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Sauce Vinaigrette


Vinaigrette - an excellent dietary dish, which is prepared in the form of a salad. It consists only of ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish our body. If desired, it can be prepared by any housewife who does not possess special culinary abilities, but not everyone knows how to dress a salad, except butter. In order for the budget dish to be very tasty, you can use different types of gas stations, which will be discussed further.

How to cook vinaigrette?

Vinaigrette is made from simple ingredients that are easy to find in the store and on the market. In order for the salad to learn the most delicious and bright, you must clearly follow the described instructions, take all the ingredients in the specified amount.

Cooking vinaigrette should begin with cooking vegetables. Three beets (small size), five tubers of potatoes, 2-3 carrots should be immersed in pots with water, cooked all the vegetables until fully cooked. In the meantime, you can do the preparation of the remaining ingredients. Put 400 grams of sauerkraut into a common saucepan, chop up a small onion, sprinkle half a can of canned green peas, as well as three diced pickled cucumbers (you can use pickled for a more varied taste). After the cooked vegetables have cooled, they should be cleaned and also cut into small cubes. Ready salad must be thoroughly mixed, salt to taste and season with original sauce, cooking options which are described below. Delicious vinaigrette is ready!

In addition to the classic vinaigrette, there are other varieties of it. Often, professional cooks, if desired by housewives, diversify it are recommended to add salted fish to the total number of ingredients, the herring being the ideal option. Often, such a salad is made with smoked mackerel, which enhances the flavor bouquet, so you can surprise the guests with such a vinaigrette.

Often it is prepared with the addition of boiled or smoked meat - this option is also considered unique, since the dish has an interesting taste. There is a variant of salad with berries, an example is lingonberry, ideally combined with the other components, pomegranate seeds have the same properties, which will give additional sourness. Vinaigrette with canned beans is also an interesting solution. If desired, you can add it instead of peas, which is included in the classic recipe. Fans of seafood can indulge in a salad with the addition of slightly boiled squid.

As for serving, for serving salad you can use special molds, but many cooks in restaurants serve it in whole boiled beets, in which a wide hole is pre-cut.

Oil based refill

Do you want to originally fill the vinaigrette? Prepare a very simple sauce, which often improve the taste of dishes in famous restaurants. To prepare this sauce should take 4 tbsp. spoons of sunflower oil, add to it you need a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and tea - mustard. In this composition, the ingredients need to be thoroughly shaken and pour into the salad.

Another option than tasty fill vinaigrette. The sauce is prepared on the basis of vegetable oil, which should be taken 4 tbsp. In a bowl with him you need to crush one clove of garlic and squeeze the juice from half of one lemon. After thorough mixing, the hostess will receive an original and slightly acidic dressing, which will make the taste of the dish more vivid. In order to slightly diversify the taste of the sauce, you can add a small amount of sesame oil.

However, doctors recommend using this option as rarely as possible, despite its interesting taste, which is associated with a high content of acidic components.

Another option than to fill the salad. This sauce has a richer flavor than the previous ones. In order to cook it, you should combine 100 ml of red wine vinegar, the same amount of sunflower oil (with flavor), as well as finely chopped medium head of garlic (pass it through the press) in the same bowl. In such ingredients should be placed on a pair of teaspoons of salt and sugar, as well as 1 tsp. mustard (for a more original taste is allowed to use the one that is sold with grains). All components need to mix very well and fill them with salad. It should also be borne in mind that the output is a large amount of sauce, which is not enough for one pan of salad, so before cooking it is important to calculate the most suitable amount of ingredients.

Egg filling

Another popular option for filling a vinaigrette instead of butter is mayonnaise. Of course, any hostess can use the finished product, which is sold on store shelves, and at a very affordable price. But cooks are advised to make a dressing on their own - in this case, it will have a special taste that will favorably affect the finished salad. In addition, it will also be useful.

To make homemade mayonnaise, take a teaspoon of ordinary table vinegar, a pair of chicken yolks (you can pour the whole eggs, but in this case, the dressing will be white, not beautiful yellow), a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of sugar. In such a composition, place the ingredients in a flask of an immersion mixer or blender, start beating at high speed, pouring in vegetable oil in a thin stream. It is necessary to finish this process only when the mass takes on the appearance of mayonnaise.

To prepare the sauce, you can take both unrefined and refined butter, but it is best to use the second option, the resulting mayonnaise will not have the aroma characteristic of sunflower oil.

We offer another option than you can fill a vinaigrette. To prepare the original sauce, combine 3 tablespoons in one dish. sunflower oil, a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, one teaspoonful of sugar and mustard, and a pinch of black pepper and the same amount of salt. In this composition, the products must be thoroughly shaken with an ordinary fork and filled with the resulting mass of lettuce.

Pesto dressing

How to fill vinaigrette? For this purpose, it is permissible to use the original "Pesto" sauce, which is very easy to prepare at home. To do this, take one teaspoon of finely chopped onion and the same amount of greens to taste (you can use dill, parsley, cilantro). After that, in the total mass you need to add a couple of teaspoons of white wine, 5 tbsp. tablespoons of odorless vegetable oil, half a teaspoon of mustard and salt, as well as a small amount of black pepper. Ingredients must be very well mixed. After such simple manipulations are completed, the hostess will get what to fill the salad with. The recipe of this sauce is simple, and it reveals the taste of dietary salad to the full.

With boiled eggs

In order to make another special version of the dressing for the salad, you must first boil one hard-boiled egg. After separating the white from the yolk. The yellow part should be finely shredded, pour a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, 4 tbsp. l sunflower oil, add a pinch of salt and the same amount of black pepper and a teaspoon of mustard. Products need to be thoroughly whipped by hand, add to them finely chopped protein and, mixing, pour the salad.

The better to fill the salad so that the salad had a sharp taste? For this purpose, you can use a special sauce "Pepperoni", which is prepared with the addition of a large amount of pepper.

To cook such a spicy dressing, you should take one small Bulgarian pepper and bake it in an ordinary oven. After it cools down, it is necessary to chop it finely, add 4-5 tbsp. l refined sunflower oil, a couple of tablespoons of vinegar, one small mustard, and a small amount of ground pepper (black) and salt to taste. The combined ingredients need to be thoroughly shaken and pour over the salad dressing.

With balsamic vinegar

This version of what to fill the salad is made on the basis of balsamic vinegar, which has an original flavor. To prepare such an original composition you need to take 3 tbsp. l olive oil, the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, a tablespoon of mustard (preferably one that is sold with grains), a couple of crushed cloves of garlic, a small amount of balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste. All the listed ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, shaken and season the prepared salad with them.

Basic recipe

The classic vinaigrette sauce recipe is vegetable oil, white wine vinegar, salt and hot pepper.

  • 1 tbsp. white wine vinegar,
  • 3 tbsp. refined sunflower oil,
  • 0.5 tsp black peppercorns,
  • 0.5 tsp coarse salt

Grind the salt with pepper in a mortar to a powder. Add vinegar and achieve complete salt dissolution. After that, you need to pick up a whisk and beat for a long time until the vinaigrette sauce thickens a bit and turns into a foamy whitish emulsion.

Classic sauce is ready. Most often, the sauce in this preparation is used only for filling vegetables. But other recipes of this sauce have a wider range of applications.

Mustard sauce

Vinaigrette dressing with mustard, in addition to the actual vegetable salads, perfectly complements meat dishes. Especially good this sauce with pork. In addition, this sauce is very tasty water salted or pickled fish. Even banal salty sprat, poured with vinaigrette sauce, turn into a real delicacy.

  • 1 tbsp. white wine or balsamic vinegar,
  • 3 tbsp. olive oil,
  • 0.5 tsp coarse salt
  • 0.5 tsp bitter peppercorns,
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard.

Grind pepper and salt in a mortar into a powder, dissolve in vinegar. Add mustard to vinegar and start to beat, adding vegetable oil at the last moment.

Sauce with yolk

As a stabilizer (thickener) for the sauce, you can use a hard-boiled yolk. This sauce vinaigrette may well replace our familiar and favorite mayonnaise. The sauce turns out thick, white, it perfectly complements any salads, as well as chicken, pork, fish.

  • 3 tbsp. dry white wine,
  • 9 tbsp. l refined vegetable oil,
  • 1. hl salt,
  • 0.5 tsp peppercorns,
  • 0.5 tsp mustard or 1 tsp mustard powder,
  • 3 hard-boiled chicken yolks.

Grind salt and pepper into powder and dissolve in dry wine. Add to the same mustard powder or ready mustard and whisk. Grind the yolks and add to the mixture of mustard, wine and spices. At the last moment, slowly, drop by drop add vegetable oil and beat with a mixer or a whisk. It should make a thick creamy mass.

How to cook vinaigrette - culinary secrets and tips

There is hardly a person who does not like this salad, this is a wonderful snack dish of vegetables.

Vinaigrette - a simple, healthy, insanely fragrant, satisfying and very tasty dish, it is worth it to cook it as often as possible!

For its preparation in the classic version, the simplest, budget and absolutely all available products are used.

But the classic version of the performance of this snack - this is only the "tip of the iceberg." After all, it can be cooked not only from all of us familiar beets, carrots, onions and potatoes!

And each time you will have a completely new salad, each of which will be completely different from the previous one in its taste and aroma.

But it will still be him - our old, kind vinaigrette!

Everybody loves him - adults, small children, elderly people and teenagers. It is not possible not to love him! Just for everyone you need to choose exactly your cooking option, which will be loved, or even several.

The extra charm of the salad is that this dish fits perfectly for any table.

Whatever vinaigrette you would have cooked, whether it is a “classic” or a vinaigrette in its unusual performance, it is exceptionally well suited for both the everyday table and the holiday table.

It is believed that the vinaigrette belongs to the category of "winter salads", which are cooked most often in the cold season. But if you really love this wonderful salad, then you can easily get away from such stereotypes.

We will give you ideas on how to give juiciness and freshness to this “winter delicacy”!

What is most important in the preparation of vinaigrette?

The most important part of this process is choosing the right products and the right technology to prepare the products.

If you know all this and are able to do it, then it remains the case for small things - just just mix all the ingredients, fill them up, and taste this wonderful dish, each time enjoying its unique taste!

What are the proportions of products you need to adhere to in the preparation of the salad?

By and large, there are none, because each person is individual, we all have our own taste preferences, our own view of what “tasty” is.

That is why some people love it when, say, beetroot prevails in the vinaigrette, others like it when there are enough potatoes, and still others like to share all the ingredients.

Some like to add a generous portion of onions to the vinaigrette, while others do not want to add it at all, and so on ...

There is not one single, the most "correct" recipe for a salad, it has not yet been invented. It can only come up with yourself.

And not just one, but as much as you want. Personally for yourself and your family. And it is these recipes that will be truly “correct.”

And we, for our part, will tell you about the important secrets of cooking this dish, and from the bottom of our heart we will share interesting ideas on how to prepare various variants of this wonderful and healthy salad.

What is prepared vinaigrette?

In the classic version of the preparation of vinaigrette are used:

  • beet,
  • carrot,
  • potato,
  • bow,
  • salted cucumbers.
  • Often green peas are added to such a salad and seasoned with vegetable oil.

The classic composition for the vinaigrette is the very “base”, the basis of any other version of the vinaigrette, whatever you choose.

How to choose products for making the most delicious vinaigrette?

  • Beet:

It is best to choose dark beet varieties, they are sweeter and juicy, more tender and more fragrant.

buy one that does not fall apart during cooking and holds its shape well, otherwise you may end up with “porridge” instead of vinaigrette. Try several varieties of potatoes and focus on the one that you like to your taste, your flavor, which you will be comfortable and comfortable to work with.

the best is bright orange, it is the most delicious, juicy, fragrant and looks very nice in a salad.

use the one you like the most. But best of all, after all, choose the onion that is not too sharp, which has a more delicate flavor, and not too obvious aroma. This is necessary in order not to interrupt the taste and aroma of other ingredients in the salad, since the onion, after all, is a rather “yogurt” vegetable.

What else to pay attention to:

  • If you use green peas, then buy peas without fail of brain varieties, it is considered the sweetest and sweetest.
  • If you use pickles in the preparation of the salad, then make sure that they are not too salty and spicy from vinegar. Over-salted and spicy cucumbers, as a rule, are too hearty, and, if you are a fan of the delicate taste of vinaigrette, then you may not like it.
  • The same story with sauerkraut: first make sure that it is not too sharp and sour. If its taste is rather harsh for you, then rinse it with running water and let it flow well.
  • If you add fresh cucumbers to your vinaigrette, first make sure that their peel is not bitter. And it is best to cut off the peel before using cucumbers (salted and fresh), this will give the vinaigrette more tenderness.
  • All vegetables are better to choose medium size or slightly less than average. So they will quickly prepare. Moreover, it is believed that the most delicious and flavorful potatoes, carrots and beets are just slightly smaller than average or medium sized vegetables, they are more tender and sweet.
  • All products that you will use in a salad should be fresh and of course good quality.

Preparation of ingredients for the dish

The basis of the salad is vegetables - potatoes, beets and carrots. They should be boiled. Many hostesses advise to cook vegetables in uniform. They are more delicious. However, it is best if the vegetables are peeled. It is known that nitrates accumulate in the peel. Именно поэтому рекомендуется предварительно очищать картофель, свеклу и морковь. Овощи лучше всего погружать в кастрюлю с кипящей, а не холодной водой. Таким простым действием можно сохранить витамины и микроэлементы.

Овощи для винегрета можно запечь и в духовке, используя специальный рукав для запекания. In potatoes, beets and carrots prepared in this way, more nutrients remain that are destroyed during normal cooking. Each vegetable has its own unique taste in the baking sleeve.

Boiled vinaigrette products should be cooled to room temperature. So it will be easier to cut them. This measure will help maintain the quality of the salad. If you use cold and warm foods, the vinaigrette will deteriorate very quickly after cooking.

First recommended chop the beets and pour it with vegetable oil. This is necessary so that when mixed, the rosy root vegetable does not color the other ingredients. Each vegetable will have its own color. However, after some time, the vinaigrette will still acquire its traditional flavor. Beets are not recommended to pour vegetable oil, if the dish will be used for another dressing.

The classic vinaigrette includes such a product as sauerkraut. So that she would not spoil the dish with her special taste, hostesses should first wash it under running water. If the cabbage seems too sour, then it is poured with warm water for 5-6 hours.

In the vinaigrette allowed to put chopped herring fillets. Pre-fish soaked in milk. Only sauerkraut is excluded from the dish, and the number of potatoes is increased.

Vinaigrette dressing - freedom of creativity

The traditional dressing of this dish is vegetable oil. However, you can safely give vent to fantasy, come up with an original sauce or use a specific seasoning, depending on personal preferences. For example, to prepare the original dressing, you can take the following ingredients:

  • sunflower oil - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • mustard - 1 tsp,
  • apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp. l

Instead of mustard and apple cider vinegar, you can take lemon juice (1 tbsp. L.) And crushed clove of garlic. In restaurants, chefs try to come up with very original vinaigrette sauces. They add olives, capers, wine vinegar to vegetable oil and, using a blender, turn it all into a homogeneous mass.

People who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and suffer from diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, do not experiment with lemon juice, vinegar, mustard when cooking refueling. Such a dish can adversely affect health.

Cooking Classic Vinaigrette

Classic vinaigrette is a simple dish to prepare. You must take the following ingredients:

  • small beets - 1 pc.,
  • potatoes - 4 pcs.,
  • sauerkraut - 150 g,
  • carrot - 2 pcs.,
  • pickled cucumbers - 2 pcs.,
  • oil - 4 tbsp. l.,
  • Onion - 1 pc.,
  • salt and black pepper to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash vegetables, peel them and cook. Potatoes, carrots, beets cut into cubes. Also chop the pickles and onions.
  2. Prepare a bowl in which the ingredients will be mixed. Pour the beet pieces into it, pour them with a small amount of vegetable oil, and then mix thoroughly. Add the remaining ingredients - potatoes, sauerkraut, carrots, cucumbers and onions, a small amount of salt and black pepper. Fill all this with vegetable oil and mix thoroughly.
  3. Cooked vinaigrette put in the fridge for half an hour. The dish will infuse and become more delicious. Before serving plates with a vinaigrette can be decorated with sprigs of green dill.

Thus, for the preparation of this simple dish you need to spend some time. But the pleasure and the benefits of food will be huge, because the salad is very tasty, and its ingredients are rich in nutrients.

French dressing

This sauce is one of the most popular dressings for this type of salad in France. In order to cook it, you need to combine 3 tablespoons in one small dish. l olive oil, three times fewer balsamic vinegar, a teaspoon of mustard and honey, and a small pinch of basil. The output will turn out dark and very beautiful sauce, which perfectly diversifies the original taste of the finished vinaigrette. Some cooks note its instability and the ability to stratify, so before the dressing it must be shaken.

What kind of oil to fill vinaigrette?

The classic dressing for such a salad is considered to be sunflower oil, which can be used of any type: refined or odorous (in the second case, the dish will have a more pronounced flavor). In addition, it is also allowed to use flaxseed, sesame or olive oil. Experienced hostesses fill salads and vinaigrettes after salting all the ingredients. This is due to the fact that salt is very poorly soluble in oils, thus, the wrong salting of the entire dish can occur.

As for the vinaigrette separately, some cooks recommend to fill the beets separately, mix them thoroughly, only after that send this ingredient to the general container, where the other components of the tasty dietary meal are located. If you use this technology, even after a few hours of pickling all the vegetables will not turn red, and each of them will have its own original color. Vinaigrette is important and properly stored. Eat salad necessarily fresh, during the day, do not leave for a few days.

Cooking steps by step with a photo:

For the preparation of the vinaigrette dressing, we take aromatic olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and black ground pepper.

It is most convenient to make vinaigrette sauce in a simple jar with an airtight lid - and we will use it. Pour into the dishes 9 tablespoons of olive oil.

Pour 3 tablespoons of wine vinegar there too, which, if desired, can be easily replaced with lemon juice.

Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Close the jar lid. It is important that it be sealed, otherwise the contents may be partially on the table.

It remains only to vigorously shake the jar so that all the ingredients combine into a single whole. See how the sauce changed color and became cloudy? It should be so.

Vinaigrette or vinaigrette dressing is ready. Can be used immediately for its intended purpose.

When stored in the refrigerator, the sauce will begin to flake (the oil will rise to the top), so you need to shake the jar once more and everything will return to its place.

How to prepare vegetables for cooking vinaigrette?

  • Carrots, beets and potatoes are pre-boiled in their skins.

You can do this by boiling them in water or boiling them for a couple. An excellent solution would be to make a burgundy vinaigrette, this kind of vinaigrette has a special taste and an incredible aroma.

You can bake vegetables in the oven, using foil or a baking sleeve, or just bake on an open baking sheet.

.If you bake the vegetables on an open baking sheet, then grease them with any vegetable oil.

This will help avoid overdrying of vegetables during cooking. Vegetables can be cooked on the grill or on the grill. The vegetables baked on the grill are especially tasty and divinely aromatic.

If you boil the vegetables in water, pour it in so much that the water only covers the vegetables two fingers higher.

Pour boiling water over vegetables or immediately immerse them in boiling water. Do not put vegetables in cool water. So you lose not only all the vitamins during cooking, but also worsen the taste of vegetables.

All vegetables can be cooked separately, and you can immediately together, only in this case, you need to clearly monitor the readiness of vegetables, as they all have different time that they need for cooking. Potatoes are boiled most quickly, then carrots, and only beet is followed.

  • All vegetables choose one size so that their readiness is at the same time.

Beets, usually cooked for a long time.

In order to speed up this process, boil the beets until half cooked, and then place the pan with the beets under a stream of cold running water, and let it cool completely. Beet has a layered structure, and this technique helps to complete its preparation much earlier than the prescribed time.

In order to remove the peel from boiled potatoes without problems, follow the same procedure with the beet: put the pan with the ready boiled potatoes under a stream of cold water for a few minutes, and then you can easily remove the peel from it.

Cooled vegetables are usually cut into small, beautiful and equal in size cubes.

All vegetables intended for a vinaigrette should be thoroughly washed before cooking and after peeling.

Vinaigrettes are decorated, as a rule, with the same products from which they are prepared, selecting them in contrast with the color of the vegetable mass.

  • What to do if you do not like it when beetroot stains all foods in a vinaigrette

If you do not like it when the beetroot stains all foods red in the vinaigrette, then in that case, first season the boiled and chopped beets with vegetable oil and then mix thoroughly so that the oil is evenly distributed throughout the beets.

It is necessary that the oil envelopes each of its pieces, and only then you can safely add the beets to the total mass with the other components of the vinaigrette.

It either does not color them at all, or it will color very slightly (it depends on the intensity of the color of the beets, and, in fact, on its variety).

  • All ingredients added to the vinaigrette should be cooled before cutting and mixing with each other.

What will make vinaigrette taste more saturated?

These are, of course, spices, spices, herbs, salt, as well as garlic and lemon juice.

For greater refinement of taste, you can add cranberry juice, orange juice or grapefruit, and you can make a juice mix and add to the salad.

All spices and spices must always be fresh and of excellent quality, otherwise they can hopelessly spoil the taste of your dish.

Add spices, salt, lemon juice and garlic need a little, in order not to "overdo it."

  • Do I have to salt the vinaigrette?

Salt is best used sea food, it has a more "delicious taste" than that of ordinary rock salt, or salt "extra".

If you like the taste and aroma of pink Himalayan salt, then please - in this case feel free to use it.

  • Can di add garlic to vinaigrette?

The use of garlic is a matter of taste, you can not add it at all, if you do not like or do not eat it for any other reasons.

Well, and, of course, garlic is somewhat “social” because of its smell after its use ... But the taste of the vinaigrette with garlic, of course, is more saturated.

How to fill vinaigrette?

It can only be vegetable oil, and there can be various sauces and dressings.

Vegetable oil use whatever you like.

Vegetable oils of the first cold-pressed are considered more useful; they have the most complete preservation of all the vitamins in the process of their pressing.

If you use mayonnaise or some other sauce dressing for your vinaigrette, it is better to cook them yourself.

All homemade taste is always better than the store!

How to fill and how to properly store the salad?

There are two different opinions that are completely opposite:

  1. Some argue that the vinaigrette should be refilled immediately before it is consumed,
  2. Others absolutely assure the opposite: the vinaigrette should be refilled immediately after cutting the food.

What to do - you choose yourself, having tried for this and so, and that way.

In any case, if you pre-mix all the ingredients of the vinaigrette with dressing and spices, this will allow the ingredients, as the chefs say, to “make friends” or “marry”, connecting with each other, and penetrating into each other with their flavors and flavors, will make vinaigrette more multifaceted taste.

How much to add refills to the vinaigrette is also up to you.

The more dressing you add, the more satisfying the salad will be, the richer its taste will be. But the more calories and your salad will contain.

The exception is lightweight refueling.

Store vinaigrette can be in the refrigerator for two days. No longer worth it, since its taste will only get worse over time.

Vinaigrette classic recipe

The recipe is very simple:

  1. If you are a fan of "classics", then use in your recipe such pre-cooked in "uniforms" and then peeled vegetables: carrots, beets and potatoes.
  2. Cut the cooled vegetables into small cubes, add chopped onions, diced pickled cucumbers and green peas.
  3. Add greens, spices, garlic and spices if desired.
  4. Salt and season with vegetable oil or vegetable oil, lemon juice and mustard dressing with a pinch of sugar.

As mentioned above, boiled beets, potatoes, carrots, onions and pickles are the “base” (base) for any salad.

Ideas for the preparation of delicious salads such as "vinaigrette":

  • Vinaigrette with apple

In a cooked classic vinaigrette add fresh or soaked apple, cut into small cubes. This will give juiciness and savory sweetness to your salad, plus - additionally enrich it with vitamins.

  • Fresh cucumber vinaigrette

Add sliced ​​fresh cucumber to the basis of “classics”, or completely replace salted cucumbers in the recipe with fresh ones, in which case your “classics” will play with juicy and fresh aromatic notes of summer.

  • Vinaigrette with sauerkraut

In a cooked classic vinaigrette, add sauerkraut or completely replace it with pickled cucumbers.

If you like this version of the salad, try to do so more often, especially in winter, during colds, as sauerkraut perfectly strengthens the immune system.

  • Vinaigrette with corn, beans, beans or boiled lentils

Instead of green peas, you can add canned corn to the vinaigrette. And you can mix and peas, and corn in its composition.

The presence of corn gives the vinaigrette a very unusual and pleasant sweetish taste. Corn vinaigrettes are very fond of kids.

Instead of peas, you can add boiled or canned beans to your vinaigrette. You can choose any kind of beans: white, dark, which one you like.

If canned beans, then you can choose the one that is cooked either in its own juice or in tomato sauce, it all depends on your taste.

Beans, preserved in tomato sauce, will add a nice little tomato flavor to the vinaigrette.

It's the same with beans: boil them yourself, or buy ready-made in banks.

For a lentil vinaigrette, you must first boil the lentils and cool it. Choose those varieties of lentils that, when cooked, keep their shape well and do not fall apart.

As a rule, these are green varieties of lentils, but first you still need to experiment with lentils and choose the variety that will suit you in all respects.

  • Vinaigrette with green beans

Add pre-boiled green beans to the base for your salad.

  • Avocado vinaigrette

You will have a very unusual, nourishing, tasty and mega-healthy vinaigrette if you add avocado peeled and diced into the classic “base”.

He will give the dish an amazing tenderness and softness, and if you like avocado, then this version of the vinaigrette is definitely yours! The main thing is that your avocado is well ripe.

If the avocado is not ripe, then the taste of the salad will not benefit too much.

Take a note on the avocado life hacking: if you bought too green avocados, then put them next to fresh apples to be stored. Thus, avocados ripen much faster. Store at room temperature, but not in the refrigerator.

  • Vinaigrette with baked vegetables

If you bake vegetables for your vinaigrette, and not boil them, then you will end up with a wonderful vinaigrette of amazingly rich taste with a stunning aroma.

And, among other things, such a vinaigrette will be more useful than a vinaigrette from boiled vegetables, since roasting preserves much more nutrients in vegetables than cooking them in water.

  • Vinaigrette with eggs

Hearty, tasty, healthy and original taste. In a classic cooked vinaigrette add boiled eggs, diced.

Such a salad can be filled with both vegetable oil and mayonnaise.

With mayonnaise “egg salad” sounds more pronounced, especially if you add green onions instead of onions, and as spices you will not regret a generous portion of freshly ground black pepper.

For the “egg version”, use chicken or quail eggs as you like.

  • Vinaigrette with sausage

If you are a “sausage lover”, then you will appreciate this recipe for vinaigrette. You can add the sausage you like to your vinaigrette.

It is considered that the combination of boiled vegetables, greens and boiled sausage, such as "doctor's", "milk", "Ostankino", etc., tastes best.

  • Vinaigrette with meat

This kind of salad has an exceptional taste. If you like meat in salads, then this kind of salad is for you!

For vinaigrette, use boiled meat cut into cubes. It can be pork, chicken, beef or turkey.

Если вы не боитесь экспериментов, и вам нравится всё необычное, то добавляйте в свой винегрет копчёное мясо, жареное, вяленое либо предварительно запеченое (загриленое) мясо.

Вы можете использовать несколько видов мяса одновременно.

An interesting "meat variant" variant of vinaigrette is obtained if you add to the classic "base" for the vinaigrette pre-fried in a pan or stewed under the lid of minced meat. Such a vinaigrette is more delicate in taste than a vinaigrette with pieces of meat.

In the same way and for the same purpose - to make the taste of “meat salad” more tender, you can twist boiled meat in a meat grinder, or chop a piece of previously boiled meat with a sharp knife into a fine “crumb”.

Interesting ideas for making vinaigrette

And finally, a couple more interesting ideas for “NOT classic” vinaigrettes.

The technology of their preparation is as follows: you take the basis for a vinaigrette, that is, a vinaigrette made according to the classic recipe, and simply add the product you want to your choice. Everything is very simple!

So, you can cook a bright and unforgettable salad with:

  • herring
  • with mushrooms,
  • with crab sticks,
  • with smoked fish
  • with boiled fish,
  • with salted salmon, salmon or sturgeon,
  • with squid,
  • with sea kale,
  • with fresh tomatoes,
  • with roasted zucchini cubes or zucchini,
  • with baked bell pepper,
  • with hard cheese, sausage cheese or melted cheese,
  • with chips,
  • with crackers,
  • with black or red caviar.

Variants of the sea, you can come up with your own, you can mix ideas with each other and give birth to new vinogret masterpieces ”!

Remember that this cookbook has not yet been written, you write it yourself!

Cook, enjoy, treat your loved ones and friends with this wonderful salad!