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How to spend February 14? Original ideas and tips


So, how to celebrate February 14.

If you are together with your loved one, then it's time to bring a touch of romanticism in your relationship. Arrange a chic romantic evening. To do this you will need:

  • candles
  • romantic music,
  • a bottle of good wine or champagne,
  • tasty light meal: sushi, fruit, chocolate,
  • if you plan to do a massage, you will need a special massage oil,
  • a gift to a loved one, because without this element it is impossible to spend a holiday with a lover,
  • so that it is not boring, you can buy interesting games in advance for two.

Be sure to prepare the apartment for the celebration, decorating it with posters, balloons and, if possible, rose petals.

What to do to make it fun?

You can buy a big puzzle and spend the whole evening with your favorite one to fold it. Very thoughtful need to approach the choice of pattern. Pay attention to the puzzles, which depict, for example, some seascape. After the picture is collected, you can discuss with your loved one a trip to this wonderful corner of the planet.

If you do not like this activity, you can arrange an evening of romantic cinema. Great movies to watch: "Sweet November", "Whale", "Rush to love", "Love in a big city 1-3".

How to celebrate February 14?

You can spend a whole day in the SPA. There you will find relaxing treatments, aromatic oils, massage. Here you can have a good day.

Another option is to go to the rink. Be sure to bring mulled wine in a thermos. Try to learn some original pieces from pair figure skating on the rink. If you do not know how to skate, then this is even better, such an exercise will help you get closer.

Do not want to rink? Then go bowling - this is a great pastime option for a couple in love.

You can also go to a good restaurant and spend the evening tasting marvelous dishes prepared by the chef and sipping delicious red wine, which is a symbol of love. By the way, in many good institutions, instrumental music plays, which will make the meeting perfect.

Active holiday

How to celebrate February 14, if there is a reluctance to sit at home? You can arrange a fascinating walk through the city, visiting places such as a park and a cafe. So you not only have a good time, because walking is quite a useful activity. You can walk to the place where they launch sky lanterns. There you can both watch a wondrous act, and send your own ball of desires flying.

So, celebrate February 14th fun. Where can this be done if you are two?

You can go to a master class, where you and your lover will be taught to cook some delicious and original dish, or they will teach you a beautiful dance.

Another option is to attend some exciting training or seminar. It is very important, picking it up, not to make a wrong choice. It is necessary that the guy and the girl was interesting.

Where to celebrate February 14? For example, in some other interesting city. You can go with your soul mate to some beautiful city. This may be St. Petersburg, Moscow, Odessa, Prague or any other. They visit the most famous monuments of architecture, sit in a cozy restaurant and, of course, spend an unforgettable night in a good hotel, and after a sweet sleep and a delicious breakfast, go back to your hometown.

Creative holiday together

Creative activities will help you bring a variety of relationships to the relationship, as well as discover any new qualities in both partners. For example, you can arrange a photo session. Of course, you need to specify the topic. You can be original and come up with a costume for the photo shoot and the setting in which the shooting will take place.

It is possible otherwise to give an outlet to your creative energy - this is drawing. You can invite your lover to draw a large poster, then hang it in his apartment.

How to celebrate February 14th if you are single?

You can get together with friends and go to the cinema for some premiere or just a funny comedy. A lot of smiles and joy will bring you such a meeting with friends.

Get together with friends in the evening and visit a place like a club. There you can have a great rest, drink some strong cocktails and, perhaps, today you will meet an interesting person with whom you can meet again outside this place.

Cafe is a great place to meet friends. You will spend a great evening here.

Timeless classics

If a couple doesn’t like to invent something new, then they should pay attention to the classic scenario, which requires you to spend February 14 with your girlfriend in a restaurant. Most restaurants for the Day of lovers are preparing a special program, so that the romantic atmosphere of the couple will be provided.

Of course, you cannot go to a restaurant without money, so if there are material problems, a romantic dinner can be organized at home. This option is often chosen by married couples who have small children who are left with no one for the evening.

However, you should not be upset if you try, then at home you can organize a wonderful holiday. It is only necessary to think out his script well. In addition to delicious food, there should be a "cultural" program. It is not necessary to arrange a home striptease (if there are children at home, it can be embarrassing), you can simply talk to each other not about business or household chores, but about love, and watch some good movie.

Another classic option for a gala evening is a visit to a cultural event. Depending on interests, it can be a theatrical performance, an art exhibition, a concert. Or maybe you have not been to the cinema with your wife for a long time? Buy tickets to “places for kisses” and feel like high school students who escaped from school.

Interesting ideas

If the classic tradition of organizing the celebration of Valentine's Day seems boring, you can think of other options. Here are a few ideas that can be implemented.

Relax for two

Most of us work a lot, so proper rest is a prerequisite for maintaining health. Together, visit the sauna or spa, ordering the most pleasant relaxation treatments. Such a rest, for sure, will be very pleasant and useful.


Pictures on the home “soapbox” resemble the work of a professional photographer, like heaven and earth. Therefore, it is worth planning a professional joint photo session in a romantic style for the holiday. This is interesting, and the result in the form of beautiful pictures will delight for a very long time.

Rest actively

Winter is the time when you need to ski, sled and ice skate. There is no opportunity to go to a ski resort or at least for a country recreation center? Nothing! Go to the city skating rink. Such a joint vacation with a husband or a beloved boyfriend will help to shake it up. And if you take a thermos with hot flavored tea and sandwiches with you, you can have a snack while relaxing after skiing.


If the holiday is on weekends, you can spend it on a trip. Of course, few people can afford to fly to Paris for the weekend, but it is quite possible to go on an interesting excursion around the neighborhood. Contact the travel agency, for sure, they will offer several options for "weekend routes". And if there is a desire to save money, you can independently develop a travel program, Fortunately, now you can book tickets to museums and book hotel rooms online.


It is cold February outside, and you want heat so much! Is it possible to go to countries where there is eternal summer? Sumptuously! But, most likely, there is no such possibility, so you should go to the water park and have fun there, riding on a water slide and swimming in a warm pool. You can go to the water park together with your loved one or organize a party there, inviting your closest friends.

Learning new

Why not visit an interesting workshop with a guy and get new skills? Today there is something to choose from. For example, why not go to a culinary workshop and learn from the real chef to cook original dishes?

Sweet tooths, for sure, would prefer to go to the lessons of making handmade chocolates. And connoisseurs of good wines will be happy to attend a lesson in which a professional sommelier will talk about the art of picking drinks, especially since such a lecture will be accompanied by wine tasting.

Walking under the stars

What could be more romantic than walking under a starry sky? Of course, in our climate in mid-February, the weather does not always dispose to night walks, and low clouds may not allow to see a single star. But it's not a problem. Enough to go to the planetarium to admire the stars in all their glory, and even learn a lot of interesting information.

Easy walk

If there is no money for entertainment, you can just wander around the city. Parks and entertainment centers often organize entertainment programs for city residents, in which you can take part completely free of charge.

Of course, here are not all options for organizing a holiday. Each couple can spend time as interesting to them.

The main thing is not where the holiday takes place, but how the lovers relate to each other. Even a simple walk with your beloved in the snow-covered square can bring more joy than a trip to Paris with a man who is annoying with his presence.

What to do alone?

So, the options are wonderful to spend the evening of February 14 with your beloved, there are many. What do lonely people do? Sitting at home, worrying about the fact that no one loves you? Alone, it is somehow inconvenient to go to the cinema or to a cafe. What to do? First of all, learn a few simple rules:

  • Do not cheat yourself! Yes, today you have no beloved, but, who knows, suddenly fate prepared you a pleasant surprise in the form of a meeting with the right person on this particular February day, filled with romance? Therefore, no need to spoil your mood, because hardly anyone wants to meet a man who is angry at himself and the whole world.

  • Search positive! In any event you can find positive moments. Yes, your past relationship ended, but would it be better if you continued to be with the unloved and unloving? And now you are free and open to love and new happy relationships.
  • This holiday is for everyone! Valentine's Day is a holiday of all people, because we all love somebody - parents, children, friends, our cat, after all! So you should definitely try to make yourself enjoyable on this festive day.

Love to yourself

Even if you are so lonely that on a festive evening there is no one to call to cry about your "heavy" share, it is worthwhile to organize a holiday for the sake of love to yourself.

Sign up for a nice beauty treatments at the beauty salon. (epilation and anti-cellulite massage causing painful sensations should be left for another day). But relaxing massage, chocolate wraps, aromatherapy, hydromassage baths - all this will be the way.

Of course, all these procedures in the cabin are quite expensive, and you need to register in advance. If you are late or simply do not have enough money, you can arrange a spa salon at home. Fill the bath with fragrant foam, place the candles and feel Aphrodite, born from the foam.

Love for friends

Why not have a fun party with friends? It is unlikely that you will not find friends who do not know with whom to spend the evening. A fun "bachelor" party is a great way to spend Valentine's Day, and one more step to get acquainted with a guy who is free from relationships.

Love for others

If you can not overcome the feeling of self-pity about their loneliness, try to help those who are much worse than you.

In most cities there are charitable organizations that provide assistance to people in difficult situations, as well as abandoned animals. Helping those who are bad now will easily feel needed and happy.

Love to best friend

If both of you were at this time without a pair, then it is worth spending the evening with your girlfriend.

Evening can be spent at home, for sure, you will find a lot of topics that can be discussed. But it is better, of course, to go "to the people." Nothing that all around couples! Just change the installation in your head, that you are not alone, but free. And two free girls can afford a wide variety of entertainment.

You can organize for you a grand shopping, because no one except the best friend can give the best advice on choosing a dress or shoes. You can go to the cinema or the theater and see a beautiful melodrama, because this evening almost all films and plays about love are shown.

Do you want to not just have fun, and come off in full? Then choose the brightest outfit and go to the club to light it on the dance floor. Be confident in your irresistible and catch admiring glances of men.

So, regardless of whether you have a loved one or you are free so far, you can have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Forget about everyday worries and plunge into the romantic atmosphere of this wonderful holiday.

How interesting to spend February 14 in St. Petersburg and Moscow

The lovers of the world are preparing for their main holiday. Traditionally, couples will exchange valentines and nice gifts, go to the cinema or cafe. But there are options and more interesting.

In Petersburg, which is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, they will offer lovers, for example, to register their feelings and receive a certificate of eternal love, send light balls to the sky and much more.

In Moscow, lovers, too, will not be bored - they will be able to play a wedding in Vegas, create an ice Valentine, give a star and much more.

This year it will be possible to receive the “Testimony of Eternal Love” in three points of the city! In the course of several years of its existence, every year it gets more and more fans. Both couples who have already signed up and those who only recently confessed to their significant other in eternal feelings can come for a testimony.

“As before, several years ago, we will also send certificates to everyone by mail,” organizer of the action Anastasia Shubina told Metro. “It became a good tradition to give your soul mate on Valentine's Day - evidence of eternal love!”

This year, February 14, you can receive the Certificates of Eternal Love at the addresses:

  • from 2 pm to 4 pm - Continent SEC Kirovsky District, Stachek Avenue, d.99
  • from 2 pm to 4 pm - Shushary village, Central Square
  • from 17.00 to 19.00 - on the street. Dumskoy (m. Gostiny Dvor)

Before handing over the certificate, the couple will have to swear an oath of loyalty and love. The certificate is issued free of charge.

This action has become a good Petersburg tradition and has been held annually since 2008. Since that time, thousands of St. Petersburg lovers received a certificate of their eternal love. Many couples annually participate in the action, giving their “Testimony of eternal love” half on Valentine's Day again and again, and thus confirming their feelings.

A festive romantic evening will be lit up with completely new colors in the eyes of hundreds of St. Petersburgers. The Feast of the Slow Balls is back.

Romantic live music and fiery performances from the best team of St. Petersburg, funny warming contests, hot meals and hearts burning with fiery love will complete the holiday by launching into the sky the salutes of thousands of light bells who lead the way for true romantics.

February 14, 20:00 - Babushkin Park
Free admission.

On February 14, on Valentine's Day, the Peterland shopping center will turn into a country of romance and love, where cupids will congratulate lovers, a romantic postman will deliver valentines to beautiful strangers, and poets, musicians and artists will sing the most sublime, beautiful and bright feeling in their works - love. On this day, the romantic Petersburgers will have the opportunity to see their declaration of love on a giant screen placed on the facade of the mall.

During the day, an exhibition-fair will be open in the atrium of the shopping and entertainment center, where you can buy romantic gifts. On this day, a sea of ​​tulips will also appear in the mall. Everyone will be able to take part in a master class in the creation of bouquets, and then give flowers to their half or to any guest of the holiday they like.

"For those visitors who are still searching for their second half, an interactive zone will be created where you can play a game of flirt, take part in express dates and find yourself a life partner or a good friend with whom it will be nice to spend the evening." - Organizers told Metro.

В 16:00 на главной сцене начнется выступление чемпионов России по аргентинскому танго Ольги Николаевой и Дмитрия Кузнецова, также с Днем Всех Влюбленных поздравит петербуржцев участница проекта «Голос», «Фактор А» и «Новая волна» в Юрмале Ольга Цыпышева.

14 февраля в День Всех Влюбленных состоится 4-ая ежегодная акция "Сердце в подарок". С 18.30 в своей галерее художник Алексей Сергиенко раздаст 200 авторских картин с изображением красного сердца.

В этом году нумерация картин начинается с № 601 и закончится № 800.

“Red heart is the main and most popular symbol of love. This symbol is positive, it is focused on romance and sincerity. I would like this sign to be everywhere, because with love everyone becomes kinder,” said Alexei Sergienko.

Location: Gallery Sergienko, st. Kazan, house 12.

A large, romantic, winter flash mob will warm the hearts of Petersburgers on the evening of February 14th. Dozens of people at the same time kiss on one of the most beautiful squares of the city and prove that in any weather, at any time of the year there are no barriers to real feelings.

Immediately after the flash mob, the mood of the participants and guests of the holiday will be warmed up by the performance of a performance show from the fire masters.

The event will be held on February 14, 2015 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Arts Square, in front of the Russian Museum.

The day of all lovers can be spent outside the city and see the spectacular starts in which dog teams will compete. After the main races, adults and children can try their strength with their dogs in recreational competitions.

February 14, beginning at 1300, on the 15th at 11:00.

All declarations of love will be broadcast online on the facade of the Moscow railway station. Basketball players of the Zenit club (St. Petersburg), hockey expert Alexander Yudin, world champion in fights without rules Andrei Semenov will join St. Petersburg players.

The event will take place from 18 to 21 hours at the entrance to the museum.

Weather on February 14, 2017

February in Russia is not without reason called the most snowy, blistering and even “evil” month. Well, no way winter does not want to give up their positions and give way to spring. Cold weather usually falls on February 14 (from -5 to -15 degrees), but is it really able to darken the high holiday mood?

How to spend February 14, 2017

How to spend this day?

  • Heading to a walk to the park (play snowballs, slide off ice slides, skate) or downtown.
  • Arrange romantic date in a cafe, restaurant or even at home - when, if not on St. Valentine's Day, light candles, cook a delicious dinner and, savoring every minute, indulge in dear memories and dreams of the future?
  • Go to movie or theater for a session or a romantic and easy comedy performance with a good happy ending.
  • Go to the dance lead a disco - Sunday is ahead and it is possible, without refusing anything, to have fun until the morning!
  • Buy cheap tickets to St. Petersburg (plane, train, bus), climb on booking.com and choose a hotel with a discount in the city center and spend spontaneous, romantic weekends, walking around the city, visiting theaters, museums and discos in the evenings.

True Theater

In the theater. Mayakovsky is given a “Marriage”, and this is a great reason to spend here the evening of February 14th. The harmonious mixture of musical genres, star composition, special directorial interpretation give a look to the Gogol play in a new way. Recommended!

Experiencing the main characters with deep feelings and genuine experiences, the audience will be able to play the Satire Theater "Summer of One Year". Oleg Basilashvili and Alisa Freindlich are inimitable.

In the language of musical instruments and directed by Oleg Menshikov in the Theater. Yermolova with guests in the hall will talk on the eternal themes of love and betrayal, glory and exile, gain and loss.

40 years on the stage of the Sovremennik Theater this amazing play is staged, the directorial debut of Galina Volchek. There are only two on the stage - she and she, but does she need someone else? They play a love story, their own, unique. Will their common fate? "Two on a swing" - a great performance on February 14th.

Lovers of exhibitions

An unusual exhibition offers a museum-reserve "Tsaritsyno". It is based on the little-known work of Empress Catherine II - the play "The Chesme Palace", written in French.

At the same time, in the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve you can admire clay products from different parts of our country. Khludnev, Kargopol, filimonovskie toys, perhaps, will inspire lovers to the pottery workshop and their own unique products.

The photo exhibition "Primordial Russia" will be held at the Central House of Artists. The exposition contains more than 500 colorful photographs of the nature of our country. And if adults can spend time walking around the halls and enjoying what they see, then an interesting program with quests, fun contests and quizzes is organized for children. And let mom and dad in love rest!

At the same time, in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, on the territory of the creative space "Lumiere Hall", the multimedia exhibition "Aivazovsky. Revived canvases" will be held. So the organizers of the exhibition celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great painter. The sea on the walls, floor, ceiling, endless sea gave around and inside you - try coming here on February 14th.

Prefer walking

We will tell you about the events planned for February 14, 2017 in the capital's parks, as soon as relevant information appears. In the meantime, read about how Valentine's Day was celebrated in Moscow parks last year.

No holiday passes unnoticed in the main park of Moscow - Gorky Park. Here you can go ice skating every day, attend a master class in figure skating from professionals, and go on a free tour. February 14, the activities in the park began at 11 am. Guests could visit the lovers' museum, listen to the tour "14 love stories", take part in a fun quest. For an additional fee you could learn ice dancing and professional photography.

In the park Sokolniki February 14, 2016 near the "Rotunda" was a holiday with gifts for everyone, contests, animated shows, a photo zone.

In the park VDNH Valentine's Day events were held on the rink - a flash mob kissing, and fun quests and contests. All the lovers left with the gifts.

AT Hermitage Garden events began at 11am. The holiday program took place on the rink. Among the sponsors is Google, which will be generously donated by talented loving couples.

The remaining parks of Moscow (Fili, Severnoe Tushino, Babushkinsky, Troparevsky, etc.) also prepared their program of events for the celebration of Valentine's Day 2016.

Lovers of unusual

The largest aquarium of Moscow, Moskumrium on VDNH, "threatens" to become on February 14 a large romantic platform. The organizers promise pleasant live music, a special menu in the cafe, colorful photo zones, many surprises for guests. Just imagine - lovers can leave each other "underwater valentines"! A scuba diver unfolds a prepared love message for the days of the aquarium with sharks - this is the heat of passion!

Valentine's Day at the water park? Why not! Even not a day, because the holiday falls on Tuesday, and evening. Fine! Here, the Moreon water park, specifically on February 14, prepared a generous action for lovers - according to the code phrase “We are on a date,” you can get a few hours of visits to the term and water park for a reasonable fee.

What is in the cinema on February 14

The cinema poster for Valentine's Day is replete with diversity.

  • Love drama "Fifty shades darker" for lovers of sensory stories
  • short films "Labyrinths of Love" at Cinema Park Deluxe Metropolis
  • French cinema from the Lumière brothers to this day in the GUM cinema hall

Events in St. Petersburg on February 14, 2017

To your attention - the events planned by the parks, exhibition halls, cinemas and dance venues of the "northern capital" for St. Valentine's Day. Surely, you will choose something appropriate for your couple, which can leave behind a long aftertaste of pleasant memories.

If you are with your loved one in St. Petersburg for the first time in these February days (and if not for the first time, because this city can be opened forever), go on one of the exciting excursions that are offered here in abundance. For example, on a sightseeing bus, or on a gastronomic “According to the best terraces of St. Petersburg”, or “On rare and little-known sights”, or on “Secrets of Vasilyevsky lines”. As you can see there is a choice, and a considerable one!

Kinomanov and music lovers

In St. Petersburg cinemas, lovers will be able to appreciate the sensual film “Fifty shades is darker” - after all, what could be better on such a day, if not going to the movies and having dinner for two by candlelight with a tape discussion.

In Sibur Arena, fans of stand-ups, comic sketches and monologues will be able to laugh heartily when they come to the Comedy Woman show. It's great when there is a reason to have fun from the soul, especially the two of us.

Lovers of classical music and jazz improvisations also have something to choose from. In the Philharmonic jazz music will be held "Evening Blues", in the Philharmonic them. Shostakovich - "Evening of Music for Flute", in the Music Hall - "Evening of Love Duos".

Tours on February 14

Escape from the bustle of a bustling city, change the situation and devote as much time as possible to each other by giving yourself romantic trip. What it will be - depends on your capabilities and imagination. Weekend on a distant sandy beach, meeting the dawn in a small bungalow near the ocean, walking in Uglich or Zvenigorod and, finally, a mini-tour to Paris, which gained fame as the main city of all lovers.

And to decide on where to give up on the weekend of February, will easily help the portal Travelata.

What to give for Valentine's Day

Without a gift for Valentine's Day in any way. Let it be symbolic and not too expensive, but with all my heart and with the lightest thoughts.

So, on February 14 give:

  • valentines (homemade or purchased postcards, greetings, letters),
  • aerial balloons, pillows, soft toys in the shape of a heart,
  • flowers - bouquets and plants in pots,
  • decorations - luxury jewelry or cute jewelry with a "heart" theme,
  • photo albums and videos, "Telling" about the love story and the origin of feelings.
  • well and of course books

And a Valentine's Day gift can be made do it yourself. For example, knit a warm scarf or fluffy mittens, bake a sweet cake.

Flowers on February 14

Head the wish-list of gifts, of course, flowers. And it’s not scary that winter is in the yard - snow-white tulips, passionate bright red roses, exotic orchids, at times, speak well for the donor about his tender feelings.

The list of places where you can buy a great bouquet is a great many. Flowers are sold all year round and everywhere. Creative people can purchase “components” - flowers, ribbons, wrapping paper and “construct” the composition themselves, and those who want to save time and please their beloved with an unusual bouquet will use the services of an online store. For example, at sendflowers.ru (the most popular flower-ordering store), themed compositions are literally for every taste and budget, and the order itself will not take long.

Balloons for February 14

No less pleasant surprise - a bright heart-shaped balloon. Do not think that such a frivolous gift "to face" only young enthusiastic lovers. The older the donor, the more touching in his hands looks a quivering ball and a ball tearing into the sky. And a whole bunch, which can be launched together in the frosty sky and look at the flight under the clouds for a long time, will be a pleasant addition to the collection of memories of St. Valentine's Day.

History and holiday symbol

According to one of the versions - the most popular and considered the most faithful - the holiday got its name in honor of the early Christian martyr named Valentine. A simple priest secretly crowned lovers of boys and girls under the cover of night, because in those days Roman Emperor Claudius II issued an order - not to acquire families, so that young men who are not kept at home could better fight for the glory of Caesar.

Valentine's good deeds turned out to be a misfortune for him - he soon fell into a dungeon. In prison, the priest met and fell in love with the warden's daughter, Julia. Before the execution, which took place on February 14, he wrote her a sensual message, leaving a signature "Your Valentine".

Since then, on Valentine's Day, romantic people all over the world have presented each other with heart-shaped messages or cards decorated with images of hearts pierced by Cupid's arrows, which rightfully became a symbol of the holiday. By the way, in order to preserve anonymity (let the object of passion itself guess who sighs so desperately on it), you can sign a confession like this - "Your Valentine" ("Your Valentine", "Your Valentine").

We hope that our ideas and advice will color your holiday with bright emotions, remind two loving hearts of the miracle that happens to them every day, and those who have not yet found their soul mate will be given hope for the most important meeting.

Happy Valentine's Day - love and be loved!