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The whole truth about silicone breasts


The desire of women who are dissatisfied with the appearance and size of their breasts to have a breast of the correct shape and attractive volume is quite natural.

Of course, daily care with high-quality products, various exercises for the décolleté, contrast showers, which make the skin of the breasts much longer youthful and attractive, are very useful for the breasts. However, no care can increase breast, correct pronounced asymmetry, make it elastic and return the tone, especially after childbirth. Therefore, regardless of the radical nature of the surgical intervention, nowadays more and more women resort to the services of plastic surgery. Naturally, demand creates supply, so the number of aesthetic surgery clinics across the country has grown like “mushrooms after the rain”. The majority of the operations they perform is mammoplasty or endoprosthetics (correction of the shape or size of the mammary glands).

Of course, the "silicone chest" is accompanied by many myths and legends. Many women who decide to increase the size of the breast, often do not even know all the subtleties of this operation. An operation to increase the mammary glands is possible for persons over the age of eighteen. Currently, fillers for implants are silicone gel (liquid or cohesive), and isotonic sodium chloride solution (physiological saline, which is water by its consistency). However, inside the implant, this solution can flow and form folds. Silicone gel, the so-called cohesive, gives the breast a natural soft sensation. It has a great advantage - it does not follow if a small tear forms, they are made in an anatomical form, which is stable and does not cause non-aesthetic furrows.

Implants come in various sizes and shapes: round and drop-shaped, symmetrical and asymmetrical, smooth and textured, etc. The most expensive implants are anatomical (drop-shaped) forms that look the most natural and texture, which are thought to “take root” better. Endoprosthetics are performed using incisions in the armpit, around the halo, and the most popular use is an incision in the fold under the mammary gland. After 10 days from the moment of implantation, stitches are removed, and the scars can have a bright pink shade and sometimes even increase when stretched. After 4-6 months, the scars turn pale and turn into a barely noticeable strip.

Contraindications for breast enlargement surgery are diabetes mellitus, bleeding disorders, any diseases of the internal organs in severe form.

Is it possible to have breast augmentation surgery if there is not a large benign education?
The implant does not affect the development of the tumor in any way, but it is best to be examined and make sure that the formation is benign. If the tumor is malignant, then urgent treatment is necessary, there is no need for aesthetic operations. In addition, some surgeons can remove a noncancerous formation during implantation.

Are implants dangerous?
The introduction of implants can trigger breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, various neurological disorders, as well as complications caused by individual intolerance to silicone. In addition, prostheses can sometimes shift (various cases of sagging breasts), as well as tear, especially often during flights on an airplane.

What is the service life of silicone prostheses?
The maximum service life of implants is 10-12 years. However, the guarantee is given only that the prostheses will not rupture. Therefore, no one will give you a guarantee that you will not have to do repeated surgery to correct the shape of the breast or remove implants much earlier. The life span of a “silicone breast” depends largely on several conditions: the size of the implant (the larger the size, the earlier the breast will sag), the age of the woman, the lifestyle and of course the individual characteristics of the body.

Can I breastfeed after implantation?
Implants do not affect the process of breastfeeding and do not cause side effects during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

How to choose a good clinic of aesthetic surgery?
Of course, this is not a clinic, but specialists who perform operations. There are very few professional surgeons who are known for their skill. It is necessary to attend the reception of several surgeons, be sure to ask their opinion about a particular plastic surgeon. A significant factor when choosing a doctor is the experience of the surgeon. It must be at least 10 years in the field of aesthetic medicine. Of course, a well-known name and any regalia should not be sufficient when choosing a doctor. At all times, the best doctor was the one recommended by his patients. Therefore, if there are acquaintances who have done this kind of operation, find out all the details, ask, see the result. And then choose.

The cost of the operation.
In Moscow, the average cost of consulting a plastic surgeon is from 1,500 rubles, the cost of prostheses is from $ 600, the cost of the operation is from $ 1,500. It must be borne in mind that the cost of stay in the clinic, prostheses, surgery is determined individually, after personal consultation with the doctor. An absolutely healthy woman who has no problems stretching or deforming the skin and who only wants to increase her breast size will cost less to have surgery.

1. The implant may burst or even explode!

Inside the silicone implant is a special viscous gel, whose properties do not change with a change in atmospheric pressure. In social networks, we constantly see photos of beauties flying to rest around the world. And yet none of them got off the plane with exploded implants. And what needs to be done to burst the implant in the usual way of life - I can not even imagine.

2. You can not breastfeed!

When endoprotizing the mammary gland is practically not injured, and the implant is placed under the pectoralis major muscle. Even with operational access through the lower half of the circumference of the areola, the incision passes along the edge of the gland and does not affect lactation. During the healing process, a capsule is formed around the implant, completely separating the implant from the surrounding tissues. Breastfeeding after endoprosthetics is possible, it is absolutely safe for both mother and baby. When breastfeeding increases the volume of the mammary gland increases and the skin cover is stretched, which can lead to ptosis of the mammary gland, that is, the omission of the breast. In this case, an operation is performed to lift the breast without changing implants.

3. After increasing the breast will lose sensitivity!

Another common myth among women. A temporary decrease in the sensitivity of the nipple, areola, or skin of the breast is possible during the first month after surgery, but is associated exclusively with edema. It does not matter what access was used: under the breast, through the areola, or through the armpit. Edema of tissues decreases, and sensitivity is fully restored. Thus, breast arthroplasty does not cause a decrease in breast sensitivity.

4. You can not go to the bath, sauna, solarium, jump with a parachute, ski, dive.

Such restrictions really exist, but only in the process of rehabilitation. A couple of months after breast augmentation, you can return to normal life! To conquer Everest, bask in the solarium, dive with scuba diving. Before, implants were less perfect and the probability of damage to the implant was higher. And today the implant is filled with a dense, cohesive gel that retains its shape even if the shell is damaged. The shell of the implant is made of durable silicone. Even holding the implant in his hands, it is extremely difficult to injure.

5. Once every 10 years implants need to be changed!

Currently, manufacturers of breast implants give a lifetime warranty on their products. The reason for replacing the implant - only your desire to get a chest of a different size. Replacing implants is a more complicated operation, unlike primary endoprosthetics. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right plastic surgeon and the size of the desired breast.

6. “Silicone” breast looks unnatural, and the implant can always be felt

The first question I ask the patient in a breast enlargement consultation is which breast you want: natural or puffy? And if the patient chooses the first option, then she gets a beautiful, neat chest. And believe me, it will be very difficult for you in the photo to determine where the breast is with the correctly selected implants, and where it is of the same size, but its own. True, in a horizontal position the breast without implants is displaced laterally, but not with implants. We must not forget that much depends on our own fabrics. For example, if your own integumentary tissues are sufficient, then the implant is difficult to determine even by touch. Well, if the girl is very slim and her own breast tissue is very small, then the implant will really be palpable.

7. Breast with implants sags faster

The mammary gland after arthroplasty behaves in the same way as an ordinary breast. It must be remembered that a chest larger than the second size needs support from below. Gravity is constantly acting on our tissues, and the chest is no exception! In order to avoid breast ptosis, it is necessary to: avoid weight fluctuations, care for breast skin and wear supporting underwear.

Komarova Svetlana Evgenievna

Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

Normal as your own. After a couple of years, I already forgot that there implants. But to me and the operation was easy, at a young age did.
There are, of course, features like with any big breast - it’s not so comfortable to lie on your stomach, for those who have weak back muscles you need to go for massages, otherwise the posture will deteriorate. But this cost does not happen so that it is convenient and beautiful.
I am very pleased that I did and self-confidence appeared and all the complexes resolved, and I got married a year after the operation. Almost immediately I met my husband, and I haven't even healed yet.
I highly recommend anyone who directly suffers from their small breasts and for whom this is the only problem in their life. Not such a large amount to become free from the experiences and for new colors in life.

Everything is nothing, but several years have passed, and the feeling of a foreign body does not disappear. It does not hurt, does not bother, but it feels like a foreign object in the body, if I may say so. Small size

Do not do nothing for what. I did it in a very good clinic in Israel. Pugachiha is talking about pulling her face. Implants are not cheap as we have in Mother Russia. You feel them always, you don’t feel comfortable sleeping on your stomach. from the head.

Sensations? The feeling of complete superiority over many who have their pimples or pendants))
A month after the operation in special clothes and further normal life full of happiness.
The choice of the surgeon, implants, the method of access and installation take very seriously. For many years I have never regretted it and I am constantly convinced of the correctness of my decision.

I don’t feel them at all, they are my relatives, and I don’t interfere with sleep on my stomach, and wisely rejoices

implants need to be changed every 10 years, are you ready to spend money again and again to endure this pain ??

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implants need to be changed every 10 years, are you ready to spend money again and again to endure this pain ??

What a blessing that I have my own cool! I'm talking about a tampon for several hours with horror, I think, and then a foreign body. Forever and ever. oooooy.

Girls, thank you for answering. I’m 20 and I want to dig it out and do it soon, maybe two. I do not know yet. But the woman wrote. what. every 10 years to change. true. O_O

Girls, thank you for answering. I’m 20 and I want to dig it out and do it soon, maybe two. I do not know yet. But the woman wrote. what. every 10 years to change. true. O_O

Girls, thank you for answering. I’m 20 and I want to dig it out and do it soon, maybe two. I do not know yet. But the woman wrote. what. every 10 years to change. true. O_O

She also did a year and a half ago, very pleased. There are no complications

I did it recently (a week ago), at first I cried, there was horror: I didn’t like the pain of neoeal and I didn’t like the size and shape! A week has passed! Everything is super! Boobs become fucked! It's too early to talk about the final result, it is somewhere in 3 months, but I am very happy! Feel like a queen! I am 35 years old with 0 passed))

What do you think, such a chest for life? It is not real. After 10 years it will be necessary to get implants, and maybe even earlier (depending on the size of the implant and its gland). They will get implants, after long wearing them the skin will stretch. Oh, you did not talk about this surgeons? Well, they also need to earn money, why scare customers.

Girls, I did last year, and I can say for sure that it's worth it. The husband is happy, I, too, and self-esteem is heavenly. It looks very natural to the touch as its own. I don't know, maybe because I have bioimplants. Firm Arion. I am so grateful to my doctor, all my doubts have disappeared after the first consultation. But there are no complications, nevertheless it is better to go to proven specialists.

Girls, I did last year, and I can say for sure that it's worth it. The husband is happy, I, too, and self-esteem is heavenly. It looks very natural to the touch as its own. I don't know, maybe because I have bioimplants. Firm Arion. I am so grateful to my doctor, all my doubts have disappeared after the first consultation. But there are no complications, nevertheless it is better to go to proven specialists.

And to the proven it is what? There are just a lot of surgeons now, I don’t want to be mistaken with the choice. I chose several doctors by experience, reviews and photos of surgeries that I liked, and now I go to consult them - I think that I should “feel” my intuition as a surgeon, but for the time being I cannot decide something ..

Girls, I did last year, and I can say for sure that it's worth it. The husband is happy, I, too, and self-esteem is heavenly. It looks very natural to the touch as its own. I don't know, maybe because I have bioimplants. Firm Arion. I am so grateful to my doctor, all my doubts have disappeared after the first consultation. But there are no complications, nevertheless it is better to go to proven specialists.

I did it 12 years ago (in the 37th), it is still excellent. Young elastic breasts)).

I read so many forums. Concluded:
1) those who are pulled back because of discomfort - units
2) who suffer - these are patients of Krivorukov budget surgeons
3) the rest are happy
4) with modern gel implants do not need a replacement every 10 years, implants with gurgling saline have sunk into oblivion
5) you can not save, the surgeon's reputation is the most important thing
I am from Belarus. I am not afraid of any pain, but in Belarus I will not do it, there is no confidence in the consequences. This topic finally touched me when I saw on Instagram the work of Dr. Tagir Faizullin. Having done a lot of recommendations, I found that he and Bakov Vadim are the most recommended. And they work in the same clinic in Moscow.
I liked that with their implants you can go to the gym in a month, and not 3.
I understand that you will need to roll off about $ 3500

Yes true. My friend worked in a plastic surgery clinic, she also told me so. And by the way, it is better to save more money, in case something has to be corrected, God forbid.

Subject slippery in fact. Usually 10 (+/-) years of warranty give manufacturers of implants. What happens next nobody knows. Clinical trials for long periods no one does (it is simply impossible). The scandal with multimillion-dollar lawsuits over cancer complications against all previously respected implant manufacturing companies are an example of this. So it is impossible to predict the result, this is not a askorbink.

What nonsense! Implants set for life. They do not need to be changed. Why do you think they should be replaced? Such stupid myths people create. Implants are pulled out only if you yourself want it or if there are severe complications. But the second is a rarity. Now there are many high-quality implants, the surgeon will select the best for you.
I put the top three anatomical form in Salidzhanova. Access was through a halo, so the traces of the intervention invisible. And about sensations, I can say that the foreign body feels the first three months - strongly, the next half a year - weaker, and after a year and a half - are not felt at all. Indeed, you get used to it.

Girls, thank you for answering. I’m 20 and I want to dig it out and do it soon, maybe two. I do not know yet. But the woman wrote. what. every 10 years to change. true. O_O

Change in several cases: complications, the desire to change the shape or size. The rest of the implants, indeed, for life set, as the manufacturers claim. And after childbirth and lactation, an enlarged breast can deteriorate, what do you think? For example, will it go down and do you need a correction, or is everything being solved with a tightening without replacing the implants?

I want to share my thoughts on anesthesia and surgery)))
Сама оп прошла спокойно, не считая того, что я была очень активная после наркоза и пыталась сесть на шпагат почему-то хахахахаха) это мне врачи уже рассказали, хотя я этого не помню. Initially, turning to Bustkliniku, I asked almost 350-400 ml))) so that, like Pamela's)) but reason prevailed over me, plus
Dmitry Igorevich advised me a more adequate option that would suit me in all respects ... so that it looked nice and comfortable, so that it would not regret that it was small, but not too huge ... well, the golden mean! And what I want to say! It was a brilliant decision on his part ... It turned out - just PEEEEHersic-how delicious, beautiful, expensive! As I should have been ... that's how he knew how I want it?) It turned out harmoniously .. the bosom was soft and the first time was very sensitive to touch ... Girls. Advice - carefully consider the size. My friend also did a plastic dock; she recommended a dock of 200 ml ... but she wanted 300 ml - she listened to him, and when the swelling slept, the breast still seemed to be a little .. well, she was upset, she said that she did it ... such But my dear Trufanov knew that I needed me to be a mega-super-duper happy. Many thanks to him, and to you, beginners, who will only do sisi-good luck! The point is good, though not quite simple =)

Possible contraindications

First you need to know that there are contraindications to artificial breast. There are not so many of them:

  1. Malignant tumors.
  2. Individual intolerance to polymer products.
  3. Prostration.
  4. Inflammatory processes and other pathologies of the breast.

So, if health is all right, you can discuss further issues.

What are the dentures filled with?

The implant looks like a transparent bag with a rounded shape, it is made of silicone. This polymeric substance is also poured inside the medical device, in a gel-like state. There is another version of the content - the physical solution. These modifications have both advantages and disadvantages. The minus of salty liquid is gurgling when moving. Advantages in an affordable price and safety: when injected into the tissue there will be no harm.

The advantage of jelly-like substance is that the gel does not spread when the shell breaks. Now available durable models, the surface is damaged in rare cases. There is a negative side to this. When silicone flows out, the chest must be operated again.

Experts advise not to save and choose quality products, the shelf life of which is unlimited.

What forms of implants are better?

Previously, only released round samples. Their purpose is to give the bust a voluptuous, raised look.

Now produce and other models, similar to a drop. These types are more expensive, but almost do not give out their presence, since the mammary glands retain their smoothness and naturalness. The disadvantages of anatomical options include the likely displacement.

Regardless of the configuration of the medical device, it can be understood that the surgeon has worked on the body. The symptoms are:

  • wrong proportions, when a thin girl has big breasts,
  • lack of symmetry or too smooth nipples,
  • when the woman is lying, the bust remains in the same standing position,
  • the mammary glands are more elastic to the touch, coolness is sometimes felt,
  • naked chest does not fall, contrary to gravity, the upper part looks like a ball,
  • body scars may indicate surgery.

If the patient is concerned about what the silicone breast looks like, naturally or unnaturally, then it is better to put drop-shaped endoprostheses.

Installation Methods

Mammoplasty is performed in different variations.. Surgeons determine the optimal place for an incision based on the characteristics of a particular patient:

  1. Above the pectoralis major muscle, in the nipple area. It is believed that this method is the least traumatic and the body recovers quickly. The disadvantage is that sometimes the edges of the prosthesis are visible. When it is heavy, new forms slowly sag over time.
  2. Under the fascia of the pectoral muscle. Compared with the first type, allows you to securely fix the silicone implant.
  3. Between the pectoral muscles. It makes it possible to significantly increase the volume of the bust, hides the outlines of the polymer product. Plus the fact that women's forms on top.
  4. Dissection of the integument occurs under the breast. Applicable to salt species, positive and negative points are similar to the first method.

Do not be afraid of scars, the level of modern medicine allows you to operate so that the scars were not noticeable. Worse, if after the intervention begins health problems.

Is silicone implantation safe?

Scalpel manipulation is always a risk of deterioration. No doctor can guarantee a favorable outcome, since complications are likely:

  • miscalculations in the dose of anesthetic substance during anesthesia,
  • the body rejects the foreign element, and then the implant is difficult to settle down,
  • when installed, the infection is carried inside, and inflammation begins,
  • after the operation there are painful sensations, rehabilitation lasts up to six months, at this time you will have to pay for the treatment,
  • large hematomas due to accumulation of blood under the skin are surgically removed,
  • in 5% of women nipples lose their sensitivity,
  • it is impossible to feed the newborn if the operation affected the areola, and the milky ducts damaged,
  • the shell of the implant is sometimes damaged in an accident, a fall and other types of injuries,
  • There are many cases when the endoprosthesis is shifted.

All operations that are performed repeatedly are more expensive. When doing the explantation, the skin needs to be tightened, after that large scars remain on the chest. There are negative aspects of mammoplasty - which surgeons are silent about.

What are the consequences

In the 80s, the famous American implant manufacturer paid for multimillion-dollar lawsuits from women who made mammoplasty. The victims had serious health problems due to the fact that the shells of the prostheses were missing silicone. The substance spread through the tissues, causing deformation, swelling, pain, severe diseases of the mammary glands.

The public was alarmed, doctors said that the neurological effects and malignant tumors were due to implants. Then in the 90s in the states such operations were banned for almost a decade.

In 1999, several independent American scientists made reports and confirmed that silicone does not cause cancer. The researchers noted that the condition of the operated patients worsens as a result of:

  • postoperative complications
  • intolerance to a polymeric substance,
  • in violation of the technology of production and installation of silicone products.

However, in 2012, Ukrainian scientists published a study on the negative effects of polymers used in medicine. The facts confirm that, over time, toxic microparticles are formed due to silicone prostheses, causing the body to gradually become poisoned. This is fraught with damage to the lungs, immune system, nervous system, as well as the liver, skin, the appearance of allergies.

The long-term experiments of the Russian scientist Anatoly Borisovich Schechter have shown that implants with a smooth surface cause chronic inflammation in the body, since the gel exits through the shell. That’s why safer textured products.

The polymer may tear imperceptibly, the spreading of the liquid is not felt. Therefore, experienced surgeons advise clients to undergo an MRI every three years.

Warranty period of medical products

According to surgeons, the shell of the modern endoprosthesis is very durable. In addition, there are harmless fillers. Therefore, women can live in peace, silicone breast in old age will not cause inconvenience.

The manufacturer of quality products promises a lifetime of service. It is recommended to check the availability of the certificate.

Pregnancy and feeding

Most women go for surgery after having children. Partly because, making plastic, supposedly you can not feed the baby. Many are confused by the possible problems of silicone breasts after childbirth.

Practicing surgeons respond, prosthetics do not interfere with giving birth. The only condition is that the incision should pass under the mammary gland.

Silicone does not get into the milk, because it does not dissolve in the liquid. Therefore, implants are not dangerous for the newborn. In addition, certain drugs that are prescribed for colic in infants contain this substance. Implantation does not harm women in position.

There is a possibility that the skin will sag after completion of feeding, because at first the bust increases in size. In such cases, new forms require special care: need to often moisturize the skin, wear supporting underwear. In addition, the change in the size of the glands leads to a loss of shape, a given prosthesis, or its displacement. Often you need to resort to a suspender after weaning baby.

Reviews of women undergoing surgery

Feelings of the chest, as from his own. Two years later, I don’t remember that I inserted implants. I was lucky because the operation took place at a young age. Big bust imprint, you need to strengthen your back, you can not sleep on your stomach, but these are trifles. The main thing is that everything suits me, I began to feel much more confident, immediately after the operation I met my future husband. I advise all girls who suffer with a small size to solve problems in this way. The price is worth it to get rid of suffering and get new emotions.

I put implants with a volume of 325 ml, the incision was made under the muscle. After the operation there was unbearable pain. All week, she roared and drank pills. Of course, over time, the bad was forgotten, you had to be patient. For about six months, I felt a foreign body inside me. On the stomach could not sleep, there was a sensitivity. But then everything went, so the girls who really want to do, I recommend.

I was operated on in 2004. The scars brightened and became thinner, five years later, there were no complications. She was afraid of oncology or thinning of the shell, but everything is in order. The breast in clothes looks excellent, without it it is immediately clear that it is artificial. If you feel, it feels cool. It is also embarrassing that when I lose weight, the edges of the endoprostheses are visible, the skin folds in some positions in a little. Now I gained 9 kg, and all the problems disappeared, nothing is noticeable. I have never regretted that I decided to take such a step.