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Should a teenager work?


For a start it is worth listing all the advantages of working in adolescence:

  • A teenager will be able to earn money, and not only for personal small expenses, but also for something more serious and expensive, for example, on a mobile phone or on clothes. And this means that parents will be able to save or save money.
  • The child will begin to understand the price of money and learn how to use it correctly. Spending money earned by parents is very simple, because they can easily get it. But when money is earned by its own labor, then you don’t feel like letting it out on trifles and stupidity.
  • Having started working, a teenager will be able to find the most suitable specialty and decide on plans for the future, that is, to understand who he wants to become. And if the child does not have such an opportunity, he can make a serious mistake by choosing a profession under the influence of parents or not at all understanding what it means.
  • The child will become more responsible and independent, he will understand that he must fulfill his duties, even if he does not want to do it at all.
  • A teenager can acquire a lot of new useful skills and qualities that will certainly come in handy later in life, including in an adult. For example, working with clients will allow you to become more sociable and learn to make contact with any people, and also find a common language with them.
  • This is a wonderful and invaluable experience. It has been proven that people who started working as a teenager usually become more successful and quickly climb the career ladder, reach the heights in their profession. They feel more confident at the interviews, learn faster and learn new skills, communicate easily with colleagues and clients, realize their responsibility and actively use the skills acquired earlier.
  • Earnings will allow the teenager to be proud of themselves.

And how dangerous is work for a teenager? It has the following disadvantages:

  • A child may fall into an unpleasant story or become a victim of fraudsters. It is much easier to deceive a teenager than an experienced adult, and many businessmen like to use it. And if the employer pays less than promised, it will, of course, be unpleasant. But deception can be more serious and even dangerous. So, under the guise of supposedly bona fide merchant may be hiding a pedophile. There are also cases when teenage girls took passports and turned them into real slaves or prostitutes. Of course, this is the most serious consequences, but, unfortunately, the modern world is very cruel, so you need to be ready for everything, including the worst.
  • If work in adolescence takes too much time, and the child plans to work constantly, and not only in the summer (that is, during the holidays), then this can greatly interfere with his studies. Due to employment, the student will not be able to fully complete his homework or even attend school, which will lead to a decline in academic performance and a lag in some subjects, including important and basic ones.
  • If a teenager started working too early, he may miss the opportunity to be a simple child and learn all the joys of childhood, which, as we know, passes very, very quickly.
  • Realizing that you can earn good money without higher education, a teenager can stop striving for more and even drop out of school.
  • If the work is difficult, then the child may experience stress and overwork, and this is in adolescence, in which the psyche has not yet been fully formed, is quite dangerous.

At what age can a teenager start working?

In general, according to the law, a teenager can go to work with 14 years. At this age, the child has the most important document (that is, a passport), as well as certain rights that he can defend if necessary. But not all employers are willing to hire such young and inexperienced employees. In addition, a lot depends on the particular position and on the duties performed.

So, if you need to work with expensive materials, implying a certain responsibility, then a fourteen-year-old student may not cope and make a lot of serious mistakes, thereby failing his employer. In addition, such activity is associated with a certain stress for the children.

It is worth taking into account the nature and characteristics of the child. So, if he is rather independent and responsible, then he will be able to perform certain duties as early as 14 years old. If he is naive, windy and infantile, then you should wait until 15-16 years.

What kind of work is suitable?

In general, child labor has some limitations. So, it can not be too heavy. In addition, the position should not imply greater responsibility (for example, work with significant amounts of money).

  1. Tutoring. If a teenager is strong in some discipline, then he can help others, and not without compensation. In this case, the child can work at home, and this is convenient and safe.
  2. Promotion. Promoters are engaged in the promotion of goods in retail chains. It's easy and quite interesting.
  3. Harvesting.
  4. Nanny. This option is suitable for a responsible girl who has a younger sister or brother, that is, the experience of communicating with children.
  5. Walking the dog. Not everyone has enough time for this, so such help is relevant for many.
  6. Gardening and upgrading the city. This may include such duties as planting and watering trees, cleaning garbage, cutting bushes and grass, and so on.
  7. The boy may well become a laborer. For example, he can help his older brother or another relative who is engaged in repairing shoes or something else.
  8. Courier. It can deliver documents, correspondence.
  9. Waiter. Many cafes are working teens.
  10. Counselors. This is a great and interesting summer job.
  11. Packer product. It is easy and well paid.
  12. Work in the center of social protection of the population, that is, patronage over the disabled, incapable and in need of assistance to citizens.
  13. Assistance in private. Of course, a teenager will not be a nurse, and hardly anyone will entrust such complex duties to him. But to help someone around the house the child is quite able. For example, he can go shopping, clean the apartment, do the dishes, do the laundry, cook and so on.
  14. Work in a car wash.
  15. You can earn money on the Internet, for example, passing various surveys, assessing the quality of sites, as well as posting reviews of various products, establishments and means.

How to protect the child?

So, what should parents do to protect a child?

  • Make sure that the work does not take much time. Ideally, the teenager should work part-time, and only a few hours.
  • Since a teenager can work only with the permission of his parents, a conscientious employer must receive it. If he does not care about it, it should be alerted.
  • It is advisable to personally communicate with the employer of the child. Ask him about the features of the position that the child will occupy, about duties, about the rights of a teenager, and so on. Also evaluate the employer's knowledge of state laws and the Labor Code. By all means write down the surname, name, patronymic, address and contacts of the employer. And be sure to say that in case of danger or threat to your child, you should contact the law enforcement authorities.
  • Aim the child for further development. For example, if he realizes that just washing cars can make good money, then he can just stop striving for something more, because there is no need to do it. It is advisable to choose a position that implies the development, self-improvement, mastering new skills. Yes, it is more difficult, but interesting and very useful.
  • Do not allow the fumes to work with too complex and dangerous equipment, it can lead to serious injuries.
  • Limit the child from serious responsibility, for example, from working with large amounts of money.
  • The student should not be allowed to work the whole year, it may interfere with his studies.

It remains only to wish success to adolescents and prudence and patience to their parents.

Child's age

In order to sign a contract with an employer, a teenager must be at least 16 years old. If the age of the young employee is less, then the written consent of the parents is required. In any case, it is advisable for adults to monitor compliance with the employment relationship of the employer with their child in order to help in resolving legal issues.

Drawing up and signing a contract is an important positive moment in the upbringing of a teenager: thus, not only does his legal culture increase, but an awareness of his rights and obligations of an adult working person appears.

Child health

The parents' opinion on this matter is different: some enthusiastically perceive the child’s desire to go to work, others believe that children need a good rest in the summer. This is understandable, because the children's body is characterized by increased sensitivity to stress, and during puberty, there is increased fatigue, lethargy, and mood swings.

On the other hand, adolescents need physical activity for full development, and a sedentary lifestyle can harm mental health. And if you choose summer teenage idleness with a 24-hour weekly part-time job, then the choice is obvious, especially since child labor has a number of limitations, therefore not all employers invite schoolchildren for part-time work. In any case, the adolescent during his work activity is waiting for a new experience, acquaintances, situations, therefore, physical and intellectual development is provided for him.

Choice of employment

There is no doubt that a teenager who has already decided on what his future life path will be will be advisable to work in the industry he has chosen. But not everyone has such an opportunity, so teenagers go to work where they are invited: by couriers, promoters, car washers, and so on. Some children offer their services to neighbors and friends. For example, knowing a certain school subject well, they engage in tutoring: people with small incomes are willing to use the knowledge of a disciplined and responsible "teacher."

Some girls are trying to make handicrafts: make cards, scented candles, handmade soap, jewelry from beads, beads, and so on. But here it is still necessary to find buyers, and this is also a kind of work.

Adolescents strive to be adults and independent, and earnings in this matter plays an important role. Basically, these are small amounts, which are pretty hard, so their teenagers are not spending as chaotically as parents: their money is pitiful. Children's dreams are leaving, and they are replaced by rational and realistic reflections about their capabilities, goals and desires.

Psychologists say that adolescents with work experience have less conflict with their parents because of the money, because they understand how hard they get. The words of parents about hard work and hard money will remain words, if you do not let them through you. The child only begins to take care of things when he finds out their price, equivalent to his work and work in general.

Thus, in the work practice of the child, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. This training, experience, skills and development. And in the future, when you have to get a job, there will be no more anxiety, but there will be an opinion on what exactly you need to pay attention to.

A teenager can be proud of himself, his successes and achievements, which will positively affect his self-esteem. And in the eyes of peers, the fact that he worked will allow him to “grow up”, because not every schoolchild will be able to work without abandoning the first day for various reasons. All this will give strength and confidence.

Negative points - involving the child in illegal activities, fraudulent schemes, overwork or harm to health - can be avoided through control from the elders. Let the children grow up under supervision, so as not to face resentment and disappointment, because labor must bring joy and satisfaction.

Table of contents

As you know, adolescents strive to show their independence and readiness for adulthood. And one of the ways to do this is to start earning your pocket money yourself. And at this moment it is very important not only to support the child’s beginnings, but also to help him find a job that will respect the rights of a minor worker, pay decently and give an adequate amount of work at a time that does not overlap with studies. Let's deal with the employment of a teenager together.

Attention! This article will be told only about the employment of an employment contract in the organization. The options “to water Aunt Zoya’s flowers while she’s on vacation”, “pull up the English neighbors daughter” and “look for something on freelance” will not be considered here.

From the point of view of the law

Questions about employment, working conditions, etc. related to this are regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (TK RF). Employment of minors is also regulated by various articles, but we are most interested in article 63 of the LC RF. It regulates the conclusion of an employment contract with minors.

Let's start with the age. It turns out that as early as the age of 14, a child can be employed with the conclusion of an employment contract. However, here we are talking exclusively about the so-called "creative" professions: an employee of the cinema, theater, circus or a concert organization. This also includes sports. In this case, the contract for the child is signed by his legal representative (parent or guardian).

We draw your attention to the fact that, according to the law, this list is "exhaustive." That is all that is beyond the scope of the above, is already illegal. However, workers in the modeling business or advertising agencies find quite legal ways to recruit minors: for example, they use leased labor contracts. In any case, all documents are signed by a legal representative, therefore, in this case, only an adult decides whether this type of income is acceptable for his child or not.

At 14 and 15 years old, a child can be accepted for light work. Briefly about what it is. Light labor means work that does not harm the child’s health, development, and does not go to the detriment of education, that is, attending school, participating in vocational guidance programs and the ability to use the training received.

Let's return to the contract. His child at the age of 14 or 15 years signs independently, but the package of documents must contain the consent of one of the parents or guardians. At the age of 16 and 17, parental consent is not required, but permission from the guardianship is required, which specifies working conditions, working hours, etc. Some organizations, however, require the written consent of one of the parents for employment.

Now about how much time a child can work. It all depends not only on age, but also on where the applicant is studying (school, night school, college). Let's start with the age:

a week - up to 24 hours

per day - up to 4 hours; when combined with studies at school or college - up to 2.5 hours.

Why do teens go to work?

Why do teens want to earn money so early? There are many reasons for this, but most often the answer to this question is more than trivial:

  • Sometimes the desire to earn arises immediately after the appearance of a new dream. For example, almost an adult child saw a new model of a smartphone, trendy jeans, stylish shoes - many options.
  • Sometimes the desire to earn money spontaneously arises against the background of various family circumstances. After all, it happens that at home there is not enough money even for the most necessary things for a full life.

Legal labor and minor children

Today, by law, high school students and students can easily triple some vacancies. These “adult children” are a separate social group, therefore, in the Labor Code of our country an entire chapter is provided for them. All restrictions and rules noted in the document are intended to protect minors from production negative factors that may adversely affect their mental and physical health.

The Code establishes the age at which citizens of the Russian Federation can be employed - 16 years. In rare cases, it is possible to get a job in the full 15 years, but this fact is possible only if the teenager has received basic general education or the termination of studies in accordance with federal law.

It has the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and its nuances related to minors:

  • If a child is 14-15 years old, in order to conclude an employment contract with him, it is necessary to have the written consent of one of the parents. Labor should not interfere with learning. Also important is safety and minimal exercise.
  • Если договор о труде «взрослый ребенок» заключает впервые, то работодатель обязан оформить ему трудовую книжку.
  • Перед тем, как приступить к труду, подросток обязан пройти врачебный осмотр. Причем такие медицинские консультации нужно будет получать каждый год, вплоть до того момента, пока подростку не исполнится 18 лет.
  • Article 70 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation states that the employer does not have the right to establish probationary periods for an employee who is not yet 18 years old.
  • Labor relations can be formalized with children, but only if the work relates directly to the sphere of cinematography, theaters, circuses, etc.
  • As for the work schedule, the duration of the working day for a teenager should be shortened. According to article 91, the weekly rate for a teenager is 40 hours.

Where to look for work for teens?

Every teenager (from 14 years old) can try to find work not only in special centers designed for young people, but also large recruitment agencies. In Moscow, these organizations can be found quickly, especially since there are more than one thousand agencies of the corresponding type in the capital. For example, you can contact the state institution "Youth Employment Center", which is located at ul. Schepkina, 38, additional questions can be asked by phone 8-495-688-46-56.

You can also find a job using the special services HeadHunter and SuperJob.

In addition, for adolescents, it will always be relevant to look for a side job among adult relatives or friends: what if a clever assistant in his own business or a courier, a translator for a temporary job, need an uncle or father's best friend? On the one hand, friends or family members are usually willing to meet the needs of a minor and provide optimal, sparing working conditions. On the other hand, this will allow a teenager to try himself in a new field of activity and earn some money.

A guaranteed teenager c 16 years old can find work in a coffee shop or at one of the fast-food enterprises: McDonalds, KFC and the like. For example, in McDonalds the conditions are quite acceptable, but they also have their own characteristics: hourly pay, about 160 rubles per hour, the shift lasts at least 4 hours, the employee is given a snack with a complex lunch (burger, drink and potatoes. All teenagers remember that not food for regular consumption?), however, slow or emotionally closed children will be quite problematic, because you will have to work in a fuss and very quickly, at night shifts are much calmer, but the night should remain a time for a teenager to rest.

Working as a courier to deliver food (pizza, Caucasian food, pies, etc.) also requires efficiency and good physical shape. When applying for a job, you should carefully collect feedback on the campaign of interest. Now, in times of crisis, unfortunately, there are frequent situations of frequent staff changes and non-payment of a part of wages. It is necessary to go to a proven company, and very clearly stipulate the conditions for how much a child will receive in an hour when the first payments are due (in some companies weekly wages are practiced). Of course, a negative result also carries a certain experience, however, it is in the power of the parents to fence the child, if possible, from rudeness and deceit. No less important is the question of fines: for example, if you get a job in a call-center (of the same food delivery service), you need to clarify what the wrong order will turn out for a teenager, being late or not showing up for work, and so on.

Creative guys who have a hobby (dancing, photography), you can try to realize their talents on one-off campaigns: often girls and boys with a model appearance are required to open exhibitions, to present a new product. As a rule, revenue can be obtained at the end of the working day and, moreover, at such events you can gain interesting experience and broaden your horizons.

On the eve of New Year and Christmas, many families will need Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. A bold and sociable teenager can only get props, rehearse the role and go ask a fabulous voice what the child knows how to, and distribute long-awaited gifts.

Benefits of early employment of minors

A teenager can carry mail, walk dogs and cats, or, for example, work as a laboratory assistant at school. But what are the benefits?

  • The money earned by their work will give the teenager confidence. The first paid job can help in the formation of personality. It will be easy for a teenager to realize that he is valuable to society.
  • A teenager can try his hand at all sorts of labor. Such metamorphoses and changes in life will positively affect the future choice of profession. Of course, an adult child cannot try himself in all spheres of labor, because this age group has only a minimal list of vacancies available. But in any case, even work in a store or post office is an invaluable experience. Especially since a teenager, after such a “frivolous” work, may have a motivation for education in order to get a job in a more comfortable and profitable place in the future.
  • Self-earned money adjusts the attitude of a teenager to his own needs. Labor teaches us to understand the value of financial assets.

Disadvantages of work for teens

There are experts and their negative aspects of the issue related to the employment of adolescents.

  • An adult child, earning even very little money, can come to the conclusion that it is no longer necessary to study. Why waste time on education, if you can already get paid? Parents are very important to help the teenager not to get lost in his own conclusions. It is important that the student harmoniously combines work and study. Only in this way it will be possible to insure that a son or daughter does not turn from the right path.
  • A teenager of 14-17 years old is still a schoolboy who can not always properly spend the money earned on his own. Children are subject to all sorts of temptations, which often pose a certain danger.
  • An “adult child” who earns money himself can easily get out of parental control. This fact often leads to irreparable negative consequences.

Today, children start to grow up very early, they are drawn to independence and strive to gain the so-called “freedom” as soon as possible. Teenagers are a separate category of people for whom the welcoming atmosphere at home is important. It is very important to be respectful, to pay attention, to skillfully listen to your maturing son or daughter. Only this way it is possible to at least a little protect an adult child from rash and / or dangerous acts and mistakes, and at the same time gain an interesting experience and earn some money.