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DHA in cosmetics


Reed tan is a unique system that was developed by American experts to apply an even and beautiful bronze tan. This type of tanning has become widely known and popular with Hollywood stars, and therefore it is sometimes called Hollywood tan.

The basis of this system is cane powder, it is the main natural component that has no contraindications and is absolutely safe.

This type of tanning has several advantages:

  • Uniform application and instant results lasting more than ten days,
  • Security. Reed tan does not cause allergies and does not cause burns, and therefore is also suitable for owners of delicate and sensitive skin,
  • It is applied easily and evenly, without leaving stains and stains,
  • Tanning lingers solely on the skin and does not stain clothes like tanning,
  • It has a fairly wide range of colors.

Properly selected shade will create a spectacular tan, visually corrective figure, demonstrating its advantages. Reed tan is absolutely safe and can be applied, both with the help of specialists in the beauty salon, and at home.

Is reed tan possible at home?

You can easily give your body a beautiful and spectacular reed tan at home. To do this, you need a special device for reed tanning, which includes an easy-to-use spray that evenly spreads on the skin. In addition, a turbine, a special hose and a container for lotion are included in the kit of such a device.

Understanding the apparatus is quite simple, it does not require training or special knowledge. The principle of operation of this device is as follows: under a strong jet of air lotion with the desired shade of reed tan is evenly distributed and in contact with the skin instantly turns into a tan. In this case, there is no need to worry about divorce and stains, they simply will not.

Spray penetrates deep into the skin, creating an instant tan, but does not clog the skin, which is an undoubted advantage. Before proceeding directly to the procedure for applying reed tan, you should clean the skin using deep peeling of the face and body. Before applying, creams and other moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics should not be used, since the skin must be completely defatted. It is recommended to remove all jewelry, and also not to use perfumes and various deodorants. The exceptions are the palms, feet, nails, knees and elbows, which should be applied a layer of protective cream.

After the procedure it is important to avoid absolutely any contact with water. It is undesirable not only to come into contact with water, but also to drink it, and also it is better to avoid any activity in order not to sweat. After 6-7 hours, the bronzer remains should be carefully washed off with warm water without using detergents and sponges. It is important to remember that hair removal should be done before applying reed tan or after tanning completely.

Reed Tanning Lotion

A beautiful and even tan can be obtained thanks to lotions, the main component of which is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), obtained from sugar cane. This is a completely harmless substance that does not cause addiction, allergic reactions, does not penetrate into the blood. Lotion has a direct effect on the surface of the skin. When the lotion interacts with proteins and amino acids of the skin, a tan is obtained of the desired shade without any stains or streaks. It is worth noting that the intensity of tanning does not appear immediately, but a day after applying the lotion with the selected shade on the skin.

To find the right shade is better to use the advice of professionals who take into account the phototype and natural skin color. Depending on the concentration of the DHA component in the lotion, which ranges from 8% to 18%, a shade is selected taking into account the natural color.

Reed tan lotion can be easily selected not only for light but also for dark skin. In addition, you can pick up a lotion with instant action or with the gradual manifestation of reed tan. In most cases, extracts of various plants are added to the lotion so that the skin looks moisturized and the tan applied evenly.

Reed tan reviews

Reed tan is an ideal solution for fair-skinned and red-haired girls, whose skin almost always burns in the sun, turns red and after a while slashes. Using instant reed tan, you get after 20 minutes a perfectly smooth and beautiful skin tone that lasts for a long time.

Reed tan is very easy to apply at home and is a salvation if you do not have time to sunbathe on the beaches, and you want to look luxurious in an open evening dress at a gala evening.

Feature of dihydroxyacetone

Despite the fact that DHA was discovered as early as the 1920s by specialists from Germany, experiments with it began only in the 1950s, when Eva Wittgenstein, a doctor from America, observed children with the problem of glycogenosis in a children's clinic University of Cincinnati. Patients were assigned drugs, the composition of which formed dioxyacetone, which, as it turned out quite by accident, stained the area around the mouth with a brown color.

At first, Eva Wittgenstein did not pay attention to the effect of DHA on the skin, because she believed that the dark pigment was formed due to the banal lack of hygiene of the skin of the face in children. Then the doctor decided to conduct an experiment with dioxyacetone, which ended up with a brown pigment also forming on Eva’s skin.

How does cosmetics with dihydroxyacetone act on the skin? This monosaccharide in contact with amino acids, which are contained in the epidermis, creates a dark persistent shade. If earlier cosmetics with the effect of tanning were applied to the skin poorly and unevenly, and also left dark orange stains, now cosmetologists managed to solve this problem by changing the recipe, adding moisturizers to it. The moisturizing ingredients were diluted with DHA, along with antioxidants and amino acids, they provided a smooth, natural coating. After such a change, auto tanning products became more popular. If we have already touched upon the modern improvement of the composition of bronzers, let us mention some shortcomings that the beauticians have not yet been able to fix. It is worth noting the imperfection in the stability of emulsions, the smell that appears after the darkening reaction, compatibility problems with components aimed at protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Pay attention to the fact that dihydroxyacetone itself does not have color, and it only manifests itself upon contact with skin.

Tanning with DHA

Tan, implying the application to the skin of a lotion, which includes in the composition of the extract from sugar cane, is called "cane". DHA does not penetrate the bloodstream and does not cause any negative effects on the skin.

It is possible to get an even, beautiful tan using a dihydroxyacetone-based product, but at best you should visit a salon that provides this type of service. If you do decide on a home-made procedure, you should know that the skin tone determines the concentration of DHA in the lotion, the higher it is, the darker the skin will be. To apply the composition as evenly as possible, ask for help from a loved one, since it is quite difficult to do it yourself, as an alternative, you can buy a special sprayer.

Getting reed tan in the salons is as follows:

    First, the client will need to take off his clothes and stay only in a bathing suit. To prevent hair from getting colored with DHA, a cap is put on the head. To protect the nails and the skin around them from changing the shade, a protective cream is applied to this area.

Good specialists for a uniform application of funds use the method of spraying, releasing a lotion under pressure.

  • Changing the shade of the skin is done within a couple of minutes after applying the lotion. Despite this, the master will ask you to remain in the position held by the client for another 10 minutes, this will allow the lotion to dry thoroughly.

  • A reed tan lasts on the skin usually for 1-2 weeks, this period largely depends on the peculiarities of the skin and care for it, also plays a significant role tanning preparationwhich includes such recommendations:
    • Would you like to reed tan on the body as long as possible? Before the procedure, make a peeling using a scrub for this purpose. If the tool is applied to dead skin cells, then very soon, when the keratinized layer descends from the surface of the body, the skin will appear as if covered with white spots.

    Cosmetologists recommend applying self-tanning product to dry clean skin, for this reason, forget about using moisturizing products before visiting the salon or before carrying out the procedure at home.

  • The list of products that should not be used before applying the procedure for obtaining a darker skin tone includes deodorants and decorative cosmetics.

  • Reed tan requires proper care. So experts recommend not to wear tight clothes after visiting the salon, otherwise the tan will not be fixed on the skin properly. During the application of the lotion itself, the product may get on the clothes, in which case it is advisable to wear something dark for these purposes.

    Came from the salon - do not rush to put on accessories, this rule should be followed even if the procedure for applying the product with self-tanning takes place at home. It is advisable not to carry out other skin care procedures on the day of using the product with dihydroxyacetone, and not to expose your body to perspiration for the first 6-8 hours so that sweat does not react with the components of the lotion and does not change the skin tone. These are not all the limitations that should be followed after applying a bronzer. Do not allow skin contact with water for the first 8-12 hours, you can take a shower later, but only without using a hard washcloth and aggressive detergents (follow this recommendation for 1-2 weeks), forget about scrubs, sauna, swimming pool for two weeks, bathhouse The flowing water of a brown shade will indicate that the remains of the lotion have not been absorbed into the skin and this is quite normal. After taking a shower, gently blot the body with a soft nap towel.

    To prolong the tanning effect, protect your skin from contact with direct sunlight. If you decide to relax on the sea, sea water will adversely affect the duration of the DHA lotion. Based on the fact that dry skin is peeled off quickly, do not forget to moisturize it regularly.

    Pros and cons of using an agent with DHA

    Before you buy a lotion with dihydroxyacetone in the composition, it would be nice to know about the advantages and disadvantages of a tanning agent. First, let's list pros using remedies with DHA:

      The lotion provides a smooth, beautiful coverage, although the result on its use also depends on the professionalism of the master himself.

    If exposure to the sun or tanning beds can cause skin damage, this cannot be said if you use bronzer to get tan. The risk of getting an allergy from a product for tanning is minimal.

    The lotion, which guarantees the consumer an instant tanning effect, is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. DHA products are especially popular with girls and women with fair skin, which is not recommended for regular tanning under the sun.

    The tool provides instant results.

  • The procedure for applying the lotion is completely painless.

  • Let's talk about shortcomings tanning using tools with dihydroxyacetone in the composition:
    • If we compare with the duration of fixing the result from tanning obtained in a solarium or on the beach, tanning keeps very little on the skin, usually not more than two weeks.

      Lotion can stain clothes, but only at first.

    • Before and after the procedure of applying the lotion, you must adhere to some rules for skin care, do not forget about the restrictions (do not wear accessories on the first day, do not use usual body cleansers for 1-2 weeks, do not perform other actions with the skin for some time, including peels).

    Popular means for tanning: TOP-5

    When cosmetics manufacturers first started experimenting with creating tanning recipes, they faced the problem of carrot-colored DHA, which provided uneven coverage. Now the formula of creams in addition to dihydroxyacetone contains a natural component of sugars called erythrulose. This ingredient dulls the unnatural carrot reddish shade of DHA, providing a uniform, beautiful tan. Not all manufacturers can boast the formulation of their products with the addition of erythrulose, so when buying a bronzer, look for not only dihydroxyacetone, but also erythrulose.

    The top layer, in contact with dihydroacetone, forms an unpleasant stinking smell. If earlier this problem was difficult to settle, then CPL Aromas, which is known as a manufacturer of fragrances for cosmetic products, came up with its plan for removing the defect by releasing a special masking fragrance.

    If you bought a product for artificial tanning, do not expect complete UV protection from it. True, research conducted by scientists showed that dihydroacetone still has a protection factor SPF 0.4. Also, tanning help to human health, because people who use bronzator, less subject their skin to the influence of sunlight.

    Having bought an agent for artificial tanning, keep in mind that dihydroacetone is not a stable ingredient. Like vitamin C, when exposed to high temperatures, it causes delamination and a change in the shade of the cream. Try not to store products with DHA in direct sunlight, and if the cream has changed the structure and color, stop using it, otherwise allergic reactions to the product and the release of free radicals, aimed at accelerating the aging of the epidermis, are possible.

    For a high-quality procedure for obtaining a tanning, you can use one of the following recommended products with dihydroacetone in the composition:

      Artificial Tanning Lotion, Clarins - a product designed to give the skin a radiance and a natural beautiful tanning, combining the freshness of water and the tenderness of milk. The lotion is evenly applied to the skin, immediately absorbed and leaving no stains behind. Volume - 125 ml, price - 1435 rubles.

    Spray tan "On the go" light, "THAT’ SO " - makes the skin of the face and body matte, without clogging up the pores. To give a natural sun shade, spray the product in a wide range from top to bottom, keeping the lotion at a distance of 20 cm from the skin. Volume - 125 ml, price - 1400 rubles.

    Autobronzer Self Tan Beauty, LANCARTER - provides the skin with an average shade of tan, nourishing and moisturizing it. The composition of this lotion includes DHA, sweet orange extract, coconut water, oil burriti, other useful substances, including the antioxidant complex, aimed at slowing down the aging process of the epidermis. Volume - 30 ml, cost - 1380 rubles.

    Spray-tanning series Sublime Bronze, L’Oreal - the product is marked by a fresh citrus scent that neutralizes the smell of tanning. Before the procedure, clean the skin, in time - keep the bottle at a distance of 40 cm from the skin. Décolleté area is better to paint in circular motions, legs - from bottom to top. Volume - 150 ml, price - 509 rubles.

  • Moisturizing tanning cream for the face “Super soin autobronzant hydratant visage”, Sisley - contains dihydroxyacetone, which promotes rapid staining of the epidermis, erythrulose, aimed at obtaining a stable and uniform coating, chestnut extract, a particularly popular component in face lifting products, violet extract, enriching the epidermis with moisture, glycerin of plant origin, moisturizing the skin, and other benefits Ingredients. Volume - 60 ml, cost - 74,67 €.

  • Reed tanning technique:

    Instant tan

    Instant Tanning (Gleming) is a cosmetological procedure for skin bronzing, which allows you to get a natural, even tan in one session.

    This kind of artificial tanning is achieved using a special lotion sprayed on the surface of the skin. The composition includes an extract of sugar cane, water, oils, seaweed extract, tea, aloe juice, citric acid and other natural ingredients. Сахарный тростник содержит моносахарид дегидроацетон (dha), который при попадании на эпидермис взаимодействует с клетками кожи, в результате чего окрашивает ее в характерный оттенок.

    Тростниковый спрей позволяет загореть без солярия за одну процедуру, при этом не нужно переживать о таких побочных явлениях, как неравномерный загар, ожоги, гиперпигментация и т.п.

    Моментальный загар без ультрафиолета считается самым безопасным видом загара и носит исключительно косметический эффект. It can be used as an alternative option for tanning, tanning, tanning in the open sun.

    Such a tan does not provide long-lasting color, however, a beautiful, tanned body will delight you at least a week.

    What problems solves instant tan?

    Today, instant tanning service is very popular in beauty salons in Kiev, because the technology provides a quick effect, with the result that you get a real Hollywood tan without a tanning bed.

    Who is tanning right for?

    • Cane tan evens out skin color, which means it is ideal for those who have a problem of vitiligo.
    • Such a tan is the best way to quickly tan before a corporate party, a date, a party or a wedding, when there is absolutely no time to go to the solarium. It will be a real find for the bride, who wants the snow-white dress to seductively emphasize her slim, tanned body.
    • Instant tanning is indispensable for dancers who often perform at contests.
    • The service is useful to those who have an intensive work schedule all year round, but at the same time in the summer you want to look stylish and attractive.
    • Instant tan is absolutely harmless, so it can be safely used by children before performances.

    What kind of artificial tan is better: in a solarium, tanning or gleming - everyone decides for himself, in any case it is worth considering that reed tan is considered the safest and can be applied both on the body and on the face.

    How to choose the right color?

    Instant tan evenly colors even the palest and palest skin. In order to make your tan look as natural as possible, the master will offer you a choice of several shades that suit your skin type.

    Different shades spray provides due to the concentration of active ingredients. For example, a product with 8% dehydroacetone content is recommended for light skin, with 18% for dark skin.

    In addition, the composition of lotions can also be erythrulose (erythrulose) - a monosaccharide, which provides a gentle tan with a slight “sunny” shade.

    Sprays containing both active substances paint the skin in a dark chocolate shade that lasts as long as possible.

    Procedure: preparation, execution

    Instant tan is a short and simple procedure, however, it is necessary to carry out preliminary training before it. It is necessary so that the tan evenly “lay down” on the skin and stay as long as possible.

    Here are recommendations on how to prepare for an instant tan to get the desired effect:

    • the day before tanning you need to do the depilation of legs, hands and other open areas of the body where there is vegetation,
    • Before the tanning session you should peel the body. After peeling, you can not use cosmetic, caring means, so that the quality of sunburn does not suffer,
    • If you do not want your palms and feet to be painted, you need to cover them with cream before directly spraying the spray.

    How is the procedure?

    Let's take a look at how professional instant tanning is done in tanning studios.

    The procedure is carried out by specialists in a closed cabin, where direct spraying of cane lotion is carried out on the skin. The tool is applied to the body with the help of special equipment, equipped with a turbine or compressor system.

    “Sunbathe”, as a rule, in a bathing suit or disposable underwear, but if you want to cover your body with a solid tan, you can not wear it. A protective cap is worn on the head.

    Instant tan also allows you to decorate the body with a temporary tattoo. The technique of drawing a sketch is simple: before entering the cabin, the master will attach a stencil of a pre-selected pattern to the body, and then perform a spraying procedure.

    Means spray first front, then rear, and then - on the sides. On the face spray is applied last.

    The total time of applying an instant tan is 15-20 minutes.

    By the way, if you do not have time to go to the salon, the master can perform the procedure at home. Portable turbine equipment, with which an experienced specialist performs the procedure, allows you to get a tan, which is not inferior to the result obtained in the studio.

    This video shows how the procedure is carried out in the salon

    Rules of conduct after the procedure

    Over the next 5-10 minutes after spraying, the composition will be absorbed into the skin, so this time you need to stay in the cabin. After the liquid has dried, you can safely wear clothes and go about your business. Finally, the pigment is absorbed into the skin within half an hour, so on the day of the procedure you should wear loose clothing in order to allow the lotion to adhere to the body as much as possible.

    The manifestation of color

    The final color of the tan appears on the body 6-10 hours after spray application.

    In these “before and after” photos you can see the effect of the salon procedure of instant tanning.

    Care after the procedure

    Simple recommendations for skin care after the procedure will help you to support the resulting tan without effort.

    So, within 6-8 hours after the reed tan:

    • you can not wash and use cosmetics
    • you can not play sports, because the sweat will not give the lotion evenly distributed on the skin, and the body will be covered with bright spots,
    • 2 hours after the procedure, the skin should be moistened with lotion, then twice a day.

    After 10 hours you can take a warm shower, but only without a sponge.

    It is important to know! After applying an instant sunburn, you cannot use a body scrub, go to the sauna, swimming pool, swim in salt water, as this will reduce the duration of the effect!

    Durability instant tan

    Instant tan lasts from 7 to 14 days, in rare cases it lasts for three weeks.

    It is worth knowing that the maximum amount of spray lotion that the skin can absorb, leaves no more than 85%. The remains of 15% can be easily washed off, taking the first shower after the procedure.

    Instant tan comes off gradually. As a rule, the pigment is washed out evenly from the skin during water procedures.

    How to extend the resistance of instant tan?

    In order to maximally prolong the tanning effect, in addition to the recommended care after the procedure (see p.3), experts advise against using bleaching, regenerating cosmetics and creams with fruit acids. Perfume, perfumed water, it is desirable to apply only to hair or clothing.


    As with any cosmetic procedure, instant tanning also has its pros and cons. Its main advantages are safety and quick results. If your body is healthy, your skin is well-groomed - the procedure will not harm you, and the tan itself will look completely natural. Contraindications for instant tan are minimal.


    • fresh wounds
    • allergic to the components of the drug.

    Pros and cons of the procedure


    • harmlessness
    • instant result in one session
    • natural tanning effect
    • suitable for all skin types
    • can be used at any age.

    At beauty forums, people often ask if it is possible to make the procedure pregnant, with breastfeeding (guv) and during menstruation? It is possible, as the spray for tanning contains only natural ingredients. However, before the procedure, it is imperative to conduct a test for the possible manifestation of allergies.

    Among the advantages of reed tan can be attributed to the fact that it makes less noticeable such aesthetic imperfections of the skin as post-acne, scars, vitiligo spots. This, in any case, is evidenced by reviews, which are left by fans of artificial tan on beauty forums.


    • short-term effect
    • uneven pigmentation in the case of excessive physical exertion, frequent water procedures,
    • staining clothes and linen in the first few hours after the procedure.

    Instant tan is a worthy alternative to sunbathing and tanning. You can get a luxurious Hollywood tan at any time of the year, and you will have to spend a maximum of 30 minutes on your stay in the salon.

    The procedure is safe, has no significant contraindications, it can be used even by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Minus reed tan is that it provides a short-term effect.

    How does a reed tan

    Initially, dihydroxyacetone was part of the glycogenosis medication. Dr. Eva Wittgenstein noticed that in children, after taking the medicine, a brown pigment is formed around the mouth. As a result, she conducted an experiment, applied a composition containing dihydroxyacetone on her skin, which immediately darkened.

    Further, during the experiments, it was found that DHA interacts with the amino acids of the protective layer of the epidermis. After that, keratinized skin cells are pigmented and acquire a bronze tint.

    Currently, a large number of special products for reed tanning with various percentage of DHA in its composition (up to 18%) are being produced. They are applied to the skin using professional equipment. Its main principle of action is the supply of a jet of air under pressure for splitting the cream into small particles. It is they who, upon contact with the skin, form an instant tan.

    Pros and cons of reed tan

    Before deciding whether this method of tanning suits you or not, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Undoubtedly, he has much more advantages, but there are some negative points. Let's start with positive sides reed tanning:

    1. Improves the condition of the entire skin, narrowing its pores,
    2. The components of the lotion are not absorbed into the blood, they act only on the surface layer of the skin,
    3. Helps visually model the outline of the figure, emphasizing its main advantages,
    4. Suitable for any type of appearance - blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, red, girls with oily, dry, normal, problem or sensitive skin,
    5. Tan tan looks attractive and natural
    6. Gives you the ability to change the intensity of the bronze color for tanning,
    7. The sugar cane pigment does not stain the fabric,
    8. After about 9-11 days, your skin tone returns, the tan comes off gradually,
    9. It has a wide color palette.

    Compared with other types of tanning, reed also has several advantages.