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Why men leave women: causes, factors and psychological problems, stages of relationships and breaks


Practically any maneuvers to hold a man do not work: neither jealousy, nor money, nor pregnancy, nor the threat to impose hands. It does not matter your figure, neither weight nor height. It doesn’t matter how and what you wear, what you do with makeup and hair.

If a man decided to leave - he will leave, this is the psychology of men. At best, you will delay it for a while.

And no matter how painful it may be, there is good news for you: specifically, you have absolutely nothing to do with it. They leave not because you did something, or you didn’t do something, or you didn’t. All these arguments, as they say, at the belt level. And the real reason is at the level of the spirit. And earthly, material maneuvers on the spirit of influence do not have.

The most common reason

It often happens that feelings between the lovers have subsided, which was the end of the relationship. It also happens that one of the partners simply did not feel anything towards the person. One should not think why men leave loving women, because it is possible that such a person had no love at all. He simply felt love, but not love. When the feeling passed, it is logical that the man offered to leave. This is normal, but you should beware of such situations. They are harmful to the psychological state of the girl.

7 popular reasons for leaving

Such a responsible decision can not appear just like that. It is likely that the girl made some mistakes. Perhaps she did not do it on purpose, but the result of such behavior makes people part. Why men leave women for 7 reasons:

  • Changes. When people start living with each other, they get used to a certain state of affairs. However, not every couple understands that a person changes throughout life. She may also think that this is the final stage of the relationship and she no longer needs to look after herself. This is one of the reasons why men leave women. Such behavior repels not only the other half, but also other people, if they saw it.
  • A man faced depreciation. Every person wants to know the price of their actions. For men, praise and support are important. If this is not enough for him, then his feelings begin to cool. According to statistics, husbands are most afraid of silence and depreciation.
  • Dissatisfaction with the ladies. This can be expressed in absolutely everything: life, joint hobbies, entertainment, and so on. The girl is dissatisfied with almost everything that makes her a man. This problem is the fault of both partners, and it must be solved.
  • Capriciousness. In modern society, girls are brought up as princesses. However, this is a gross mistake on the part of parents. After all, no one wants to tolerate the daily vagaries, and over time they become unbearable.
  • Indifference. The writer Weller said: “Every husband preferred one day a sudden backstab from a girl than her constant silence.” There is a truth in this phrase: the representatives of the stronger sex cannot survive the indifference of their lady's heart.
  • Selfishness. This character trait is disgusting to almost every person. It is especially insulting when a girlfriend puts her interests higher than a man.
  • Permanent scandals. This is a popular answer to the question: why do men leave women they love. With such a state of affairs, the representative of the stronger sex will quickly sever relations, his strong nerves are more important. Besides being under pressure is very difficult.

A girl can combine several such qualities in herself, then her beloved will definitely leave her. These are popular reasons why men leave good women. However, it happens that the culprit of parting does something else.

Communication problems

When partners during a conversation with each other do not say something good, and the phrases have a negative connotation - this means that the relationship does not have long to live. After all, this state of affairs seems to be a very heavy burden borne by her husband. This situation puts pressure on him. This is due to the fact that the couple is not trying to feed on positive emotions from friends, relatives and acquaintances. People believe that relationships are the only source of communication. However, it can not continue for so long, because a person needs to communicate with other people. If a spouse cares why men leave good women, then she needs to consider having intercourse in marriage or relationships. In this case, it will be very difficult to restore the union.

Problem Rapprochement

It is common for each person to share experiences and emotions. Men - is no exception, as some girls seem at first glance. He really needs to listen to the girl, without emotional contact, the guys consider their chosen ones to be lifeless. It is especially important to support your partner. If a girl once made fun of the emotionality of a man, then he will hasten to close forever. Gradually, he gets tired of being with an inaccessible lady in terms of feelings, and the relationship will go to the bottom. This applies not only to the family, but also to ordinary contacts with friends. No one wants to communicate with an insensitive and cynical person. For happiness and harmony in life requires understanding and empathy.

Different views on life and goals

Most girls pay too little attention to such a factor as mismatch of personal goals. Relationships can survive adversity, quarrels, conflicts, but they are not able to endure two different people. Because of the different views on life in the world, many excellent alliances break up. This is one of the most important reasons why men leave women. However, it will seem to someone that this is a trifle and everything can be lived through and find a compromise. In fact, it will be unrealistic. What are the different life goals:

  • At home. A girl can be very economical, and a guy spends his money all the time. This situation will annoy both partners, because for a spouse this behavior of a man will be very wild. Gradually, dissatisfaction will grow into scandals and quarrels, which can lead to the dissolution of relations.
  • In the worldview. For one of the partners may be most important in life entertainment, and for the second family. Then they will conflict all the time, because priorities are not at all suitable for each other.
  • In religion. One of the partners may be Orthodox, and the other Catholic or even an atheist. In this case, there will be constant conflicts in order to impose their views on life.

In such cases, the couple are guaranteed to quarrel if they are not able to understand and accept each other. This is not all the reasons why men leave women in silence. The most important thing in such situations is understanding.

Imperious character of a woman

If you believe psychologists, then there is this type of girls who love to care for, care for and give instructions and commands to her husband. However, not everyone with strong sex accepts such a balance of events. Because a man by nature loves to rule, and if a woman starts doing it, he will feel inferior. These types of girls very strongly repel boys and destroy families. Also, a lady may think that she can change her husband. However, in reality this is an impossible task. After all, a person can change only by his own will, and no one should force him to do it. Otherwise, the couple just break up, even if they have children.

Parting due to non-independence

A girl can begin to believe that she cannot do almost all things without her other half. Such a relationship is very much pressure on a man. In relationships, people should be independent of each other. If the girl begins to be very imposing and show that she can not without a man, then such a marriage will fall apart. After all, every person loves and appreciates freedom, and if it is limited, he becomes disgusted and rejected the current situation. Often the man himself does not understand what happened, but simply abandons his lady.

Rare problems

It happens so that conflicts in a relationship start due to psychological disorders of one of the partners. If this is observed, then you need to contact a specialist. Problems that a person can face, and after leaving:

  • Depressive episode. In part, this disease is human's fault. You can get out of it only when a person wants it. Otherwise, it will be an apathetic guy or girl, with whom you don’t even want to communicate, because in conversations he doesn’t care. Support a person in this state is definitely necessary. However, depression can be one of the reasons for parting.
  • Cheats and treason. A girl can be easy to chat and flirt, she will not be worth anything to talk with some guy. A man can be upset by this behavior, which is why he will soon offer to leave.
  • The woman is an emotional vampire. There are people in life who find it very difficult without real and living emotions. They are constantly trying to start a conflict in order to recharge themselves with a kind of energy. If a man fell into the trap of such a woman, then he will be very hard morally. Because of this, even a seemingly strong union can disintegrate very quickly.

These are the rarest problems that a young or adult couple can face. It is necessary to solve them very urgently, because they can lead to irreversible consequences. If you ignore, the second half will quickly go away.

The girl is not sexually satisfied

This is one of the most important factors in a relationship and is just a physiological need. For a long time to be with a girl who is unavailable sexually, a man cannot. This is a significant factor why men leave women with children. Because of this problem, he will start looking for options on the side. This situation can turn into very frequent betrayals and even parting. If a girl has such a problem, then she needs to consult a psychiatrist.

1. A man feels that she wants to change him

When a man begins to feel that he is not good enough, and his shortcomings are too great, or he does not manage to be himself in the absence of reproaches on her part, he sets about searching for a way out, that is, going to leave. For their part, women are trying to humiliate a partner by making their own so-called project. Albert Einstein noted: “Men marry women in the hope that they will never change. When women marry men in the hope that they will change. As a result, both are distressed. ” The partner, as a rule, does not change, because he does not want this. All he can expect from a relationship is an understanding of who he really is. It is human nature to develop and strengthen relationships through a loving and understanding partner.

2. A man is in the shadow of a woman’s success

According to the study conducted by the University of Florida, the partners feel a big blow to their vanity, especially in cases where their beloved succeed without being in direct competition. Success from a woman adversely affects the future of this relationship. If the partner failed to achieve success at a certain stage of his life, then this will be the key moment in their separation. The fact is that a partner cannot share the success of his half, because he compares his own mistakes.

3. She grumbles all the time.

It is common for a man for a long time not to hear what a woman is talking about. However, a long grumble can easily pierce a hole in a relationship. It is characteristic for men to behave like children, but they are not children. They do not tolerate constant nagging and complaints. Men want to feel needed. Constant nagging creates negative habits, which in the end men will bypass and avoid. All this leads only to the strengthening of the negative, which subsequently acquires a passive-aggressive form. If the partner knows that the loving woman is going to grumble again, he will try to avoid communicating with her. When there is no gratitude on the part of the woman, the man is unable to do what she desires. Those women who constantly grumble or are dissatisfied with something, are the least attractive for men in a particular respect.

4. Shortage of life

Men also like women crave intimacy. However, if a man has to talk about it when she keeps him at a distance, there is nothing left to do but to look for intimacy on the side. A man will not continue a long relationship with the one that is not inclined to maintain close relationships. Representatives of the stronger sex tend to fall in love due to different circumstances, while feeling particularly attractive.

5. She compares it with other partners.

Nothing annoys a man like women's talk about her former relationship. When a woman begins to compare her chosen one with her former partner, this is the beginning of the end. The fact is that men do not want to analyze the past relationships of their partner. It is important for him to feel himself alone, which is especially important for him right now. He does not want to hear and know what the previous elect was. He is important that his actions at the moment it is quite satisfied.

6. Emotional codependency

A man just needs a personal space. In this regard, his beloved should not position the partner as a part of their property. He feels the need to have friends and does not need a woman acting as a nanny at all. When a person begins to lose his own right to sports, the opportunity to take walks or friendly meetings, he simply leaves.

A normal relationship is when both parties have their own friends and a number of hobbies. Codependency to a certain extent leads to the extinction of relations. Of course, do not think that men are beginning to analyze everything that happens to them. Rather, this feeling reminds them of the loss of freedom. It is at this moment, when they feel that their life is under complete control, they part. Representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of losing their freedom.

Why do husbands leave women?

  • There is a widespread opinion among the beautiful half of society that if a man leaves the family, then with a probability of 99.9% another woman is involved in this. Of course, such cases also occur, however, according to statistics, they are not as frequent as it may seem, rather, on the contrary. But if it really happened that he fell in love with another, then this is already quite serious and, most likely, without any special chances to change anything on the part of the former wife or girl. It is harder to survive such a gap, it hurts the female heart and pride most of all, but where to go, even from such a situation you need to get out with your head held high. But if a mistress is involved in the case, then the husband’s departure from his wife does not always promise a place to be, since most often such women are only a passing hobby in their lives. Unless, of course, the wife herself wants to save the family after the disclosure of such.
  • It also happens that after living for several years, a husband and wife realize that their goals and aspirations in life do not coincide at all, as if together, and went all their lives towards different victories that simply interfere with each other. In such a situation, maintaining relationships, even if they are strengthened by children and a fairly rich joint household, becomes very difficult and, most likely, they are simply doomed to decay. Therefore, the next time be more prudent when choosing a partner.
  • And if a woman has become completely uninteresting? And here it is absolutely unimportant in what: in sex, in conversations, in relation to life or in something else. A man will never live with the one in which all values ​​are women's magazines and a sea of ​​new things, and the evenings are held under a favorite TV show or with friends in a nearby cafe. Yes, a dummy may come up for several nights or even months, it all depends on the man’s plans, but for a long relationship they are looking for intelligent and, even more correctly, wise women who can keep up the conversation in the right situation, surprise with their knowledge in various fields . But, by the way, there is also no need to overdo it, too smart men who know their husband more than a dozen times, men also dislike.
  • Men, though they do not bother too much about their appearance, but they still love with their eyes, therefore, when a woman, over time, stopped following herself, cuts through a stretched vest around the house, she doesn’t paint at all and hardly collects a bad likeness of head, it does not lead to anything good. Most likely, a man will simply find one that always smells good and looks good, it is unlikely he will make constant comments to his wife on this subject.
  • Again, the reasons for leaving a man from a family can be very different, but one of the most common is this: a man does not want to go home because of the difficult atmosphere in the house. Поддаваясь ежедневным проблемам и суете, люди сами не замечают, что перестают улыбаться и толком общаться, они постоянно куда-то спешат, чем-то заняты, озабочены, проблем просто выше головы! Не забывайте о том, что своей половинке всегда нужно внимание, теплая улыбка при встрече с работы и вкусный ужин. Старайтесь, как можно больше, пребывать именно в положительном состоянии духа, кто знает, может именно за него вас так сильно любят и ценят.
  • It also happens that once very close and loving people become completely alien, they start annoying each other, there are constant quarrels and scandals in the house that simply grow out of nothing, from scratch, but they cannot be resolved. In this case, you need to try to find a source of irritation, to speak frankly with your husband, of course, at the right moment, without screams and tantrums, think about what you can change. What compromises are you ready to make in order to improve your relations, and they should not be one-sided. If you are ready to fight, there is still a chance to save the family, and maybe you simply take a mutual decision to break, calm and balanced, which is likely to be correct. Why torture yourself and other people every day, it is easier to have one more time and start a new life, only with another person.

How to survive the care of men?

No matter how hard you quarrel, no matter how difficult to clarify the relationship and the gap, a woman should always maintain her dignity, and not go down to the level of insults and nasty words towards her man.

You never know how life will turn, suddenly you want to return it, and after serious insults you are unlikely to succeed. Be civilized people, try to keep, if not friendly, then at least good relations.

The most important thing in this situation - do not forget about yourself - the perfect hairstyle, clothes and overall appearance.

Such behavior will always raise your spirits, cause envy of your ex-husband, as well as attract interested views of other men. And remember, whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world, and what’s not done is always for the best!

1. You become another

When partners approach each other, it seems to them that they resemble each other 100%. But after a while everyone may have their own interests, friends, and classes. Favorite may notice that you have changed, become not who you were before. He gets the feeling that you no longer belong to him and he “lost” you. There is a cooling, and the partner is removed.

Even worse, if you change your appearance, or rather, run yourself. Relationship does not require that they be in a parade 24 hours a day, but you should not forget about your appearance.

3. With him you are unhappy

It is vitally important for a man to have his woman most happy. It is inherent in it by nature itself. In fact, men are genuinely frustrated when women are sad, as it seems to them, for no reason, and even worse, when they cry. They begin to feel guilty. Unable to withstand constant stress, they leave in the hope that without him you will be happier.

4. You often “turn on” a little girl

Psychologists say that a woman should be different. When necessary - the queen, and sometimes a little girl. Men love to take care of their loved ones, but everything should be in moderation. The harmonious relationship between two adults should not resemble a father / daughter couple. In the end, a man also needs the support of a woman.

5. Do you want to redo it

“Saw little eyes who are taken as husbands ...” In many pairs, after a certain period of time, claims arise from the woman. Now he works a lot, he doesn’t dress that much, he laughs too loudly. When indignation starts to ripen in you, think, wasn’t your loved one so from the very beginning of the relationship? Why then did you not resent? Stop picking on trifles if you don't want to lose it.

6. Negative predominates in your relationship.

If you and your partner made a mistake and crossed the line that you can’t cross in any way, and now mutual reproaches, discontent, resentment prevail in your relationship, then most likely he will leave. The positive microclimate in pairs depends largely on the woman, so if you do not want to lose it, try to do everything possible to minimize tension in the relationship.

8. You do not appreciate

Male psychology is such that they simply crave recognition, especially from the woman he loves. Remember the beginning of your relationship. Surely you admired his every act, and now what? Do not detract from his work, is it easy for you to praise him even for a nail in the nail?

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If a woman leaves a man

As it is sung in one song, known to many,: “The most important thing is the weather in the house ...”, and this weather is created by a woman. The atmosphere of the house depends on her wisdom and cunning. And, if the husband left the family, then the woman herself is partly to blame. To prevent the head of the family from leaving the family, analyze your relationships in advance and do “work on the mistakes” - it may still be not too late to save marriage and tranquility in the family.

After listening to many stories of husbands who left the family, there are 8 main reasons for this act:

For men, sex - almost the top level in family relationships. A sexually satisfied man will never look "left" and fulfill almost every whim of his wife. But the sex life must be diverse. Sex on schedule is also not an option.

All men, sooner or later, face problems of a material nature: loss of work, low wages, etc. And if the spouse in this difficult moment instead of holding morally, cheering, saying that everything is getting better, begins to “cut” her husband, then a quarrel is inevitable. As a result, the husband “gives up” in general to do something, the wife throws her grievance on her husband with a doubled force and everything - the end of marriage. A wise wife, on the contrary, with the help of affection, warm words, support, will make her husband have new ideas, new horizons and a higher level of income. Character Differences

Different views on life, disrespect for each other, inability to restrain their emotions, reluctance to give in, quarrels on domestic soil (did not put the cup in place, scattered socks, champing at the table). Similar, it seemed - the little things could serve as a reason for the grandiose and everyday scandal. And even the most loving husband eventually gets tired of the constant scandals, quarrels and accusations. And why not sit down and peacefully discuss what everyone does not like in each other. Not to hush up the problems, but to discuss them and come to a compromise. A woman should try to make her husband happy to return home, so that he would be attracted not to his friends, but to his family - this is the guarantee of a strong marriage. Woman's appearance

Some women in marriage no longer look after themselves. They think she's married - now he is not going anywhere from me. A fat figure, gray hair, lack of make-up - this hardly attracts a husband in you. Remember how beautiful you were before marriage. Pull yourself together and put in order. From a well-groomed, blooming woman who can make compromises and loves her husband, the husband will never leave. Family values

A married woman should be able to find common language with her husband's relatives. If the mother-in-law is on your side, becomes your ally, then you will already have 20% of success in married life. And if your relationship with your husband and "keep in the balance", and then his mother "adds fuel to the fire," then all - the marriage is over. Learn to get along with your husband's mother, with his other relatives (brothers, sisters), then even with your family disagreements, they will seek to reconcile you. Male leader

Do not forget that in essence man is a leader. If the wife does not want to make a concession to her husband in anything, constantly insists on her, then the husband either turns into a “rag” or just a man wants to leave the family. Let him feel that he is a man, he is a winner, he is the head of the family. Do not forget that in a family a man is a head, and a woman is a neck, and where the neck turns, the head will go there. Treason

This is almost the very last reason in the main list. According to statistics, only 10% of married couples break up in connection with this reason. Although, if you look at the essence of the problem, betrayal does not just happen, out of the blue, it is the result of dissatisfaction of one of the partners in family life.

Abandoned women often wonder why men leave family. Here is the story of one of them. From her story, it is clear what mistakes she made and, perhaps, after analyzing the situation, she can still return her husband and father to her children.

Olga: Husband found another. For two months now she has been walking with her. He is going to rent an apartment with her and said that he is filing for divorce. He says that the mistress has nothing to do with it, that he was going to leave the family two years ago. I admit it is largely to blame: I often sawed, there was no harmony in sex. He doesn't even want to go out with me - he is ashamed. After birth, I recovered greatly and with myself and three children I started myself completely, turned into a zachuhanka. And he can afford to drink a beer after work, sleep at night - he has to work! And I run half the night to a small child - I'm sitting at home! So, girls, appreciate what you have ...

Getting married, still "on the shore" discuss all important issues with your future husband, with which you can put up, and with which never reconcile.

And if you have already created a family for love, then manage to keep this relationshipby adding warmth, trust and care to them.

And what reasons for leaving a man from a family are known to you? We will be grateful for your opinion!

A source:
If a woman leaves a man
The husband wants to leave the family - why? Read on colady.ru 8 reasons why husbands leave the family. You can prevent the husband from leaving the family if you understand in time the reasons why husbands leave

What women do men run away from? Comparison - Invalid Reception

What women do men run away from? Comparison is not valid. (Part 2)

In the article that can be read HERE, I talked about the first reason, because of which men leave women. What else are men running away from? The honorable second place after the presentation of excessive demands is the comparison of the woman of her man with other men (neighbor, colleague, friend's husband).

You probably already guessed or know that men do not like being compared with other men..

Perhaps you think this is even pretty obvious. However, as the letters of the readers showed and the situations of my wife's friends, this is not quite so, and many beautiful ladies do not even realize that a man can never be compared. As a rule, men experience comparisons with other men much more painfully than women.

For example, my distant relative comes and talks about how she communicated with her friend. After she told me that I bought an apartment, and he (a friend) does not have such an apartment, then he suddenly closed and it seemed that the meeting that had started well ended abruptly.

I explained to my relative that men very poorly tolerate comparisons with each other. Much more painful than women. And in this case, the comparison with a more successful man, who has already bought an apartment, offended her boyfriend. My relative began to argue with me: “What have you (in the sense of me), and my boyfriend? He is not yet 20 years old, he is studying, not working, and he simply did not have such an opportunity to buy an apartment. And you (me) are already under 40 years old, you have been working for a long time and comparisons are incorrect here. B 40he may have a big cottage (apartment) for years. And I (a relative) just told this situation so that he (her friend) understood that it is possible to buy an apartment. How does he not understand this? "

Why did the guy react like that? Because he was compared to another man. Of course, a certain role is played by the age of the man. At 15–20 years old men are usually much more offended and more sensitive than at 40–50 years old. Plus, of course, at a young age, the guys haven’t completely learned how to hide their feelings.

Total men painfully tolerate comparison with other men, even at first glance completely harmless, and even if they do not show the species.

Why do women compare their men with other men? As a rule, try for their own good. Trying to motivate them to change for the better..

In order for a man to do more for family, children or for a career. And it seems that sometimes this tool (comparison with others) works. The man seems to be starting to try harder, he is starting to do something. They compared a man with other men, and suddenly he changed for a while. (In order for a man to really change seriously for a long time, use the methods described in the first book of Anastasia Guy “What happy women are silent about. Or How to make a man get off the couch ")

Well, since the tool works, you can apply it more often and more. This would seem an obvious conclusion. However, this is a gross blunder in relations with men.

Comparing with other men, motivating a man to change is the same as developing courage with alcohol. The man drank and became bolder. It seems to work, so you can repeat and drink more often. If you need courage again, then you drank more and more, then tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no use to this way of developing courage, except that you can sleep.

So with the method of development of male qualities by comparing it with other men. It seems that sometimes it works for a short time, but in the long run there is no sense in it, only harm.

A small example from the family life of my very distant acquaintances. A woman married in 25 years. The husband is older than her for 10 years, not bad for his time, earned, went in for sports, practically did not drink. In this family, his wife had a very easy, cheerful character, the ability to overcome life difficulties. Only she was distinguished from other women by such quality as the constant comparison of her husband with other men and usually not for the better.

And it was not even because her husband was somehow particularly bad compared to others, no. Completely ordinary man. It was just her habit of talking about her husband like that. You can say it was a "background" habit, which I think she did not even notice. A few years after they got married, the husband began to drink, then drink more and more, of course, he began to earn less and less, and they completely forgot about sports.

After 15 years of marriage, they are still married, but the husband drinks almost every day, and the relationship is nowhere worse. I will immediately note the objections that the man was obviously an alcoholic. As I wrote above, at the time of marriage, the man was already 35 years old, he was already an established man and very little drinker, involved in sports and earned good money.

I understand that my conclusion that the husband’s habit of constantly comparing his husband’s alcoholism and poor family relationships was not the reason for his husband’s alcoholism. According to the rules of science, you need at least a couple more dozen examples and a lot more. I have only one more such example before my eyes. I will not give it, since it is almost the same.

However, we are not at a scientific conference to require evidence according to all the rules. I will say that I myself, if my wife compares me with others (this has not happened for a long time, but nonetheless), then I immediately shut myself up for a few days, I have no desire to communicate with my wife (or I just pretend that communicate).

In addition, there is a desire to go somewhere and relax. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desire to sit with friends or play a computer game for a couple of days. I think that if my wife had a habit of constantly comparing me with other men (God forbid), then the relations in our family would not have developed. To better understand the psychology of men, what to manipulate, how to get my own, I recommend reading the first part of the book "How to fall in love with a man. Or Never run after a man, let him run after you. ”.

And a little more about comparisons. The fact is that if a man and a woman have lived together in a more or less good relationship for 10 or more years, I’m not even talking about the fact that there are a couple of sons, then a woman can be said to some extent already an expert in male psychology. She can be given the title of practical psychologist on the ability to handle men. For 10 years, the method of "spear" or communicating with her friends, a woman learns the basic rules of behavior with men.

However, if there is a habit of comparing a man with other men, then for some reason she rarely leaves without consciously working it out..

I think the main reason for this is that the comparison gives the appearance of the effectiveness of the method. Compared and the man has changed a little. But I repeat that this method is non-working in family life. The negative sides of the comparison outweigh the positive ones a hundred times. Therefore, do not even try to apply it. And if you apply, then try to remove this habit from your life. You can learn about how to talk with a man, how to make him change from the article “How to talk to a man so that he understands you”.

Another small example is a little off topic. There are two trainers who train children and adults (commercial group) in the same room. (All examples in real-life articles) One professes the doctrine of maximum rigidity of training. Любимый девиз «Тяжело в ученье – легко в бою» в том смысле, что тяжело на тренировке, зато легко на соревнованиях. Один из его любимых приемов – это сравнение учеников друг с другом или с другими предметами. (Завуалированные оскорбления, например «Ты такой же, как слон»)

Парадокс, но в первый год тренировки его ученики достигают всегда больших успехов, чем у второго тренера. Однако, дальше начинается самое интересное. Его ученики тихо ненавидят не только тренера, но и сам по себе спорт. И после года занятий у него практически никого не остается. And those who remain, for some reason do not reach greatandx success. Those who have left classes, as a rule, give up sports for a long time. (Five years and more.) His business group is half empty.

Second coach I can not even say that soft. However, in his method does not use the comparison. In the first year of study, he practically does not do so that students have a job to fail. He tries to have more gaming moments. His students, after the first year of training, as a rule, lose in success to the first coach.

However, the number of dropouts is several times less. Even from those who quit training, many return a few months ago. They are simply not afraid to go back and run into comparisons or “aha, come back.” The number of athletes who have reached the professional level, the second coach is also much higher.

And paradoxically, his commercial group is always full, which of course affects the earnings. (This may be the most distinguishable external difference). After all, those who practiced in childhood often go into adult groups and then want to continue to maintain some form of fitness, even if they do not know it will be a great sporting achievement.

What a conclusion for us can be done. Perhaps by comparing your man with other men you will succeed for a short time. However, after a while he will hate you quietly. And even if you do not give up (children, limited housing opportunities), then it will be difficult to call a happy family life. Anyone, even an easy crisis, and such a family can fall apart.

Therefore, I repeat. Get away from comparing your man with others as far as possible. Do not give in to the initial impression that it supposedly works. It “works” in such a way that it only makes it worse.

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What women do men run away from? Comparison - Invalid Reception
Men painfully tolerate comparison with other men, even at first glance completely harmless, and even if they do not show the species.

Why do men go

Photo Gallery: Why men leave

There are many reasons why men leave women. Let's start with the fact that you can leave from someone, but you can to someone. If a man met another woman and went to her, it hurts, but at least understandable. But why do men go "nowhere", making the decision to break the relationship?

The reasons may be different. One of these is relationship fatigue.. It is important for both women and men to feel needed and loved. But over time, mutual tenderness and care can leave the relationship, giving way to a routine, reproaches, criticism. Perhaps the feelings still remained, just do not manifest themselves in behavior, actions. Parting in such a case is a matter of time, and usually the one who first “ripens” for this decision leaves first. Sometimes it's a man.

Also a man can leave a woman if she is not interested in him. And this concerns not only and not so much the sexual sphere. In most cases, for a long relationship, a man should not be bored with a woman not only in bed, but also “in life”. Sometimes it happens that a period of violent passion passes, and it turns out that there is nothing for the lovers to talk about.

As American actor Darren Criss said: “People love to wake up next to smart ones. People who understand the dynamics of conversation are the sexiest in the world. ” Sex is not all that lasting relationships. If a man finds out that you have no common topics for conversation (a real conversation, and not your retelling of the latest gossips, during which the man just nods with a thoughtful look), he will leave.

But to underestimate the physical side of the relationship is not worth it. As you know, men love the eyes. And women, after a few years or even months of living together, forget about it, ceasing to look after themselves, they say, “he loves me the way I am and will not go anywhere.” Of course, no one says that you need to constantly be “in full dress” with hair and make-up, but you shouldn’t even run yourself, and you won’t even have time to blink when a man flies to a more well-groomed woman.

Sometimes men are moving away from women who have achieved greater success in their careers than they. This is rare, but it happens: earning less than a woman, a man feels inferior. And women sometimes add fuel to the fire, believing that if a man brings less money into the house, he should do household work. Perhaps this is true, but for a man it is a tremendous blow to vanity. And he leaves to preserve the remnants of this self-love.

But men do not like the opposite: when a woman does not earn or earns very little, and maintains a relationship with a man just for the sake of money. Not everyone will like to be a “live wallet”. It is unlikely that this is your case, but this does not mean that this option is unworthy of mention.

Some men "fold" relationships when woman begins to hint at marriage too clearly. Even if a man is not against such a development of events, the zealous desire of a woman to “ring” him can scare away a potential husband. So you should not force things, if you like, then sooner or later he will marry.

Finally, men leave because feelings go: “Love has passed, withered tomatoes”. Relationships turn into a habit, and in such a situation the decision to leave will be quite painful, but at least fair to the woman and to himself. If relationships have become obsolete, is it worth supporting them “by inertia”?

You can ponder for a long time on why men leave, but still you will never be 100% ready to break off relationships. However, knowing the basic reasons why men decide to leave, you can avoid some typical female relationship mistakes and reduce the chance of a break.

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Why do men go
Why do men leave women? There are several reasons why a man can decide first to break a relationship.

Why do guys and men leave the best women?

Why do guys and men leave the best women?

In the modern world, the phenomenon of family disintegration is absolutely not rare and not exceptional, unfortunately, on the contrary, such cases are quite common, and the initiative is the same, both from the woman’s side and from the man’s side.

Everyone experiences such an event in his life in different ways: someone beats in hysterics and throws mud at his soul mate, someone silently collects things and leaves, and someone becomes completely enclosed in himself. One way or another, no one is immune from the care of a husband or wife, so this very painful and unpleasant event in your life must be fought or resigned to live, everything depends on the specific situation.

For some reason, there is a fairly well-established stereotype that men are insidious and cunning, that they are ready to drag behind the first skirt, and then escape from the custody of their annoying wife to the first bust of the fourth size.

Contrary to this, men quickly get used to care and comfort, they love clean and ironed shirts, delicious food and a clean bed, so they part with all these treasures rather reluctantly.

So if it happened so that the man finally got together and left, it means that he, most likely, went to this decision for a very long time, thought about his rear and decided that he was more expensive. Unlike women, they are much less likely to make such decisions on emotions, succumbing to surges and emissions of energy.

In order to understand why men leave their women, insufficiently offensive words and stereotypical opinions, it is necessary to analyze the current situation, to characterize their own and his behavior, and only then, maybe, something will become clear. Why torture yourself with this?

You may well ask yourself this question, but the answer is simple. Having understood, you will not allow past mistakes again, and, quite possibly, you will be able to adjust everything in your practically collapsed relationship.

After all, lawful spouses were once a loving couple, so when they run away, they often start to get bored and look for ways to return their soul mate, the main thing is not to miss this important moment.

No matter how hard you quarrel, no matter how difficult to clarify the relationship and the gap, a woman should always maintain her dignity, and not go down to the level of insults and nasty words towards her man.

You never know how life will turn, suddenly you want to return it, and after serious insults you are unlikely to succeed. Be civilized people, try to keep, if not friendly, then at least good relations.

The most important thing in this situation - do not forget about yourself - the perfect hairstyle, clothes and overall appearance.

Such behavior will always raise your spirits, cause envy of your ex-husband, as well as attract interested views of other men. And remember, whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world, and what’s not done is always for the best!