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How to quickly improve the skin color of the face: creams, vitamins, masks


There are many ways in which you can achieve more youthful, even and beautiful skin. Of course, masks are most relevant for facial care at home. Each woman, depending on the type of skin, can choose several masks to nourish and cleanse her skin. Homemade masks are usually made from natural food products, in the salons of the same women offer masks made from placenta, algae, collagen, cosmetics with hydroacids and many other special masks.

How to make skin beautiful

Peeling is a little different from masks. Its main task is to cleanse the skin of dead cells and pollution. Facial skin care with mechanical classic peeling is a facial massage using cleansing and exfoliating means. However, technological progress has introduced innovations in the world of female beauty. New means to care for your skin - vacuum and laser. The vacuum method does not injure the skin and at the same time gives a quick visible effect, but do not expect deep changes from it. The laser, in turn, cleanses the skin more deeply, removes black spots and other cosmetic imperfections. After the procedure of laser therapy, the skin of the face may turn red for a few days, but comedones will disappear from it irretrievably. A small peeling can be done at home. Each woman chooses herself what method of facial treatment to use and where to do it: at home or in a beauty salon.

When caring for the face should pay attention to its tone. Wrinkles, folds, contour sagging and muscle flabbiness do not add beauty to a woman. In order to maintain a good tonus of the face at home, it is recommended to massage it with ice cubes, since the temperature differential acts very well on the skin - the muscles and skin of the face begin to move and contract actively, the blood supply and metabolism improves. If you are unable to achieve the desired effect with the help of cubes, then try physical therapy. There are special procedures that are aimed specifically at the contours of the face, for example, microcurrent therapy is perfect for stimulating the metabolism in cells. Ultrasound is also a physiotherapeutic agent, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. It removes old cells, cleanses the skin of the face and improves muscle tone.

Of course, this is not all recommendations for skin care. There are other equally effective means. This includes mesotherapy, in which point microinjections with antioxidants and other drugs that have a tightening effect are done, lifting preparations that smooth the skin of the face, and direct injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid.

Well and definitely beautiful skin of the face impossible without her massage. The importance of this simple procedure is difficult to overestimate. With the help of daily massage, you can constantly maintain the muscles and skin in the desired shape.

Beautiful skin of the face - recommendations

Recommendations for facial skin care quite diverse. They are distinguished by complexity, their target orientation and other factors. Specialists-cosmetologists recommend choosing the most understandable and necessary way for you to care for your skin. It is very important to do the selected procedures with the necessary frequency, and not just from time to time. If you stick to this rule, then beautiful skin of the face you are almost guaranteed.

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Nutrition and Vitamins

Improving vitamins for the skin of the face - these are your little irreplaceable helpers in the fight for youth and beauty. They will not help you to get rid of any specific problems (pigment spots, acne, open pores), but will greatly facilitate the fight against deficiencies with the help of other means. Also, the intake of vitamins immediately affects the condition of not only the skin, but also hair, nails and even mood.

Signs of beriberi:

  1. The skin has lost its elasticity,
  2. The complexion became pale or with a grayish tint,
  3. Vast scaly areas appeared, most often in the area of ​​the nose or cheeks,
  4. The face took on a painful look, some flaws appeared: spider veins, circles or bags under the eyes.
Photo - Healthy complexion

Dealing with a shortage of nutrients is easy: start taking vitamins for women. Many complexes also include acids and fats, which are necessary to improve the tone, hair growth, improve vision and condition of the nail plates.

In addition to the need to take supplements, you should definitely reconsider your diet. We do not tend to proper or separate nutrition, with the modern rhythm of life is not always possible. Just try limit the following product:

  1. Coffee. Caffeine negatively affects the vascular system of the body, resulting in various problems (bruises under the eyes, redness of proteins),
  2. Alcohol. With regular drinking of alcoholic beverages, the skin acquires a grayish-white shade, swells and loses its elasticity.
  3. Nicotine. Under the influence of cigarettes, the face becomes an unpleasant yellowish, earthy, pores open, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging appear.

Proper care

Naturally, to quickly improve the complexion will help not only the restriction of some products and the introduction of others, but also caring activities. An important role is played by the normalization of blood circulation, this process is responsible for the distribution of useful substances along the epidermis and giving a blush to the cheeks.

To enjoy a beautiful matte sheen, it is enough to wipe your face every morning with the help of an ice cube. You can freeze both mineral water and herbal teas, green tea. Such a morning event will help not only to wake up faster, but also to close the pores, to remove the oily shine.

Do not forget about cleansing the top layer of skin. In order to give it shine, you need to regularly do color-improving peels, scrubs and masks. Soft oat peeling is incredibly effective. It evenly exfoliates dead cells without scratching the skin.

Photo - Face Mask

To make it, mix two tablespoons of oatmeal, a spoonful of flower honey and a drop of coconut essential oil. Apply the mass on the face and spread over its entire surface. After each problem zone, walk in soft circular motions for 3 minutes.

A tighter sugar scrub works well. It not only improves the blood supply to the face, but also deeply cleanses the pores. On a spoonful of sweet remedies, you will need 5 drops of any essential oil for your skin. This may be castorca, almond, coconut, olive. Use the same way as oat peeling.

Be sure to try other types of peels, to find the right one for you, you need to experience several types of this procedure. Once a month, you can also go on professional cleaning: diamond, laser or ultrasonic.

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Mask Recipes

One of the whales for improving the complexion is skin nourishment; it can be a homemade mask, cream or simple oil applied overnight. Here are the most effective recipes:

  1. Pure argan oil can be used as a night cream. This is just a great tool that will save you from a number of disadvantages: dryness, feelings of tightness, lack of nutrients, in addition, it is considered hypoallergenic,
  2. Traditional medicine is recommended to improve the tone of the face - to use goat fat. This is just a storehouse of essential elements of the microelements and vitamins. It can be applied to the skin as a cream, not washing off (for dry and sensitive) or as a mask, removing after 20 minutes (for normal and combination),
  3. To whiten a face in a short time and at the same time improve the color of it, a mask of citrus will help. It is necessary to clear the orange and squeeze the juice out of it, add a couple of drops of essential oil there and apply it on the skin. Wash off after 10 minutes. This mask is strictly forbidden for allergies to vitamin C,
  4. Excellent nourishes carrot remedy. It should be noted that raw carrots are often used as tanning, so Snow White needs to be very careful with this mask. Grate the root vegetable, add a spoonful of honey to the vegetable, mix thoroughly and apply on the face. Remove after 15 minutes, Photo - Carrot Mask
  5. In winter, a simple potato mask will help to improve the condition of the face. Starch helps to normalize blood circulation, while it helps eliminate facial wrinkles and primary signs of pigmentation. You need to grate a grated vegetable, add a spoonful of oatmeal and a spoonful of warm honey to it, put it on a pre-cleaned face, wash it off after 15 minutes. You can also make a mask of boiled root, but it will be less effective.

Do not forget about cleansing. Every morning and evening, you need to wipe your face with a tonic or lotion without alcohol (depending on skin type). For sensitive dry, lotion from cucumber is suitable, at the same time a remedy based on strawberry or salicylic acid will be relevant for oily or problematic.

Professional cosmetics

Often the girls do not have enough time to prepare homemade masks or folk remedies simply do not fit Here come to the aid of professional products that will help improve the complexion.

Very good reviews about cosmetics from "Black Pearl" - this company specializes in the production of cosmetic preparations for young people from 25 years and mature women with normal skin. Basically, the rulers are aimed at its nutrition and giving natural radiance.

We can not say about the cream from Shiseido, which helps to improve the color of any face thanks to natural red caviar in its composition. It is quite expensive, but the effect is undeniable.

Photo - Mask Belkosmeks

For cleansing, it is recommended to use the foam from Vitex and Belita, and for daily care - a healing bb-cream from L'real.

For cleansing and toning the face, improving its tone, closing the pores and cleaning them, micelle water from Vishi is useful. It will saturate the skin with minerals, rare vitamins and acids, while very gently cleansing it. In a short time this tool will help you become the owner of almost perfectly light and smooth skin.

Do not forget about the procedures. For example, paraffin therapy for the face can be done at home, but in salons often more effective professional means are used. Be sure to do face massages and engage in face culture - these are smart ways to eliminate visible defects of the skin with minimal resources and give it an even and clean shade.

Watch your diet

First, you need to reconsider your diet, as all problems with the gastrointestinal tract immediately affect the condition of our skin. You should remove spicy and fatty foods from it, as well as all products with many different chemical additives: smoked sausages, sausages, chips, sauces, soft drinks, etc.

You also need to reduce salt intake, as it retains water in the body, which can cause puffiness and bags under the eyes. Better be from sugar. People who cannot imagine their life without sweets can use honey, dark chocolate and jam instead of sugar.

It is best to switch to separate meals, i.e. Do not mix incompatible products at one meal. So your stomach will be easier to cope with the digestion of food, discomfort and bloating will disappear, and your body will absorb more nutrients and trace elements necessary for beautiful and healthy skin.

Your diet must necessarily include fish, as it contains a lot of healthy fats, various amino acids and oils, which are quickly absorbed and have a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin. Be sure to eat lean meat, such as beef, chicken, rabbit meat, as well as seafood.

And vitamins?

We should not forget about vitamins. Especially important for healthy skin vitamins A and E.

A lot of vitamin A is found in the liver of various animals, eggs, dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, butter), as well as in fatty fish. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin A, for example, such as carrots, cabbage, tomato, new potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, apricots, cantaloupe, etc.

Vitamin E is found in large quantities in nuts, in germinated grains of wheat, oats, and barley. A lot of it in greens, green peas, corn, as well as in vegetable oils and oatmeal.

In order for the skin of the face to always have a fresh appearance, it is very helpful to regularly drink vitamin juices such as carrot, citrus and beetroot.

You also need to monitor the water balance of your body. If you do not use enough liquid - your cells begin to age, the skin becomes dull and less elastic. On the day you need to drink up to 2 liters of water.

Sport is power

Do not forget about physical exertion. The more you move, the better the metabolism and the faster your body absorbs all the beneficial trace elements necessary for the beauty and health of your skin. Especially useful exercise in the fresh air. Since then our skin is better saturated with oxygen. And he is very important to her. The skin becomes fresh, elastic, blush appears. Even if you do not have the opportunity to attend gyms - you can always just walk around the city or walk a few stops on foot when you are coming from work.

You should also give up bad habits, such as smoking and excessive drinking and even coffee. They slow down the metabolism and adversely affect our health. And the toxins in their composition, instantly affect the condition of the skin.

Correct mode

To save a beautiful complexion is very important to get enough sleep. You probably noticed that when you are not getting enough sleep, you get up in the morning with a battered face, bruises under your eyes and a dull complexion. To prevent this from happening, our body needs a full night's sleep (at least 8 hours).

In addition, you need to go to bed no later than 10 pm. It is at night, during sleep, the skin cells begin to recover and update, which has a beneficial effect on the complexion.

Another tip for maintaining a beautiful complexion is not to be nervous. Constant stress and feelings immediately put their mark on our face. Therefore, whenever possible, try to avoid stressful situations and with a smile approach any problem. Then you will always enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

And, of course, the most important rule for your skin to always be healthy and radiant is the right daily care. Face skin should be thoroughly cleaned twice a day, morning and evening. To do this, you can use both regular soap and special products, such as various gels, foams, lotions and tonics, and special makeup removers for removing cosmetics.

Even if you haven’t painted all day long, you still need to clean your skin, since it was exposed to exhaust gases and other negative factors outside, and dust gets into the room.

Also, to improve the condition of the skin, twice a week it is necessary to apply scrubs. They thoroughly cleanse the face by removing dead skin cells.

Do not forget about the daily nutrition and hydration of the skin. To do this, in the morning and in the evening, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream that is ideal for your skin type. The main thing - do not overdo it. Otherwise, you will get the opposite result - the skin will have a shiny shine.

Another way to improve the complexion is to use special masks. Now in the shops a huge selection of ready-made masks, but you yourself can make an excellent nutrient.

Very good mask to improve the complexion - carrot. In order to prepare it, you need two teaspoons of grated carrots to mix thoroughly with one teaspoon of olive oil, and add a little potato starch. Apply the mixture onto cleansed face and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Nutrient masks based on yeast and egg yolk are very useful. They contain many vitamins and beneficial microelements, which allow to improve the complexion. To prepare such a mask, it is necessary to pour a little yeast with a few spoons of warm milk, and mix to a mushy state. Apply the mask for 20 minutes and rinse with water at room temperature.

To make an egg mask, you need one yolk and one tablespoon of olive or almond oil. You can also add a spoonful of honey. All this mix and apply on face for 20 minutes. After that you can wash off the mask with warm water.

You can make masks of sour cream or cottage cheese. All that is needed for this is to simply put them on your face for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Также очень полезные маски для цвета кожи из таких продуктов, как абрикосы, персики, арбузы, дыни и др.

Косметика — выручит всегда

Но если вам предстоит важный выход в свет и вам срочно необходимо иметь красивый и здоровый цвет лица – в этом вам поможет косметика. Сейчас огромное количество косметических средств, которые могут скрыть любые недостатки вашей кожи.

  • To improve skin color, you can use tonal tools with reflective particles.
  • A lot is important - to choose the right base for makeup. It should match your skin type.
  • You can also use bronzaty. They will give your face a light tan. And tanned skin always looks healthy.
  • Do not forget about blush. They always give the face a more fresh look. Pink blush copes with it especially well.

There are also good folk remedies that allow you to quickly refresh your skin and give it a blush. To do this, wipe your face every morning with pieces of ice from a decoction of various medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, string, mint, etc.

Very useful for the skin tincture of sprouted wheat grains or calendula flowers. For their preparation, you need several spoons of germinated wheat grains or calendula flowers, pour one glass of olive oil, close tightly in a jar and leave for a month. This tincture is more suitable for dry skin. Face should be cleaned in the morning and evening.

In order to improve the complexion, you can contact the salon, where you will spend a special cosmetic procedures. Especially suitable for this purpose is mesotherapy. This method consists in the introduction of a vitamin cocktail into the skin. Due to this, it becomes more elastic, smooth and radiant.

You can also apply a mesolifting procedure. It improves cell function, stimulates collagen synthesis.

The most important thing for skin is proper care. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean, moisturize and nourish the skin of the face. It is also good to make a special massage to color and improve the contour of the face (various light tingling and stroking). It will improve blood circulation, the skin will be elastic and taut.

All in your hands! Do not be lazy! And then you will always delight those around you with beautiful and radiant skin!