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How to hang a horseshoe in the house for money, for marriage and just for beauty


Modern people are skeptical of different superstitions, but there is one symbol in which most of us still believe. It's about a horseshoe for luck. This amulet is popular among many nations.

Since ancient times, people believed that the horseshoe brings good luck and happiness, protects against adversity and grief. The history of this talisman is deeply rooted in the past. Every nation has its own legends and beliefs, why exactly the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

It is believed that the first mention of this amulet, as a subject that brings good luck, appeared before our era. In ancient Egypt, it was decided to shoe horses, which were harnessed to the chariots of the pharaohs, with golden horseshoes. Sometimes they lose them. A person who accidentally found such a horseshoe was provided with money for many years. He was guaranteed well-being in the family.

In the Middle Ages, horses wore iron horseshoes, but this did not diminish their value, since in those days iron was very expensive. So any person who found a lost horseshoe could get a considerable profit for it. Therefore, people considered it a symbol of good luck.

In Russia, it was believed that this amulet protects against all evil. There even existed a belief about how the devil in the form of a horse appeared to one forge. He strongly tempted the forge in the hope of taking his soul. But the blacksmith divined this idea and shod the devil. He was so pained that he became afraid of horseshoes. Then the blacksmith hung a horseshoe on the wall and said that from now on she would protect any house on which she would hang from evil and evil spirits.

And in our time, this guard has not lost its relevance. In many countries on different continents, it is still considered a symbol of good luck, happiness and prosperity, and, moreover, very effective.

Let's now take a detailed look at what this talisman means, and how it should be used to get the benefit alone and no harm.

What is the secret magical action horseshoe?

The reason that this charm has such an incredible ability to attract money and happiness to the house lies in its form. The horseshoe, hung up, looks like a bowl, which has long been a symbol of the womb of a woman, that is, fertility. This means that it accumulates in itself all the good, and does not allow it to flow away from the house.

In addition, many experts argue that this form allows you to receive the energy of the cosmos and charge it with the whole house.

When the horseshoe is turned ends down, it resembles a dome that protects the house and all its inhabitants from trouble and grief.

Of great importance and its appearance. Only the horseshoe worn by a horse has a strong magical effect. Best of all, if it is heavily worn or even rusty. This will indicate that the shoe has accumulated a lot of positive energy. She has long protected the horse from damage, and now she will protect you from all the bad things.

In addition, the extraordinary power of this amulet is connected directly with the horse. For a long time this animal has been revered by many nations for its hard work and endurance.

Of course, the most good luck brings the shoe, which you yourself have found. However, this is not so easy in our time. If earlier it could be found on any road, now it is very problematic, since horses were replaced by cars. And now they can be found only in equestrian schools, on hippodromes and in deaf villages. But this means that you need to visit them, waiting for some horse to lose a horseshoe. You can just buy it.

It should pay attention to the material from which it is made. It is best if it is metal, but wood and clay are also suitable. The main thing is that the material is natural, since plastic amulets are a simple empty shell.

Now let's talk about where and how to hang a horseshoe in the house so that it brings happiness and good luck.

Proper accommodation in the house

Before you hang this guard over the door, find out in which direction it is. If in the east and southeast, then it is better to refuse it, as the tree element reigns there, and the metal will destroy its positive energy. In this case, you can hang amulet over the window or just on the wall.

If you want a horseshoe to attract money, happiness and good luck to a house, then you need to hang it with its tips up above the door on the inside of the house. Thus, it will accumulate in itself all the good, and your family will always live peacefully and in prosperity.

It is important that each of the family members hold the happiness shoe in their hands before they hang it on the wall. So she will bring good luck to each of them.

It is worth remembering that the horseshoe hanged in the house ends down will contribute to the fact that luck and money will flow away from your home.

But if the charm is attached in this way from the outside of the house, it will protect your home and family from evil people. Thus, any person who has come to the house with malicious intent will not be able to do you any harm.

Many people hang two horseshoes: inside and outside the house. This means that the house will always be a “full cup”, peace, harmony and material well-being will reign in it, and at the same time it will be protected from negative energy.

A man must necessarily hang a horseshoe, and a woman must hold her. At the same time in the wall there should not be any extraneous nails.

What do you need to mount a horseshoe to the wall?

Of great importance is the way the horseshoe will be attached to the wall. Different nations have their own opinion on this.

Some believe that this charm should be nailed to the wall with a single nail, and if you can firmly fix it the first time, this will indicate that the owner of the house is on the shoulder, which means there will always be order and comfort in the house.

In other sources it is reported that it is necessary to hammer nails into all the holes in the forging. Thus, all the spirits, designed to protect the house, will be firmly nailed to it.

And the Old Believers believed that nails should not be hammered into a horseshoe, as it had previously been nailed to a horse. If she fell, so she wanted to be free. Therefore, they hung this amulet only with a rope.

As you can see, in order for a horseshoe to really bring good luck, you need to know how to choose it (if you cannot find it) and how to place it in the house correctly. Otherwise it will be just a simple souvenir hanging on the wall.

Luck is a changeable thing, but we hope that thanks to a horseshoe, it will always be on your side.

Origins of tradition: 3 versions

The vitality of this superstition aroused the interest of scientists. Experts have tried to figure out where this tradition has gone from, and why the great magical power is attributed to the horse attribute. There are three theories of the origins of tradition.

  1. Egyptian. During the reign of the pharaohs, horses belonging to the nobility, shod gold horseshoes. For the poor man, barely making ends meet, it really was a great success to find such a horseshoe. After all, she promised a comfortable life.
  2. Pagan. In the beliefs of a blacksmith revered for deity. How else to call the one who was able to subdue the power of fire and the power of the metal? Another strong symbol is the horse. He was associated with the worker, the savior, the breadwinner and the conductor in other worlds. That is why the horseshoe, tempered in fire and absorbed the protective energy of the horse, was revered by the pagan Slavs, as a talisman, protecting against all evils.
  3. Religious. Saint Dunstan was engaged in blacksmithing. There is a legend that once the devil appeared to him. Despite its human appearance, the archbishop recognized the unclean and began to torture him with red-hot metal. The devil pleaded for mercy. Then Dunstan drove him away. And above the doors he hung a horseshoe, resembling an unclean one, that the entrance to this house was forbidden to him. But in the official life of the saint such details are not described.

Why do I need a talisman and subtleties of his choice

According to ancient superstitions, the horseshoe was hung in the house to protect the household from the evil eye, detractors and envious. In addition, she protected property from thieves and robbers. Great importance was given to the location of the amulet. Depending on the zone in which it was hung, it was possible to attract wealth, regain health and “catch” luck.

It seems that there is nothing easier. I went to the souvenir shop and bought the horseshoe I liked. And beautiful, and modern, and, if necessary, protects from trouble. But psychics claim that such a talisman is not very strong. Therefore, deciding to hang a horseshoe for good luck in the apartment, listen to two expert tips.

  1. The right stuff. Choose an iron horseshoe. Warding serves only metal product. A plastic, wooden and even golden horseshoe will remain only an element of decor. And you should not choose aluminum charm at all. He is able to bring home problems.
  2. Lifetime . New horseshoe able to blend harmoniously into the interior. But if you want to bring happiness into the house, you will need an old, used one. And the horseshoe found on the road will be the strongest talisman. In the modern world it is almost impossible. But you can buy a charm that has been “charged” with the energy of a horse by visiting the hippodrome, riding school or stud farm.

Choosing a place

Most often, the horseshoe can be seen above the entrance door. It was here that people hung her, trying to protect her house from trouble. But where should it hang: inside the apartment or outside? Esoteric advise two options for the location of the horseshoe, depending on the objectives pursued.

  1. Inside the house . So hang a horseshoe if they want to create an internal protection. In other words, this attribute will protect all households from the evil eye, damage, trouble. He will protect the housing and all things inside.
  2. Outside the house. The guardian is hung from the outside of the door, if they want to ward ill-wishers away from their homes. This item affects the events from the side. It protects housing from intruders, robbers.

The area above the door is not the only place where a horseshoe can be placed. Depending on the desires and aspirations of the owners, the subject can define different places. For example, if you want to hang a horseshoe for good luck, then attach it to the door. And every day, leaving the house, be sure to touch it, as if charged with positive energy. About other locations of the horseshoe depending on the wishes can be found in the table.

Table - The most successful places for horseshoe

Where did the tradition go to hang a horseshoe for good luck

It is said that St. Dunstan was a very skilled, skilled blacksmith. One day the devil himself came to him, put forward his forked hoof and offered to shoe. But the saint was not as simple as it seemed. Dunstan tied the devil at the door, began to shovel him very roughly. To the evil one, it was very painful, he shouted, he asked to let go. The saint snatched an oath that the devil would never enter the house where a horseshoe was nailed to the wall. Thus, this is evidence of good luck - the devil will not come to you under his own appearance, or in any other way. And with it all the black energies cannot enter. Since then, the most ordinary horseshoe was hanged on the doors or on the walls.

There is another story. It was believed in the Middle Ages that a witch was afraid of horses. Therefore, flies on a broomstick. A woman who has sold her soul to the devil for her magical abilities will not be able to enter a house where there is something from a horse. For example, horseshoe. So residents have protected themselves from evil witchcraft since ancient times. The symbol has evolved for a long time, now it is used precisely as attracting success, good luck and happiness to the house. But, in the old fashioned way, it will protect from witches. Although, witches are considered to be devil's messengers, so the stories are very similar to each other. Believe it or not - decide for yourself. In any case, such a horseshoe at home does not hurt.

Is it possible to create such a talisman yourself

This is not only possible, but also highly desirable. Such an amulet will not only be a decoration of the house, but will really work. The most important thing in any subject is what kind of emotions you charge it with. If you have a familiar blacksmith, ask for a horseshoe for your home. He can decorate it with an intricate pattern or just give the most ordinary one.

You can easily buy it in a souvenir shop or esoteric shop. There are a lot of offers - choose the one you like. Now they sell already decorated compositions that can be used as home decoration. But, your ritual will be your trump card. Charge the shoe - let it really bring you luck.

Ritual charge horseshoe luck

It is necessary to assemble a small altar. Put a glass of holy water in the North, in the South - a bowl filled with earth or salt. In the East, let there be a fir cone, and in the West - a wax candle.

  • Put the horseshoe in the center. It does not matter - you found it, bought it or made it.
  • Light a candle, cross over each element of the elements.
  • Call upon Fire, Water, Earth, and Air to help you.
  • Read the plot of the plot to bring good luck:

“It is true that the Lord God gave five loaves, it is true that his son is Jesus Christ, it is true that our Lord is merciful. I ask you, O Lord God, turn my good fortune from west to east, from north to south. Give luck to the three roads and let one of them lead to my doorstep, and let grief and failure go on the way to the serpent’s womb, live there, be there. I will tie up a clean beach, I will bind with silver, now I don’t count the money, but I don’t know grief I lock that lock with the key forever, but I throw the key into the deep sea. That said, it will come true. Amen. Amen. Amen".

  • Now you need to take a horseshoe and nail it over the entrance door.

It protects your home from the interference of evil forces, brings good luck and peace.

How to hang a horseshoe

There are different answers to this question in different countries of the world. Somewhere hang horns down, and somewhere up. Choose, of course, you.

Up. So happiness will not flow away from home. If the horseshoe turned over by itself is a strong prediction that cannot be ignored. It is urgent to turn it over, because otherwise you can not see good luck.

Here they believe that after all the horns down - so good luck flows to your house. And if turned over - do not pay special attention. Where there is a horseshoe luck will always be, no matter how.

Horseshoes nailed to the front door or hang over it. So no evil will enter into the house. Windows do not protect, because it is believed that evil forces will not pass through the window. You can still wear it on yourself. This will not suit the real horseshoe, but a small piece of jewelry will look good. You can do it yourself from scrap materials.

Other items that bring luck to the house

It is very useful to have some items at home. They can be disguised as decorations, but you know their true power. A few simple things that you probably have already can bring you luck. Try to find them.

Hang a pigtail with garlic heads - ward off evil forces, bring a powerful charge of luck home.

Very powerful biological material. If you talk to him - good luck and happiness will stick to him.

Must be kept at home, but always closed.

Silver or metal. Let them ring more often. Hang them where there is a draft or a flow of air - their ringing drives away all evil.

It is very useful to have wax candles at home. They are expensive, for 1-2 you can buy, light on holidays.

At home you can only keep the whole mirror. This is a powerful symbol of attracting good luck. If it is broken, it is better to throw it away immediately. Never look in a broken mirror.

Attracting positive energy into your home is easy. But quarrels, scandals, betrayals greatly upset the balance in the energy plan. Hang a charged horseshoe at home - help yourself, protect from trouble. This is a proven talisman, which for many centuries pleased its owners. A simple symbol will become your reliable protector.

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The image of a horse in myths and legends

Практически во всех культурах без исключения конь или лошадь символизирует силу, энергию, власть, скорость, храбрость, выносливость, лидерство, деньги и успех.

Многие люди чувствуют большую симпатию или даже любовь к этому очень красивому и грациозному животному. Which is not surprising, since in the Middle Ages, a person who had his own horse was no longer considered poor. She was literally the breadwinner of the family, as she was not only indispensable for agricultural work, but was also the only means of transportation at that time.

The death of the only horse in the household at that far time could mean the end and death of the family, since the family practically lost their means of subsistence.

When people came to the village on horses, they were either warriors or representatives of the authorities. So, everyone on horseback was always treated with respect at least.

It can be said that if you came up to the house, you saw horseshoes hanging above the door or just on the wall, you could be sure that the owners of the house are quite prosperous.

In Chinese culture, the horse as a whole is associated with positive energy and male energy Yang. A galloping horse is a particularly good sign. Therefore, even a picture with horses galloping in the direction approaching the house, hanging on the wall works for wealth and good luck.

And to stumble on a horseshoe has always been considered a very good sign. This was perceived as a blessing received from the Horse that promised good fortune and increased prosperity in the future.

Why do I need to hang a horseshoe above the entrance door

If you read our article first, then you remember that the story of hanging a horseshoe above the entrance door began with a blacksmith and his desire to protect people from an unwelcome visit of dark forces.

The tradition to protect a house from negative energy, the evil eye, the penetration of dark forces and theft is as old as magic. And ways to do this can be many for a person familiar with magic. But if you are not a practicing magician or psychic, then using a horseshoe for this purpose would be an excellent solution for you. However, in order for protection to be effective, several conditions must be met.

What horseshoe hang over the entrance to the house

The most reliable option to use to protect this horseshoe, which for some time wore a horse. You may ask, why not just buy a horseshoe and hang it above the door? Because the usual new metal horseshoe does not have any magic, and will not perform its protective function.

In order for a horseshoe to become a magical working talisman, it must be charged with strong positive energies. But if a horse was worn for some time, then it was charged with a lot of energy from the Earth and the horse itself.

As you could read above, a horse is the personification of strength, courage, endurance, freedom, power and success. And the used horse horseshoe is a ready-made amulet.

This is literally the concentration of all the listed qualities of energy in combination with the energy of the earth, which is not only the source of all goods, but also ensures their stability. In addition, the metal is an excellent conductor of energy.

Therefore, if you had a chance to find a used horseshoe on the street or at a stable - this is an ideal option for protecting your home from negative energies or attracting prosperity.

Moreover, in our time, equestrian sport is returning its popularity, and it may be easier to find an already used horseshoe than you think.

If this task is difficult for you, you can charge the horseshoe yourself. How to do this, see our section "How to strengthen the magical properties of horseshoes"

Suitable place for guarding horseshoe

Despite the fact that the horseshoe is better known as a protective talisman and, more often it can be seen hanging above the entrance door, this is not the only place where the horseshoe can work. It all depends on the purpose for which you want to use it.

If the main goal is to protect the house from the penetration of any kind of negative energy, then it must be hung above the entrance door. Better outside, but you can inside.

It is not necessary to hang horseshoes over interior doors and openings, this will only create unnecessary turbulence of energy and negatively affect the health of all residents, especially animals.

For a protective purpose, you can also hang a horseshoe over the window, this is another place through which negative “street” energy can penetrate a house or apartment.

If your goal is to bring happiness and prosperity into the house, then you can attach the horseshoe either above the door or on one of the walls in the house or apartment. To attract wealth, the north, northwest, and southeast sides are best suited.

But categorically you should not mount a real metal horseshoe in the bedroom, or where your bed or baby bed is. Read more about the reasons for this you can read in the section "How to hang a horseshoe on Feng Shui."

How and where to hang a horseshoe

This horseshoe is most conveniently nailed or fastened with screws, so that it does not dangle.

There is a superstition that the horseshoe that was lost from the hoof does not want to be nailed anymore. But this is superstition as it is. The reason why a horseshoe itself can fall from a horse’s leg is usually due to an incorrect horseshoe (the hoof can crack, or the horse itself knocks down the horseshoes due to too protruding edges) or as a result of wear of the nail heads.

Caring owners of the horse always change horseshoes on time.

But if you want to see magical reasons for the loss of a horseshoe, it is better to think that the horseshoe absorbs too much energy and to remain on the horse’s hoof is no longer safe for the latter.

The magic rests on our beliefs, so make sure that they are positive.

Souvenir as a horseshoe you can mount as you like. It all depends on your imagination and design of a horseshoe.

Horseshoe horns up

If you want to bring good luck to your house, improve your well-being or even increase the social status of tenants, then you need to hang the horseshoe branches up. In this position, the horseshoe symbolizes the bowl, ready to fill.

Mount horseshoe branches up well above the entrance door, in the kitchen, in the office or in a place where you are actively working, in extreme cases, in the living room, but not in the bedroom. Read more in the section "How to hang a horseshoe on Feng Shui."

Horseshoe horns down

In this position, the horseshoe is attached, if your goal is to protect the house from the penetration of any kind of negative energies. When the horseshoe branches are pointing down, negative energy is attracted to the horseshoe and remains locked on top of the horseshoe rim.

Naturally, for protective purposes, the horseshoe is hung only above the entrance doors to the house or apartment, or above the windows. Hanging a horseshoe down the horns inside the house or apartment does not make any sense.

How to hang a horseshoe correctly by Feng Shui

A classic horse horseshoe made of metal is best hung on the west or northwest side of your home. Since this is the direction of the elements of metal, there will be no conflict of energies. Moreover, the most suitable form for enhancing the energy of a metal, a crescent or a dome and the shape of a horseshoe is ideal for this.

Very good, if the entrance door is located in this direction. In extreme cases, in a southwesterly direction, the direction of the element is earth. In all other cases, the horseshoe energy will weaken or even conflict with the energy of the direction, and this will not work at best, and will create problems at worst.

The way out of this situation is to hang a horseshoe as a protective amulet over the window, or use a self-made and charged horseshoe made from another material, not metal.

The wall of the western and north-western direction is also perfect for placing a metal horseshoe in order to attract wealth and well-being. Since the direction of the elements metal contribute to the development of diverse entrepreneurial skills and success in financial affairs.

But! Do not hang a metal horseshoe horns up on the west or north-west wall, if it is the wall in the bedroom! You should not even hang pictures with the image of galloping horses in the bedroom.

A galloping horse, like a horseshoe, represents Jansky energy. To add active energy Yang to a place that is intended for rest and sleep is to disrupt sleep and create the ground for conflict.

To attract good luck and prosperity is very good to place a wooden horseshoe.

How to strengthen the magical properties of horseshoes

The Magic Pentacle is well suited for enhancing the magic of a horseshoe or for charging a self-made, purchased horseshoe. It is a Pentagram (five-pointed star) placed in a circle, as shown in the photo.

You can draw the Magic Pentacle with chalk on the table, or with acrylic paint on the fabric so that it is always at your fingertips when you need it.

You will also need five church candles to be placed in the tops of the star. In the center of the star is placed horseshoe branches up. Next, we light the candles, starting with the candle in the upper beam and then in a circle to the right.

In your own words, ask the talisman to bring you good, happiness, luck, love, or to protect you from evil. You can read the 90th psalm. Leave the horseshoe lying in a circle until the candles burn completely. After that, you can hang a horseshoe.

In the same way, you can charge any, even a souvenir horseshoe, which you can carry with you in your bag as a protective amulet, or hang it in your car. Such an amulet will protect you during the day when you are not at home.

In magic, as in life in general, the power of your faith is of paramount importance. Sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, perform a ritual, and then even a souvenir magnet on the fridge in the shape of a horseshoe will turn into a working amulet.

What to do if the horseshoe charm fell or broke

It is believed that this is an unkind sign. But it is still worth separating superstition from truly unkind omens. Because if a horseshoe hung on a single nail, or on a string, then even a strong blow of the door against the joint, if the horseshoe was hanging above the door, can cause a fall.

If something like this happened, it means nothing, except that it gives advice to more reliably attach your amulet.

However, if a well-attached horseshoe fell, which could not fall from a simple blow or draft, then it means that it has served its guard. We need to thank him for his help and bury him in the ground, preferably not in the yard of his house.

The same thing needs to be done if a horseshoe made of fragile materials fell and broke or broke. Gratefully return the amulet to the ground, and make a new one.

House guardian

Let's make a reservation that we will touch only Slavic amulets. The choice in favor of the amulets of a particular culture is worth making depending on the faith. If you are deeply religious, consider yourself a Christian, then protect the apartment only with icons. Without faith, they will be useless. Muslim symbols, too, will benefit only the followers of the Prophet Muhammad. Feng shui devotees have their amulets and their location based on this teaching. Hanging bast on feng shui is absurd.

In the selection of protective wards for the house is to listen to intuition. If she suggests that it is time to turn to the ancient symbols, to the faith of the ancestors, to return to the origins of the native faith, then this is fine. A particle of paganism sits in all. No need to cast out icons. For a long time, paganism and Christianity were neighbors, which we are seeing now. Holidays that we celebrate have come from pre-Christian times. For example, Ivan Kupala, Maslenitsa. Now they are being reborn more and more.

It is not necessary even to adhere to traditions and symbolism. The bright picture will be protection, toy, children's crafts. Energy and spiritual comfort are important.

It also happens that after the visit of a person, the favorite thing that you considered to be a talisman breaks down, the plant begins to wither. It means that the ill-wisher visited your house, and the talisman took the misfortune away from the owners. Notice that this especially happens after praise. This is not necessarily intentional damage. Perhaps just praise is said with envy or the person’s eyes are bad. Regardless of the motives, the spoiled thing must be thrown out. Thank the guardian for help and dig in the ground. Replace it with a new one.

Before you make a charm, you need to know the theory: the meaning of symbols and their correct location.

Store guard

Do not be ashamed of people who do not like manual work and against the will to sit down to sew. May it be better to be a soulless thing, a mass thing, than one done with nervousness and irritation. Charm for the house is also a popular gift.

If you gave it to you, then you need to think: is there a malicious intent in the gift, from a pure soul donated. Refer to the intuition, remember your relationship with the person who gave it. With an undeveloped intuition, just ask yourself: whether you like the thing or not. Try on different places in the apartment. Protective amulet itself will find its location. Useless thing everywhere will prick the eye. In any case, you need to clear the thing:

  1. Wash the thing. Proceed from the material. Some things will deteriorate in the wash, so just wipe something with a disinfectant for those who are afraid of water.
  2. Put to dry in the wind and sun. Leave the talisman for a day on the balcony so that he also swims in the rays of the moonlight.
  3. Bury for a day in the ground. Remember the safety of things, so pre-put it in a bag or box.
  4. Sprinkle with water from a natural source.
  5. Hold in your hands, transferring energy. Let the charm meet and make friends with the owner. Thing should get warm.
  6. Burn a candle nearby. Any suitable, but magicians advise the church.

You should do this with any thing that came to you as a talisman. Having decided to buy a talisman, again you must turn off common sense, stop picking up a protective thing to match the color of the wallpaper and surrender to intuition. We especially note the handmade objects. They take over some of the energy of the needlewoman, so it’s best to buy from your friends, whose purity of thoughts, goodness and health you are sure of. Where is the guarantee that the person who made the amulet was not sick, tired, upset and did not give the negative to the guardian. Fell in love with the subject - take it.

Where to place

To answer this question, we must turn to the history of the Slavs, because from there we draw knowledge. Our ancestors were afraid of evil forces and its effects on humans, so all the doors through which evil could penetrate the dwelling were protected by protective signs and amulets. Remember the view of the Slavic izba: carved platband, shutters with the image of mermaids, horse on the roof, platbands around the front door, gates with carvings.

It is possible to meet such huts even now, if you drive away from the center. Especially distinguished Russian North. Small county towns and villages were glorified, where the ancient culture and attributes in the Vologda region, the Arkhangelsk region, the Irkutsk region were preserved.

In a modern apartment, it is enough to pay attention to:

  • The entrance doors, placing the necessary amulets above them,
  • windows. Our ancestors placed rowan branches on the windows. This was done for beauty as well, since coal was poured between moisture against the frames and for protection against perfume. The same example can be followed by every modern person, decorating the window with a red rowan. You can use branches, beads, crafts. Especially pay attention to the inhabitants of the first floors, when a passerby peers through the windows,
  • household items. Since ancient times, signs were applied to kitchen utensils, a stove. Some household items themselves became charms. Now you can paint some dishes Slavic signs. It is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose, you can simply put it on the shelf for protection. The simplest technique is dot painting. For her, you can use the scheme for embroidery cross.
  • Some amulets were placed under the mat (ceiling beam). From here the custom began to place amulets under the ceiling. Not all things can be placed like this. Remember that later there was a rule to hang amulets below the icons.

You can find many tips on placement of talismans on the cardinal points. It came from feng shui. If you are looking for a place for a frog or a tortoise, then refer to the Chinese philosophy, but if you do not know where to put the broom, then refer to the Slavic faith. Mixing cultures will not lead to anything good, so stick with uniformity in design.

Traditional signs and talismans to protect housing

Each had its own place, but there are also universal ones located everywhere.

  • Kolovrat - a sign of the race, it was placed exclusively on the mother,
  • Horseshoe - must be hung above the entrance,
  • The sun (any of its image or sign) - protection from evil. Located above the entrance, on the roof, on the facades, on the windows,
  • Thunder sign - the symbol of the genus. Portrayed on the facade
  • Mermaids were placed on the windows and protected from ghouls,
  • Images of Slavic gods, in particular Lada. Depicted on the windows and on the outbuildings.

Now, not all of these symbols are applicable, most are forgotten. But everyday things can be used as talismans by everyone:

  • Key. It locks the house from evil forces, helps to gain wealth,
  • Crest. Protects from the evil eye, damage, evil witchcraft, prevents hair loss. It can not be accepted as a gift so that the sorcerer could not work through the hair,
  • Mela Symbolizes the reorganization. It sweeps evil spirits. Сейчас с ним связаны приметы: щетиной вверх приносит богатство, щетиной вниз защищает от дурного влияния. Не разрешается мести вечером, чтобы не вымести богатство, не метут тогда, когда кто-то отъезжает из дома, чтобы не спугнуть удачу в путь.
  • Игла, застёжка, булавка. Составляющие части многих оберегов. Впрочем, она и самостоятельно являлась как и оберегом, так и средством порчи. Among others, the main value - to prevent the evil eye. The needle stuck in the doorway did not let the witch through,
  • Tooth beast. Later, heads, horns, and animal skins began to be used. There is only one symbolism - scaring off enemies, finding the master and hunter of the strength and qualities of a dead animal. Until now, elk horns hang on the walls of the huts. Hunters also like to have stuffed game in their huts. This is again the work of intuition, and not the desire to brag,
  • Hand bell or any other ringing thing. Designed to repel evil spirits. In the old days, even a bull bladder with peas was used for these purposes. Old people in the depths of Russia still remember this tradition, although rarely used.

Modern amulets

As for charms for the house now, they are reduced to brownies, decorated with brooms, horseshoes and other handicrafts. Sometimes they combine several images at once. Use or not - will prompt intuition. Many of them with the original Russian symbols have little in common.

Good multi-valued charm. Since ancient times, hung over the front door of an old rusty horseshoe found on the road. Due to the fact that the metal itself carries cleaning energy, and rust pulls the disease. The image itself is associated with an assistant horse.

Horns up horseshoe will bring wealth, and horns down will save from the bad. Knocked on one nail above the entrance.

Do not make horseshoes yourself. She will lose symbolism and will not bring benefit. In the kitchen as a magnet will also be just an ornament, not a defense.

It is common in modern stores, but it has little in common with the symbolism of the Slavs. Our ancestors believed in the spirit of the house, fed it and transported it to a new hut, but never made its image. The image of a good spirit will not hurt your home if you treat it well. Such a doll can be made independently from fabric, threads, plastic or salted dough. Give him a broomstick, a coin or a bag of cereal. If you want to give additional meaning.

You can also use bast, and preferably two, connected by a scarlet thread. These charms are different. Often there are tips on filling the old shoe with needles, broken glass and other piercing objects. This should protect against the evil eye and witchcraft. You will easily make this talisman at home. The ancient Slavs worn bast was considered a talisman of the family hearth and happiness, a remedy for the evil eye. They put a homely hotel present in it so as not to play pranks.

Such a charm is the easiest to make yourself. Take a linen piece of fabric, sew a bag and tamper with herbs according to your desire and tie a neck with red thread. You can put under the pillow to improve sleep (fill with hops, mint, valerian), can be worn with you as a talisman. The use of the pouch depends on the filling and the objectives.

The symbolism of plants according to the beliefs of their ancestors is:

  • Vine, dill, cornflower, rose - protectors,
  • Kalina bestowed good luck and offspring in the family,
  • Willow, birch protects quarrels,
  • Thistle protects from witchcraft,
  • Wormwood removes trouble
  • Nettle during flowering, onions, garlic prevented the targeting of spoilage,
  • Juniper protected from almost all ills.

You can not bring into the house reeds and bindweeds. They foreshadow illness and death. Plants, it is desirable not to cut, and tear. Greater force of grass is acquired on Ivan Kupala.

Ritual doll

Such a talisman for home everyone can make. They are made without needles and scissors, in good spirits for each family member. Faces do not paint, so that the evil spirit does not live in it. For each case of life had its own doll.

Here are the most popular:

  • Bereginya. The main pupa, its place was later taken by the icon of the Virgin,
  • Zernovushka. She was stuffed with grain or groats for prosperity and satiety. In hard times stuffing cooked porridge
  • The diaper. The first baby doll. She was made by the future mother from the pieces of clothes of her relatives. In the crib of the child, she did not allow unkind spirits to harm the baby,
  • Nurse. Brought prosperity and well-being.

There are pupae for unmarried girls who help in the search for the groom, ceremonial weddings, curing illnesses and many others.

Bread and salt

The strongest protection against the evil eye. It is customary to sprinkle salt parallel to the entrance under the rug. Salt in combination with bread is called a gift to the house, symbolizing wealth in the family. In general, the bread in the old days was considered a generous gift of Mother Earth. Personifies fertility. Baking loaf was a ritual ceremony that lasted a day. They were accompanied by many holidays. Including weddings. The smell of fresh pastries is always associated with comfort, gives peace and a feeling of peace. Bake bread more often.

Crosses in paganism were of great importance even before Christianity. This is protection from all sides. Hence their number in the ornaments and swastikas. Traditional embroidery - a cross. It was decorated clothes, towels, linen. Ritual towels were supplied with a large number of different characters. On such towels they brought loaf, tied up the young, took the babies. It is advisable to depict signs corresponding to the occasion and purpose on them. This can be a towel in the kitchen, a curtain, a bedspread, or any other item that matches the interior.

Plants amulets

Some plants will help to gain family happiness, others will hinder.

Here are plants that will positively affect the home atmosphere:

  • Scarlet - health,
  • Cacti - oppose evil,
  • Spathiphyllum - gives happiness to women
  • Anthurium - to gain male happiness,
  • Hibiscus - a sign of passionate love,
  • Fern - a sign of gaining knowledge.

Flowers like orchids that parasitize in nature are not recommended, they drain energy from the host. Ivy - muzhegon, they will bring misfortune to the entire male population at home.

The location of amulets in the rooms of the house

Talismans need to be properly distributed in their homes so that they work better.

  1. Kitchen. The room where the whole family gathers, where the woman, the hostess, rules the ball. In the kitchen lives a brownie. There are a lot of amulets for home. It would be appropriate to whip or wreaths of garlic or hot pepper, pots, bottles of cereals, dolls for wealth, spoons for satiety, a broom.
  2. The hallway. Here, too, a large number of amulets for the home are concentrated. This is due to the fact that through the doorway there are unkind guests, evil spirits and bad energy. In this regard, the entrance must be guarded. Above the door hang a horseshoe, a wheel (stylized crafts). In the door jamb a pin or needle, under the rug of salt, a juniper was laid out around the door. Remember that in the hallway should not be twilight.
  3. Living room. Here is the place for the doll-beregina, hunting trophies, wreaths, the sign of the sun.
  4. Children's Each amulet is designed to protect the child. There is a diaper in the crib, a rooster with raised wings, the sun above the crib. In the nursery there is no place for flowers, not only because they can energetically affect the child, but also for safety reasons (some are poisonous).
  5. Bedroom. Have here pupae, bringing love, helping to find a soul mate (who needs it), helping in conception.

We are items that should be present in the house, many amulets for the house with their own hands can protect more than one generation. To cleanse the energy, remember that you need to get rid of old broken, dirty and unnecessary things.