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Foundation makeup: why do you need?


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Why do I need a base for makeup?

  • It creates an excellent basis for applying cosmetics, prolongs the durability of makeup and improves the appearance of the skin as a whole.
  • If you notice that when in contact with the skin, the foundation is oxidized and changes its color, a primer will come to the rescue: it will create a barrier that will prevent the tonal base from mixing with the sebum.

Leveling, matting, base with silicone in composition: which one do you need? We tell how to choose a tool depending on the type of skin.

Normal skin

In girls with normal skin, the pores are usually not enlarged, and the skin is not covered with a greasy film during the day. You rather do not need a matting primer, but one that will prolong the resistance of the make-up and additionally provide protection from the sun. In addition, you can use an illuminating primer - and since normal skin usually does not have redness and inflammation, the blue base makeup can even completely replace the tonal base.

Oily skin

Obviously, you need a matting primer - it will control the shine during the day. You can also use a makeup base that will make the pores less noticeable (in oily skin they are often enlarged) or one that has ingredients that “block” inflammation: if the skin is not only oily, but also prone to acne, this primer will solve the problem in two accounts.

Stella Jean © fotoimedia / imaxtree

Combination skin

You have two ways. You can choose a primer, slightly matting, but not giving the skin a shine: thanks to this make-up, it will go evener and last longer. The second option is to use a matting primer and apply it to those areas where the first thing that appears is oily shine, and those that are usually dry are different.

Tommy Hilfiger September Collection © fotoimedia / imaxtree

Mature skin

Primer - perfect for mature skin. Use those with a light texture and no shimmer in the composition - they gently fill and hide wrinkles. SPF products will also be suitable (such as photo-aging of the skin), and those that make the skin more elastic and provide a lifting effect: look for information on the packaging.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, the primer will provide additional protection against contamination. You, among other things, suitable means without fragrance, so as not to cause irritation. If redness often appears on the skin, choose a primer with a greenish pigment that will help to slightly correct the tone of the face (read more about it here). As part of the funds look for green tea extract and niacinamide: these ingredients soothe the skin.

What is a base and why is it needed?

The primer, which is also the basis or base for make-up, is intended for leveling the skin of the face, masking its flaws and fixing the applied make-up. Mandatory components of all bases - silicones and pigments. The first level the relief, the second - the skin tone. Many products additionally contain caring ingredients, for example, moisturizing or nourishing. SPF is often added to protect the skin from UV rays.

What are the base for makeup

The best makeup base is the right one. Manufacturers produce special primers for the skin of the face, eyelids, lips and even eyebrows and eyelashes. Each of these products has its own goals, therefore the composition is different.

  • smoothes the skin's relief, masking the wrinkles and irregularities after inflammatory processes, enlarged pores of the vascular reticulum,
  • evens complexion: hides redness, pigment spots, freckles, circles under the eyes,
  • mattes the skin, helping it stay velvety longer, without oily sheen,
  • makes makeup more resistant.

Base for century solves 2 tasks:

  • captures the shadows, preventing them from "rolling" in the folds,
  • makes the color of the shadows more even and saturated.

The base of the lips smoothes them, filling the cracks and smoothing the roughness. Lips instantly become well-groomed, lipstick fits well on them. In winter, the winds and colds primer - the only way to use bright lipstick and look neat. With the help of the base, you can gloss over the lip contour and give the desired shape with a pencil.

The base for eyebrows fixes their shape, and for eyelashes it lengthens, the mascara lays smoother, holds better and gives a much more noticeable volume.

Different products for different parts of the face - not a whim of manufacturers and their marketers, one basis will not be able to provide the necessary preparation for makeup of different skin types.

Get acquainted with the types of bases

Base makeup differ in their texture, which determines the properties and characteristics of use for different skin types.

  • Gel bases - the easiest, often without pigment. They are recommended for women with oily skin, as they do not clog pores and reduce the risk of oily sheen. For example, NYX HONEY DEW ME UP PRIMER with gold particles.
  • Vibes - a little more dense, but still very light means. They are recommended for good skin with minimal imperfections that do not require particularly active masking, only dullness and lasting makeup.
  • Creams are even denser, they contain powder and more pigment, so they better mask and matte, such as, for example, NYX HIGH DEFINITION PRIMER.
  • Dense mineral primers are available as a compact base in boxes resembling a powder compact like the NYX SOFT FOCUS PRIMER. Because of their texture, they mask well even the pronounced changes on the face plus provide a dense matte finish, eliminating the oily sheen.
  • The base for the eyelids and lips are often produced in the form of sticks and pencils.

When choosing the logic is simple: the more noticeable the defects on the face, the denser the need for a means to effectively disguise them before makeup. If the skin condition is good, choose the lightest base as possible so as not to clog pores. In addition, the dense foundations are much more difficult to apply, and have to be removed with the help of special cosmetics.

Creams and mineral bases are often used for evening make-up or photo shoots, fluids are more suitable for daytime. There is also seasonality: in the heat, light means are preferable, and in winter - dense.

Choosing a base color for makeup

Toning base for make-up with a pigment should be selected depending on the skin color: there are light and dark, with yellow or pink shades. The lineup of the basics is usually not as wide as foundation creams, since their task is not makeup, but only preparation for it. Good align skin primers with reflective particles.

There are also colored bases on sale - bright tubas look strange in a row of beige and pale pink. These are special primers that allow you to effectively deal with skin imperfections where ordinary ones do not give the desired result.

There are several types of colored makeup bases:

  • The white base brightens, that is, it refreshes the skin, well hides pigment spots.
  • Blue also successfully fights pigmentation and freckles, “refresh” the face after sunburn.
  • Purple smoothes excessive yellowness and too dark tan.
  • Green - the best remedy for redness, inflammation, spider veins.
  • Yellow ideally paints dark circles under the eyes and bruises after mesotherapy or other injections.
  • Pink - salvation for tired skin with a grayish tint, it gives it some "porcelain" and well brightens brown circles under the eyes.

Important: on the face the base will not be as bright as in a tube, an intense color when in contact with the skin acquires the desired natural shade. Tinted primers “work” only with skin color, they are usually not so dense as to hide irregularities, for example, pimples. For these purposes, more suitable concealer. Cream colored foundation for makeup, for example, NYX STUDIO PERFECT PRIMER, it is undesirable to use daily, but the lighter translucent NYX COLOR CORRECTING LIQUID PRIMERS are absolutely safe even for problem skin.

Velvet or shine?

The idea that the skin should be matte, without oily sheen, has long been used to, but now, more and more, makeup experts say that it should shine and glow - it makes the face look fresher and younger. Important: shine is not shine, but the mysterious glow that gives the skin pearl particles. It is impossible to cross this shaky border, therefore the base with mother-of-pearl needs to be applied very carefully and metered carefully: if you overdo it, the glow instantly turns into shine. Particularly cautious, we can recommend using such a basis instead of a highlighter.

How to apply foundation for makeup?

The base of any kind is applied only to the pre-cleansed skin, that is, it is recommended to pre-wash with gel, foam or wipe the face with micellar water. After washing your face, it is better to moisten with tonic and apply a light day cream. Even a primer with an enriched composition can not replace daily skin care, especially dry. The cream should be absorbed within 15 minutes, it is better to soak up the excess with a napkin. Only after that the face is ready to use the foundation and further makeup.

Like all other cosmetics, the base is applied along the massage lines from the center to the periphery. To do this, you can use your fingers, sponge or brush - the choice depends on the habits and consistency of the tool. Best of all, the amount of means is controlled by the sponge, with other methods there is often excess on the face. The reverse side of the medal - increased consumption of funds when applied with a sponge, in this question the fingers are much more economical. It is necessary to drive the base, and not to rub it in order to avoid divorces. The brush is more convenient to apply fluids or creams using short neat strokes. The coating with a brush is obtained more dense than from the sponge. An insufficient amount of money can also create problems: it will fall unevenly, stained, in this case it’s not necessary to dream of an even make-up. Primers in the form of sprays are very convenient, for example, NYX FIRST BASE MAKEUP PRIMER SPRAY - they have a liquid texture and easily, evenly fall on the skin.

In order for the foundation to finally “stand up”, you need a few minutes, only after that you can start applying decorative cosmetics. It is undesirable to use the bases on a daily basis, especially dense: silicone blocks pores, which can lead to acne. Owners of problem skin is not recommended to leave a primer on the face for more than 10 hours.

According to the reviews, the correctly applied make-up can be reliably rejoiced at least 4-5 hours, and sometimes even longer.

What is base for makeup?

The product has several names: base, base or primer. These are all names of the same means. However, some girls confuse the base under makeup with the foundation, suggesting that this is the same thing. But this is far from the case.
If the main task of the foundation is to even out skin tone and hide its defects, then several other functions are assigned to the base, although it can also make skin tone more even and correct the problem areas on the face. Why do I need a base for makeup? A good base is a tool that is designed to solve the following tasks:

  1. Prepare the skin for the subsequent application of the foundation. At the same time, the makeup base evens out the skin surface as much as possible. This, for example, is very important for girls with problematic skin or such effects of acne as bumps, pits, hollows. It is also important for women who have had smallpox, and so on. In this case, the base helps to significantly improve the appearance of the skin.
  2. Soften and moisturize the skin. Base makeup is useful in the case when you need to smooth the skin on which there are wrinkles. In addition, the base softens and dry skin, so that the rest of the make-up lies on it much better, is distributed more evenly, does not clog up in wrinkles. As a result, a woman gets a younger face, which is important for age make-up.
  3. Eliminate various defects. The base can hide not only the roughness of the skin surface, but also other unpleasant defects. It can hide enlarged pores, redness, an unhealthy shade (yellowish or grayish), the consequences of an unsuccessful tan. To achieve the desired effect, you need to be able to choose the right base for makeup. Of course, you need to take into account that serious defects such as acne, demodex, blemishes, scars, etc., the makeup base will not hide.
  4. Eliminate oily shine. Owners of oily and combination skin need a matting base. This is especially true in the summer. But keep in mind that with oily skin of the eyelids you can not use a matting base for the face, because it can dry the delicate skin. For eyelids, you need to use a database specially designed for them.
  5. Make your face more healthy and radiant from the inside. If the girl gets tired, does not get enough sleep, then the base, which has shiny particles in its composition, can help. Do not be afraid and think that the face will sparkle like a New Year's toy. Not at all, since these particles have a microscopic grinding, and are not visible on the skin completely. At the same time, the skin of the face glows from the inside. But with such basics, girls with oily skin should be careful, because you can get the opposite effect. In this case, you can use the base as a highlighter, causing a little money on the cheekbones and lateral surfaces of the forehead. This will give the face freshness. With a combination of skin type, it is not necessary to apply such a base to areas prone to high fat and shine.
  6. Protect from sunlight. Sometimes neither daytime nor tonal creams do not contain SPF, i.e., sun protection factors. In this case, a make-up base with filters designed specifically for sun protection will be very useful.

On all it is clear that the base is a more versatile tool than the foundation. However, these funds are fundamentally different tasks.

Varieties of makeup

We must remember that there are several types of bases for makeup:

  • the base for the person in question,
  • the base under the shadow, which is designed so that the shadows not only hold better, but also give better color to the eyelids, the base under the shadow is indispensable for women whose eyelid skin is oily, with the result that the shadows constantly roll down - the tool easily solves this problem,
  • the base for the lips, which moisturizes the lips, smoothes their surface and thereby contributes to the fact that lipstick fits better to the lips, does not spread, does not clog up in folds, becomes more stable and bright.

It is important to understand that all types of bases (bases) are intended for different purposes. Consequently, it is impossible to replace one another or all three bases with one — it simply will not work.

Varieties of Facial Basics: An Overview

Any makeup base consists of silicone and pigment. These are two active components, without which the basis, firstly, will not work, and secondly, it simply cannot be considered a base for makeup. Кроме того, в состав основы могут входить сопутствующие компоненты: витамины, увлажняющие или питательные вещества, растительные экстракты — список зависит лишь от фантазии производителей и от того, какую функцию они возлагают на средство.
Однако главные функции — выравнивание рельефа и повышение стойкости макияжа -выполняются исключительно за счет силикона. Вторая по важности функция — коррекция какого-либо недостатка — решается при помощи пигмента. Разновидностей пигментов в основе довольно много, и их выбор зависит от того, какую проблему нужно решить. В зависимости от пигмента различают и сами основы под макияж. So, there are 2 main types of pigments:

  1. Colored. These pigments are designed to correct minor skin defects. In a container (it may be a glass bottle or a plastic tube), the product usually seems too bright, but this should not be misleading, because when applied to the skin, the tool will not stain it. Being distributed over the skin, such a base merges with its main tone and becomes completely invisible on the face. With her, the defects that she is meant to mask become invisible. When choosing a base, you need to know what problem a particular pigment corrects.
  2. Pearlescent pigments. Their main task is to make the face fresher, more rested, to give it a healthy glow. Such bases make the face younger, which is especially important for age-related makeup. It is important to be able to choose the right pearl pigment to match the color of your own skin. So, if the skin tone is cold, a pink-pearl pigment is suitable, and if it is warm, it will improve the appearance of a golden-apricot or peach pigment. With such a base for make-up you need to know when to stop, because if you apply the product in excess, you can get the effect of oily shine that will look untidy, and makeup can even "float." If everything is done correctly, then any girl will be pleased with the effect, because it is not for nothing that this tool receives laudatory reviews.

Many girls wonder which makeup base is better. It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer, as many cosmetic companies, from luxury to mass-market, produce this product. Maybelline, Collistar, ArtDeco, Dermacol, Rimmel, Bourjois, M.A.C. Clarins, Clinique, Gosh, Nyx, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Dior - this is not a complete list of cosmetic brands that produce makeup bases.
Someone suitable tool of one manufacturer, someone else. But undoubtedly, the best is the one that is correctly chosen, according to the type and tone of the skin and the problem that it must solve. The variety of bases for make-up is large, so every girl can choose not only high-quality, but also affordable base.

Makeup base application rules

It is very important not only to correctly choose the base, but also correctly apply it to the face. But the application of the base is preceded by two more steps - the cleansing of the skin and the application of day cream. Not earlier than 15-20 minutes after applying the cream can be applied base under makeup. No need to apply a lot of money.
It is possible to put a basis both fingers, and a brush. But nevertheless it is more correct to do this with the help of fingers, since it significantly saves the expenditure of funds. After the base is applied and evenly distributed on the skin, you need to wait about 10 minutes. During this time, the base will shrink. Only after that you can start applying foundation and other means. If you do not wait for the allotted time, makeup will not hold and can "float."
It is possible not to apply a foundation after the base, but go directly to the make-up of the eyes, lips, blush and powder. Some makeup artists even mix the base with the foundation and, in this form, apply the product to the face. Any girl can by the method of experiments to find the most suitable way for themselves.
In addition, when using the foundation, girls with oily and problem skin should be extremely cautious, since silicone, which is part of the product, can clog pores and cause inflammation, acne. In this case, you should not use the base every day. You also need to remember that even if the foundation contains vitamins and other complexes, it does not in any way replace the morning skin care.

Colored makeup bases: what problems do they solve?

When choosing a base you need to understand that it can hide far from all problems of the skin of the face. This is not a panacea or a miracle cure, so you should not pin great hopes on it. Yes, the base can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, but for serious defects there are correctors that have a denser texture and a much higher covering power. So, what problems can one or another pigmented (colored) base solve:

  1. If you need to give your face freshness, hide the signs of fatigue, lighten the skin a little, then the base under the makeup with white pigment will do an excellent job.
  2. If the skin tone is heterogeneous or there are very minor defects, the base under the makeup of beige color will help to hide them, but it is important to choose the pigment that is ideally suited to the skin tone. The tool can be called an analog of the foundation, but much lighter, like a fluid.
  3. If there are bruises or shade under the eyes, you can use the base with a yellow pigment.
  4. In case of redness, spider veins and similar problems, the green base is indispensable, which will hide not only these defects, but also small pimples.
  5. With an unhealthy complexion with a yellow subtone, a base with a lilac or purple pigment is very relevant, which can even mask a yellowed bruise.
  6. If the complexion has a grayish undertone, the base with pink pigment will help, which will make the skin “porcelain”.
  7. If the girl did not succeed experiment with tanning, will help the base blue.
  8. If there are no obvious skin defects, however, the surface leaves much to be desired, it is enough to apply a foundation with light-reflecting particles that visually make the skin surface even and smooth.

This knowledge will help any girl to choose the right foundation and make a beautiful make-up that will look perfect throughout the day.

Rules for applying color base

It must be remembered that in trying to hide the defects of the skin as best as possible, it is not necessary to apply a large amount of product, as this can lead to a negative result:

  • make up makeup, so that it will not look neat and beautiful,
  • clog pores and cause additional problems in the form of black dots, acne and blackheads,
  • make-up can "float", which is especially true for girls with oily or combination skin and is important in the hot season.

In this case, the defect is better not to mask the basis. In this case, it is necessary to apply a foundation, then apply a dense concealer to the problem areas and fix everything with a thin layer of powder.

It is important to remember that with such make-up it is better not to walk longer than 8 to 10 hours and if possible not to use the foundation daily. The ideal option is to use a makeup base in those special cases when you need to look fresh, irresistible and not think about the state of makeup after a few hours.

Full list

For a good, proper and beautiful face makeup is to have everything you need. Pay particular attention to proper lighting. Your make-up should not look like a mask. Naturalness is always in fashion. It is necessary to provide for these purposes and artificial lighting, and the light should not be bright. It is with the right lighting that you can achieve the perfect result.

To create a quality make-up you need a large mirror. It must be clean and not distort the reflection. It is necessary to remove the hair back so that they do not interfere with your manipulations. You can do this with a bezel or plain white tape.

Many women already know what kind of cosmetics should be used to create high-quality, stylish and effective makeup. However, those ladies who are still learning the basics of the science of beauty may not fully understand the significance of the situation. Many people think that they can create a good make-up using only some cosmetics. However, it is not.

Here are the tools that should be in the cosmetics of every beauty:

  • Base. This is a very important, basic stage of creating a make-up. It is worth noting that the base under the makeup, the basis, the primer is one and the same. These substances are designed to prepare your derma for make-up, they make it more resistant. Of course, for daily makeup you can do without this stage, but for a party, wedding or other special occasion, you should not neglect this tool.

Typically, a makeup base incorporates a variety of beneficial ingredients, but you should not exclude the use of a moisturizing agent. There are bases for the face, for eyelids, for eyelashes, lips. You will make the dermis tone more even, you will be able to smooth out wrinkles, make your skin matte, narrow pores.

Apply this cosmetic need fingers. After application, you should definitely wait for the base to dry. If this is not done, the cosmetic will be mixed with the foundation and rolled.

With the base of the eyelids, you save your eye shadow for the whole day Moreover, such agents have a matting effect.

The base for eyelashes helps to give the hair length and volume. You can even apply mascara. An agent for mascara is easy to find analogue - a special firming gel. Apply such a tool should be carefully, evenly distributing it.

A lip base is also needed. It will help to make their surface more even, to eliminate minor cracks. Lipstick will lie smoother, will become more resistant. The composition of such funds include nutrients and active elements. They will help protect the skin from the sun and rejuvenate it. It is necessary to put cosmetics easily and accurately, using a brush.

  • Concealer. This is another essential element for perfect makeup. It will help protect your dermis from the negative effects of the external environment, make your skin smooth, and also help to hide the defects and defects of the skin. Be sure to choose the right product - according to your skin type.

In order to choose the right shade of a cosmetic product, you must first apply a little wrist. Do this only with good daylight. The tool should be invisible to your skin, it completely repeats its tone. If you have reddening, you can apply the foundation on a yellow basis.

Another tip that experienced cosmetologists give is to apply different shades of tonal means (depending on the season). Keep cosmetics should be in the refrigerator or in the bedside table, away from sunlight.

  • Concealer. This tool will become your indispensable assistant for every day. With it, you can hide various defects of the dermis, dark circles under the eyes, pimples and redness. The tool will help fight the first signs of aging.
  • Powder. With the help of powder you can mask the various defects of the dermis, as well as eliminate oily shine. This tool helps to fix the makeup. You can purchase various types of product. It can be granulated, pressed, friable powder.

If you use such tools at home, it is better to use crumbly options. You need to take a wide brush and apply powder with slow movements. Pressed version will be a great assistant on the road. You can take this powder with you on a trip, to work, it will easily fit even in a small purse or pocket. This tool is easy to use.

  • Blush. Blush will help to give a face a fresh, healthy and radiant look. Their types are similar to powder. Substances are applied with a special expanded kabuki brush. The main rule when applying this tool - it should be used in moderation. If you overdo it with rouge, then the makeup will look very ridiculous.
  • Pencil. You should choose medium-hard cosmetics. It is with a pencil that you draw a distinct line, while the dermis will not be damaged. You can replace eyeliner liquid eyeliner. Remember that you will need more experience and skill to cope with it.

There are also eyebrow pencils. They will help draw an expressive bend line. So you can make your look even more charming. For the lips, you can also use a pencil. It should be fat - and at the same time hard. So you can highlight lips quickly and easily.

  • Shadows. This is another important element of cosmetics. You should choose a cosmetic product that will suit you in shade, as well as other parameters. Apply the shade with a brush with hard villi.
  • Ink. Without this tool will not do any stylish make-up. You can create an expressive look, make the eyelashes thicker, long, voluminous. Modern manufacturers produce a variety of options for this tool. You can easily find exactly what you need. Choose a product based on your goal. For some, it will be long eyelashes, for someone - thick.
  • Lipstick / gloss. The obligatory moment in any make-up is the use of lipstick and gloss. It is worth noting that a quality product should hold on for quite a while. Do not buy too cheap options, they may not be very persistent and low-quality. You can also apply lip gloss.


As for accessories, they also play an important role. For applying cosmetic products you need a variety of brushes. Let them be of high quality, and their pile should be natural. It is worth noting that for each cosmetic product it is worth taking a separate brush.

Applying cosmetics will depend on their purpose. For example, if you need to apply a base, you can do it with your fingers. However, remember that hands must be clean. If you want to apply foundation on the dermis, then a special sponge will be suitable for this, as well as a brush, fingers, applicators.

If you prefer to use a brush, then you should stock up on short, flat and wide options. It is with the help of this object that you can evenly distribute the cosmetic over the surface. If you want to use the corrector, you can choose a small brush.

As for the crumbly powder, it is better to distribute it with a powder puff or with a brush that looks like a shaving brush. But a flat brush is perfect for the distribution of rouge.

For the eyes will be useful other brushes. To shade shadows well, you should use a square brush, the villi of which are dense and short. The product with a beveled end is suitable for highlighting the contour of the eyelids. Well imposes shadow brush-drop.

For eyebrows should also use a special brush. Often it is replaced by a comb. You can give the hair the right direction. The final stage of high-quality make-up will be applying lipstick or gloss. This can also be done with a special brush. The main thing - to tip it was pointed. So you can distribute the lipstick or gloss evenly, and the cosmetic itself will last much longer.

It is worth noting that the brushes require close attention and special care. It is necessary to rinse them thoroughly with water once a month. Usually for this purpose you can use baby shampoo. Then you will need to dry the product well.

When creating the perfect makeup you need cotton swabs, cotton pads, and make-up remover. They will help you to easily fix possible errors.

What is it called?

So, you already know the basic names of those tools that will be needed to create a stylish and high-quality makeup. It is worth noting some more products. This, for example, concealer or highlighter. This tool is designed to mask the shortcomings of the dermis. You can hide acne, redness, pigmentation, make your face fresh. Highlighter will make the desired areas shine.

There is also a liner. This remedy is released to the lips or eyelids. With this product you can emphasize the contour - for example, the eye. The line will be clear and smooth. Shimmer will help to place all the accents in the make-up. It is usually applied to the cheekbones. It gives relief.

What makeup is needed?

If you are going to create a stable and stylish makeup, you should think about how it should be. It is necessary to understand what means it is better to use. All basic cosmetics are usually suitable for any make-up. Choose a color scheme and stylistic orientation, focusing on where you are going. Experts identify several types of makeup:

  • Sports. This type of make-up is characterized by naturalness, lightness, simplicity. This is the perfect option for an active lifestyle.
  • Romantic. This style involves the use of tones that are slightly blurred. So you can create a gentle and fragile image that will attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Vanguard. This option is suitable for brave personalities. This make-up is a contrast of shades, their brightness and saturation.
  • Classical. This type is preferred by many women. It is the most versatile and practical. Here colors of one shade smoothly pass into another. Such a make-up would be appropriate in any situation.

When you select your individual style, you should focus on the features of your appearance, age. It is recommended to proceed from the situation. Young ladies should not apply too bright lipstick. It is better to prefer naturalness. But older women can afford bright colors.

What is needed at home?

When creating a unique home make-up, care and caution are necessary. You should have in your arsenal a variety of tools and devices to create the perfect look.

  • Следует помнить: благодаря тональной основе макияж будет дольше держаться. Наносите все средства только лишь на очищенную дерму. Не забывайте предварительно увлажнять кожу специальным кремом.
  • Обязательно осуществляйте все работы лишь при хорошем освещении. Идеальный вариант - большое зеркало. Так вы будете лучше видеть свое лицо. Не следует торопиться. Лучше выполнять мейкап, следуя советам и инструкциям. Не стоит пропускать первоначальные этапы. Рекомендуется замаскировать все неровности дермы, тогда лицо будет смотреться здоровым и сияющим.
  • Обязательно запаситесь средством для снятия макияжа. Оно поможет вам скрыть все неровности. Остальные средства будут ложиться намного ровнее и лучше.

Пошаговая инструкция для идеального макияжа

Это только так кажется, что сделать идеальный мейкап без помощи специалиста невозможно. Вы с легкостью сможете нанести нужные средства быстро и эффективно. To do this you need only a little patience, practice, as well as high-quality accessories and cosmetics. For the modern stylish image should work out all the details. It is necessary to understand how to properly make up:

  • First, prepare the dermis. Be sure to clean it from other cosmetics and dirt. This is usually done with the help of special tools.
  • Now it is worthwhile to combine foundation and make-up foundation. Carry out the process on the back of your hand. Apply cosmetic on the dermis of the face. Do everything you need a thin layer. If surpluses appear, the face will look like a mask. If you notice that the chosen foundation does not match the shade of the natural color of your dermis, you should apply a cosmetic product on the neck and decollete. It is worth noting that professional makeup artists do it in all cases.
  • Now take a thin brush and cover eyelids with concealer. Do this under the eyes as well as on top. Now fix everything with powder.
  • Then take an eyebrow pencil and highlight the hairs with light strokes.
  • To make the look more inviting, select the inner corners of the eyes, as well as the place under the eyebrows, using light powder. Its matte texture will look more natural when compared with shadows.

makeup basics: rating

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  • Yulia March 9, 19:37 I have normal skin with a little fat content in the T zone, so I choose Alliance Perfect concealer from L'Oréal Paris in the shade of 3D Beige dore. I can say with confidence that in the mass market there are excellent examples of inexpensive, but high-quality cream, like this one! The texture is very pleasant and liquid, perfectly distributed over the skin. But for oily and problem skin, it does not fit, it will not redraw strong rashes and oily shine. I like the way it smoothes the skin and does not fit the mask. My mother also uses it, the skin after it looks healthy and fresh. Lies smoothly and almost imperceptibly. It contains vitamin E and B5, as well as essential oils that provide easy application and durability. Cream stays strong throughout the day. I really like the design of the bottle, a convenient dispenser, which is not inferior to the suite, looks stylish! Therefore, for girls with normal skin, I can safely advise this concealer, I hope that my review has helped you!
  • Victoria November 30, 14:50 I have been using Maybelline's Baby Skin makeup foundation for masking pores for about 2 months and I want to share my impression with you. Let's start with the fact that my skin is combined, there are dry areas with peeling, there are deep pores, redness and pimples appear periodically, the skin gleams. Just want to say that it is a very budget, economical and effective tool, it is not as expensive as its fellows, it has a small volume - 22 ml, but it is used very economically, you need a drop and you get porcelain, delicate and silky skin, without underlining imperfections. I was very attracted to the design of the tube, it has such a soft and cheerful color, jolly letters that the arms themselves stretch behind it on the shelf. The base is odorless, has a gel or rather silicone consistency, is easily distributed over the skin and smoothes all irregularities, filling the pores, softening the flaking, and if you use the correct make-up remover, in this case you need to use hydrophilic oil, the base does not clog the pores, gives the skin to breathe and, accordingly, does not cause acne and redness. After applying the base, apply your favorite concealer with a sponge and you will see the result, the skin tone will even out, the peeling will not be noticeable, the skin will become like a porcelain doll and the luster will appear several hours later. Once again I want to emphasize that you will feel the beauty of using this base with the correct removal of makeup, you will not be able to remove the base with the usual gel for washing, you will receive hydrophilic oil to help you. I am satisfied with my purchase and will continue to use Maybelline Baby Skin makeup foundation and I advise you to try the girls.
  • Vika Shurska November 6, 11:31 The Lumi Magique base from L’Oréal Paris is still the best cosmetic that I have tried in my life. I apply it before makeup to smooth out the skin and give it a natural glow. You can also add it to the tonal tool, so you can get the effect of the most moist and radiant skin now, the main thing is not to powder the face. The tonal tool does not roll down and keeps in place for a very long time. I also use this base as a highlighter under the eyebrow, on the cheekbone, above the lip and on the tip of the nose, a very delicate glow is obtained, but at the same time it is very noticeable in daylight or camera flash. What do you get by purchasing this base? A fresh look, a healthy glow of skin and a cloud of compliments about how fresh and beautiful you look. Are you still thinking about buying? if I were you, I would have already run to the nearest cosmetic store.

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Tasks basics under makeup

The manufacturers of cosmetic bases set the following tasks for their products:

  • maximize the complexion
  • make the skin tone and its relief uniform,
  • increase the resistance of decorative cosmetics,
  • hide visual defects: reduce enlarged pores, remove shine, mask redness, scar and post-acne spots.

Now we have learned what functions the makeup base does, what it is and whether it should take its rightful place in our cosmetic bag.

What is the consistency of the base to choose?

The lightest coating gives a liquid base. It makes the skin incredibly smooth and matte. The product is ideal for women with minor defects.

The most dense coating gives a solid base. It can be used by owners of problem skin to hide post-acne spots and scars.

The creamy base is characterized by intense pigmentation and amount of powder. Cosmetic product allows you to mask the pigment spots, blue circles under the eyes and rosacea.

Next is a gel base makeup. What it is? This tool is recommended for use for oily and komblinirovannogo skin with dilated pores. The tonal means applied over such a base fall smoothly and evenly.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight this type of base for makeup, as an emulsion. Its structure contains in abundance the smallest pearl particles. The shimmer perfectly reflects light, makes the skin radiant from the inside and fresh in appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages of makeup basics

Young, clean skin

Does not emphasize wrinkles

It needs to be applied quickly as it dries instantly.

Dry, mature skin, as well as skin with uneven relief

Provides uniform coverage (medium to dense), perfectly moisturizes the skin, hides wrinkles

Heavy for use on oily skin, requires careful shading

There is no alcohol in the composition, the products have a large range of colors.

Does not hide the flaws of problem skin with inflammation, dries quickly

Normal, combination and oily skin

It has the properties of powder, you can create a light and dense coating

When poor shading creates the effect of "mask" on the face

Oily and combination skin

Provides a matte uniform finish

Not suitable for dry skin

Matting cream pencil

Prone to dryness and normal skin

Suitable for hiding flaws in certain areas, masks spots, easy to use

Too greasy consistency for combined T-zone

Matting tonal foundation for make-up and its types

The basis with a matting effect allows you to give the skin a more well-groomed, healthy look. The product is selected according to the color type of the woman, based on the presence of skin imperfections, and also depending on the expected effect. Matting makeup base is of the following types:

The liquid base is suitable for owners of healthy skin. This cosmetic base has good durability. It will last throughout the day, keeping the makeup fresh and beautiful. It is convenient to apply and distribute over the skin. The product contains components that can absorb excess sebum.

Matting cream base makeup has the properties of a moisturizer and masking agent. The formula of a nourishing cosmetic product contains natural oils. These natural ingredients especially care for dry skin, nourishing it and protecting it from the aggressive effects of external factors. Foundation with proper application perfectly hides defects of the skin. The skin after its application becomes velvety and sleek in appearance.

The compact base is excellent for normal skin and prone to dry skin. It is characterized by good durability. Most often, the tool can be found in the form of a pencil-corrector. This basis will hide minor imperfections, including wrinkles, freckles and blood vessels.

The basis for makeup Baby Skin Pore Eraser from the company Maybelline New York

Cosmetic Baby Skin from the American brand Maybelline New York is one of the bases that is very popular with women. The makeup base is made using the latest Insta-Blur technology. It is ideal for skin with dilated pores. After applying the product, the skin becomes smooth, its color - uniform. Baby Skin is a make-up base, reviews of which suggest that it perfectly masks pores, gently smoothing them. The face as a result of use looks well-groomed and rested.

The base is easy to apply. Even beginners can take advantage of it and achieve professional results. The tool is very economical. Just one drop is enough to even out the skin of the entire face. Many women tend to think that this is the best makeup base.

Silicone base

Separately, I would like to dwell on such a tool as a silicone makeup base. This product manufacturers are positioning as a multifunctional. You can use it yourself, and mixed with the foundation.

The gel elastic texture is used very economically. The high cost of a small tube justifies itself. A whole base droplet, when applied correctly, will cover the entire face and perfectly hide irregularities.

The composition of the silicone base can often be seen dimethicone and cyclomethicone. These substances prevent dehydration of the skin and give it a delicate glow. Meanwhile, experts recommend that problem skin owners be very careful with silicones. Some of the remedies are often gummy. By blocking the pores, they can cause new inflammations. Now you know if you need a silicone makeup base, what it is.

Rules for choosing the basis for makeup

  1. Cosmetic product should be suitable for skin type. For women with dry and normal skin, a creamy consistency base is suitable. Owners of sensitive and problem skin should opt for fluids and emulsions. Oily skin will look great with a powder-based base that normalizes sebum production and mattes for a long time. Also, this type of skin suitable leveling base for makeup.
  2. If, after reading the reviews, you still doubt whether the base will suit you, then you should not hurry to buy its full-size version. The best option is to purchase a probe or try a tool in a cosmetic store. You should see how the base looks and how the skin reacts to it.

Corrective Basics

Each base is designed to rid the skin of a particular problem and prepare it for the subsequent application of decorative cosmetics. One of the main advantages of the tool is a significant improvement and leveling of the face tone. Consider the features of the choice of corrective foundations.

The task of hiding small defects and leveling the skin tone is perfectly done with a white base. Porcelain shine will give the face a pink base. Means with a green tint will remove redness, hide the couperose mesh and small inflammations as much as possible. To disguise the blue circles under the eyes, you need to stop your choice on a yellow base.

Violet and lilac cosmetic products will eliminate the painful yellowness of the skin. Also, this task effectively handles the blue makeup base, the reviews about which are mostly positive. It also gives the skin a healthy inner glow.

How to apply the base under the makeup correctly?

Before using the base for make-up, experts recommend moisturizing the skin with a regular cream. After the agent is completely absorbed, you can start applying the base. To do this, use a cosmetic sponge or brush. If there are no tools, then the product can be distributed with fingertips. The base is applied with a thin even layer along the massage lines of the face. After a few minutes, the base will "sit down" on the face. Then you can continue makeup.

If the skin is oily, then put a foundation on top of the foundation is not worth it. It is enough to use the powder. During the day, your face can be wetted with special matting wipes to get rid of the oily sheen.

Beauty Tips

  1. The basic primer for make-up is a magical tool, but it can only give the skin a healthy and even color with proper care. Cosmetologists recommend regularly clean, tone and moisturize the skin.
  2. In the cold season, experts advise choosing bases that have a dense rich texture. They will not only make the skin smooth, but also perfectly protect it from external factors.
  3. Also, cosmetologists are advised to purchase products with SPF protection. They minimize the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin, protect against unwanted pigmentation and the appearance of other signs of premature aging.

Thus, the right makeup base will play an important role in creating beautiful and long-lasting makeup. Conventional tonal resources can not so well align the color and relief of the skin, mask small flaws. With a cosmetic base, makeup looks natural, and the face becomes well-groomed.

What is a makeup base and why is it needed?

Base makeup - this is a special cosmetic product that helps prepare the skin for further application of makeup. According to many makeup artists, this product is not mandatory in a cosmetics bag, but will be very useful for special cases. Every day to use the base is not recommended because of its ability to clog pores. It is due to its dense texture that it removes small wrinkles and irregularities on the epidermis, which make it difficult to distribute the foundation.

Why do I need a base for makeup:

  • For resistant make-up. Due to the mineral particles, which are often included in the composition of such funds, this product absorbs skin secretions and moisture. Due to this, the shadows, powder and toner are kept on the face for much longer than usual,
  • For perfectly smooth skin. Many have paid attention to the fact that even after applying a dense foundation some disadvantages remain noticeable. For the epidermis to be smooth and lightened, “as in the picture,” you need to use a special base,
  • To create the effect of inner radiance. Mineral particles, in addition to absorbing properties, also have the ability to reflect light. Due to this property, the base under the makeup creates the effect of a soft natural glow of the epidermis.

Types of bases for makeup

Depending on the functions performed, the base under makeup are classified according to their properties.

Among all products there are types:

    Leveling reliefwhich are used to eliminate certain defects (bruises under the eyes, acne, enlarged pores). They are enriched with mineral components, vitamins and other nutrients. Это Benefit The POREfessional – Бенефит, Le Blanc de Chanel – Бланк от Шанель, MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage – МАС (МАК), Tom Ford Illuminating Primer – Том Форд, Pupa Professionals Smoothing Foundation – Пупа и прочие,

Выравнивающая база

Практически никакой профессиональный визаж не обходиться без выравнивания эпидермиса. Бытует мнение, что подобная процедура может замениться увлажнением кремом, но это не так. Для кожи глаз, щек, губ и даже декольте необходимо глубокое питание и заполнение складок. Только такой подход обеспечит качественное нанесение тоналки.

Еще этот вариант стоит выбрать, если нужно срочно увлажнить лицо перед нанесением основного слоя мейкапа, а также устранить шелушение. Зачастую, продукты обогащаются витаминными или увлажняющими комплексами и имеют легкую структуру флюида или мусса.

Givenchy Actimine (Живанши) – хорошая база под любой макияж, характеризуется способностью нейтрализовать желтый оттенок. Идеально для использования с тональным кремом, отливающим желтым или другим неестественно-теплым оттенком. Содержит вытяжки из молока, экстракты киви и других фруктов. Чуть дешевле, но очень похожа, Givenchy Mister smooth base lissante.

Givenchy Actimine

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Base Concentre (Лореаль Мэджик) – недорогая база под макияж, которая выполняет сразу несколько свойств. Она матирует и скрывает недостатки кожи, нормализует работу сальных желез, подготавливает эпидермис для нанесения тонального крема или прессованных косметических продуктов. From the series of products we also recommend to try L’Oreal Paris Infaillible Primer Base (L'oreal Infiible).

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Base Concentre

Just Make Up Base SPF 18 magnificent summer leveling basis. Provides SPF 18, enriched with vitamins and mineral particles. Additionally, it has a mild moisturizing complex: it smoothes the skin, but does not create the effect of a “wet” shine.

Just Make Up Base SPF 18

Masking base

It is a pigmented or colored base. It is characterized by a similar product having a certain shade in the structure. This allows you to more effectively hide some flaws. For example, green VOV Pure Make-up Base is often used to correct problem skin.

Another feature of such funds is high density. To narrow the pores and hide certain irregularities, the tool should have a rather thick texture. Therefore, these tools are often not suitable for daily use.

Collistar Face Primer Evening Brightening - an elite base containing microdispersed mineral powder, stearic acid, mica. He heads the rating of the most recommended databases of the last year. Possesses reflecting properties, does not contain silicones.

Collistar Face Primer Evening Brightening

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (Meybellin) - elegant corrective base for everyday makeup. Unlike many analogs, it can be applied daily, refers to the middle segment. Contains cherry extract and safe silicones.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel (Chanel) almost completely natural moisturizing base for any age group of women. The main feature of this product is versatility: when applied locally, the base becomes a highlighter, foundation or tint veil. Contains extract from kelp, extracts of licorice, witch hazel, rose water, mineral particles.

Chanel le blanc de chanel

Silicone base

As the main components contains silicones. With their help, provides a soft and uniform coating, a peculiar veil of beige color. Ideal for creating evening make-up, because it is often water-repellent. It helps to give skin radiance, extend durability and improve the uniformity of application of foundation.

Artdeco Make Up Base with Anti-aging Effect (Art Deco) - sufficiently dense base to replace the main foundation. On the face creates the effect of a thin veil, evenly distributed over the folds and hollows. It has a slight lifting effect, contains safe silicones, does not clog pores.

Artdeco Make Up Base with Anti-aging Effect

Manly Pro Elixir HD (Manly) suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. It can be used as a daily moisturizer, but applied with a thin layer, no frills. It is a budget equivalent of the more well-known product Givenchy. Contains extracts from plants, as well as silicone compounds.

Manly Pro Elixir HD

Eclat Minute - mother of pearl silicone base with polymers that give shine. As a result of drawing the effect of illumination of the epidermis is formed. Very persistent, but soft, due to what does not clog pores. Suitable for use as highlighter.

Eclat minute

Base for oily skin

The main difference between the base for oily skin from any other, is the consistency. It should be as light as possible so as not to clog the pores, but at the same time dense enough to eliminate shine. It is enriched with mineral components, extracts from various plants and oils.

Often, non-comedogenic, so you can use it every day. Also contains a minimal amount of silicones and additional moisturizing complexes. The most famous products are:

Korean Holika Holika Naked Face Tone-Up Base (Holik Holik) - Perfect for problem skin. This makeup base is enriched with mineral components, herbal extracts and reflective particles.

Holika Holika Naked Face Tone-Up Base

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer oil-free (Smashbox) - shining base for any makeup. It has strong absorbing properties, eliminates shine and inflammation. Enriched with vitamins A, C, E, plant extracts, extracts from fruits.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer oil-free

Max Factor Face Finiti All Day Primer (Max Factor) - professional basis. Known for its non-comedogenicity, due to which it can be used on problem and sensitive skin. Contains moisturizing ingredients and vitamin complexes.

Max Factor Face Finiti All Day Primer

How to apply makeup base on face

To properly apply the base for makeup, it is important to prepare the face. The skin is cleansed of dead cells by scrubbing, after which it is moistened with day cream. Depending on the type of base chosen, it is recommended to select a cream with UF-factors. We recommend NIVEA pre-makeup (Nivea).

Video: base for make-up - choose a primer

Instructions on how to use the base under the makeup Nyx Photo-loving primer (Knicks):

  1. To create a dense layer, you need to put the base of the drive in with the tips of your fingers. This technique is suitable for owners of problem or very dry epidermis. If you need a thin layer (to improve the distribution of foundation), it is better to use sponge,
  2. The product should be applied on the massage lines. The base is not pounded, namely, driven into the skin. The fact is that any top or primer, becomes invisible with intensive rubbing. Therefore, it is better to just gently distribute the product on the skin by tapping,
  3. When the base is absorbed, you can apply foundation.

What is the base for makeup better - review

Eva Mosaic Perfect Matt Primer (Eva Mosaic) consists of mineral particles and silicone compounds. It gives the skin a matte shine, normalizes pores, prolongs the makeup resistance.

Eva Mosaic Perfect Matt Primer

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer (Dior) It offers not only the creation of a dense and uniform makeup base, but also a soft moisturizing. This base has a very delicate mousse structure, when applied does not form a film on the face. Contains pennic oil and Alpini extracts.

Dior Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer

Oriflame The ONE IlluSkin Face Primer (Oriflame) - an excellent tool for the visual narrowing of pores and smoothing the skin. Contains silicone components and moisturizing complex, prolongs the durability of the foundation, suitable for use on the eyes. This is a complete equivalent of Avon (Avon) Suite, but costs a bit less.

Oriflame The ONE IlluSkin Face Primer

Reviews claim base Guerlain Meteorites Perles (Gerlen Meteorites) - the best option basics under makeup. It is needed to align the color of the skin, giving a velvety surface of the epidermis. The peculiarity of the product is that it contains real pearls. The closest, but more accessible analogue is the Mary Kay Foundation Primer Makeup Foundation (Mary Kay, Mary Kay).

Guerlain Meteorites Perles

Makeup forever HD High Definition Primer (Make Up Forever) - A great foundation if you need to quickly align the skin color, remove minor imperfections, remove shine and give shine. She is often used by famous bloggers, including Krygina. Due to the unique branded complex, it also effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Makeup forever HD High Definition Primer

Eveline Cosmetics Art Scenic Silicone Make-Up Base Smoothing And Matting (Evelyn, Evelyn) - affordable Polish base for makeup, which by its quality practically does not differ from some brands of premium segment. Suitable for normal and combination skin. Due to silicone oil, it is quickly and evenly distributed on the surface of the epidermis, without being absorbed inside.

Eveline Cosmetics Art Scenic Silicone Make-Up Base Smoothing And Matting

Milk or light cream from Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (Embryolis) - liquid primer that is suitable for oily and combination skin. After application it leaves a pleasant effect of moisture and nutrition, reduces skin secretions, contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands and prolongs the stability of cosmetics.

Embryolisse lait-crème concentré

Ultralight fluid base Poetea from the brand, Tiara helps to even out the driest skin of the face, smoothing scales and filling the pores with a weightless mousse. Contains branded moisturizing complex and vitamins.


Clarins Eclat minute base illuminatrice de teint (Clarence, Clarence) - gives the skin a pleasant natural radiance, helps to effectively hide flaws and ensure uniform distribution of foundation. At the expense of reflecting particles emphasizes the main advantages and hides disadvantages.

Clarins Eclat minute base illuminatrice de teint

Lancome la base pro (Lancome) has a smoothing effect and a very light structure. Refers to premium cosmetics. Suitable for everyday use, due to the shape of the fluid does not clog pores. Its almost complete, but more affordable counterpart - Lumene Beauty Base (Lumen).

Lancome la base pro

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base - amazing silk base. Contains silk powder, so when applied, the skin is almost perfectly aligned. It can be used as an independent cosmetic product (instead of foundation). In action it looks like a transparent Gosh (Gosh).

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Universal Smoothing Product Revlon PhotoReady Primer even very delicate and sensitive skin is suitable. Like Belita, the Revlon brand uses only natural and safe components for its products. This basis will allow to moisten and nourish the skin, as well as, to level its surface.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer

Lush shine - unique in its kind base. It is used mainly for problem and oily skin, contains extracts from medicinal plants, various extracts and oils. It helps not only to hide flaws, but also to relieve inflammation.

Lush shine

According to reviews, the best base for problem and combination skin is a makeup base. Sephora Matting (Sefore). It effectively hides deficiencies, has strong absorbent properties, eliminates shine. For the price, Este Launder is somewhat more expensive, but more affordable than Shiseido. At the same time, the effect is on the same level.

Sephora Matting