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Top 10 Kiss Facts


Kisses are justly considered a manifestation of tender feelings, they express passion and love. But in fact, they, as scientists have found out, mean much more to us than simply pressing the lips of two people. Passionate (and even not very) kissing is very good for health. Other medical facts are staggering. Here is a list of some physiological effects and effects caused by kisses.

1. Increase immunity

Published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, research results state that kisses can significantly increase the body resistance of women, in particular, they become less vulnerable to a virus known as cytomegalovirus. This name is not familiar to the general reader and means a dangerous disease that causes birth defects and blindness in babies if you become infected during pregnancy. In addition, after kissing, many minor diseases of the oral cavity naturally pass, which also indicates a strengthening of the immune system.

3. Relax

Stress is considered a great disaster of modern society. Tight work schedule, parenting, home care and many other things do not allow to relax. Some people even buy pills at pharmacies to calm down and fall asleep. But there is a wonderful way of relaxation, completely free and completely natural. Which one That's right, kiss. Doctors believe that the production of endorphins and dopamine will immediately increase, and it is these substances that are responsible for the feeling of happiness and peace.

4. Develop facial muscles.

People concerned about their figure, bodybuilding, focusing on the biceps, triceps, and the like muscles, forgetting that the muscles are in the face. With age, if it is not developed, it becomes weaker, the cheeks sag, the chin splits, and other unpleasant changes occur. Physiognomy requires training, and here is one of the ways to do it, and the most enjoyable one is kissing. Kisses strain 30 different facial muscles, giving them the desired tone.

5. Prevent caries

Another miraculous property of kisses is prevention of caries, but only if language is involved in them. More saliva is secreted; it washes away bacteria in the mouth, in particular, those that cause tooth damage and plaque.

7. Improve the heart

Cases of the heart often excite people not only in a romantic, but also in a medical aspect. A good passionate kiss can impress a man in love so much that his cholesterol level will decrease at once and his blood pressure normalizes. This is mainly due to the fact that kissing reduces stress (point 3) and improves mood.

8. Anesthetize your back

After a work day, many people experience back pain. Instead of painkillers it is best to take kisses. Endorphins, produced in this way in the body, are much more effective than morphine and at the same time completely safe and harmless.

9. Prolong life

Some studies conducted among married men have shown that if they kiss their beloved woman every day, they can live five years longer. This should be done every morning before leaving for work. Unfortunately, scientists have not studied what the effect was for the women being kissed. In any case, the feeling that they contribute to the longevity of their spouses should bring them satisfaction. In addition, there is time after work ...

10. Relieve headaches and cramps during menstruation.

During the menstrual cycle, women often experience cramps and headaches. These days, called tactfully "difficult," they tend to want to curl up and lie down, waiting for relief. There is a much more pleasant way out. Kissing promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which naturally reduces headache.

9. In the movie began to kiss in 1896

Filmed in 1896, the 30-second black-and-white film by Thomas Edison was called “Kiss”.

Therefore, to say that modern films have become more outspoken, it is not necessary! By the way, the longest on-screen kiss lasts more than 3 minutes.

7. Kiss - a nice thing, but unhygienic

In the process of kissing, we exchange an average of 278 different bacteria. Fortunately, according to scientists, 95% of them are safe for health. And so that the remaining 5% did not affect our well-being, we continue to kiss - after all, this process boosts immunity.

3. Not everyone closes their eyes during the procedure.

About 66% of men and women in the kissing process close their eyes. But the remaining third of the kissing people like to watch the face of the partner in the process. By the way, when kissing, 65% of people tilt their heads just to the right.

1. Kisses help to lose weight

The most innocent "smack" burns about 5 calories. But a passionate kiss will help get rid of 30 calories at a time. This is much more effective than, for example, brisk walking, which consumes 4-5 calories per minute.

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Nice and helpful

It turns out that one of the most frequent questions that the Google search system “hears” every day is “how to kiss properly”. We can not disagree - the question is important and relevant. But we know a lot more about it. As proof, we provide 10 of interesting facts.

  • Kisses appeared not so long ago. Only 3,500 years ago. The first mentions of such a variant of closeness between a man and a woman in written sources are dated at that time. According to them, the Indians first began to do this. But in many other cultures, kisses were not held in high esteem, they were perceived as an absolutely unnecessary and incomprehensible action.

As for erotic kisses, they were first mentioned and depicted in the well-known Kama Sutra.

  • 10 seconds = 80 million bacteria. Just 10 seconds of amenities, and in your mouth will settle a huge number of "alien" bacteria. Scientists have shown that couples who kiss constantly and live together, the microflora of the oral cavity is almost identical. And this means that the probability of “bringing” and infecting a partner with some kind of bacterium is not that great.
  • Head to the right! That is how it tilts 2/3 of all people. But this habit is laid still in utero. Therefore, even at a subconscious level, each of us is ready to have a pleasant process at a suitable age.
  • Minus calories. The shortest kiss or, as it is called "smack" is able to save you from 5 calories. But the passionate "French" will help to spend as much as 26 kcal. This fact is captivating many, maybe come down instead of a diet.

By the way, the French themselves recognized the term "French kiss" only in 2013, although it has been used since the Second World War.

  • Benefits for the heart. Everyone knows about the pleasant side of kisses, but there is no health benefit. When a man and a woman touch their lips, their heartbeat quickens. On average, up to 100-110 beats per minute. And the number of breaths is tripled. This has a positive effect on blood flow and improves oxygen supply to the tissues. No wonder they say that lovers always look very fresh and young.
  • Get well soon! It turns out that patients who are regularly kissed by their relatives and friends recover much faster. And all because even a light kiss on the cheek leads to the release of endorphins.
  • Not only people. It is interesting that not only people can kiss and kiss. Chimpanzees do it in almost the same way as we do, and besides them, dogs, horses and porcupines indulge in such a pleasant process.
  • 2 weeks. That is how much a person spends all his life on one of the most pleasant forms of intimacy. Although it seems to us that this figure should be much higher.
  • The whole science. To understand all the psychological and physiological aspects of kissing, there is a science called phylematology. Pleasant work, agree.
  • 10. Is it early or not? According to statistics, in 50% of cases, the first kiss occurs before the age of 14 years. Surely, many remembered themselves. Timid, short, but so memorable.

Kisses can even prolong life. Is this not the best reason to indulge in this pleasant activity as often as possible?