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The benefits of paraffin therapy for the hands - the mechanism of action


There are a great many procedures that help women look younger and more attractive. One of them is paraffin therapy. The benefits of such a procedure, some have already convinced. But it is quite possible to conduct sessions independently at home. But for this you need to learn some features.

The essence of the procedure

Paraffin, which is the main component of the procedure, creates a certain effect of the sauna. It is warm and covers the skin, which keeps the maximum heat. The temperature rises by only 2-3 degrees. This means that there will be no burns for sure, but you will certainly notice the effect.

First, when heated, the blood supply improves. This means that the skin gets all the necessary nutrients and oxygen. Metabolism is accelerating, as are regeneration processes. All this together makes the skin young and fresh.

Secondly, the pores open. Thanks to this, all toxins are released, as well as dirt (this is the main cause of the development of acne, that is, common acne). Thirdly, the evaporated moisture is re-absorbed, but without unnecessary impurities. That is, there is also moisture. In addition, you can get rid of excessive dryness and peeling, as well as tighten the oval face.

Contraindications and some features

The advantages of the procedure are indisputable. We list them:

  • Security. Burns can not be afraid.
  • Paraffin almost does not cause allergies.
  • It is very nice!
  • In the effectiveness you yourself can be sure.

But it is very important to know how to do it right. In addition, do not forget that there are some contraindications. Thus, the procedure can not be carried out with skin diseases, ulcers and skin lesions. Not worth the risk and diabetes, hypertension, as well as with ailments, accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature.

What is required for the procedure?

To paraffin hand or face at home was a success and allowed to achieve the desired effect, you need to prepare all the necessary materials, objects and accessories. Here's what you need:

  • Paraffin. It is worth noting that the usual of which candles are made, will not work. Need a special cosmetic. Where to get it? You can go to the pharmacy, most likely, he will be there. You can also visit a specialized cosmetics shop. In addition, you can contact your beautician. It is best to buy ready-made composition. It may include various aromatic additives, oils and vitamins.
  • Two mittens for hands (usual terry towels will do).
  • A paraffin container is also required. This may be glass, ceramic or enamelware (for example, a bowl or mug). But metal utensils can not be used, it quickly heats up and cools, not at all retaining heat.
  • Hands will need plastic bags.
  • For the face, a gauze cloth is needed.
  • For applying the composition on the face is needed brush. One that is usually applied paint on the hair.
  • You certainly need a nourishing moisturizer for face and hands (or body)
  • For cleansing you will need a scrub.

How to prepare?

So, the whole set of tools and materials prepared. You can begin to prepare.

  1. To begin, place in the container the required amount of paraffin. So, for the face it will take almost as much as for the hands. But for the legs requires much more.
  2. Prepare a water bath. To do this, in a saucepan that is larger in size than a container with the composition (but not much), pour water and bring it to a boil, reduce the fire. Place the container in a bath and wait until the paraffin melts and becomes liquid. The optimum temperature of the composition should not exceed 50-60 degrees. Measurements can be carried out, for example, with a culinary thermometer. Instead of a water bath, you can use a microwave, setting the minimum power.
  3. Now you need to prepare the skin. To do this, peel using a scrub. This will help remove the dead skin cells and prepare it for the session.
  4. Now you can apply a nourishing cream. Use normal daytime, designed for the treated area or for the whole body.

We process hands

When the skin of the hands is prepared, you can proceed to the procedure. The bath should be on the table in front of you. Sit back, as the session lasts about half an hour. Now dip your hands in paraffin. Spread your fingers so that the composition gets on all skin areas. Wait until the paraffin dries out a bit. Now put your hands in the container again, reach and wait until this layer is dry. Total required at least three to four layers.

Put plastic bags on your hands and then gloves (you can simply wrap the hand with towels). Then you need to wait until the paraffin cools down and takes the body temperature. This can take from 20 to 40-50 minutes (depending on the number of layers). Remove the rest of the composition.

Process the face

The method of applying paraffin on the face will be different. Immersion into the container with the composition of the face is not necessary. Use a cosmetic brush. To start, prepare a gauze napkin. It is necessary to make cuts for the mouth, nose and eyes.

Now apply the first coat. Wait until it dries. Place a gauze cloth on the face and apply a second layer. Wait until dry. All you need is 6-7 layers. Each subsequent is applied after complete drying of the previous one.

When the composition is cool, just pull the end of the gauze. All paraffin from the face will be removed along with a napkin. Apply the cream on your face and relax.

Paraffin against cellulite

Such a wonderful composition can be used to combat the most evil enemy of all women - cellulite (or, as it is also called, orange peel). But in paraffin you need to add other active ingredients, for example, seaweed (kelp), clay and sea salt.

The composition must be heated to become liquid paraffin. Now use a brush to apply the composition to the problem areas previously treated with a scrub. Multiple coats are required for the greatest effect. Turn around with cling film, take a comfortable posture and wait an hour or a half. Remove paraffin, apply anti-cellulite cream.

Useful tips

To make home paraffin therapy the most effective and enjoyable, follow some simple tips:

  • Sessions will be relevant before the procedure of manicure or pedicure.
  • To achieve the maximum effect, carry out procedures in 1-2 days. And all will need about 10-15 sessions. Then you can spend paraffin once a week.
  • It is best to carry out the procedure in about an hour or two before bedtime, as there is a slight relaxing effect.
  • If you light a few scented candles, you will feel how the body becomes relaxed and plunges into an atmosphere of calm and pleasure.
  • For a start, the duration of the procedure can be 15-20 minutes, then you can increase it to 40-50 minutes.

Enjoy the procedure and feel the effect, following all the rules of conduct. We wish you always be attractive and confident!

What is paraffin therapy

Cosmetic spa procedure, during which the brush is treated with molten synthetic wax to achieve their moisture - this is paraffin therapy. After cooling, the substance turns into a film, thereby retaining moisture in the cells and softening the skin. This treatment also allows you to clean the upper layers of the epidermis, relieve fatigue. Paraffin baths for hands affect not only the dermis, but also the nails, because the procedure is often used as an addition to a manicure.

Useful properties of paraffin

Wax treatments are a real pleasure .. Like any spa treatment, they provide relaxation and benefits. The main properties of paraffin for the skin of hands and nails:

  • Cleansing. Warm wax softens the dermis, opening the pores. When the film is removed, the surface of the skin is deeply cleaned.
  • Acceleration of regeneration processes. This property helps to keep the skin young longer, make it soft and supple. In addition, it prevents early aging.
  • Removal of fatigue. This is achieved due to the effect of paraffin on the muscles of the entire hand, including the fingers. Relaxation directly affects the condition of the skin - if the hands are in constant tension (especially important for those who work at the computer), the dermis loses its tone.
  • Improved lymphatic drainage. Due to this, toxins and slags are removed from the body, excess fluid is eliminated, and swelling is removed.

Paraffin therapy should be carried out not only when there is dryness and reduced sensitivity of the palms. It makes no sense to wait until your hands need external assistance. If you do the procedure for your own pleasure - it will prevent many problems, including wrinkles and other signs of aging. In addition, given the modern rhythm of life, allocating at least 10 minutes to yourself will not be superfluous.

Indications for the procedure

Paraffin therapy for hands can be done simply as a preventive measure in order to maintain their healthy state, relax, prevent dryness and flaking. In addition, there is a list of indications for it:

  • dry skin, dehydration,
  • swelling, poor lymph flow,
  • pigmentation,
  • wrinkles
  • joint pain,
  • corns,
  • eczema (consultation with the attending physician is required).

Types of paraffin therapy

The procedure for the treatment of hands with paraffin is of two types: hot and cold. The first is considered a classic. If the salon price list does not indicate which therapy is being offered, it is most likely to mean the one that uses heated wax. The hot procedure acts deeply, warming up the joints. Cold - more superficial, but also works well. It eliminates dry skin and can be used as an alternative to classic, if there are contraindications to such.

Hot paraffin therapy for hands is a manipulation that categorically refers to rehabilitation medicine. It is prescribed for diseases of the joints, muscle tension, etc. A cold procedure is considered cosmetic, but if you do it as part of a manicure, to soften the cuticle and complex skin care, the effect of it will be no worse than hot. In addition, such paraffin therapy for hands at home is easier: it uses cosmetic wax, which preserves the liquid consistency at room temperature.

Mechanism of action

Paraffin has the properties of heat capacity, high density and the ability to reduce the volume during cooling. When the substance is heated and applied to the skin, it accelerates blood circulation and lymph flow, opens the pores. Together with toxins go out and the dermis is cleaned. In this case, the paraffin film does not allow oxygen and does not allow moisture to evaporate, because the skin is moistened.

All contaminants, including toxins, cannot be returned, since they remain in wax. Therefore, after the procedure, the skin becomes soft, moisturized and clean. This effect persists for several days. When applying paraffin envelops the brush and begins to cool. Cooling down, the substance decreases in volume and begins to act like a massage: it smoothes wrinkles, removes swelling. Giving heat to the joints and muscles, paraffin warms them, relieves spasms, tension.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Among the shortcomings of the procedure, only the presence of contraindications can be noted, but they are few. The benefits are much greater: girls who have tried paraffin therapy for their hands are surprised at how effective it is. This applies to the use of both hot and cold wax. Other benefits:

  • Security. Since a special cosmetic wax is used (the candle is not suitable), there is no risk of getting burned.
  • Speed. Hands can be processed quickly, and heating also does not take much time.
  • Simplicity. You can even do at home alone.
  • Therapeutic effect. Initially, paraffin therapy was used as a medical method for warming joints and muscles.
  • Versatility. The procedure can be carried out even in the presence of makeup or extension nails.
  • Cost The therapy has a low price.

Paraffin hand bath at home

Manipulate yourself easily. Paraffin therapy at home takes no more than 40 minutes, gives not only moisturizing and nourishing hands, but also a good mood. For the procedure will need:

  • Paraffin. Special cosmetic: it is heated at a temperature of 50 degrees, because it is safe for the skin. Keep in mind that ordinary paraffin, from which candles are made, cannot be used.
  • Polyethylene gloves.
  • Terry mittens, or other rag mittens. They can be replaced with a towel.
  • The device for paraffin therapy is a special heated bath. She, like the material for processing, can be bought in the markets for manicure masters or ordered in the online store. If you do not want to purchase special equipment - use a deep pan. Do not worry, cosmetic wax is easy to wash off the dishes.

How to choose a device for the procedure

To use a pot or other dishes, if you are going to frequently process your hands with a unique substance, is irrational. It is better to purchase a special device - paraffin therapy will be more comfortable with it. When choosing, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The volume and size of the bath. Capacity 1500-2000 ml are suitable for hands. If you plan on using paraffin on your feet too, give preference to a larger bath.
  • The speed of the heating function. This value varies from 40 minutes to 4 hours. The smaller it is, the better.
  • The presence of the thermostat to maintain the optimum temperature. In addition, not a superfluous indicator of the heating of the substance.
  • Material manufacturing internal capacity. It can be aluminum, plastic or metal. The latter option is better, but more expensive. In addition, there can be a Teflon coating on top - it will provide ease of cleaning equipment.
  • Recommended types of paraffin. They should include the one you use.
  • Power usage. The smaller it is, the more economical it is to use the device.

Criteria such as design or equipment are a matter of personal preference. Rely on choosing not only recommendations, but also intuition. For those who like to study in detail the information before buying, in the table below the best models of baths for home use and their cost.

Paraffin therapy - what is it?

Paraffin therapy was invented as early as the beginning of the 20th century for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation after battle wounds, since almost magical effects of hot paraffin on the recovery rate of damaged tissues and its anti-inflammatory effect were noticed. When paraffin therapy came to cosmetology, it immediately gained amazing popularity - after all, after removing the paraffin glove, her hands become smooth and soft like a newborn baby. Now paraffin masks are used not only for the rejuvenation of the skin of the hands, but also for the face, body and legs.

So how does paraffin affect the skin? This substance is different in that it releases heat very slowly. Under its influence, the skin temperature rises by 1-3 degrees, the blood flow increases, the muscles relax, the inflammatory processes decrease and disappear. The pores on the skin open up and nutrients applied to the skin before the procedure can penetrate into its deep layers. Increased blood flow causes increased circulation of the subcutaneous lymph, which releases toxins to the surface along with sweat, while moisture does not evaporate from the skin, but is absorbed back, naturally moisturizing it, but the toxins remain on the surface. This process is called "skin breathing." Gradually, paraffin hardens, tightening the skin and smoothing fine wrinkles, giving the skin a smooth and velvety softness for a long time.

This procedure has contraindications, but there are few of them. These are serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, acute inflammatory processes, the second half of pregnancy, pustular inflammation and skin damage.

The effectiveness of paraffin therapy

  1. Strengthens joints and gives them flexibility
  2. Detoxifies and moisturizes the skin.
  3. Reduces swelling
  4. Relaxes tense muscles
  5. Promotes deep penetration of nutrients into the skin and stimulates the process of their production in the body
  6. Improves skin tone and smooths wrinkles.
  7. Especially useful, pleasant and even necessary in winter and autumn, when the body is extremely in need of deep warming.
  8. Able to give you pleasure, relieve tension and fatigue and relieve stress.

Material and accessories for paraffin therapy

For a properly applied and effective therapy, special cosmetic paraffin is needed. In no case can not use the material from which make candles, as he did not pass the cleaning procedure and is not saturated with the necessary nutrients. On the contrary, it can even damage the health of your skin. Специально очищенный и подготовленный парафин ы можете купить в специализированном магазине косметики или в аптеке.There you can buy both plain white paraffin, which does not contain any flavors and additives, or paraffin with extracts and oils of tea rose, peach, carite, rosehip and other active substances often used in SPA procedures. Simple white paraffin is ideal for allergy sufferers, and at home, to enhance pleasant sensations and relaxation, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the bath and enjoy the favorite scent of lavender, orange or jasmine. For one session, you will need 2-3 kilograms of paraffin, as it is necessary several times to put your hands in the bath to form a “paraffin glove”. Re-paraffin, which formed the glove, will not be used. It will absorb the toxins that your body has already cleansed. Substance will need to be thrown away. Paraffin filling the bath will also need to be changed after 20-25 use, and the bath should be thoroughly cleaned.

The second necessary component is a paraffin bath. A special apparatus with an internal coating of Teflon or plastic, resistant to high temperatures, is sold in cosmetic stores. Such a device is very convenient, since the electronic display allows you to set and maintain in automatic mode the desired heating temperature of this slowly melting and quickly thickening substance. In the absence of such a device, you can choose a budget option and heat the paraffin in a water bath, which will take a little longer. Paraffin tank should be installed on a colander and heated over boiling water steam. Care should be taken to prevent paraffin from splashing water. When using this method, it is more difficult to determine the required temperature of paraffin heating. Experts suggest heating the substance to a comfortable temperature of 40-50 degrees. Bath should not be burning! It is believed that paraffin can not be burned, as it slowly releases heat. However, this is not quite true. To check you need to drop a little heated paraffin on the back of the hand. You should not have the slightest discomfort.

In addition to these two main components, you will need disposable plastic gloves or bags, warm terry gloves for hands or pedicure socks for feet, nourishing cream, scrub and moisturizer or oil. As well as relaxation music, a comfortable chair and the desire to fully enjoy the procedure for applying paraffin therapy at home. However, if you have never tried this procedure on yourself, you should first go through it in a beauty salon. An experienced professional will select the best paraffin mixture required for optimal effect temperature and duration of the session.

Detailed instructions for home paraffin therapy

Pamper your hands with a luxurious spa treatment without leaving your home. It is quite simple. You will need

  1. Cosmetic paraffin wax
  2. Paraffin bath (special device or any heat-resistant container heated in a water bath)
  3. Disposable polyethylene gloves
  4. Terry or wool gloves to keep warm
  5. Skin Disinfectant
  6. Scrub
  7. Nourishing and moisturizing cream

The paraffin therapy kits sold in specialized stores already have all these accessories and skin care products, but you can buy them separately, based on your preferences. The main course for hands involves the procedure 10-12 times daily or at intervals of one day. Then, to maintain the effect achieved, it is enough to repeat it once every one and a half to two weeks. However, changes in the state of koi will be noticeable after the first procedure.

So, 9 steps homemade paraffin

  1. Heat the paraffin wax in a special bath (it will take 2-2.5 hours) or in a water bath.
  2. Disinfect hands
  3. Gently massage your hands with a scrub or a special mitten or brush to cleanse horny particles and enhance blood circulation. But avoid skin injuries. Wash the scrub off with water.
  4. Rub the nutrient into the skin - oil or nourishing cream
  5. Dip your hands in paraffin and immediately remove them. Repeat this action several times with a break of 5-10 seconds. Your hands are forming gloves from several thin layers of paraffin. In case of increased skin sensitivity, the first layer can be applied with a brush. However, it will be difficult to do it alone - you will need help.
  6. Put polyethylene gloves on paraffin gloves on top and terry mittens or gloves for warming them.
  7. Wait at least 20 minutes. After that, remove the gloves, clean the hands of paraffin wax, which should also easily move away from the skin. Paraffin after the procedure must be discarded.
  8. Wipe your hands with a damp cloth to remove paraffin oil and a nourishing mask.
  9. Massage into the skin with a moisturizer.

Paraffin treatment of the legs and other parts of the body is performed in a similar way with minor differences.

This procedure will warm your body and soul on a cold winter day. It will allow you to relax, sincerely enjoy life and will bring considerable benefits. After all, your health and beauty is a source of happiness for you and your loved ones.

Indications for use of paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy is pleasant anti-aging treatmentwhich is mainly used on the skin of the hands, less often on the legs and other parts of the body, for example, to get rid of cellulite. After applying paraffin to the skin area, the temperature of this area increases by 1-1.5 degrees. There is an increase in the intercellular space, softens the upper layer of the skin, opens the pores, increases sweating.

Together with sweat, toxins and impurities come out from the inside along with the water, but the water does not evaporate, leaving the skin dry. It is reabsorbed, helping to restore water balance. There is also an increase in blood flow, the skin gets more vitamins and nutrition. Simply put, paraffin therapy has the effect of a sauna, but only on a particular area of ​​the body.

Among the testimony for use of the procedure for medical purposes are:

  1. Skin diseases, trophic ulcers,
  2. Diseases associated with the locomotor system: tears and sprains, fractures, sciatica, arthritis,
  3. Frostbite and burns,
  4. Some diseases of the internal organs, including gynecological in women,
  5. Polio,
  6. Varicose veins

In cosmetology paraffin therapy is used in the following cases:

  1. Excessive dry skin
  2. Age-related changes, facial wrinkles, deep folds and creases, the appearance of a double chin, a change in the oval of the face, visible aging of the skin of the hands,
  3. Cellulite, scarring of the skin,
  4. Postacne
  5. Tendency to edema.

Paraffin therapy for hands: use

The procedure is especially effective for hands in the springtime, when the skin needs careful care and care after the winter cold. Paraffin therapy allows:

  1. Restore damaged tissue, heal minor scratches and cracks,
  2. Tone the muscles and make the skin more tender and soft,
  3. Restore the water balance, get rid of dryness,
  4. Improve blood circulation and nutrition, rid the skin of toxins and clean it.

In other words, the procedure of paraffin therapy. gives the effect of a saunabut locally, only at a specific site. Most often, paraffin therapy is used before manicure for a deeper cleaning.

Little about paraffin

Exist specific paraffin selection rules for the procedure you need to keep in mind when conducting the procedure at home.

  1. You can not use paraffin wax: it is not cleaned and is not suitable for application to the skin. At best, he will not bring any benefit, at worst - harm.
  2. When applying paraffin care must be taken: pleasant warmth should be felt, if the temperature is higher, there is a risk of damaging the skin.
  3. It is better to choose paraffin with useful additives. Depending on the selected drug can achieve different effects. You can buy paraffin in specialized stores.
  4. It is worth remembering that in one session for hands about 200 g of paraffin will be required. The cost of one package weighing 0.5 kg starts from 200 rubles.

As supplements fit:

  1. Peach oil is an anti-allergenic agent that can be used in the fight against inflammatory processes,
  2. Chocolate - helps to regenerate the skin and renew it,
  3. Citrus supplements - nourish and refresh
  4. Tea Rose Extract - suitable for spa treatments and treatments
  5. Vitamin E - softens and nourishes the skin.

Paraffin hand treatment

Paraffin therapy can be at home or in a beauty salon. Both options go through the same stages.

  1. First you need to heat the paraffin in a water bath. To do this, it is better to use a special bath, it is also necessary to closely monitor that no water gets into the paraffin. The more pieces of paraffin, the longer they will melt. Care must be taken that the temperature does not exceed 40 ° C.
  2. While the wax is being prepared, you need to prepare your hands: steam your skin in warm water, use a scrub, if you wish, make a light massage. This will help to increase blood flow to the hands and remove dead particles. At the end, you must apply a nourishing hand cream.
  3. Then the paraffin line comes up: you need to lower the hands into the melted paraffin for 10 seconds, pull out for 10-15 seconds and lower again. All you need to spend 3-5 lowering and wait until the substance hardens a bit.
  4. When the wax is slightly hardened, you need to wrap your hands with a film and a warm towel or wear special gloves that keep you warm.
  5. After 20-30 minutes it is necessary to remove the paraffin, rinse your hands and apply a moisturizer. Then you can proceed to the manicure.

Standard course consists of 5-10 procedures once a week. Paraffin therapy for the legs is carried out in the same way, both procedures can be performed simultaneously. Paraffin can be used only once, after it is discarded.

Contraindications to paraffin therapy

Paraffin therapy has a number of contraindicationswhich is recommended to listen in advance:

  1. High blood pressure, diabetes, ischemic disease, myocardial infarction,
  2. Allergic reactions to individual components or individual intolerance,
  3. Chronic angina, atherosclerosis, glomerulonephritis in chronic form,
  4. Varicose veins in places of paraffin application,
  5. Open or unhealed skin wounds, inflammations, rashes, pus and acne,
  6. Chronic diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage,
  7. Cirrhosis, hepatic dysfunctions,
  8. Hypertrichosis, telangiectasia.

The listed contraindications mainly relate to paraffin baths and procedures aimed at a wide area, such as feet and face. If the procedure is carried out only on the palms, most of the contraindications can be safely excluded.

Paraffin therapy is a cosmetic procedure aimed at improving and healing the skin. It can be used for hands, feet, neck, face and the whole body. By the nature of the impact and effect it can be compared with a sauna or a bath. Due to its simplicity and the absence of side effects, it can be used almost always.