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The main features of hot yoga


The creator of the practice has devoted yoga to his whole life. He was engaged in it since the age of four and by the age of 13 he won the title of absolute champion of India in this direction. For three years in a row no one could defeat Bikram and move him on a pedestal. This could go on forever if the young yogi had not been seriously injured. Bikram spent several years recovering. He did not succeed in achieving the desired form. However, endless training led Hindu to an amazing discovery. He found out that the effectiveness of asanas in the hot climate of India is much higher than at the “room temperature” of America and Europe.

The effectiveness of bikram yoga for weight loss is based on exercises in a room heated to 40 ° C. Duration of one lesson is 80 minutes. And each of the 26 asanas and breathing exercises must be performed in dynamics. These features of Bikram Yoga lead to the fact that after ten minutes from the moment of the beginning of the session the clothes on the student become wet through. So much so that the shirt and leggings can be pressed.

What is Bikram Yoga

One of the first questions arising from the home “researchers” of this method is: “How does Bikram Yoga differ from Hatha Yoga?” First of all, because the second practice became the basis for creating the first. Bikram Chowdhury expanded and supplemented the hatha-complex with breathing exercises, and later with several author asanas. He also ordered to warm up the room before classes to 37-41 ° C. The sequence of asanas never changes. Thus, the famous yogi makes the bodies of his students “remember” the load and work out every muscle over and over again.

Heated air is not a meaningless invention, but a really significant discovery. Classes in this mode have at least three advantages.

  1. Stretching. Hot streams heat up practitioners with quality and speed, make their muscles more flexible, and stretch them with better quality.
  2. Atraumatic. Due to the good heating of the muscles, the risk of injury is minimized.
  3. Cleansing. Hot humid air stimulates sweating, clearing the student's body of toxins and other harmful excesses.

Despite the fact that hundreds of research works of scientists and practitioners are devoted to this issue, the benefits of hot yoga bikram can be summarized and fit into seven points.

  1. Calories "on fire". The first and main benefit of hot yoga is that workouts are rapidly burning calories. The hot room enhances this effect, due to which it turns out to be prolonged: the exercise ended a couple of hours ago, and the excess in the body continues to be burned with the same intensity. Therefore, hot yoga is chosen by those who want to get rid of extra pounds in a short time.
  2. Down with cellulite. To the question whether Bikram Yoga helps against cellulite, one can confidently answer: “Yes.” Hot air opens the pores and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Fatty layers heat up from exercise and heat. The exchange processes in them are accelerated, and the relief surface of the thighs and buttocks begins to smooth out intensively.
  3. Blow to toxins. Abundant perspiration, provoked by the heat, contributes to the active removal of toxins from the body.
  4. Faster, more flexible, stronger. Heating muscles leads to increased flexibility, and, consequently, - the quality of stretching.
  5. Things cordial. Hot yoga practice is compared with cardio loads. The heat in the room has a strengthening effect on the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.
  6. Hot reanimation. Bikram yoga is often recommended for people who are seriously injured as a result of sports training or road traffic accidents. The recovery period in this case is shortened, and the rehabilitation itself becomes not only pleasant, but also more effective.
  7. Exile stress. This practice is often called Western. And all because it is designed for people with a western mentality - Americans and Europeans who spend a lot of time in offices, are prone to depression and are unstable before stress. Bikram Yoga is the answer to seven troubles: overwork, stress, depression, physical inactivity, bad posture, overeating and total fatigue.

Few minuses

The main drawback of hot workouts is that only healthy people can practice them. Contraindications to bikram yoga are a long list of painful conditions in which many will find firsthand the points familiar to them.

  • When the IRR. Bikram yoga is forbidden with vegetative-vascular dystonia - even though this ailment does not belong to the category of serious.
  • Varicose veins Those who are personally acquainted with varicose veins will also have to give up hot yoga.
  • Problem vessels. Harm classes will bring people with weak blood vessels: training in hot conditions can provoke severe dizziness, and in some even fainting.
  • Neoplasm. Absolute contraindications are tumors of any nature - including benign ones. Uterine fibroids, couperosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hernia - all these conditions are incompatible with the author's method of Bikram Chowdhury.
  • Pregnancy. Contraindications to training is pregnancy - at any time. But in the period of lactation can be engaged, but only after the permission of the obstetrician-gynecologist.
  • Critical days. You should not attend classes at monthly. High temperatures and intense physical exertion provoke increased blood flow and can cause excessive discharge and dizziness.

Basic rules

The basic rules of “hot” workouts are intuitive and easy to remember. Use the following six when you are going to class for the first time. And soon they will become your habit.

  1. Minimum clothes. Clothes should not be much, because you will sweat profusely because of the heat. Lycra leggings and a sports T-shirt that fits the body are perfect. It is better to refuse shorts and short pants: the sweaty body slides extremely unpleasantly on the mat (the so called sports mat).
  2. Back view . If you come to class for the first time, do not get up in the first row. Take a comfortable spot somewhere in the back to have a wide overview and see well the teacher and the rest of the more experienced students.
  3. Maximum concentration. Crossing the threshold of the gym, throw all thoughts aside. Do not forget that yoga - regardless of the type - is, above all, meditation. Let nothing prevent you from concentrating on your own feelings.
  4. Silence. This is another prerequisite for Bikram Yoga. Try to refrain from sighing, panting and grunting. "Disable" vocal cords. This will allow you to clearly hear what your body is saying.
  5. Nasal breathing. Breath by mouth is strictly prohibited. And for good reason. Nature’s mouth is meant for food, not for breathing. Only when nasal breathing oxygen penetrates into the lowermost parts of the lungs, thereby fuller and more qualitatively saturating the body with oxygen.
  6. Stay five minutes "corpse." Professionals advise thirteenth asana called Shavasana to devote at least five minutes. This is the minimum amount of time necessary for a person to fully relax in the posture of a corpse. Middle asana will help align your breathing, release your thoughts and calm your toned muscles.

Additional terms

Reviews of Bikram Yoga show that this sport is completely unsuitable for morning workouts. The fact is that a “hot” session requires the maximum return from the body. And the sensations after are similar to the state of health of a squeezed lemon. Half an hour or an hour for the body to recover will not be enough. Therefore, it is better to postpone classes for after-work time. Below are three more tips to help improve your yoga practice.

  1. Much water . A bottle of clean drinking water is your main companion after the trainer. Drink is necessary not only before the start of classes, but also during and after it. And at the end of the workout drinking mode should be particularly active. Your primary task is to stabilize the water balance in the body after abundant flow.
  2. Full stomach. Full, not full. Heaviness in the abdomen - not the best feeling during a grueling workout. But the rumbling of an empty stomach is a hundred times worse. Your body will need a lot of strength to do all that the coach shows. Therefore, take care of energy replenishment in advance. Feed your body three to four hours before going to the gym.
  3. Gradual improvement. Beginners need to remember that not everything and not always given the first time. The body should get used to the load. Especially when it is so complicated. Therefore, novice yoga and yoginam recommended to perform poses without strain. If something does not work, set aside for the next time. Gradually you will achieve perfection. And your patience and work is surely a little effort. Do not doubt.

Complex poses and breathing exercises

Once again about the basic rules of bikram yoga: a minimum of thoughts, a maximum of concentration on sensations and the observance of a clear sequence of exercises. Most asanas can be mastered by yourself - using textual and video tips. The table alternately describes all 26 poses for "hot" workouts at home.

Table - Sequence of Asanas and Bikram Yoga Respiratory Practices

The creator of Bikram Yoga suffered a serious knee injury at the age of 17. Doctors assured that the guy would not be able to walk fully. But Chowdhury refused to believe the pessimistic predictions and, thanks to "hot" training, after a few years he fully recovered and cured his leg.

Bikram yoga exercises for beginners are absolutely identical to the complex for professionals. At first you may feel sick. Dizziness and feeling of weakness are possible. If you are tired - sit down. This is absolutely normal. Slap on such training is certainly not worth it. Bikram yoga is available to everyone. This should be remembered for the first time coming to class and with envy watching those who perfectly perform asanas. One day, and you will become one of them - those who are fascinated by newcomers. Regular training is the only key to success.

Reviews: “This is your ticket to the world of healthy and beautiful people”

We went with a young man for a trial lesson. He is an athlete, I have a year of Hatha yoga. We hoped that it would be easy for us, but we were prepared. Not here it was) The temperature in the room is 40 * C, humidity - 40%. Being there is already hard. I immediately take off the shirt, good, under her sports bra. Roll up leggings. MCH takes off a T-shirt, there are all men in some shorts. Many people who sweat and you breathe them later - it is not very pleasant to realize. But, perhaps, when there are few people, it is more pleasant and easier to do. All newcomers were asked to line up in the back row so that experienced yogis would be ahead. But there were sooo many newbies, they crowded around and we stayed in the front row.

The session lasts 1.5 hours and half the session is an active dynamic exercise, “to warm up”. You and so hot and hard to breathe, let's also jump. During the class, it is forbidden to leave the room, but you can just sit down, lie down and lie down until the end of the class. You need to take with you a minimum of a liter of water to restore the water-salt balance. The towels that we laid on the rugs were wet through with sweat. Some newcomers are already sitting and complaining of nausea. A lovely instructor girl, who all cheerfully explains to us what to do, comments on it like this: “Your head is spinning, nauseous - and all this is completely free!” The second half of the lesson is more pleasant - classical asanas from hatha yoga. I really wanted to endure this half, so I held on as best I could. But after several asanas, voices were already frankly spinning and it was difficult to maintain balance; I sat down to drink water several times. The young man steadfastly did everything, and I just watched the puddle squish under his feet. A good half of the newbies have been lying for a long time. The instructor helps the rest to build asanas correctly. I do not stay long, I'm not weak, I join in the work. Until the end of the lesson, 20 minutes and the people lying down begin to move. Something like living to the end. The most pleasant thing is shavasana, posture of a corpse. She gave us all very well, even Stanislavsky would say: “I believe!”. We lay on our wet hot towels with our eyes closed, and the girl lays out cool wet towels on our faces and leaves, leaving us to recover. I think the muscles really stretch very well in this setting. A sort of yoga in the bath. After class, we are waiting for herbal tea in tiny cups and fruit. We wanted to run away from classes, but in general we liked it. I recommend at least to attend a free trial lesson. And take money with you, suddenly like it,)

My dad of 140 kg started practicing this yoga, because after trying everything, I realized that nothing more benign and at the same time effective for him was invented. And after a year of training he underwent a full medical examination. All indicators have improved: blood sugar has dropped, pressure is also closer to normal, and most importantly, the cardiogram is good! Heart muscle also needs a load. In Bikram yoga you regulate the intensity yourself, it's hard - rest. Yes, even the whole class lie, if today is not.

We lived with the United States, a girlfriend obsessed with losing weight dragged me with her to yoga, saying it helps a lot for tonus and losing weight + she’s bored alone. When she said that the uniform of the topic or just a sports bra and super-short shorts, I said - only through my body, I will not go to people like that. Arriving in the hall, it turned out that all half-naked except me. The temperature in the hall is +40 ° C, the first exercise is breathing, after it sweat flows in streams through the body, after the second it flows like a river, etc. in the middle of the class, I almost fainted, but then it seemed as if 2, 3 breathing opened. After class feeling like after sex. I must say that I always went in for sports, and that year I was always in shape, running, swimming, dancing in the hall and in clubs. but 1 hour of yoga was given to me with unimaginable work. I cleared the body of toxins, I lost weight, I tightened up, and I tightened those muscles that I never shook, simply because I didn’t know what they were))) I was always flexible, I also became strong with the help of yoga. But I did not renew the subscription, there were a lot of reasons not to go there anymore. and now I would gladly run, but only there are no good specialists in Bikram Yoga in Russia. If you hear, be sure to try, you have to go through it, like jumping from a parachute, maybe this is your ticket to the world of beautiful, healthy, strong people in body and mind.

Anna Dim, http://irecommend.ru/content/bikram-ioga-eto-put-v-rai-cherez-adovo-peklo

I communicated with a yoga instructor about Bikram Yoga. The business is good, really effective - and it stretches all the better, and grow thin instantly. but there are 2 big BUT: 1. A lot of contraindications for health. Because only 100% of healthy people can do this, and you can lose a life. 2. We in Russia have very few literate instructors who understand the subtleties of conducting Bikram yoga ... In general, I also wanted to go, but did not dare))

The benefits of yoga. 33 reasons for doing yoga

Many people think about yoga, but never realize their ideas. Some do not know what direction to choose yoga, others can not find a good instructor, someone can not make time for classes, but someone just too lazy.

In this article I want to share with you information about the benefits you get from yoga by starting the practice. What is the impact of yoga on the soul, body and mind.

After yoga came to the Western world and began to acquire more and more followers, scientists began to study how yoga affects the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person. The data provided in this article are completely based on scientific research.

1. Yoga improves flexibility

The development of flexibility is one of the first and quickly noticeable effects of yoga. During the first class, many people cannot even reach to the toes, let alone bend backwards. But with regular practice, the seemingly impossible becomes possible, and practitioners perform such exercises that they could not even dream of before.

2. Yoga develops muscles

Strong muscles are much more than a beautiful body. They help prevent diseases such as arthritis, back pain, improve metabolism in the body. Besides doing yoga, you develop strength in balance with flexibility.

3. Yoga improves posture

Improper posture provokes many health problems. Fatigue, drowsiness, headaches and back pains, decreased performance, curvature of the spine, poor digestion - this is not a complete list of consequences. Therefore, it is very important that yoga helps improve posture.

4. Yoga improves the condition of the joints

На каждом занятии йогой вы прорабатываете абсолютно все суставы организма, улучшая их эластичность и предотвращая такие заболевания, как артрит, артроз и воспаление суставов.

5. Йога укрепляет позвоночник

В йоге особое внимание уделяется работе с позвоночником. Не зря в восточной культуре его называют «Стволом жизни». Прогибы назад, вперед, скрутки способствуют поступлению питательных веществ к позвоночнику и развитию его гибкости.

6. Йога укрепляет кости

It is generally known that exercise using its own body weight strengthens the bones and prevents osteoporosis. This principle is applied in many yogic postures.

7. Yoga improves blood circulation.

Yoga exercises work in such a way that when performing asanas on twisting old blood is squeezed out from internal organs and joints, and when you leave the posture, new oxygen-enriched blood comes to them. Inverted postures promote blood flow from the legs and pelvis to the lungs, where it is also enriched with oxygen.

Yoga helps to increase hemoglobin levels and increases the number of white blood cells that deliver oxygen to the tissues, which helps to thin the blood. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

8. Yoga strengthens the lymphatic and immune systems

The contraction and stretching of the muscles during asanas contributes to the movement of the lymph in the body (a clear, viscous fluid rich in immune cells). This allows the lymphatic system to better deal with infections, destroy cancer cells and remove toxic waste from cells.

9. Yoga improves the cardiovascular system.

Performing asanas, as well as aerobic exercise, significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and helps get rid of depression. Studies have shown that the practice of yoga stabilizes the heartbeat at rest, improves stamina and promotes the flow of oxygen to the internal organs.

10. Yoga lowers blood pressure.

Dr. Debbie Cohen of the University of Pennsylvania investigated the influence of yoga on the pressure of 58 volunteers aged 38 to 62 years.

Participants were divided into 3 groups. Members of the first focused on diet, weight loss and walking. The second group of volunteers was engaged in yoga, and the participants in the third class were given a diet.

As a result, the second group recorded a more significant decrease in pressure indicators than the first group - from 133/80 to 130/77. But the results of the third group participants, contrary to expectations, were not too different from the results of the second group.

11. Yoga regulates adrenal glands.

Yoga helps to reduce the level of cortisol - a hormone that is produced by the adrenal cortex. It is a stress hormone and, under any physical or psychological stress, its level rises, allowing you to concentrate and increase attention. All organs, in response to elevated levels of cortisol, begin to work in an enhanced, emergency mode. People whose hormone levels are elevated, are overweight and love all the stresses to jam something tasty.

12. Yoga makes you happy

Studies have proven that yoga helps to get rid of depression. When performing asanas, the level of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) increases significantly, which contributes to a good mood and improvement in overall well-being.

13. Yoga helps to lose weight

We often hear: if you want to lose weight, eat less, move more. Yoga helps to create a healthy lifestyle without planting rules and counting calories.

Yoga practice works on the physical and emotional planes. Performing asanas is movement. A stabilization of the emotional state of mind relieves from overeating and contributes to the choice of healthier foods.

For more information about whether you can lose weight doing yoga, read the article "Yoga for weight loss."

14. Yoga lowers blood sugar

Yoga reduces sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood and increases the level of good cholesterol. Studies have shown that this happens as a result of lowering levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which in turn helps to reduce weight and improve sensitivity to the action of insulin.

15. Yoga helps to focus

One of the main components of yoga is concentration on the present. Studies have found that regular yoga classes improve coordination, response, and even IQ. People who practice meditation. show the ability to solve problems faster, it is better to memorize information and restore events in memory. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are not burdened by an endless stream of extraneous thoughts.

16. Yoga helps to relax

Yoga helps to calm down, slow down breathing and focus attention on the present, shifting the balance from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic. It helps recuperate, reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation in the digestive and reproductive systems, and provides a relaxing effect.

17. Yoga improves balance and coordination of movements.

With regular yoga classes, the ability to feel your body and its location in space increases and the balance improves. Having found a good balance, you will less stumble and fall. For older people, this is especially important, since they gain more independence, they can take care of themselves.

18. Yoga develops control over the body.

Some advanced yogis have the ability to fully control their body, which makes scientists confused. Stories known yoga, which could hibernate, for a long time without food and water, to stop the heart, fall asleep in one minute. Doing yoga, you can also learn how to relax and fall asleep when you are tormented by insomnia, or mentally increase blood flow to the pelvis when you are trying to get pregnant.

More about the possibilities of yoga, you can read in the article "The incredible abilities of yogis."

19. Yoga relieves muscle tension

Have you ever noticed that you hold the phone or the steering wheel in a stranglehold? Or wrinkle your brow when you think or work?

These unconscious habits lead to chronic tension, muscle fatigue, pain in the joints, hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and face. By practicing yoga, you begin to notice which parts of your body are tense and learn how to relax these muscles.

20. Yoga gives peace of mind

The rhythm of modern life makes us all the time in motion, our brain works 24 hours a day, even during sleep. Naturally, our nervous system is constantly tense. Yoga helps to calm down and relax. Such restorative practices like shavasana (posture of the dead body), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation allow the nervous system to rest. And as a result, improve sleep and reduce exposure to stress.

21. Yoga improves the immune system.

Asanas and pranayama improve the function of the immune system, although scientists are inclined to believe that meditation brings the maximum benefit to immunity. Meditation stimulates the immune system when it is needed: it increases the level of antibodies during vaccination, or vice versa reduces the function of the immune system when it is necessary, for example, to reduce too high immunity protection in autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and others.

22. Yoga increases lung volume for deep breathing.

Yogis try to take less breaths, but deeper ones, which helps to calm the nervous system and is more effective breathing. Moreover, it helps to improve the functioning of the lungs and ensure the supply of a larger amount of oxygen to the blood.

23. Yoga improves the bowels

Gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation may be complicated by stress.

Yoga, like other physical activity, relieves constipation and theoretically reduces the risk of colon cancer, because it helps food move faster in the intestines. It is believed that to get rid of constipation especially help posture with twisting.

24. Yoga gives peace of mind

Yoga helps to calm the ever-wandering mind, relieve anxiety, reduce susceptibility to stress, alleviate such overwhelming feelings as fear, anger, irritation, and regret, which result in stress again.

Stress, in turn, is the cause of various health problems, ranging from migraines and insomnia to high blood pressure, sclerosis, eczema, heart attacks. So, be calm and live happily ever after.

25. Yoga increases self-esteem

Many people suffer from too low self-esteem. If you solve this problem with drugs, overeating, hard work, or promiscuous sex, you will pay for it with your physical and mental health. If you practice yoga, gradually your attitude towards yourself and others will begin to change, you will begin to experience feelings of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness, you will open yourself completely from the other side, and you will also feel yourself a part of something Bigger.

26. Yoga relieves pain

Yoga will help ease the pain. According to several studies, asanas and meditation reduce pain in people with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic diseases.

27. Yoga gives inner strength

Yoga will change your life! Doing yoga, you will soon realize that without making any effort, you will become better fed, feel more energetic, think positive, easier to cope with everyday difficulties and can even get rid of bad habits that have haunted you for years.

28. With yoga, you do not need medicine

If your medicine cabinet looks more like a pharmacy, it's time to do yoga. A study of people with asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes showed that a yoga class helped them to reduce the dosage of drugs, and in some cases, completely abandon them. Can not carve out money for yoga, can reduce the cost of tablets?

29. Yoga will teach you to love

Perhaps love cannot overcome all obstacles, but it definitely helps in the treatment of diseases. Giving love to your family, friends and society, you help yourself first and foremost. With regular yoga practice you will become friendlier, kinder and calmer. In addition, the philosophy of yoga advocates telling the truth and take only what you really need.

30. Yoga helps cleanse the body

Yoga also includes cleansing practices - kriyas. There are a large number of different techniques, ranging from quick breathing exercises to cleansing the internal organs, such as the intestines.

31. Yoga will teach to help yourself through helping others.

Karma yoga (helping others) is inseparable from the philosophy of yoga. By helping others, you help yourself. Helping others gives your life a new meaning, and your own problems do not seem so terrible when you see what others have to face.

32. Yoga will help you become the master of your life.

Most people who are treated with traditional medicine methods passively receive help from doctors. Doing yoga, you take responsibility for your life in your hands. Yoga gives you the tools to change and you can feel better from the very beginning of the practice.

33. Everything is interconnected

Surely, reading all these points about the benefits of yoga, you noticed that one follows from the other. Change your posture - and you change your breath. Change your breath - and you change your nervous system. This is one of the most important yoga lessons. Everything is interconnected.

When you start practicing yoga, you will realize that not only your health and appearance will change, your perception of yourself and the world around you will also change. Most likely, more conscious and interesting people will appear in your environment. New goals and plans, new hobbies and interests will appear, the very course of life itself will change.

Start practicing yoga soon and get all 33 benefits.

It will be hot!

It is also called Bikram Yoga, named after the creator Bikram Chowdhury, who has been engaged in such practices all his life. But, unexpectedly injured at a young age, Bikram was forced to suspend classes, and was bedridden, which made him very upset.

However, during the rehabilitation process, a Hindu found that the effectiveness of his classes increases when the temperature rises. And, performing asanas in a room with a regime of 40 degrees, he very soon rose to his feet.

The main secret lies in the fact that the heated body becomes more flexible, and stretching exercises are less painful. Today this direction has already gained millions of fans around the world, thanks to its advantages.

  1. Increased sweating allows you to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and slags.
  2. For those who thus want to lose those extra pounds, there is great news - they will leave even faster.
  3. High temperature conditions in combination with loads have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  4. Hot yoga is great for recovering from injuries, reducing pain.

Key secrets

The main feature of the classes is not only high air temperature, but also humidity, which should be at least 40%. Your lesson will consist of 26 asanas, which must be performed in 2 stages, and the same number of stages of breathing exercises.

It should be noted that the speed of performing asanas is quite high, for each of them it takes only 10-50 seconds. Thus, the body quickly enters a state of purification. The total duration of the workout is 1.5 hours.

If you want to get a quick visible effect, you need to attend classes three times a week.

Caution does not hurt

But do not rush to classes headlong. After all, such physical activity is not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to first consult with a doctor and pay attention to the presence of disease.

Bikram yoga is contraindicated for those who suffer from diseases of vascular dystonia, varicose veins, and kidney diseases, because increased sweating requires replenishment of water balance in large quantities.

Bikram yoga is very popular all over the world, even world-famous stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, George Clooney and many others speak in its favor. The path to knowing oneself is always open, and if such exercises also help to keep oneself in excellent physical shape, then their value doubles.

90 minutes of meditation.

This is another name for Bikram Yoga. A person gets rid of fatigue, fears and depression during class. This type of yoga gives a lot of positive effects to the person who is carried away by her. This is increased performance, endurance, improved blood circulation and metabolism.

Many are engaged in these exercises for weight loss, as the calories at hot temperatures and increased sweating are lost faster, cellulite disappears. With regular exercises, immunity increases and even serious diseases such as diabetes, arthritis stop progressing, and positive changes in their cure begin to occur.

Hot yoga for everyone.

Hot yoga, hot yoga offers exercises for different levels of preparedness.
For beginners, an experienced instructor will select simpler asanas, and for people with experience, according to their wishes and abilities.

The temperature in the room is about 38 - 40 degrees. Also, the humidity should be determined, namely 40 - 50 percent. Lesson time is approximately one and a half hours. Initially, the author used exercises in a hot room to recover from injuries. Later he improved the complex and adapted it for people with various problems and diseases.

Important points and rules of employment.

  1. Before the start of classes, a certain concentration and awareness are needed.
  2. Meals should be no earlier than 3 hours before the start of classes.
  3. Do not drink plenty of water so that abdominal exercises can be done easily.
  4. You need to dress lightly and comfortably, for example in a sports swimsuit.
  5. If you study at home under a video lesson, then carefully listen to the instructor's voice.
  6. For the rest, keep silence. Calm down and try to be in a meditative state. This is part of hot yoga practice. An endless stream of thoughts will leave you in the process.
  7. Try to breathe through your nose. It is not recommended to breathe through the mouth because the brain is overflowing with oxygen, it will begin to work vigorously and will bring the whole body to an overexcited state. Breathe in your nose and slowly. This will activate the part of the nervous system that is responsible for relaxing the body.
  8. There will be increased perspiration, and this is good. In hot yoga it should be. Then the processes will be faster. Wiping sweat, you activate even more of its selection.
  9. Listen to the body. Do not overstretch it with excessive stretch marks. It is so soft and pliable in a hot room, so take care of it.
  10. Try to keep silence within yourself and focus on doing the asanas. This will lead you to a certain state, necessary for practice and will bring more benefits.
  11. Be sure to finish classes, lie down in Shavasana. It will help to come to his senses and align your breathing.

Who should not be engaged.

Be sure to study the contraindications for practicing hot yoga, so as not to cause harm to your body.

  • People with hypertension can not do this kind of yoga.
  • If you have heart problems, heart valves, a defect or arrhythmia, you should refrain from practicing.
  • When varicose veins, fever, pregnancy, the passion for yoga is also not desirable.
  • Повышенная влажность воздуха может спровоцировать астму у людей, страдающих заболеваниями легких.

Поэтому тщательно изучите свои проблемы и затем уже уверенно приступайте к занятиям и добивайтесь хороших результатов. Надеюсь, что сегодняшняя тема была интересной для Вас, уважаемые читатели моего блога. Мы ещё раз убедились в безграничности древней науки. Чем больше мы изучаем, тем более открывается перед нами вся глубина учения.

But we are on the right track! Invite your friends and loved ones to our trip. Subscribe for updates and you will always be aware of how to lead a healthy lifestyle and use every day to get new knowledge and a better quality of our life. Until we meet again, friends!