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90 photo ideas design the balcony from the inside: the most beautiful balconies on which you want to live


Balcony 2018 is a separate space that can be decorated completely differently depending on the intended use.

It has long been ceased to be used exclusively as a pantry, because there are many much more interesting and no less functional options.

Interior finish

In order to use the balcony year-round, it is necessary to pay due attention to the weatherization. It will ensure a comfortable stay in the cold season.

You should also think about sound insulation, especially if the apartment is located in the city center or close to the main thoroughfare.

For this purpose, it is better to choose double glazed windows, which will serve as protection from noise and dust.

After completion of the preparatory work, you can go directly to the design of the balcony 2018, which also has its own nuances.

For a comfortable stay on the balcony should be protected from the sun's rays, especially if the windows are oriented to the south. To solve this problem, you can use blinds or roller blinds.

They also produce a special thermal protective film and tinted double-glazed windows.

The idea of ​​combining a balcony with a room is quite widespread. But it should be remembered that this is a serious redevelopment, requiring coordination and permits.

Sometimes they make a complete kitchen out of the loggia, which also imposes a number of restrictions. For example, in such a kitchen can not use a gas stove.

Consider several options for modern ideas balcony 2018.

Winter Garden

A great budget option for plant lovers will be the creation of a winter garden on the balcony as a corner for relaxation.

When designing this interior for balconies in 2018, attention should be paid to parameters such as room temperature and light level. This is important for creating suitable conditions for normal growth.

It should be remembered that not only a lack of light, but, conversely, too much direct exposure to sunlight on the leaves can be harmful.

To create a relaxing atmosphere can be placed on the balcony and stereo. Finishing the balcony 2018 is best done using the most natural materials.

Well on such a balcony will fit a rocking chair or wicker. If there is no place for one, then the way out will be the hammock. Wicker furniture, due to its external aesthetics and proximity to nature, charges a certain energy and helps to relax.

See more here:

The only serious disadvantage of the garden on the balcony is that it requires constant care, which is difficult to provide with a rich work schedule.


This combination is no longer surprising and is widely used. After all, the space of the loggia is really very convenient to use as a workplace.

The urban landscape outside the window can push on new thoughts, and if a beautiful landscape opens from the window, then it becomes really pleasant to work. Promotes workflow and plenty of light.

Traditionally, offices are made concisely, but on the balcony you can slightly deviate from the rules. One of the most interesting modern solutions for finishing the balcony 2018 is a combination in the design of white-painted brickwork with a black wall.

The furniture is used pale, often woody flowers. A convenient option is to order the built-in furniture. The table is most often located in the entire length of the end wall, in addition, you can select a place for the rack and shelves.

Balcony Gym

A rather extraordinary decision that can really be relevant in the lives of active people. Carrying out sports equipment on the balcony with a small living space perfectly solves the problem of allocating space for training.

However, it is necessary to properly assess the size of the room and understand what inventory can be placed there. It can be an exercise bike, a treadmill, a punching bag or horizontal bar.

Also, virtually any balcony will have enough space for yoga, which require only bedding mat.

With this use of the balcony, it is good to warm the floor, and indeed the whole room as a whole. And on the end wall you can place a large mirror.

Photo selection of the best design ideas for beautiful balconies

1. The open balcony with iron railings, shown in the first photo, seems particularly spacious. In good weather, you can use it instead of the terrace, imagining that you are in the courtyard of a private household.

Easy-to-use furnishings with variegated cushions, striped carpet, in harmony with the upholstery of the chairs, ornamental plants in pots create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

2. If there is no pantry in the apartment, and you have to store things on the balcony, install a compartment closet with compact dimensions and roomy on it in order not to clutter up the balcony space. Colorful plants in containers will perfectly fit into the design of a similar balcony.

If you plan to organize tea drinking in this area, put a small table and two or three chairs that can be folded.

3. If you think that a small balcony cannot be used as a place to rest, then we will dispel your confusion. The following photo clearly demonstrates how pleasant it is to drink tea on the balcony, complete with a small wooden round table and two chairs.

4. And on this balcony you can always chat over a cup of tea or coffee with a friend who has stopped by to visit, sitting on bar stools.

Glazed and reliably insulated, such a balcony can be used in any season of the year. It is pleasant to while away the time on the heated balcony area, regardless of the weather.

5. In addition to the table equipped with chairs, you can install a mini-sofa on the balcony. Put a few pillows on a wooden cabinet and attach a couple more to the wall using the rails, and the corner for the rest is ready. Stylish and at the same time cozy to create a balcony design is a snap.

6. The convenience of an oval-shaped balcony lies in the fact that it has a large entrance area. Ornamental plants can be placed in the corners. Install the bookcase and use it to arrange containers with flowers.

In a free place, put a table with chairs and do not forget about the soft pillows.

7. This photo shows how a balcony can be turned into a continuation of a room. Put a desktop in this area, it will be especially pleasant to perform work duties in such conditions - good lighting in the daytime is guaranteed.

Another successful solution is to make a corner of a schoolboy or student from a balcony, having equipped a workplace for classes.

8. On the balcony you can install not only a small sofa, but also a bed. This photo will help you imagine how this arrangement of the balcony space with panoramic windows will look like. Try to implement this idea in practice.

9. Another photo-example of properly selected furniture for the balcony. The curbstone, equipped with a drawer for things with a soft mattress on top, and pillows attached to the surface of the wall, will allow you to get something like a sofa.

Folding table model, if necessary, can be assembled to increase free space.

10. Many apartment owners dream of turning the balcony space into a full-fledged room designed for relaxation. This is a realistic task.

Looks prestigious wood trim balcony. Presentable furnishings (corner sofa model with mattresses, an elegant tea table with glass top on a wooden leg), wood wall decoration, plant shelves and high-quality lighting will turn the balcony area into a resort town. In order to create a cozy atmosphere on the balcony, there is nothing difficult.

11. On the open balcony, adjacent to your and neighboring apartments, you can arrange a place for an evening pastime. Dinner and rest, admiring the city - it is a pleasure. This place is perfect for a romantic date.

12. Not only on the glazed, but also on the open balcony you can equip a secluded corner. Put a comfortable chair in the corner, hang a curtain, and an isolated place is ready. And if you want to enjoy the view of the city, just pull back the curtain and contemplate the landscape.

13. Hanging a hammock in the balcony area is one of the most creative ideas. Such a decision is acceptable not only for the yard of a private household or cottage, but also for a city apartment. Creating conditions for recreation is easy.

14. In addition to the hammock, you can still use the suspended model of the chair, made by the type of cocoon. This photo shows how harmonious it looks on the balcony with a transparent glass enclosure. Such furniture is very popular today.

15. Lowering the level of the fence, on the balcony you can contemplate the landscape, sitting on the floor on soft pillows. It does not hurt here and a low table with chairs. Such furniture occupies a minimum of space and is convenient in operation.

16. Among the apartment owners there are a lot of those who create an area for eating on the balcony. In such cases, it is better to pack the table not with chairs, but with a bench on which you can lie with a pillow. Lunch area can be combined with a seating area.

17. Regardless of the area on any balcony area you can put a comfortable chair and hang bookshelves. Reading lovers will definitely like this solution. Balcony, if desired, can be turned into a home library.

18. And this photo shows a balcony with a standard narrow layout, found in most apartments. As you can see, there are no signs of littering. The balcony is repaired, revetted with a tile of a presentable peach shade, and the window sill from the outside of the window opening is used as a shelf.

Even on a narrow long balcony, you can place a table with folding chairs. This is how a secluded corner is created in the apartment.

19. The owner of this balcony most likely also likes to spend time alone with himself. Balcony space is freed from trash, repaired and equipped with comfortable furnishings, for example, a seat without frame, resembling a bag.

In the evenings, to create a romantic setting, you can light candles on the window.

20. In European countries, open balconies are common. In Europe, the climate is milder, so the balcony areas are used as a corner for recreation by almost all apartment owners. Even a modest-sized balcony can give a lot of positive moments.

21. And this photo shows a balcony with voluminous worktops, complemented by bar stools. An ordinary door here is replaced by a sliding glass sheet. Such a design, besides the fact that it looks presentable, is also comfortable to use.

22. Another interesting version of the improvement of the balcony with an open plan involves the installation of a screen with a projector. A comfortable sofa or chair is in addition - and the home theater is ready. This area for watching movies is not in every apartment, you see, this is one of the most creative ideas.

23. Usually balconies in apartments have very modest footage, therefore every meter of balcony space should be used as efficiently as possible. If desired, even a small room can be equipped with a compact and convenient to use furniture: hanging or reclining table, hanging chair and high chairs.

24. If the balcony space allows, placing a washing machine in this area would be a practical solution. Thanks to this, you can make room in the kitchen or in the bathroom. A laundry machine on the balcony is very unusual, but practical.

25. Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a cottage and regularly relax outside the city. Flower lovers living in the city, you can offer to grow flowers on the balcony of a city apartment. Living plants in pots will transform your balcony and turn it into a paradise. Well, and the mattress with pillows will be a bed on which you can relax, inhaling the scent of flowers.

26. Is it a pity to throw away an old chest of drawers or other furniture inherited from a grandmother? Put it on the balcony, if it does not fit into the interior of the apartment.

Complete the decor with living plants, accessories in the form of photos and figurines, and the balcony will turn into a pretty country-style room.

27. Creating a bed on the balcony is an excellent option for those who live in a small one-room apartment, Khrushchev. You will get the opportunity to relax in privacy.

28. I would like to arrange a romantic date, but to spend money on going to a restaurant is not possible? Create a romantic setting on your balcony. Make the lights, light the candles, and your balcony will turn into a magnificent panoramic platform, ideal for declarations of love.

29. If the balcony is open and there is no possibility or desire to glaze it, make sure that there is always a warm blanket at hand. Put soft pillows and bedspreads in the chairs, and even cool weather will not interfere with your relaxation in the fresh air.

30. For those who love nature, the balcony will be an excellent platform for breeding ornamental plants. Create a greenhouse on your balcony. Particularly impressive are large plants in tubs.

31. Want to create an original balcony interior? Use an unusual detail in the design of the balcony, for example, a table for checking the vision, pasted on the wall. One non-standard element can radically transform an ordinary interior.

32. I managed to find unusual furniture that would look inappropriate in the living room or bedroom, and I really want to decorate the interior with it - place it on the balcony. Thanks to the original elements you can create a stylish design of the balcony space.

33. If you can not decide whether to put a sofa on the balcony or hang a hammock, use both. Put cushions on the sofa in covers that are identical to the material of the hammock, and you get a solid design picture. And hang on the ceiling unusual lamp.

34. Recently, it has become fashionable to equip work rooms on the balconies. This is an excellent option for those who work at home, but is not able to allocate a separate room in the apartment for the office. Put a table on the balcony, a comfortable chair, hang shelves on the walls, and the work area will be ready.

35. In this photo, a balcony design chip is an accent wall. Additional comfort is created due to numerous pillows, and living plants give completeness to the design picture. Think over the details, and the design will be harmonious.

36. One of the current issues is how to decorate a window on the balcony. For this purpose it is best to use blinds. This decor is practical, looks modern and stylish.

37. Instead of chairs on the balcony, you can install the bench. Doors are best made sliding. Glass designs will help create the effect of free space.

38. Another interesting solution is to replace the chairs with soft-lined drawers. You will not only get soft seats, but you can also keep things out of sight. Decorate walls with pillows with unusual prints and a couple of paintings.

39. Wicker furniture is often used on the balconies. The chair on the chain will be a highlight of the balcony interior. Do not forget to put a soft cape in the chair so that it is warmer.

40. Love numerous accessories? Use them in the design of your balcony. Cage for birds, garden lanterns, paintings - all this can be used for transformation and decoration. Create a beautiful balcony design with your own hands.

41. The interior of the balcony can be arranged in the same vein as the design of the apartment. For example, if for the decoration of one of the residential premises a black and white scale is chosen, then the balcony can be decorated in these shades by placing bright accents, in this case yellow ones.

42. The balcony is great for storing kitchen utensils. In order not to overload the kitchen with unnecessary things, make shelves on the balcony and store everything there. Balcony space can be used as a dining area.

43. And this photo shows a narrow balcony, decorated in white. The finish is simple and tasteful. Revitalize the interior of a few green plants.

44. Even if you do not work at home, a small work area, equipped on the balcony, just does not hurt. If you have a table on the balcony area, you can search for information on the Internet or watch a movie on a laptop in a private setting.

45. The working area on the balcony, decorated in a modern style - it is fashionable and stylish. Do not overload the interior with things; minimalist design is very popular today. Black and white gamma and a minimum of things - everything is compact and rational.

46. Если ваша цель создать эффектную обстановку на балконе в вечернее время, используйте многочисленные фонарики. Освещение играет большую роль в любом интерьере, и балкон — не исключение.

Чтобы превратить обыденный интерьер в особенный, уникальный, больших усилий не потребуется.

47. If there is not enough space on the balcony, make the main element of the interior a table decorated with flowers and fruit compositions in vases. Sitting at such a table, you can always drink tea or read a book. Foldable furniture is very easy to use.

48. Love to draw? Install an easel on the balcony. Unusual decor can be created by the brickwork. A lively atmosphere of lemon or tangerine with real citrus fruits.

49. For storage on the balcony can be equipped with a closet. It is better not to close the windows with curtains or blinds in order to be able to admire the panorama of the city. If the apartment is located on the upper floors of a high-rise building, the view will be amazing.

50. Another simple way to create a seating area on the balcony is to install a chair and hang a picture on the wall. Figurines and living plants in pots will contribute to the creation of comfort. The finish in white and brown tones gives the room an elegant look.

51. A comfortable low chair with cushions on the balcony is a great place to relax. Sitting in this chair, you can read, indulge in dreams and just contemplate the panorama opening from the balcony. And in the evenings you can light candles to create an atmosphere of romance.

52. Many apartment owners trim plastic balconies. Such a wall covering in combination with plastic windows looks very modern. White trim is ideal for small balconies.

53. If there are children in the house, decorate the balcony with toys. On the shelves you can place a collection of dolls, and even hang a broom or other unusual object, if you really want some sort of zest and originality. Give the interior a stylish look will help the tablecloth with modern prints.

54. Do you want to arrange a bed on the balcony, but you do not have the opportunity to install a sofa or a bed there? Put a big box and put a mattress with pillows on top - everything is extremely simple. And lay on the floor mat.

55. And on this photo the balcony resembles a full room. The white sofa, the finish of the upper part of the wall with a material similar to furniture, and the black table form the perfect composition. A bouquet of fresh flowers revives the picture.

56. A bench with bright pillows, flowers in pots on the wall and a tree in a tub - another interesting option for arranging a balcony. Pillows and soft mattress not only enliven the interior with its colorful design, but also make it more comfortable.

Many dream of an open balcony. In the glazed space is more difficult to feel the spring-summer mood. Of course, open balconies are not as practical as warmed, but in the warm season they become a heavenly place that you don’t want to leave.

Fresh air and a beautiful view of the city make it possible to relax and turn away from everyday worries. A comfortable furniture will make the rest on the balcony as comfortable as possible.

Find out what can be done from the remnants of wallpaper for interior decoration: 30 of the best photo ideas from the available materials.

A selection of beautiful ideas and the right crafts with their own hands for home interior is in this article.

57. The highlight of the next version of the arrangement of the balcony - a chaise lounge made of bamboo. 2-3 small pillows, a light woolen blanket or a bedspread, an open umbrella from the sun, a table for drinks is a great idea for relaxing and having a midday sleep in the open air.

58. It is not necessary to turn a balcony into a storeroom, storing winter or summer clothes on it, depending on the season. Instead of meeting guests in the kitchen, invite them to the balcony - of course, renovated and well-maintained. Talking over a cup of tea in the open air will be much more pleasant than if you were sitting in the kitchen.

59. The main question of interest to the owners of glazed balconies is which floor covering is better to choose. In most cases, the floor is made of stone or decorated with ceramic tiles. You can also use a decking, resembling a decking or garden flooring.

The advantages of decking are its ease and long service life. This material is able to withstand the negative impact of natural factors. The appearance of the flooring has a great influence on the perception of the overall appearance of the balcony, so its choice must be approached responsibly.

60. Wall decoration is equally important. One of the best solutions is siding. This material is more resistant to wear than plastic, and not as expensive as wood. Wall siding will create a presentable atmosphere on the balcony.

61. Do not clutter a balcony with pieces of furniture, especially if it has a modest size. Install a compact table equipped with chairs, or a mini-sofa. Easy to use folding furniture, if the balcony is open, it can be removed until the next warm season.

62. A large role in creating the presentable appearance of the balcony is played by small details. As accessories, suitable live plants, garden lanterns, cushions with decorative embroidery, soft blankets, candles in beautiful candlesticks. Thanks to such details you will create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

63. Many residents of European countries living in private households create patios in their courtyards. The recreation area can be organized not only on the street, but also on the balcony.

The patio on the balcony area will become a favorite vacation spot not only for you, but also for your pets.

64. Folding chairs for the balcony can be made more comfortable with soft pillows. For this purpose you can use flat pillows in covers with beautiful prints. Convenience is easy to combine with beauty.

65. Another great idea is to put a deck chair on the balcony. On warm summer days you can sunbathe without leaving the apartment. A great solution for those who do not have the opportunity or feel free to sunbathe on the beach.

66. Another photo, looking at which, you can see what comfort the sofa located on the balcony gives - here he really is a king and a kind of luxury item. A table can be used to place a tray with drinks and snacks. Pay attention to the wall overgrown with green plants - an interesting detail in the balcony interior.

67. The larger the balcony, the more it can accommodate ornamental plants. There will also be a place for a bench so that you can sit and admire the beauty of the flowers planted with your own hands and the view from the balcony.

68. Wooden furniture is used on the balcony often enough. Such furniture can even be made by hand or buy ready-made. Wooden products in combination with green plants form a harmonious picture in eco-style.

69. Another example of the use of a furniture set consisting of a table and two chairs on the balcony: Feel like a resident of Europe, drinking tea on the open balcony in good weather.

70. The highlight of this balcony interior is the checkered cushions on the chairs and the flowers in the pots. Creating such a design does not require large expenditures. Such design inspires optimism and gives a feeling of peace.

71. In this design, the emphasis is on alignment of accents with green details. All elements are in perfect harmony with each other, each interior component takes its place.

72. Colds come to your region early and the balcony is not glazed? It does not matter: in the cold season there are also lovely days. A warm blanket and a cup of hot tea will help you to warm up while sitting at a table on the balcony.

73. And the next photo shows how well the tablecloth was selected. Rustic style in the design of this balcony looks very simple and cozy at the same time.

74. Another illustrative example of how with the help of colors and simple furniture you can transform the space of a balcony. This design option will appeal to those who appreciate the warmth and comfort of home and love ornamental plants.

75. Plants are present in this photo. Decorative vegetation is the best way to liven up the balcony interior. But note that if the balcony is open, you need to choose flowers intended for cultivation in the open field, resistant to the negative effects of natural factors. Otherwise, you will have to clean the plants for the winter in a heated room.

76. Floral theme is very popular in the design of balconies. Petunias, violets, pansies and even roses - all these and many other flowers can be planted on the balcony. Beautifully flowering plants serve as a good background and complement an elegant set of wrought-iron furniture.

77. The highlight of this version of the balcony is a striped rug and bright cushions that match the color of the carpet. Of interest is the little chest, on which stands a pot with a flower.

78. And this balcony is immersed in the greenery of ornamental plants planted on it and trees growing nearby. The picture is very spring, green paint will energize you for the whole day.

79. In this photo we see the balcony railings trimmed with plastic and wooden floor. On the floor are flowers in pots, provided for climbing plants. Modest, but nice design of a free corner on the balcony.

80. The decoration of this balcony is done in blue. Here unusual containers for urn flowers are attracted. This design looks beautiful and unusual.

81. Another no less interesting than the previous, the idea of ​​arranging an open balcony. Glass doors, folding furniture, a striped mat on the floor, pillows - all the elements are chosen very carefully.

82. Cloudless sky over your head, comfortable furnishings, pleasantly smelling flowers - what else is needed for a good rest on the balcony? In this setting it is especially pleasant to have breakfast, watching the city wake up.

83. If you like reading, create a reading corner on the balcony. Instead of a sofa you can use drawers: just cover them with a blanket, and put pillows on top. And on the floor to make it warmer and more comfortable, lay a rug.

84. This photo shows how to beat the turquoise color in the design of the balcony. A corner with blooming plants, created on the balcony, will be an outlet for those who live in the city.

85. The mattresses on the bench and numerous pillows make this open balcony suitable for relaxing not only in warm, but also in cool weather. Bright textiles will give a good mood, even if it is overcast.

86. A table with forged legs, a metal mesh wall with a shelf for flowers, a napkin on a chair, a bright rug on the floor — all these details form a complete picture, giving the balcony design individuality.

87. In the next photo, even a child will be able to identify a highlight in the design: the motley colors of the design — lemon yellow and purple — are striking the interior of this balcony. Dynamic contrast - in everything: a box for growing flowers, folding metal chairs with striped cushions to match the main palette, flower pots and even a bollard chair are decorated in this cheerful palette.

The modest beige rug on the floor is almost imperceptible against the background of this luxurious watercolor brightness.

88. Another version of the creative contrast in the design of the balcony - a trio of red, green and white. Greens are in pots and boxes, white metal chairs with wooden backs and seats complete with the same table, traditionally red is the accent: thanks to the color, the pillow, bookcase, and even the plastic stool look cute and not at all fancy.

89. We offer to owners of small balconies to consider such an arrangement idea as a set of furniture made of natural wood, consisting of a corner wide bench and a table in the form of a half circle.

It is pleasant to soak up the sun and drink a cup of morning coffee on the background of lush green blossoms around in a lovely weekend.

There are a lot of ideas for the improvement of the balcony space: in the photo gallery you viewed - only a small part of them, so you have a choice of a large number of options. Look at the photos of the finished balcony interiors in order to have a visual idea of ​​how this or that decor will look like.

Read on how to make an apartment cozy: - all the secrets and nuances, interesting pieces, techniques and techniques for decorating cozy and comfortable interiors.

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How to hang decorative plates on the wall? All methods of mounting plates are described in the article at: http://prostilno.ru/idei/dekorativnye-tarelki.html

Each idea has its advantages, you just have to choose a design that satisfies your wishes and put it into practice.

Turn your balcony into a cozy room, freeing it from the trash, make your life as comfortable as possible, beautifully and practically completing the additional space.

Watch the video dedicated to the repair of the usual balcony and its transformation into a presentable and comfortable place in the apartment:

Layout and forms

There are several types of balcony layouts:

  • Conventional windproof,
  • Corner
  • Group of balconies with protection
  • Offset along the facade
  • With storerooms,
  • Loggia.

By design, balconies are classified into several other subgroups:

  • On the cantilever reinforced concrete slab,
  • On console beams,
  • With external supports,
  • Hinged,
  • Attachments,
  • Attached.

Loggias, in turn, can be divided into several types:

The French balconies, which perform a decorative function, stand apart from these classifications. They are fully glazed, very narrow and completely unsuitable for arranging a separate room.

Important! Before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to study the design features of the balcony. In case of need installation of additional protections, strengthening of the basis, creation of a framework will be required.

In Khrushchev

In Khrushchev balconies can be of three types in length:

  • 2.4 meters,
  • 2.7 meters
  • 3.2 meters.

The width of this room is always less than a meter. Dimensions of balconies in Khrushchev will not allow much to "turn around." To arrange such a narrow room will have to try. The ideal style for the design will be minimalism. Furniture should be light and multi-functional. In addition, the balconies in Khrushchev is not recommended to heavily weight. Their design can not withstand a lot of weight, so ceramics, facing stone and parquet will have to be abandoned. Otherwise, the design will have to be strengthened.

In the panel house

Panel balconies have a number of features. A thin reinforced concrete "sheet" is welded to the end of the balcony slab, which is located vertically. A special slot is formed between the plates, which is used as a “drain” of rainwater in unglazed balconies. Because of this feature there are difficulties in their glazing. In addition, the panel weakly holds heat, and the seams are usually poorly insulated, which makes such rooms a priori very cold. The thermal insulation layer is usually installed on all surfaces. Particular attention is paid to the floor on which it is best to install artificial heating. In prefabricated houses floors are uneven. Their alignment can lead to the use of a large amount of material that makes the structure heavier. The output will be the technology of adjustable floors.

Series P44 and P44t - “Boat” and “Boot”

The “boats” are distinguished by their characteristic shape: a wide middle, which narrows towards the sides. Such loggias cause difficulties in glazing. Arranging non-standard space is also much more difficult. For its visual expansion, a balcony window and a door are usually removed. A narrow room does not allow to place full-fledged furniture on it, so the easiest way is to restrict yourself to a flower gallery or a pair of chairs near the window-sill.

The “boot” of the p44t series differs from the “boat” by the presence of three planes, which further complicates the task of glazing and finishing. The disadvantages of such a room are easy to turn into advantages, if you use its “creases” as additional delimiters for zoning space.

Open balcony

The design of an open-type balcony will make it possible to make a separate summer terrace from a small “cold” room, which residents can only dream of. It is worth considering that this room is used only in the warm season. This is one of the downsides of this design. Furniture is used light, multifunctional. When choosing it, emphasis is placed on quick assembly, convenient storage in winter. No need to clutter the space with cabinets and furniture for storage. A small table and a bench or a pair of garden chairs is enough. Open balcony will require a minimum cost of its decoration. It is enough to put a beautiful grille and make a light flooring. This option would be ideal for growing a summer garden. If the apartment is located on the first floors, such attic rooms are sometimes twined with grapevines, which in the summer give additional shade and at the same time decorate the facade of the house, delighting the passers-by.

Closed balcony

Balcony glazing can be of two types:

In the first case, an aluminum profile is used. For warm glazing, use a profile made of aluminum with a thermal insert, natural wood or PVC. Холодный тип идеально подходит для тех балконов и лоджий, конструкция которых не позволяет использовать дополнительные нагрузки. Этот тип чаще всего применяется в хрущевках. Утепление в данном случае не потребуется. Монтаж таких рам прост и экономичен по стоимости.Warm glazing will make the balcony a “continuation of the apartment”: the temperature in it will be the same as in the rest of the house, even in winter. It should be borne in mind that warm frames will add to the load on the balcony, so they cannot be used in fragile structures.

Also, glazing can be partial or panoramic. With partial or classical, the lower part of the parapet remains closed. This type of glazing is more common. Panoramic glazing only comes into fashion, with the entire parapet glazed, and forged grilles are located at the bottom for safety. They simultaneously perform a protective function and play the role of decor. By the type of opening sash windows can be swivel, sliding or swing-out. Now common practice of installing plastic windows. They are durable, sealed, easy to use, have good sound insulation and are easy to install. However, the tree does not become a thing of the past, due to its main advantage: the presence of natural micropores, which allow the room to "breathe", eliminating the stagnation of air.

Color design

For a visual increase in space, pastel colors are usually used, among which white leads. If a recreation area is formed, it is shaded with light yellow, pale green and shades of brown, so that the eyes in this room can rest. For the cabinet use all shades of brown, gray or black. For the dining area, warm tones are used to help relax and increase appetite. A zone for entertainment or sports is designed by combining bright, aggressive hues with soft colors for balance. You can create separate "blocks" of dark or screaming shades that will focus on the attention of guests.

Important! It is necessary to take into account which side the loggia windows face. If the side is sunny, then cold and warm colors are allowed. If the side is northern, then warm shades should prevail in the design.

Selection of materials

To expand the functional space of the apartment, it is first necessary to warm the balcony. For these purposes, use different types of thermal insulation materials. As an additional measure equip the "warm" floor. Particular attention is paid to the finishing room. For interior walls use:

  • Wooden wall paneling
  • Gypsum plasterboards,
  • Plastic lining,
  • Traffic jam
  • Siding,
  • PVC panels,
  • Block house.

Covering the room clapboard will be the final stage of surface treatment. In this case, you can connect the fantasy only when choosing a color. Facing plasterboard will subsequently glue the walls with wallpaper to your liking. Cork trim is the most expensive and environmentally friendly. On brick balconies, sometimes the walls are left in their original form. Modern room design often offers this idea as an original solution. The brick is processed in a special way: it is leveled, primed and painted. Such a brick wall itself will become an element of decor. At the same time, the texture of the brick can be made perfectly smooth, rough or harmoniously combine various types of textures and colors. Great on a rough surface will look a photo gallery in a metal framework or a series of abstract paintings.

For finishing the floor using the following materials:

Carpet and linoleum is used for balcony constructions that do not allow for heavy weighting. Laminate looks richer, but at a cost it is one step higher than other materials. For the ceiling it is best to choose light materials with a decorative function. Widespread practice of stretch ceilings.

Important! Do not forget about the exterior. It will not only make your balcony beautiful from the street side, but will additionally warm it. The best option for these purposes are profiled sheets.

Provence - light style of the French hinterland. It is characterized by the use of natural materials, floral patterns and light colors. The presence of an abundance of potted flowers and lovely trinkets of glass and porcelain is mandatory.

Modern is characterized by soft shades and bending forms. He does not recognize strict geometric lines. Although the rooms are made in pastel colors, emphasis is artificially placed on individual elements of bright colors. Pictures and photos on the walls, a small number of vases, lamps and souvenirs enlivens the atmosphere. Stained glass windows emphasize the sophistication of the interior balcony in an apartment in a modern style.

Minimalism recognizes only the presence of functional details of the interior. It is characterized by simplicity and conciseness. At the heart of the style is used only two basic colors that play with shades in great details of the interior. Minimalism requires open spaces and an abundance of natural light.

High-tech is considered a modern style close to minimalism. He recognizes only strict geometric shapes. Of the colors used shades of black, white, gray. You can add red, blue or purple in the form of backlight. Hi-tech prefers an abundance of chrome-plated, metal surfaces and glass. The emphasis is on artificial light, which is scattered and visually enlarges the space.

Furniture for open balconies looks more like garden. The main principle in choosing it becomes the ability to quickly fold and store it in a storage room. It is quite another thing when it comes to a full-fledged room in an apartment or a private house of a closed type. Here, the designers have tried their best. Depending on the functional purpose of the room, it is possible to choose furniture items from metal, glass, plastic or wood. If the room will be used as a gym, it will be equipped with compact exercise equipment that will allow one person to freely train.

Loggia combined with the bedroom is used as a corner for evening preparations before bedtime. In this case, a pier glass, a pair of ottomans and a comfortable sofa are used as furniture. For the rest area limited to a small table with a seating area: a folding sofa or a solid ottoman with a large number of soft pillows, where guests can climb with their feet. If the space is settled under the working area, then the emphasis is on cabinets and storage racks. Will help save space furniture-type transformer ZM2. A wide selection of such furniture items at affordable prices in Dutch Ikea stores.

Properly set lighting can be a saving straw for a small balcony room. With the help of light you can visually expand the space. Restrictions on the choice of lighting there. These can be light bulbs, chandeliers, lamps, sconces, LEDs, floor lamps and whole lighting systems. They can be placed on the walls, ceiling and even on the floor. In order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the room by electric wires, it is worth taking care of their implementation at the finishing stage. Then the wiring will be hidden type, which will avoid looking out the wires. Open wiring is masked with decorative elements and special panels. The main advantage of open wiring is its availability during repair work, which cannot be said about hidden.

When installing lighting fixtures, pay attention to the direction of light. Direct light from top to bottom makes it heavier and reduces space. Light from the bottom up, which is artificially diffused in the reflecting surface of the stretch ceiling, photos and mirrors on the walls, expands the space. For dark rooms it is better to use the diffused light of powerful lamps with a large number of additional small light bulbs. The play of shadows and light directly affects the perception of the width, length and “depth” of space with the human eye.

Balcony combined with kitchen

The balcony is sometimes made a continuation of the kitchen, if the room is very small and does not allow to combine the dining area with the area for cooking. On the balcony can be placed part of the kitchen, it can act as a dining room, if the former sill arrange in the form of a dining table. The same part of the retraining in the bar, which will be a stylish addition in case of parties at home. In addition, the kitchen combined with a balcony will be much lighter. Redevelopment is of two types:

When the walls are full, the two rooms are separated completely. Partial redevelopment involves dismantling windows and doors only. The former window sill can serve as a table top, shelves for storage or a decorative element.

Cabinet on the balcony

For those who work a lot at home, but do not have their own personal corner, the balcony will be an excellent solution to this problem. In such a room is placed a small desk, office chair and even a sofa. All the necessary documents, books and other tools for work can be conveniently distributed on racks up to the ceiling. This option is also convenient in terms of lighting. During the day you do not have to turn on the lights. In the summer, work will take place almost in the fresh air. Proper, compact design of the working space will allow even from a narrow balcony of the Khrushchev to make a separate functional office in a one-room apartment.

Garden on the balcony

The arrangement of the mini-garden can be done both on the open balcony for the summer period, and on the closed for permanent use. To save space, plants are sorted by species. Spinners are grown in pots placed along the wall. And on the wall itself, tapestries are attached: wooden lattices on which the green “wall” will be placed. For other types of plants use special stacked supports and hanging pots. It is possible to place tapestries not only against the wall, but also under the window itself. Subsequently, overgrown greens will create a natural shade in the room. This option is relevant for those apartments whose windows overlook the sunny side. Mini-garden will be a good option for those who do not have a dacha, but loves to mess around in the ground. On the balcony it is easy to grow tomatoes, radishes, decorative sunflowers, cucumbers, greens, onions and indoor plants.


Balcony has long ceased to serve as a pantry. Modern design solutions will help to create a full-fledged separate room from a room without a specific purpose. This is convenient not only for small apartments, in which every square meter for "gold weight", but also for spacious rooms, where you can equip a corner for privacy.

Ideas for a beautiful design with their own hands

There is a huge number of options with which you can decorate the balcony yourself. Before starting work, decide what quality you want to use this room for and proceed to action. Before starting any construction activities, develop a drawing that will help you think through the smallest details and calculate the number of materials needed.

Balconies can be of two types: closed and open. For each type has its own characteristics in the decor. How you decorate a closed room will depend on how comfortable you will be here in any weather, in contrast to the open options where snow or water can go.

Registration of an open balcony

Ideas for decorating open spaces are much less than for the glazed version. At the same time, you should not despair, because all the proposed options are original and beautiful.

First of all, you will need to replace the old railings with new ones. You can place an individual order in which to specify all your wishes. Currently, many blacksmiths use artistic forging in their work, which makes it possible to create unique masterpieces.

In the open balcony there is a high probability of water getting inside. Make a visor to protect your room from rain. This is a simple job, which consists of sewing the side walls with profiled sheets. The canopy is made from similar material.

Inside the wall can be trimmed ceramics, which is characterized by a wide range. You can paint products with special paint for facades, which is resistant to natural influences.

Arrangement of furniture refers to an important stage in the decoration of the balcony. For example, you can leave here a couple of chairs and a small table where you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can decorate the windows with flowers. They are very popular among gardeners of petunias, who look original and are able to distinguish your balcony from the rest.

If you like plants, but the area of ​​your apartment does not allow them to grow, you can use a balcony for these purposes. This room is well lit, so you can deal with flowers, decorating the whole room with them.

With the help of landscaping you can get a beautiful style not only inside the room, but also outside. Install vertical shelves on which flower pots will later be placed. They will not take up much space, along with this will give a cozy atmosphere and fill the balcony with pleasant aromas.

You can equip a winter garden on your loggia. Such a solution in the interior will be your pride, because the mini-garden attracts attention and gives the room a warm, romantic atmosphere and comfort. Hanging pots can be placed on the railing, pay attention to pots that can be hung under the ceiling. Choose vertical vegetation that will grow on the trellis or special walls.

With the help of a green wall located vertically, you can not only decorate the premises, but also carry out full-fledged "finishing works" with the wall. If you want to build a floral interior, consider the rule of this design: either variegated flowers, or original pots for them. You can pick up original compositions.

How can you decorate a closed balcony

Before working on the decor, you need quality training. This process includes several steps:

  • free the balcony from all objects that are present in it,
  • when planning to get rid of the old finish, you will need to dismantle the walls, ceiling and floor,
  • after removing the finishing materials, carry out surface checks. If cracks are found, seal them with foam or mortar,
  • Now you can begin to weathe the walls. Use mineral wool, foam and other materials that are sold in any hardware store,
  • if we talk about the material for decoration, you can use a block house, wall parquet panels, acrylic paint, ceramic-tile or mosaic, as well as decorative stones.

How to choose furniture

Now in the shops there is a wide selection of specialized furniture for all balconies, even 6 meters. With its help, you can give a cozy look to this room and make your stay more comfortable here.

Choose moisture-resistant furniture that can be located inside an open or closed balcony. Additional protective covers help you in protecting items from moisture.

If your balcony is very narrow, it is recommended to purchase furniture-transformer or built-in options. At the expense of such furniture you can make the most of the free space, which will contribute to the arrangement of the interior from the inside. You can choose not only wooden things, but also furniture from plastic and metal.

A small sofa in this room will help you relax after a hard day's work and relax.

Decor ideas

In order for your balcony to look original, it must be present details of the decor. On many beautiful balconies are items such as:

In addition to the main decoration, in the decoration of the balcony, you can use the original interior. The most effective option is the installation of a safe fireplace. However, this item will be relevant only on balconies with a large area. The portal is able not only to carry a decorative function, but also to heat the room.

For textiles in the interior is not the last role. Especially carefully select the curtains. They are required to provide good protection from exposure to sunlight without loading the design of the room. You can choose simple, but functional curtains that will look amazing with a texture image in tune with the canvas.

Such components will give your room a unique image. Do not forget that the balcony can be used not only as a place to store unnecessary things, but also as a recreation area. Here you can relax from the annoying affairs and enjoy the peace. It is also worth noting that it is necessary to decorate the balconies not only from the inside, but also from the outside. For these purposes, suitable moisture-resistant materials sold in any hardware stores. Using these recommendations, you can come up with 20 cool ideas for your balcony.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Для того, чтобы ваш балкон стал привлекательным, вы можете воспользоваться идеями от направления кантри, использовать стиль прованс или же средиземноморский интерьер, который поможет превратить небольшое помещение в зону отдыха.

Если вы являетесь поклонником простоты и лаконичности, вам подойдут такие интерьерные стили,как: модерн, лофт и минимализм. В них сочетается современность с практичностью. Для поклонников четкости в линиях, существует японское направление.

An interesting design, along with the finishing of the loggia, should have a close relationship with the thematic direction of the room. If you plan to arrange a playroom for children on the balcony, take a closer look at the images of the ships, doll houses and castles. In order to present the most beautiful children's room in your apartment, choose a light palette as a base and dilute it with bright colors.

You can turn a small loggia into a cafe with a combination of wood, stones and wrought products. Choose a gazebo as the basis for your design and all guests will spend time only in this room.

For small balconies you need to choose paints of light colors. If you like dark colors, leave a glossy surface. Mirrors contribute to changing the geometry of the room, but not everyone knows that narrow vertical stripes, which alternate with stripes in a different finish, can expand the walls. If you hang mirrors at the joints of adjacent walls, you can add perspective.

Use for finishing work vertical stripes of contrasting colors for the end walls. This solution will help to visually expand the narrow balcony. For this purpose, suitable lining of two colors.

Color palette in the interior

First of all, you need to decide on the style of the room:

  • for the eastern interior is characterized by bright colors with variegated textiles. This style will be in harmony with the rest room,

  • Japanese style implies a general beige color, with dark beams in contrast,

  • In Provence will look good light wallpaper with elegant colors. Choose curtains of similar tone and wooden elements of pastel colors,

  • Eco-style suggests natural colors that are intertwined with a panel of bamboo or straw. This option will look perfect in a wooden house with a veranda,

  • in the loft, preference is given to a light gray color scheme, which is combined with a bright wall and brick masonry shades.

  • You can arrange a balcony in a nautical style. Natural or artificial stones in the corners, wooden walls, along with wrought-iron furniture will be appropriate here.

With the help of these styles, you can decorate any balcony, even a small size, which are present in the Khrushchev.

Original tips from designers

Each apartment owner wants his room to be original and unusual. The balcony should also be given special attention, because this room can give your living space not only a highlight, but also charm.

Designers recommend using several rules when creating an interior in a small room:

  • if there is a monochrome finish on the balcony, try adding bright spots,
  • if the main surface has a variegated design, pick up the rest of the objects in calm and uniform colors,
  • if there is a beautiful accent spot in your interior, make sure that it is one,
  • built-in wardrobes with original facades can not only decorate the interior, but also help to unload the free space in the apartment.

How to place accents

If you want to focus on an object, remember that it should be the main decoration on the basis of which the rest of the room design is built. You can use stucco in the interior, or ready-made bas-relief tiles. Such a solution will help create a unique space. Sustained in this direction, the ceiling, floor or one of the walls, will help to recreate the original idea.

Consider the ceiling decoration option, which gradually turns into wall decoration. In addition to photographic prints and art paintings, you can use a panel on the wall, lined with mosaics. Colorful drawing will help you to charge a positive mood for the whole day.

These recommendations will help you create a cool interior for your balcony, regardless of its size and shape. These rules apply to any premises and you can come up with a unique image that will be present only in your apartment. There are no restrictions for creating an original interior, it all depends on your imagination and aspirations.

Combining a balcony with a room

Recently, many apartment owners have decided to unite a balcony with a kitchen or a hall. Such an event helps to increase the free space and transform the interior in a residential area. If you are thinking about this issue, you should consider a few nuances:

  • you need to obtain permission from the relevant state bodies, sending them your project,
  • This process is accompanied by high repair costs, because it is necessary to insulate the walls and re-do the finishing work.

There is a simplified version for which you do not need to get permission, but when selling an apartment you will have to return everything to its original appearance. It consists in dismantling the window block, without eliminating the wall itself. Thus, you get a bar counter at which you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family.

By combining the two rooms, you can create an original interior that can combine a rest room, a kitchen area, a work corner, or even a library. Only you decide how you want to dispose of these meters.

Finishing features

Basic requirements to consider when choosing a material:

  • Resistant to moisture, temperature changes and direct sunlight,
  • Long service life: 20-30 years (minimum value),
  • Easy care during operation,
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Aesthetic look
  • High degree of heat and sound insulation,
  • A balance between cost and quality is needed.

The interior of two rooms is made in the same style.

1. Combined layout

If there is enough space, you can organize a multifunctional space - combine a recreation and storage area.

Two functional zones on the same area (storage and rest).

The design of the bed is equipped with a special place to store items.

The original solution for the interior is the installation of a suspended model of chairs. The number of seats depends on personal preferences and the size of the loggia.

2. Interior for relaxation

When arranging a room for the purpose of rest, they create an extra bed, install a sofa, or purchase wicker chairs. Not only an ottoman or a bed is suitable for organizing a place to sleep. A successful solution will also be a hammock, or a suspended bed structure.

Comfortable armchair in which you can relax and read a book.

3. Greenhouse in the balcony space

For the proper organization of the flower bed requires different designs, stands and shelves.

If you carefully warm the balcony, you can grow and breed flowers all year round. At the initial stage, it is necessary to think about the arrangement of plants in such a way that an effective composition is obtained.

4. Storage area on the loggia

In order to use the area as much as possible, you need to purchase spacious, but compact furniture.

Often, the area of ​​the balconies is small, so when arranging it is desirable to choose built-in furniture. Basically, niches, racks, shelves, cabinets and cabinets are used to fill the space. Thanks to the built-in models it will turn out to use every corner. As a rule, such structures are created according to specific dimensions (on request).

The space under the windowsill is used as storage.

Spacious wardrobe, custom-made by individual sizes.

5. Cabinet or workplace

Workplace for sewing.

Mini-office, which does not take place in the main part of the apartment.

The most important point - to properly organize the lighting in the office. In the evening, artificial light sources are needed. For comfortable work, you should also block the sun's rays with blinds.

If the room is small, pay attention to the bright range of colors in the process of interior design.

The bar with chairs can be carried out on the loggia. This option allows you to enjoy the view from the window for a cup of tea. This layout does not depend on the size of the room. Most often, the bar table top is a continuation of the window sill.

The bar counter overlooking the night city is ideal for evening entertainment.

Photo from onliner.by

7. Sports area

Gym on the loggia.

Equipment for sports training.

In order to organize sports leisure at home, the balcony area is quite suitable. Here you can put an exercise bike or a treadmill. If the room is spacious, if you wish, you can make a full-fledged gym, having equipped the territory with the necessary equipment.

1. Wooden wall paneling

Facing the floor and walls with wooden clapboard.

So that the elements do not lose their visual appeal, timely protection against darkening during operation is necessary. Also damage to the surface should be avoided.

Wall paneling with clapboard, linoleum is selected as the floor covering.

2. PVC panels

PVC cladding is an economical finish. Installation of elements is easy to implement on a wooden frame with self-tapping screws. If the walls are sufficiently even, you can not create a crate, in which case special glue is used for fixing.

In order to preserve the appearance of the panels from fading in the sun, it is necessary to arrange the windows with curtains or blinds.

3. Drywall Sheets

With the help of drywall, you can create curved shapes, thanks to good flexibility. The surface is painted, decorated with decorative plaster, wallpaper or artificial stone.

The base is drywall, the top layer is wallpaper.

The combination of decorative plaster and wallpaper with bamboo texture.

Artificial stone and plaster.

Finishing layer of finish - wallpaper.

This method does not require large time and financial costs.

Registration of the loggia sheets of cork.

The raw material for the manufacture of panels is cork oak. Sheets pressed tubes produce a small thickness. The flexibility of the material makes it easy to form and assemble the elements yourself.

Sheets are resistant to the sun, do not absorb moisture and odors. The main disadvantage is the cost - from 400 rubles. for the quarter. m

Siding in the implemented project.

Vinyl siding is used for the internal surfaces of the walls. The cost of the material is small - from 180 rubles. and more (per square meter).

  • Harmless to humans
  • High resistance to cold temperatures and fire
  • Low weight.

6. MDF panel

In the construction market there is a large selection of shades and textures of MDF panels.

For the production using compressed wood, which is pre-dried. Top laminated material. MDF surfaces can be colored (film), or repeat the texture of wood (veneer).

MDF panels imitating the texture of natural wood.

Pros: affordable price and the possibility of self-installation. The downside is poor resistance to moisture and low temperatures.

7. Block house

The material is made of metal, wood or vinyl. The shape of the elements - rounded log. Imitation log house in the decoration of the loggia looks spectacular and rich. The use of block-house is not appropriate in small rooms, since the area will be even less due to the thickness of the material (3.6 cm).

Block house in the interior of the room.

8. Molded plastic

This is the most economical way of facing a loggia. Cost of 1 square. m starts at 130 rubles. The peculiarity of the material: practical, has good sound insulation and high thermal conductivity, the elements can be mounted even if the room is not insulated.

Imitation of natural stone in the design of the balcony.

Artificial stone in the space of the balcony looks reliable and presentable. Manufacturers indicate the duration of operation of 15 years or more. The stone surface can be used in various temperature conditions. Finishing is not afraid of moisture, prevents the emergence and spread of fire.

Recommendations for a small area:

  • To increase the small room (2, 3 or 4 sq. M.), You can make an additional removal during the installation of glass. This way you can increase the room by 30 cm
  • In the event that takeaway is not possible, you should refer to the visual extension methods. For this you need to use
  • Regardless of the method of repair, finishing materials must comply with the chosen style.

Furniture for a loggia

  • To be able to transform the space, it is better to purchase folding furniture models,
  • Instead of a bed that will occupy the whole area, you can use a hammock for a recreation area. If necessary, its construction is dismantled, freeing the room.
  • If the loggia is small, you should use compact objects in the interior of the room. For example, open shelves are used for storage - such structures look easy, and at the same time help to organize space properly.

Recreation area with a hammock and pillows allows you to use several levels at once in the same space. In such a room can gather a company of 4-6 people for a pleasant conversation.

Open shelves perform not only a functional role, but also a decorative one - they serve as a color accent in this interior.

Lighting role

Additional light sources allow you to fully use the space during the day.

It is better to think through several lighting scenarios, so you will have the opportunity to use all the devices at once or only some of them.

With the help of a lighting system, an atmosphere is created for relaxing in the evening. Also on the balcony there is a more powerful light source. The design of the blinds on the windows allows you to adjust the flow of light in the daytime at will.

1. Premises of 3 square meters. m

For the wall covering the premises selected PVC panels. This method refers to the most practical, does not require large expenditures of finance and time for installation. The texture of the panels perfectly complement the PVC window frames, the surface of which imitates wood.

Recreation area on the balcony of 3 square meters. The pastel range of shades was used as a base, complementing the interior with active colors from decor items, furniture, and light sources. A panel with the perspective of the city fits into the general idea of ​​style and creates the atmosphere of a street in Paris.

The wardrobe, designed specifically to save space and maintain order - with panoramic glazing, the territory is viewed from the street if there is no tinting. Ironing board does not interfere with the passage into the apartment. Furniture material is painted chipboard elements. The walls are lined with black ceramic tiles in the form of bricks.

Design balcony area of ​​3 square. m in black and white. Chairs, coffee table, carpet, pillows, dishes and decor items - all designed in the same style.

Modern interior. Finishing with natural materials - wood, decorative plaster, textiles.

Decorative plaster in the design of the hookah room (3 sq. M).

2. Loggia - the continuation of the apartment

Two rooms combined into one. A dressing table with a pouf and a built-in wardrobe are placed in the balcony part.

Loggia continues the idea of ​​living room design. For the sliding glass system, residents read books without being distracted by other sounds in the apartment. If you open the partition, you can increase thereby the area of ​​the room.

Country style in the interior of the working area.

Not everyone needs a kitchen that takes up a lot of space. In the space of a warmed balcony you can make a kitchen with a compact suite, a dining area, a domino hob, a coffee machine or a microwave.

Mini-suite on the balcony in the studio apartment with a sink and a domino hob.

The window sill serves as a bar counter. Finishing materials: ceramic tile, linoleum.

Creative corner for practicing a child.

Loggia combined with the adjacent nursery.

Country style interior with work space.

Decorative stone, wallpaper for painting and moldings used in the design of the cabinet. Illumination effectively reveals the texture of the material.

Furniture for the arrangement of the office is better to order in the workshop for individual sizes. Thus, the interior of the room will turn out to the maximum convenient for further use.

Visualization of home office in a modern style on a loggia with panoramic windows.

Cozy place to work at the computer.

6. Space for recreation

Despite the small area, the lounge allows you to retire from the common space of the apartment.

Armchair swing in the design of the room.

Mini lounge with sofa.

Modern interior style.

Place to stay in a small room. The base is used to store various items.