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Halloween pumpkin - stylish ideas and the most current trends of the season (74 photo video)


On the night of October 31 to November 1, one of the oldest holidays in the world, Halloween, is celebrated. This ancient Celtic celebration has an interesting history, original traditions and funny paraphernalia. The holiday in a strange way combines two traditions: honoring evil spirits and worshiping all the saints.

In the USA, Europe and Canada, on this day, it is customary to dress up in costumes of evil spirits, to arrange masquerades, to make fires and to build lamps from pumpkins. It is not surprising that on the outskirts of the famous holiday, many people have a question: how to make a pumpkin for Halloween? Today we will try to give you comprehensive instructions regarding the manufacture of the Jack-Lantern.

Why precisely pumpkin?

Pumpkin is the main attribute of Halloween. On a ripe fruit, celebrants usually cut out sinister faces and insert a candle inside, constructing a kind of lantern. The habit of making vegetable lamps originated in Ireland and the UK. Celtic monks (druids) made them from turnips, beets, rutabagas and used to expel evil spirits.

Initially, this ritual had nothing to do with Halloween, but in the 19th century, North America made it the main tradition of this holiday. Only instead of these vegetables began to use a pumpkin, since it symbolizes the time of harvest. The Americans called the pumpkin lamp Jack-O-Lantern and made it the official symbol of Halloween.

Jack-lantern - who is he?

Before you start making pumpkins for Halloween, you should familiarize yourself with the legend about Jack-Lantern, whose soul wanders to this day in search of comfort.

According to legend, Jack led the lousy life of a lazy farmer, drunkard and thief. Fleeing once again with stolen good from a crowd of angry peasants, he met the devil, who announced his hour of death. But Jack did not want to die and asked the messenger of hell to postpone death a little, suggesting in return to defame the sinless peasants.

The treacherous contract was that the devil had to turn into a gold coin, with which Jack would pay for the stolen items. Then the coin will disappear, and peasants driven by greed will arrange a fight, trying to figure out who stole it. Devil Jack's idea came to mind. He immediately turned into a gold coin and got into the thief's pocket.

But as the cross was the stolen thing, the demon instantly lost his power. Jack released him with the condition that he would not take his soul to hell.

But when he died, his soul was not accepted either in heaven or in hell. Looking for the road in total darkness, Jack asked the devil for a lantern, to which he threw him several embers. The thief built a lamp from a pumpkin, put coals in it and began to wander between heaven and earth in search of comfort. This is how Jack Lantern, commemorated annually on the night of November 1, appeared.

Pumpkin lantern

For the first time it is better to take a pumpkin of a small size and prepare the tools and materials that will be found in each house:

  • kitchen and office knives,
  • flashlight or miniature candle,
  • alcohol,
  • sponge or cotton wool
  • big spoon
  • marker.

The color of the pumpkin can be anything from a pale yellow to a rich orange hue.

Working process:

  • Pumpkin washed, dried, degreased with cotton wool soaked in alcohol.
  • Carefully cut off the "lid" and clean the fruit from the pulp through the hole. The walls while trying to make as thin as possible. So the pumpkin will be stored as long as possible.
  • Marker draws the image of the future pattern. Further along the contour cut out the extra pieces. Larger items are more convenient to cut with a kitchen knife. For the smallest fit thin stationery blade. You can create a drawing yourself or use a variety of ready-made templates from the Internet.
  • In this form, the pumpkin is left to dry for 12 hours.
  • After that, insert a candle or flashlight inside.

Drawings on a pumpkin

The most common pattern on the pumpkin is, of course, the mask. A variety of patterns, photos of pumpkins for Halloween and ways of cutting allows you to make a lot of products unlike each other. The mask can be both cheerful and good-natured, and suggestive of fear with an evil grin.

To transfer the pattern to the surface of the pumpkin, you must first print the template you like. On the sheet it is necessary to make several cuts so that it lies flat on the round walls of the pumpkin.

The features of the "face" on the pumpkin are often performed in the form of geometric shapes. Eyes or nose make a triangular shape, the mouth in the form of a zigzag. Beginners may experience difficulties with the execution of such elements. The secret lies in the correct technique of cutting corners.

The main rule: do not turn the knife when you need to change the direction of the cut. It is better to pull out the tool and reinsert it at the right angle.

Masks with such triangular cutouts, as a rule, are evil and frightening. To create more good-natured characters, it is better to use templates with smooth curves.

In addition to "human" guises, they often depict fairy-tale characters or animals. Additional elements, such as protruding ears, can be made from pieces of another pumpkin and attached with toothpicks.

Pumpkins that are carved in a way look spectacular. They do not assume the presence of internal illumination. Just on the surface the desired pattern is skillfully cut.

For such crafts, it is preferable to take the fruit with a bright orange peel. The strong contrast between the surface and the cut-off areas, under which the bright flesh remains, makes the mask expressive and memorable.

See how to cut a pumpkin for Halloween with white teeth or a huge hunchbacked nose, can be on the Internet, where there are many master classes.

Why cut out a pumpkin for Halloween (halloween)?

Pumpkin - the main symbol of Halloween (or All Saints Day). Why precisely pumpkin and why on it brutal muzzles cut out?

The tradition of cutting lanterns from vegetables came from Ireland and Great Britain and dates back to the days of the Celtic Druid monks who used these sinister-looking lanterns to drive out demons and evil spirits.

Usually, lanterns were cut from turnips, beets and rutabagas, and until the 19th century they had nothing to do with the day of all saints.

The custom of cutting a pumpkin for Halloween came from North America, where the pumpkin was associated with the harvest season. The American pumpkin lantern was named Jack-O-Lantern and became the official symbol of Halloween in 1866.

What is a jack-lantern?

Flickering in the darkness, the light of the pumpkin symbolizes the souls of the dead, wandering between heaven and hell.

Legend has it that once there was a negligent farmer, a drunkard and a thief Jack. Once Jack ran away from angry peasants whom he robbed. And here on the way he met the devil, who announced to Jack that the time had come for his death. Sly Jack persuaded the devil to postpone death in return for the chance to cast a spell on the righteous peasants who were after the thief. He suggested to the devil to turn into a coin, with which Jack would pay for the stolen items, and when the devil / coin disappears, the peasants will distort themselves with each other, figuring out who stole it. The devil agreed and, turning into a silver coin, jumped into Jack’s pocket. But then he was deprived of his witchcraft power, since he found himself near the cross, which Jack had stolen in the village. Jack promised to let the devil go if he promised not to take his soul to hell.

When it was time for death, Jack could not go to heaven because of his sinful life, but he was not allowed to go to hell, because he was promised. It was dark around here and Jack had nowhere to go. He asked for a lantern, and the devil mockingly threw at him the embers from the hellfire. Jack cut a lantern out of a pumpkin, put coals into it and began to roam the earth in search of rest.

How to cut a Halloween pumpkin (Jack's lamp)?

• A knife with a sharp and short blade. It is most convenient to make cuts with a small saw or a short knife with a gray sharpening, a penknife, and also a nail file. If possible, it is best to immediately purchase a special carving kit that includes all the necessary tools. Ordinary knives work with pumpkin more difficult. Carving knife costs about 50 UAH, and the set shown in the picture below 300 UAH.

• Pattern with a face

• Awl (thick needle, ballpoint pen)

• Candle. Do not take too high a candle, otherwise the upper wall of the pumpkin can burn. If there are small children in the house, and you are afraid of experimenting with fire, an ordinary flashlight will do.

Halloween Pumpkin Cutting Instructions

1. Choosing a pumpkin. Choose the most beautiful, most proportional, round and orange pumpkin. Choose only ripe fruit with a smooth and dense surface without damage or stains. It is desirable that the pumpkin was symmetrical. Pay attention to the tail (stalk) pumpkin. It must be solid, dry and at least 5 cm long. Pumpkins that have begun to deteriorate, discard the tail. If you plan to put a candle inside then it is recommended to pick up a fruit more than 20 cm in height. Remember, it doesn't matter to us which pumpkin tastes, we are only interested in its appearance after cutting. Reminder: the pumpkin, especially if it is not dried in the fresh air, begins to rot in 5-7 days, so it is best to cook it 3-4 days before the holiday.

2. My, we dry, we put drawing. Wash and dry the selected pumpkin. If you cut a pumpkin for the first time, then set the knife aside and take the marker first. With them you will draw lines on which you will make then cuts. Make sure that the marker is easily erased from the surface and leaves no residue.

3. Cleaning out the pumpkin. The creation of the Jack Lamp begins with cutting the top of the pumpkin. You can also cut not the top of the pumpkin, and the bottom. This option is appropriate for those who do not plan to put a candle inside, but want to insert a jar with a candle or a flashlight.

We cut the lid along the contour with a knife, which must be held at an angle so that a cone-shaped cut is obtained: this way your lid (as a result) does not fall inside the “head”. To remove the cover pull the stem and if necessary, twist the cover. Cut off excess pulp and fiber from the cover if you use it.
Next we need to clean the pumpkin inside. It is very convenient to clean the seeds and pulp directly with your hands. To do this, use a special spoon for the pulp. In the absence of such a tool, you will have to work with an ordinary tablespoon. Remove all entrails from the pumpkin, scrape everything off the walls. If the pumpkin is large, then the top hole should be no less than your fist so that your hand can easily penetrate inside.

For optimum results, the wall thickness on the side of the pumpkin where you will cut a face should be 2-3 centimeters. There is no need to carefully scrape the walls, otherwise the thin skin will remain without support and fail. The teeth on the knife leave small notches. The edges of the cut need a little trim.

4. Drawing a pattern on a pumpkin. Now you can proceed to drawing patterns on the sides of the pumpkin.

Draw a sketch first on paper, make sure that this is what you want. Consider that straight lines are much easier to cut out than rounded ones. We attach an insulating tape drawing on a flat and beautiful side of the pumpkin and an awl (ballpoint pen) outline the outline, which is printed on the peel. Color those places on the pumpkin that will be cut so that they are better visible. In this case, it will be easier to cut.

Stencils for pumpkins
In the absence of artistic skills, an option using a stencil (template) is perfect for you. A few examples are presented below. By printing such templates on paper, you can significantly ease your work and are not afraid for the result.

5. Cut the picture. Put the tip of the knife on the contour and gently press it. In order to cut the pumpkin, use the reciprocating motion. Take your time, try to stick to the contour as closely as possible. If you need to make a sharp corner, then pull out the knife and insert it at a new angle.

6. Making lighting. After completion of work, leave the pumpkin to dry.

If you lightly sprinkle cinnamon inside the pumpkin, then the fragrance from such a special candle will fill the whole house with a holiday in minutes.

Then you can install the lighting. This may be a small candle, a garland or a lantern. You can put a candle (or several candles) inside the pumpkin. Place the candle in a glass cup and leave the top of the pumpkin open for ventilation. Another alternative could be a small flashlight.

Video lesson "How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween"

Red lamp, protecting against evil spirits October 31 is ready!

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How to keep a Halloween pumpkin from mold

It takes a lot of time to cut out Halloween pumpkins, because some of them are a work of art. And of course you want Jack to live as long as possible. But under the influence of moisture and oxygen, the vegetable still starts to deteriorate. But this process can be slowed down. There are several ways:

Silica gel. These are the bags with balls, which are placed in shoes or cat litter. Look in the closet, you probably have several such bags lying around somewhere.

Beads must be removed from the bags. Just remember that they can be dangerous to animals and children. And insert them into the pumpkin, with the calculation of about 3-4 grams of silica gel per 150 ml of pumpkin.

Bleach. Another great way is to soak the pumpkin in bleach. It contains chlorine or other antibacterial substances that can kill germs and moisten the skin of the pumpkin. To prepare the solution you need to take 1 teaspoon per 3.8 liters of water. In this mixture, cut the pumpkin soaked for 8 hours. And then wipe dry with a paper towel.

You can also spray a flashlight with bleach solution every day. It will also kill germs and keep it as long as possible. Just do not forget to remove excess moisture. Moisture - a breeding ground for germs and mold.

Special tools for Halloween pumpkin. Yes, there are sprays that can spray a flashlight. The main thing is to do it daily. You can also soak, here you have to choose.

And last, for better preservation, Jack’s flashlight is best kept in sunny but cool place.

Ways that DO NOT work

There are many recommendations in the network that slices of cut pumpkin can be treated with petroleum jelly, glue or acrylic. But they are not only not working, but with some degree of probability they are able to accelerate the decay.

Halloween pumpkin pics

In this gallery of ideas all photo-pictures are clickable. You can increase, and if you want, download. And, of course, you can be inspired! Because we were very inspired, we could not even choose the best photos, because the gallery is so big.

As you can see, a Halloween pumpkin is not necessarily something terrible, it can be quite sweet. It all depends on the master and his imagination.

Paper halloween pumpkins

If for some reason it is not possible to buy a fresh and beautiful pumpkin for the lamp, then in this case you can use paper. To make a Halloween pumpkin flashlight out of paper you will need:

a sheet of orange and a sheet of green A4 paper,

pen or pencil

scissors or office knife.

After preparing all the necessary tools and materials, we begin to cut pumpkins out of paper.

To begin, cut strips measuring about 2.5 cm from orange paper.

Then you need to find the center of each strip. To do this, they can be bent slightly in half, the place of the fold and will be the center. Fix with duct tape.

Then we put two more bands in the middle across the previous one, and fix it too.

The following ribbons lay out the cross on the cross, turning 45 degrees.

In this way, we put together all the pieces of paper pumpkin, fixing them together with adhesive tape.

Inside this pumpkin you can put a sweet gift, and then connect the ends of the strips. Giving the finished product a round shape.

From green paper we make a tail of a pumpkin and fasten it from above. Then cut a piece and attach to the tail.

To give such a paper pumpkin a Halloween look, you can glue triangular eyes, nose and toothed mouth out of black paper onto it.

As you can see, even from paper pumpkin you can create a festive atmosphere.

Pumpkin decorations for the holiday

In addition to the Halloween pumpkin carved according to all the rules and canons, it can be simply decorated with improvised materials:

and in general everything that is necessary for soul

It turns out very original and beautiful.

* All photos in the gallery are clickable.

See how simple and beautiful! Happy Halloween, friends!

Holiday tradition

Even the ancient priests of the Irish and English tribes began to cut out the ghastly faces on pumpkins. Basically, the vegetable was used for the harvest festival. The look, similar to the modern one, acquired a lantern by 1837. A little later, he began to associate with Halloween, and began to create it before the holiday.

It is not necessary to cut faces on pumpkins - for example, you can choose an animal or an inscription

The legend associated with the pumpkin, usually everywhere told about the same. Давным-давно в Ирландии жил Джек — жадный торговец, очень любящий выпить. Когда в пабе у него не было денег рассчитаться за эль, к нему подошёл дьявол, принявший облик человека, и предложил дорогую монету в обмен на бессмертную душу.

Джек схитрил и согласился, а сам сунул монету в карман, где лежал серебряный крестик. The devil was frightened: while the money was near the crucifixion, he would not have been able to regain the true guise of himself. So that the merchant would let him go, Satan was forced to give a promise that he would not take his soul after death to hell.

When Jack died, his situation proved hopeless. He did not deserve his paradise by his deeds, but they did not take him to hell either. He had a restless ghost to walk on the ground. The devil gave him ember to keep warm and light the way. And so that the fire did not go out and did not burn his hands, Jack placed it in a pumpkin with a carved face.

According to one of the variations of the legend, Jack stole the ember from hell after death, and the devil for this turned the head of the thief into a turnip.

The legend, of course, is entertaining. And very suitable for a mystical holiday. It is believed that if you put a lantern in the house or in the yard, all evil spirits rising from hell on Halloween will bypass the house a long way.

Necessary tools and materials

To select the most suitable pumpkin, you need to consider a few nuances. The color and shape of the vegetable can be any.

You can pre-wash the pumpkin with a sponge and dish detergent to degrease the surface. Then it will be easier to draw and cut.

Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • There should be no soft spots on the pumpkin. That means rotting.
  • The tail is preferable hard and hard.
  • Do not take pumpkin intended for baking. They are soft, weighing 2-3 kg, drawing on them will not hold well.
  • It is better if the pumpkin is with a flat bottom. It is more convenient to install on the surface.
  • You can knock on the skin. The feeling of emptiness is a sign of ripeness.
  • If the vegetable is bought 2-3 weeks before the holiday, you can take a slightly underripe. Pumpkin will ripen at home just in time for the celebration.

Tools you need:

  • a sharp knife, better with notches - it cuts the thicker skin more easily,
  • spoon or scraper,
  • awl,
  • marker,
  • scissors.

What is Jack's lamp

This is the main symbol of Halloween, also known as the jack-lantern. He is a face made of pumpkin, which is terribly grinned. It cuts out the eyes, nose, mouth, sometimes even forming a dentition for plausibility. It is believed that this important attribute of the holiday drives away evil spirits. It is usually installed on the doorstep. A candle is inserted inside or an electric light is arranged.

Jack began to make the first lamp of the British, who used turnips or rutabagus to make it. It acquired its modern appearance only at the beginning of the 19th century, at the same time receiving its name. It took about 30 years for people to associate it with All Saints Day. To make this pumpkin ornament closer to 1900, was proposed by the Americans, for whom this vegetable was cheaper and more accessible.

Called so this attribute was no accident. It is said that once there was a miser Jack, who was able to circle twice the finger of the devil himself. As a reward for this, he promised him not to claim his body and soul.

It all started with the fact that this simple drinker once suggested that the “dark side” drink a little wine in a tavern. When it came time to pay the bill, the prudent Irishman turned to the devil with a request to accept the form of a coin. He, without thinking twice, agreed, after which he ended up in Jack’s pocket next to a silver cross. As a result, he was unable to regain his image and decided to accept the original appearance in exchange for a promise of not touching the Irish for a year and not taking his soul after his departure from this world.

The second time, the young man asked the devil to climb a tree for fruit, and when he did, the cunning Jack painted a cross on his trunk, for which he received 10 years of cloudless life. But it was not there that, very soon he died and, without going to heaven or hell, wandered around the Earth with a turnip, into which he put a piece of smoldering coal that lit his way, that was the name of Jack's lantern.

Features of the choice of pumpkins for Halloween crafts

Pumpkin should be ripe, but not overripe. The richer its color will be, the brighter the lamp will turn out. Green, gray, black and yellow vegetables are not suitable, it is worth looking for orange varieties.

The optimal shape is round or slightly oval, elongated to the side or upwards. The ideal grade would be “Rossiyanka”, “Altai”, “Almond”, “Smile”.

Since on the surface of the pumpkin will have to paint the eyes, nose and mouth for cutting, it is best if it is relatively smooth, without sharp relief.

It is very important that the tail of the vegetable is not cut, which can be used as a nose or “hair”.

The peel must be dense, but not very thick, otherwise it will be difficult to cut something. Ideally, the pumpkin is needed this year, not the past, which has lain in the basement for many months.

Taking it too large is not worth it, a kilogram will be enough, a suitable height is about 15 cm, diameter is about 20 cm.

How to cut a face out of a pumpkin

To do this, you need a black marker or marker, a sharp knife and a stencil, if you want to do everything in proportion.

First, wash and dry the pumpkin well, then cut off the top with the leg. If you want to use it as a nose, then turn the vegetable to the side. After that, you need to scrub most of the pulp with a spoon (if you plan to make your teeth, then you need to leave it at the bottom) and remove all the seeds. The inner surface should end up smooth.

Detailed instructions for creating a lamp Jack:

    Search the Internet or prepare your own stencil on a clean sheet of thin paper. To do this, dotted lines circle the places where the eyes will be located. The optimal shape is triangular or in the form of a star, the width is approximately 3 cm. They can be located at different angles.

Paint your mouth on paper, about 3.5 cm from your eyes. Make it at a large angle, turning the corners on the sides up sharply and bringing them almost to your eyes. Let all edges be smooth, leave only a small tooth right below the center.

Draw a triangle-shaped nose between your eyes and mouth, with the tip pointing upwards.

Cut the stencil with scissors along the dotted lines so that there are empty spots in the eyes, mouth and nose.

Now grease the pumpkin with wet soap, stick a sample to it, smooth it out and circle the prepared voids with a marker.

Remove the paper and with a thin blade with a knife, carefully cut out the eyes, nose, mouth in turn, not forgetting to make one tooth in the center of the pulp.

  • Wipe the face with a rag, insert a candle inside, light it and cover the head with a previously cut off leg and leg.

  • What else can you cut out of a pumpkin

    Animals, cartoon characters, various figures, people, and even transport - that will help create a festive atmosphere on All Saints Day! You can make both large and small crafts, from which you can organize a whole "puppet theater". Any forms of cuts are allowed - triangles, ovals, circles, rhombuses, stars. Very interesting look deepening layered, in which the edges of the pulp are visible.

    How to cut an owl out of a pumpkin

    To accomplish this, you need a gray or pale yellow pumpkin of medium size, white acrylic paint, a gel pen, a knife with a sharp blade, a regular sponge and a drill with the thinnest drill bit. Creating an owl will take about an hour of slow work.

    Step by step instruction includes the following steps:

      First of all, carefully cut off the cap with the leg.

    Peel the vegetable from the seeds and pulp.

    Use a pen to circle the places where you are going to make your eyes, then shade them.

    Draw them in an oval using an uneven, writhing line, stepping back to the left almost to the very edge of the pumpkin, about 1.5 cm from the top, about 2 cm from the bottom, and the right distance should be minimal, no more than 0.3 cm.

    Put a fat check mark above the eyes so that it almost reaches the pupils. Make a mark in the place where the nose will be, drawing a diamond. On the side of the eyes, draw three small circles.

    Drill holes in the pupils that were previously hatched with a pen. Then gently scrub them from the remaining pulp. Now cut off the peel with a knife, starting from the line below and ending at the very eye. This should be done in such a way that a small bias is formed.

    Cut out the nose and eyebrows, decorated in the form of a daw. Give your mouth shape, making in the bottom of 5-6 grooves in the form of soaring birds, arranged in two rows. On each side, cut the pre-drawn circles.

  • Dip a sponge in white acrylic paint and walk it over the entire surface of the pumpkin, without affecting the inner surface of the eyes.

  • How beautiful carve pumpkin carving

    It is best to use a gray pumpkin, which looks very impressive. It should be small, a maximum of 12 cm in diameter. You will also need wire, PVA glue, plasticine, several A4 sheets, golden foil, white paint. In addition, you should prepare a sharp knife.

    The procedure for further action:

      First make the wheels, for which twist the wire into a ring with a diameter of about 4 cm (4 pieces will be needed). Next, fasten the “knitting needles” inside by making them from the same material and using glue for fastening. On top of the wheel cling black plasticine. Then, dilute the PVA glue in half with water and use it to coat the wire with a thin layer of white paper pulp. Allow the blank to dry and paint it with golden paint. Connect two wheels to each other with a skewer or toothpick, without fixing them.

    Now work on a pumpkin, cutting off the top and cutting out three windows in it, as in a carriage, partially removing the flesh from the inside. Then paint it with white paint and let it dry. After that, between the windows, make a layer of silver sparkles from the very top to the bottom. Repeat the same around the entire perimeter of the crafts. Further below and on the "roof" draw any patterns with golden paint.

    At this stage, you need to attach the wheels to the carriage, just pass the skewer with one of them in the bottom of the pumpkin and on the other side attach the second pair. To prevent them from scattering, fix them with wire.

  • Remove the previously cut off cap, insert a candle into the carriage and return it to its place.

  • Handmade jewelry can be used as a candlestick for decorating a festive table or at home as a whole.

    Cut out a pumpkin with your own hands little man

    To create such a decor pumpkin is better to choose an oval shape and a pale color. You will need white acrylic paint, a brush, super glue and various accessories made of cloth - a hat, a mustache, glasses.

    Adhere to the following scheme:

      Paint the pumpkin with white paint and let it dry.

    Draw two eyes with pupils with a pen, cut off the peel along this contour by just 0.3 cm, cover the pupil with black paint and the squirrel with white.

    As a nose, glue a piece of fabric on your face, and you can just cut a triangle.

    Draw lips, make a recess over their outlines, without touching the flesh strongly, and paste red clay from above, so that it looks volumetric against the background. If it doesn’t hold well, use super glue.

  • Fix a felt mustache on your face, paper or plastic glasses without clips, put a hat on your head.

  • If desired, an artificial sunflower flower can be attached to the hat, and instead of plasticine to create lips, use black fabric.

    Interesting Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

    Jack Lantern, carriage, cheerful man - this is not all interesting crafts from pumpkin. In order to get a beautiful decor, it is not necessary even to cut it. You can, for example, glue together different-sized vegetables and create a cute bear. Ears, eyes and nose is best to make him out of the squash.

    Another interesting option is to attach a green Italian orange snake to an orange pumpkin, from which you need to remove the pulp. After this should be cut in the last eyes, mouth and nose. To prevent the vegetables from breaking up, connect them with thick wire, passing it along the bottom edge. In conclusion, you can cut off the top from the “head” and insert a burning candle inside.

    The pumpkin turtle will look no less beautiful in the house. To create it, cut the smallest round or oval pumpkin in half. Then place it with a soft part on the table and at the side with a wire, attach half of the unpeeled potatoes with the cut side. Using skewers, fix in the pulp of the pumpkin 4 circles of carrots, which will serve as "legs". Make your eyes out of black peppercorns, gluing it to the potatoes.

    A cheerful person in full growth will help to create a festive atmosphere. Make it out of two pumpkins, the first, which is smaller, will become the head, and the second - the torso. So that the construction does not fall apart, they need to be joined using metal or wooden blades, inserting inside. Then cut the eyes on the face in the form of a triangle or oval, paint them, if you want, with white and black colors to make the image realistic. Do not forget to make a cut in the area of ​​the mouth and nose. Put a hat on your head, tie a scarf around your neck, insert needles on each side, on which you need to fasten one potato (these will be hands). Glue to the body a strip of cloth or paper along which buttons are glued or sewn.

    The easiest craft is an ordinary pumpkin vase for flowers. To do this, just need to cut off the top, remove all the pulp with seeds, dry it and fill it with fragrant field daisies, pansies, etc.

    To make crafts as spectacular as possible, you need to use a different decor - accessories made of felt, sequins, sequins, beads, paper, paint and other materials.

    How to cut a pumpkin for Halloween - see the video: