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One of the most important trends in the fashion industry is manicure and nail design. Look at our website for the best and unique selection - “Nail Art Photo Gallery”. Beautiful well-groomed nails - the key to a great mood and confidence. It's no secret that when meeting with strangers or at a job interview a manicure can tell everything about you. Look at the photo gallery and you will see that nail art is the creation of a work of art from nails.


All kinds of nail design

To get an original decorated manicure, you can use the services of a specialist or try to do it yourself, if you allow your imagination and skill.

This will require varnishes of different colors, all kinds of decorative elements - sequins, beads, dried flowers, rhinestones, foil, etc .. There are a lot of manicure styles - consider the most popular.

French manicure

Most popular all over the world. Perhaps there is not a single woman indifferent to the French manicure. Nails of natural color with clear white tips are always elegant and beautiful.

There are many varieties of this manicure - the tips are sometimes painted in bright colors, decorated with drawings, rhinestones and so on.

Photos of leopard nail design

A lot of girls love leopard coloring - dresses, tights, bags ... and manicure is no exception. To leopard manicure turned out beautiful and neat, it is not necessary to contact the master.

Let's try to make it yourself, because leopard coloring is one of the easiest and easiest. First you need to choose a not very bright base color. Apply it after it dries, proceed to the drawing of speckles.

Specks can be black, white, red and other colors. The main thing is that this color should contrast with the base color.

Stains can be applied with a brush or a regular needle and even a toothpick. They must be applied in a chaotic manner. There are no even leopard spots.

There are a lot of options to make a leopard manicure - here you can experiment not only with patterns, but also with different shades.

French manicure with leopard design.

French manicure with leopard design

Zebra style nail design

The next trendy animal print style is the zebra.

This is one of the most popular patterns in nail art.

In addition, the black and white design on the nails looks very elegant.

Zebra French French Manicure

Barbie manicure - photo

Next, the style in question - Barbie manicure.

This is, first of all, a glamorous manicure for fashionistas using only bright, rich shades of lacquers, lots of sparkles, stones and rhinestones.

You can decorate the manicure as you like and anything. Your imagination is already working here. Such nail art using rhinestones looks very expensive and glamorous.

Knitted manicure

This type of nail art appeared relatively recently, but has already gained popularity. Very often it is used as a winter manicure.

Black and white nail design - photo

Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful types of manicure. It always looks elegant and at the same time stylish and luxurious.

Despite the fact that in black and white nail design uses only two colors - a huge variety of options.

Nail art with rhinestones photo

You can make a drawing with rhinestones. They are applied with a thin brush (or toothpick) on a freshly applied lacquer coat and immersed about 1 mm. Then apply a fixing varnish.

Inside, you can be offered to insert rhinestones on the tip of the plate, making small holes in it. But this procedure is permissible only on artificially extended nails, on which crystals will last for a long time.

Caviar manicure photo

For this original bead manicure a special type of beads is used. It is very simple to make such nail art - apply your favorite lacquer and sprinkle with beads until it is dry.

Velvet manicure photo

This design appeared relatively recently and immediately attracted attention. It is rather simple to make it - to put a transparent varnish and without waiting for its drying to apply a flock of powder. It is sold in any specialty store, and the choice of colors is huge.

Nail photo design

This nail art looks very original and elegant. Usually, a photo design is done on extended nails.

First you need to print photos of the size of the plates, then cover them with clear varnish and allow to dry. Cut photos and place them in a bowl of water for about 5-10 minutes.

Then remove all the paper from the back of the photo - so that only a thin film with a photo should remain. When building up, place a photographic film on the nail and seal it with gel or acrylic.

Typically, such a photo design is done only on two nails.

Moon manicure

A well-forgotten past returned to us - Hollywood stars in the 20s and 30s shone with just such a moon manicure. It looks something like French, but just the opposite. All about moon manicure read here.

Water photo nail design

This amazing manicure is done with the help of water. It is in the water that the drops of different varnishes are made using a certain technology and applied to the nails. As a result, these unique fancy patterns are obtained. How to make a water manicure, read here.

Design - drawings on nails

Drawing on the nails can be applied in two ways: with a special brush or needle.

When choosing a needle as the main tool, the varnish should be applied in a thick layer and, until it has dried, droplets are applied in a different color for the future pattern. Next, with a needle, we connect these droplets in a specific pattern.

With the help of a brush, any drawings are applied - flowers, geometric patterns, hieroglyphs, landscapes, in general, everything your heart desires. But here you will need a certain skill and artistic ability.

All the pictures on the nails, see here.

Nail design "Smile"

Such a cool manicure with smileys will always raise your spirits, besides, it looks very original.

Aquarium nail design photo gallery

Aquarium design involves creating a composition in the center of the nails with colored acrylic powder, decorating it with artificial stones, rhinestones, dried flowers, feathers, broths, mica, etc.

Then an acrylic coating is applied and the effect of the aquarium is created. The advantage of aquarium design is not only in dazzling beauty, but also in the fact that such nails are quite durable.

Non-standard nail design options

In addition to the classical methods, you can use completely non-standard. Here are some examples:

For the convenience of drawing the picture, special markers were invented, which have a very original structure: a small container that fills with varnish and a thin brush at the end. This is a very convenient device, and it is easily cleaned with a regular nail polish remover.

  1. Apply varnish, wait until dry. Next, we glue on the nail plate in advance prepared patterns of drawings, made of adhesive tape. From above we put the second coat of varnish, but of a different shade. When it dries, remove the stencils. Drawing is ready!
  2. We apply several varnishes of different tones on each other and, until they are dry, we carry out with a silk thread moistened with nail polish remover. Formed stains of different colors, which looks very impressive.
  3. Sometimes a special manicure foil is used, which is fixed with a varnish or glue stick.

Nail Art with Photo Printer

A photo printer for printing on nails is an alternative to the author's painting. In addition, it is much easier and cheaper to perform it.

Photo printing is performed in accordance with modern technology Uni-Nail. At the end of the manicure session, you can directly on the PC monitor select the appropriate pattern, which with the help of an airbrush will be applied to your nails in a short time. You can choose any suitable color scheme, image or photo.

With the help of photo printing you can make your manicure much more beautiful and effective. So we wish you would rather experience this direction in nail art.

The choice of nail polish for nail design

Usually young girls choose bright and colorful colors. Any shades of orange, red, pink and yellow are their favorite.

Eccentric manicure - rainbow colors, a variety of stones, custom designs, etc. This manicure is chosen by women who prefer avant-garde style.

The brightest manicure - red lacquer and its possible shades - from bright red to burgundy are always appropriate if you want to radiate genuine feminine charms. The bright red color is the most impudent, it always attracts the eyes.

Casual manicure - choose lighter colors or classic dark red lacquer. Perfect French manicure.

Well-groomed nails say a lot about their owner. Even the most perfect image will be spoiled by neglected nails. Manicure fashion does not stand still and there are also certain trends and innovations in it.

White varnish looks very impressive and will fit almost any image and set of clothes. For the evening exit, red, burgundy and dark shades of lacquers are recommended, it will look a bit gothic, but mysterious.

Stylists offer to experiment with the design of nails - a striped manicure, a checkered one will be popular, and it will be interesting to look like an ombre.

French manicure, slightly modified, will be back in vogue this spring. The bet will be on asymmetry and color. The tips will need to be painted not ideally smooth, but say a beveled strip, wave or two lines. In addition, the base may be for example a delicate shade, and the strips themselves are of an explosive bright color or golden.

Strasse does not happen much, and stylists suggest using them in nail decoration for a solemn occasion.

Extravagant ladies will be pleasantly surprised, because massive and complex jewelry is back in fashion. Appliqués from stones, feathers, laces, beads and artificial flowers will make it possible to reveal creative nature to the fullest and impress everyone with an unusual manicure vision.

Of course, there is no need to talk about convenience here, this option is suitable for a photo shoot or some thematic event. In everyday life, it is better to use the rest of the above types of nail art.

A unique move that is proposed for the spring of the coming year is an incomplete coloring of the plate. You can paint only the tips or middle of the nail, while leaving the rest of the plate clean, without any basis.

The latest trend in the fashion world is the decoration of the cuticle around the plate. However, she, of course, should be well-groomed. Stylists offer to paint it in brilliant golden and silvery tones, you need to hold only a thin line around the nail and the image will be finished. In addition, they offer to do temporary transfer tattoos around the plate, the manicure will look mysterious and exotic.

We present to your attention our selection of the most original nail designs - you can choose a suitable variant among them and try to make it yourself. If you do not immediately, do not be upset. All comes with experience. Experiment as much as possible and everything will work out!

Photo selection of the most beautiful nail designs

Fashionable manicure spring 2019-2020 with flowers and twigs

The main hit of the spring manicure of this season is undoubtedly spring manicure with floral motifs. Designers offer us a spring manicure with delicate and subtle tulips, as well as drawings of thin and laconic twigs.

This spring manicure is very romantic and gentle, will complement your exquisite image for any event and celebration.

As a color scheme for spring manicure with flowers, it is better to choose delicate pastel shades that are harmoniously combined in this manicure.

Ideas spring manicure 2019-2020: fashion spring manicure

You can create a delicate and exquisite spring manicure 2019-2020 using nude color shades and minimalist prints. This manicure looks feminine and stylish.

An excellent option for spring manicure is a trendy spring manicure with a geometric print, which can be beautifully complemented with a delicate pattern on the ring finger or a concise decoration.

A beautiful spring manicure from 2019-2020 will delight every woman of fashion with many bold and unusual variations proposed by fashion designers and craftsmen.

Whatever the manicure you choose, it is important to remember that the spring manicure should be colorful, fresh and inspire new ideas and good mood.

Beautiful spring manicure 2019-2020: photos, news, ideas of spring manicure

We offer you an original selection - a trendy spring manicure photo, spring manicure ideas, a bright and gentle spring manicure presented in the photo below ...

1. Delicate floral manicure

The crown of the spring nail design is floral manicure. It is the drawings of colors on the nails that create the spring mood and emphasize the lightness of the style. After all, you can use simple drawings on the nails in the form of a wide variety of colors, ranging from primroses to poppies and roses. Each such manicure will look fashionable and elegant. You can make a flower manicure at home or, having chosen a drawing, contact your master. Be inspired by our flowers and tune in to the spring!

Spring Manicure Features

After a long cold and gray autumn and winter comes the favorite season - spring. At this time, you never want to change and brightness. The peculiarity of manicure in the spring are beautiful and neat accents, or absolute minimalism. Accents can be fanciful or very small. Minimalism is manifested in monochromatic colors. This contrast of current trends will help each girl choose the necessary manicure. You can choose between elegant noble colors and brightness.

Hand and nail care is part of a manicure. In the spring, this procedure has nuances:

  • The cold season is incredibly exhausting the skin of the hands. Subzero temperature, wind, it all deprives the life of the skin. The coming of spring is the perfect time to recover.
  • After a long winter, the skin can be very dry.. Be sure to require hydration of the skin, including the skin around the nails.
  • After the winter period, there is a lack of vitamin D in the body. This is due to the lack of sunlight. In the spring, it is necessary to increase the consumption of foods containing calcium, such as cottage cheese, eggs, namely vitamin D helps to absorb calcium. It is allowed to use multivitamins, they contain all the necessary substances.

Nails are not just a part of the body, their condition can characterize the work of the organism as a whole. Increased fragility, foliation speaks of a shortage of nutrients.

First you need to decide on the shape of the nail. Form - an important aspect when choosing a manicure. In the spring, soft and natural forms will be in trend:

  • Almond-shaped,
  • Oval,
  • Soft square.

All forms look as natural as possible. The length of the nails should not be long - 2-3 mm from the finger pads, which makes it easy to carry out domestic affairs, play sports and work.

Moreover, not too long nails retain design and coating as a whole longer. Such a manicure will suit any style, be it classic or sporty. Modern nail industry offers several types of manicure:

  • Classic manicure. It is performed by steaming the cuticle and removing excess with tweezers. The main plus is accessibility. Minus - can seriously injure the cuticle and nail, possibly getting an infection.
  • Apparatus manicure. The main difference is that the cuticle is removed using a special apparatus with a diamond nozzle.

Manipulations do on dry, without use of trays.

When using a special tool that softens the cuticle, the manicure will be considered European. The undoubted advantages are safety. Bacteria are excluded. Useful for owners of fragile, exfoliated nails. Cons - very rough skin can not be removed in this way.

  • SPA manicure. His performance is complemented by relaxing baths, hand masks, massage and moisturizing. Both classic and hardware manicure can be taken as a basis.

How to choose colors?

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide on fashionable colors. This is an incredibly extensive question; it is almost impossible to specifically identify fashionable and unfashionable colors. However, if colors form into certain general groups, the picture becomes clearer. The range of shades is huge, which expands the possibility of an easy definition with color.

Current color groups:

  • Dark colors. Saturated and restrained at the same time, they help the manicure look noble. The well-known fact is that dark colors of the coating visually increase the length of the nail.
  • Natural nude shades. More versatile colors and come up with false. It is suitable for everyone. Они могут в себя включать пастельные тона: голубой, розовый, телесный, кофе с молоком, желтый и множество других.
  • Настоящий бум 2017 года - цвета металлик. Смотрятся стильно и универсально, тона могут различаться от серебряного до медного.
  • Различные яркие цвета, для создания акцентов и интересной гаммы на ногтях. These colors are relevant in certain techniques, which will be discussed below.

The palette may vary depending on the taste of the hostess manicure.

Trend number 1: The most delicate spring manicure in shades of blue

In place of the rich blue hues of the winter season, gentle and light spring nail design in blue tones comes. Beautiful blue manicure spring 2019-2020 can be made in different styles.

Lunar french, gradient, combined and with spring patterns manicure in blue colors will always look noble and beautiful.

In addition, turquoise and mint shades of lacquers, which in tandem with blue color, provide an impeccable palette for the most delicate options for spring design, will be fashionable this spring.

Trend number 2: Floral motifs in the spring manicure

And how do we do without flowers in the spring design of manicure? Flowers on the nails have always been, are and will be the most popular in the season spring summer 2019-2020.

Small buds, flower paintings or simple sprigs with leaves in soft pastel shades of pink, lilac, yellow and green are ideal for creating a fashionable manicure this spring.

By the way, getting a beautiful spring manicure with a floral design is easier than ever thanks to special stickers. Moreover, it is not necessary to glue them on all the nails, as design with an emphasis on one finger is in fashion today.

Trend number 3: Stylish geometry and stripes in manicure spring

If you are a supporter of minimalism, then you should like the stylish spring manicure 2019-2020 with laconic geometric patterns. Special popularity in the new season will enjoy the strip.

Colored or monotonous design strips for spring nail design - you decide. In any case, such a manicure spring will look stylish and restrained.

Trend number 4: Original spring manicure in the style of negative space

"Negative space" in spring nail design 2019-2020 is quite common. It can be performed both in monotone and in color, using several bright colors.

Thanks to the negative space style, a fashionable spring manicure version appeared, which is called “regrown”. In it, the base of the nail remains unpainted.

At first glance, it resembles a lunar nail design. The great advantage of such a spring manicure is its durability. If your nails soon grow and the manicure starts to “grow back” with them and starts to look not neat, feel free to try the negative space in the regrown version.

Trend number 5: Beautiful spring nail design rhinestones

This spring rhinestone decoration will be minimal. Very large 3D-jewelry, rich inlays fade into the background. An exception will be the evening manicure spring 2019-2020 allowing the use of rhinestones in any version.

Small crystals will complement the spring manicure with a picture or a beautiful wedding design. Colored bouillons diversify the casual spring design, and beautiful modeling in the form of flowers will complement the graduation look.

Trend number 6: Amazing Matt Manicure Spring

The popularity of matte finish in the past autumn-winter season was also reflected in the spring nail design 2019-2020. Choose the actual pastel and nude shades with a matte effect, and feel free to experiment.

Trendy matte spring manicure goes well with glossy details, patterns and rhinestones. It looks great white and blue design with a matte effect.

Trend number 7: Bright spring manicure with ombre effect

The unusual gradient effect with a smooth transitional tint from one to another looks very nice on nails of different lengths. Trendy spring manicure 2019-2020 with ombre effect will please with bright and original options.

The gradient can be vertical, horizontal, geometric, and from the middle of the nail. Ideal shades of bright and rich color palette.

Trend # 8: Laconic Spring Manicure with Dot Patterns

Among the beautiful drawings on the nails separately we select dot patterns and inscriptions. Fine polka dots, dots and original bitmaps will be appropriate in manicure spring 2019-2020.

Drawings can be in a minimalist style, floral patterns can be made with dots, and the polka dots themselves always look bright and original.

Trend number 9: Perfect spring manicure in the technique of stamping

Do you want to quickly and easily get a fashionable manicure spring 2019-2020 with a perfect pattern or pattern? Everything is possible thanks to a stamping in which the drawing itself is transferred by a stamp.

Today you can find a variety of stencils for stamping. For spring manicure stamping, choose flower drawings and ornaments, and for the base - delicate pastel shades.

Trend number 10: Mirror and metal rub in spring nail design

The latest in our list of spring trends 2019-2020 is a fashionable mirror and chrome manicure. In spring nail design, its variants are best combined with other types of nail art.

In its pure form, it will become popular in the summer. In the spring, a manicure with a metallic or mirror effect can be made colored or with an emphasis on the ring finger.

Nail design: how it all began

Nail design (Nail Design, Nail Art) can be translated as the art or skill of decorating nails. There is a design of nails in one form or another for a long time, but it became widespread in the XX-XXI centuries. One of the most important stages of its mass popularization was the use of acrylic for decoration and nail extension. The so-called acrylic molding once created a furor. False nails became available to almost every girl. In the past five years, the beauty industry has gone further. Natural beauty has come into fashion, and with it new nail design materials. Now there is a boom of home manicure with the help of light and more natural gel polishes.

Shellac (gel varnish) is a coating for nails based on natural resin, cured with ultraviolet light. Shellac has many advantages over acrylic. It is quickly applied, has a beautiful appearance, is inexpensive and long enough keeps on nails. Home design nails with shellac has become a new trend, replacing thick acrylic nails.


The first and still popular nail design is the French manicure for short nails, which thanks to the gel polish today received many interpretations. The next fashionable type of nail design was a moon manicure (French manicure, on the contrary). "Smile" in it is not at the bottom, and at the base of the nail. Today there are a lot of varieties of nail design, which for convenience can be divided into several groups: depending on the materials used, the technology of applying the coating / pattern and accessories used for decorating nails.

Nail Design: French Manicure

Nail Design: French Manicure

Black french manicure

French manicure 2018

Nail design: water manicure

Nail Design: Varieties

  • 3D nail modeling or aquarium design

Rather difficult technology of design of nails, demanding long and laborious work. The coating consists of several layers of transparent gel. At each stage of the coating used painting or accessories. Due to such a multi-layer effect, a 3D effect is created. It is not uncommon that flowers and decorations molded from acrylic are additionally used in aquarium nail designs.

  • Art painting

This is one of the most popular technologies for applying decorative coatings today. For nail design 2018 quick-drying gel polishes are used. Drawings on nails are applied with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient design). To create geometric patterns used special strips on the basis of glue or tape. A special kind of artistic manicure is water design, where the drawing is applied to the surface of the water, and after that is transferred to the nails. Sometimes water manicure is isolated as a separate type of nail design.

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  • Stamping manicure

For drawing the pattern on the nails use special plates. Stemping design 2018 is quite simple, the variety of plates allows you to originally design the nails, and you can save a lot of time. This manicure looks very impressive. Often, stamping design is used to create a lace wedding manicure, as well as French manicure.

  • Photo design (manicure with stickers)

Another type of express nail design, which is very fond of novice masters of nail art. Special stickers decorate one or all nails. Basically they use two types of stickers: the usual ones on a glue base and water ones, which must be moistened before application. Photodesign is very convenient for home use.

  • Nail design with accessories

The beauty industry is developing very rapidly, the design of the manicure does not stand aside. Many boutiques and online stores offer a wide range of accessories for decorating nails. All sorts of bows, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and sequins are glued to the nails, making the usual nail design on short nails more spectacular.

Skillful masters of nail art making a manicure masterly combine several types of nail polish designs in 2018 at once. The result exceeds all expectations. As a rule, very interesting variants and ideas of manicure are obtained.

Nails with a pattern

Nail design: water manicure

Nail design with accessories

Nail design: new 2018 (photo)

From the variety of options for nail design I want to highlight several new products.

This is still a fresh new nail design. So far, few of the home-masters know how to do it. In fact, there are several ways to create it: using a special gel polish, using foil or colored stencils, as well as using rubbing. See the instructions for performing Oil-design in step-by-step photos.

Step by step photos: Oil manicure, 1 way

Step by step photos: Oil-chrome design, 2 way

Step by step photos: Oil design rubbing, 3 way

This design looks very original and stylish. It can be performed with the help of gel polish, but such a manicure looks more effective in an aquarium version.

Metal crumpled design

  • Marble manicure

Very elegant manicure that wins the hearts of girls who like bold experiments. Nails with a marble effect can also be performed in two ways: with the help of water technology or with the help of a painting of nails with a liner brush on a wet top layer. How to make a similar design, see the article on the marble manicure.

  • Broken glass manicure

This nail design technique is easy to master. Manicure is performed as usual, except for the fact that before applying the finish to the nails pieces of foil are randomly glued. This technique is best suited for geometric patterns.

This manicure can be called a holiday. But it always looks very luxurious and rich. The pebble is usually framed with rhinestones and microbies; often gold leaf or acrylic gold is used in such a design.

Manicure Liquid stones

  • Lucky with interesting effects.

First of all, these are varnishes with unusual effects: a mirror, a cat's eye, sugar or cracking (craquelure). There are also “cosmic”, magnetic varnishes and even glowing in the dark. They are designed for nail design that you can do yourself without special skills.

Nail design: cracking varnish (craquelure)

Nail Design: Cat's Eye Polish

Beautiful gel Polish Cat's eye

Nail design: "space" lacquer

Nail design: glow in the dark

This type of nail design appeared not so long ago, but has already become very popular. Variations of nail decoration microbiester can be very different, the flight of fantasy is not limited. Beads cover all the nails, one nail or lay out the pattern.

Design nails microbies and rhinestones

Glitter itself has long been used in nail design, but unusual mixes of various manicure techniques have become the latest fashion trend. From the latest nail design innovations: a combination of a gradient and transparent glitter or nail covering with a large glitter in the form of a mosaic.

Glitter design

  • Rings on the fingers and nails

The fresh trend of nail design, which is to complement the manicure with stylish miniature rings (they are worn on the upper phalanx of the finger). Also rings are used as imitations of gold or silver nails.

In general, the theme of accessories for nail design is rapidly developing and is gaining increasing popularity. Masters on nail art have few simple patterns on the nails, the texture of the coating becomes important, various volumetric compositions are invented, additional decorative elements are used. Ordinary manicure has become a work of art.

Design with rings

Manicure with rings

  • Manicure with the effect of sugar or acrylic powder

Recently, sprinkle the entire nail or individual drawings using colored acrylic powder has become very fashionable. This diversifies the manicure, making it bulky. Powder sprinkled with monograms, pattern "sweater" and other ornaments. Such a design is made simple: cover the nail with varnish, dry, then apply gel varnish or a thicker gel-paint pattern and, without drying it, powder it with powder, then send it to the lamp. That's the whole secret of powder manicure.

Nail design: sugar lacquer

Monograms and flowers with powder

Nail design: sugar lacquer

Figure "sweater" with powder

  • Nail polish (chrome nails)

Very effective design, which can be used as an evening version, this design is especially popular among the new products of 2018. It looks stylish, often combined with rhinestones and fashionable novelty - marble manicure. This design can be done in five ways: using a special gel polish, using false mirror nails, using metallic effect stickers, foil, or using special rub-in powder. Detailed instructions can be found with the article on the mirror manicure.

Mirror nail design

Chrome effect manicure

  • Translucent manicure "Voil"

An interesting design option, which despite the apparent complexity, is quite simple to implement. To create a “transparent” design, you need to apply a base, translucent beige gel polish, then mix the top with a black or dark brown gel polish in a 5: 1 ratio, apply the resulting composition to the nail, dry it and then black the gel polish to complete the pattern.

The effect of the veil on the nails

Nail design: how to diversify manicure accessories

If you want to do a first-class manicure, then you can not do without fashion accessories for nails. Conventionally, they can be divided into decorative small forms for spraying (crumb, dust, microbeads, etc.), various stickers and applications, three-dimensional jewelery (large rhinestones, pearls, three-dimensional elements), non-standard materials (feathers, fabric) and others. They are mounted on a wet paint or special glue.

With the help of large rhinestones, you can make a gorgeous evening manicure. Smaller stones are used for everyday manicure. Shining in the sun, they will draw attention to your hands. In the daily version of manicure, rhinestones do not cover all the nails, but only place accents.

Not one brilliant manicure is complete without them. The color palette of sparkles is wide enough to harmoniously pick them up to almost any kind of manicure.

Lately large spangles in the form of polygons have become increasingly popular. They are called glitter. It is colored and transparent. Color is usually used for bright and contrasting nail design, transparent glitter creates an unusual relief on the surface of the nail and the play of light.

Glitter is a versatile material for nail decoration that is compatible with any kind of coating used in nail design.

Pearl jewelery is often used for evening or sea manicure.

  • Seashells

This is an ornament to create a mosaic design of nails. Seashells have a pleasant mother-of-pearl outflow and an unusual shape.

Small transparent balls of various colors can be mounted on the nails in the form of a pattern or edging. Often they are used for moon manicure (they spread a smile), sea and "caviar" manicure.

Nail design: manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestone Nail Art

Nail design: manicure with sparkles

Gold glitter on the nails

Nail design: manicure with pearls

Nail design: manicure with shells

Nail design: manicure with bouillon or microburser

  • Jewelery from metal and plastic

If you don’t have time to paint on your nails, and you want an original manicure, volumetric 3D jewelry is definitely your option. Having pasted flowers or bows on the nails, you will instantly transform your manicure. Bulk gold and silver jewelry can rightly be called the trend of nail design. Skilled craftsmen combine these decorative elements with the technology of foiling, as well as painting with gold acrylic paints. Looks like a million design.

The decoration of nails with small figures made of various materials became very popular. These can be stars, rhombuses, polygons and other shapes. They are fastened to the nails very easily, and the design of the manicure is very interesting.

У металлических и пластиковых аппликаций идея схожая, разный только материал, форма и стоимость. Украшения из пластика значительно дешевле. Металл, как правило, выбирают для вечернего маникюра.

Резиновые аппликации для дизайна ногтей отличное дополнение к весеннему или летнему маникюру. Они делают маникюр ярче и интересней. Widespread applications in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies, emoticons, stars, all sorts of berries and fruits. These nail decorations are designed for young girls who want to be stylish and original.

Nail design: manicure with metal decorations

Nail design: manicure with volumetric ornaments (3D)

  • Spraying materials
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Microblasts and dust

These are the smallest particles to create a matte or shiny manicure. In nail design, such deposition is quite common. The sparkling micro-gloss on the tips of the nails or applied in the form of some pattern looks beautiful. Dust is used to make the surface dull. Nail art experts love to use dust or micro-gloss to create an evening, wedding and space manicure.

Nail design: manicure with micro-glitter, matte dust and acrylic sand

Acrylic sand nail powder

Want to create a velvety nail effect? Then for decoration you need to use such material as a flock. In general, velvet nails can be called one of the latest trend of manicure. Depending on the chosen shade, the effect may be different, for example, a burgundy or dark blue flock will be associated with velvet, and a soft pink with a plush toy. To work with this air material for nail design usually use a special device flokayder. A very important point. Flock does not lose its appearance upon contact with water, therefore, besides beauty, practicality is also peculiar to it.

Nail design with flock

This material is not often used for the decoration of nails, because its main purpose is to create a marble effect. The name cobweb is derived from the structure of the material itself, and not the final effect. In fact, the cobweb is a thin thread interlaced among themselves, which are applied to the base coat, and then fixed with a transparent finish lacquer.

Light lace, made of fabric, great for manicure of almost any stylistic orientation. It is very easy to work with him, it is enough to fix it with a transparent varnish and an elegant fashionable manicure is ready.

Nail design: manicure with textile lace

Natural feathers - an unusual version of the accessory for nails, which is rarely used, but the manicure with them is always very interesting and unusual. Feathers of various shades are usually used for nail design in the Oriental style or animal-manicure.

Nail design: manicure with feathers

Another accessory for decorating nails of natural origin. Leaves and dried flowers look perfect in autumn manicure. This natural material is used both when working with gel polish, and to create a volumetric aquarium design.

Nail design: manicure with dry leaves

The finest very beautiful material for the decoration of nails. You need to work with him very carefully, preferably with tweezers. Golden, silver pieces of mica of various shapes are laid out with abstract patterns on the nails resembling the texture of decorative stones and minerals. In addition to gold and silver, you can find mica, painted in almost any shade.

Innovative neil-art 2018

It is worth remembering that for a luxurious effect it is necessary before making decorative coatings to make a high-quality manicure in the salon or on your own with a nail file, polishing, you must remove the cuticle with oil.

In 2018, nail design, both short and long, will be used by fashionable novelties of recent years:

  1. The main hit is to wear a manicure in one color, with several fingers giving a special design, it can be sparkles or a pattern.
  2. Fashionable form - in the form of a scapula, which can be both short and elongated.
  3. A list of popularity is a game with a texture.

The image of the models with fashion shows gives stylists the idea of ​​which nail design will become the trend of 2018, we will estimate the novelties from the photo.

Novelties of geometric patterns:

Fantasy can use any geometric shapes, it is permissible to use several colors to taste.

Black lacquer

Black varnish is in fashion now. This trend is also evident at the Vera Wong show. How to wear marigold design in black:

  • Mirror coating. To do this, there is a mirror gel polish, which is applied over the base coat.
  • Matte black coating effect, the secret of this method in the use of steam in the process of creating a nail design, freshly painted nail polish on fingers hold over water vapor.
  • Such tricks are not required, there are special matte tools.
  • The strip of brilliant lacquer on the matte looks up to date.
  • A shiny pattern in the form of lines or droplets is added to the matte background.

Velvet sand

The sand is sold in small jars and looks like multi-colored shiny or matte dust. With such a product, it is possible both to form three-dimensional patterns and to cover the nail plate with a continuous layer. Its advantages:

  • A variety of colors. You can choose any tone to your taste, achieve shine with the help of sand with sparkles.
  • The ability to create flowing colors. Thus, you can create, for example, fashionable this season image in the style of a paradise beach.
  • Low price. One jar costs around 100 rubles.

Rate the new nail design 2018 velvet effect on the photo. The fingertips look as if pieces of fabric are stuck on them, the pleasant to the touch artistic solution looks very stylish.

Application technology: pretreated nail plates are coated with colorless varnish, after drying another layer of colored varnish is applied to it, without waiting for drying, the surface is covered with velvety sand. From above it is possible to cover with a colorless varnish.

Gloss with a shiny velvet coating, covered with a fixative - photo.

Acrylic Powder

Acrylic powder is a plastic material that is used for nails, but with it you can do and modeling. Acrylic powder comes in a variety of colors.

Methods of use of the material:

  • Sculpting ornament. For modeling, the material must be mixed with a liquid monomer, after which figures can be formed on the material. Skilled craftsmen mold an ornament of petals and leaves on the nail plates. The creation of ornaments is also possible using a stencil.
  • Shine. Powder can be used to create the effect of acrylic gloss, for this powder is applied to fresh varnish.
  • Matte effect. To obtain a matte powder poured a thick layer.

One of the fashion trends that will go down in 2018 is the craquelure for creating the design of short nails. Special coating craquelure looks like zigzag cracks, from which looks another paint.

Of course, everyone can choose a color to suit their taste, but now dark shades are especially in fashion, which allow you to create the image of a bitchy and dangerous beauty.

  • Under the snake skin. The base is yellow, the craquelure is crocodile skin.
  • Black craquelure on a white background.
  • Brown craquelure on white.

These colors allow you to create a woody, leather, very neat and structured version of the texture. Dark craquelure textures are perfect for an image in natural shades with accessories made from natural materials - leather bags, high boots, wooden bracelets.

Slider design

Stickers are applied using shellac - a coating for the surface of the nail plate, which corrects the shape, creates a brilliant, dense base for applying the sticker and lasts longer than the usual 2-3 weeks. A new kind of nail design with a slider is a creative way of shellac manicure. Under the sticker, a selection of a base tone that is in harmony with it is required.

  • Photo stickers come with patterns, inscriptions, pictures. The attractiveness of the pattern in its finely traced lines.
  • Transfer stickers. Before applying such a coating requires degreasing the surface. Application technique: stickers are laid out on a cloth moistened with water, then the adhesive layer is peeled off and adhered to the painted nail. Stickers can be applied both to ordinary varnish and to shellac, the slider is cut from above and a colorless coating is applied.
  • Lace, laced patterns of stickers, made in black or white color, are glued, both on the whole claw, and on the tip.

Fashion jacket

Fashionable types of french cover in 2018 provide a variety of experiments. A classic French manicure is a bright white stripe on the tip of a flesh-colored nail. Combine different colors, but the most elegantly french looks in the classic version, but to add it relevance with white combine fashionable pink shades, nutty tones, stickers or rhinestones are applied on a few marigolds.

New Thermolac allows the flow of color from one to another without the use of two tones. This type changes its color depending on the temperature. The finger tip may differ in color, as it cools faster, so you can be surprised to find a change in the shades of your fingernails during the day.

Magnetic varnish

As in the industry, the colors on the hair, and in the prints on the clothes look stylish and relevant to stains, like gasoline. Such color decor gives a magnetic varnish. It is applied as a usual varnish, but it lays down in the form of a pattern with interesting divorces, the palette of shades gives a rich choice.

Rhinestones are still in fashion, pebbles are attached with a special glue to the painted surface. Stylists do not advise visually overloading the drawing, if you use rhinestones, then choose one color or a French style solution. The combination of pattern, velvet sand and rhinestones on one finger will look tasteless.

The most elegant combinations with rhinestones:

  • rhinestones on the background of white, blue, pink and nude shades,
  • pebbles on black
  • on a red background
  • decorations on lace sticker.

Actual colors

Fashionable paints exist in the world of nail design. Note some color trends. All fashionable colors are aimed at creating a universal manicure that fits any clothes. This is especially true if the coating is done on shellac and will last 3 weeks. Inappropriate color schemes for manicure may look vulgar.

Latest Trend Covers

These colors do not fit every style, but they are a new word in the nail-art world:

  • Metallic can choose confident, independent women.
  • Moon manicure - a combination of shades of milky-white, blue and pink, which is chosen by women who want to emphasize their tenderness, femininity, romanticism, is perfect for blondes.

Nail design is available not only to the professional, but also to the amateur. For a creative design of the tips of your fingers, you can perfectly master the technique, for example, the pattern on the claw, or you can just pick the color well and give the manicure a neat look. Some have the opportunity to attend a manicure master, it expands the boundaries of experiments, someone prefers to do nail-art together with a friend, and someone likes to do a manicure on their own. Using the fashion trends of the year for the creative design of claws, you will find a way to surprise your friends.