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Winter photo shoot on the street


Winter photo session conveys all the charm of winter, the unique moments of snow games and entertainment. She will give pleasant memories of the New Year holidays. With the advent of the first snow and frost, a wonderful time comes for the realization of the various ideas of the winter photo shoot.

As a place for a winter photo session, you can choose:

When the first natural snow covers the first snow, it acquires a new fabulous look - the usual landscapes of the city change beyond recognition. For a winter photo shoot for women, men, couples in love in the images is better to include bright fragments (elements of clothing, jewelry, props).

Studio photography

Those who are frightened by the cold and cold in the winter outside, do not give up on the winter themed photo shoot. There is a good option for studio shooting indoors using winter holiday decorations:

  • artificial snow
  • decorated christmas tree
  • snowman
  • sleigh with deer
  • mock animals (horses, dogs)

Studio photography reveals a fabulous image of a snowy winter on the other side. In the process of a studio photo shoot, not only beautiful decorations can be used, but also bright, light clothing and various decorations.

Decorative photozones are used for subject shooting. Despite the fact that it can be held at any time of the year, the most popular theme for its creation is the New Year celebrations.

Winter look for a photo shoot

The choice of image and theme for a winter photo shoot is one of the main components of the preparatory stage of shooting. The most common ideas for winter photo shoots include:

  • close-ups (allow you to show emotions)
  • portraits (against the backdrop of snow or pristine nature)
  • collective photos (capturing games with friends or children in the snow)
  • photos in motion (sledding, skiing)
  • photo in ethno style (creating an individual image)
  • pictures with animals (riding a horse or walking with a dog)

Nature photography

A street photo session in the winter will look beautiful in nature in places where there is a lot of snow. The snowy forest is an ideal place for filming, and the sunrise and sunset are the best time to photograph against the backdrop of winter landscapes. Evening street photography or photosets made in the early morning in the forest look unusual and creative.

The clothes of the girl and the guy for photography should be bright and unusual: you can focus on the details of women's and men's accessories and the contrast of colors. During a couple photo session, the photographer will offer several original joint poses that will decorate photos taken during the evening romantic walk.

Winter children's photography

Children's photos are very natural, as babies openly express their joy and behave relaxedly.

Options for a winter children's photo shoot:

  • drawings in the snow (ideally even snow is suitable for sketches and inscriptions)
  • making snow (you can make a snowman or any other figures)
  • winter games (you can think up a lot of fun, for example, playing snowballs and wallowing in the snow, or just catching the falling snowflakes)
  • child sledding (it will look good if the whole family gathers to participate in this process)

Winter fell in love with the kids thanks to the snow fun and celebrations. If you captivate the child during the shooting of the usual activities, then you will not have to pick up the poses, and the winter rest will bring joy and pleasure.

If a girl is posing, then she, like a real fashionista, can be beautifully dressed and wrapped in a warm scarf. For a photo, a little girl can also be planted under a tree and give a basket in her hands, as if she is collecting snowdrops.

Romantic photoset for a couple

Photo session for lovers in the winter can be an original gift. Show your sincere feelings and emotions, refresh the pleasant moments of your relationship, and photography will be very tender and sensual. It is better to be photographed outside the home, because each frame using natural winter scenery will be magical and romantic.

The pictures look very nice when couples use such ideas for a winter photo shoot:

  • hold hands
  • cover with mittens face
  • wrapped with one scarf or rug
  • look into the distance, clinging to each other

For example, a man can pick up a girl and circle her. Women's outfits during the photoset can be changed and combined with different accessories.

Winter Wedding Photography

Newlyweds are usually very carefully choose a place for a winter wedding photo shoot, as well as for the one that is held at other times of the year. Most couples prefer studio photography, forgetting about what unique beauty reigns on the street in winter.

Creative ideas of winter photography will turn an ordinary wedding into a real fairy tale that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can warm up in cold weather with hot tea or a woolen blanket.

To get beautiful photos, the bride and groom can be advised:

  • walk along the snowy path in the park
  • laugh, have fun
  • show all the happiness they experience on their wedding day

The task of the photographer is to catch the most sincere moments, to choose the most beautiful angles for photos and focus on the beautiful dress of the bride and the look of the couple as a whole.

New Year's photoset

New Year is a family celebration. Bright and sincere family photos remind of relatives and relatives, so they have great value. Ideas for a photo shoot for the New Year set. The most relevant in the pre-holiday period of photography in the studio or at home.

Home photography is performed:

  • at the holiday table
  • near the festive attributes
  • with the participation of all loved ones

Beautiful outfits for guests, decorated Christmas tree, gifts, tinsel, bright lights - all these attributes create a festive home atmosphere in the photo. If you have children, you can invite Santa Claus home. The process of home photoshoots in winter will not be complicated by the cold and other shortcomings of shooting in the open.

For photography you can choose any place. An interesting option would be the evening city with lots of people. The main thing is that a woman and a man should feel at ease, and strangers should not distract them with their presence. With a good preparation, a winter photo session will bring many positive emotions, and high-quality photos will delight for many years.

The basic rules for a winter photo shoot outside

What-what, but for winter photos need a special approach. After all, the shooting process complicates the cold, and even frosty weather. Based on this, do not forget about the appropriate clothing. Winter landscapes are, of course, something bewitching with their beauty. That's just during the shooting background for the photo turns monochrome. It will not be superfluous to add bright color accents (color scarf, mittens, capes, flower in hands, plaid).

In the process of a winter photo shoot on the street, you can include creative notes. They will serve a cup of hot cocoa, mulled wine and chocolate. The drink will not only warm the model, but also give photos of a certain comfort and warmth.

No less important and relevant accessories will be sledges, skis, skates. Earlier it was said about adding bright elements. So, trees can be decorated with ribbons, fake fruits.

How to decide on an idea?

To dwell on a particular idea, decide what you want and expect from the photos. For example, if you need gorgeous photos in which you are seductive and chic, then get ready for the difficulties, because looking stunning in winter clothes on the street is unlikely. We'll have to undress a little and get cold. If you want to see bright and funny photos, then relax, have fun and have fun.

But you can focus on the stunning beauty of winter nature and its features. In this case, you will have to choose a suitable place, in which the greatness of winter will be especially noticeable, bright and fabulous. In general, decide and choose from the options.

Good New Year spirit

The New Year is a long-awaited family holiday, the anticipation of which raises the spirits and makes us happy in the winter frosts.

Important points of preparation:

  • A place. Such a photo session is best done in a prepared studio, in a house (of course, best in wood) or, in extreme cases, in your own apartment.
  • Attributes: decorated Christmas tree, beautifully packaged gifts, cups of fragrant tea, sweets, toys, bright pillows, tinsel, garlands and other winter New Year's “things”.
  • Clothing. If you want to make individual photos, you can wear a beautiful and feminine dress. If the whole family is photographed, it is better to choose cozy clothes: knitted sweaters, jeans or trousers, wool socks and so on. It will be great if the clothes of all family members are designed in the same color range. But you can choose bright and colorful things, it will look bright and festive.
  • Posture. At the New Year's photo shoot the most important thing is looseness and naturalness, because the New Year is a fun holiday. You can lie on the sofa or sit on it. Family members should certainly hug and show each other their tender feelings.
  • Makeup. It must be natural and natural.

Real winter

Remember those times when people used to wear boots and coats and made winter festivals? Try a dip at the time and show it in the photo.

  • Places. It is best to take photos in the woods or near some hut or wooden house.
  • Clothing. Wear something simple so that the clothes look like the clothes our grandparents wore. This may be a simple fur coat or sheepskin coat. Shod best boots. Wear a woolen shawl on your head, do not forget to wear mittens.
  • Attributes. It will be perfect if you can order a team with horses or at least one horse. It's not easy, but the photos will be amazing! Also fit wooden buckets, yoke, these sleds.
  • Makeup. Naturalness is welcomed. And by all means emphasize the blush (although in the cold it is already provided).
  • Posture. Imagine that you are a modest and shy girl from the 50-70s.

Winter fun

Go for a walk with your children or with your other half and arrange real winter fun! Play snowballs, ride on a sled, dazzle a snowman. In general, enjoy the winter weather and pastime.

  • A place. The usual yard will suit or, for example, park. The most important thing is to have enough space for games.
  • Clothing. Dress comfortably and simply. Bright down jackets or warm winter suits, boots "Lunokhod" or ugg boots will do. And do not forget about the bright hats and scarves, they will make the photo fresh and interesting.
  • Attributes. Nothing much is required. You can grab a sledge for a walk and ride them.
  • Makeup. Forget about it, because after the snow hit the face, the make-up will still be spoiled.
  • Posture. Just have fun and don't think about anything so that the photos are alive. Play snowballs, sculpt snowmen.

The Snow Queen

Want to try on the image of this Snow Queen? Be sure to do it in the winter!

  • A place. It is best to go to a deserted place, for example, in the forest.
  • Attributes. A crystal ball in which the Snow Queen will see everything that happens in her domain will look original. You can also use a magic wand, staff, and other magic attributes.
  • Clothing. Put on a white or silver dress and a white sheepskin coat over it. On the head, be sure to set up a gorgeous crown (without it, it would be difficult to look like a queen). Shoot white boots with high heels.
  • Makeup. It should be cold and magical at the same time. Use white powder, white or blue pearly iridescent shadows and glitter (do not feel sorry for them, because they resemble brilliant snow). Lips covered with white paint or lipstick.
  • Posture. Just feel like the mighty Snow Queen, conjure and enjoy your greatness.

Winter "love story"

In winter, love is needed more than ever, because it is she who warms in cold evenings.

  • A place. Go to the park or the forest.
  • Attributes. Take a warm blanket with you, a thermos with hot tea and mugs. You can also use ready-made (for example, fabric or plastic) or made of snow or hearts made of ice. Take them in hand and shoot close-ups.
  • Clothing. Put on down jackets, jeans, bright hats and scarves, as well as bright fluffy mittens.
  • Makeup. Let it be natural and natural. If in the cold your cheeks do not redden, use blush.
  • Posture. Everything is simple. Kiss, cuddle, fool around, have fun, warm each other, drink tea and just enjoy your feelings.

Power of beauty

If you are brave, and you are not afraid of cold, then this option is for you.

  • A place. It is best to go to a deserted place. The ideal option is a forest.
  • Attributes. Use fruits, berries, ice figures.
  • Clothing. Put on a smart, feminine and sexy dress. It will be great if it is bright. Shoe high heels. No more clothes are required. The essence of the photo shoot is that beauty is not afraid of frost and other vagaries of nature.
  • Accessories. Be sure to wear a necklace or beads, earrings, bracelet. But if your dress is bright and decorated with stones or rhinestones, accessories will not be required.
  • Makeup should be bright and sexy. Emphasize your eyes with eyeliner or bright shiny shadows. Use lipstick or seductive red lip gloss.
  • Posture. Imagine yourself as a cover girl and show all your virtues!

Winter walk

Choose a suitable day and go for a walk.

  • Place can be any. The main thing is to have a lot of snow.
  • Clothing. You can dress simply or choose your best clothes.
  • Attributes are not required.
  • Makeup should be feminine, but not too bright.
  • Posture. Do not pursue any specific goal, just wander aimlessly outside. Enjoy the wonderful winter weather, show how good you are. Inspect the surroundings, smile, sit on the benches, touch the branches of trees and snow. You can take a girlfriend or the other half for a walk.

Forest tale

For chic photos go to the forest.

  • Clothing. It is better to wear a fur coat or sheepskin coat and shod in comfortable, but elegant boots.
  • Makeup should be natural.
  • Attributes. It will be great if you take a pet with you (you can borrow a dog or a cat from friends). Use cones, fir branches.
  • Posture. Roam the woods and pretend that everything you see surprises and delights you.

Winter picnic

  • A place. Go to the forest or to the park.
  • Attributes. Take along bagels, a thermos of tea, jam, cakes. And you can take a big samovar. Do not forget about the blanket.
  • Clothing should be simple, but bright and romantic.
  • Makeup can be feminine, but natural.

We can only wish for gorgeous photos.

Ideas winter photo shoot on the street

First of all, you should decide on the image in which you want to appear in front of the camera. So, be in the role of a mysterious lady or a cheerful patroness of a snowy haze? For example, one of the most striking images is considered to be a forest nymph, a young woman, a keeper of nature. The only thing that is needed for such a shooting is the enchanting beauty of the scenery. For the reason that you need to be in a dress, the photo shoot should not be delayed for several hours. It will not be superfluous to grab a thermos with hot tea.

The classic winter photo session of girls on the street is also no less interesting and, of course, safe for health. In this case, it is not necessary to remove outer clothing, for fear of hypothermia. The main thing is to successfully select the accompanying props. They can be baskets with sweets, bright scarves and others.

Especially brave can hold a nude photo session. Of course, it is better to choose the day when the thermometer will show more or less high rates of winter heat outside the window.

If you can not go out of town or simply have no desire, in a noisy metropolis you can find an incredible number of beautiful places. A winter photo session on the street among the streets filled with people gives the most that there are “live” photos. No less excellent would be the option of shooting on one of the city benches.

Basic poses for a winter photo shoot outside

So, conditionally, all poses can be divided into several types:

  1. I'm in the spotlight. The leg is bent at the knee and slightly raised. Hands go up. The main thing that should be at the time of shooting is a sincere smile.
  2. Top Model. To implement this posture, it is enough just to stand in a half-turn or redistribute the body weight to one hip.
  3. Feet crosswise. This position combines sophistication and a certain audacity. Hands should be relaxed.
  4. Reliance on the subject. A great example of a winter photo shoot on the street is a tree or bench. This pose allows the model to look at all at ease. By the way, it is not necessary to look into the camera lens.
A couple more interesting ideas for a winter photo shoot on the street can be seen in the gallery below.


  1. Portrait photography. In order for the photos to be excellent, pay attention to your make-up, as well as accessories: headgear, gloves. Отличным выйдут фотографии, на которых будет виден падающий снег.
  2. Изображение эмоций. Позы, которые точно передадут всю естественность ваших эмоций, это подбрасывание снега над головой, игра в снежки, также можете поваляться в сугробах либо выглянуть из-за заснеженного дерева.
  3. Фото без верхней одежды. The poses can be different: the model can cross her arms, supposedly she is cold and wants to be warmed, or, on the contrary, to part her arms to the sides and enjoy the falling snow. In these photos, the emphasis is on the figure of the model.
  4. Pose sitting in the cold with a cup of hot tea - the leader in the number of photos in nature in the winter. The combination of a frosty snowy winter and hot tea soaring is popular with everyone. For such a photo, choose a comfortable position, sit comfortably, do not wear gloves on your hands (you will take hot tea with them, and so warm up), you can wear a warm scarf around your neck.


  • Scarf. They need to tie their necks and close their mouths,
  • Gloves. An indispensable accessory for a photo shoot in the winter,
  • Christmas toys. You can make great photos when a girl decorates a fir-tree with toys,
  • Candles. They look great on white snow cover,
  • Sled,
  • Snow hearts will be appropriate when you take them carefully in your hands,
  • Snowman will be a great attribute for a winter photo shoot.


  • Portrait pose. A girl in a coat, wearing a scarf and a hat on her head, looks at the photographer over her shoulder. The picture will be great if the sun looks out on a frosty winter day
  • Girl in profile, raises his hands up to the going snow, and allegedly catches him,
  • Takes a clump of snowand blows snowflakes to the camera
  • Photo with traces: a girl walks along a snowy flat road (you can choose a frozen river), turns around and looks at her tracks. At this point, you can take a photo,
  • Girl stretches his palm to the sunwhen everything is snowing around (after all, I want a little warmth in cold weather),
  • A girl sits on a bench without a warm jacket.holding hot tea in her hands. Looks away thoughtfully. A beautiful photo will turn out: the steam line from tea will be clearly traced against the white snow carpet,
  • You can jump upwhile keeping your legs together and your arms up above, as if reaching for the sky,
  • The image of Russian beauty. For this image you will need accessories: a down scarf, a fur coat, a samovar, and necessarily bright painted cheeks and juicy lips,


  • The most common posture is when the guy just stands on the snow, she’s arm is bent at the elbow, and the other is down,
  • The guy stands up straight, turning his head to the snowy spruce and looks at her,

In general, men are more harmonious in the frame with a girl, so the poses for a photo session with a girl are much more.

  • A couple kisses standing on a frosty snowy road, holding hands,
  • Excellent will be the photos on the sleigh when the guy is sitting back, and the girl is in front, while they allegedly go down the hill. The legs of both must be apart,
  • An interesting idea to bring to the fore some object, for example, a burning heart (when it is cold outside), and in the background to put a couple, facing each other, in the lotus poses,
  • An interesting position will look like lying down when both the boy and the girl lie on the sand, arms and legs spread in different directions. You will need to photograph from above, then the photo will turn out to be creative and interesting,
  • It can also be a pose when a girl is standing with her head up, and the guy at that moment confesses her love, standing on her knee and handing her a ring,
  • Shooting from the back. A young couple walks toward the snow-covered trees, hugging each other by the waist.


Photo sessions with children are always best, because children behave at ease, as they want. And therefore, it is much easier to work with children, they will prompt and help and the photos are always beautiful. The main thing is to dress your baby warmer, because the shooting process can be delayed for two or even three hours.

After all, children are very fond of snow, so why not give to enjoy and plenty to walk through the snow-covered park, square. Let the children play, and adults connect to these games and then there is no need to invent any poses, because with the child the poses will be natural and harmonious.

For a photo shoot with children, you need to prepare double: prepare a few pairs of mittens in case they get wet, and it will be necessary, because kids love to play with the snow. You also need to take a warm hat, a few scarves.

It is much easier to work with a child than with adults, because he will behave in the snow at ease: play snowballs, throw up snow, try to catch snowflakes, roll lumps - at this point you just need to choose a suitable case and take pictures, because there will be plenty of poses. And parents at this moment need to get attached to their baby and then the photos will be harmonious.

Below are a few poses for a photo shoot that everyone can use.

You can take Christmas toys with you, hang a few on the Christmas tree, and give the rest to the kid to do it himself. And to photograph the process when a child decorates a fir tree, stretches to a high branch, examines toys.

If you have a dog, then you can take it with you, let the child fool around with her, take a break.

A good selection of photos will be photos when you and your baby sculpt a snowman: the process of rolling lumps, photos with a ready snowman, where you will not be in the background, and your child will stand in front.

Take a sleigh with you and ride them with your baby. The poses in this case can also be different: when you sit in the back on the sleigh, and the child is in front. Or you just hold the sleigh in your hands, getting ready to climb the next hill, while the child tries to sprinkle you with snow.

Bring along large plastic children's paddles specifically designed for snow. Get on your knees so that you are the same height as your child and throw snow at each other with shovels. Photos should be very funny.

With an older child, you can make a photo shoot on skis. For this you need a slide, costumes and of course the skis themselves. You can get into a prep pose to sit down a bit to get a good push, but you can just stand while holding skis. A child should have a similar position in yours.

You can walk along the snow carpet with your child, then stand back to the photographer, you have to put one foot forward, as if you were walking. Let the child stand next to you. Let the photographer take your footprints with your child.

Follow the technique

In the instructions for most cameras, you can read that shooting in the cold is not recommended or even prohibited. In fact, if we are not talking about extreme frosts, you will not harm the camera.

Photo: Vadim Balakin

However, you should still monitor its condition: if the screen began to work with a delay, or even less focusing is much slower than usual, then you should stop the photo session. And remember that in the cold the battery is discharged significantly faster.

Photo: Dale Keiger

By the way, after returning from the street, do not get the camera out of the bag and do not turn on at least a few hours: the fact is that otherwise, because of a sudden change in the ambient temperature, condensation will form, which can cause a number of unpleasant consequences for the camera and lenses.

Compensate exposure and white balance

Most often, the frost with a camera comes out for bright pictures with blue sky and sparkling snow. But just this particular feature of the surrounding landscape can play a cruel joke: the camera automatics, trying to compensate for the brightness of the snow, darken the whole picture, which means that losses in the shadows are likely.

"It is treated" it is simple, the preliminary amendment of the exposure to a plus. The main thing with this - do not overdo it and do not achieve overexposure, so check with the histogram.

Photo: Robert Gotthold

The situation is similar to the white balance - the automation is wrong, and this leads to a blue in the pictures, so correction of the white balance is necessary (including the subsequent fine adjustment, therefore, as always, it is better to shoot in RAW).

Think over shooting in cloudy weather

In principle, there are two main things to know about shooting in cloudy weather. First, in the same way, compensate the exposure at a plus. Yes, even if the day is cloudy, for the camera, the snow still remains too bright an object that she will seek to obscure.

Secondly, you should not try to shoot complex objects in cloudy weather: they will almost certainly not be the most successful.

Photo: Martin Froyda

It will be better if, in such weather, you stop at concise photographs with a minimum of objects, or at a storyline directly related to this weather.

Look for bright objects in the frame.

Winter, as you know, to monochrome, which means that against the background of white (or gray) snow, brighter objects will stand out favorably, especially if they are really bright.

Photo: Ahmet Turan Kural

Rich colors - red, green, blue, orange and others - effectively highlight the object in the picture and be sure to attract attention. There is no need to go far for examples: well, who among us has not photographed a rowan bush covered with snow?

Use the dark

Winter is the rare case when shooting in the twilight can compete with daytime photos.

Photo: Joris Kiredjian

You just need to choose a place where there are a lot of lights, preferably multi-colored, that is, almost certainly it will be a park with high-quality lighting.

Photo: Julien Fumard

Reflecting from snow and ice, it creates an absolutely wonderful picture, transforming even landscapes that look sad and unremarkable during the day. And how beautiful slowly falling snow in the light of the lamps!

Snowfall is not an obstacle

Speaking of snowfall: if there is no snowstorm on the street with a hint of a storm, then falling snow is not an obstacle for excellent shots, you just need to take into account a few nuances.

First, do not use flash! Snowflakes are tiny crystals, so unsystematic reflection of light in all directions is guaranteed.

Photo: Alexey Klyatov

Secondly, exposure is of great importance, since it depends on how exactly falling snow is displayed in the picture - whether it will be a slow fall (short exposure) or a dynamic flight (long exposure).

Photo: Elena Shumilova

Well, do not forget to periodically clean the lens filter of adhering snow, so as not to detect completely unnecessary spots on the image. Speaking of snowflakes. Take a look at the work of Sergey Kichigin and feel the charge of inspiration!