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Top 10 best illusionists in the world


Who does not like magic tricks? They impress almost everyone, but some illusionists are able to make even convinced skeptics believe in magic. And soon you will learn the names of the greatest and best magicians of the world.

Dante is a pseudonym, and the real name of the legendary magician is Harry August Jansen. He was born at the end of the 19th century in Copenhagen and began to show talent in his youth. He was noticed by experienced illusionists and began to cooperate with an amazing guy who knew how to attract the attention of the viewer. Later, he decided to conduct an independent concert activity and tour, having traveled a huge number of countries and introduced the whole world to amazing magic.

It was the magician Dante, as he called himself, who later introduced the famous phrase “Sim Sala Beam”, which was adopted by many magicians. Harry Jansen died at a respectable age, and his death was very mysterious, incredibly frustrated fans. Some believed that the golden era of magic, to which everyone was accustomed, went with him.

Chris Angel

In the top 10 of the most famous and popular magicians in the world came Chris, who was born in New York in the 67th year of this century. He became interested in magic tricks in his early childhood, when at six he saw a card trick. And the boy firmly decided to carry out his plan: after school, he began to master the profession and, it must be said, he achieved great success in this.

Angel is incredibly talented and diversified: skillfully applies hypnosis, shows mind-blowing tricks, performs stunt tricks, does music and directing. He amazes the audience by walking on the water and piercing himself with swords. Chris published a book, created his own show, opened a clothing store and a restaurant chain, has his own rock band, in general, uses all his talents to the maximum.

Nin - Magical Babe

The real name of the Magical babe is Ning Tsai, she is from Singapore and is the only woman on the planet recognized as the best professional illusionist in Asia. And today she is not only a successful magician, but also an entrepreneur and just a talented beauty.

The five-year-old Ning was inspired by the tricks performed by Copperfield himself. Having matured, the girl decided to prove by all means that the role of the woman in modern magic can be not only secondary, but also the main one. She created a unique show where she demonstrated the use of non-standard and dangerous objects: swords, sharp spikes, fire balls, chains. And it truly fascinates.

Kio is a whole dynasty of magicians, which began the head of the family Emil. He became the first to openly perform in circuses and create grandiose shows with elements of dance, live communication with the audience, pop numbers. He led activities in the USSR, but later began to conquer Europe.

Emil's experience was taken over by his son, Igor, who took the same pseudonym (the real family name is Hirschfeld). The crown numbers of Igor were the transformation of an assistant into a lion and the burning of a woman, the role of which Alla Pugacheva herself once performed. Once a trick was performed with a chest in which Kio was locked and thrown into a pond. But later he got out of the car and stunned the audience.

David Copperfield

This magician is one of the best in the history of magic, and his name is in real life, David Set Kotkin. The boy began to demonstrate his amazing talents at the age of seven, and at the age of 12 he was already a professional illusionist who entertained the public, later having the honor of being included in the community of US magicians. By the way, in his youth Copperfield already taught the skills of beginners.

But David was really interested in global tricks, and he began to implement them. Among the most famous and astounding millions of people are tricks such as the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty from sight, moving through the Chinese wall and the Grand Canyon, escaping from Alcatraz, jumping from Niagara ... And this is not a complete list of service records, and some tricks are recorded as records.

Harry houdini

Houdini, whose real name is Eric Weiss, amazed the audience with the amazing ability to get out unharmed from any artificially created situations. But it all started with card tricks, which ten-year-old Eric showed to the amazed crowd, who admired the boy’s deft hands.

Harry performed grand tricks and worked for a large audience: crowds of people gathered for his performances. In the eyes of the audience, Houdini got out of thick chains, got out of the shackles, got out of the bag fixed under the ceiling and appeared in a few minutes at the bottom of the building, got out of the pond into which he was thrown with weights on his feet. But the death of a magician was very banal: he died because of peritonitis, although some believe that death was the result of a failed performance.

Uri geller

The name of this illusionist is known to many thanks to unusual tricks with the folding of spoons. But initially a different fate awaited him: the guy attended an officer's school, but was expelled from it, as he fell asleep right on the post. The peak of fame came in the 60-70 years of the last century, and the producer helped him to succeed.

Geller's abilities were investigated by scientists, who stated that bent spoons are not a trick or an illusion, but really a real phenomenon, not subject to the laws of physics. Until now, it is not clear how Uri managed to manage metals, but he also demonstrated a grand trick with stopping the clock at Big Ben.

Harry blackstone

Harry Blackstone - the real king of spectacular tricks, by the way, has developed the very designs that are now used by many illusionists. He sawed the assistants, literally filled the whole scene with flowers appearing from nowhere, when turning on the famous “floating light bulb” moved over the heads of the amazed spectators, lifted the assistant lying on the couch into the air.

All Blackstone's senior performances were accompanied by lively music creating an atmosphere of mystery and magic that inspired incredible delight to the public. After the death of the great magician, his experience was used by his son, who also achieved success in this matter.

David werner

This illusionist in Russia was little-known, but he conquered almost all Western countries, thanks to which he was recognized as the father and forefather of magic, which many used to see it. Werner was born in Canada and, as a young seven-year-old boy, began to engage in a demonstration of tricks.

David managed to bring to perfection and complicate several previously performed tricks and develop a lot of his tricks, making a huge contribution to the art of illusion. But he remembered by the fact that Houdini himself could not unravel his secret. The legendary magician argued that he would declassify any trick after seeing him three times. But even after reviewing Werner’s presentation eight times, he could not understand what the mystery of the climax was.

David Blaine

The great historians of the past centuries would surely have been proud of the modern stuntman David Blaine, who today is famous for his incredible tricks. It all started with playing cards, but, having fully mastered this sphere, Blaine moved on to other tricks that were more global and interesting for viewers.

David specializes in death calls that he regularly does in many different ways: burying himself in a grave, plunging into water for a record time, freezing the body on an iceberg, starving for a long time, reviving a pigeon, and so on. Non-standard methods of this illusionist attract the public and bring him a huge income. And Blaine more than once entered the Guinness Book of Records.

These were the legendary magicians of the world who would make anyone believe in the magic.

10. Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon

A couple from America has become famous and has gained worldwide love through international television appearances, which gathered a multimillion audience in a matter of minutes. The most famous focus of this pair is considered “metamorphosis”, which deserves to be called the fastest focus in the world. It is also known that Charlotte became the first representative of the weak half of humanity, which was awarded the Academy of Magical Arts Prize in the United States.

9. Alessandro Cagliostro

He was an unremarkable young man from a fairly poor family. He began his career with the usual fraud and cheating simple philistine. There was everything here: resale of fictional treasure cards, manipulations with medicinal drugs, manipulations with the material savings of citizens, the substitution of precious items for cheap jewelry. As many know, Cagliostro was a count and was obliged by this high title to his “noble” aunt, after the death of which he took her famous name and title to the bargain. Count Cagliostro argued that he knew the secret of the philosopher's stone and could recreate the "elixir of immortality." Some "rich people" believed him and gave away fortunes in one meeting with Cagliostro. The life of the famous illusionist was “imbued” and filled with many adventures and unsolved mysteries.

7. Cyril Takayama

Famous illusionist American – Japanese origin. Became popular thanks to a huge audience in the interactive space. I became interested in magical manipulations at the age of six, and at the age of 15 I got into the junior team of the “Magic Castle” in Hollywood. In 2007 at the popular contest “The Magic Woods Awards” he won the 1st place in the nomination “Best Magician”. He is especially adored by the young audience, who raised his magical rating on the net.

6. David Blaine

One of the most popular and youngest members of the illusionists community. He successfully implements "Street Magic" and demonstrates to everyone who wishes all the unique capabilities of the human body. Numbers such as: burial alive in a container, standing for hours at the top of a twenty-two meter column, freezing in a huge piece of ice, made him famous. These were truly stunning and fascinating illusions that attracted general attention to this young and talented magician. Thousands of fans travel for their idol around the world.

A young Singaporean magician who went against fate and decided to seriously engage in the "magic action." She did not like women in the illusionist community to occupy passive roles. Became popular all over the world due to the fulfillment (with her partner) of the fifteen greatest illusions in just five minutes. This achievement was recognized as a world record. Many admirers of her talent consider Ning Tsai to be the most attractive and sexual representative of the weaker sex in the community of magicians and magicians.

3. Harry Blackstone Sr.

Fairly famous illusionist and magician. Born in Chicago and began his magical career as an adolescent. By the thirties of the last century was considered one of the greatest illusionists of America. This surname is also known for the fact that Blackstone’s son became a magician and, according to professionals, quite successful.

Harry August Jansen (Dante the Magician)

Harry August Jansen - born October 3, 1883 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and later settled in the United States. He traveled around the world, showing his tricks under the stage nickname Dante. It was he who first, in all his speeches, uttered the meaningless words "Sim-Sala-Bim", which later began to be used by many magicians. He died June 15, 1955 in his California ranch, from a heart attack, at the age of 71. With Dante's death, the historical period known as the “Golden Age of Magic” ended. Undoubtedly, Jansen at one time was the greatest magician in the world.

Cyril Takayama

Cyril Takayama - American-Japanese illusionist, widely known in Japan. Born September 27, 1973 and raised in Los Angeles, California. Takayama became interested in magic when he was six years old, and at the age of 15 he joined the junior team at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Since 2005, it has become increasingly popular in the world, thanks to the Internet. In 2007, at the contest The Magic Woods Awards won first place in the category "Best Magician".

duet penn and teller

Penn and Teller (Penn Gillett and Teller), American illusionists who have been performing together since the late 1970s, is in sixth place in the list of the world's ten best magicians. Known for their combination of humor and magic. On April 5, 2013, they were awarded the 2494th glory star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Their star is located near the star of the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini.

"Magic Babe" Ning

Ning Cai is a famous Singapore illusionist who is called "the sexiest woman in the world of magic." The interest in the illusion of Ning caused the show David Copperfield broadcast on television. And she didn’t like the fact that in the illusionists ’views, women play only a passive role (assistants). Today, “Magic Babe” together with its partner illusionist J C Sum (Sum Jan-chung) are very popular throughout Asia. The duet holds the world record - in 2009 they fulfilled 15 great illusions in 5 minutes.

The record itself:

9. Nin - “magical babe”

The only one who managed to get the award "The first professional woman-magician of all Asia."

Young Ning, being at the age of five, was inspired by the Copperfield show. The girl didn’t like the fact that they were always in magic shows of illusionists (who were mostly men), women only got passive parties, they were some kind of “props” in the program, which gave Ning the motivation to develop her own skills and talents.

Now she is on a tour of Asia with a very famous magician from Singapore - J C Sum.

Ning was able to do truly impossible things. For example, in a minute and a half she could get rid of various chains, locks or handcuffs, while being chained to a cage, on the ceiling of which there was a bed with huge spikes, which inevitably had to pierce it.

5. Emil Kio

The real name of the illusionist is Hirschfeld. He was born in Moscow, in one thousand eight hundred and ninety-fourth.

Emil Teodorovich gained the status of the ancestor of the whole dynasty of magicians. But first, the young Emil was attracted to the theater and cinema. At the age of twenty-six, Kio becomes an actor of the theater of miniatures. But over time, a circus broke into the life of Kio.

What are the only vacancies he did not try, until he finally got to the arena with his tricks.

Emil's pseudonym arose from the “fallen out” letter H in the word Cinema. Also, the magician himself offered to decipher the pseudonym as "Kiev Known Deceiver".

And nowadays, that series of stunts that Kio was coined is very popular with magicians. In nineteen-sixtieth year, Emil Kio was recognized as the best magician in the whole world.

2. Give Vernon

The birth name of a magician - David Frederick Wingifield Werner, was born in one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four in the capital of Canada. The pseudonym David originated from a common mistake, when the name of an illusionist was accidentally written incorrectly in a newspaper. He is one of the most influential magicians of the twentieth century.
Other illusionists called him "the professor" and "the man who fooled Goudini." The fact is that the maestro tricks confidently stated that he could repeat absolutely any trick, just look at it three times. However, after Vernon's eightfold repetition of The Ambitious card card focus, Houdini could not unravel his secret.

Day Vernon perfected several tricks, invented many of his own, he was rightly considered one of the greatest contributors to the art of illusionists. With all this, contemporaries noted that the man Dai was incredibly modest and very charming.

The "professor" died at ninety-eight in Hollywood, in nineteen ninety-two.

10 Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon

The duet of American illusionists is widely known throughout the world. Spouses performed at international competitions. Their famous "Metamorphosis" is the fastest illusionary transformation. Charlotte is the very first woman to be awarded the prestigious “The Magician of the Year Award”. The couple broke up after 2009 and began performing in solo concerts. Perhaps this decision came after the tragic accident (Jonathan was shot by an arrow from his own collection in 2006) or strong personalities wanted independence.

6 Duo Penn and Teller

They attract the audience by adding humor and practical jokes to the performances. During his career, lasting for 35 years, the illusionists received a star on the Avenue of Glory. In his show, the duo show skepticism about psychics, religions, pseudo-sciences. Such a long fellowship Penn and Teller explain that their relationship is built on respect and trust each other.

4 "Megic Babe" Ning

Her real name is Ning Tsai. Singapore magician, illusionist, entrepreneur and beautiful woman. At the age of five, the girl was struck by the performance of David Copperfield. The girl realized her dream and achieved global recognition. Perhaps non-standard items present at the show, attract all new fans. Им хочется увидеть, как женщина управляет огненными шарами, самурайскими мечами, шипами и оружием.