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How to arrange a party in the style of Gatsby?


Corporate, wedding, anniversary - these events can be noted interesting, bright, one has only to choose the right theme of the holiday. The style of the great Gatsby is the ideal choice for lovers of unbridled fun, luxury, atmosphere of the 20s, 30s. A good script, suitable music, clothes, hairstyle, decorations - all this is important for the celebration to succeed.

Gatsby Party Scenario

The atmosphere of America of the 20-30s, skillfully described by the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald and repeatedly filmed, so amazed the minds of humanity that Gatsby Style appeared. Bright and unrestrained, this theme is popular in organizing weddings, New Year's corporate events, retro parties. The scenario for a Gatsby-style party takes everyone to the age of exquisite evening gowns, energetic dances to the sounds of jazz, and unbridled joy.

To prepare for the celebration you need to provide all the details to accurately reflect the atmosphere of those times. It is necessary to choose a suitable room (restaurant, cafe or other room), decorate it, prepare and send out invitations, buy or sew costumes, develop a menu, take care of music, entertainment. It is worth thinking about the photozone, which conveys the brightness of the era, its magnificence. Guests will be happy to participate in photo shoots. By planning and preparing all these details, you can expect that the holiday will succeed.

Gatsby Party Music

Music will set the mood for the holiday and the best, but not the cheapest pleasure, will be the choice of a professional jazz orchestra. Incendiary dances, as dictated by the fashion of the 20s (charleston, swing, jazz sounds of saxophone, piano) - these rhythms will help create a real show. If it is not possible to invite an orchestra, you can search for a cover band, a saxophonist, or find high-quality recordings of jazz compositions, soundtracks for the film. Music is the main factor dictating the mood of the participants of the celebration, you should not neglect this.

Gatsby Party Contests

Organizing graduation, birthday, any other celebration in the style of the past era, you need to come up with interesting contests for a party in the style of Gatsby. Card games, magic tricks, dances, songs will help to captivate the guests of the holiday. Charleston was especially popular in those years. A great idea could be organizing a dance master class. Offer guests such a competition:

  1. On the floor, mark a straight line with chalk or colored tape, along which the participants of the game can become. They hand out hats.
  2. At different distances, put three bottles of champagne, for example, 1 meter, 2 or 3 meters.
  3. Participants must, without stepping over the line, throw hats on the bottle.
  4. The winner receives a gift: a hat and champagne.

Guests will also be entertained by gambling: poker, roulette - this will emphasize the entourage of time. The action should end as brilliantly as it did: with fireworks, carrying out a huge cake or a joint photo session, a romantic launch of lanterns in the night sky. And all this can happen to the sounds of wonderful jazz compositions performed by a professional orchestra.

Gatsby Style for Men

Participants of the holiday create their own image, as dictated by the style of the 20s. For men, the presence of certain clothes and men's accessories is assumed:

  • three-piece suit (tuxedo, pants, vest), complemented by a butterfly or tie of various shades,
  • hats,
  • classic oxfords - suitable shoes from the time of the great Gatsby,
  • canes, cigars, watches on a chain,
  • roses or carnations attached to the lapel of the costume.

Gatsby Style for Women

Gatsby's style is especially elegant for women: the most vibrant, brilliant and evening dresses are appropriate here. A dress decorated with silver or gold beads, pebbles, sequins, complemented by a boa, a pearl necklace, and an elegant hat or feather bandage will complement the look perfectly. Fur will be appropriate: a boa or a light coat is well combined with other clothes. Bright make-up, manicure, shoes, gloves to the elbow will complement the image of the girl of the great Gatsby.

Gatsby Dresses

Women's clothes in the style of Gatsby are special straight cut dresses with a low waistline. Skirt length - to the knee, asymmetric hem. Colors for clothes choose calm: black, brown, white, silver. On the back - a slit or neckline. The main accessories that complement the image - embroidery with silver and gold threads, rhinestones, beads, the bottom of the product is decorated with fringe.

Gatsby Makeup

Particular attention should be paid to makeup. It should be bright, juicy and a little flashy, as evidenced by the photo. Red or burgundy lipstick contrasts with the pale tone of the face and elegant line of thin eyebrows. Dark shadows, mascara on the eyelashes and arrows emphasize the incision of the eyes. This makeup is special: both lips and eyes are emphasized. Especially extravagant ladies can paint a mole on the cheek ("front sight").

Gatsby Style Hairstyles

Choosing hairstyles in the style of Gatsby, it is worth staying on a haircut a la “Garconne” - short or medium length, like the main character of the film or fashionistas of those times in old photos. The image will complete a tiny hat, or a stylish accessory. If a party or corporate party will take place indoors, it is better to take care of the original hair decoration: ostrich feather, wrap, lace or ribbon with embroidery.

A bob haircut, falling waves of hair, curly rings on the forehead or temples are relevant for women. It is not necessary to have a special haircut, a bun or a tail made of hair decorated with a hairpin with rhinestones or pearls, a veil or a thin scarf will look stylish. With men, everything is much simpler: a neatly smoothed hairstyle, a small mustache - and the party in the style of the great Gatsby will succeed in glory.

Gatsby Decorations

Do not neglect the choice of accessories: jewelry in the style of Gatsby will help to make the image more holistic, complete. A long pearl thread, complemented by sparkling brooch, earrings, bracelets, is perfectly combined with gloves to the elbows and a bandage with a feather or a small hat. A shiny little handbag or a bag on a string that will complement the image will be appropriate. Party in the style of jazz involves an abundance of accessories.

Prim spirit of America

Since the appearance of the next film adaptation of the work of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the theme of America of the 20s and 30s began to penetrate into all spheres of our life. And it’s not for nothing. There was at that time its charm, intrigue, passion, brightness. Something that is sometimes lacking in the modern high-tech world.

A Gatsby party is always a show, unthinkable without fun, jazz, beautiful and elegant dresses. At one time, aspiring businessmen from Wall Street let down unbelievable sums for such a holiday. Therefore, if your budget is significantly limited, or you want to save, then it is better to choose a different format and theme.

Gatsby style is universal, it is suitable for both birthday and wedding, corporate events, New Year. We advise you to prepare in advance so as not to miss important details, each of which, as part of a puzzle, is important for the overall picture.


This is the first thing to start. Of course, before that you should have already decided on the venue. To notify guests, postcards sent by mail or retro-styled letter envelopes will do.

To be sure that all guests have received an invitation, we recommend receiving confirmation by phone a few days before the celebration.

One of the main conditions. If you want to enjoy the spirit of this festival in an atmosphere of brilliance and elegance, then all guests must comply with the dress code.

They will not have to dress up for a long time. A modern classic suit with a bowtie, white shirt and perfectly polished shoes will be very useful. Those who do not like jackets can offer a classic vest.

Elegant "highlights" will be a scarf, a cane, a hat, a watch on a chain, cigars, roses attached to a jacket pocket.

Holders are not the shortest haircuts useful gel for styling.

As for women's dresses, there will have to spend a little more time to choose. But here is where to roam the female fantasy. If you want to fully meet the style of the 20-30s, then you should look for dresses with a low waistline, knee-length and asymmetrical bottom. The latter can be decorated with fringe.

The trend is also dress-shirt and pipe-dress.

As for color, it is desirable that these be the basic shades - black, white, beige, brown, gray (silver). But what about the bright party without the same outfit, you ask? The color itself should be basic, but the decor is quite appropriate to a different color, and if all this will shine and shine, you will definitely be the center of attention. Gold threads, sequins, rhinestones, beads are excellent finishing options for women's attire.

Do not forget about the accessories that perfectly complete the image - fur vests, small hats with a veil, satin ribbons tied around the head, or headbands decorated with rhinestones, feathers, flowers or stones, high gloves, brooches, pearl threads and tiny clutches.

Separately, it should be said about the make-up. The most successful epithet in this case is juicy. You should be noticed immediately. Brightly emphasize all your advantages, and expertly hide the disadvantages. Do not forget the bright lipstick, sexy arrows on the eyes, well-dyed eyelashes and dark shadows.

And, of course, hairstyle. It does not take much time. It will be enough for owners of a bobber just to curl a little curls, but for girls with long hair you can put them in a neat bun, decorate them with a hairpin with rhinestones, an invisible elastic with an ostrich feather, or a hairpin with a veil attached.

The easiest option for all cases - drop wavy curls.

If you are confident in their abilities, you can use the styling gel, and make beautiful curls on the forehead or temples.


While your guests are picking up their outfits, you need to do the scenery. Everything should be rich, as the young “business sharks” on Wall Street would say.

The ideal option, of course, are large houses with a courtyard, a fountain, a swimming pool. But not everyone has the opportunity to afford this luxury, so consider a more budget option.

In order not to bother yourself too much in trying to re-arrange the interior, choose a hall (cafe, restaurant) in a classic style. Make sure that the doorman meets you at the entrance. And the interior must necessarily include white tablecloths on the tables, table crystal, porcelain dishes, functional candlesticks with real candles, vases with fresh flowers.

Do not be afraid to overdo it, tinsel, glitter, soft puffs for rest, golden serpentine - what you need.

It is also worth considering that guests will definitely want to take a photo as a keepsake, so consider a stylized photo zone with retro things.

Everybody is dancing!

There will be no holiday without music. And it should be suitable. The easiest option - a collection of jazz hits that will be played on modern technology. As a pleasant surprise, you can invite a saxophonist. And if there is enough finance, then a small jazz band can become the “highlight of the program”.

Things to do?

When such beauty is around, sitting and boring to spend time talking alone is simply a crime. That is why you must have a party script.

Remember what was in the favorite of that time? Excitement and fun. Because a great option for your celebration - roulette and poker. For those who like to dance, you can arrange a master class in Charleston and a dance marathon.

What can you say about the competition for the best tune played on glasses? We are sure that guests will like it. You can invite magicians, jugglers or acrobats.

Do not forget about the Bengal lights and festive fireworks, the final action.

Nice atmosphere and fun entertainment is great. But do not forget that guests need something to treat. The format of the party in the style of Gatsby provides a buffet. This option will provide an opportunity to freely communicate with each other and not be tied to a place at the table.

Would you like to surprise those present? Order a fountain with champagne. Alcohol at such a party is paid special attention, and it must be of high quality. What is suitable? Martini, champagne, cocktails, whiskey, cognac, punch, cooked according to an old recipe.

As a treat, they usually serve various snacks - canapes, sandwiches, pancakes with caviar, tartlets with salads and pies, seafood, meats and cheese cuts, as well as vegetables, fruits, desserts.

The Gatsby party is epatage and luxury, mixed with uncontrollable fun. We are sure that such a holiday will please everyone and will leave only the most pleasant memories.

What is a Gatsby Party

First of all, This is a kind of show - bright, enchanting, incendiary, happening in the atmosphere of American parties of the 20s, full of luxury, brilliance, jazz music and impetuous fun and dancing.

Organization of a party in this style can be suitable for absolutely any celebration: New Year, birthday, anniversary, wedding. This is a very original idea for every holiday: it, like a bright beam, will light up the gray days and, if properly organized, will undoubtedly surpass all your expectations. In order to organize a party in the style of Gatsby are needed careful preparation and planning, competent preliminary decision of all organizational issues. What is needed to ensure that your elegant event is held at the proper level?

  • A preliminary agreement with all those present - a few standard-dressed people can spoil the entire carefully created atmosphere of the holiday of the 20s.
  • A suitable room and an entourage corresponding to the chosen style.
  • The outfits and accessories of those present should not be out of the general picture, they should correspond to those that were relevant in those years.
  • The musical arrangement is appropriate in this case - jazz music, saxophone.
  • Acceptable for this party style treat.

Features of dresses for women

Ladies should be dressed in cocktail dress knee-length or slightly lower, with a low waist, embroidered with beads, glass beads, beads. Perfect fit shirt dresses or pipe dresses, especially with or without short sleeves, which the fur boa will remarkably complement. As headwear most often used graceful caps with feathers (mostly ostrich), veils or flowers. But the most important will look satin ribbons, openwork headbands around the head, decorated with rhinestones, stones, feathers, flowers, embroidery.

Women's hairstyles

Hairstyle, which was considered fashionable in the 20s, - haircut square or "under the boy". But it’s not at all necessary to sacrifice a luxurious head of hair to give the necessary look, you can buy a suitable wig or stay with long hair with a well-chosen accessory for such a hairstyle. Also one of the successful options will be wavy, flowing, effectively styled hair.

Women's accessories

Especially attentive ladies should approach the choice of their accessories. The most appropriate decoration for your outfit at a party in the style of Gatsby will be pearls - real or artificial. Beads of considerable length should be wrapped around the neck several times. Various bright bracelets, rings, brooches, pendants with precious and semi-precious stones will be useful. Handbag should be small on a chain, best of black velvet, decorated with rhinestones, gold, fringe. Complete the image long gloves above the elbowme and graceful shoes or sandals on a low heel with a rounded nose.

Musical accompaniment

The party in the style of Gatsby must be complemented by the corresponding music to which it belongs jazz. The ideal solution would be to invite for a small holiday. jazz orchestrabut even lone saxophonist able to create the necessary atmosphere at the festival. If you do not have the opportunity to find musical performers, it is quite possible to limit yourself to the corresponding sound recordings or music videos.

Entourage of the 20s

Create a plentiful shine, shine of colors, decorate the room with a variety of fresh flowers. Holidays in the style of Gatsby were full of bright colors - always in the form of gold, silver, pearl shine. The smell of luxury, success!

In accordance with this style, it is necessary to pay tribute to massive objects, vintage grotesque antique furniture, large tables, beautiful chairs, exquisite china and chic statuettes. The general hall for the celebration should be filled with shiny tinsel, serpentine, balloons, the presence of Bengal lights is appropriate..

Festive table in the style of Gatsby

Так как соответствующий случаю стиль имеет в своей основе изысканность, оригинальность, дороговизну, именно поэтому и стол на данное мероприятие должен соответствовать данным эпитетам и поражать присутствующих такими качествами. Особое внимание на таком фуршете уделяется спиртным напиткам. Естественно, хорошее шампанское различных сортов и марок на любой, даже самый взыскательный вкус. Other suitable drinks are martini, brandy, quality cognac, whiskey, all sorts of cocktails. Best of all, if they are prepared in accordance with the recipes of the time. By the way, an interesting fact is that alcoholic beverages were officially banned in the 1920s, but nevertheless were present at any self-respecting event. Therefore, it would be useful to disguise the drinks served under their non-alcoholic variant, for example, lemonade or tea. The dishes served can be canapes, sandwiches, seafood, caviar - all those products that are of high value and, of course, very tasty.

Gatsby Fun

What kind types of entertainment were taken in the 20s? Excitement, speed, beauty dominated at that time. The basis of the entertainment was the casino, and it would be great if you could arrange a real roulette wheel or play with them in poker. Can arrange betting, if not in the horse races, then at least cockroaches or rats. By the way cockroach race had a very high popularity in the 20s, although today not many will like it.


If you wanted to go to the most spectacular party of Long Island, you probably already watched the movie. But reconsider it once again, through the prism of the organizer, and the sea of ​​ideas will literally overwhelm you! In addition to the screen version of 2013, you can at least look at the rewind version 1926, 49, 74 or 2000, that you will find.

The room should shine, glow with lights and shine - garlands, streamers, pearl beads, tinsel, golden or silver confetti! Sparks dance on crystal glasses and huge chandeliers, reflecting from endless mirrors and ice sculptures. The ceiling and walls are decorated with balloons, everywhere colorful hydrangeas or roses. Arrange a spectacular bottling of champagne in the pyramid of glasses, stock up on cold fountains and sparklers.

A brand wall or a stand with motifs from the film, photos of the main characters in full growth, a sparkling retro car or colorful fireworks will be a great background for photography.

If there are plasma panels installed on the walls of the hall, turn on the Great Gatsby film on all screens, muffle the sound. Even footage from the film, posters with views of New York at night or with the image of the very staircase will be quite suitable for the party. Do not forget about comfortable sofas, a spacious dance floor and poker tables. Have a party in the banquet room, on the beach, by the pool or in nature. But the cramped rooms of a typical apartment are not very suitable for a grandiose action, because every detail should shout: “I have an indecent lot of money. And yes, I spend them on all nonsense! ”.

Ladies' party costumes are provocatively expensive and glitzy, like everything in the Gatsby style. Of course, first of all, you need to choose a dress - short or on the floor, decorated with fringe, gold or silver threads, rhinestones or sequins. The cut of the dress with a low waist repeats the curves of the figure, without hindering movements during the dance. A boa or scarf, a tiny hat, a cloche or a headdress with feathers, sparkling beads, earrings and bracelets, elegant shoes and gloves, stockings with suspenders. Carefully styled hair and bright juicy makeup will complete the image of the 20s.

The evening image of Gatsby is a classic threesome of black color, a dark butterfly and shoes, a white-and-white shirt. To match the style of the party and accessories - a scarf in a jacket pocket, a rose on the lapel, an elegant cane. Hair is smoothed, shoes are cleaned to shine, aristocratic luster is felt in everything. If the classic seems boring, you can choose a blue, pinkish, white or brown suit, plain or striped, a bright bow tie or tie, cap or hat. Not exactly the evening version, but this is a stylization, not an exact reproduction.

Remember to mention the dress code in the party invitation, although Gatsby did not. He did not send invitations at all, allowing anyone (from certain circles, of course) to have fun in his posh home every weekend. But the invitation will allow guests to prepare in advance for the grand event, so be sure to send out cards to your friends. As a basis for the text, you can use the image of the famous "eye of God", the cover of the novel or stills from the film.

All that you can take, put in your mouth and eat - canapes and assorted skewers, tartlets, small sandwiches and baskets with meat, fish or salad stuffing, mini-rolls, caviar, oysters. Classic buffet with multiple portions. Do not forget sweets, fruit and, if necessary, a huge cake. From drinks - champagne, whiskey pure or soda, martini, cocktails, punch, juices.

If the scenario Gatsby party includes a feast with sitting on the seats at the common table, cover the table with a long tablecloth, drape chairs or rent vintage furniture. Mini fountains, small ice figures, crystal wine glasses and decanters, flowers in miniature vases - every detail should be exquisite and refined.

- Did you yourself invent all this magnificence?

- No, it's all thanks to you. In every idea - you. In every thing. But if you don’t like something, I’m ready to change everything.

- Everything is perfect. You have an unusual, amazing imagination.

Suit for men

Gatsby style Christmas party to allow men to express themselves as true gentlemen. It is easy to choose an image: in a classic three of black color, a dark bow tie and shoes, a snow-white shirt, you will look elegant and stylish. As a fashionable attribute suitable scarf, walking stick. Carefully smooth your hair and brush your shoes to shine. Aristocratic polish - that's what you should focus on.

Great Gatsby Party: Menu

As a treat, any snacks that can be eaten without difficulty are suitable.

  • Thanks to canapes, tartlets, assorted skewers, small sandwiches and baskets with meat, fish or salad fillings, mini rolls, red or black caviar, guests will not go hungry.
  • On the classic buffet table, the presence of sweets and fruit, if possible, a huge cake.
  • The main drink will serve as champagne. But in America of those years, cocktails, juices, martini, punch with ice were also popular.

What to do at the party?

At a party in the style of Gatsby, the script is not necessary: ​​the exquisite audience enjoys pleasant conversations, jokes, bohemian gossip. In addition, the atmosphere of the decorated room, a beautiful table, paraphernalia will create the necessary mood. Light music playing on the background will allow your friends to relax and unwind. In other matters, entertainment does not interfere!

If funds are not limited, order the arrival of an air acrobat, show ballet or magician. But you can cheer guests in other ways.

  • An integral part of a stormy night belongs to Charleston. Everyone can master this fiery dance.
  • At a party in the style of Gatsby contests will not be redundant. Play on thin glass goblets: wine or brandy. The competition will require only clean water and fingertips.
  • Suggest guests to dance, holding a balloon with their bodies, under a selection of incendiary melodies.
  • The holiday is diversified by a poker or roulette game. Print out the bills beforehand and dry them a little.

How to organize a party in the style of Gatsby

Before you start preparing a thematic event, it is recommended to watch the film “The Great Gatsby”. Other pictures about the life of aristocrats and the nouveau riche of the second decade of the 20th century will also do. From these films you can learn ideas for room decor, see examples of costumes for a party and the composition of the menu.

Watch this movie for inspiration.

What to wear

Gatsby style implies elegant business-class clothing. For men, these are formal suits, white shirts, ties, and black patent leather shoes.

Accessories are also important.

For women - cocktail dresses, trimmed with beads, rhinestones or sequins, dresses, pipes, hats in the modern style.

The costumes of that era were real works of art, so they would take a lot of effort or money to repeat.

An important role is played by accessories. Men should not forget about a white scarf in a jacket pocket, and women - about fans and clutches.

Food and Drink

The party does not suggest a feast, only expensive alcohol and snacks.

Such parties mean that guests will play and dance, they will have no time to sit at the table and eat food. Therefore, the menu should be limited to snacks and alcohol:

  • canapes with dried meat and red fish,
  • tartlets with red caviar,
  • oysters, baked squids and mussels, shrimp kebabs,
  • fruits,
  • expensive chocolates
  • champagne of all available varieties,
  • whiskey, brandy, brandy, punch.

As you can see, the products on the list are mostly luxury and delicious. So it should be, the party is still in the style of Gatsby, and the American “business sharks” didn’t eat potatoes or cheese slices.

Music selection

Only jazz will create the unique atmosphere of the evening.

With music, everything is simple - jazz, jazz and jazz again. It would be ideal to find a gramophone with old creaking plates, and also hire a pianist or even a whole musical group. Everything should be based on jazz - it will create the unique atmosphere of the evening.

How to create an unusual atmosphere and what kind of music to listen to at a party in the Hawaiian style, read here: https://tonusmozga.ru/interesnoe/vecherinka-v-gavayskom-stile.html.

Games and Fun

Roulette, poker, preference, billiards and bowling will be great fun at the Great Gatsby party

At the party in the style of Gatsby should attend gambling and traditional entertainment:

It would be nice to invite a dance instructor who will quickly help guests learn the simple American Charleston.

You may also be interested in materials about organizing and holding a party of style or in American style.

Party in American retro style requires an impressive budget. Therefore, before preparing it, you should consider whether you are ready to spend such money. If so, then the cards in hand! Guests will definitely be delighted. Photos from such an evening they will show to all their friends, and the outfits will be carefully kept and dream about the next reason to put them on - there is no doubt about that.

Menu, serving

You can’t call the budget holiday in the style of the great Gatsby, and the party menu should also be a match. Treats are exquisite, inaccessible or seemingly so due to the original serving of food. It is advisable to just a little bit to hit the guests with an assortment of seafood, meat, smoked meats, fish, fruits and vegetables in batch / sliced.

It implies a buffet table, as the party is danceable, active. Of course, for the Gatsby wedding, it is better to set up small tables for 3-4 people and hire trained waiters - food and drinks should appear out of thin air.

All kinds of desserts, sweets - chocolate, a scattering of drops, glazed nuts, a huge cake for a wedding or birthday. Drinks: compulsory champagne, wines, brandy and cognac, any cocktails. A few ideas that highlight Gatsby’s style:

  • satin tablecloths, drapery chairs. The color design is in harmony with the decorations (black + gold, white + gold, white + silver),
  • napkin rings, chrome napkin holders,
  • feathers, fresh flowers, pearls,
  • multi-level stand for dishes, better chrome,
  • punch fountains, chocolate fountains,
  • ice sculptures, figured ice (molds cost a penny),
  • crystal, glass with gold or silver,
  • collectible alcohol ("Soviet" champagne is certainly inappropriate).

The easiest way to re-stick labels (vintage can be printed from the web):

  • bars, caches in globes, books,
  • pyramids of glasses for pouring champagne.