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How to properly maintain and care for Alabai


Big dogs have always been reliable assistants and guards. They easily transport cargo over long distances and reliably guard the house from uninvited guests. One of the most loyal is Alabai. Their content is a rather difficult and time-consuming work, but if you make the necessary efforts, you will definitely get a true friend.

Such dogs appeared as a result of a long selection period for 4 thousand years. Their ancestors lived in Tibet, some characteristics inherited from the shepherd dogs, as well as some fighting breeds. There are affinity with alabayev and with Mongolian shepherd dogs, and with Tibetan mastiffs. During their existence, they were started to protect livestock herds, merchant caravans and housing.

Animal character

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is distinguished by high physical strength, endurance and a special character, therefore, being touched by a small puppy, you should not forget that you need to take it seriously, and even strictly. The height of adult dogs ranges from 70 cm, and weight is 50-60 kg. They can be black, gray, brown, red or white in the photo.

In order for a dog to grow up without health problems, it first needs sufficient space. For this reason, it is not recommended to keep a dog in an apartment.

It is also worth remembering that alabai badly refers to various kinds of restrictions, in particular, chains. Ideal - a spacious aviary with a convenient booth. But at the same time the animal will need to walk, and give him enough attention.

Training is very important from the very beginning of the acquisition. This should be done by cynologists. Due to the selfish and self-confident nature of this breed, you may experience a lot of inconvenience and trouble when the shepherd grows up. To prevent this from happening, assign puppy training to qualified specialists, and then you will have a reliable protector. The Central Asian Shepherd Dogs learn well and quickly, and for good reason are considered to be one of the smartest dogs in the world.

But be sure to know that alabai are vindictive, and if in the process of upbringing you show aggression, they will surely remember you and can stop obeying.

Content Features

As mentioned above, alabai is very capricious, so your task is to immediately make it clear who is the boss. Get a separate place for feeding, and do not allow home and guests to constantly squeeze and feed the puppy with pieces from the table.

During the game, stop all attempts even light bites, jumps on the owner and trampling on upholstered furniture. If you let everything go to chance, then an adult dog one day can gnaw through all the upholstery and, with joy, knock you off your feet when meeting you outside.

Caring for a dog is important from the first days of its appearance. If this happens during the cold season, then it is better to hold the puppy at home so that it becomes stronger. To do this, make a soft litter and teach to sleep only in the designated place. Walking with a baby can, starting from 3 months of age on a leash, teaching the simplest commands: “Next!” And “Ko me!”. The duration of walks and the load must be increased gradually.

Necessary attention should also be paid to grooming the dog. It should be cleaned every day after a walk, carefully inspecting for the presence of foreign objects, ticks, etc. Despite its length, the wool is quite resistant to dirt. But to wash the dog at least once a month with shampoo against fleas is still recommended.

In the spring, the alabayev season is molting, so they need to be combed. Do it better on the street, if you do not want to clean the house from an excess of wool. Twice a month, the pet needs to cut the claws and constantly check the purity of the ears.

What to feed?

Like most representatives of large breeds, the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are prone to joint disease, so proper and balanced nutrition is the key to good animal health. There are several rules to follow.

  1. A pet should have two bowls, one of which should always have fresh water, from the second it will be eaten.
  2. It is better to buy bowls with a special stand, with which you can adjust their height. For the correct position of the head and the prevention of curvature of the cervical vertebrae, the dog must not bend over while eating.
  3. Feeding should occur at the same time. If the pet is not finished, remove the bowl.
  4. Representatives of this breed are not recommended to give pork because of poor digestibility of fat. Suitable option - veal or beef. Chicken can be given, but without bones, their tubular structure can injure internal organs. Meat can be replaced in some quantities sometimes with offal.
  5. Suitable cereals - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal.
  6. Obligatory point are dairy products - cottage cheese, milk, eggs.
  7. Do not forget to regularly give sea fish. From the river should be abandoned because of the large number of small bones.
  8. The amount of food eaten at one time should not exceed 2 liters.

If you decide to feed your pet dry food, then it is worth choosing it according to age. For those who decide to transfer the Central Asian Shepherd Dog to another type of food or change the food system, they should know that this should be done gradually, reducing the amount of the old food and increasing the amount of new food throughout the week.

Big and hardy alabai are very capricious and characteristic dogs, but proper upbringing and attention will allow you to live together harmoniously and without problems.

How to prepare for the arrival of the puppy

Before the Alabai begins living in an apartment or private house, you need to carefully study the characteristics of caring for this dog, plan a balanced diet. It is very important to build an aviary with a kennel in advance, because the puppy should live in its kennel from day one.

As for the choice of pet, it is best to turn to this in special nurseries. First, the animals are kept there in decent conditions. Secondly, the nursery staff are always ready to help: you can clarify with them all the details regarding the feeding of the baby and the necessary vaccinations.

Dog care

Providing complete care for puppies of the Alabaya breed is not difficult if you master several basic recommendations. First of all, pay attention to planning your pet's ration. Many prefer natural nutrition, but if desired, you can give the dog and dry feed mixtures. The coat of such a dog is thick, so a certain care is also needed after it: from time to time you need to bathe your four-footed friend, and woolen cover to be in order.

With particular care is recommended to approach the education of the pet. It is necessary to start training immediately after the dog appears in your home. Knowing how to care for acquired Alabai, you will achieve high results, and your pet will grow not only healthy, but also obedient.

When an Alabay puppy appears in the house, many dog ​​breeders seriously think about which type of feeding to prefer: natural or store-based. Experts do not recommend mixing both species, so immediately decide what exactly your pet will eat. If you decide to focus on natural products, be sure to include the following components in the table of main courses:

  • meat. It is better to buy beef or veal. It should not be too fat. If desired, dilute the dog’s diet with offal, but completely replacing the meat with them is undesirable.
  • porridge. Alabai owners feed their pets buckwheat, oatmeal or rice porridge,
  • vegetables. They are added to food and, as a rule, raw,
  • dairy products. Cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt.

For those who prefer to feed their pet dry mixes, it is very important to adhere to a certain schedule. The dog should be fed steadily twice a day.

Bathing and combing

Caring for a puppy alabai, as well as for an adult dog, should be carried out correctly. Separately pay attention to bathing and combing your pet's hair. To care for the woolen cover of the dog should be taught from an early age. From time to time comb out the hair with a special comb, and during the molting period, this procedure is recommended to be carried out even more often than usual.

As for bathing, it should not be too frequent: it is enough to wash the pet once a month with frequent soiling. Buy special shampoos for this procedure. After a normal walk, simply wash your dog's paws.

Alabai is a large and agile dog, so you can’t do without regular walks, and the load on the paws of your pet should be given appropriate. A quiet walk with a dog on a leash is not the best solution for you if you want a large, healthy and enduring animal to grow out of a puppy. He needed runs, descents and ascents. And all because the physical characteristics of the pet require regular loads on the legs.

Health and Vaccination

Alabai diseases rarely are mown, although some control of his health is still necessary. Vaccinations and timely treatment of ailments are a must for dog care. Among the most common diseases of an adult alabai are heart and infectious. Sometimes a dog may begin to limp on its front paw. At the first symptoms, immediately contact a specialist, make the necessary vaccinations. Failure to provide medical care can lead to the fact that the dog's hind legs or forelegs will fail.

Upbringing and training

Alabai and children get along fine as a rule. With the child the dog will play with pleasure. However, you have to seriously work on establishing psychological contact between you, the owner, and the puppy from the first days. It is very important to show the pet who is in charge. For this, do not allow disobedience.

Another key point: try to take the dog for walks to unfamiliar places, to carry him in cars and public transport. He will be confused and distraught, and therefore he will learn and take your leadership qualities for granted.

Characteristic breed Alabai

If you aim to recreate the family tree Alabaya, then on the way to the very top, on which modern representatives of the species are located, you can find almost all the shepherd's and fighting breeds of East Asian dogs. In alabay impressive not only become: the nature of the animal is fully consistent with its awesome dimensions. He is fearless, independent of the circumstances and to the last faithful to the one whom he considers his master.

  • Weight . By the way the Alabai looks, it immediately becomes clear: this is not a lap dog, but a real calf. And maybe even a bull. On average, alabai boys weigh about 70 kg. A little lighter than a girl whose weight can reach 65 kg, but, as a rule, it fluctuates around 50 kg.
  • Growth . At the withers a mature male can reach 70 cm. The dog fully grows up only by three years. Until this time, the formation of a representative of the species continues, which means that the dog cannot be considered mature. Females of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, as a rule, are lower than individuals of the male sex. Their average height is 67 cm, but it is also quite impressive. In Central Asia, shepherd dogs can be found, whose height at the withers reaches 90 cm.
  • Color Multiple breed varieties may have a different coat color. Almost all colors are considered acceptable, except for one - mixing blue-gray and brown colors.
  • Lifespan. Alabai live from 11 to 15 years, which, according to dog standards, is long enough.
  • Character. The impression on others is made not only by the size of an adult alabai, but also by the main features of his character: courage, pride and courage. These dogs are able to stand up for themselves. The flip side of the coin is aggression towards other members of the tribe. This feature is incorporated in the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs at the level of genetics, has been formed, as well as the protective instinct, for many millennia. Often Turkmen wolfhounds are chosen as companion dogs. They quickly become attached to people, become full-fledged members of the human "tribe". They love the children of their owners, but they are wary of strangers.
  • Intellect Asians are pretty smart. On a five-point scale, their canine level of intellectual development is assessed by a solid four.
  • Security and watchdog potential. The best guard for yourself and your property is a sin to look for. The dog finely feels the territory that has been allocated to it for protection. And be sure, never let an uninvited guest on this piece of land.

Age table of height and weight

For any dog ​​owner, a four-legged pet is like a child. He needs to be watched, taken care of, cherished and promptly taken in the event of health problems. A table with indicative (averaged) data will help to recognize the correctness and timeliness of development of the Central Asian Shepherd puppy.

Table - The ratio of height and weight alabai in the first year of life

External standard

The first standard of the breed "Turkmen Wolfhound" was approved in 1990 in the homeland of big dogs - in Turkmenistan. The standard of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog was developed a little later. To understand the appearance of the ideal representative of the breed will help the table.

Table - External Standard of the Turkish Wolfhound

History of origin and interesting facts

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog Alabai is a national treasure of Turkmenistan. This means that purebred puppies are strictly forbidden to be transported across the state’s border. Hence the logical conclusion: dogs that are sold in our country are nothing but smuggling. However, this Alabai does not cease to be in demand and popular among avid dog breeders, owners of country houses in the post-Soviet space.

It is believed that the history of the Alabai breed completed its formation about four thousand years ago. Dogs moved from place to place along with nomadic tribes. Their function was to protect tribal property and livestock. Opponents were wild wolves, and therefore only the strongest representatives of the breed survived. The interest of researchers to Turkmen wolfhounds aroused only at the end of the 18th century. Scientists have made several attempts to bring a more docile and obedient type of animals. But they failed to do this: all attempts were in vain.

By the way, thick skin and dense thick hair are features acquired thanks to nomadic life. In the process of evolution, the dog's body acquired vital characteristics: the insects could not bite through the thick skin, and the warm fur coat did not allow it to freeze in winter, to die from high temperatures in summer.

7 curious moments

The CAO dog (an abbreviation for "Central Asian Shepherd Dog", often found in the subject literature) likes to run away from the yard. And the reviews of the owners confirm this fact. Alabai are looking for adventure, and therefore, if they wish, they make a dig in two accounts - and go for a walk. However, sometimes their paws do not reach the digging: it is enough for an agile dog to jump over the fence to be free. A closer look at the representatives of the breed will help the remaining seven interesting facts about the Alabai.

  1. Perfect hearing. Turkmen wolfhounds are believed to have excellent hearing. Even the mosquito does not fly past them unnoticed. The ability to hear and recognize the slightest rustling is another genetic feature formed by representatives of the breed due to the centuries-old nomadic life.
  2. "Dazzling" color. “Ala” in translation into Russian means “motley”, and “buy” means “rich”.
  3. Late classification. Surprisingly, the breed "Central Asian Shepherd Dog" was officially entered into the classification only in 1993 of the last century. And the breed standard was agreed upon even later - in 2010.
  4. "Ancient" age of the breed. Some researchers who study the occurrence of the Turkmen wolfhound are confident that the breed is at least 5,000 years old.
  5. The mixing of blood. The Alabai, which you can observe today, was the result of the natural crossing of mastiffs and fluffy dogs that lived in nomadic tribes. According to the second version, alabays descended from a mastiff and a Mongolian shepherd.
  6. Recognition of the leaders. In order that the dog began to respect his master, the second will have to try hard. Such dogs recognize only people with pronounced leadership qualities. If the breeder is not sure that he can dominate his pet, it’s better not to mess with alabaem.
  7. "Plush" as a business card. When buying a puppy of the Turkmen Wolfhound, by all means pay attention to the appearance of its wool cover. Wool should resemble quality plush. This is an important distinguishing feature of a purebred animal.


Inside the breed, Alabai are divided into so-called aboriginal species and hybrids. The first are the result of nomadic life. The second - the result of an unsuccessful selection, which was carried out in the days of the Soviet Union. There are four native species and at least two species. In more detail, each of them is described in the table below. Отправная точка — гладкошерстный туркменский алабай, который считается первичным видом породы.

Таблица — Аборигенные и типовые виды туркменского волкодава

Вольер для алабая

К вопросу о том, как ухаживать за алабаем, нужно добавить, что для него обязательно нужен вольер. Alabai will not sit on the chain, because he needs freedom. It is inexpensive for dogs, and the health and well-being of a dog are much more important than money. In the aviary, alabai will feel relatively free, because there will be no chain here. Thanks to this, the dog will be able to calmly knead his paws, rest in the aviary or in the booth installed in the aviary. Lack of restrictions in the form of a chain will make alaba more calm - the dogs of this breed planted on a chain often behave aggressively, trying to escape and get rid of the shackles. Therefore, it is impossible to do without an aviary. Otherwise, it is better not to think about keeping alabay and make a choice in favor of other breeds - these can be shepherd dogs or some yard dogs.

It should also be remembered that keeping a dog in an aviary does not at all cancel periodic intensive walks. There is not enough space in the aviary for full-fledged loads, so a dog sitting for a long time in an aviary will feel uncomfortable, and serious health can be caused to its health.

Description and features breed Alabai

Breed dog alabai difficult to call ordinary. We are talking about the Central Asian Shepherd, which instantly attracts the eyes of others when it appears in a crowded place. There are many reasons for this: a fairly large size, a non-standard appearance, an unusual, insightful look - all this is noticeable even on photo alaby.

For a long time alabai are used as helpers for people. They have the innate instinct of guards, while animals require proper attention from the owner and proper care.

When you start alaby, you must be prepared for this breed physically. Moreover, they have a rather difficult character, they are characterized by pride and self-confidence. A pet is able to make decisions on its own, and the execution of host commands is possible only when there is an obvious need for them.

By it's nature Alabai dog strives not only to live in a flock (in other words, in a family), but to occupy a leadership position in it. Before you start a dog, you must find a professional trainer, and he must know all the features of the breed.

You should also prepare for the fact that such a large-sized pet needs frequent and long walks and serious loads. The character of an adult Central Asian Shepherd depends on its upbringing: if you do it right, the puppy will grow up to be a faithful, intelligent and reliable companion. Not uncommon today dog ​​fights.

Fight alabaev

It is worth noting that it is ala fights are very popular among supporters of this entertainment. The owners expose their Alabai against other fighting breeds and, more often than not, the shepherd dog will gain victory over the enemy.

The price is alaby

Buy alabay - no problem, since this breed of dogs is considered to be quite common. There are many nurseries and private breeders specializing in their breeding. At the same time and the price is alaby is quite acceptable, and is about 10 thousand rubles. Naturally, puppies alabai with an ideal pedigree will cost much more.

Puppy alabai

Alabai at home

Despite its rather big size, breed alabai can be kept in an apartment without any problems. However, in this case, the pet needs frequent and long walking in the fresh air.

Before you bring a puppy into the house, you need to take care that he has his own place in the apartment. Choosing it, you should exclude all places located in the draft, near the radiators.

Also alabai will not be comfortable in the noisy part of the room. For a pet, you need to create a bed in the form of a simple, easy-to-clean rug or cloth. Soft bedding is not allowed due to the nature of the dog. Options for suitable habitats can be considered on numerous video about alabayev.

If an Alabai dog lives in apartment conditions, then it takes at least one hour to walk in the street than twice a day for an hour (minimum). This applies to adults, and the puppy needs even more frequent walking.

On the street, the dog must always be muzzled and on a tight leash. The only place where you can let go alabaya - a special area. Even judging by the photo, it is clear that the dog is incredibly strong, so you need to take care of a reliable wide leather collar, consisting of two layers.

Every day you need to clean the room in which the pet lives. This also applies to the daily cleaning of dog litter. In addition, once a month, the litter is washed, and on other days it is vacuumed.

Shepherd breeding deserves special attention. Participation of a specialist in it is obligatory if the owner does not have proper knowledge and experience. Puppies alaby in the photo look incredibly touching, but very quickly they turn into adult and strong dogs.

Start puppy training at the age of three months. After four months, he should already know and execute standard commands. The willful nature of the dog requires a special approach, it is worth noting that, without recognizing its owner as the “leader”, the Alabai will not fulfill his requirements.

Care for alabai

Buy a puppy alabay - means to impose a great responsibility. Alabai Sheepdog needs a balanced and high-quality diet. The use of special dry feed is not prohibited, but natural nutrition has always been considered much more beneficial.

With dry feeding, preference should be given in favor of well-known manufacturers, buy food in packaged packages and, if necessary, switch to another food gradually.

Turkmen Alabai

Turkmen Alabai should eat plenty of meat products, with the exception of pork. It is recommended to add to the diet beef meat, as well as various by-products.

Bones are forbidden for any dog, as they can injure the pet's esophagus with shrapnel. It is allowed only the use of bones from bovine veins, which have a positive effect on the condition of the teeth. As for the rest of the diet, it should include a variety of cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products.

Some cereals cause an allergic reaction in pets, so this component of the food is individual for each individual. The best solution is rice or buckwheat. Fermented milk products and milk are useful at an early age, but in the future, they may cause an upset stomach.


Do you think that feeding such a big dog will take a lot of money? A lot, but less than the representative of any other large breed. Alabai eat quite a bit. Your task is to feed high-quality: different meat with offal (heart, liver, kidney, scar, stomachs, meat trimming, cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice), vegetables, sometimes dairy, eggs, bread, etc.

Alabai is unobtrusive. It is best to keep it in a private house. Be sure to fence your territory with a fence, otherwise, a pet may try to take under its patronage and lots of neighbors.

If you accept guests with pleasure and a lot, refrain from purchasing alabay. He loves family members, but is wary of strangers. He will detain everyone, he will not allow him into his territory and you will have to escort guests to the house every time. However, many small inconveniences do not stop many owners. They lock the dog in the aviary.

Alabay feels best in a country house in the courtyard, where there is plenty to run for in a day. A caring owner builds an open-air cage for a dog with a booth, and next to it a canopy and a second booth. There the dog will hide from the weather. And it can be locked in the aviary when guests should come.

If you live in an apartment and are delighted with this breed, you can take alabay. With adults you will need 2 hours a day to walk in any weather. Buy a durable leash with a canvas at least 5 m and let the pet run, play on it.

Brush alaby every 3-7 days. In spring or autumn during molting can be daily. Ears should be cleaned as they get dirty. If the eyes are flowing or from the nose - this may be a sign of the disease, you need to contact a veterinarian. Rinse eyes with strong tea, decoction of chamomile, bury the medicine.

Feed your pet correctly. Kid low-fat cottage cheese, ryazhenka, kefir. Large rocks from calcium deficiency develop joint dysplasia. Cut the pet's claws in a timely manner.

Even before the baby arrives home, decide whether you will feed him a naturalka or dry food with canned food? These 2 types of food do not mix, but you can give dry food in the morning, and in the evening porridge with meat.

Meat let's lean, as 1/2, and vegetables 1/5. Dogs are happy to eat sea fish (remove large bones), fish (boil fine fish) with porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat or rice). Pets love: heart, scar, chicken stomachs, beef kidneys. You can throw stuffing in porridge.

By the arrival of a puppy, teenager or adult dog you need to prepare:

  • In the apartment, give him a place where he will sleep. Not a draft or a battery. If the dog lives on the street, then you need a warm booth, but rather an aviary with a warmed booth. But in the cold it is better to take the dog into the house,
  • Large bowls need to be purchased on stands and better with adjustable height. Place them on a rubber mat. It should not slide on the floor,
  • A puppy needs toys with thorns that you can scratch your gums when cutting permanent teeth,
  • Immediately buy your baby a durable collar with a leash. It will take a muzzle. It must be purchased from 4, and better from 6 months, when the dog is old enough and can be accustomed to the ammunition,
  • Get your claw cutter and shear the claws every month,
  • Often brush your dog with a brush or furminator so that he gets used and does not avoid these procedures.

Train your pet from the first week in the house. Learn to feel and understand it. He will answer you with affection with love.

What can happen?

Bitches fight less males, but they can get involved in a fight. As a result, their enemy may die. So that the dog does not accumulate excess energy, which can potentially spill over into aggression towards other dogs, walk a lot with it. In the city, stroll alabay for 5 or more meters of a leash and better not let go.

Alabai are considered a healthy breed, but some may have problems:

  1. With bones and paw joints.
  2. With heart.
  3. Overweight.
  4. Infectious diseases.

If you notice that the pet has vomiting, loose stools, refuses to eat, lies, etc., you should immediately contact your veterinarian or veterinarian in any veterinary clinic. These may be signs of poisoning, infection.

In kennels puppies vaccinates breeder (On vaccinations, read here). 2 weeks before the procedure, he drives off worms, a week before the injections he deworming. Similarly, a conscientious breeder acts, in which one bitch has given birth to puppies. In the veterinary clinic you can be offered 1 or vaccines to choose from. Fit:

  • Nobivac,
  • Multichan,
  • Vanguard,
  • Dyuramun.

Some vaccines can do 1 vaccination in 2 months, but without rabies. In 3 months make 1 vaccination, after 21 days of revaccination. After 3 weeks, the puppy appears resistant immunity to those diseases. Breeders recommend: Nobivak or Dyuramun. There, DHPPI + RABBIES (Rabies) + LEPTO. Foreign vaccines are of good quality, so you can be vaccinated against rabies too soon.

In 2.5 months You can graft dhppi + lepto. It will take 21 days, the puppy will be 3 months. and you can repeat the same composition + rabies (rabbies). Worms are banished after 4 months. monthly or once in 3 months., once in 6 months. at the request of the owner. Good facilities: Azinox with Canquantel.

The history of a wonderful breed

According to scientists, the history of this breed has more than five thousand years. People who do not miss a chance to learn interesting facts about dogs will certainly be impressed by the information that Tibetan mastiffs, Mongolian shepherd dogs, as well as herding dogs used in ancient times by Central Asian nomads are considered to be the ancestors of Alabai.

The formation of the exterior, the character of dogs representing the Alabai breed, was due to the natural selection. Only the best dogs could become the ancestors of the breed - owners of dense wool that warms in the cold, creating comfort in the heat. Thick, thick skin, which is not afraid of the bites of opponents. In the old days, such dogs accompanied caravans, guarded dwellings, herds.

The start of breeding works with this breed in the USSR fell on the 30s of the last century. At that time, breeders-breeders were set the goal of breeding dogs, which were supposed to be used for the protection of industrial, defense objects.

The breed was awarded the classification in the registry of the International Cynological Organization only at the end of the last century (1989) - it was given the number "355". In 1993, the breed received the official name "Central Asian Shepherd Dog" - this is how it was entered into the RKF, FCI. The approval of the new breed standard took place in 2010 due to the introduction of certain clarifications regarding the appearance of animals. We recommend to see also the article: Why is the Samoyed the most popular type of husky?

Features exterior pedigreed dogs

The torso of a purebred dog is somewhat extended (in a dog - less, in a bitch - more), with characteristic streamlined shapes. Although Alabai has a very massive body, he does not look clumsy at all due to his extremely proportional addition, harmony, swiftness of movements. The muscles of the animal are voluminous, but not prominent. The dog's skin is thick, elastic.

The maximum height at withers for a dog is 70 cm, for a bitch - 65 cm. Alabai's front paws should have a length of 1/2 of its height. Breedy dog ​​endowed with a massive neck, straight, muscular, set parallel to the rear, front legs.

Attention is drawn to the large, rectangular head of the dog, somewhat reminiscent of a bear. The line of transition from the forehead to the nose is smooth. Jaws, teeth dogs - large. The lower jaw of the purebred specimen is completely covered with fleshy lips. The shape of small, slightly drooping ears is triangular.

Have Alabai thick luxurious wool. The standard allows for the existence of animals that have a short, tight hairline. Also, purebred individuals are considered to be with long hair (up to 10 cm), an impressive nape, fluffy tail, "pants" on the legs. The coat color can be any: black, gray, red, brown, fawn and even tiger.

As a rule, it is practiced to stop the ears and tail of Alabai puppies from the very first days. Such a procedure is optional. The presence of non-docked ears, the tail is not a hindrance for participation, victories of pedigreed dogs at exhibitions.

Character traits of the breed

Compiled by scientists characteristic of the dog breed Alabai includes a description of the nature of its four-legged representatives. These are brave dogs that do not betray fear. The enemy, encroaching on the territory that the animal considers its own, will certainly be attacked. In most cases, other dogs become objects of aggression on the part of the Alabayev. People - strangers who are not part of the "pack" of a pedigree dog will be met with suspicion, but they should not expect an unreasonable attack by a four-legged watchman.

With households Alabai - charming merry fellow. He is not averse to run, jump, happy to accompany the owner on a walk.

The owner of Alabai will have to constantly monitor his pet, as much as possible protecting his contacts with unfamiliar dogs.

Properly organized training of dogs of this breed will allow you to get wonderful defenders who can instantly assess the situation and make a decision to ensure the safety of their “pack”. Alabays are considered to be intelligent animals with highly developed intelligence, but not everyone is able to curb their independent character. Without proper dressing, good upbringing, the dog may show disobedience to the owner.

How to choose a puppy Alabai?

Successful purchase of dogs breed Alabai implies the ability to choose the best puppy. When visiting a breeder offering Alabayev, it is extremely important to obtain complete information about the pedigree of the puppy, which is supposed to be purchased. In addition, you should be familiar with the conditions of mating the baby's parents, to be sure that they are not close relatives.

A dog with puppies is also subject to inspection in order to make sure that their color is similar (this will guarantee that the children have character traits that are identical to their parents). It is good, when there is an opportunity to look at several puppies from a dung to pick up an optimum animal. The priority is to buy the strongest baby, able to push and beat his fellows on the way to the bowl.

Recommendations regarding the care, keeping dogs breed Alabai

Alabai is an unpretentious dog whose care is simple enough.

Due to the resistance of wool to dirt, the appearance of the four-legged pet is always well-groomed, clean. Alabai wool is constantly renewed, but the strongest molt is observed in spring.

Хозяин, регулярно ухаживающий за меховым покровом питомца, вряд ли столкнётся с проблемой валяющихся в доме, во дворе клочьев старой собачьей шерсти. Предпочтительным считается вычёсывание животного на открытом воздухе. You will also need to carry out periodic inspection, cleaning the ears of the four-legged friend, twice a month to cut his claws.

Alabai does not need frequent bathing. After street walks it is quite possible to limit to washing the pet's paws. Some people may be interested in: “Is it possible to wash a dog with human shampoo?” - one answer to this: “It is best to use a special shampoo, which can be easily purchased at any veterinary pharmacy.”

In order to prevent the occurrence of articular, allergic diseases, it is recommended to properly organize the diet of a purebred animal since puppyhood. Preference is desirable to give a balanced high-quality feed. If the pet receives food of poor quality, it can cause the following questions of its owner: "What can you give your dog from allergies, how to cure an animal?"

It is unacceptable to feed the four-legged friend from the common table. This can cause problems with the digestive tract of the dog. A sick dog poops in unauthorized places, suffers from intestinal colic, her stool is runny and fetid, the dog's ass looks untidy.

To cure a sick pet, you will certainly need to contact a veterinarian, who will give recommendations: what kind of painkillers can be given to the dog to alleviate her condition. A competent specialist will definitely prescribe effective medicines, will advise how to organize the best Alabai feeding.

For Alabai ideal street content in the aviary. Rarely enough such dogs are kept in apartments, houses. In such cases, pets should be organized for long walks, to ensure proper physical exertion. During walks in the spring, summer, be sure to apply a drop from ticks for dogs to protect your pet.

The owner, who managed to properly educate Alabaya, will later be rewarded by communicating with a strong, intelligent, dedicated dog. Such a dog will be a source of pride for its owners, will be for them the best guard, a good companion. Read the article: What famous breeds is the Wolfhound dog subdivided into?