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A collection of rarities: albinos of the animal world


As you know, albinos in nature are quite rare, but if such an animal enters the human field of vision, it is doomed to increased attention and even popularity among ordinary onlookers. Albino animals, like human albinos, are a rare congenital disorder in the body that deprives the skin, eyes, hair or coat of color.

Scientists attribute this defect to the lack of melanin, which is why albinos are always very pale, and, most often, snow-white with red eyes, it is contraindicated to sunbathe, they often suffer from various skin and eye diseases.

In general, such individuals are very difficult to have in the wild, the white color of their fur makes it impossible for an animal to disguise normally, which makes them more visible to other predators. People are touched by the next animal with snow-white fur, they are called "royals" or pearls of nature, with their unusual appearance are many mysteries that gave rise to many legends and myths.

Suffice it to recall the legends of ancient Greece, according to which Zeus himself reincarnated into a powerful white bull, and in Thailand there were white elephants who were allowed to breed only royal blood for people. There is also a legend of the snow-white and unusually strong horse of the Prairie, which, according to the beliefs of the Indians, commanded countless herds of mustangs.

All these legends, in spite of all their illusiveness, have real reasons for themselves, that is, they most likely speak about unique and rare albino animals.

Despite the fact that, according to the legends, they are always endowed with unprecedented endurance and supernatural power, in real conditions they, most often, are characterized by reduced viability, they are not always able to survive or leave offspring after themselves.

Deprived of an attractive bright color, albinos are deprived of the attention of their own relatives, in addition, the white color makes them the first victims in the path of predators and, just the same, the same white color does not allow albino predators to sneak up on their prey.

But, in spite of all these difficulties, albinos are stubbornly fighting for their lives, the dislike of their relatives is partially compensated by increased attention from the person, so today albino pets are not at all uncommon.

Particularly lucky were the albino animals that were born in captivity or, over time, they were there, because in zoos and nurseries they are provided with the necessary care that allows them to live a unique animal for as long as possible. Well, well, let's get acquainted with the most famous and not very albino animals that have ever come to the attention of a person.

White Gorilla Snowball

Snowball is a snow-white albino gorilla that has lived almost all its life in the Barcelona Zoo. This blue-eyed miracle was found in 1966, in Guinea, a small snow-white baby became an amazing find, which quickly acquired new owners.

The Barcelona Zoo paid as much as $ 250 for a new pet, which, according to some sources, makes it the most expensive animal purchased by any institution. Snowball quickly became a favorite of the public, was widely known not only in Spain, but also far beyond its borders.

Images of Snowball appeared on many Spanish postcards, photographs and guidebooks; as a result, the snow-white gorilla became the unofficial symbol of the Barcelona Zoo, and even several documentaries were made about it. Snowball became the father of 21 cubs, however, none of them inherited from the father of albinism.

Since 2001, Snowball has become ill with an atypical form of skin cancer, which, many experts associate with his albinism. He lived for about 40 years, which is very respectable for a wild gorilla, in the last month of his life thousands of visitors came to the zoo to say goodbye to a local pet, after which the unique animal was euthanized.

White Crocodile Claude

You thought this does not happen? Even as it happens: the crocodile Claude, who was born in captivity and still lives with all the proper amenities in his terrarium, in California, is a real albino. Absolutely white skin and red eyes are the business card of the pangolin, which for a long time got along with the usual alligator Bonnie, and did not feel like a “black sheep” at all, but just the opposite.

Albinos alligator Claude - not the only crocodile with unusual appearance data, living in captivity, in the world there are about 30 such individuals. However, albinos-alligators survive only in zoos, they will not last long in their natural environment: light skin is highly susceptible to burns, and it is extremely difficult to hide in muddy water in such an unusual specimen.

White whales albinos

The real white handsome humpback albino whale has been seen more than once off the coast of Australia, where it regularly happens during the migration season. This unusual whale was even given its name, Migalu, and animal lovers and animal advocates even dedicated a separate website to it. Later, one more albino whale was spotted off the coast of Svalbard, and the local fishermen, having admired the extraordinary spectacle, also gave it the name Willow.

Home albinos

Such non-standard individuals among domestic animals are not uncommon, it is worth remembering white domestic rats or mice with their white fur and red eyes. They are more like plush toys than real rodents, in addition, they are much quieter than their "painted" relatives.

Albino practically does not occur among cats and dogs, however, in 1976 the Doberman-albino was born. Through long-term research and crossbreeding, a small population of white Dobermans, which now exist in the United States, was developed.

White gorilla

Gorilla Snowball arrived in Barcelona Zoo, immediately becoming a local star. She was caught by a farmer in Equatorial Guinea under tragic circumstances. He killed all the gorillas in her group just to catch Snowball.

Gorilla nicknamed Snowball during the meal

Gorilla visited many owners before being in Barcelona Zoowhere her life has become calm and comfortable. Snowball became a father 22 babies, none of whom inherited albinism from him.

Snowball died from cancer at the age of 37

September 2003 it was announced that Snezna had found a rare form of skin cancer, which was most likely caused by his albinism. Thousands of visitors came to the zoo for a month to see this unique animal for the last time before it was euthanized.

Albino crocodile

Alligator claudeperhaps the most famous resident California Academy of Sciences. He was born in captivity in Florida, and then moved to California, where he lives with all the comforts in a pond terrarium.

Alligator Claude does not feel like the “black sheep" in his terrarium

For several years, Claude shared a space with another alligator named Bonniehowever, the latter was later sent out as Claude, having poor eyesight, constantly ran across items as well as bonniewho periodically bit him for it.

Not long ago, the Academy invited the public to note 15th anniversary of Claude. In his honor sang a song "Happy Birthday" and deliciously fed crocodile food.

Another albino crocodile lives at the Arizona Zoo

Amazing White Penguin

It may seem that white penguins should be a lot since they live in completely white snowy environment. This would help them to mask better. However, nature has its own rules, and white penguins are very rare.

He is definitely not like everyone else.

The penguin, nicknamed the Snowdrop, was one of the few known albino penguinswho lived to mature age. He was born in Bristol Zoo and was adopted by the congeners without any problems.

Unfortunately, the penguin lived only 2 years and died suddenly in August 2004

White koala

This rare white koala was born in 1997 at zoo san diego. The animal received a name Onia Birriwhat means "Ghost Boy" in the language of Aboriginal Australia. The first half year of life the little koala spent in his mother's bag, and when it came time to get out a lot of surprised staff and visitors to the zoo.

Koala albino Onii Birri

Although koalas albinos are probably born in the wild, Onii Birri is the only white koala known to science.

Pink dolphin

In 2007 ship captain from louisiana noticed pink dolphinfloating in a small company of other bottlenose dolphins in brackish lake kalkasi north of Gulf of Mexico.

Next to other dolphins, Pinky looks more than weird.

Nicknamed Kicks The dolphin had an unusual color for dolphins of this species. His skin and eyes were pink.. Pinky turned out to be an albino, which is also quite rare. In fact, among the dolphins are white species, for example, Amazon Dolphin. Representatives of this species have white skin, but they are not albinos.

Pinky has her own Facebook page and many fans.

White peacocks

Peacocks are probably the most beautiful birds on the planet thanks to its incredible colorful feathers. However, if the color is replaced with pure white, the peacock also does not lose its charm.

Partially white peacock: unusual color

White peacocks are quite common, and they can be found in many zoos. They are often used as decorations for wedding ceremonieswhere they symbolize brides.

White Peacock Shows Its Feathers

White peacocks not technically albinos, they do not have pigment, but there are some genetic variations.

White snail

Meet unusual giant white snail in New Zealand was a big surprise for researchers. Experts in the field of these gastropods say that the cochlea is about 10 years - This is a rather large age, considering how noticeable this nature is in the nature of this unusual animal.

An albino snail caught in New Zealand

This creature group of predatory snails Powelliphanta usually has a black color, so meet an albino is especially incredible.

Albino python

This python does not have that characteristic color, which is genetically characteristic of its relatives. Physically this beast especially not different from other pythons of its kindexcept that it has an unusual white and pink color.

Female albino python python

Albino frog

Frog species Lithobates pipiens called leopard frog behind her spots on her back, similar to those of a leopard. However, this representative you will not see these spots, because she is an albino. Such frogs are very rare, especially when you consider that leopard frogs themselves are less and less common in nature.

Rare of the rare frogs of the species Lithobates pipiens

Albino white protein

Not all white proteins are albinos. Those who have dark eyes have recessive genewhich is inherited from the eastern gray squirrels. However, if white squirrels are pink or red eyes - This is a sign that the animal is an albino. Her body does not produce the pigment necessary for dyeing hair, skin and eyes.

Albino red-eyed squirrel

White squirrel with black eyes

Rare white kangaroos

It is quite difficult to determine what color the wool will be in the newborn kangaroo. When they are born, they are absolutely bald, and wool appears only from them. in 5 months. Albino kangaroos are a rarity, but they sometimes appear in zoos.

Mother kangaroo with a white albino baby

To meet a hedgehog in the forest is sometimes quite difficult, and to meet a white hedgehog - doubly unlikely. These wonderful creatures are bred for scientific purposes and also sold as pets.

White hedgehogs cost hundreds of dollars

Ferrets albinos

Ferrets from the family Kunih often give birth as pets. They come in different colors: black, brown, multi-colored. White ferrets albinos also incredibly popular. White ferrets are bred for their unusual red eyes. If white ferrets have dark eyes, they are not albinos.

White albino ferret

White turtles

Pond Freshwater Turtle - Trachemys scripta elegansas the name implies, it has red spots around the ears. However, this white albino turtle has lost some of its characteristic coloring.

Usually these turtles have a beautiful brown-green color, but albinos are yellow.

Another albino turtle in a circle of congeners

Interesting white lions can be found in the wild in South Africa, however albinos they are not. This is a rare color mutation in a subspecies. lion kruger (lat. Panthera leo krugeri).

Common and white lioness quench thirst

White lions first spotted in South Africa in the 1930ssince then they have spread to zoos around the world. Today, most of all white lions live in captivity.

White lion cubs with a white lion on vacation

White giraffes

Scientists working in Tanzania first learned of the existence of white giraffes in 1993. White giraffes are not albinos, they have characteristic light brown spots on a white background.

White giraffe with a congener color

Albino white crow

It turns out white crows - not at all fiction, they actually exist and look completely different from their black relatives. Because of the white color of feathers, white crows do not live long, as they very noticeable to the predator.

White crows - quite a reality

Expression "White crow"denoting a person with a completely unusual system of values ​​and standing out against the background of others, was first noted in the works of the Roman poet Juvenal. It has become winged and is used these days.however in many European languages ​​instead of white ravens say idiom black sheepwhich is also symbolic, since it is very unusual to see a black sheep among whites.

Albino animals

They are so cute! They are so white! Although for themselves, of course, this is not particularly useful. It has been proven that albino animals are quite capable of giving birth to normal babies, another thing is that if an albino person can be chosen by the mind, regardless of appearance, then in nature the relatives can easily reject the "wrong" member of the pack because of its color. And he will not succeed in breeding. And so beautiful, of course! So white! Very nice!

I think this is not an albino?

White bat. All vampires, one she in a white coat is beautiful.

White bear, which is supposedly black

Bruyin's white pro-design

White Bengal Tiger

In most cases, albinos ruthlessly rejected by the process of natural selection. Many of them are blind because there are not enough pigments in their eyes. In such animals, weaker immunity. Only in humans, these little white babies cause affection, but in reality they are merely disabled animals of the animal world, who are doomed to death if the person does not take them to nurseries. And these animals are born more and more, and the fault is the ecology.

Animal albinos in the wild

This kind of gene anomaly greatly complicates the life of its carrier, since the absence of masking coloration makes the process of survival in nature rather complicated. For example, how can you hunt and get food, having a beautiful white cover, so distinguishing the owner from the flock of natural coloring? All the more difficult task to hide from predators.

It is sad that albino animals are very low valued among their relatives when it comes to love games and procreation. When selecting a partner, the female draws attention to the bright, saturated color of the male, as it gives guarantees that the offspring will be beautiful and healthy. Therefore, a white tiger or peacock with pink eyes absolutely nothing to count. It often happens that such individuals have no offspring at all.

Problems with food, the search for the "second half" and the ease of accessibility for agile predators reduce the albino population. In most cases, albino animals are characterized by poor viability, as they are extremely sensitive to sunlight and have problems with hearing and vision. In addition to failure in the pack, these animals are at high risk of skin cancer.

Throughout life, albinos have a reduced immunity, so their bodies are susceptible to various infections. It should be noted that with the exception of their amazing color, albinos have nothing to do with their counterparts.

Interesting facts about albinos

People, in contrast to fellow albinos, go crazy for a beautiful and unusual animals with the rarest color. A lot of beliefs and secrets envelops snow-white individuals. Since ancient times, in Siberia, albinos were called "princes" and various superstitions circulated about them. For example, hunters engaged in fishing, believed that the extraction of an animal deprived of melanin necessarily bring success and happiness. There is a legend about the Prairie horse with snow-white color, who was the lord of huge herds of mustangs.

In Thailand, only royals possessed the right to own white tigers or elephants. В Индии раджа Мохан, имея одного белого тигренка, вывел целую линию тигров-альбиносов, лишенных природного естественного пигмента.

Interestingly, if albinos are mixed in nature, a whole generation of albino animals is born and a new species is created - scientists have noticed this fact in a trumpeter pigeon and ferrets.

Pets albinos

Albinos are found among domestic animals, and such individuals are considered exotic, so having such a pet for some is a matter of prestige. Despite health problems, people are trying to fix the gene mutation in animals, passing this defect to the offspring. Moreover, in order to obtain white fur, animals are specially propagated - nutria, mink, and fox are especially valued in this regard.

Domestic cats and dogs with the gene for albinism are very rare. But in 1976, the Doberman dog with snow-white wool was born from two ordinary dogs in America. Bitch was the owner of blue eyes, pink nose and paws, while she was missing tan. People tried to create original offspring, crossing it with a dominant black and tan Doberman, but the puppies turned out to be a traditional color. After this, experiments continued, the dog was crossed with his son, and as a result two albino dogs were born. Further crossbreeding gave America many Doberman albinos, but all of them were distinguished by health problems, in addition to an unusual pale color, the dogs had low immunity, poor eyesight, hearing, and frequent skin damage. Moreover, their distinctive features were the unpredictability of nature, cowardice and low mental development.

Among white pets, white rodents are especially popular. People are happy to get themselves white mice, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters. Their red eyes, reminiscent of beads, and snow-white fur are perceived by the owners as a decoration of a charming plush pet. In 1906, a line of albino rats was specially obtained, which was later used to breed decorative white rats and new lines of laboratory rats.

Snow-white ferrets have become favorites not only because of the beautiful fur coat - the animal is less mobile and calm than their normal brethren. When acquiring such a pet, owners should be aware that the life span of an albino is half that of relatives colored by nature in natural tones.

No one will argue that animals that have snow-white coloration and are carriers of a mutating gene also have the right to life and a good attitude on the part of people. But is it worth taking the pet's genetic flaw as a subject of special pride and prestige? Receiving red eyes and white wool from nature, the animal acquires as a bonus health problems, poor immunity, poor eyesight and hearing. Maybe you do not need to condemn defenseless animals to suffering by cultivating such defects?