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Half Board: What is it?


One of the important criteria is the type of food. Almost every hotel offers a choice of several rates:

  • without power,
  • breakfast only
  • half board,
  • guesthouse
  • all inclusive.

You need to choose one or the other, depending on your individual needs, possibilities and preferences.

What does half board in a hotel mean

Different types of food have special designations. For example, half board. What is it? Not everyone knows and immediately understand the meaning of the mark: HB. That is, the room rate includes meals at this rate. It includes breakfast and dinner.

Morning meal takes place from about eight to ten in the morning. The menu is varied: scrambled eggs, cereal, muesli, fruit, yogurt, ham and more. In the evening, tourists will be offered soups, fish, meat, cereals and desserts. Non-alcoholic drinks are served at breakfast, and dinner does not provide for this.

If tourists want to eat or get an extra drink, they can do it, but they will have to pay a separate bill at the end of the holiday. If the tourist is not satisfied with this state of affairs, you can change the half board to any other type of food by reimbursing the difference in price.


Big plus fare "half board", that is an economical option without alcohol. Those who are not going to drink alcohol during the holidays have no need to pay for it.

And during lunch you can walk, sunbathe on the beach or make purchases. Moreover, on hot days, there is not always an appetite for lunch. In a pinch, you can always have lunch in a cafe.


There is also a downside for tourists who choose half board. That this will save money is not a fact.

For example, ordering additional drinks and meals at the hotel, you can even spend more than you managed to save. Especially at the end of the holiday to remember what it was and when you ordered, it will be difficult, it will remain to trust the staff of the hotel.

This option is definitely not suitable for those who are going to Egypt or Turkey. Here, almost every hotel has banned food and beverages purchased outside of it.

Types of food in European countries

What is half board? The answer to the question is well known to tourists who have visited Europe. Here, such a food system is extremely convenient, because it allows you to save money, and at the same time, tourists are not limited to the strict regime, which is undesirable on vacation.

But in different countries different approaches to this issue. Therefore, the choice of half board or another type of food depends on where the tourist is sent:

  • In Bulgaria, for example, half board is most often chosen by women and young people, who tend not to be dependent on the hotel's regime. But mostly families with children rest here, so “all inclusive” is a much more demanded fare. Tourists who chose hotels with him, sometimes noted the monotony of cuisine, so it is recommended to choose hotels of at least four stars.
  • But those who have visited in Greece know that half board is what kind of food, and also that it is he who will be the ideal choice. After all, one can get acquainted with the color and traditions of the country only by visiting traditional Greek taverns. Many tourists have no idea that hotels with an all-inclusive type are also found in Greece.
  • A similar situation exists for tourists in Spain. In this country you need to get out of the hotel as often as possible. In addition to sightseeing, you need to visit the local cafes, which will delight with the originality of dishes. However, for families with children, of course, you need to choose the "all inclusive" rate.

Half board does not fit

If you have few drinks and food for this type of food, then you can do this:

  • Directly at the hotel to pay the required amount, then on the right place the type of food will be changed to the one you wish. This can be either all inclusive or full board.
  • The second option - you yourself go to restaurants and cafes. There you buy the desired food and drinks. Everything that you purchased outside the hotel can be brought into the room.

The expediency of ordering half board in different countries

So you have chosen half board. What kind of food, in general, we found out. Now we will understand the feasibility of his order in different countries. Due to the difference in infrastructure (types of recreation and entertainment), it is not profitable to choose it in all countries.

In the resort cities of Asia and Europe, it is advantageous to take this catering option as a basis, since there are many cafes, bars and restaurants outside the hotel, where they will be tasty and relatively inexpensively fed. Such institutions will help out when you want to see local sights, while forgetting about the pool and the beach.

In hotels in Egypt and Turkey, it is better to give up half board. In these countries usually go when they want to just soak up the sunshine near the sea. For this reason, most of the time tourists spend on the hotel. Therefore, it is better to choose the type of "all inclusive", since it will be more expensive to pay extra for lunch.

We hope you understand the concept of "half board". What is this type of food, now it is clear to you. This means that you can safely decide whether it suits you or not.

The content of the article

  • What is half board
  • What system of food in the hotel to choose
  • How hotels are divided by type of food

If full board is three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), then half board is only breakfast and dinner, in some hotels you can optionally replace dinner for lunch. That is, in addition to the paid room, the vacationer will have at his disposal breakfast (eggs, pancakes, scrambled eggs, croissants, salads, depending on the menu) and dinner (meat or fish, salad, bread, dessert). For breakfast, usually also served any soft drinks, for example, coffee, tea, water, milk, juice, for dinner - most often only water.

Meal time is limited, usually breakfast lasts from 8 to 10 in the morning, dinner - from 18 to 20 in the evening. Evening meal in most hotels is a buffet, when you can choose any offered dish. At the same time, drinks at dinner are paid. If extended half-board HB + is paid for, free alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages may be served for dinner.

Additional drinks, snacks, meals - all this is available to the tourist, even with half board, but for a fee. Usually, an invoice is issued at the end of the holiday, when leaving the hotel.

What does full board and half board mean?

If you made a reservation at the time of booking half board, in payment for accommodation in the room includes its price and two meals a day, including:

    Breakfast. The menu in most hotels will be quite varied, so every day you will be able to taste something new: cereals, pancakes, vegetables, fruits, scrambled eggs, steaks, salads, seafood, local exotic dishes, muesli, yogurts and much more.

The price also includes the price of soft drinks in the morning: various nectars, mineral water, fermented milk drinks, various types of tea and coffee.

  • Dinner. Usually, it serves a variety of meat and fish dishes with vegetable salads, pastries, gourmet desserts, but half board includes only water: the rest will have to be paid extra.
  • Full board - This is a classic three meals a day, that is, you do not have to look for a cafe outside the hotel to eat. In many hotels breakfast is served in the form of a classic buffet with light snacks, and in the afternoon and evening you can enjoy salads, first courses, main courses and sweets in the à la carte restaurant. However, there are various variations: sometimes a buffet or à la carte dishes are offered to guests three times a day.

    How do they differ from all-inclusive?

    Difference full board and half board is that for lunch you too can stay in the hotel. If you want to tune in to the wave of relaxation and do not explore the surroundings in search of a suitable inexpensive cafe with delicious food, full board is more suitable for you. But those who eat a little, lose weight or just want to save a little, experts recommend taking half board.

    True gourmets and gourmands, as well as those who want to completely abandon their everyday problems should choose a system "all inclusive".

    In addition to the usual meals, it includes light snacks throughout the day and afternoon tea, as well as a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

    What to do if the HB did not fit?

    If for some reason half board doesn’t suit you and you want to eat at the hotel three times a day, just contact your administrator.

    In most hotels you will meet and for a certain - often small - extra charge, you can switch to full board or all-inclusive service.

    Right now, you can book your desired hotel using this search form. Enter city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

    Should I order incomplete boarding in hotels in different countries?

    Those who go to the UAE are practically there will be no choice: half board here offers most hotels. As for Turkey, in Antalya, the choice of hotels with half board is very small. If you want this type of food, pay attention to the hotels of Fethiye, Bodrum or Marmaris.

    In Spain there are a lot of hotels with half board, so if you go to a country to look at it and ride on excursions, this type of food is great choice. In addition, if you go somewhere in the evening and skip dinner, at the reception you can completely agree on replacing it for lunch. The same applies to Greece.

    But in Bulgaria, meals at local cafes will be quite expensive, so it is preferable to stay at “all inclusive”.

    Travel Tips

    When you decide on the type of food, even before the trip you should clarify the following for yourself:

      Half board is perfect if you value an active lifestyle and are ready spend all day on sightseeing, without tying yourself to the hotel mealtimes,

    For families with children definitely better to fork out for full board or all inclusive,

  • If you like to sleep, half board is not the best solution, since in many hotels breakfast is served only until 10-11 amso lazybones risk starving.
  • From this video you will learn the decoding of all types of food in hotels:

    What is half board in a hotel?

    How do you want to rest abroad went very well and not very expensive. Many different factors affect the impression of a holiday: weather, quality of service, distance from attractions or the beach, entertainment and food. No one can influence many of them, but the choice of a hotel and the right type of food depends only on you. Modern hotels offer the following types of food: All Inclusive, Ultra All Inclusive, Breakfast Only, Full Board, Extended Full Board, Half Board, Extended Half Board, No Board.

    In this article we will consider what this half-board is, how the type of food in the hotel is, and how it differs from full-board.

    What is included in the half board?

    When choosing a hotel with half board, you should look for the designation HB, which means Half Board.

    Half board - this is the food system in the hotel, in which the cost of the permit includes the provision of rooms and two meals, namely:

    • breakfast - varied food (eggs, croissants, pancakes, omelets, various salads, fruits, cereals, sausages, vegetables, yoghurts, porridge) and soft drinks (tea, coffee, water, milk, juices),
    • dinner - only food (fish or meat, also salads, bread, sweets), rarely served water in a jug.

    The table is most often Swedish, with a choice of hot dishes, time is limited and predetermined, for example: from 8 to 10 in the morning and from 18 to 20 in the evening. In some hotels, you can change dinner for lunch. For everything else (drinks at dinner (lunch), alcohol, snacks during the day at the pool and on the beach) will have to be paid separately, but not immediately, but at the end of the rest - at departure you will be provided with an invoice for all days.

    There is also such a type of food as extended half board, denoted as HB +, what is it? This is the same two meals a day, as with half board, plus drinks are added to it during dinner (lunch): alcoholic (only locally produced) and non-alcoholic. The list of drinks and their quantity depends on the hotel.

    If you are not satisfied with half board

    If you have a little drink or food for this type of food, you have two options:

    • in a hotel, after paying a certain amount, you change your type of food to another: full board or all inclusive,
    • Eat in cafes, restaurants and buy soft drinks and alcoholic beverages outside the hotel, but in Turkey and Egypt, most likely you will not be able to bring them to your room, as it is prohibited there.

    The expediency of ordering half board in hotels of different countries

    Due to the differences in the development of the infrastructures of the countries where the hotels are located, it is not profitable to choose half board at all resorts.

    It is advantageous to choose half board in the resort cities of Europe and Asia, as there are a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants outside the hotels where you can be very tasty fed or in cases when you plan to actively explore local sights and not just lie by the pool or on the beach.

    In hotels in Turkey and Egypt, it is better not to take half board, since people most often come here to relax near the sea, so they spend most of their time on the hotel’s territory, and they pay more for everything separately, it turns out to be more expensive than paying for another type of food.

    Due to the fact that most hotels here have well-developed infrastructure, the “All Inclusive” system is not that expensive.

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    Features HB (half board) food in hotels

    The first question that arises from a tourist when meeting with the concept of half board, or HB nutrition - what does it mean and how will it look in practice? We answer:

    That is, a maximum of twice a day you do not have to worry about where and how to eat. Now consider the nuances.

    1. When choosing a half-board meal in a hotel, the guest should be prepared for the fact that, as a rule, drinks are not provided for dinner. In other words, you will be offered breakfast and dinner (in some hotels dinner is replaced for lunch), but juice, tea, coffee, alcohol and even water during the evening meal will have to be paid separately. Often, an account is provided to the guest on the last day of their stay at the hotel and becomes a surprise.

    2. As a rule, breakfasts and dinners are organized in a buffet or a-la carte format, with a la carte order. This moment, as well as the living conditions, is stipulated when ordering a tour. Standard half board at the hotel includes a light breakfast (these can be eggs or pastries, cereal, pancakes, yogurt, fruit), to which soft drinks (tea, coffee, juice, milk) are added.

    3. Unlike the morning meal, the half-board dinner is very dense. It includes meat or fish dishes, side dishes, salads and desserts and allows you to fully satisfy the feeling of hunger. The downside is that the guest will either have to pay for the drinks in addition, or go in search of them outside the hotel. Also do not lose sight of the fact that the hotel may be forbidden to bring drinks purchased in other places to the room.

    4. Breakfast and dinner time in hotels is always regulated. For example, from 8 to 10 o'clock in the morning or from 18 to 20 o'clock in the evening. This means that in order not to stay hungry, you need to be sufficiently punctual and clearly plan your daily routine.

    5. It is believed that the type of food HB suitable for traveling to any European country - and in general to any resort, where a priori there are many restaurants and cafes outside the hotel and there can be no difficulty in finding food. In addition, so you will have the opportunity, not sparing the wasted on all inclusive money, try the local cuisine where you want, and not get attached to the hotel. Another thing, if we are talking about resorts in Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and other countries in which hotels are located at a considerable distance from catering establishments.

    6. One more thing concerns the difference between half board and full board (full board). Полный пансион имеет приятный бонус – включенное в стоимость проживания трехразовое питание: завтрак, обед и ужин. Правда, опять же, только с утренними напитками. Ну а дальше все идет по нарастающей:

    • FB+ — расширенный полный пансион с напитками во время приема пищи,
    • Mini all inclusive – трехразовое питание с напитками местного производства в неограниченном количестве,
    • Al (all inclusive) - meals during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner + afternoon snacks + barbecue and other meals at the discretion of the hotel + unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of local production).

    In order to finally clarify the question of what kind of food is half-board, it is worth saying in which situation this option seems most preferable. He definitely will please those tourists who are willing to devote a whole day to travel and sightseeing and do not want to depend on the time of lunch at the hotel.

    Most male tourists are dissatisfied with half board and prefer the all inclusive system with the ability not to limit themselves to meals. Also food HB not suitable for families with children, as they will have to spend more time choosing lunch places and more money for food.