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How to create a loft atmosphere in an apartment: designer's tips


Loft style with its special atmosphere, rebellious spirit and difference from typical housing is gaining popularity among young people in spirit and age. About why the elements of the loft should be used with caution, and when it is better to abandon it completely, we learned from interior designer Diana Maltseva.

Diana Maltseva - interior designer, founder of the design service “Oh, boy! Interiors with a male character. She graduated from the British Higher School of Design. Her passion is working with loft-style interiors in a contemporary style, focused on a male audience.

1. This loft is only industrial premises.

This loft is a former industrial space that has been converted into housing. Lofts became popular in the middle of the 20th century in the United States - the same trend is now visible in Russia. If we are talking about the newly erected new building, the interior will only be styled as a loft. Are you sure you want an imitation?

2. Loft needs a lot of space.

Since the loft was originally designed as an industrial building, its grand scale cannot be reproduced in ordinary housing. The ceilings are 6–8 meters high, the elongated open space with a gallery of windows around the perimeter - this architecture was not originally built in ordinary residential buildings and especially in small apartments.

3. Horizontal zoning is essential for a loft.

Loft does not imply traditional interior partitions. Most often, the room is not divided vertically, but horizontally with the help of mezzanines and the addition of different levels. There are separate zones inside the common space, but they are far from the standards: for example, kitchens and bathrooms in the form of cubes inscribed in the center, glass aquariums-partitions. Such a zoning is impossible to reproduce in a small apartment.

4. The interior of the loft is a demonstration of its industrial history.

This loft is characterized by the preservation of historical elements in the interior. Open brickwork, beams on the ceiling, supporting columns, pipes and mechanisms left from the industrial past - all this looks organic because it is a natural component of the loft, and not something artificial.

Loft style in the interior of the apartment

How to make an apartment in the style of a loft or just add a touch of industrial aesthetics to an ordinary house? Designer Sophie Robinson shares proven techniques.

Sophie robinson - one of the most famous interior designers in the UK. She is often invited to cooperate with large furniture stores to create inspirational interior displays. Now Sophie is a judge in the project The Great Interior Design Challenge, which is published on BBC 2 and is dedicated to interior design.

Design: Sophie Robinson for Ideal Home. Photo: Simon Whitmore

Start with wall paint. Choose colors from a palette of mineral colors: gray, ink-blue, ash-pink and green shades are great for a loft. Now generously add coarse textures. It can be wooden beams, concrete, bare brick, exposed water pipes, wooden floors - all that you expect to see in an industrial building, for example, in an old warehouse. Well, finally, elevate the room with metallic accents (the best choice is still copper).

Design for Ideal Home

You can not limit yourself to decorating and put on a public display a real skeleton of the house: to expose a brick wall, to focus on wooden beams, floors laid during rough repair. If you don’t have all this in your apartment, buy wallpapers that mimic loft textures.

Design for Ideal Home

The easiest way with the help of decor is to hint at the industrial style - bare incandescent bulbs on the braided cord (the colors of which are now so different that it is easy to choose the right one for the interior).

Loft style can be achieved with the help of industrial-style ceiling lamps with galvanized lampshade. Look for authentic items at flea markets or buy stylized items in a designer store.

Design for Ideal Home. photo: Simon Whitmore

Personally, I like to select contrasting to all coarse textures. Expensive velvet sofa, polished marble, crystal chandeliers - all this perfectly fits the loft style.

Design for Ideal Home. Photo: Simon Whitmore

It is not necessary to live in a real loft to decorate a house with this style. And do not think that it is necessary to go to the end in the embodiment of the idea: you can stop at a pair of carefully chosen parts that will add a home to coarse charm.

Loft style goes well with vintage. Since the textures used in the decoration, look aged, they will suit the same furniture. The shining novelty of modern things with clear lines will look alien.

If you still prefer new furniture, choose the one that reminds of the production premises: galvanized chairs, wooden tables with legs from pipes, lamps — spotlights.

Design: Sophie Robinson for Ideal Home. Photo: Simon Whitmore

Finally, I would recommend to strive for a minimum of things: the style that we are discussing today does not fit well with the abundance of cozy homemade trinkets. The color palette is better to choose neutral, with no more than one bright accent: coarse textures are expressive in themselves.

Key elements of loft style:

  • bare light bulbs,
  • tile "pig" with a dark grout,
  • rough wooden floorboards,
  • designs of pipes and boards, reminiscent of scaffolding,
  • bare brick
  • copper accessories
  • factory-style lamps,
  • ink shades
  • galvanized metal,
  • concrete,
  • large windows with steel frames.

Main features, style directions

Loft style perfectly embodied in the conditions of the apartment, if you use the right materials. It is enough to create a shocking chic, so that the rooms acquire the features of an empty warehouse.

  • Loft style implies the absence of partitions, rooms remain without walls. An exception is made only for the bathroom. The windows must remain visible, not be closed by curtains.
  • Large panoramic modern windows are most suitable.
  • The walls of the apartment are also not trying to give a slick look, on the contrary, they look rude. The surface of the walls can be brick or concrete, or it is covered with metal sheets, plywood.
  • Concrete floors complement the image of the warehouse or industrial premises. Wood can be used for flooring.
  • High ceilings that support beams are one of the components of a loft style. The ceilings are decorated with modern lighting fixtures.
  • Fireplaces, stoves, stoves, stoves, interior attributes, which set the desired tone of the room.
  • With high ceilings, you can make the second level and place an office or bedroom there.
  • The loft room is designed in 2-3 colors that fit all other colors or, conversely, contrast. The color scheme of the interior decor should not consist of too bright colors.
  • It is permissible to use both modern multifunctional pieces of furniture, and old furniture with peeling paint, can be a bit broken.

In order to create a loft style in the interior, most often used concrete walls. But since gray concrete hardly contributes to comfort, it is painted in various shades - light and dark, giving a different texture. Skillful hands can create incredibly beautiful modern design combinations with concrete. It is not necessary to make completely concrete walls, only one can be made. This material looks more expressive with classic baseboards or ceiling moldings.

The brickwork of the walls creates an interesting design. No less textured wood finish. The combination of brick and wood elements is ideal for creating the desired image. Loft style involves the use of metal, but not in large quantities in the high-tech style. You can add some metal objects such as pipes, beams, frames. In order to emphasize the interior design, it is better to use plaster. Modern glass walls or partitions are used to separate some large rooms from the kitchen and bathroom.

There are 3 directions of loft style:

In the bohemian vein, apartments most closely resemble abandoned large industrial premises. The decoration is striking in its imagination, which is so inherent in all creative people. Old furniture with history dilutes industrialism. Wall paintings can be modern paintings or photos. In the setting of the apartment you can also find sculptures, ikebana, musical instruments.

Glamor design is more peculiar, it fits all. It is dominated by pastel colors, but in a rather unusual manner. Gray walls can be combined with lilac. A variety of lighting fixtures, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, create interesting accents. Too coarse industrial atmosphere of the room is diluted with something elegant, such as baroque chairs.

Industrial design has become more widespread. The usual residential interior is filled with signs of industrial premises. The apartment is decorated with pipes, chains, windings of wires. To create an industrial environment are selected strict geometric designs of furniture.

Furniture in the interior in the style of loft

Furniture acquired in antique stores, flea markets, found in attics, will add bohemian to the atmosphere. Steel beds with wrought iron elements, chairs ideally complement the project.

But if the interior needs to be given glamor shades, then the furniture is chosen appropriate. Classic furniture always gives the decor a luxurious look. In the interior in the style of a loft, it will contrast, make the situation more refined. Industrial design is characterized by the presence of more minimalist furniture, geometrically regular form. Therefore, there is put a rectangular bed, chairs and a table. A wardrobe will be superfluous, so it is better to put open hangers for clothes.

Furniture helps to separate the space, since there are no walls in the loft style. The bed will provide a sleeping area, a large chair with chairs - a dining area. But for the bathroom, you can create a full partition.

Loft style lighting

Special attention to create the appropriate environment is given to the interior lighting. The light source must support the conceptual design idea. And if he does not fit her, then he simply does not fit.

For spacious rooms, a volume light source is selected. The large spider chandelier, which has several lamps aimed in different directions, meets all the principles of this style.

Lighting devices can be made from elements such as glass, plastic, wood. Ceiling lamps create the look of industrial lighting. Tire lights organically fit into the industrial environment and decorate the design.

Usually one light fixture is not enough to illuminate the entire space, because the rooms are often large. Then, it is better to use wall lights, emphasizing the overall design. These can be multipoint or string lighting systems.

Accessories as accents

Although the project in the style of a loft and looks pretty careless, but in fact everything in it is thought out and there are no unnecessary details. It is important to choose the appropriate household appliances, it should be modern. Plasma TV will look good against the background of stone walls, a gas stove and a refrigerator in a metal frame is suitable for such an environment and makes it more interesting.

Any classic vases, paintings, souvenirs will not be appropriate. You should use something more casual, such as old posters, black and white photos. Pictures of modern artists also fit perfectly there. It is not necessary to hang them on the wall, you can just attach to it.

Not bad will look panels made from various elements, such as leather, glass, wood, metal, etc.

It is difficult to create an accent, but still it is worth highlighting the central place of the interior, which will attract the eye. This may be such a piece of furniture as an unusual rug or plant zone.

Lounge loft

Living room - the most comfortable room in the apartment. The view of bare concrete walls is unlikely to please everyone and will contribute to comfort.

Therefore, you can leave one raw wall, and cover the rest with plaster or paint over. Concrete beams on the ceiling will create an industrial look. They can be embellished with white paint. It is not necessary to repair the imperfect ceiling, it will only contribute to creating the desired atmosphere.

In the loft style, any wallpaper will be inappropriate.

Windows also do not need decoration, so the curtains are not needed there. The window can be left not curtained, but if it seems completely inappropriate, then you can hang the blinds. Floors should also remain open, carpets in this setting will not look. Posters, old photos, clocks on the walls will create the desired mood of the interior.

Kitchen loft

Quite often, the kitchen is not separated from the living room, it is especially characteristic of houses of modern construction. It is possible to separate these two rooms with the help of furniture or through a transparent partition.

Smooth or brick walls in the kitchen remain classics of the genre, which is suitable for all rooms. If it is not possible to lay out a wall with a real brick, then artificial materials can be used as decoration, the design will not suffer from this. Wooden or metal beams on the ceiling will give an industrial look. In the kitchen, ceilings can also be covered with plaster.

A kitchen apron, covered with monochromatic tiles or metal sheets will reinforce the image, give a certain rudeness. Simple furniture without any decor creates the desired effect. It can be made of steel, wood, plastic, glass. The main thing is to skillfully combine different textures. In the kitchen, it is permissible to have a huge amount of household appliances, but not furniture. In the loft kitchen you can accommodate a modern TV with a plasma panel, a coffee machine.

Bedroom loft

In the interior of the dwelling it is difficult to achieve the desired goal, but still it is possible. Doing repairs to the bedroom, you can do some relief. The floors are covered with rugs, the windows are curtained with curtains.

In order to emphasize the desired interior style, you must select the appropriate bed. It should have a simple concise form, a wooden or metal frame made of steel. Near the bed you can put bedside tables or drawers where you can put things. The bed is decorated with a plain bedspread.

One brick wall will help highlight the loft style. For the rest of the walls, you can use monochromatic paint. In order to create an appropriate design, you can use special wallpaper that mimic the brickwork. Ceilings can be installed ceiling, and you can chandelier made of crystal. Rare floor lamps and lamps perfectly fit into the situation.

The interior of the bedroom will look good as a modern plasma TV, and the old telephone. Walls are decorated with black and white photographs or posters.

Hallway loft

The apartment should be visible to everyone directly from the hallway. If the apartment is new, it has not yet been renovated, then it will be much easier to embody this style.

Surely, in such an apartment there were brick or concrete walls, which is necessary for this style. They are simply left as they are. If this option seems completely uncomfortable, then you can plaster the walls of the hallway.

Ceilings can also be left as is or painted in white. The floor is lined with laminate or light tiles, but it is better to use boards. In the hallway will look good old-fashioned furniture and a hanger.

Furniture may consist of a wardrobe, only without glass doors. A simple ceiling luminaire will illuminate the entrance hall, and a few sconces will also be superfluous. If you put a modern wardrobe in the hallway, then you can select the style with the help of an old table and a floor lamp. When the whole apartment is designed in the style of a loft, then for the bathroom it is also necessary to choose a decor that meets all the principles of the loft.

Loft style to suit

Not all people can live in such an environment. Romantic nature is not suitable industrial style. Creative people on the contrary will feel comfortable in it.

Rich people love to equip their homes in this way. But the loft style in the interior can allow people with average incomes. To create a loft in your apartment, you do not have to spend a lot of money on repairs, on the purchase of furniture and expensive finishing materials.

A lot of space, large windows give space to embody all their imagination.

Young people who do not want to be like everyone else can also equip their homes with their own hands in this way. This interior is not standard, original and not inherent in all.

You should not equip your apartment in this style, if a small child lives in the house. Такой стиль может неблаготворно подействовать на его психику, которая еще не сформировалась. Семейным людям лучше подобрать более классический интерьер.

What it is?

Если бы нужно было описать лофт одним словом, то выбор пал бы на «простор» или «свободу». Loft is a space for creativity and freedom of expression. This direction of style is directly related to people who are called the bohemian society.

Appearing in the 40s of the twentieth century, now loft has gained wide popularity and great demand due to its practicality. It all started with the fact that the resourceful American realtors got an idea to develop abandoned enterprises for housing. These apartments were much cheaper and, moreover, larger. They were acquired by people who did not have a lot of money, but with a lot of ideas on how to refine and use these premises. These were people of creative professions.

After years of this kind of housing has become an elite.

The main concept of this style is the combination of various architectural solutions in order to bring the interior of the house as close as possible to the interior design of an industrial enterprise, an open layout of the room. By the way, we have material with examples of combining loft with other styles, if interested.

An interesting review of the interior of the apartment in the style of a loft, look at this video.

Interior features

For a clearer understanding of what a loft is, consider the main features of this style:

  • Open layout. The room is not divided into rooms, with the exception of the bathroom.
  • Zoning With the help of different types of zoning, space is differentiated by means of color contrasts, accents and the use of transparent glass partitions in such a way that it does not violate the open space of the room.
  • The abundance of light and air.
  • Wide, huge windows without curtains and curtains.
  • High, bright ceilings with a rough finish.
  • The presence of beams and other structures.
  • The interior of the premises is represented mainly by a masonry of red unlined brick, metal, concrete, wood and rough plaster. The main thing is that the walls look untreated.
  • The floor is covered with tiles under the stone or porcelain, or laminate, imitating a wooden board. Linoleum is rarely used.
  • The combination of modern interior with vintage.
  • Mostly light colors in the interior.

A few examples of the interior.

The interior of an apartment in a modern loft style is presented in this video.

Ideal conditions

A feature of the loft is an open layout and free space. So, the room should be sufficiently dimensional. Ideal are premises with an area of ​​100 square meters.

Another equally important condition - high ceilings and large windows.

For a visual increase in space and an approximation to the loft style in the interior design, use light colors - white, gray, beige, as well as brown and black.

Furniture in the room

The main requirement for furniture is functionality. It can be both antique - in the style of past centuries, and modern, designer. Combinations of vintage items with minimalist and modern look effectively.

Tones should be chosen neutral, interspersed with expressive accents, but bright, "screaming" colors should be avoided.

The amount of furniture should be minimal. Between objects it is desirable to leave a lot of space, again, in order to make the room more spacious.