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Beauty recipes and little secrets of youth


A modern woman needs, on the strength of 10 minutes, to brew her first cup of coffee, pick up a bag for her shoes (or shoes for a business suit) and do her morning makeup before going to work. We used to do everything quickly. At the same time, it is encouraging that over the years, the speed of actions in no way diminishes their effectiveness. Let's try to add another 33 fast and effective recipes of beauty to our busy life schedule.

Beauty face

1. Castor oil around the eyes softens and smoothes the skin.
2. A mixture of castor oil with rum also has a beneficial effect on eyelashes and eyebrows.
3. Honey will help fight wrinkles.
4. If you have dry skin, apply a mask of fresh sea buckthorn juice on it - at the rate of 1.5 tablespoons for one portion of the mask.
5. Another miracle cure for dry skin is the infusion of elderberry flowers (tones, softens and whitens the skin).
6. Jojoba oil diluted with water serves as an excellent moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin.
7. A problematic person prone to acne, will help the essential oils of tea tree and lavender.
8. When dealing with acne, a mask of honey and grated apple also helps.
9. To improve the complexion, apply a mask of a mixture of salt and honey.
10. Tea on mineral water with a piece of sugar suitable for morning and evening face wiping (any type of skin).
11. If you want to make a deep skin cleaning, apply a mask of lemon juice and whipped egg yolk on your face.
12. Another mask for cleaning the skin - a mixture of dry oatmeal with water and natural yogurt.
13. Surprisingly, instead of powder you can use such a natural remedy as starch (the main thing is not to overdo it with the amount).
14. Regular consumption of mint tea will give your skin a fresh and healthy tone.
15. Make yourself a face massage with silver spoons - to do this, immerse the spoons in herbal teas with different temperatures and slap the face on special massage lines.
16. If you dilute fresh Kalanchoe juice with water and make lotions, it will help with allergies.

Beauty hair

1. Infusion of burdock helps with hair loss.
2. Another effective remedy for hair loss is jojoba oil.
3. If an hour before washing your hair, rub a mixture of rum and castor oil into the scalp (in equal parts), this will help reduce hair loss.
4. Strengthen hair with a mask of colorless henna with warm kefir.
5. Rubbing the hair of boiled up buckwheat also contributes to their strengthening.
6. If you insist a tablespoon of dry nettle at 200 grams. boiling water and rub the resulting infusion into the scalp after each hair wash, you can significantly strengthen them.
7. Mask from a tablespoon of vegetable oil and the whipped yolk of one egg will help thin hair.
8. A decoction of burdock, nettle and calamus roots (in equal parts) will make your hair silky.

Beauty hands

1. Freshly squeezed lemon juice fights dry hands and elbows.
2. Starch softens rough skin of hands.
3. Oily hair can be dried by rubbing tea (black) tea into the scalp in a day.
4. If you want to dye your hair mahogany, add 4 spoons of cocoa to your henna package.
5. A mixture of vegetable oil and vinegar (in equal parts) softens the skin of the hand.
6. If you have darkened nails, drink half an hour before meals one tablespoon of cucumber pickle.
7. Spread your hands before bedtime with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil (in equal parts) to make the skin softer.

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Olive oil

The ancients called this product "golden." This is not surprising: in terms of color and useful properties, it is worthy of such an honorary title. It is based on olive oil, there are many creams and shampoos designed to soften and strengthen the skin and hair.

Honey masks

Honey for smooth skin and against cellulite has also been loved by many ladies. Anti-cellulite massage with it can be done by everyone: it is enough to apply honey to the problem area and, pressing the palm / part of the hand, pull it back. Cellulite is afraid of such treatment as fire, and honey will contribute to the beauty and softness of the skin.

Egg masks

Egg masks for hair were and remain megapopular. Recipes vary, but everyone who has tried such masks remains enthusiastic: hair is guaranteed strength and brilliance.

She, by the way, is good not only in borscht! The hostesses know: it is worth washing the container out of sour cream, like the handles the next day - velvety and tender. If you have a little sour cream, feel free to use it in the fight for beauty.

Lemon juice

Lightening hair with lemon juice and the sun: yes, the young ladies wanted not only red, chestnut and dark hair. Blondes periodically came into vogue, and then lemon juice was used. It was applied to the hair, and then long sunbathing was recommended. This is how the now popular Australian blond was achieved.

An indispensable assistant for every lady. Clay masks and wraps have always been popular due to their effectiveness and simplicity. Gorgeous skin, strong hair, the smoothness of problem areas that have forgotten what cellulite is - clay worked wonders at all times. And if you wish, you can collect a rainbow: there are many multicolored cosmetic clays in the world.