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Delicious and hearty salads with cereals


  • brown or green lentils (boiled) - 3 cups lentils -

Lentils are very different, but any variety is excellent for meat and vegetable dishes. If a. "href =" / dictionary / 215 / chechevica.shtml ">

  • rice (boiled) - 1 glass
  • celery (crushed) - 1 cup
  • carrots - 1 cup
  • peas (boiled) - 1 cup
  • Green onions (finely chopped) - 2 tbsp.
  • parsley (chopped) - 1/4 cup
    • Dijon mustard - 2 tbsp. mustard - Annual cruciferous herb. It is known that several thousand years ago, the h. "Href =" / dictionary / 195 / gorchica.shtml ">
    • olive oil - 1 tbsp.
    • Honey - 1 tbsp.
    • l soy sauce (Sen Soi Classic Pepper) - 1 tbsp.
    • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.
    • orange juice - 1/2 cup.

    Salad making recipe:

    To cook lentil-rice salad is necessary.

    Blanch the carrots by dipping it for 5 minutes in boiling water. After removing from the pan, immediately rinse with cold water to stop further heat treatment and preserve color. When the carrots cool, chop. Mix in the bowl all the ingredients, except for those that are included in the seasoning, and lightly pour the mustard seasoning.

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    Spicy Quinoa Salad

    Quinoa is not the most popular, and in many CIS countries unknown croup, but it deserves attention and respect. You will see this when you try a salad that you need to make:

    • 200 grams of quinoa
    • 150 g of red cabbage,
    • carrot,
    • one bell pepper,
    • 80 g peanuts or cashews
    • 10 g fresh ginger root,
    • Art. l wine vinegar (if not, replace with apple or balsamic),
    • three green onions arrows
    • Art. l natural honey
    • on a tablespoon of sesame and olive oils,
    • 30 ml of soy sauce.

    1. Quinoa needs to be cooked. The package probably has an instruction, but if it is not there, then cook the cereal by adding twice as much water. After boiling, quinoa cooks for about 15 minutes, and in the finished form increases significantly in size.
    2. Wash carrots and rub them on a medium or large grater. Chop cabbage or cut it with a special knife. Pepper free from seeds and stalk, cut into thin strips. Chop onions after washing.
    3. Take about a couple of tablespoons of nuts and chop them well to get a little bit of pasta. Combine this mass with two types of butter, honey, soy sauce, ginger and vinegar, previously rubbed on a small grater. Mix thoroughly until smooth. Spicy dressing ready.
    4. Combine cooked quinoa grits with all the chopped vegetables and season the salad with the prepared sauce. Spread it in plates and sprinkle with each portion of peanuts or cashews (if desired, nuts can be chopped slightly).

    Bulgur Salad

    At home, you can make a stunning unusual salad from Bulgur. You will need:

    • a glass of bulgur,
    • 100 g of spinach,
    • 200 g cherry tomatoes (can be replaced with ordinary ones),
    • small red onion head
    • fresh cucumber,
    • 100 g of feta cheese,
    • 50 g of walnuts,
    • a clove of garlic or a bit more
    • two tablespoons of balsamic or red wine vinegar,
    • a couple of art. l olive oil,
    • ground black pepper,
    • salt.

    1. Bulgur can be filled with boiling water (two or two and a half parts), covered, wrapped with a towel and left to swell for an hour. If time is tight, pour a glass of cereal with two glasses of water and boil for literally ten minutes or a little longer, depending on the grind.
    2. Spinach can be cut or just pick your hands. Peel the onion, cut into thin half-rings. The cucumber is cut into cubes. Cherry leave whole or cut into halves (regular tomatoes are cut into slices). Feta cheese cut into cubes. Garlic must be crushed by passing through the press.
    3. To refill, simply mix the chopped garlic with oil, salt, vinegar and pepper.
    4. Mix bulgur, chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber and spinach, add the prepared dressing.
    5. Arrange the salad in plates, sprinkle feta cubes and walnuts, previously chopped, into each portion.

    Buckwheat Salad

    If you want to get a hearty and at the same time unusual salad, then use buckwheat as a base, adding other ingredients to it. The list of products is as follows:

    • a glass of buckwheat,
    • half a small pumpkin,
    • one young squash,
    • small avocado
    • half a lemon or one lime,
    • a little watercress, arugula or other greenery to your taste,
    • 30 grams of pine nuts,
    • a couple of art. l sesame oil (if not, replace with olive or usual sunflower),
    • salt,
    • ground black pepper.

    1. Vegetables will be baked to preserve juiciness and taste, so you first need to warm up the oven to 170-180 degrees.
    2. Pumpkin and zucchini should be cut into cubes of medium or small size. If the skin is thick, cut it to make the salad more tender. Chopped vegetables should be mixed with butter, put on a baking sheet and send to bake until they are beautifully browned and fully cooked, which will tell softness.
    3. Cook buckwheat in the usual way, adding about 2.5 parts of water. It is better to pre-rinse the cereal in cool water to remove trash.
    4. Avocado, removing a bone from it, cut into cubes. Greens after washing can be picked or chopped.
    5. Next, combine all the components of the salad, pour them squeezed out of lime or lemon juice, add ground pepper and salt. Mix everything and serve, do not forget to sprinkle all portions with pine nuts.

    Spicy Brown Rice Salad

    If you prefer interesting recipes and creative combinations of components, then this salad will impress you! To make it you will need:

    • 70 g of lettuce,
    • 150-170 grams of brown rice,
    • orange,
    • head of red or purple onion,
    • half a cup of walnuts,
    • a small lemon or lime,
    • five art. l olive oil,
    • 5-7 pieces of dried apricots,
    • two or three small garlic cloves,
    • sea ​​salt,
    • a mixture of peppers.

    1. Rice should be washed to make it crumbly and not sticky. Then boil it by adding 2.5 or three parts of water, depending on the desired stiffness of the cereal.
    2. Peel the onion and cut into thin half-rings.
    3. From the orange you need to remove the zest: you will need about two tablespoons. Divide the fruit into slices and peel off the membranes, cut them into several pieces, or leave them whole as desired.
    4. Dried apricots should be poured with hot water or black tea for swelling, and then cut into strips.
    5. Nuts should be cut, but not very small, so that the taste is clearly felt. Then just a couple of minutes, dry them in the oven or calcine in a skillet without oil.
    6. Heat olive oil in a pan and fry onion and orange zest on it, then add dried apricots and previously cleaned and chopped garlic.
    7. When all the ingredients are ready and become golden, turn off the heat and immediately enter the rice so that it is saturated with oil. Add the juice of lime or lemon, as well as sea salt with pepper, mix everything.
    8. Warm the salad on a la carte plates, lay the lettuce leaves on top and sprinkle on a handful of nuts. Done, you can please relatives or guests!

    As you can see, from the cereals you can make a lot of various, unusual and very tasty salads for the festive as well as for the daily table.

    Sprouted lentil salad

    I read a lot about the usefulness of seedlings, but I never tried it myself. I decided that it is better to do and regret, than to regret about the unfinished. I looked into my bins, lentils - it was the only thing you could try to germinate. Did and did not regret.

    Lentil-rice salad

    brown or green lentils (boiled), rice (boiled), celery (chopped), carrots, peas (boiled), green onions (chopped), parsley (chopped), Dijon mustard, olive oil, honey, soy sauce (Sen Soi Classic Pepper), lemon juice, orange juice

    section: Lentil salads

    Potato salad with red lentils

    potatoes, red lentils, green onions, garlic, fruit vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, oil (from germ of grain)

    section: Potato salads, lentil salads

    Apple Salad with Spinach and Lentils

    lentils, vegetable marinade, chili (dried), thyme (dry), spinach (leaves), apple (sour), apple cider vinegar, sour cream, salt, white pepper, sunflower oil, tomato, balsamic vinegar

    section: Spinach Salads, Lentil Salads

    Hot lentil salad

    lentils, cardamom, broccoli, feta cheese, olive oil, honey (liquid), chili pepper (small spicy), vinegar, salt, pepper, green onion

    section: Lentil salads

    Lentil salad

    lentils (green), olive oil, onion (finely chopped), tomatoes (peeled and finely chopped), salt, pepper, parsley (finely chopped greens), lemon juice, onion rings, chopped parsley, lemon slices.

    section: Lentil salads

    Potato salad with red lentils

    potatoes, lentils (red), green onions, garlic, fruit vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, oil (from germ of grain)

    section: Potato salads, lentil salads

    Buckwheat and Lentil Salad

    vegetable broth, green lentils (wash and drain), olive oil, onion (chopped), celery (chopped), carrots (chopped), garlic (finely chopped), seasoning, oregano or marjoram (dry), thyme (dry) , cumin (ground), red pepper (ground), egg, buckwheat, olive oil, salt, table vinegar

    section: Salads from lentil, Salads from groats

    Salad with lentils and mushrooms

    green lentils, fresh mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, champignons), parmesan, dry mushrooms, parsley (chopped), leek, garlic (young), vegetable broth, red dry wine, olive oil, vegetable oil, butter, black pepper (freshly ground ), sea salt

    section: Salads from lentil, Salads mushroom

    Cod liver salad with rice and apples

    Cod liver is suitable for cooking a variety of salads. In this recipe we add boiled rice and an apple to juicy, tender pieces of canned cod liver. For sharpness to the main ingredients, place a finely chopped, pickled onion.

    Quinoa Porridge with Green Beans

    Quinoa porridge with quinoa and green beans before cooking, rinse well and cook in salted water until ready for about 20 minutes. Mix quinoa with boiled green beans and season with garlic, salt and vegetable oil. The taste is peculiar.

    Warm Quinoa and Vegetable Salad

    For a warm quinoa salad, it is necessary to rinse and boil properly so that it does not taste bitter. Although quinoa appeared in our stores relatively recently, many recipes have appreciated it. Useful, very pleasant to the taste and croup tooth, which.

    Summer barley veggie salad with halloumi cheese and bean cream

    Bright summer vegosalat from useful pearl barley, grilled cheese, sweet fruit and hot dressing. Served with boiled bean cream and slices of pita bread. Family reviews were just a standing ovation. I didn’t even expect such a warm welcome. Salad floor.

    Rice Salad with Squids

    A simple rice salad with boiled squids can be supplemented with canned corn or peas. I chose corn. Another added boiled egg and green onions. In my opinion, such a salad can be a full and quite satisfying dinner.

    Couscous Salad with Vegetables

    The basis of this salad - couscous - cereal is tasty and nutritious. In combination with vegetables and herbs, seasoned with a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil, couscous is suitable for lunch and dinner. Pay attention to the sequence of cooking fat.

    Bulgur Salad

    I love bulgur in salad. Its taste is oily, well pronounced. If you add greens, tomatoes and cucumbers, season with vegetable oil and lemon juice, you get delicious. Bulgur goes well with fish and meat, so this salad can be on.

    section: Salads from cereals