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Eyebrow pencil


It is believed that the pencil - a universal tool for eyebrow makeup. Is this true and how to use it in order to get neat, beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows as a result?

Text: Editorial Makeup.ru July 14, 2017

The eyebrow pencil is the eyebrow make-up that is easiest to use: they can both adjust the shape of the eyebrows and fill in the gaps if the eyebrows need more density and give a more saturated color.

Pencil is versatile and easy to use. But his choice requires care and knowledge of some beauty rules. It is important to find a shade that really suits you, focusing on the color type, as well as on the hair color.

Eyebrow pencil: how to choose a shade?

For girls with black or dark brown hair is easiest: you can choose a shade to match. But when the hair is lighter, it is necessary to take into account the color type.

  • Brunettes whose hair has a golden sheen need a “warm” brown pencil.
  • But ashy gray-brown taupe is perfect for example.
  • The same shade taupe need and blondes. By the way, another important rule for them: do not buy eyebrow pencil, which is darker than their hair more than two shades.

After “your” shade of eyebrow pencil is found, you can start using it. But very carefully: not everyone knows how to use a pencil correctly.

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How to use a eyebrow pencil?

Pencil immediately taken to draw the line. In eyebrow makeup, this is a big mistake. Even those who clearly know what the shape of their eyebrows should be should not be done this way. Follow these three rules to achieve the perfect result:

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How to choose the shape of eyebrows?

When working on eyebrow correction with a pencil, you need to first determine what kind of shape to give them.

  • Round-faced girls will have arched eyebrows that are characterized by a high “lift” and a short tip. This shape of the eyebrows allows you to visually make a round face more oval. However, it is not necessary to experiment with too sharp outlines of eyebrows - it is better to stop at more smooth.

  • Owners of a square face will fit curved eyebrows, as well as the classic form with a bend. For a square face, bright arches and wider eyebrows are best, but too thin arcs should be discarded.

  • For an oval face, a straight shape of the eyebrows without bending is suitable - unlike the ascending shape, it does not visually stretch the face.

  • For girls with a triangular face, the eyebrows of a classical ascending shape with a smooth curve will suit. It is worth refusing from pronounced “rises”, which are permissible mostly only for a square face.

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How to draw a beautiful eyebrow pencil?

In order for eyebrows to look beautiful and natural, it is necessary to choose a suitable shape for them. The easiest way to do this, based on the proportions of the face.

  • Determine the fit of the eyes. So, if the distance between the eyes is greater than their width, they are considered to be widely planted.
  • Then look again in the mirror and visually divide the eyebrow into three zones: the first is its beginning, the second is a bend, and the third is the ending.
  • In order to understand where the beginning of the eyebrow should be located (created using makeup), visually draw a line up from the "wing" of the nose.
  • To understand where the bend should be located, visually draw a line from the center of the chin to the eyebrow through the pupil.
  • To understand where the eyebrow should end, visually draw a line from the “wing” of the nose through the outer corner of the eye to the eyebrow.

How to draw eyebrows from "zero"? Video tutorial

If the eyebrows are light and rare, they can be made expressive and beautiful makeup tools. To do this, you can use not only a pencil, but also eye shadow or lipstick for eyebrows - in a word, any means by which you can draw the missing hairs is suitable, and you can get natural makeup. To draw the perfect eyebrows, first pass a small test that will help you choose the most suitable eyebrow tool, and then follow the instructions from the blogger Koffkathecat - and watch the fourth episode of the beauty series “Make Up Anything Can!”.

How to choose a brow pencil, how to sharpen, how to use

If your eyebrows do not create the desired effect, you will have to arm yourself with a special pencil to make them the right shape and attractive.

To pick eyebrow pencil you need to consider the type of face, hair and skin color.

Eyebrow pencil is a universal cosmetic tool, which is undoubtedly present in every woman's cosmetics bag.

And it is not surprising, because eyebrow makeup can create the perfect look or completely spoil it. This cosmetic is designed to correct the wrong contour and add color to the eyebrows.

Choosing a pencil, you should pay attention to its shape.

On the cosmetic market are classic slate and mechanical pencils. The first require constant sharpening, the second are equipped with a twisting mechanism, similar to that used in the packaging of lipstick. A mechanical pencil is consumed faster than a slate and does not allow you to create a subtle touch.

When working with slate pencil there is a problem of sharpening. To simplify this procedure, you can put a pencil in the freezer for half an hour, then sharpen with a special sharpener.

Waterproof pencil

Waterproof pencil is suitable for girls who need perfect makeup for a long time. It provides a lasting graphic makeup that is removed using a special tool.

With this liner, you can be sure that your eyebrows will not lose their shape in the heat or winter cold.

Powder Pencil

Powder pencil is an excellent tool to fill in the shape of the eyebrow, but not suitable for a clearly defined contour. Sufficiently dry texture suitable for owners of oily skin.

The created eyebrow shape will not be lost, and the powdery effect will create a natural look.

Brush pencil

The brush is placed on the cap or the tip of the pencil, which allows you not to waste time searching for her eyebrow makeup.

The pencil itself corrects the eyebrow, and its addition gently blends the strokes and gently puts the hairs.

Pencil marker

Pencil marker will be needed for women who prefer expressive graphic makeup. The format of the pen creates a clear thin lines that make the eyebrow almost flawless.

To use such a brow pencil will require skill, but the result is worth it.

Pencil highlighter

Such an eyebrow pencil usually acts as a duet with another tool. In most cases, beige pencil stylus.

The pencil is suitable for correcting irregularities in the shape of eyebrows, to hide minor flaws and makes the look more rested.

Automatic (mechanical) pencil

Mechanical eyebrow pencil is suitable for those who consider themselves to be a pro in drawing a form. The pencil lead does not differ in subtlety, therefore it is necessary to work on the accuracy of the contour of the eyebrow.

Sharpening such a pencil does not require, which is convenient if you take it with you.

Over-unscrew the stylus is not worth it, because a thin rod breaks easily. The disadvantage of this tool is its quick consumption.

Pencil tattoo (permanent pencil)

Pencil, characterized by special stability, suitable for active and busy girls. Doing makeup in the morning, you can not worry about the appearance of eyebrows until the deep evening.

Experts believe it is quite a worthy replacement for permanent makeup. Such a pencil requires special clarity when creating the shape of eyebrows.

Fixing pencil

The fixing eyebrow pencil is similar to a wax pencil, but, unlike it, it usually does not have color.

Transparent stylus is used exclusively to create the correct shape, and the color of the eyebrows is added using special powder or eye shadows.

Gel pencil

This format of cosmetics is rightly recognized by consumers as one of the most popular. Pencil in gel format easily creates the desired shape. The color is natural, but not conspicuous.

In this case, you need to choose the right shade, because the error will reduce all efforts to nothing. With this pencil the wrong hue of eyebrows can not be hidden.

Pencil with shading

Usually the brush is attached at the tip of the pencil, which makes it possible not to be distracted by the search in the process of creating the perfect makeup.

The brush gently shading pencil strokes, filling the eyebrow and adjusting the color saturation.

Pencil stick

The eyebrow stick stick is also called lipstick pencil. The texture of this tool provides a smooth rich coverage, but is not suitable for creating thin lines.

Choosing this pencil, it is worth considering its ability to make eyebrows heavier than they really are.

Shadow pencil

Shadows-pencil well will be suitable for a natural make-up for every day. The pencil is easily distributed over the eyebrows and lends itself well to feathering.

With such a tool just create a nude image that does not lose its relevance.

How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil - black, gray, white, brown, red, light brown

When choosing a pencil for correcting the shape and color of eyebrows pay attention to the shade of hair and skin. Ideally, the tone of the pencil should be in harmony with the color of the hair roots. The shade of the slate can differ by 1-2 tones, but no more. Otherwise, there is a risk to look not only unnatural, but also strange.

Depending on the hair color, the following shades of the pencil are selected:

  • Black pencil suitable only for brunettes with blue-black hair and dark skin. In practice, their eyebrows rarely require correction, since they are naturally thick and bright, but if you still need to correct something, a black pencil will be better than others.
  • Brown pencil choose the fair sex with brown, chocolate hair. When choosing a shade you should also take into account whether it is cold or warm, while focusing on the color of the hair. The brown range of eyebrow pencils is the most extensive, any girl can choose her own tone depending on the hue and saturation.
  • Gray pencil suitable for brows blond girls and blondes. Depending on the tone of the hair, a light brown pencil may also come up.
  • Warm shade of brown pencil suitable for brows of red-haired women and owners of copper-colored curls.
  • White stylus irreplaceable when adjusting the shape of the eyebrows, so you will need when creating any image.
  • If the hair has already touched gray hair, the color of the pencil should take this fact into account. Will fit gray-brown styluswhose saturation is adjusted to the color of the hair roots. For dyed hair, a pencil for eyebrow correction is chosen based on the new color.

Pencil "Brown Satin" from "Maybeline" ("Maybelline")

This pencil is referred to as eyebrow fixers. The thickness of the slate is 2 mm, which allows you to create clear lines, and the powder that complements the pencil easily fills the space, giving the eyebrows a finished look.

The pencil is equipped with a brush for feathering, which allows you to distribute the powder evenly.

You can use parts of the tool separately, varying the degree of brightness of the makeup. The twisting mechanism works without bickering, the pencil itself is applied easily and does not spread. You can buy in any cosmetic store, for example, in “Letual”, at a price of about 480 rubles.

Pencil "Essence" ("Essence")

The pencil is a classic version of the lead, complete with a brush for feathering the cap. The manufacturer presents 4 shades, ranging from black to light brown (in two variations - warm and cold).

The pencil is quite stable, if you accidentally touch the makeup of the eyebrows will not be spoiled, the weather will also not interfere with the image. The downside is a high consumption of pencil and breakage when sharpening. You can purchase it in “Rivgosh”, “Magnit-Cosmetic” and other cosmetic stores. Budget price - about 130 rubles.

Pencil "Vivienne Sabo" ("Vivienne Sabo")

A classic pencil with a natural palette of shades, complemented by a brush for combing eyebrows. One of the few brands that have released a pencil for girls with brown hair, which looks natural on the eyebrows. The intensity of the application is easily adjusted by pressing, because the pencil is soft enough.

Choose this tool with caution if the skin is prone to fat. The clear minus are the sparkles present in the stylus, and the lack of necessary durability. You can buy a pencil in “Letual”, “Rivgosh” and other cosmetic networks, as well as on the websites of online stores, for example, “Pudra.ru”, “MeykapMarket”.

The price is in the range from 150 to 200 wheels, depending on the store.

Pencil "Yves Rocher" ("YvesRosher")

Slate pencil from "Yves Rocher" supplemented with a brush similar to the brush for applying mascara.

You can choose from three colors:

Many girls note a yellowish undertone in colors 01 and auburn in colors 03. The softness of the pencil is average, it remains on the eyebrows throughout the day. Consumed sparingly, like most slate pencils. The downside is the pencil cap, which is held loosely.

You can purchase this tool in the Yves Rocher chain of stores or on the official website of the manufacturer. The price is above average - about 490 rubles.

Pencil "Avon"

Avon presents one pencil to its customers for shaping the eyebrows. It is a mechanical pencil with a convenient twisting mechanism.

There are three possible shade options:

The pencil gives natural color to eyebrows, is easily shaded and convenient in use. The liner has its drawbacks: the texture is rather dense and is not suitable for girls whose skin is prone to fat. In addition, the lines drawn in pencil are wide.

You can buy this eyebrow pencil on the official Avon website. or at a company representative. The usual price declared by the manufacturer is 350 rubles. If you buy shares, the price will be lower.

Pencil "Jordani Gold" from "Oriflame"

Eyebrow liner from "Oriflame" - a classic slate pencil, complemented by a brush for combing eyebrows. It is suitable for all skin types, does not spread in the heat. The durability of the pencil is checked by customers, with a random touch of the hand, the makeup will remain unchanged.

The choice of shades is small, there are only two: brown and ashen. At the same time, there are no shades of red undertone in the shades, only natural color, suitable for most women. As a disadvantage allocate the price.

The total cost of a pencil is 630 rubles, which prevents it from being purchased. If you wish to refill the cosmetic bag with such a pencil, you need to contact a company representative or the Oriflame website.

Pencil "Nyx" ("Knicks")

The famous brand is no exception and offers its fans a pencil to shape the eyebrows. This is one of the few mechanical pencils that can create graphic eyebrows. A distinctive feature of the tool is an ultra-thin stylus that allows you to apply subtle strokes that will not differ from natural hairs.

A wide palette of shades, consisting of 6 tones, makes it possible to choose a color for any appearance. A nice bonus is a brush, with which you can brush your eyebrows and gently feather the resulting lines. To purchase, you can go to the site "NyxProfessionalMakeUp" or visit the store network. You will have to pay 730 rubles for one pencil.

Wax pencil "Eva Mozaik" ("EvaMosaic")

Wax pencil brand "Eva Mosaic" solves two problems at once: it adds color to eyebrows and gives shape to unruly hairs. The pencil is well applied, sufficiently resistant to create a natural make-up for the whole day. The liner completely fills the eyebrow space, evenly distributing and consolidating the resulting shape.

For greater convenience of creating makeup, the pencil is equipped with a brush for combing hairs and feathering lines.

The presented brush is quite tough, suitable to a greater extent for combing before applying strokes. When feathering, it can erase part of the color pigment, and makeup will have to be adjusted. You can buy in the network "Rivgosh", "Letual", on the sites "Lamoda.ru" and "Ozon.ru" at a price of 283 rubles.

Pencil "Art Vizazh"

Slate liner for eyebrows from "Art Visage" has long won its fans. Medium soft texture is easily shaded with a brush.

You can choose your color from 6 options:

  • the black,
  • dark grey,
  • gray beige
  • light brown,
  • cappuccino,
  • dark brown.

There are no extra tones in pencil shades, eyebrow color after correction is no different from natural. Creating makeup with this pencil, you can be confident in the integrity of the eyebrows for a long time, because it is known for its durability. One pencil is enough for about 3 months, taking into account the sharpening.

По мнению специалистов, в этом карандаше оптимально сочетаются цена и качество. Купить его можно на «Pudra.ru», «JoybyJoy» и в других розничных и интернет-магазинах. Цена варьируется от 160 до 215 рублей в зависимости от продавца.

Карандаш «Фаберлик»

По мнению специалистов, средство неоднозначное.

Эта марка нашла своих потребителей, но в данном карандаше замечен ряд недостатков:

  • only two options of shades: "unusual nut" and "excellent brown",
  • made of low quality wood, which leads to problems with sharpening,
  • lies unevenly
  • when you try to feather the line, the stroke is simply erased.

It is worth noting that in the already created make-up it shows good durability and is quite economically spent. You can get such a pencil from a company representative by paying 249 rubles.

Pencil "Luxvisage" ("Lux Vizazh")

The slate pencil presented by "Luxury Vizazh" has 6 shades and is added with a brush for shading. Medium soft texture allows you to achieve a neat eyebrow shape. The tip of the stylus remains sharp for a long time without additional sharpening, but when the stylus loses sharpness, the pencil lies in lumps.

Makeup will retain the original appearance for 7-8 hours. Like many other pencils, the representative of this brand has no sharpener. To buy you need to go to "JoybyJoy" and pay 123 rubles.

Pencil "Rimmel" ("Rimmel")

The Rimmel classic pencil is presented in 3 shades:

The first two have a red undertone, the latter will suit brunettes. Easy to apply and spread. For a more comfortable application, the pencil is added with a brush on the cap.

There is a minus - it is not resistant.

The texture is not greasy, rather soft, but by the end of the day the makeup loses its appearance. Sold in the network "Rivgosh" at a price of 260 rubles.

Pencil "Dior" ("Dior")

Pencil eminent mark refers to the powdery, the texture of which is quite dry. Means is easily put and does not roll down, remaining on eyebrows throughout the day. This is not even a pencil, but an eyebrow makeup kit, which includes a pencil, a brush and a sharpener.

In the palette of 6 natural shades, among which it is easy to find your own, following the recommendations on the official website of the manufacturer. This tool creates the effect of thick eyebrows. You can buy in the store "Letual" at a price of about 1,300 rubles.

Pencil "Kiki" ("Kiki")

The budget price of the funds (in this case, about 50 rubles) does not always mean low quality. Eyebrow pencil "Kiki" has an optimal level of hardness for applying natural strokes. The brush for feathering gives the eyebrows shape without scratching them.

The combination of price and quality in this case is advantageous. Lack of one: makeup will have to correct during the day. You can buy on "JoybyJoy" and "Ozon.ru".

Pencil "Beverly Hills" from "Anastasia" ("Anastasia")

This liner compares favorably with other palette of shades, including 9 colors. The pencil belongs to the mechanical, while it makes it possible to create a fairly subtle stroke. For the convenience of color distribution, there is a special brush. The main plus is stamina.

Created makeup will withstand any weather and mechanical tests.

The obvious disadvantage of the liner is its price. One copy costs about 2000 rubles when ordering for «JoybyJoy».

Eyebrow Makeup. How to gradually paint and tint eyebrows with a pencil. A photo. Video

Eyebrow makeup begins with form determination.

The classic approach to correction involves fixing three points:

  1. First point can be determined by applying a vertical eyebrow pencil to the wing of the nose. The resulting point will be the beginning of the eyebrow, all hairs that are closer to the center of it, should be removed with tweezers.
  2. Second point determined by finding the intersection of the eyebrow line and the line passing from the wing of the nose through the iris. This is the highest point in eyebrow correction, the place of maximum bending.
  3. Last point located on the line passing from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye. If the proportions are met correctly, the second point should be equidistant from the first and third.

Next is the lower limit of the eyebrow, from the center to the end. After the upper limit is drawn. For a more natural look, it is recommended to color the end of the eyebrow more intensely.

When the outline of the eyebrows are formed, you can fill the inner space. Owners of wide on the nature of the eyebrows should focus on the central part of the eyebrow. Those who have thin eyebrows, you need to intensively paint over the entire eyebrow.

When creating the correct shape using a brow pencil, it is worth considering the face shape:

  • eyebrows in the form of a broken line with a short tip are suitable for a round face,
  • the correct oval shape allows you to wear straight eyebrows with a slight kink,
  • for a square face, arched eyebrows with a smooth curve,
  • the triangular face will harmoniously complement the raised arched eyebrows.

Apply makeup better in daylight or a special lamp. With good lighting, it is easier to adjust the color intensity. Eyebrow pencils should also be selected in a well-lit place in order to choose the right tone.

How to learn to draw a beautiful eyebrow pencil. Step by step instructions for beginners. A photo. Video

To create eyebrows with a pencil, you need to prepare it. The tip of the slate should be well sharpened.

Natural wide eyebrows are relevant today.therefore, a pencil needs only to adjust the shape and give it a saturation.

After marking the reference points, the eyebrow is drawn with thin pencil strokes imitating natural hairs. After drawing the borders and filling the eyebrow, you need to hold a special brush that blends the strokes and gives the makeup a finished look.

The final stroke will be applying a highlighter at the lower boundary of the contour. It will help hide errors and make the view more open.

Pencil or eyebrow shade - which is better?

There is no universal remedy for creating the correct eyebrow makeup. Pick up a pencil or eye shadow for eyebrows must be based on the characteristics of a particular appearance. If the eyebrows are thin and a correction is required, it is better to prefer a pencil, the strokes of which will replace the missing hairs and draw a clear outline.

If the eyebrows are naturally thick, they can be emphasized with shadows that are matched to the hair. Both tools are convenient in use, while the pencil requires sharpening, and the shadows use a special brush. For more convenience, you can keep a pencil and shadows in a cosmetic bag.that will complement each other in the process of creating an image.

Eyebrow pencil is indispensable in day and evening makeup, easy to use and economical. The variety of companies and shades allows you to choose your option for natural and beautiful eyebrows.

Eyebrow pencil: video

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows, find out in the video clip:

Overview of eyebrow pencils in the video:

Eyebrow makeup: how to paint (draw) eyebrows, use a pencil

Not every girl knows how to paint eyebrows correctly with a pencil. Moreover, not everyone has their perfect form from nature. Some ladies generally pay a little attention to eyebrows.

However, one should not forget that eyebrows even without special make-up make it possible to make the eyes expressive, look more open, slightly change the shape of the face and change the appearance as a whole. However, it is necessary to study correctly to “draw” eyebrows as diligently as, for example, to draw perfect arrows.

Those who first encounter eyebrow correction with the help of cosmetics should first of all choose their own shape, optimally suitable for a particular type of face.

To do this, you can use the services of a stylist or follow the general advice of beauty experts:

    • For a classic oval face, the ideal shape of the eyebrows is horizontal, you can also add a small rounded bend that adds a veil of mystery to the face.
    • The elongated shape of the face suggests straight enough wide eyebrows, so the sharpness and a certain rigidity of the features will disappear from the exterior.
    • Round-faced girls should have eyebrows with a noticeable kink and a pointed tip. This form allows you to visually sharpen the face, bringing it closer to the oval.
    • The owners of sharp cheekbones and heavy jaws are best to soften facial features with rounded eyebrows.
    • For a triangular face, eyebrows are considered optimal, the tips of which are directed to the temples, with a slight soft curve. It is for this form of the face that the eyebrows “fit” will suit.
    • The rectangular shape of the face requires softening, which is acquired at the expense of elongated rounded eyebrows.
    • The diamond-shaped type of face is quite capricious in choosing the shape of the eyebrows - according to make-up artists, the optimum is considered to be rounded with a noticeable, but not sharp bend.

However, the shape of the face is often quite blurry type, so only experiments will allow you to choose the best option.

Why is it important to choose the right eyebrow pencil?

Believe me, it is extremely important to choose a makeup pencil so that it fits with your color type, because the attractiveness of your face depends on the color of your eyebrows.

Modern manufacturers of cosmetics filled the market with a variety of pencils with all sorts of shades of primary colors. Eyebrow pencil wins the shadows and mascara for them because of the diversity of the palette. In addition, if used correctly, you will be irresistible.

How to choose a brow pencil? All of them — black, brown, and gray — can be of different shades and have their own saturation. It would seem, how from such a variety you can choose your color? How not to make a mistake with the choice?

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows: colors and shades, types of pencils

The pencil should be fairly hard and sharp. So that they can draw strokes. To facilitate sharpening, you can put a pencil in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and then immediately sharpen.

Some women prefer to use a soft pencil: such that, in addition to correction, it is possible to tint the hairs. However, remember that using this technique, it is very easy to draw too thick fatty stripes, which will make the eyebrows darker than necessary. They will stand out too brightly on the face and look unnatural.

Eyebrow pencil how to choose? It can be mechanical - retractable, or it can be an ordinary cosmetic one that needs to be regularly sharpened. The choice of type depends on the individual preferences of the girl. However, remember that a mechanical pencil will never give such subtle strokes that a sharply sharpened ordinary can draw.

Eyebrow correction

A beautiful and clear line cannot be reached without observing the so-called “eyebrow geometry”.

Here are some tips for correcting them:

  • Pluck eyebrows that converge on the nose: this does not paint the girl.
  • Pluck sticking out hair: if such exist, no pencil will help.
  • Ensure that the eyebrows become more beautiful and expressive, but at the same time do not stand out much on the face: they should be his invisible decoration.
  • Nature has given everyone the perfect shape of all facial features. Do not change them drastically: just correct it slightly.

Eyebrows that are wide at the nose are considered ideal. Further, a flat strip should continue, which narrows to the very end. Brow arc - the best landmark in the formation of eyebrows.

The distance between the eyebrows should be about two fingers. In that case, if the eyes are located close to each other, you can make a smaller distance: one and a half fingers.

As for geometry, it is as follows. To determine the edge of the eyebrow, attach a ruler to the wing of the nose and hold it to the inner corner of the eye. The ruler will help determine the edge of the eyebrow at the temple. To do this, you need to attach it from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. The upper and lower brow curves are determined by applying a ruler to the corner of the lips and passing it through the middle of the pupil. For this it is convenient to use a white pencil. Give them a start, middle and end point of the eyebrow. So you can clearly determine the correct form.

Another small secret: the higher the eyebrows are located from the eye, the larger the eyes appear. The wider the eyebrow, the more the eyes appear. However, do not think that too wide and thick eyebrows will make your eyes visually larger. In everything you need to follow the rule of the golden mean.

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows? Tips and tricks

What you need to take into account? How to choose a brow pencil? The answer is simple: pick it up for your hair color! Brunettes need to make them a few tones lighter, and blondes, on the contrary, a few tones darker.

In addition, eye color and skin tone should be in harmony with the color of the pencil. For example, if your eyes and skin are of a golden hue, the pencil should be chosen in a warm color. Accordingly, light shades fit the skin of light tones. The lighter the skin, the lighter the pencil will be.

But the brunette girls with white skin will have to experiment to find the “own” color of the makeup pencil.

Ladies who do not dye their hair, it is easier to choose a pencil for eyebrows due to the fact that they have their own shade that fits the hair. That is, they need to choose cosmetics in the color of the eyebrows.

If you use two pencils for eyebrow makeup, then you should have one pencil to match the color of them, and the second should be a little lighter in shade.

Do not chase the fashion. Yes, she suggests the color of the eyebrows and their shape. However, first of all you need to make them beautiful, reflecting the natural beauty of the face.

What if the eyebrows are gray?

How to choose a good eyebrow pencil, if the eyebrows are gray?

The best option for gray hair is a pencil with a gray-brown or gray shade. With the help of this color it will be possible to achieve naturalness when tinting and correction.

If the head is gray and gray, then eyebrows of a gray shade will look more advantageous. If you are dyeing your hair, then choose a pencil based on the new color.

Blonde and redhead ladies: what color to choose a pencil?

How to choose the color of the pencil for eyebrows, if the hair is red or blond? Ladies with this hair color should choose a slightly darker shade of the pencil than that of the hair. Among the wide palette, shades are always in the middle.

Blondes: what color pencil to choose?

How to choose the color of the eyebrow pencil if you are blonde? It's simple! Blonde does not need dark eyebrows. Their color should be only a few shades lighter than their own hair. For ash curls fit gray cold color. For a golden-red blonde, a real find is a warm pencil. Light is perfect colorless brows.

For brunettes

How to choose a brow pencil for a brunette? It is better for these ladies to choose a lighter option than the color of their hair. Remember that black pencil does not suit girls with such color of curls at all. Of course, there are exceptions, but their units are very few. Girls with chocolate-colored hair will appreciate a dark brown pencil. Light-skinned brunettes with cold hair fit a pencil with a dark gray shade. The black version is only suitable for dark women with black curls.

How to determine whether you picked the eyebrow pencil correctly?

Remember that the correctness of the choice of a pencil should be checked in natural daylight. This is the only way to determine if the chosen shade fits your look. Only in daylight natural light will it be possible to distinguish all the tones and shades used in the makeup. If the applied color refused to be too bright, then comb the tinted eyebrows: this will make them paler.

How to draw perfect, beautiful eyebrows: step by step instructions. Photos in stages

Having decided on the shape of the eyebrows, you should carefully get rid of excess hair with tweezers, tweezers or a blade, and you can proceed to the sacred action. Today a lot of eyebrow shaping tools - gels, eye shadows, mascara. However, for beginners the best option is a pencil.

The main advantage of pencils over other tools is convenience and practicality:

  • The ability to apply the line of any thickness.
  • Ability to adjust color intensity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mobility.

Eyebrow pencils are of two types - twisting and sharpening. Each of them has its advantages. For example, a mechanical pencil can be extended as it is used and, with proper skill, it will be possible to tint the edges everywhere.

However, such a pencil quickly ceases to be as sharp as after purchase. Therefore, the usual pencil is used more often - longer service life, the ability to achieve perfect sharpness of the tip.

How to paint eyebrows with a pencil through a stencil

In order to correctly make eyebrows with a pencil in the first place it is important to brush them properly. To do this, you can use a special comb for eyebrows or use a clean brush from the finished carcass. Combing hairs should be in the direction of their growth, giving the desired shape.

To facilitate the task, you can slightly moisten the brush or apply light cosmetic oil to it. In this case, it will be easier to shape the eyebrows. Often at such a moment it turns out that a pair of treacherous hairs still escaped attention and will have to be pulled out. After eyebrows are laid should begin prokrasku.

Two types of eyebrow modeling are most commonly used:

  1. Правильно будет назвать этот метод «накрасить брови» — карандашом на волоски наносится пигмент, выглядит как при окрашивании бровей,
  2. Прокраска пустот между волосками, позволяющая создать натуральный эффект наполненности.

Первый вариант подходит только для густых бровей, так им придается насыщенный цвет и корректируется форма. Обладательницам редкой растительности следует прибегать ко второму методу – аккуратные линии создадут иллюзию роскошных «соболиных» бровей. Чаще всего используются оба метода одновременно, что позволяет создать идеальную форму.

In order for the edges to look natural and well maintained, it is necessary to draw thin long (approximately equal in length to the hairs) lines. This is especially true of the area near the nose and in the temporal part.

This way you can lengthen and widen the brow. In the middle it is better to subtly sharpen with a sharp hard pencil in order to achieve the effect of natural density. It can also be used for thicker lines with a lighter pencil - this will create the appearance of lightness.

Once the eyebrows have acquired the desired shape, you can fix them with a gel-fixer or use the usual styling varnish. When using hairspray, it is necessary to apply it to the eyebrow brush and gently hold it through the hairs without pressing too much. This makeup will last an average of 6 hours without additional embellishment.

To make the look more open, you can apply a light concealer above and below the eyebrows - your eyes will appear larger and more expressive, even with everyday makeup.

How to accurately, smoothly draw (underline) eyebrows with a pencil

Perfect eyebrows fail far from the first time. To do this, it is necessary to "fill the hand." However, there are some simple rules that make this procedure easier.

First of all it is important to get the right pencil.. This is the main tool of labor, not counting, of course, eyebrow brushes and tweezers. The pencil should be properly rigid - it does not melt when it comes into contact with the skin, leaving sloppy wide strips and at the same time not scratching the delicate skin.

That is why it is not recommended to use eye pencils - they are too soft. When using a sharpened pencil, it is important to sharpen it in time. For this, a good sharpener comes in handy, which will sharpen the pencil evenly, leaving no wood chipping.

In order to evenly emphasize the eyebrows should not immediately completely tinted them. Enough to hold a pencil a few thin lines. Perhaps this will be enough to start.

If the eyebrows are still too rare or short work will be more serious. It should be filled with a pencil shading lines the largest voids, imitating hairs. Short eyebrows can be extended with thin long lines. The eyebrows let down thus will look accurately and well-groomed.

How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil - the optimal shades

Speaking about how to paint eyebrows correctly with a pencil, you should not forget about the choice of color means. Even brunettes can rarely boast with blue-black eyebrows.

In addition to hair color, it is important to focus on the shade of the skin, which often plays a crucial role. By choosing the optimal shade of the pencil, you can make the face more fresh and radiant. For each color type there are certain nuances of choice.

How to choose a brow pencil for brunettes

Light-skinned brunettes most often don’t have black pencils. Optimal, according to experts, are dark brown and gray shades. For example, Light-eyed brunette with “porcelain” skin and pale pink blush often choose a dark gray pencil.

For the owner of the resinous curls and yellowish skin is more suitable brown pencil. For burning brunettes with dark skin, dark eyes and crimson lips, a black pencil can be used.

How to choose a pencil for eyebrows for dark blond hair

The owners of dark blond hair is better to use pencils of brown shades. Depending on the hair color, choose how dark the pencil color will be.

Terracotta shades are suitable for ginger girls with warm skin color. And for the cold blond is better to choose a calm brown pencil. You should also pay attention to the color type - the warmer the skin color, the warmer the eyebrow pencil should be.

How to choose the color of the eyebrow pencil for blondes: the best shade for blondes

Girls with blond curls effectively emphasize their femininity with light brown or gray pencils.

Blondes with golden skin and brown eyes can also use a brown eyebrow pencil. And if the skin is more likely to be peach, and the eyes are blue a gray tint would be preferable.

What eyebrow pencil is better to buy

When buying a pencil should be guided by a considerable number of characteristics:

  • Hardness.
  • Type (mechanical or conventional).
  • Ease of use.
  • Persistence
  • Rod thickness
  • Colour.

Modern industry offers a few more points that will allow any girl to buy the perfect pencil. You can choose from three categories: waterproof, wax and powder pencils.

Eyebrow wax pencil

Wax pencil is useful for owners of hard hair. Such a tool smoothes out naughty hairs as naturally as possible and allows you to create an ideal shape even if they are short. When using wax means there is no need to fix eyebrows after make-up. Often wax pencils are also waterproof.

Powder eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil - the best option for cool weather. This tool is suitable for any skin type, including oily. Powder pencil looks the most natural. Its advantages include easy application and maximum staining.

For evening make-up you can moisturize it a little and then the shade will be more intense. With incorrect use of a pencil, its service life is small. Eyebrows should be painted as carefully as possible - the stylus is not very resistant to damage. Also to the disadvantages of the product can be attributed to its instability: after a few hours the makeup will need to be corrected.

Choosing eyebrow pencil, it is important to focus not only on the price, manufacturer, type and color of the pencil. Buy a pencil only in daytime color, be sure to use a tester to see how natural the pencil will look on your skin, and then the result will delight you and others.

Video tutorials: How to learn to paint eyebrows

How not to draw eyebrows, and how to make them right:

Eyebrow Makeup. Eyebrow correction with cosmetics:

Eyebrow Pencil Types

There are a lot of products suitable for coloring. According to certain characteristics, they can be divided into several groups. What are the pencils for drawing and coloring eyebrows:

  1. Ordinary cosmetic. This requires constant sharpening to make it sharp.
  2. Mechanical. The stylus does not sharpen, but gradually extends.
  3. Powdery. With a soft core. Very persistent and well pigmented. A great choice for girls with oily skin.
  4. Wax. Well puts naughty hairs. As a rule, such tools make translucent strokes and with them you need to use additional cosmetics.
  5. Water resistant. Contains silicones, wax and oils, preventing the effects of moisture and UV rays.
  6. Pencil stick. With a wide applicator.
  7. Liquid. Quickly applied, but may leak.
  8. Gel pencil Moisturizes, gives shine.
  9. Pencil pen. Clear, rich, simplifies applying makeup.
  10. Paint pencil. Persistent, the result can hold more than a day.
  11. Bilateral. From the second side there can be a second color or highlighter.

Color palette

Manufacturers produce pencils of different colors, so the choice to make it will not be difficult for any girl. Most popular colors:

  • brown,
  • the black,
  • white,
  • black brown
  • with a red shade
  • taupe,
  • Blonde
  • dark brown,
  • light gray
  • golden,
  • ashen,
  • gray tint
  • beige,
  • dark grey.

Best eyebrow pencils

Modern manufacturers offer a huge amount of products. Each cosmetic brand has one or even several pencils to add color to the eyebrows. You can easily find the product that best suits your needs, at the right price. Check out the best means to date.


If you do not like to experiment and try new things, consider such cosmetics. Using the following tool is very convenient:

  • Model Name: Yves Rosher Couleurs Nature,
  • cost: 380 rubles,
  • Characteristics: medium soft, there are shades of Dark Brunette, Brunette, Brown, Ashen, Blond, Ultra Blond.
  • Pros: keeps well,
  • Cons: quickly consumed.

The next product also proved itself from the best side, has a lot of fans and is devoid of flaws. Here is its description:

  • Name: Pupa Eyebrow Pencil,
  • price: 420 p.,
  • parameters: presented in three shades, there is a convenient brush for combing hairs,
  • Pros: easy to apply, shade,
  • cons: not cheap cost.

L'Oreal cosmetics are very popular and the next pencil is no exception. It is expensive, but very high quality:

  • Model Name: Loreal Brow Artist Designer,
  • price: 420 rub.,
  • characteristics: two shades, there is a brush,
  • advantages: provides a lasting maximum natural result, well removed,
  • cons: non-resistant.

The following powder product is more affordable. In quality, it is not inferior to the previous:

  • Name: Eva Mosaic Ideal Brow,
  • cost: 220 p.,
  • characteristics: presented in three shades, with a brush, highly pigmented, matte,
  • Pros: draws lines well and blends, looks natural,
  • disadvantages: small volume.

Not all suits classic cosmetics. Those who wish something more modern will like this option:

  • Name: All Day Proof Wood Eyebrow,
  • price: 230 p.,
  • properties: waxy, contains zinc and iron oxides, castor oil,
  • Advantages: easy to apply, distribute, resistant,
  • cons: few shades.

Another wax pencil that will provide you with a stable and well-recorded result. Check out its main features:

  • Model name: Sothys Eyebrow Pencil,
  • price: 785 rubles,
  • characteristics: resistant, with high content of wax,
  • pluses: long holds, does not crumble,
  • Cons: hard to wash off.

There are many representatives in this category. Below is one of them:

  • Name: Bronx Colors Eyebrow Pencil,
  • cost: 320 p.,
  • Characteristics: 4 shades, applied to dry and wet skin,
  • Benefits: Fills eyebrow well, resistant.
  • cons: crumbles.

Korean cosmetics are very popular now. Check out the product that is produced in this country:

  • Model name: Saemmul Wood Eyebrow,
  • price: 190 rubles,
  • Properties: 2 shades, with a brush,
  • Pros: lays well on the skin, keeps for a long time, contains natural ingredients and pigments.
  • cons: few flowers.

Many girls are much more convenient to use cosmetics in this form of release. One of the samples:

  • Name: Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon,
  • cost: 380 p.,
  • characteristics: with the lead extension mechanism, wax texture,
  • pluses: lays down in the equal color, paints over emptiness,
  • shortcomings: fat lines are obtained.

The following mechanical pencil is expensive, but it is very high quality, so it deserves attention. Brief information about him:

  • Name: MAC Big Brow Pencil,
  • price: 1680 rubles,
  • properties: combines powder and wax texture, gives a translucent coating,
  • Pluses: wide palette, natural effect,
  • Cons: for a good shading need several layers.

The next option will appeal to those girls who have naughty hairs. It reliably fixes them in one direction:

  • Name: Revlon Colorsta Fantasy Pencil & Gel,
  • cost: 655 p.,
  • characteristics: 3 shades, there is a fixing toned gel,
  • Pros: the stylus is well pigmented, creates a clearly defined eyebrow line,
  • cons: small volume, fragile packaging.

Another similar product for owners of naughty hairs. It can be applied in several layers:

  • Name: Australis Tag Team Browser Gel Brown,
  • price: 540 rubles,
  • Characteristics: three shades, complete gel fixation,
  • advantages: delicate texture, well shaded, deep colors,
  • Cons: spreads.

Products of this group are intended to give super-expressive arcs more expressiveness. The following combines two light shades at once:

  • Name: Pupa Matt & Shine,
  • price: 420 p.,
  • properties: one shade is matte, the second is mother-of-pearl,
  • pluses: nice texture,
  • cons: hard to pick color.

The next option is presented in one shade. It will help make the eyebrow contour more clear:

  • Name: Divage Eyebrow Highliter,
  • cost: 260 p.,
  • characteristics: solid, with small shimmering particles,
  • Pros: quality, adapts to the skin color,
  • disadvantages: ends quickly.

Many girls are most comfortable to use cosmetic products of this form of release. Here is a description of one of them:

  • Name: Misslyn Liquid Eyebrow Pencil,
  • price: 490 rub.,
  • properties: liquid texture, two shades,
  • Advantages: moisture resistant, not smeared, easy to apply,
  • cons: ends quickly.

Another product for eyebrows, which is in a liquid state and is popular. Short description:

  • Model name: MAC Penultimate Brow Marker,
  • price: 1680 p.,
  • characteristics: liquid eyeliner with a pointed tip, quick-drying formula,
  • advantages: hypoallergenic, durability,
  • Cons: not all suitable for the method of application.

Products in this category is not so much. Here is one of the options, reviews of which are very good:

  • Name: Loreal Brow Artist Maker,
  • price: 485 p.,
  • characteristics: dense texture, kabuki brush at the end to give the hair a ruffled effect,
  • Pros: easy to apply, natural shades, resistant,
  • Cons: not suitable for owners of too thin eyebrows.

Another good option is presented below. It is twice as expensive as the previous one, but very high quality:

  • Name: Nouba Brow Powder,
  • price: 1040 rubles,
  • properties: powder texture, latex applicator,
  • Advantages: resistant, convenient to apply, does not roll,
  • cons: dear.

The product of this form of release is ideal for correct correction, drawing fine hairs that will merge with natural. Short description:

  • Model name: Beautydrugs Brow Liner,
  • cost: 1500 p.,
  • characteristics: pen in two shades, contains hyaluronic acid,
  • Pluses: resistant, performs fine rendering,
  • cons: small volume.

A similar product, the cost of which is significantly lower than the previous one. Such a marker may well replace a girl with a tattoo:

  • Name: Relouis Brow Permanent Marker,
  • price: 250 p.,
  • properties: a felt-tip pen that performs drawing with the effect of a tattoo, contains natural components in the composition,
  • pluses: subtle touches,
  • disadvantages: not too resistant.


In such products, the coloring pencil at one end, at the other - the highlighter. Here is an example:

  • Name: Bourjois Browduo Sculpt,
  • price: 455 rubles,
  • properties: three shades, there is a highlighter to make your eyes expressive,
  • advantages: resistant, convenient to apply,
  • cons: too soft.

The following product is similar to the previous one. It is very popular:

  • Model Name: Pupa Matt & Shine,
  • price: 550 p.,
  • Characteristics: contains pearl particles, silky texture,
  • Pluses: effect of shine and easy shading, well applied,
  • cons: soft.

With a brush

It is very convenient to use a product that is equipped with bristles for feathering. It helps to achieve a natural result:

  • Model Name: Nouba Eyebrow Pencil,
  • cost: 700 p.,
  • characteristics: dense wax texture, with a brush,
  • Pros: easy to apply, creates a clear outline, visually increases the thickness,
  • disadvantages: quickly washed off.

Another excellent and budget option with a brush for drawing eyebrows. Like so many girls:

  • Name: Catrice Eye Brow Stylist,
  • price: 190 p.,
  • properties: powdery texture, 2 colors, professional brush,
  • Pros: good colors, natural colors, easy to shade,
  • Cons: in the heat can flow.

The advantage of such models is that they do not need to be eroded. For example, this option:

  • Model name: Cosmetic Art,
  • price: 110 rubles,
  • properties: self-sharpened, threaded, 5 tones, solid slate,
  • pluses: long held
  • cons: leaves uneven strokes.

If you do not know which pencil is better, consider the next option. He absolutely does not need sharpening:

  • Model name: Irisk Professional Brow Pencil,
  • cost: 280 p.,
  • characteristics: soft slate pencil, there is a thread for removing excess chips,
  • Pros: well conceals and draws, long held,
  • cons: ends quickly.

How to pick up?

In order for the pencil to draw well and it was possible for them to apply uniform thin strokes, it must be well sharpened and be fairly solid. Some women prefer soft pencils to even tint their hairs during the correction.

But it is necessary to take into account that the use of eyebrow pencil, thus, can lead to too dark eyebrows, which will have an unnatural and too catchy look.

Pencils are ordinary cosmetic, as well as mechanical. The first require constant sharpening, the second - mechanically unscrewed from the base.

How to use a pencil, you must choose individually, as the ease of use depends on the tastes of the person.

But the fact remains that mechanical pencils are never sharp enough, which does not allow drawing thin stripes, like a classic sharp pencil.

In order to quickly and simply sharpen an ordinary pencil, it is enough to put it in a freezer for a couple of minutes so that it hardens well, and then immediately sharpen it.

In order to select a high-quality “tool for eyebrows”, it is necessary to pay attention to the texture of its stylus, it must be dry and dense, as a soft pencil can leave rough marks on the eyebrows, and at high temperatures it can flow.

In general, the stylus deserves special attention, it should not have different inclusions, the color should be even. For daily use it is better to choose pencils that have a matte shade. But those that contain ground mica and shimmer in their composition add sparkling shine to eyebrows, of course, it is better to use them for evening or festive makeup.

How to choose a color?

A good eyebrow pencil is a pencil that primarily suits you in color. To do this, you need to take into account the color of the hair, as well as the color of the skin of the face, eyebrows should not be strongly evident.

Classic black eyebrow pencil is suitable only for girls who have very dark hair and the same eyes. But even in their case, especially if the skin of the face is pale, a black pencil will not always be appropriate, as it will create a very bright and eye-catching makeup.

Another type is a dark brown pencil, it is perfect for girls with light brown, brown and red hair. But if you have a very bright hair color, it is better to resort to a beige or ash-brown eyebrow pencil.

Well, girls with fiery red hair will suit a red-brown pencil that will perfectly match their hair color. The main thing is always follow the rule of naturalness, otherwise your makeup will look completely unnatural, aggressive.

How to paint?

Before you start tinting eyebrows with a pencil, it is necessary to evaluate their shape. If you have already plucked eyebrows, they have the correct form, then we omit this stage. But, most likely, you didn’t resort to such a procedure, therefore we will explain several rules for creating the correct eyebrow shape.

Correct "geometry"

  • Eyebrows need to pull out, starting from the nose, in this place they are removed completely.
  • All the hairs sticking out in different directions are plucked out, because of them the eyebrows look untidy.
  • The bridge at the nose should be wide enough, and the next part is narrowed to the very end, while do not forget to focus on the brow arc.
  • The edge of the eyebrow at the nose should coincide with the wing of the nose, to accurately determine the lines, you can use a ruler.
  • The upper bend of the eyebrow is determined by the point through which the line passes, intersecting two points - the corner of the lips and the middle of the pupil.
  • The distance between the eyebrows also has its limits - presumably two fingers wide.

So how to draw?

There is a special technique that makes makeup as close to natural as possible. For it, usually two pencils of similar color are used. The part of the eyebrow, which is closer to the nose, is painted with a darker shade, in the middle of the eyebrow they use both pencils, creating a smooth transition.

Finish eyebrow pencil light shade. Be sure to follow the smooth color transition, alternately drawing a few touches with both tones.

Not particularly thick eyebrows need to be brushed with a special brush, putting the hairs down, thus achieving a good shading of pencil strips.

This simple technique allows you to give the stripes almost imperceptible view, as they merge with the hairs. Do not forget that the strips are applied parallel to the growth of your eyebrows, that is, along with the growth of hairs.

There is an interesting point in giving the correct shape to the eyebrows, the eyes seem larger if the eyebrows are located farther from the eyes. The thinner the eyebrow, the smaller the eyes will appear.

However, this does not mean that too wide eyebrows are able to create wide and large eyes. In any subtlety of makeup, you must adhere to the "golden mean", then you will not look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Numerous reviews of girls who have already tried eyebrow pencil on themselves say that it is necessary to be very careful when choosing this tool. If you choose a poor-quality copy, then you can really hurt yourself and stop using eyebrow pencils at all, so you need to carefully follow all the recommendations that we indicated for you earlier.

Of course, the indisputable drawback is the fact that you have to dye your eyebrows daily, and this is not an easy task, especially considering that your eyebrows should be the same. However, a little patience and skill, and it will no longer seem to you that it is too long to make up your eyebrows with a pencil.