, your own karemat, a bottle of water and a lot of necessary things. Such solutions attract fashionistas for their brightness, beauty, volume and versatility.

Whether it is a sports bag or a backpack, lightweight, made from high-quality, durable high-tech materials, it will superbly replace bulky travel cases. Neat oval bananas, popular backpacks and hobo-shaped bags can be an indispensable attribute for those beauties who prefer to wear things in the style of sport-chic every day.

Brand Pink Bags

Beautiful pink bags are present in many spring collections of trendsetters. So, Dolce & Gabbana remained true to themselves and presented interesting bright rectangular drawbags with the brand name and mini portfolios in creamy pink color with subject drawings. Romantic wicker models from Miu Miu will delight lovers of boho, and miniature clutches from Giorgio Armani postmen will perfectly fit into a smart-casual look.

The two-piece sets won by fashionistas were successfully modified by the Anya Hindmarch brand, connecting several models into one bag with straps, and Zimmermann relied on the hit items in the hand-made style. A pink bag in bright and vibrant colors with a metal décor from Valentino is perfect for official use, and a hobo from Alexander Wang and a Prada clutch will be a worthy addition to respectable evening ensembles.

Brand Pink Bags

Michael Kors Pink Bag

Guaranteed quality - Michael Kors pink bag of various styles: tablet, shopper, briefcase and clutch. The American brand has released new items in several colors: clutches and small elegant handbags on the shoulder in “pink lace” and “royal pink” colors, large items - in “mexico” and ultra pink. For additional decor, in addition to the logo, the designers of the brand use floral applications, branded key chains and locks, both metal and embossed inscriptions.

Michael Kors Pink Bag

Pink bag Chanel

Pink Chanel Lego bag and the brand's idea are an accessory that repeats fabric and color of clothes. The original solution from the legendary house is a transformer with a signature embossed in “pink for Barbie” tone, hot hits are a canvas and leather shopper, the first with a gradient effect, the second is in the best traditions of the brand. Outside of time and always in the trend of clutches and mini classics from Shanel, this time presented in white and pink, and creamy pink shades, an interesting variant with an abstract print.

Pink bag Chanel

Guess Pink Bag

Fashionable bright pink bag of this brand belongs to the class of luxury, new products - small but chic handbags, made in vintage retro from the very Guess. Light options - hobo and puss with original shoulder straps made of leather and metal chains. The collection show includes dark pink backpacks with a branded lock and a branded lacquered classic of the genre from cramped leather under the reptile, decorated with a bow. The company has two logos, a small one is used for small models, and the brand name and the year of its foundation are used on large bags.

Guess Pink Bag

Pink Furla Bag

Pink bags Furla distinguishes sophisticated Italian style and excellent quality. In the new collection, the brand introduced silicone monochrome models in “pink cherry” and with a print in the form of branded glasses accessories in dark pink shades. Perfectly fit into smart-casual bows, backpacks and giant tablets with lace trim, a recognizable little pink Furla bag with a lock-logo is perfect for cocktail and evening dresses. Brand decor: colorful weaving, abstract floral patterns and a variety of embroidered metal decorations.

Pink Furla Bag

What to wear pink bag?

A voluminous beach bag is pink, both monotonous and with fashionable patterns, for example, in a cage, strip or straw - a great choice for holiday bows, relevant not only on the beach. It goes well with bathing suits and tunics, light dresses, skirts, shorts, breeches, cotton and linen trousers, denim clothing, T-shirts and blouses.

A leather and patent pink bag of any style will harmoniously complement casual and elegant spring-summer looks. Excellent color combinations:

  • white, black, pink
  • blue, blue, yellow and pink shades,
  • milky white, pearl, yellow and red with soft and purple-pink,
  • the top of taste is all in one tone, but the shoes are in contrast.

Fashionable looks with a pink bag

What to wear pink bag in winter?

Trendy image with a pink bag in the cold - a multi-colored fur coat, light jeans, brown Timberland boots and a hat with a brim, a red parka, corduroy black harem pants, shoes to match the outerwear. In both cases - an excellent accessory - a fashionable pink bag over the shoulder. Couture bows: winter and autumn long coats in dark gray and black tones, or in a pink palette, high boots and mini suitcases, shoppers and briefcases.

Winter image with a pink bag

Original for winter: poncho and razletayki coat, capes and jackets with micro shoulder bags and connected twos in their hands, mini and midi dresses, trouser business suits and skirt ensembles with mega clutches, pouches and classic small women's handbags. A single-breasted short coat and a cocoon coat in gray tones and a pink bag, a backpack, or a fur accessory. In the offseason - jeans and mini coats, jackets and vests, high boots or cossacks and stylish pink bags.

What is a microbag?

A microbag is a miniature handbag that resembles a housekeeper and is no larger than a small wallet. Its length can be 15 centimeters, and the height is only 10. For the first time such an unusual and bold accessory modern women have seen at the legendary Kerry Bradshaw from the TV series and the eponymous film “Sex and the City.”

She dreamed of traveling “lightly” to the man of her dreams, and so after the move she got herself a Fendi micro-bag. This idea was adopted by many designers, and today accessories of “funny” sizes are produced by such famous brands as “Hermès”, “Valentino”, “Givenchy”, “Dior” and others.

Should I buy a micro-little one?

Should I buy a handbag of such a small size? If you are ready to get rid of all unnecessary and even some necessary things that many women used to take with them, then feel free to buy such a stylish accessory. But even the phone doesn’t fit into some models, and there is no reason to talk about powder or other objects, and in this case the microscopic handbag will perform exclusively decorative functions.

If you are worried about the fact that the accessory will be inappropriate, then throw away such doubts, because the little bag will fit in almost any image and at any time of the day. You can take it with you for a date or a party, for a walk, a formal event, or even to work in an office.

How to make a choice?

When choosing a micro bag, pay attention to:

  • Colour. Such a miniature accessory is simply obliged to stand out against the general background, so choose shades that contrast favorably with clothing. And bright tones, for example, mint, orange, yellow, mustard, and red are especially popular. But more restrained white and powdery is also in fashion.
  • Design. It can be almost anything, and the handbags offered by the best designers, which exactly repeat the existing models of standard sizes, are especially popular. But there are other models, for example, concise leather, having a rigid frame and resembling boxes and caskets, elegant and complemented by embroidery, stones or rhinestones. For special occasions, you should choose an interesting and original version, and for everyday life it will be easier.
  • Dimensions. The smaller they are, the more stylish and fashionable the accessory will look. And if you want to feel free from prejudice, liberated and bright, then pay attention to the smallest micro-bags. Putting in them will not succeed in almost anything, but you will surely attract attention. But there are more practical models in which you can fit a few small things.

How to wear?

It would seem that everyone can wear bags. But not such microscopic sizes. A miniature accessory requires compliance with several rules.

  • First, arrange it so that it is noticeable and not lost on the background of clothing. Microbags are not allowed to be worn under the armpit, like a clutch bag, this is a moveton.
  • Secondly, wear an accessory with pride, and not as if you do not know where to put it, and how to free your hands.
  • Thirdly, consider the design features. So, models with a strap can be worn on the shoulder, and even better over the shoulder, and handbags, complemented by a handle, are worn just for her.

Tip: try to use a very unusual way of wearing, securing a micro-bag on a bag of standard sizes, and preferably having an identical design. Such a set will be not only incredibly stylish and original, but also convenient: a large accessory will become the main storage area, and you can put everything you need into a small one that should always be at hand.

How to combine with clothes?

What to wear trend microbag? Surprisingly, it is combined with very different clothes:

  1. A stylish miniature handbag will accentuate the mischief of a youth cocktail dress.
  2. Add an evening outfit with this accessory. But it should be elegant and as restrained as possible, not vulgar and richly decorated.
  3. Microbags are perfectly combined with concise dresses-cases.
  4. Put on a knitted noodle dress. Microsmall refresh image.
  5. Create a playful tandem, wearing a “new look” full-length skirt and top, adding a microscopic accessory to the whole thing.
  6. Experiment with everyday things like jeans, boyfriends, jumpers, sweatshirts, long sleeves and so on.

Tip: remember about moderation and do not overload the image so that the handbag is a stylish accent. Therefore, give up the dresses of complex cut and richly decorated things.

How to pick up other accessories?

The decorative component of the kit will be a bright component of the kit, so the rest of the accessories should fade into the background and not overload the image. To do this, limit yourself to a maximum of two objects, for example, a cap and a thin strap. Во-вторых, избегайте размерных контрастов и диспропорций.

Это значит, что аксессуары должны быть маленькими, иначе микроскопическая сумочка просто потеряется на их фоне и останется незамеченной, что просто недопустимо. В-третьих, выбранные элементы образа должны соответствовать единому стилю, чтобы комплект выглядел гармонично и изысканно.

Став счастливой обладательницей микросумочки, вы точно будете в тренде!