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Bronzer - what is it? Tips for applying bronzer (photo)


In the summer you want to be tanned and shine. But if you are far from “chocolate”, and the skin condition is not ideal, then this is no reason to be upset. Just choose the best bronzer. And to make it easier to determine, study the top 10 of these tools.

How to make a choice?

First you need to figure out how to choose the perfect bronzer? To do this, consider a few important points:

  • Natural skin color. The lighter it is, the more light the bronzer must be, since dark colors will look unnatural and ridiculous. In general, it is advisable to choose a bronzer one or maximum two tones darker than natural.
  • Purpose. What do you want to achieve: to emphasize an existing tan, to give a light or pale skin a darker shade or to hide the flaws?
  • Determine in which cases you will apply bronzer: daily as an everyday makeup, before parties or trips to the beach.
  • Skin type If you have oily skin, then select a matte shade with a matting effect. If the type is dry, give preference to a light cream bronzer with a moisturizing effect.
  • Release form. Most often on sale there are cream and powder bronzers. But the latter option is better, since it ideally lays down and creates an even tone. The cream can be smeared and spread, especially in the sun. And it's not easy to apply.
  • Matte or mother of pearl and radiant? Matte tones are universal and suitable for everyday makeup. But shine is sometimes appropriate and allows you to mask defects.

Best funds rating

  1. If you are looking for the best face bronzer, then be sure to pay attention to “Smashbox Halo Warm Lights Neutral Matte Bronze”. This is a great choice for those who appreciate naturalness. This bronzer is very delicate, it allows you to achieve the effect of a weightless, light and natural tan, which will look harmonious not only in summer, but all year round. And it provides a unique mineral complex "Photoset". Resistance lasts up to eight hours, the tool does not lubricate and does not spread. In addition, the bronzer is universal and will help shade the skin of any type and color. It is recommended to apply on the temples, cheekbones, along the line of the chin and jaw, along the nose and other areas that you want to highlight. And be sure that the tan will definitely look natural.
  2. The Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder is the perfect and versatile summer option. Powder is a unique combination of combined shades, allowing you to experiment and achieve the perfect tone. The structure is mosaic, which makes the powder suitable absolutely for any skin and for all types of appearance. And golden particles give an interesting subtle radiance and freshness. The texture is incredibly light, the application is perfect, the skin is literally enveloped in the lightest mantle. In addition, this tool has matting properties, and also protects the skin from negative influences.
  3. "Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in Sunse". If you prefer luxury cosmetics, be sure to pay attention to this tool. Powder shimmers and gives the skin a light glow, as well as a shade of even tan. The composition has mineral transparent prisms that adapt to the natural shade and lighting. As a result, the face always looks perfect. There are only four shades, and all of them are consonant: two light peach and two more saturated pink. And although the tool is not quite a bronzer, it creates a sunny image and is ideal for fair-skinned girls who are not suited for pronounced tan tan.
  4. “L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze Poudre Duo Soleil” is a bronzer powder containing copper and gold-plated mother-of-pearl particles that give the skin a subtle natural glow that emphasizes freshness and hides minor defects. The tool is presented in two shades, and they are perfectly combined and in harmony. The texture is very light and soft, since the composition has a finely dispersed structure, and this ensures a perfect distribution of the weightless layer. Makeup will remain persistent throughout the day. And the unique composition of this bronzer allows it to adapt to the natural shade of the skin and to achieve the perfect even color. Apply the product to the makeup base with a soft sponge or round brush. You should start with the center of the forehead, and then move to the chin along the cheekbones. Pay attention to your cheeks and nose.
  5. "Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder" is a fairly popular bronzer, produced in the form of powder, with a smooth, silky and delicate. The hue is matte, so the makeup will be as natural and non-intrusive as possible. With this light tan you will always look fresh and rested.
  6. "Benefit Hoola Bronzer". This tool will help give your skin a light tan or emphasize it if you have already managed to tan. The hue is matte, therefore it is considered universal and is suitable for everyone, regardless of color and skin type, as well as age. The texture is pleasant, it lays down the composition very easily. Use this tool and you will always look fresh and attractive.
  7. “Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder” is a relatively inexpensive bronzer. Powder is suitable for highlighting an existing tan, and for giving the skin a natural darker shade. The optical segments that make up the composition scatter the light, create a weightless glow and hide flaws, making the face fresh and young. The texture is silky, very thin, it provides perfect application. The composition is stable, that is, the makeup will be persistent. Powder is presented in two shades: amber and honey-gold.
  8. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder. The word “chocolate” in the name is not without reason, because cocoa powder is part of the product, which not only gives the skin an interesting shade, but also nourishes it, and also removes toxins. Matte shades suitable for all skin types. There are two of them: deep and light. With the help of this powder you can neutralize the redness appearing in the sun. As a bonus, a pleasant aroma of chocolate.
  9. NYX Matte Bronzer is a multifunctional product that can be applied to the face and body. It can be used as a bronzer, proofreader or rouge. The composition is characterized by fine grinding, so it lies perfectly evenly and evenly distributed, creating a weightless cover. But if you wish, you can make the layer more saturated, for example, if you want to hide the flaws.
  10. “SEPHORA COLLECTION Bronzer in Los Cabos” is an excellent tool that provides an even shade of light tan. But, unfortunately, it is not easy to get it.

  • Bronzer should be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck, otherwise you risk creating a mask effect and look ridiculous.
  • You should not strive for pronounced tanning. First, it can spoil the image and look unnatural, and secondly, light skin is in fashion.
  • It is important to apply bronzer correctly. To do this, you can use sponge, a wide soft brush, with which you apply blush, or bevelled, intended for contouring. Particular attention should be paid to the cheekbones, then the face will look as natural as possible. But if you want to achieve a pronounced tan, then apply the composition on the forehead, temples, chin and jaw line, as well as along the nose. But in any case, do not overdo it!

Pick the perfect bronzer and get a natural tan so everyone thinks that you have recently returned from vacation.

Why do I need a bronzer?

A well-groomed woman is by no means one that regularly maintains personal hygiene, uses masks for different parts of the body, makes beautiful styling and visits a nail salon. A well-groomed woman should have a glamorous gloss. To give the image an aesthetic completeness, modern multifunctional cosmetics are needed. So, face bronzers fit the category of multi-functional ones. With the help of these cosmetics, produced in the form of ordinary powder or foundation, you can give your face a radiant golden hue, and also hide noticeable flaws on your face. Correction of the shape of the face and giving the look of glamor shine - this is what beauties instantly fell in love with new cosmetics.

When should I use a bronzer?

If you already know what face bronzers are and think that you need to use them only in the warm season, when the natural sun rays caress your skin, you are deeply mistaken. In fact, it is possible to use the presented cosmetic with success even in the cold overcast season. Do not be afraid that the tool will contrast in color with the rest of the body, but just pick up a lighter shade. On the contrary, after a long and harsh winter, daily use of a bronzer will help to quickly give your face a healthy, radiant and flourishing look.

Important caution

You are not familiar with such a product as a bronzer, what is it, do not know? Then we want to give you one small warning. Going to the store, it is important not to get lost in all the richness of the range and choose exactly what you need. Some beauties inexperienced in this business confuse the presented remedy with bronzators, which are applied to the whole body to achieve a tan effect and last for several days. Bronzer (the photo of the product we provided in this publication) has no amino acids penetrating the upper layers of the skin and lasts as a regular makeup for several hours.

Product types

The most popular are bronzers, produced in the form of powder, as well as products with a creamy texture.

Crumbly remedy is best suited to owners of oily and combination skin, especially because of the ability to matt oily sheen. In addition, the tool, produced in the form of compact powder, does not require professional application skills.

The best bronzer for owners of dry skin is a product produced in the form of a liquid creamy texture. In the winter season, when the skin of many women is especially prone to dryness and flaking, the use of liquid textures seems more appropriate and effective. Presented tools are also available in the form of a stick, but without mastering the special skills of their application looks very problematic. Not to mention the bronzers, having in its composition reflective particles and glitters, which are ideal for publication, for example, at a festive party.

Effects of use of funds

Besides the fact that you can give your face a slightly tanned radiant look, you can achieve great results with the help of a bronzer. Thus, the tool helps to successfully mask freckles, wrinkles, the presence of a double chin, too long nose and high forehead. If the blush alone is not able to give the cheekbones the desired volume, then in this case it will come to the aid of a bronzer. Reviews of the tool indicate that with it you can easily adjust stretch marks, microcracks, as well as give the face a healthy and radiant look.

Choose the desired shade

Each cosmetic company produces a series of bronzers. And the choice, depending on the manufacturer, is entirely determined by the taste preferences of women. But when choosing the perfect color, we advise you to listen to our recommendations. In fact, the palette of shadows varies from the lightest to the darkest. First of all, be guided by your natural complexion and do not allow too much contrast. The same nuances relate to the choice of such a cosmetic as a bronzer for the body. Light-skinned women need to pay attention to natural shades, and owners of dark skin - chocolate and brick. In large stores, testers are always on the shelves with cosmetic products, and in case of doubt, every woman will be able to apply a layer of product on the outer side of her hands.

How to apply bronzer: practical advice

We begin to apply the product in small portions, if it is liquid, brush off the excess with a brush, if the composition is dry. Remember that an excess of funds on the face can play with the appearance of a cruel joke: it simply gives the appearance of unnaturalness. And in some cases, an excessive layer of bronzer on the face can visually age a woman. We do not need such effects, especially when the hand is not yet full under the perfect application. Therefore, let us firmly clarify the golden rule: minimum means and careful shading.

Professional advice: never apply the selected composition to the whole face at once, even if you are lucky enough to be the owner of a perfect oval without any shortcomings. In this case, focus on the most entering parts of the face. And if you want to model the perfect oval, get a three-color palette, where each of the shades (light, pink and bronze) should not be mixed. In this case, each color is superimposed exclusively on "its" area, creating the necessary glare on the face.

Sculpting technique

Not sure how to use a bronzer? Then master one of the most common techniques of applying this cosmetic. It is called sculpting and will help disguise all the obvious flaws that are present on your face.

  1. First, the tool is applied to both cheekbones, drawing a thin line in the form of a letter C. It is necessary to ensure that there is approximately the same amount of the used tool on both cheeks. You also need to ensure that the lower part of the line does not reach the border of the lips by 2 cm. The applied line on the cheekbones is immediately carefully shaded.
  2. We continue to apply the composition. Now emphasize the forehead and apply a small amount of product along the hairline.
  3. To give the nose the desired sophistication put thin strips on the sides and again carefully shade.

Neck and decollete

The face is not the only part of the body that is coated with bronzer. Customer reviews indicate a sharp contrast with the neck and décolleté area and imparting some disconnection to the image if the funds are not used in all open areas close to the face. We are used to the fact that the tonal cream does not need to be applied to the neck, and this number will not work with the bronzer. Apply to the neck very fine lines in the perpendicular direction from the chin. Again well shaded. In order to give harmony to the evening look, a bronzer is also applied to the neckline and shoulders.

What can emphasize the radiance of the face?

To underline the radiance of the skin, you must stock up with a highlighter. For the same purpose, pink powder or delicate blush in tone will fit. Apply pink highlights should be on the chin area, the middle of the forehead and the upper part of the cheekbones. Now you know how to apply bronzer, but if you are confronted with incomprehensible moments, then focus on our illustrations, hints.

How to apply the tool?

In fact, this tool is not picky for application. Therefore, for crumbly bronzers, use wide brushes of different sizes, use sponges for liquid creamy textures, and fingers for more thorough shading. Tip: mastering the technique of applying tools, rely on proven tools and methods, because the main thing is to learn how to perform smooth transitions with invisible boundaries from the applied line to your natural face tone.

Some recommendations

Choosing a liquid product that suits your natural skin tone, you should not ignore the application of the tonal framework. Now we know a lot about such a composition as bronzer. What it is, how to apply the tool, we have already figured out. And with confidence we can state the fact that we do not want to give the face a brown tint. Our goal is a beautiful shine. This goal can be achieved if you do not neglect the application of conventional foundation.

Bronzers, produced in a liquid consistency, may contain some pigment dyes, so direct contact with a clean face can cause unwanted irritation on the skin. This is another factor in favor of applying the composition exclusively on a basic base.


You may not immediately find the perfect bronzer. What is it when the tone on the face looks unnatural, orange or yellow? Such unnatural appearance only disfigures. Follow our tips and recommendations, do not be lazy to conduct tests of various manufacturers, do not save money on the tool, and you will definitely find your ideal composition.

The best bronzer: the main selection criteria

Photos from the site: spletnik.ru

Before you buy something, you should definitely determine your goals, it will help you better understand which product of the cosmetic industry is more suitable for you. The bronzer is absolutely not designed to add shine and radiance, so for this it is better to take a highlighter, but in order to hide the flaws of the dermis it is best to use concealer or correctors of various colors. Any, even the best bronzer for the face does not perform such functions, as it is intended for something else.

Косметическое средство, под названием бронзатор или бронзер, специально предназначено для того, чтобы придать коже слегка загорелый оттенок, помочь исправить форму скул, носа, подбородка или лба. Лучший бронзатор для лица должен быть минимально заметен и не выглядеть на лице, словно маска.

Формы выпуска бронзера могут быть различны, от компактного запеченого средства, до кремообразной и даже пастообразной текстуры в тюбиках. Чаще всего этот продукт является матовым, но может содержать и светоотражающие и даже люминесцентные частицы. What determines the choice and what criteria will have to analyze, figuring out how to choose the best bronzer for the face and body?

A huge role in choosing a bronzer will play the original type of your skin, as it is really important.

Photos from the site: hochu.ua

  • For oily skin, it is better to select matte products that do not have a shimmer or other sparkling particles, since you already have enough gloss and shine, if only you can cope with it. Therefore, it is optimal to take a matting bronzer in crumbly or compact form.
  • Excessively dry derma dictates more effort when choosing, as it needs constant care, hydration and nutrition. Therefore, it is better to take a bronzer cream or gel, and also make sure that it contains some substances that have a special effect. For example, you should pay attention to nutritional, caring and moisturizing products.
  • For combination skin, it is more difficult to choose decorative cosmetics than in all other cases. It may turn out that you need not one, but several types of bronzers that you will apply to different parts of the face and body. For example, impose a dry bronzer on the T-zone prone to excessive fat separation, and a moisturizing cream bronzer on the scaly cheekbones and forehead.

It does not hurt to also figure out how to choose the right tanning cream with a bronzer, which allows you to sunbathe freely, but do not wash off the makeup. Consider that everything will depend on the type of skin, as it may not produce melatonin correctly, and then, if you have any means on the dermis, it will not tan at all or the tan will lie in spots and stripes, which no one will like.

Skin tone

To choose the best bronzer for your face, it is necessary to choose the right shade, otherwise you can get a mask effect. The brighter your natural skin color, the brighter and choose the product, otherwise it will not look the best.

Photos from the site: Wmj.ru

  • The tool should be darker than the skin color, but no more than one, in extreme cases, two shades.
  • Before buying a bronzer, you should definitely try it on your own face, and consider it only in daylight. What you pick up in the store with electric lamps, most likely, on the street will not look so wonderful.
  • It is not advisable to try the color of the bronzer on the wrist, as the hands are usually darker, due to the constant presence under natural UV radiation. It is better to make a small smear with an agent on the neck behind the ear, then it becomes immediately clear whether it is suitable or not.
  • Please note that many bronzers after application give some effect of redhead, which is not all.

Having a cold and even somewhat bluish pale complexion, it is better to give preference to a cold, silver scale of bronzers. True, it will be difficult to choose something like this, but it is still possible to find a cold-toned bronzer. If nothing happens, and the image of the Snow Queen seems to be the most acceptable to you, it makes sense to abandon the funds altogether, preferring highlighters.

Purpose and purpose

It is important to understand for what purposes you need to purchase the tool and how to choose the right type of bronzer, according to your goals. It's very simple, if you decide to use it every day to seem more rested and tanned, it is better to take a matte crumbly version. Powder bronzers fall just perfect and give a uniform relief and a fresh tone.

Photos from the site: IDEALES.ru

If you decide to purchase a bronzer for evening exits to a club or restaurant, you can pay attention to the flickering and sparkling products. It should be borne in mind that if your skin has flaws and flaws, the bronzer can only emphasize them if you do not take any preliminary steps. That is, you must first use the proofreader, concealer and foundation, but only after that it is appropriate to walk a little bronzer.

Choosing the perfect bronzer: the best, budget and elite

Choosing the best bronzer for the face, each woman and girl sets their own priorities, and sometimes it can be a cost, and sometimes only quality. Naturally, preference should be given to branded and original cosmetics, and it is not at all necessary that their price will be in line with the short weekend at the sea, not at all. There are many budget options available for every girl.

1. Smashbox Halo Warm Lights Neutral Matte Bronze

Rated 10 out of 10

The American company Smashbox claims that if you want to look as if you spent the last months at the warm and gentle shores of the sea, then you need to purchase a compact professional bronzer, so as not to miscalculate. In fact, the tool is very high quality and good, it gives a light and unobtrusive effect, a kind of light tan tan. The bronzer also has useful properties due to the Vitset Mineral Complex Photoset, specially developed by scientists for this product.

Photos from the site: smashbox.com

Such a bronzer is suitable for skin of any type and color, and is applied with a regular powder puff, brush or sponge. It is ideal for matting the skin and does not contain a shimmer. True, only one, only shade is offered, and the price is quite impressive at 2,200–2,500 rubles, depending on the outlet where you are going to make a purchase.

2. Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder

Rating 9.9 out of 10

Perfect universal bronzer powder with a universal tanning effect Terracotta Light delights every customer who has already used it. In a compact box to find the baked substance of different shades, which gives just the widest possibilities for the flight of fancy. In the composition there are golden particles, sparkling in the sun or in electric light, because most of all this powder is suitable for evening makeup.

Photos from the site: windows.net

Mineral and vitamin supplements allow you to talk about the gentle care of the skin, and four options for a set of shades gives a wide choice, according to your own skin type and color. True, the price of such a powder box with bronzer is even higher than the previous one and reaches 3-3.5 thousand rubles, which is quite significant. This is really an elite cosmetics, anti-allergenic and universal.

3. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Rating 9.8 out of 10

In third place, quite expectedly, was a product from the American company Bobbi Brown, well-known in the world, but caught on our shelves not long ago. This bronzer is also produced in the form of a compact powder, which contains tiny golden particles, as well as natural pearl powder. As a result, you get the natural effect of a light tan, as well as gentle and delicate care.

Photos from the site: sephora.com

It is optimal to apply such a bronzer with a special brush, which is not included with the powder compact. There is one caveat - this product is so fragile that it is not recommended to carry it with you, especially if you live an active enough life, otherwise as a result you can get a full bag of flavored pigment that will be very difficult to clean. The price of powder-Bronzer is 2.1-2.3 thousand rubles.

4. Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder

Italian bronzer from Pupa can be attributed to the average price category, but the quality does not suffer from this. This tool is also produced in the form of a compact powder compact, and presented on the market in two different shades (honey and amber), so that each beauty will choose exactly what suits her most. Many people call this product the best bronze for the face, since it lays down evenly, creates the effect of a natural tan, it can be used on the face, as well as the neck and in the decollete area.

Photos from the site: parfum4u.by

No puff, no sponge, no brush complete with powder compact. In addition, ladies with excessively dry skin type complain that the powder dries it even more, as it has a slight matting effect. But its cost is already more accessible and amounts to 870-950 rubles.

5. Onyx Hot Action and Onyx Ice and Fire

Photos from the site: russia.ru

Rating 9.5 out of 10

All lovers of year-round natural tan say that it is very difficult for them to decide which cream for a tanning salon with bronzer is better, but most of them prefer this particular product from the distant United States. This amazing cream in itself gives the skin a slight tanning effect, and in combination with a tanning bed is simply irreplaceable. As part of the bronzer many moisturizers, caring, as well as nutrients that gently care about your dermis, protecting from excessively harmful UV radiation.

It is this remedy that can protect against redness, blemishes, irritation, itching and other things that often haunt lovers of tanning beds. You can even use it on pretty white girls. The cost of such a bronzer bottle will cost 1-1.3 thousand rubles, which is not so much.

6. NYX Matte Bronzer

Rating 9.3 out of 10

Another American company, called NYX, which is well known in the domestic market, also offers excellent bronzing powder, as it has been here for a long time. This is really one of the best budget bronzers designed to be applied not only on the face, but also on the body, for example, on the neck, shoulders, décolleté and so on. The manufacturer offers only three shades: Light, Medium and Deep Tan, but in them, you can "fit" any natural skin tone.

Photos from the website: makeupandbeautyblog.com

True, many girls believe that the stability of such a product is insufficient and it has to be updated once or twice a day, but this is not critical if you put the powder box with a bronzer in your handbag and take it with you. Moreover, the price of such a cosmetic is really low, only some 650-690 rubles, which can be called a really economical option.

When choosing the best bronzer for the face or even for the whole body, you should always pay attention to the special recommendations that are indicated on the package and follow the instructions for use. Prefer those options, which include mineral, vitamin supplements, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients for the skin. This will allow you not to worry about the health of your own derma, even if you are in the sun for a long time. It does not hurt and sensibly evaluate your own financial capabilities, because sometimes you can get a very high-quality cosmetic product, even for little money, and it will be almost the same as elite means.

Matte Bronzer, NYX Matte Bronzing Powder

Bronzer NYX love professional makeup artists: for the choice of five shades, dullness and durability. Means is easily shaded by a big fluffy brush, it is not showered and does not leave spots. I often use as a shadow (or a substrate under the shadow) and instead of blush. Hue 02 muted brown-gray color is suitable for contouring.

Sun Club Shimmer, Essence Bronzing Glitter Powder

Waves, shimmer-sand, the silhouette of a girl in a short dress - a bronzer at one glance already creates a summer mood! You open - and you smell the coconut (how not to fall in love?).

It is presented in two shades - for blondes and for brunettes, without red and without “dirty” effect. Apply thinly, does not clog up in wrinkles and does not roll. It is resistant, therefore it is better to remove the cleanser for waterproof makeup.

Four-colored powder with tanning effect 4SUN, Pupa

Powder from those budgetary funds that look very expensive: when buying, I first of all paid attention to the large powder-colored bronze frame framed by a tortoise frame.

Bronzer is available in two versions - with a pink and golden subtone. In the palette there are four noble shades that can be applied individually or mixed (depending on how you managed to tan). Lies a thin and silky veil. Thanks to SPF 15, protects the skin from aging.

Sunglow Baked Mineral Bronzer Powder, Catrice

If you want the delicate effect of the “kiss of the sun”, choose a baked bronzer. In Catrice, it is also mineral - ideal for hot weather. The finish turns out sateen, without obvious sparkles. But not too resistant - for a saturated effect, I apply in two or three layers and renew after two or three hours.

Baked Bronzing Powder All Over Glow, Kiss

The perfect bronzer for evening makeup - it is marble and effectively shimmers on the skin. It is presented in three shades - light beige (for blondes), bronze (for brunettes) and golden (suitable for everyone).

Can be used for the body: use a big fluffy brush to apply a little shining bronzer on the shoulders and collarbone.

What is bronzer for?

You can make your face light and warm with a tan. The main thing is not to overdo it with the product and not to apply too much: as a result, the skin can acquire a reddish tint. To achieve the most natural and golden glow of the skin, follow our advice.

If your bronzer "reddish", most likely, you choose too warm shade. Pick a color carefully, especially if you have very fair skin with a pink undertone. Give preference to bronzers with a beige subtone - they will not look red on the skin.

These will help create the effect of "sun-kissed" skin and give it a healthy shade. It would seem that to look more tanned, you need to use darker shades. But it is not. Choose only one or two tones that are darker than the skin - otherwise the skin of the face will be very different in color from the body.

To achieve tanned and radiant skin, apply bronzer only on prominent areas of the face. These are the areas that can be tanned in the first place: forehead, cheekbone apples and cheekbones. You should not apply bronzer on the whole face - the skin as a result of this action may look dirty and dull.

A shining bronzer instead of a healthy shine can give the skin a shine. An ideal choice for creating a natural tan and the effect of healthy skin - matte bronzer. And if you still want to give your skin a glow, use products with a very fine shimmer - and apply them only to the cheekbones.

The purpose of contouring is the creation of shadows on the face, powder or creams with a cold subtone are suitable for this. Bronzer is used to give the face a light and warm shade of tan, and not to change facial features.

If you only apply bronzer on your cheeks, the rest of your face may appear "flat." Supplement it with warm shades of blush - walk them over the apples of the cheeks to add freshness to the makeup. Complete it by applying a golden highlighter to the upper part of the cheekbones.

To quickly give your face a tanned look, use the tips from our video tutorial.

5 face bronzers: an overview

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  • Anastasiia September 3, 16:13 I adore the matte bronzer from NYX. It does not flicker, that is, it does not have a chimmer, which allows you to make a very natural and natural image. In the summer, when the skin is tanned, I give the face shape by using it. This bronzer holds great during the day. Pigmentation is not weak, that is, you do not need to brush the product endlessly and ensure that at least something is visible, everything is very convenient and this is definitely a big plus for me. Even if you are a beginner and accidentally put a stain, it is easily bleached. To summarize, I want to say that this bronzer is very good, it refreshes the look thanks to a warm subtone. I recommend to purchase.

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