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What is a gainer and why is it needed?


How to quickly gain muscle mass and at the same time have enough energy for enhanced strength training? To solve this difficult task will help gainers. Reviews of doctors about them are the most positive. Due to the balanced content of carbohydrates and proteins, this dietary supplement becomes indispensable for athletes.

Gainer: what is it?

In the market of sports nutrition, one of the most effective nutritional supplements is gainer. What is it and how does it work? 50-75% of fast and slow carbohydrates and 50-25% of proteins - this is exactly the proportion that gives the muscles nutrition for growth and a sufficient amount of "fuel" for training.

For gainers, the highest quality, highly purified proteins and quickly digestible carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and trace elements that support health, are used. Also included are fats and enzymes that contribute to high-quality work of a geyner. Some manufacturers improve the quality of this dietary supplement by incorporating keratin, another effective helper in the recruitment of muscle mass.

The main competitor of pure protein supplements is gainer. Its price ranges from 800 rubles per kilogram, which is almost two times cheaper than protein. However, the protein itself in the geyner is several times smaller. One of the best nutritional supplements in the "price-quality" ratio is Mass-gainer.

Who is it for?

As mentioned above, muscle gainer is indispensable for muscle mass. And of course, that it is intended for those who set a goal to collect it. This dietary supplement is also suitable for those who are experiencing prolonged aerobic exercise during exercise - athletes, footballers, basketball players. Using a gainer before training, competitions or games, you can get a supply of energy for a long time and save energy until the end of the match.

Also, due to the high carbohydrate content, this food supplement is ideal for those who have an intense metabolism and are not inclined to be overweight. In the diet of such athletes allowed a high content of carbohydrates. For people who are prone to corpulence, the use of a geyner is more likely to result in fat deposits than an increase in muscles.

Those who do not have the opportunity to eat fully during the day, also gainer gainer. What is the best way to replenish energy reserves, no doubt. However, replacing the food additive all meals should not be. Do not forget that the body requires a balanced diet - the mandatory use of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals that can only be obtained with food.

Are there any side effects?

The myth is widespread among the athletes who take on a gainer, which has a negative effect on male potency. However, there are no prerequisites for such an opinion. If you carefully examine the composition of the dietary supplement, then neither hormones, nor any other substances that affect reproductive function are found there.

However, you should be careful and consult with your doctor before purchasing a gainer for those who have a tendency to diabetes or problems with the pancreas. High levels of sugar in a dietary supplement can cause complications.

If you have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, swelling or even intestinal upset may occur. In this case, experiment with the dose in the direction of its reduction or buy a gainer from another manufacturer.

In general, you can not worry about the possible risks, using as a food additive gainers. Reviews of doctors speak only in their favor. A number of studies have found a positive effect of the additive on muscle growth and overall weight gain, as well as the absence of harm to health.

When to take

Gainer is usually taken an hour before training. This will give the opportunity to work hard at workouts and not feel so tired. Also, the use of a gainer before exercise prevents disintegration in muscle tissue due to amino acids that enter the body. However, if the goal of the workout is to burn the fat mass, then the consumption of a dietary supplement will not be able to help in achieving it, and even interfere with this process.

15 minutes after a workout, the so-called protein-carbohydrate window opens. If you drink a gainer in this time period, then the protein will be instantly absorbed by the body and will be aimed at restoring microtraumas in the muscles, and therefore will contribute to their growth and block the process of their destruction.

Recommendations for use

Manufacturers recommend adding a gainer to your diet once a day. You can evenly distribute the daily rate of 100-150 grams for 5-7 receptions during meals during the day. Also, some coaches recommend taking a gainer twice a day - for the first snack after breakfast and after training. If on this day you are resting from physical exertion, then the second reception is an afternoon snack.

It is recommended to dissolve dry powder of a geyner with water, milk or juice. By adding water, you will receive only the taste of the additive, milk will add the amount of protein, juice - carbohydrates.

Never exceed the daily dose by using a gainer. That this may cause side effects should not be in doubt.

Home gainer

For lovers of everything natural, making a valuable dietary supplement with your own hands is perfect. The best mass gainer for the masses - made in the home kitchen. The advantage of it is not only that you will be confident in the quality of products for a cocktail, but also you can choose any taste for a geyner and diversify your menu as much as possible.

The recipes are designed so that the proportion of proteins and carbohydrates is 1: 3. The main components that make up the cocktail are the basis (milk, liquid dairy products, juices), proteins in the form of cottage cheese, eggs, powdered milk and slow carbohydrates - honey, fruits, cereals.

So, armed with a mixer and an affordable set of products, we proceed to the preparation of healthy cocktails. A couple of minutes - and a delicious homemade gainer is ready. The price for making it in your own kitchen will be minimal. The method of preparation in all recipes is the same - to put the products in a mixer or blender and mix thoroughly. Therefore, here are only the necessary ingredients that will saturate the body with proteins and carbohydrates and give energy for several hours.

Gainer Recipes

  • 200 g of cottage cheese (0% fat)
  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 30 grams of peanuts
  • 2 bananas
  • 200 ml of milk

  • 100 g of cottage cheese
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 1 banana
  • 100 ml orange juice
  • 2 tbsp. l fructose

  • 250 ml of milk
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 tbsp. raspberry jam
  • 150 grams of grapes
  • 60 g oatmeal

  • 100 g of cottage cheese
  • 150 ml orange juice
  • ½ banana
  • ½ lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp. jam

  • 1 cup sour cream (10%)
  • 200 ml of milk
  • 2 bananas
  • 6 quail eggs
  • 2 tbsp. rosehip syrup

Prefer to buy a gainer or cook it yourself - the choice is yours. The value and benefits of it will not change.

The perfect balance for stunning results.

Gainer (from the English. Gain - increase, increase) is a sports nutritional supplement, consisting mostly of carbohydrates and protein. The product contains simple and complex carbohydrates with a different glycemic index. Thus, the body will be provided with the maximum amount of energy needed for the most debilitating workouts.

This supplement also contains whey protein or a mixture of proteins that “supply” the necessary amount of amino acids to the bodybuilder’s muscles for recovery after workouts.

As you know, proteins are best absorbed and digested in conjunction with carbohydrates, so the effectiveness of this additive increases several times.

In addition to this, a quality gainer contains certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for increased physical exertion. Some manufacturers add creatine to the mixture to improve energy metabolism in the muscle fibers of athletes.

Gainer consists of natural ingredients, so it can be taken by men and women of any age categories.

Some of you will argue that the right amount of nutrients can be obtained from ordinary foods. But we want to note that in order to get a large amount of protein and carbohydrates, it is necessary to eat huge portions that would be digested with great difficulty and, as a result, would harm the body. Therefore, the gainer is optimal for learning, especially after intensive exercises.

Positive effects

With regular use of a geyner and properly selected dosage, the following occurs:

  • fast provision of athletes with additional energy (the main factors here are speed and high performance),
  • increase in muscle mass
  • endurance increases when performing exercises with low intensity (carbohydrate-protein mixture is suitable not only for bodybuilders, but also for athletes, players, volleyball players and others),
  • rapid rehabilitation after exhausting competitions or training,
  • suppression of muscle protein breakdown (catabolism),
  • keeping the weight at the level necessary for the athlete (if the training regime and the correct sports nutrition are observed).

We recognize the quality product

Buying a gainer, pay attention to the composition. We list 3 main features by which you can choose a high-quality sports nutritional supplement:

  1. High protein content. This is the main indicator that you need to pay attention to first. Ideally, the protein should be around 25-35%, 20-25% can be considered normal, but if the label shows a figure below 20%, then it is better not to take such a product, because the fat layer will increase instead of muscles.
  2. Lack of sugar. Ideally, there should not be any sweetener in the geiner. But you can see jars, in which sugar contains up to 35%! From such sports nutrition you can get only one harm. However, some manufacturers do not indicate the presence of sugar on the labels. In this case, pay attention to the price, in cheap copies this ingredient is present everywhere.
  3. Variety of protein. In high-quality gainers put whey protein or multicomponent protein. Cheaper products use soy protein, with which you will not be able to achieve high and fast results.

So, to summarize: when choosing a geyner, one should focus on individual indicators - if the body has a high percentage of adipose tissue, then a nutritional supplement with a high protein content (from 30%) is necessary.

For people with low body mass suitable concentrates with a reduced amount of protein. High calorie content of this product will lead to increased muscle growth.

Mix preparation and dose calculation

It's time to talk about the proper preparation of this sports nutritional supplement. A gainer is a dry mix that is diluted with water, milk, or juice before use to create a uniform consistency. Just do not interfere with this product in a hot liquid, as the protein denatures at a high temperature and loses all its beneficial properties.

The label shows the portions of the mixture for a single dose. But this is an average indicator, which does not take into account the individual characteristics of each person. The scheme and dosage of taking this product depends on the athlete's body weight, the frequency of physical exertion and how many times a day he eats.

For example, a man (weighing 80 kg), who consumes food 4 times a day and who trains three times a week, needs 112 grams of a gainer per day. A woman (55 kg weight), which feeds and trains the same number of times, is enough 65 g of this nutrient mixture.

Multiple Uses

Gainer can be taken before or after training, it all depends on the desired result.

It is best to use this nutrient mixture immediately after the end of the training. It is during this period that the so-called anabolic window opens, when the body is sorely lacking proteins and carbohydrates, so the gainer at this moment feeds it. This allows the athlete to:

  • recuperate
  • regenerate muscle fibers
  • suppress metabolic processes,
  • replenish energy reserves.

There is a second option for receiving the concentrate - before training in the gym. In this case, the body receives the energy substrate in the form of a large amount of carbohydrates, which allow you to engage more intensively and increase the time of training. And amino acids inhibit the process of metabolic degradation from the very beginning of the training. But there is a minus in this regimen. During classes, there will be no loss of adipose tissue, but it will increase the likelihood of its growth.

It is recommended to break the daily dose in 2 times (especially if you drink more than 100 g per day): in the morning after breakfast and in the evening before or after exercise.

Side effects

Gainer is made from ordinary food ingredients, so it can be used by men and women of any age, even elderly. Due to the high content of simple carbohydrates, in case of ingress of moisture into the jar or improper storage of the mixture, the bacteria can multiply. After taking such a poor-quality product, food poisoning occurs. In this case, the dietary supplement should be discontinued until recovery. And after recovery, you will have to purchase a new bank of the same brand or switch to another manufacturer.

It should also be borne in mind that the intake of large amounts of carbohydrates at one time carries the risk of pancreatic spasm, and the gain or exacerbation of pancreatitis may also occur from gainers.

For athletes who have a tendency to gain fat, the use of this sports nutritional supplement can increase the percentage of its content. Therefore, if the task is to gain weight, and not to increase muscle mass, then a gainer can be taken.

And who is forbidden reception?

Since milk powder is an integral part of this concentrate, gainer is contraindicated for people who are not lactose intolerant. Otherwise such unpleasant consequences as diarrhea and indigestion are possible. These manifestations especially concern those people who suffer from enzymatic deficiency associated with various diseases of the pancreas.

Take gainers worth only by their individual indicators, not exceeding the dose. Otherwise, there will be an imbalance due to incorrect proportions of proteins and carbohydrates, which will negatively affect the athlete's well-being and the effectiveness of training. Do not forget that the gainer is a dietary supplement, and it does not replace ordinary food.

What is a gainer for?

The name of the additive comes from the English word gain - build up. This protein-carbohydrate mixture, which is used in sports nutrition. Carbohydrates in the mixture more than proteins. Accordingly, this supplement performs the functions not such as protein.

High-carb mixture is primarily needed for weight gain. At the same time, not only muscular, but weight in general as such

Yes, you heard right, a gainer helps to get better, get fat. First of all, the supplement is needed for skinny and for ectomorphs (people with congenital skinny skin). And if in other articles I recommended proteins for girls who lose weight. That weight gainers for weight loss will help you a little (although not contraindicated).

Those. if you do not play sports and drink supplement - you will get better. This supplement is needed primarily for lean athletes with a mass deficiency.

What is included in this supplement? In addition to carbohydrates - trace elements, amino acids, small amounts of fat and vitamins. In addition to weight gain, the gainer gives strength in training and quickly replenishes the energy expended. Numerous studies have shown that protein is better absorbed with carbohydrates. Therefore, gainers have in their composition, in addition to a large amount of proteins, also polysaccharides (carbohydrates).

To summarize, this is what gainer gains:

  • increases amino acid and carbohydrate levels for maximum training efficiency
  • fills the "protein window" after workouts - allows you to fill the deficit of protein and carbohydrates. These components are the basis of muscle growth,
  • increases calorie daily diet
  • allows you to increase the number of meals, if used as a snack. And also if you can not fully eat. This is especially true when developing sports nutrition for weight gain.

How to take protein and carbohydrate mixes

Weight gainers are suitable not only for bodybuilders. If you are actively using aerobic exercise, you can drink this supplement. It is a good energetic and reducing agent. It keeps energy at the right level during training, making it even more efficient.

Supplement can be taken before or after training. But the most effective time is better after class, literally in a few minutes. At this point, the athlete is deficient in protein and carbohydrates. Так как эти компоненты были растрачены во время занятий. Гейнер, принятый именно после тренинга восстанавливает силы, мышечную ткань, препятствует катаболизму.

Некоторые пьют его и перед тренировкой. Только старайтесь минут за 40-60 до занятия. Тогда углеводы, содержащиеся в гейнере, дадут вам больше энергии. But my husband prefers to just eat and drink a cocktail after class.

If you need to quickly build up weight, the supplement is taken during snacking. However, in this case there is a chance to gain weight due to fat.

Since the protein-carbohydrate mixture calories are sufficient. I decided to write more about the admission rules in a separate article - how to use a gainer..

Are gainers harmful to health?

Just want to reassure. This additive is not chemistry, all components in it are natural. Men and women at any age can take the supplement.

Gainer is a little different from traditional foods. It also contains protein and carbohydrates, like regular food.

Reviews of doctors about this diet positive. The fact that gainers cause impotence or harm the liver and the heart are just myths similar to the myths about the dangers of proteins.

Of course, contraindications include diabetes mellitus. Since this mixture is high carbohydrate and its goal is to raise the level of sugar. Individual intolerance is also possible, especially if you are allergic to lactose. After all, the additive includes in its composition and protein. And he, as a rule, in the gainers in the form of whey protein.

Side effects are usually associated with improper storage or poor-quality composition. Buy supplement can be imported and Russian production. The main thing is that the manufacturer and the supplier have a good reputation. Since the mixture is high carbohydrate, bacteria can multiply when moisture gets into it. Therefore, store the product correctly.

But a cheap supplement with questionable ingredients can cause indigestion. The rest of the gainer is a completely safe product of sports nutrition.

Reviews about taking supplements

Weight gain through carbohydrate-protein supplements has a temporary effect. You must understand that gainers can not be used forever (although it is not contraindicated). And as soon as you stop taking them - your weight will begin to decrease.

To avoid this, first of all you need to pay attention to the diet and sports. If you are an ectomorph, you need high-calorie food. In this case we are not talking about cakes and chocolates. Of course, if you do not want to spoil health. The calorie content of food can be increased by unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates. Plus, you need to train so that your weight increases not only due to fat, but also due to muscle growth.

Now for the reviews. I tried to find the most informative.

Valentine: This supplement helped me a lot. While the saw was significantly gaining weight and the priest finally appeared :)) gained a little bit of fat, but those were skin and bones. I really liked myself. Truth as soon as she stopped drinking, the geyner was blown away again by the wind ... so I plan to start the reception again.

Ksyuha: Gained more than 10 kg during the reception of a gainer for the year. then there was drying, out of the gained kilograms, 8 remained. I advise the mixture with the carbohydrate / protein ratio - 50/50. I really have enzyme deficiency, so I always went with a distended stomach. enzyme preparations eased a little. But this is of course individually everything. need to pick up

Nastena: I can’t gain weight without protein-carbohydrate supplements. I went to the gym for several months and the gainers did not drink. as was 42 kg and remained. But when using dabavki for 1.5 weeks, an increase of 2 kg. Very happy))

Annie:I am very thin, drank the supplement three times a day. and here is the result - hello caries. Of course, I recovered, but the tooth enamel spoiled thorough. Now I work with a nutritionist. I wrote out my diet, a lot of calories with a minimum of sweet dishes. Like this! although it is quite possible the whole thing due to the fact that she constantly burst chocolate

How to choose a gainer

Try to buy only high quality, balanced mixes. The price of such additives is certainly not small, but they contain high-quality purified protein.

This protein has a high biological value. In addition, carbohydrates and protein content is balanced in quality gainers for better absorption.

The best gainer for quick weight gain contains a large number of simple carbohydrates. This is maltodextrin, it is very quickly absorbed and has a high glycemic index. Thanks to this, you will quickly get the necessary energy jump and will be able to practice more efficiently.

Typically, in the most effective gainers, the proportion of protein does not exceed 20%. It is better to choose a mixture with whey protein. Unlike casein, it does not load the intestines for several hours. With such an additive, fermentation in the stomach is minimized. This means that this protein is absorbed faster.

A good protein-carbohydrate mixture should also contain vitamins and minerals. In its composition should be beneficial unsaturated fats and digestive enzymes. They are responsible for the assimilation of this product by our body. Manufacturers to increase the anabolic effect can add to the gainer creatine and glutamine. Such a composition will give the athlete a good energy potential. And muscle growth will take place without fat deposits.

Now let's look at examples of quality supplements and how much it costs to enjoy.

What is a gainer and what is it for?

Gainer is a high-calorie supplement that helps build muscle quickly. Gainers include, depending on the brand, different amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The composition of the mixture additionally introduced vitamins, minerals, some amino acids and creatine. A portioner gainer contains from 320 calories and up to 1 thousand, protein from 16 to 60 grams. To receive the powder is mixed with water, milk and drink before or after workouts.

Accept weight gainer is recommended for people who find it difficult to gain muscle mass, despite the amount of time spent on training. Men and women who are not able to consume the right amount of calories due to lack of time.

Gainer is designed to add the necessary energy and nutrition to muscles before and after tension, and to help in a short time to increase their volume.

Gainer and protein: what is the difference?

To find out what is best for a gainer or protein for weight gain, you need to understand the effect and purpose of the mixtures:

  • As a part of a geyner there are more calories than in protein, although both products are used for muscle recovery and growth. If you are a hardgainer or an ectomorph that is having difficulty gaining weight, then your choice is a gainer. In the absence of problems with an increase in muscle mass, when it needs a slow increase, taking only whey protein will be sufficient. The combination of the two products helps to avoid the accumulation of large amounts of fat with insufficient intensity training.
  • When the desired result is achieved and the muscles have taken the right amount, you can switch to whey protein. This will help reduce body fat, provide muscles with "building" material, thereby preventing muscle catabolism during cardiovascular exercises.
  • The purpose of protein in the body (protein) - to help the recovery and growth of muscles. If there are no workouts, there is no need to restore them and drink protein, since the human body does not store protein. If you take a gainer in the absence of training, the daily intake of calories exceeds the needs of the body, is the absorption of calories and fat accumulation.

What is part of a gainer and how to take it?

The composition of the geyner includes two main ingredients - carbohydrates and proteins. This is the most nutritious mixture for the full "load" of the body and a quick recovery after exercise.

Carbohydrates are of two types, with high and low glycemic index. The balance of the two types provides a uniform flow of glucose into the bloodstream to continuously fill the glycogen deficiency, and restore the body after exercise.

Proteins gradually release into the blood amino acids that are needed for the reconstruction of muscle fibers. Additional components: vitamins, trace elements and minerals enhance the action of a geyner.

It is recommended to take the liquid mixture before training, not less than 1 hour or after it, so that the body can recover. During the day, the gainer is taken by those who need a set of muscle mass - athletes, people with irregular meals. The dry mix is ​​mixed with water, milk or any suitable liquid. Some types are suitable for making smoothies with fruit.

The gainer gainer

  • The product contributes to the rapid build-up of muscles in a short period,
  • In a portion of a geyner a large amount of carbohydrates and proteins, which are easy to use in liquid form,
  • The product contains the amino acids needed to build muscle,
  • Arginine in the mixture improves blood circulation, facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the growing muscles,
  • Gainer gives extra energy, which is enough for a full-fledged long-term workout without early fatigue.

Harm and side effects of a geyner

The range of the nutritional value of food per day for weight gain varies from 2,200 to 3,200 calories per day, depending on the age and sex of the person. Gainer is designed to meet the additional need for calories. However, drinking a gainer without training should not be an excess of calories from any source leads to an increase in fat in the human body.

Some gainers have more than 1 thousand calories per serving. Instead of increasing the muscle mass, a person accumulates fat, especially if such techniques are performed several times a day and the intensity of training is incorrectly calculated. Therefore, when choosing a mixture, pay attention to the number of calories per serving. Optimal 600 cal, more than 1 thousand. Calories suitable for strength training.

Before taking a gainer, you must be convinced that you are not allergic to soy and milk. Although the probability is small, but the appearance of the reaction to other components of the product is not excluded. If urticaria, itching, redness, upset stomach is detected, stop taking the mixture.

Creatine in the composition of a geyner is designed to increase the nutritional value of the product and speed up the process of building muscle. Although it is considered safe, there is a potential health hazard. High doses of creatine can damage the kidneys.

If you take medications (cyclosporine, ibuprofen, naproxen, tobramycin), the effects may be more serious due to the interaction of substances. Creatine causes dehydration - so you need to drink water to maintain the normal operation of all body systems.

Cons of gainer reception:

  • People with lactose intolerance may experience nausea, since Gainer contains whey,
  • It is possible the emergence of insomnia,
  • The mixture often contains caffeine, which causes arousal of the nervous system,
  • Creatine and caffeine increase the likelihood of dehydration with insufficient fluid replenishment,
  • The gainer taste is not always pleasant.

Weight gainer

The goal is to build muscle, then the best weight gainers for gaining muscle mass should be selected with a high content of protein. The higher its value in one portion, the "more valuable" the composition of the gainer for muscle building.

Weight gainer is recommended for lean, lean people who have a desire to improve their body with regular workouts.

Do I need to take a gainer girl?

The question can be put in a different way - is it worth taking a gainer for girls and what is it for? There are no contraindications for use. Sex and age restrictions too.

Gainer is selected for thin girls, taking into account the intensity of training and the expected result. For a short period, the desired effect is achievable, provided that it is applied correctly and the number of workouts. If the exercises are developed together with a trainer, then the probability increases many times over.

Without a lack of training, gaining a geyner will only bring harm, since there will be an accumulation of fat in the body - you will simply become fat.

Gainer helps a person to increase muscle mass and strength of his muscles. The product is effective, but care should be taken to avoid side effects. Consumption geyner much more than protein.

The stock for a month can be several kilograms, so try cooking home geyner, there are a lot of recipes on the Internet. The main ingredients are banana, peanut butter, eggs, soy milk, etc. It is possible that a homemade weight gainer will serve as a substitute if you have problems or allergies when taking it.

Before taking a gainer, be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure your body is healthy enough. In addition, read reviews on various brands of gainers, evaluate the composition and the contained substances. Do not forget that gainers with a high amount of protein are necessary for building muscles.

Weight gainers are effective, but they should be taken with caution, like any other nutritional supplements.

How does the protein-carbohydrate mixture

What is a gainer, we think, you understand, now let's see how it works. The secret of its effectiveness is in combining the actions of carbohydrates and protein.

Independent medical research has long confirmed the working qualities of this combination - a gainer was among the first supplements for athletes. However, earlier such mixtures were made from the cheapest proteins, sugars and fats, losing in quality of the product, but winning in its caloric value. Such mixtures were not properly digested and brought only relative benefits to the athletes.

For everyone who doesn’t like “many letters”, the guys from YouGifted have prepared a special video in which athlete Alexander Schukin shares all the information about gainer:

In modern sports nutrition, preference is given to the quality of the product. Self-respecting and consumer-made companies make mixtures of high-quality purified protein with high biological activity, special easily digestible carbohydrates and other useful substances.

The main purpose of the use of gainers in bodybuilding and other power disciplines - the rapid increase in muscle mass. These mixtures are suitable for ectomorphs, people of asthenic (thin) physique without excess fat. People of this morphological type are distinguished by a high rate of metabolic reactions, and regular sports nutrition with systematic workouts may not be enough for them to gain muscle mass and improve strength. Using a geyner solves the problem of lack of energy and material for internal anabolic processes.

Very important: for athletes with a relatively slower type of metabolism and having a tendency to be overweight, it does not make sense to use a gainer - easily digestible carbohydrates will be deposited in excess fatty tissue. It is better for endomorphs to use high-quality proteins and eat complex (slow) carbohydrates.

Application and dosage

Athletes gainer can be used immediately after exercise - at the time of opening the "protein-carbohydrate window", which the mixture properly closes: restores energy costs and protects the muscles from catabolism.

You can use the mixture before the start of the exercises - to obtain an energy substrate that will contribute to the intensity and duration of the exercises. Most athletes believe that you need to use a gainer once a day, combining with pure protein mixtures.

The optimal portion of a gainer contains up to 40 g of protein and up to 100 g of carbohydrates. The amount of other substances in mixtures from different manufacturers varies. The whole thing is prepared simply: one portion of the powder is stirred in water (sometimes milk is used) in a shaker and consumed.

Gainers rating

A wide selection of gainers at attractive prices in the Body-Factory. You can see the assortment on the company's website.

It is time to decide which gainer is the best. The mixtures are different from each other in many ways, besides each particular athlete has his own mixture, which he chooses taking into account his own sports tasks. The choice of the best gainer can be made only on the basis of the results obtained and taking into account personal feelings.

This rating does not pretend to be completely objective, but rather created for the purpose of orientation, and the initial selection criterion here is the ratio of price, quality and composition:

  1. Serious mass from Optimum Nutrition (USA)
  2. Up your mass from the manufacturer of MHP (USA)
  3. Muscle Juice 2600 from Ultimate Nutrition (USA)
  4. True-mass from BSN (USA)
  5. Super MASS Gainer - production Dymatize (USA)

These blends have a reasonable cost and are made of high quality raw materials. When choosing a geyner, athletes need to take into account the content of vitamins and other elements - however, in each of the above mixtures of additional substances there will be in abundance.

Accepting weight gainers, it is important not to exceed the dosages recommended by the manufacturer - an imbalance in the supply of necessary substances negatively affects the well-being and effectiveness of training. And also do not forget that the gainer is just an additive and should not be “hammered” into familiar foods. So, we have considered what a gainer is, how to take it and which one is better to buy, if you have any questions left, ask them in the comments below.

What is part of a geyner?

Гейнер – это углеводно-белковая смесь, поэтому здесь все понятно: в состав любого такого продукта обязательно входят углеводы и белки. Как правило, в такой смеси преимуществом обладают именно углеводы. Процентное соотношение содержания двух главных компонентов обычно смещено в сторону как раз углеводов: их может быть от 50 до 75% от общей массы. Количество содержащегося в порошке белка начинается от 15%.

The carbohydrates contained in the gelner have different complexity and glycemic index. This diversity allows you to get enough energy for effective training and quality recovery after them. Proteins that are in the composition of such a product are rich in essential amino acids. This helps the athlete to prevent the destruction of muscle tissue during intense workouts.

Various carbohydrates and minerals are added to carbohydrate-protein mixtures, which contribute to the improvement of energy exchange processes in the body. Many gainers contain creatine, the beneficial properties of which are known to many athletes. It is creatine that helps increase ATP (cellular energy) stores and train longer, lift heavier weights.

Who needs a geyner and why?

As noted above, nutrition is one of the determining factors in the recruitment of muscle mass. However, to adhere to the ideal diet is not always possible. A set of muscle mass involves the use of a sufficient amount of nutrients and excess calorie. This is how you can provide good conditions for muscle mass growth.

The use of a gainer has several goals:

  • Filling carbohydrate and protein deficiencies
  • Providing the body with an adequate supply of carbohydrates and amino acids for training,
  • The increase in the number of meals and, accordingly, the total calories.

For the training to go well, and the body has received an impulse to further increase muscle mass, energy is needed for productive activities. Not without reason many experienced athletes recommend beginners to consume carbohydrates immediately before exercise. It is also recommended to use a small amount of protein before exercise, to protect the muscles from destruction. But it is not necessary to stuff yourself with food, stand at the stove and cook yourself another bite of tasteless porridge and try to cram a couple of hated chicken eggs again. You can mix a delicious cocktail, drink it and feel free to go to the gym. The nutrients contained in the geyner are enough to provide you with energy throughout the entire session in the hall.

After receiving the necessary impulse, the body needs to “build” muscles from something. For this, again, you need carbohydrates and proteins. And here also a gainer comes to the rescue. Perhaps you are too tired after classes, and you have absolutely no desire and strength to invent any culinary masterpieces, but even from the usual boiled breast is also sickening. Drink a gainer! It has enough carbohydrates and proteins for the body to begin the process of building muscles. This is what gainer gives.

Obviously, this additive is not suitable for everyone. It is recommended to use people of thin build. We call these "ectomorphs." The result is visible almost immediately, because with the use of a gainer, the total caloric content increases, and this is the main condition for weight gain.

Does a gainer have side effects?

Yes, a gainer actually has side effects, but they have nothing to do with all the serious diseases that incompetent individuals attribute to it. Everything is much simpler, and side reactions are associated, most often, with the composition of the gainer.

First of all, it is worth noting that the gainer is not recommended for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. This is because such a product may contain whey or casein protein, which is based on dairy products. Other adverse reactions may occur if adaptogens are added to the gainer that are designed to have a tonic effect. But in this case, the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms is possible only in people who are hypersensitive to such components. And finally, the main side effect is an increase in subcutaneous fat. But to avoid this effect, you must adhere to the correct diet.

We will not advise taking a gainer to all athletes, since this supplement is very individual and completely replaceable. If you have difficult problems with mass gain, then you can try to gradually include a gainer in your diet.