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What are glasses Deal With It


These are special glasses that are different from the classic ones. They do not just serve as a protection from bright light, they are a stylish decoration that completes an unusual image. They are catchy and noticeable, immediately attract attention. Their appearance is inspired by the now legendary computer game "Minecraft". The passion for the fascinating cubic world became for the authors of the model the impetus for their realization.

On sale there are a variety of pixel glasses. Their rim is usually made of high-quality polymers. For the manufacture of lenses often use high-quality plastic, not just obscuring the sun's rays, but also protects the eyes from the harmful effects of solar radiation. However, there are not only black pixel glasses: original products are quite relevant with completely transparent lenses, or without them. Such an element will successfully complement the bright image at a thematic party or at a club get-together.

To whom such glasses will go

I must admit that a stylish accessory is quite capricious and partly informal. It is difficult to imagine a combination of a strict business suit with this defiant component. Pixel glasses can be safely called youth decoration, and teenagers and young people wear them mostly slightly older. However, their pointedly cartoonish appearance often attracts adult buyers. Well, why not? The main thing is a well-designed and solid image.

So, over the appropriate clothing will have to break his head. How to choose the right accessory? The configuration of the model is rather complicated, and therefore it is not necessary for them to be ideally suited to the face, as their classic counterparts. In this case, you can play from the opposite - the more defiant and pixel sunglasses sunglasses look, the more interesting. Most gaming glasses are unisex, so you can safely experiment with them.

Cubes, pixels, squares: models without glasses

In our country, this model came from Asia. Their popularity is beyond doubt: the millions of inhabitants of our planet daily take selfies in many different places. This is a reliable and inexpensive way to be different from others, to set a new style among friends. Pixel glasses without lenses are worn at any season, at any time of the year, they are relevant day and night, always look appropriate and stylish.

But, using this accessory, you should carefully think over your image. It is desirable to add some popular youth thing to the general view: a bright sweatshirt, ripped jeans, etc. We can say that this is a demanding element that should be beaten in a certain way. Then it will look stylish, fashionable and harmonious! The price of this accessory is very democratic, and any fan of everything creative and unusual can get them.

What it is

The phrase Deal With It literally translates as “put up with it” and came from among the players in the cards. Soon it became a famous meme on the Internet thanks to cartoonist Matt Fury, who in 2005 created a mini-comic with the popular frog Pepe.

Then in 2009 he drew glasses with pixels, and this phrase appeared on the face of a smug dog. And already later, glasses began to draw on any character who took a proud pose. Today the phrase is used in response to criticism and complaints. So a person who puts on pixel glasses makes it clear that you just have to accept the coolness of someone who dares to go outside and keep their complaints with them.

Finnish company CNC Design launched the release of unusual sunglasses Deal With It in the form of huge pixels. The glasses are made of thick darkened acrylic and are simply a piece of plastic, cut out by a laser in the form of pixels. Therefore, as real sunglasses, they are not very suitable, as they let in ultraviolet radiation. But as a cool accessory, for example for a thematic party, it will be very useful. Moreover, the drawing pixels does not interfere with the review.

Since the Deal With It glasses are a visualization of a popular Internet meme, they will appeal to hipsters who are immersed in modern culture and love all its manifestations.

Also, these glasses are a cool gift for old-school fans of old eight-bit computer games. They still remember the lamp monitors of the computer, the first primitive pixel games, and they, of course, will appreciate such a funny greeting from the past. But pixel games, oddly enough, are popular today. This, of course, Minecraft, which are very passionate about modern teenagers. Therefore, glasses Deal With It is an unusual gift for a young gamer.

Where can one buy

Original Finnish glasses can be bought in specialized stores on the Internet and on the official website of the brand. They cost almost $ 23, and transport companies deliver them all over the world, including Russia.

Also, these glasses are mass produced in China, so you can find them on the world famous Chinese platform "AliExpress". And if you are not going to spend your money on a meaningless accessory, just download these Deal With It glasses for Photoshop and place it safely on any photos.

Pixel glasses models

As a rule, the rim of all pixel glasses is made of ordinary plastic, and the lens is made of organic. Do not worry about the fact that ultraviolet rays damage your eyesight. Organic plastic, like glass, has protective properties. Choosing glasses, pay attention to the quality of the material from which the hinges are made. The best option is metal, since plastic cannot be called strong and durable. By the way, there are pixel glasses without glasses. Such models are appropriate at any time of the year and day, in contrast to ordinary sunglasses. Wearing such glasses, you will look stylish, attracting the attention of others. The girl in pixel glasses gives the impression of a cheerful optimist who has her own life stance. In addition, it is a clear sign that she understands modern computer trends, and in the youth it is an undeniable advantage.

The color gamut of pixel glasses is very wide. This also applies to the color of the lenses, and the color of the frame. Do black and white accessories seem to you unoriginal (if pixel glasses can be described with this word)? You have the opportunity to pick up glasses of any color - from pastel shades to screaming acidic colors, and even printed ones, for example, with peas.

Pixel points: the history of creation

The appearance of pixel glasses is inspired by the game Minecraft. This is a legendary computer game, the world of which consists of many blocks. It was the 8-bit world in the form of pixels that served as the impetus for the creation of this model.

Pixel glasses are also called “gaming”, “8 bits” and “Minecraft glasses”.

In general, the model has a rectangular frame and lenses in the form of steps of the very pixels. That is why the design looks like a toy and drawn, as if it came from the 90s.

How to choose pixel glasses?

Minecraft pixel goggles are not the case when they have to sit perfectly in the face. This is a rather complicated model that is hard to fit into everyday life, so in this case, the more cool they look, the better.

Gamer points are exclusively youth models that will suit teenagers, as well as those whose age is slightly over 20 years old. Due to their cartoon look, they are unlikely to appeal to mature men and women. But as an experiment, as well as the right combination with clothing, why not experiment.

Most often, pixel glasses are models of unisex, except that guys can refuse a pink frame or an animal print. Therefore, to choose a model for the type of person will not be a big problem. Even if the pixel glasses are too wide or large, it will not spoil the image, but, on the contrary, will give it additional audacity.

When choosing an accessory you need to pay attention to its quality. Of course, this is a model that is not suitable for every day, but this does not mean that a stylish accessory should fall apart right in your hands. Particular attention should be paid to the arms and hinges. They should not move too tightly or loosely, therefore the hinges should be made of metal.

The plastic material of the rim and glass itself should not have any scratches and chipping, so that the glasses do not cling to the hair. If during fitting the product presses around the nose or ears, it is better to try other models.

What is the combination of pixel glasses?

It is worth starting with the fact that pixel glasses are an informal and naughty accessory. They will not fit in business or even in everyday style. But this is a real find for party lovers, hipsters, as well as those who prefer a sporty style.

So, with what clothes to combine pixel glasses Minecraft? This can be ripped jeans, short shorts, denim skirts in a sporty style, sweatshirts, T-shirts or T-shirts with a funny print or large lettering, from shoes it can be bright sneakers, sneakers, rough shoes or wedge sandals.

Girls can wear such an accessory with hair loose, and to give an image of negligence, you can make a high air beam on your head.

The cost of pixel points

The cost of pixel glasses is quite affordable, so you can change them often.

Prices in online stores range from 300 to 900 rubles ($ 5-12). The lower price threshold is typical for models with or without transparent lenses. And the most expensive models often have an interesting print.

The average cost of simple minecraft glasses in a black or other bright frame is 400-450 rubles ($ 6).

Pixel points: reviews

Girls and guys who have acquired Minecraft pixel glasses mark their stylish and bright design that attracts attention. Points made of high-quality plastic do not interfere and do not rub, so they are quite convenient to walk and spend time with friends. In addition, quality products serve their owners for more than one season.

At first, it is unusual for many to see themselves in a new image, but those who love experiments and are not afraid of the attention of others, point out that pixel glasses have become a favorite bright accessory.

In addition, the owners of the first pair of glasses do not stop at this. A variety of shapes and colors that manufacturers offer allows you to have in your arsenal several different models, which is undoubtedly an advantage of these unusual models.

An overview of the blue model points made under the pixels with a square print can be viewed in the video below.

We define with style

As we have said, pixel glasses got their name absolutely not by chance, their frames are made in a special way in the form of pixel steps, which give them a toy, fantasy gaming look. But how to choose such a miracle for yourself? What can they be combined with, but where will they not fit at all?

If you look at such an accessory at least once, then it becomes immediately clear that they, in no way, are suitable for business or office style, no matter how hard you try. Best of all, they fit into informal youth movements such as hipster, trap, SWAG and other democratic subcultures.

But this does not mean that if you are not 20 years old, then you are already too old for such an accessory, not at all! There are many examples when adult women skillfully combined 8-bit glasses with other youth gizmos, creating stylish and very harmonious ensembles.

But in this case it is necessary to approach the creation of your own image with all the responsibility, in order for such an accessory to look appropriate, you need to add some youth thing appropriate to this direction in the general ensemble, for example, fashionable short denim shorts, jeans with a torn shirt interesting print or lettering and so on.

Do not forget that even the classic, if you can call them that, black pixel glasses, which in a hipster bow will look as organic as possible, in the usual urban or sports style will look completely out of place.

This accessory can be called capricious, it requires a special frame and, one can even say, lifestyle. Ideally, you can complete the whole image with trendy bright-colored sneakers, platform sneakers or grunge-style brutal boots.

What are pixel glasses?

Despite the fact that you will not find them on sale less often, and some manufacturers claim that gaming glasses are issued exclusively for the release, you will still be surprised at their variety of models.

As a rule, the frame for them is made of ordinary plastic, and the lenses - of organic, which is able to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays, and, therefore, also protect your eyes. When choosing such an accessory, be sure to pay attention to the hinges, it is desirable that they be made of metal - so they will last you longer.

There are 8-bit glasses without glasses, which is very convenient to maintain the image: it turns out they can be worn even in everyday life and in a room where there is no sun, as a stylish and fashionable accessory.

The color range of such glasses is really great, the rim can vary from classic black and white, to acid or pastel shades, as a result, everyone can choose a model for their own bow.

There are options with printed frames, for example, a fashionable space theme, a leopard or interesting ink stains, only you can choose! The price of such a fashionable and interesting accessory varies within 5-10 dollars, and, therefore, every willing girl can afford to be unique and stylish.

In the more expensive sets, in addition, a microfiber case can be used, which can, from time to time, wipe the glass. And finally, pixel glasses are a stylish and original gift for all fans of computer games. Imagine the delight of your fellow programmer or gamer who will receive such an unusual gift? His enthusiasm will have no limits, you can be sure.

Yellow pixel points for gamers

Black-rimmed plastic sunglasses with yellow earrings, made in the form of squares-pixels, like various internet games.

This is a good gift for a child who is fond of computer graphics. They also provide an excellent opportunity to protect the eyes of your child from harmful solar radiation.

The lenses are made so high quality that you can not remove the glasses, entering the room. And UV protection is UV400.

Smart care

Children are the most precious thing we have. They bring joy to our lives and fill it with a special meaning. And our task and duty is to take care of their health, well-being and surround them with an atmosphere of love and understanding.

Health care should be manifested primarily in prevention and protection. Sight, like other organs, should be taken care of with young. But the most dangerous enemy for the eyes of a child is, strangely enough, the sunlight, namely, his ultraviolet cure.

We offer you a whole line of sunglasses from the party plastic pixel glasses. Their lenses are able to limit the ingress of harmful radiation on the retina, they have a UV400 value.

Bright and stylish accessory

In addition, glasses with yellow arms and pixel rims attract attention to their owner on a bright sunny day.

Many guys are addicted to computer games, so the manufacturer chose just such a design for frames and bows, as in 8-bit games. Points this season have a special popularity also due to the fact that they are actively advertised in their videos by the popular blogger IvanGay.

Since the frame is made of plastic, such glasses can be worn at any time of the year. In the summer, they will not overheat too much, and in the winter they will overcool, which is typical of metal objects.

You can easily order plastic pixel glasses with yellow temples on our website.