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The benefits and harm of dates for the body


Dates are a delicious and healthy sweetness. After harvesting, the fruit is dried. At the same time, they are often treated with additional means to preserve the appearance. How to choose dates, so that they are useful for the body? There are several nuances that need to be considered when purchasing. About them described in the article.

Before you learn how to choose dates, you should examine their useful properties. A high-calorie product is about 220 kcal per 100 g. It is recommended to be used in case of diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and also in diseases of the stomach. Dates are useful for colds. They are valued for the absence of cholesterol.

Fruits can not be consumed only with diabetes, as they have a high glycemic index. The rest of the people are not contraindicated, you only need to comply with the measure. A couple of fruits are enough per day for the benefit.


But, besides useful properties, there are also contraindications:

  1. Fruits are rich in sugars. Healthy people need to eat them in moderation so as not to cause diabetes.
  2. Dates are a product with a high energy value, so their excessive use causes harm to obese people.
  3. If you eat a lot of fruits of date palms, it can cause inflammation in the digestive tract. Therefore, at the risk of such diseases, it is necessary to use the product carefully.
  4. Do not combine dates with citrus fruits in one dish. It can cause an upset stomach.
  5. Contraindications include individual intolerance.

How and where do dates grow?

In North Africa, fruit serves as a substitute for bread. Date palms have leaves like ferns, fruits grow in large clusters. Usually ripe berries have a brown-red color, but they are yellow, gray-blue, brown.

The pulp is fibrous, sweet. When ripe, the clusters are cut and dried in the sun. So it turns out all known dried fruit. They are brought to Russia from Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, but Saudi Arabia is considered the leader.

Recommendations for selection

How to choose high-quality dates will help simple tips:

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the fruit. They can not be light, greenish. Quality products have a uniform dark color.
  2. It is important to check the integrity of the packaging. It should be tightly closed, free from damage. In this case, the fruits are stored much longer, besides the product will be fresh.
  3. An important role has a general view of the product. Dates should not be firm, it is important that they do not shine.
  4. How to choose dates? Peel should not be cracked if there was a natural drying. And this defect appears when drying in the oven to speed up the process. They are suitable for consumption, but the taste is not the same as that of a properly prepared product.
  5. Make sure the product is fresh. It should not have a fermented smell and a wrinkled look. Such signs indicate impaired storage.
  6. Fruits should not stick together. If sugar crystals are present, the dates are treated with syrup for extra sweetening.
  7. How to choose good dates? Fruits should not be fat. They have no stickiness and slippery, they are pleasant to the touch and non-greasy.
  8. It is advisable to choose the fruit with a stone. They are subjected to minor processing, therefore, are considered useful.

If you are interested in how to choose dates, then you should consider the above nuances. Quality products will be tasty and healthy. Products are sold on the markets and in stores, both in bulk and in packages.

You need to know not only how to choose dates, then how to store them. They need a cool room, so it is better to place them in the refrigerator. In this case, the container should be tightly closed so that no foreign smell can penetrate.

If it is necessary to keep dates for a short time, they are left at room temperature. The main thing is that they are not affected by the rays of the sun.

Keeping Fresh Dates

Such products are stored in the refrigerator. Pre it does not need to be washed. Fruits are put in a paper bag or wrapped in paper. For fresh food, a temperature of 0 degrees is sufficient. Such conditions are usually on the shelf under the freezer. So that the whole lot does not rot, you need to check it regularly. If it was of excellent quality before being sent to the fridge, then it can be stored for about 2 months.

Pressed dates

Room temperature is suitable for them, since they are processed under special conditions by pasteurisation. So that the products do not dry, it must be wrapped in paper or a package. Then it should be placed in a dark, cool place where there is no light. Shelf life is usually on the package. It is believed that they can lie for a long time, it is desirable to use them throughout the year.

What is treated?

To determine which dates to choose, you need to know about their origin, method of production. The best is the product that matured naturally. In this case, it dries on a palm tree. To speed up the procedure, heat treatment is performed in chambers and furnaces.

Products may be soaked in sugar or glucose syrup. Such a product will not be harmful, but there is little benefit from it. With syrup, the dried fruit becomes sweet and high-calorie. Sulfur dioxide is rarely used. How to choose dates without processing? Usually this is stated on the packaging.

Before use, the products are washed. This must be done, as it is not known exactly where and how they were processed. Clean, warm water is required. You can soak the fruit for 20 minutes, then drain and rinse again. Even if the product is not processed, it does not hurt to rinse to clean it from dust and dirt.

Cooking dates

Dates are used in pure form, with water, tea and other drinks. They also prepare different dishes. The fruits are used as a basis for sauces and gravy. They are used to make salads, stews, pilaf. Of them are preparing tasty and healthy drinks.

Dates as a means of care

In dates there are many valuable components for outdoor use. They are known in the world for their excellent effect on the skin, the extract remarkably rejuvenates it at the cell level.

Date stones are used to make face masks. To evaluate their properties, you need to grind a few, mix with olive oil until smooth. After this tool is applied to the skin of the face, and then it needs to be washed off. The results are noticeable almost immediately. If you perform the procedure regularly, you can achieve a clean, smooth skin.

Useful recipes

Date broth is used for prolonged coughing. To prepare it, you need 6-7 fruits that need to be poured with milk (1 cup), boil for 10 minutes. After cooling, the drink can be consumed and the fruits eaten. Do it better at night.

In case of constipation, the following composition is useful: 10 fruits should be cut, butter (0.5 tbsp) should be heated, add black pepper and then mix everything. Eaten all on an empty stomach.

There is a recipe for getting rid of anemia and fatigue: 10 dates, ginger (0.5 tbsp. L.), Cardamom, saffron. In a glass dish, mix everything up with shake. It must be removed in the shade for 14 days, and can be used in the morning. With insomnia and neurosis, dates are eaten with milk.

Thus, dates are valuable products. In order for them to bring the maximum benefit to the body, it is necessary to choose them correctly. Therefore, the above recommendations are sure to come in handy in that they care about their health.

Composition and calorie dates

In dates there are a lot of useful elements for the human body. For example, in 100 gr. product contain:

  • potassium - 380 mg,
  • magnesium - 59 mg,
  • copper - 0,351 mcg,
  • phosphorus - 59 mg,
  • Calcium - 71 mg,
  • iron - 1.6 mg,
  • Zinc - 0.41 mg,
  • manganese - 0,284 mcg
  • sodium - 35 mg.

Also present are vitamins such as:

  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - 0.5 mg.
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1) - 0.08 mg.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) - 0.059 mg.
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) - 0.807 mg
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) - 0.02 mg.
  • Vitamin A - 0, 05 mg.
  • Vitamin E - 0.06 mg.
  • Vitamin PP - 2.1 mg.

Energy value of fruits:

  • proteins - 2.6 g,
  • carbohydrates - 70 g,
  • fat - 0.8 g

Calorie dates - 272 kcal per 100 grams.

Caloric content of 1 date on average is 22-25 kcal

The useful dates

Dried fruits for the human body are extremely useful. Here are the benefits of eating exotic fruits:

  • dates normalize digestion,
  • improve intestinal function due to indigestible dietary fiber,
  • are cancer prevention,
  • accelerate metabolism
  • reliably protect against viruses and increase immunity,
  • help with ARVI,
  • stabilize the kidneys and urinary tract,
  • reduce high blood pressure.

And this is not a complete list of all the beneficial properties of the fruit.

The benefits of dates for women

The beneficial properties of dates for women are that:

  • Fruits have a positive effect on the female body, eliminating the nervousness and stress.
  • Regular consumption of dried fruit helps to improve eyesight,
  • Also, 2-3 fruits can relieve flatulence and constipation.
  • With the help of dates you can increase hemoglobin,
  • You can use dates after childbirth for quick recovery of the body,
  • Eating dates is the prevention of breast cancer.

For men

The beneficial properties of dates for men are that:

  • libido increases,
  • improved erection
  • depression and apathy disappear,
  • normal intestinal microflora,
  • slags are removed,

If a man plays sports or wants to build muscle, then dried fruits will help him to gain muscle mass very quickly.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy, doctors strongly recommend to use these exotic fruits. After all, they contain all the necessary vitamins for the growth and development of the fetus.

So, what are the benefits of fruit during pregnancy:

  • The fruits help to compensate for the deficiency of calcium and potassium in the body of the future mother,
  • Dates contain folic acid. It is an important element for fetal development,
  • Also, fruits help rid the body of a pregnant woman from edema,
  • Eating exotic fruits normalizes blood pressure.
  • Dried fruits have a positive effect on the development of the CNS of the fetus.
  • Fruits perfectly help with insomnia.

Dates - a great way to improve lactation. Exotic fruits help in making milk, making it nutritious and healthy. However, they do not cause indigestion and colic in a child.

Can children dates

Dates perfectly affect the child’s immune system. They protect against viruses, strengthen the teeth and bones of the baby, and are very useful for brain activity of the child.

The benefits of dried fruit for children's body:

  • Dates - a source of fast-absorbing carbohydrates. Therefore, after breakfast with the addition of dried fruit, the child will be full of strength and energy for the whole day,
  • The fruits gently act on the intestines and eliminate constipation,
  • Help with dysbacteriosis,
  • Are prevention of anemia.

To enter the dried fruits in the diet of a child can be from 1.5-2 years. But it should be done very carefully.

Initially, you can give one fruit and see the reaction of the baby. If there is no allergic reaction to the product, then you can regularly prepare dishes from these fruits. For example, children simply adore compote from dried dates. You can also add them to cereals, pastries and more.

Dried dates: benefit and harm

Dried fruits of date palm are no different from fresh ones. They contain all the useful vitamins and trace elements necessary for the human body. Dried fruits are good for heart, liver and kidney diseases. Also, the use of dates has a beneficial effect on the immune and nervous system.

Despite all the benefits of eating fruits, dried fruits can harm the body in some cases, for example:

  • With diabetes. Fruits of dried fruits greatly increase blood glucose,
  • With excess weight. Fruits are high in calories and have a high glycemic index - 140 units.
  • Dried pitted with a bone due to its high sugar content can lead to the development of caries. Therefore, after use, you must carefully brush your teeth.

Bones from dates: use and useful properties

Bones from these exotic fruits are also helpful. For example, they can be taken in the treatment of stones in the bladder and kidneys. To do this, dry the bones and chop them thoroughly with a blender. Then boil with boiling water, cool and filter. The broth should be drunk 1 time per day.

Also, a decoction of the stones can be washed with conjunctivitis.

From the seeds of the fruit is made oil, then used in cosmetology. It is added to anti-aging serums, creams and body scrubs. Datestone seed oil is actively used in various SPA procedures.

Weight Loss Dates

Nutritionists do not recommend eating more than 3-5 dried fruits per day. This is due to the fact that they have an extremely high calorific value and glycemic index. By the way, they will not help to lose weight, but only add extra pounds to the original weight. It is best to eat 3-4 dried fruits per day, instead of sweets, and to adhere to proper nutrition, than to observe questionable mono-diets on exotic fruits. Dieting on dates for 3 weeks, with proper nutrition and sport, can still help lose weight. The main thing, after the completion is not to lean on junk food, but to stick to the same diet as during the diet. Otherwise, the weight will return.

How to choose dates when buying

To choose ripe and healthy dried fruit, you need to follow some guidelines when purchasing.

  • First of all, pay attention to the appearance of exotic fruits. They must have a matte, dark brown color. Choose dried fruits without cracks and odor.
  • On dried fruits in any case should not exfoliate the skin. Otherwise, this means that the fetus is overripe and possibly rotten.
  • Fruits should not be too hard or too soft.
  • Try to buy not very sticky dates. If they glitter and stick together strongly, it may mean that they were treated with sugar syrup. Benefits for the body from such fruits will not.
  • It is desirable that the dried fruit was pitted. Otherwise there is a possibility that pests could get there. Calorie dates with stones - 277 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Date syrup: benefits and uses

Date syrup is a popular, and, most importantly, useful sugar substitute. The syrup contains a lot of iron, vitamin B and C. The caloric content of the syrup is 190 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Date syrup is obtained by squeezing fresh fruit juice.

The benefits of using date syrup:

  • improves skin color
  • relieves swelling,
  • increases hemoglobin
  • improves immunity
  • is the prevention of malignant tumors,
  • can be used for weight loss,
  • positive effect on the nervous system.

How to store dates at home

To ensure that dried fruits do not deteriorate, it is important to store them properly. To do this, put the fruit in a container or in a glass jar. Cover tightly with a lid and refrigerate.

Dried fruits are well kept in a dark and cool place for up to 10 months.

Do not store fruit:

  • in an open container
  • in the sun,
  • in a damp room.

Do the dates wash

Before use, exotic fruits must be washed. Because before you get to the fruit stores go a very long way from harvest to transport.

Also, for better preservation of fruits, they are treated with sulfur dioxide or sugar syrup. All this can adversely affect health and cause irreparable harm.

How to wash dates:

  • Dried fruits should be washed with warm, but not boiling water.
  • Before that, they need to sort out, removing all the spoiled fruit.
  • Then you need to put the fruit in a colander and rinse.
  • After spread out on a towel and let dry.
  • Everything. Dried fruits are ready to eat.

Harm dates and contraindications

Excessive consumption of fruits can cause significant harm to the human body, as well as:

  • kidney disease
  • with obesity
  • with caries,
  • with increased acidity of the stomach.

Dried fruits are contraindicated in many diseases, for example:

  • allergic reaction to the product,
  • individual intolerance,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • hypotension,
  • liver disease,
  • gastritis,
  • the ulcer.

Calorie dates How many dates can I eat per day?

As I have already noticed, dates are high-calorie products, 100 grams of its fruits contain 274 kilocalories, so they quickly saturate the body, after dates for a long time there is no feeling of hunger.

Be healthy and beautiful with FITNESSI!

Varieties and types

The largest and most impressive are royal dates, which are absolutely not in vain got this name, because they are twice as large and tastier than the usual varieties. Standard species have an oval shape and reach 3-7 cm in length, as well as 2-3 cm in diameter.

Есть и такая разновидность, как канарские финики, родиной которых являются Канарские острова, скалистая и неприступная местность. Их выращивают в виде декоративной и плодовой культуры, листья такой пальмы активно используют для лечения многих недугов.

But, for example, Chinese dates grow on the Mediterranean, they have the appearance of reddish-brownish small and very fleshy fruits. It is this variety that is part of many spices and mousses; they can be eaten both fresh and dried or dried.

Depending on the ripeness and amount of moisture in the fruit, all dates are divided into dry, semi-dry and soft.

Soft fruits contain the maximum amount of moisture, which is why they are more tasty, but stored less dry or semi-dry.

Not everyone knows that honey and even wine are obtained from dates, and date sugar is much more useful than cane sugar, which we are so accustomed to eat. In the Arab countries, palm flour is very common, which is made from the core of the date tree, as well as date juice, which goes through the fermentation process and becomes an interesting alcoholic beverage.

Beneficial features

Such amazing fruits contain a large amount of fructose and glucose (about 75%), they also boast a rich composition of salts (about 15) and minerals. It is believed that if you eat a good handful of dates every day, you can provide yourself with a daily rate of sulfur, magnesium and copper, as well as half the daily rate of iron and a fourth of calcium.

It is worth noting that date fruits also contain zinc, fluorine, manganese, boron, iron, potassium, cobalt and other minerals. We can not say about the presence of vitamins A, groups B and C, as well as niacin and riboflavin, pectin and dietary fiber, the amount of which constantly fluctuates.

It is also important to know that dates are a very highly nutritious product, which is distinguished by its high caloric content - in 1 kg of dried dates there are about 3000 kcal!

To be clear - this amount is the daily minimum for an adult, so it is not surprising why in ancient times they were the main food for travelers.

Needless to say, thanks to this property, they are not easily able to quickly satisfy hunger, but also quickly regain strength, and some scientists even believe that a glass of milk and one date can satisfy the minimum human need for nutrients.

It is not superfluous to note that due to its special composition, date fruits have the most beneficial effect on the digestive system, cleansing it and putting in order peristalsis. Many experts recommend them for use with intestinal disorders and dysbiosis, as they nourish the blood and maintain the body's acid balance.

Dates are also very useful for pregnant and lactating women, as they contain special stimulants that help strengthen the muscles of the uterus, making birth easier and reducing the period of postpartum hemorrhage. It should also be noted that such fruits enrich mother's milk with vitamins and useful trace elements.

It is known that the fruits of date palms perfectly strengthen the heart, contribute to the development of certain parts of the brain, and, therefore, improve its performance.

In addition, they are an excellent prophylactic against many colds and viral diseases, a regenerating agent after serious illnesses. Dates are useful for people who suffer from anemia, chest and lung diseases, as well as a miraculous drug against male impotence.

There are also a huge number of recipes that help you lose weight without depriving yourself of sweets. You don’t have any problems what to make of dates, because there are so many options.

How to choose the most useful dates?

In order for such fruits to be not just tasty, but really useful, you need to know exactly how to choose them correctly. First of all, their appearance will tell you: it is a mistake to think that brilliant fruits are the most useful.

Glittering surface dates may have been mechanically dried, which is accompanied by the use of various chemicals. Distinguishing such dates is simple: a large number of cracks appear on the shiny surface, and in some cases, the skin may even peel off.

With natural drying, cracks may also appear, but they are very few and almost invisible. It is best to buy fruits with a stone, because the probability of chemical treatment in this case is much lower.

Some interesting facts about the useful properties of dates

Recent studies by scientists have proven that dates are so beneficial to the human body that (I quote):

“Even a single date you have eaten causes an irreversible process of recovery in the body!”
How cool, huh? I only ate one date, and everything - an irreversible process started in the body, and you already have no other chance than to be only healthy! How do you like this? ☺

  • They say that in China there are such long-livers who have solely dates on their diet!
  • Many nutritionists offer it as a useful and healthy alternative to the usual and harmful sweets - instead of sweets, cookies, candy.
  • Medical scientists have found that a person has a strong feeling of hunger when there is a low sugar content in the blood. And, if you eat only two dates, the blood sugar level rises to its normal state, the feeling of hunger disappears. And keeps the "normal" blood sugar level for a long time then!

This technique is recommended to use nutritionists to their patients to avoid disruptions and overeating, especially during diet programs, fasting, etc.

It is recommended to always keep on hand a few dates. Then you can safely be satisfied with a small amount of food, and not lash out at it and absorb in exorbitant quantities!

  • A very “fresh” scientific study: one experiment recently ended, during which a group of people for several years ate only fresh dates and drank a fair amount of pure water. Nothing else!
    At the end of this experiment, data from laboratory tests of blood, urine, etc. and other studies of their organisms just amazed the doctors!
    Everything said that these people are really in great shape, they feel great and full of energy!
  • Another recent study proved that dates are much more useful than red and black caviar, about which there has been so much talk about the miraculous utility of lately!
    Wow! And I would add: and much cheaper! ☺

The chemical composition of dates

These wonderful fruits contain 23 types of amino acids, which are absent in many other fruits.

Among these amino acids is a large amount of the amino acid tryptophan. We need it for the good work of the brain, for keeping the psyche in good condition. This is especially important for those who have frequent stress, for the elderly, for those whose work is associated with decent mental stress.

Also tryptophan is an amino acid of youth! It prevents the aging of body cells.

And thanks to tryptophan, using dates, a person becomes calmer, more peaceful, more satisfied.
Great tryptophan, right? ☺

  • Even in the composition of dates there is glutamic acid, which prevents the emergence of such a very common trouble, like heartburn, as it neutralizes excess acid in the stomach.
  • And selenium is found in dates in such a significant amount that it can even suppress the growth of cancer cells!
  • It also strengthens the immune system in a remarkable way and reduces the risk of heart attacks!
  • A huge amount of sugars in these fruits can not damage human health, since they are favorably “side by side” in composition with vitamin B5, which helps them to be absorbed by the body very quickly! As a result, a person receives only benefit - a quick quenching of hunger, restoration of physical strength, energy, freshness and speed of thinking, and calm nerves.
    In my opinion, amazing! What do you think, friends? ☺
  • The content of such important minerals as magnesium, sulfur, copper, calcium, iron in the composition of these fruits is incredible in quantity. To cover the daily need for these elements, you need to eat 10 dates per day.
  • With its sweetness, dates confuse all those who follow the figure and try to lose weight. Due to the large amount of sugars, dates avoid eating, preferring other carbohydrates. It turns out in vain!

What is the use of dates?

  • Dates are an indispensable thing for feeding children.
  • These fruits themselves are not transmitters of bacteria, dangerous viruses, microbes, various parasites. Why? Because these microorganisms simply do not live on them.
  • Dates - this is the strongest antiparasitic agent, it turns out! It successfully destroys even amoeba and Giardia in human blood. What can we say about viruses, bacteria, microbes! With them, these fruits cope on the "one-two-three"!
  • They contain substances that contribute to a quick and painless reduction of the uterus during labor and delivery of a woman. Therefore, they are recommended to eat before and after childbirth, as a product that reduces postpartum hemorrhage and helps to restore the body.
  • And during pregnancy it is used to minimize the risk of miscarriage!
  • After consuming several dates, the brain's performance increases by 30%, and after half an hour, even the most decently tired person returns strength and energy.
  • They are highly recommended for heart failure, anemia, with loss of strength from a long illness, to prevent the onset of cancer of the stomach, intestines.
  • They increase the quantity and quality of male sperm. In the countries of the East, there is still a tradition when women intensively feed them men in the periods when the couple seeks to conceive a child. Children are born healthier and more physically fit!
  • They are incredibly useful for good digestion and have a strong cleansing effect on it. This was said by another well-known scientist II Mechnikov. and recommended to use them to all who have poor digestion.
  • These fruits significantly increase blood circulation in the body, reduce high blood pressure, improve eyesight, relieve eye fatigue.
  • Their effectiveness has been proven to reduce the effects on the body of many side effects when using antibiotics! Their use after a course of antibiotics helps the body to recover lost resources much faster.
  • They prevent the formation of carcinogens in the body, even with improper diet and living in environmentally unfavorable areas.
  • They improve the general metabolism in the body and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

That turns out to be what dates are! Wonderful, tasty and super-mega-wholesome! ☺

Delicious video recipe with dates

Try these real organic dried fruits, including dates and nuts.

How do you, friends, like the information about these wonderful fruits?

Write in the comments if you like dates.

Tell me, maybe you have any interesting recipes with dates in the composition?

I will be very grateful to you and with pleasure I will also prepare something unusual, useful and tasty-date for myself and my relatives! ☺

Bye everyone! See you soon! Thank you for being with me!


What are dates

Fruits grow on date palms. Fresh - dark red, oblong shape. The flesh is juicy, but dense. The bone is elongated. Trees are common in countries with a subtropical and tropical climate. The most popular fruits that are grown - in Saudi Arabia, Iran. Exporters are Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, Oman, Bahrain, Sudan, Syria, Morocco, South America and the USA. Today, these fruits in our country are popular. In stores and markets, fruits are sold as dried fruits. In such a dried state, the date the fruit becomes smaller in size, dark brown. Fruits acquire a sweet taste, have a characteristic aroma.

It is interesting! The largest plantation, consisting only of fig trees, is located in Tirat Zvi, in the Beit Shean valley. There are 16,000 trees.

What are dates - berry or fruit? A healthy fruit grows on a tree - it is a fruit. A common variety - palmate date. But there are also other types of fruits.

How much does one date weigh? The weight of one fruit varies between 10-15 grams. Dimensions - up to 8 cm in length. Approximately 2 - 5 cm in width. Palm trees grow in the tropics and subtropics. Some species even withstand severe frosts - up to -14 ° C. The tree begins to bear fruit at 6 years of age. One palm tree brings up to 9 kg of useful fruits. An adult tree is considered to be 15 years old. At this time, it brings up to 90 kg of crop (fig trees are famous for their fertility).

We are accustomed to see dates in the already dried form. Sometimes they are sold and dried. But before that, the beneficial fruits are still processed. Even after drying, the fruit does not lose its useful qualities and unusual, memorable taste.

It is interesting! In Korea, it is said that dates were recommended by Allah himself. Women to facilitate childbirth, men - for sexuality. The Arab men, going to hikes, always took with them large stocks. They gave strength to the weary warrior and his horse.

Dates chemical composition and nutritional value

The fruits of the fig tree prevent heart attacks and strokes, if they are regularly. Fruits are rich in fiber. How many glucose and sugar amounts are dried in bone? Fruits contain up to 60% of sugars. Most of them are carbohydrates. Due to its high sugar content, this product is not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Fat almost do not contain. But there is protein, pectin and tannins.

As for BZHU on 100 gr. dried product:

  • carbohydrates - 69 gr,
  • proteins - 2.5 grams,
  • fat - 0.5.

Caloric content is 274 kcal.

This is quite a lot. But nutritionists still recommend to have them in the diet, even losing weight people - the fruits are useful and replenish energy reserves.

This useful sweetness contains macro and microelements: copper, iron, selenium, zinc, fluorine, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium.

Vitamins in dates: groups B (thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine), C, PP, H, E, K. The fruits contain amino acids - they are all responsible for the normal activity of the central nervous system. Fruits are shown to people with a predisposition to cancer - tryptophan is contained in fruits. This is an amino acid that acts as a prophylactic agent for cancer.

The benefits of dates for men

Every year, mortality from cardiovascular diseases among men increases. If the fruits are consumed regularly, you can protect yourself from heart attack, stroke. Magnesium and potassium contained in the treat, contribute to the stimulation of the myocardium, if a person has heart failure. Fruits help lower blood pressure. It is proved that dates clean vessels of plaques that can cause atherosclerosis.

If a man is regularly exposed to heavy physical exertion, it is necessary to include this exotic fruit in the daily diet. It helps to quickly recover, energizes and increases efficiency.

For men, the benefits of dates exist in potentiation - this fact is recognized by doctors, who advise, there is this product after 45 years every day. In this case, problems with intimate life will not.

10 useful properties of dates

And so consider, what are the main healing and healing properties of dates:

  1. Normalize the digestive tract - contains fiber. Recommended for persons who suffer from constipation. They cleanse the body of toxins, restore the function of internal organs. Beauticians recommend there is a product for people who suffer from acne and acne. For intestinal diseases, dates are very useful.
  2. Strengthen the immune system, accelerate the metabolism. The product contains pantothenic acid. This substance also has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, relieves stress, and normalizes sleep.
  3. Thanks to the support of vitamin A, the hair will look healthy - silky, shiny, and strong nails.
  4. Improve the cardiovascular system due to the high content of potassium. Adult enough to eat 100 grams. fruit a day, a couple of things will be enough for children.
  5. Strengthen bones, teeth - all this is provided by the fruits of the fig tree. They contain about 64 mg of calcium per 100 grams. Nutritionists recommend including women in the menu, as well as nursing mothers. It is known how badly the teeth deteriorate when carrying a child - in order to avoid this trouble, you need to eat dates.
  6. Beauty, youth, energy will always be with those who do not bypass this product. Fruits contain a large number of trace elements, vitamins K and D. Ascorbic acid is also present, which boosts immunity. Despite the high calorie content, even on a diet it is recommended to eat dates instead of sweets and other sweets to keep the body in good shape.
  7. Normalizes cardiovascular activity due to the content of potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, sodium. All these nutrients are necessary for normal heart function.
  8. This useful, sweet and tasty product has a beneficial effect on the blood. Способствует активации выработки красных телец, улучшают реологические свойства. Продукт полезно и нужно употреблять, если кровоточат десна, была диагностирована анемия, либо есть предрасположенность к этому неприятному заболеванию.
  9. При регулярном потреблении повышают потенцию благодаря содержанию селена. Improved sperm quality. Therefore, sweetness is desirable for men who are planning to conceive a child.
  10. You can eat a product for the prevention of helminthiasis (worms), only if the pathology is not accompanied by high fever. But it is important to remember that harmful bacteria will be destroyed only if you eat fasting dates. It can also be used for intestinal disorders, especially if pharmacological agents are contraindicated.