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Beige dress: models and what to wear


If you are a girl, then dresses should definitely be present in your wardrobe. And the more of them, the better, because there is nothing more feminine than this thing. But not every dress is suitable, firstly, for you, and secondly, for a given occasion. And how can you wear an elegant beige dress?

Beige is not an ordinary color. To many, it may seem boring or official, but in reality it’s not at all like that. What does a shade look like? Right on the skin color. This means that it seems that a woman dressed in a beige outfit is almost naked.

And it is incredibly sexy and exciting. So the shy will probably not feel very comfortable. But do not despair, because if you choose a shade darker, the image will be more official.

It is worth noting that beige has a lot of shades. Some of them are close to white, others can be attributed more to brown, others to some extent belong to green, the fourth contain shades of red or orange. And this diversity explains the versatility of color. So any girl can afford such a dress.

When is it appropriate?

As already noted, beige is almost a universal color. And it is universal not only in terms of features of appearance, but also in terms of cases and situations in which the outfit would be appropriate. Everything again depends on the shade.

So, the cold scale is more official, so that such tones are suitable for business meetings. Neutral tones close to skin tone are very sexy and exciting, so this outfit should be left for a party or going to the club. Warm tones are romantic and gentle, so they are suitable for dating. Brown shades are appropriate for daily business trips.

How to choose?

From the choice of attire is directly dependent on how it will fit you. How to choose a beige dress? There are several important points, we will dwell on each in more detail.

It is important to decide on the choice of color. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Warm shades of beige (closer to pink, red) are suitable for girls with the “spring” type of appearance.
  • Owners of the type of appearance "winter" should avoid pale shades.
  • Girls with the type of appearance "autumn" may prefer beige, close to such shades as swamp, peach, brown.
  • Owners of the “summer” look will favorably emphasize their virtues with the help of neutral and cooler beige tones.

Beige color is the case when you can play on textures and create unusual and contrasting images. We offer several options:

  • Lace dress shade beige - it's incredibly sexy and erotic.
  • Leather dress - bold and unusual.
  • Knitted dress - it is rather an everyday option.
  • Knitted dress - light and comfortable outfit, which will emphasize the dignity and give the image of femininity and playfulness.
  • Silk beige dress is incredibly elegant and feminine. Such fabric in combination with this color excites hearts and minds of men, forcing them to dream, looking at all this magnificence.
  • The volumetric pattern on this color looks original and unusual, so if you want to slightly dilute the tone, choose a dress with silk embossed or with volume patterns of velvet and knitwear.

Unbelievable a lot of styles. Let's stop on several of them:

  1. A long dress is not all, as many people think. If your height is small, then this outfit will only exacerbate the situation, especially if you decide to wear shoes without a heel. But the heel can save you, but only quite high. But the girl, who has impressive growth, will be a real goddess, but it is better to give up heels.
  2. Sheath dress is an almost universal option, suitable both for parties and for official meetings. But if you have wide hips, you should not fit them, they will seem even more voluminous. You should not choose such a dress and those whose figure is far from ideal, since this style will make all the flaws clear.
  3. Dress with basque - a real life preserver for those who do not have enough volume in the zone of buttocks and hips.
  4. A short fitting dress will suit a girl with a perfect figure. But if the legs are too long, then this option will not be the best, since visually this length of the dress will lengthen the legs even more.
  5. Dresses of straight cut hide extra volume in the upper part of the body. And if the features of your figure are such that the legs are slender, then by all means show them. A harmonious outfit should hide what should not be seen, and show what can be shown.
  6. To add the missing volume in the chest area will help volumetric details: ruffles, assemblies, draperies, etc.
  7. Hide excessively voluminous hips will help the model with the free cut hem. It is also elegant and feminine.
  8. Hide imperfect tummy will allow styles with a slightly high waist and flared hem.

Color combinations

What colors does a beige color match? We offer several win-win options:

  • White. This combination can be called very gentle and clean. But the tones should not merge, it will look ridiculous.
  • Brown will also be in harmony with beige, shading and complementing it.
  • Red will also look very appropriate and even revive the image and make it more vivid.
  • Coral is another great option.
  • Black is universal, so you can choose it.
  • Green. It is better to prefer muted or deep tones: emerald, marsh.
  • Peach. This color will also be in harmony with beige.
  • The combination of beige and gold looks rich and elegant.

As for prints, beige can be in harmony with the leopard. This tandem will not look vulgar and pretentious.

What to combine?

What can I wear with a beige dress?

  • Footwear. You can choose beige or black lacquer boat. Ankle boots or boots of black or brown color are also suitable. And with a short dress it is quite possible to wear golden or white ballet flats.
  • Outerwear. Feel free to combine white, black or beige classic coats of fitted or straight style with such an outfit. You can wear a leather jacket or a cardigan on a knitted dress. Sheath dress will be combined with a jacket.
  • Pantyhose is better to choose the skin tone.
  • Accessories. The thin straps of a contrasting bright color or bright scarves look great with a beige dress.
  • Jewelry choose in gold tones. They can be supplemented with bright stones or rhinestones, but combined in tone with beige.
  • As for the bags, then pick up a black clutch for an evening outfit. A volume bag-bag will be combined with a knitted or knitted short dress.


Beige color in the wardrobe is most often used by self-confident, self-motivated people, who appreciate family warmth and comfort, firmly go to the intended goal. If you want to develop or strengthen these qualities in yourself, try to add some beige things to your wardrobe.

When choosing a dress you need to choose exactly your shade of beige. Because the wrong color can create the impression that a person goes without clothes at all. The image can get too plain, and just merge with you. You need to take into account all the features of your figure. Beige color has the ability to slightly fill. But you can always hide any flaws, if you choose the right style of dress.

Many girls want to make their image softer and more feminine, and beige shades do an excellent job with this task. That is why many of the fair sex trying to get at least a couple of things beautiful beige tones.

To suit

Beige color has a large number of different shades, which can be close to white, be almost brown, coffee, there are those that contain a reddish and orange notes and lots of other various shades of beige. Such a variety makes the color universal. And any girl can choose the perfect outfit for themselves in this color range.

To begin, let's determine - for what color type which shades of beige are perfect. For fair-haired girls with fair skin, peach shades are most harmonious. Brown-haired women with darker skin is best to opt for brown and gold tones. For girls with blond hair, stylists recommend choosing beige tones with gray-lilac shades.

It is important to select the shade of the dress not only from the standpoint of individual features of appearance, but also from the standpoint of the situations with which the dress should correspond. And the main role here also plays a shade.

Cool tones are more official, this is a great option for business negotiations and important meetings. More pastel shades (which are close to skin tone) - exciting and sexy, they can be put on at a party and in a nightclub. A warm tone - of course, this is tenderness and romance. Be sure to choose warm shades of beige in dresses for dating with your beloved.

Popular styles and finishes

It is easy to pick up a large variety of accessories for a dress of beige color. However, sometimes you can do without them at all - if there is a beautiful decor (lace, rhinestones, etc.), which is part of the dress.

With stones / rhinestones

Often, a large number of rhinestones decorate the festive versions of beige dresses. Rhinestones mainly use gold, white, transparent, silver or multi-colored tones. For casual attire, it is best to choose a minimalistic golden decor.

Dress combination

Beige dress made of silk fabrics - very cute, feminine and at the same time very elegant, provocative, but at the same time - restrained. Silk fabric in beige color always attracts admiring looks to itself. It can be ideally combined with sweaters (large knitting) and various cardigans.


To owners of an ideal figure the fitting beige dress perfectly will approach. And if you are also the owner of beautiful long legs, then you can safely choose for yourself a short dress.

If the dress is decorated with lace elements or inserts, then it in itself already creates a full-fledged finished image for its owner. Most often, the lace dress does not need to pick up additional accessories, you can use the very minimum of jewelry. And if the dress does not have lace elements, then you can pick up lace earrings, pendants, clutches to the dress. With such accessories your beige dress will look like a single composition.

Color combinations and prints

Body tone is self-sufficient and beautiful in itself. It does not always require any addition. The main thing is to find exactly your beige shade. But let's still figure out what colors beige tone is best combined.

Black and beige

  • Black color will make beige even more elegant. This combination of colors looks luxurious. Ideal to go, for example, to a business meeting.

Red beige

  • You can get a bright and stylish look by combining red and beige shades in your image. But the most important thing here is not to overreact, because a bright red color can easily take all the attention away from more delicate beige tones. Often, to make the image brighter, a stylish red belt will be enough.

Brownish beige

  • These two shades can be safely called "best friends", which create the traditional female image. The combination of these tones is pleasant to the eye, will help to establish contact with others.

White and beige

  • Gentle, light, soaring, weightless, summer, flying - all this can be said about the duet of white and beige tones. These colors complement each other perfectly.

Gray beige

  • The warmth of beige and the coolness of a gray tint are in fact very harmonious in combination, and they can be perfectly combined in creating an image. The main thing is that the beige tones were still more to keep the image soft and warm.


  • One of the most gentle and feminine options is a beige dress with a flower. With this outfit, you bring in a bit of romanticism in your look.


  • A beige polka-dot dress can skillfully emphasize your charm, with it you can create a “retro image” or a conservative style, ideal for official and special occasions.

In a cage

  • At any time of year, dresses with a checkered print remain relevant. No exception and beige dress in a cage! This dress is perfect for a casual look, as well as for a working dress code.

Dress length is also important. Let us consider the most basic options.

To the floor

  • Many mistakenly assume that a long dress fits absolutely everyone. You should not choose dresses in the floor for girls of short stature, a long dress will only emphasize short stature and make it visually even lower, especially if you wear shoes on a flat run. Dresses in the floor will make these goddesses tall girls.

A short

  • A short skin-tight dress, unlike a dress to the floor, is not best suited for tall, long-legged girls, because a visually short dress lengthens the legs.


  • Miniature girls and owners of medium height midi dress fits perfectly. And to further emphasize all the advantages of your figure, wear dresses of such length with heels.

Fabrics and textures

The beige tint makes it possible to use different textures, to play on the contrasts of the image.

  • The knitted beige dress is light and comfortable, it will highlight all your virtues, and the image will be feminine and playful.
  • Lace or guipure - in beige tones such a dress always looks very impressive and sexy.
  • Silk or chiffon - femininity and elegance itself. Men will appreciate this magnificence.
  • Knitted - great for every day.
  • Leather - perhaps the most extravagant and bold option.

What to wear

Outerwear. The classic coat will be perfectly combined with dresses in beige tones, you can choose a coat of white, or black, or beige color and you will not regret it. If you want to wear a knitted beige dress, then a leather jacket or a cardigan is perfect for him. A jacket will look perfect with a "dress-case."

Pantyhose is best to take flesh beige shade.

If you are planning a romantic evening in a cafe or restaurant, then you can perfectly combine a beige dress with a fur coat, boots with a heel and complement the image with an original fashion clutch.

By choosing an image for every day, you can opt for a practical darker dress that does not have unnecessary details, it will look harmonious with a coat, and can be combined with a decorated one, such as a pea polto. Fitted shoes with heels and a stylish bag.

For a dress code to the office, you can choose a free dress, turquoise sandals with high heels and a handy handbag.

For friendly meetings, you can opt for a beige-black dress, a short black jacket and high boots with a small heel. Complete the image of a small stylish handbag.

If you are a connoisseur of fitted silhouettes, then by all means try to opt for a soft beige dress with stylish folds. And to the dress - choose a leather brown short jacket, a practical handbag, and stiletto shoes - boots or ankle boots.

What a manicure and makeup will go

When it comes to beige dress - it is better to do without experiments with a palette of tones for makeup. Use pastel colors when choosing eyeshadow, eyeliner - classic black or brown, mascara - black, you can also use other options (brown or gray). To make a softer look - take a brown or gray mascara, and if you want to get a more expressive look - stop at the black ink with a lengthening effect.

Goes well with beige - natural makeup. And enough to emphasize one thing: lips or eyes.

The same applies to manicure. Choose nail polish in pastel beige. You can complement the elements of brown, black, white flowers. It will also look very beautiful various openwork patterns on the nails. Or you can make a manicure brighter due to the decoration of rhinestones and sparkles.

What jewelry to choose

It is necessary to select jewelery for a beige dress proceeding primarily from its style and style. If the dress is a classic or office style, pearls will do, romantic style will be well complemented by discreet jewelry of inconspicuous tones. And for the style of "casual" - jewelry with an ethnic bias. You can opt for jewelry in gold tones. They can complement the bright stones and rhinestones, but make sure that they still blend in tone with your beige dress. With a beige dress, thin straps of bright colors, or contrasting bright scarves look very stylish.

Relevant combinations

In order to accurately determine the appropriate tone, it is important to consider your color type. Например, светлокожим блондинкам следует присмотреться к персиковому, а смуглым шатенкам к коричнево-золотому. Русым модницам уместна серо-сиреневая палитра.

  • Подбирая другие элементы стиля, можно оставить один тон. Самостоятельно он смотрится достаточно привлекательно. Do not be afraid that shoes, handbag and jacket will merge. Prefer different textures to prevent this from happening.
Mini option The solution for the real princess

  • In a duet with gray a good composition is obtained. Do not overdo it, otherwise the necessary softness overlaps with coldness.

  • White forms a summer, light and airy image. It does not matter which of them will be predominant. They will still balance one another.
Sophisticated top

  • Red gives the brightness and exclusivity of appearance. However, be careful that he does not go through all the attention to himself. Let it remain a separate element, say, a belt.

  • Black looks magical. He is noble under any circumstances. In such a bow, go to a business meeting.

Insulated version

  • Brown forms a classic feminine image. It blows warm from him, so the girl around will only cause feelings of trust and friendliness.
For the summer period

If you consider yourself a bright and extraordinary person, most likely, the proposed combinations will not be to your liking. Form a chocolate, orange, lemon, silver, turquoise or coral composition. Any juicy tone will be the topic. The main thing is to keep equal proportions.

Tip!Use stones and rhinestones in evening dress. For everyday it is better to leave a minimalist golden decor.

Casual look

We have already found out that the body is self-sufficient and can be used independently. But if you like patterns and prints, they are delightful for everyday wear. Consider the most current variations.

  • The flower is delicate and romantic. He charms others and attracts attention with his cheerfulness. Stylists recommend mature women to give preference to small frequent images, while large figures are suitable for young girls. Leave the main thing uncomplicated cut. Bows and ruffles will overload the image and ruin it.

  • Polka dots are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age and type of appearance. Remember that large colors add volume. If you are overweight - discard the idea in favor of small parts. On a fragile figure black peas look great. Creates a modest retro style.

Trendy Peas

  • The cell is recognized as universal. It can be bold or strict, concise, respectable or reckless. It is unlikely that she will lose popularity. Improve any image, including casual. Accessories take those in which there are shades that prevail in the dress. Add black high-heeled shoes.
Delightful cell

When choosing clothes for every day, consider its relevance. If you often move in a public place, a long train will hinder you, and too high fabric will give reason to think of you as an unfettered woman.

Tip! PFull women should not beware of running. Just dilute the holiday outfit with guipure, lace and rhinestones. For everyday life, however, it is better to give preference to black, gray and white.

Evening variations

When a girl goes to a gala event, corporate party or a regular party, she should look at 100%. If your temperament is soft and gentle, a warm beige scale will emphasize it perfectly. However, it is not easy, contrary to popular belief. It is often manifested by light brown, champagne, baked milk, ripe wheat, ivory and even a coffee drink with milk. Therefore, you can safely experiment with the upcoming style.

Lace inserts and elements create a finished bow. Do not pick up accessories, as they will become redundant. But if there are no beautiful patterns on the dress itself, add a clutch bag, a pendant or earrings. You will have a solid composition.

Glitter - a smart option for bright fashionistas. They will set you apart from the crowd and make you a real party star.

Peculiar silk dresses resembling a combination are incredibly popular this season. They are very provocative and discreet at the same time. They attract the views of men, awakening their imagination and fantasy. You can create original compositions with knitted sweaters.

Tight-fitting options allow you to show those around you perfect forms that do not need correction. And if you have long legs, feel free to wear a mini. Inflated collar will indicate your independence and efficiency.

Is your goal sexuality? Then give preference to guipure. He is always incredibly showy.

Excellent lace

Consider the importance of the event. For the image of the bride inappropriate to use candid outfits. The most advantageous on the bride are openwork details. They are luxurious and rich in appearance. Emphasize youth, beauty and romance. Since they are light and airy, ideal for a summer celebration.

Tip!Do not buy cheap polyester models. They quickly deform and crumple.

Office Style

To form a feminine business wardrobe is not as difficult as it seems. Discard classic trouser suits in favor of stylish skirts and dresses. The main thing is to have a suitable style and restrained colors. Flower will definitely be superfluous. But solid solid colors are quite acceptable.

Pay attention to the material. In winter, it will warm tweed, wool or costume varieties. Allow yourself tight jersey, which keeps the shape. In the summer, let's say cotton or linen. But 100% of the product is heavily wrinkled, so let it contain a small percentage of artificial fiber. Get rid of pure synthetics. It does not pass air, therefore in it it is not comfortable even in the presence of the conditioner. Tulle, organza, chiffon and guipure in the office are not appropriate.

Bold and stylish

The length is usually strictly regulated. Short models are not acceptable, and maxi are considered strange. Optimal midi or ending the hem above the knee by 7 - 8 cm, if the company does not have strict rules.

What to buy style?

  • Case fits absolutely everyone. He visually pulls the silhouette, so even full girls become slimmer. Especially with a heel. Make sure the neckline is not too deep. Can be worn at any time of the year. Complement with a contrast strap.

  • Pencil has a cut line at the waist. Ideal for tall. Promotes body shaping.
  • Straight cut improves obese women, as it hides the flaws of their appearance.
  • Trapezium with the extension from the shoulder also veils the extra centimeters. Therefore, pick up a single piece of copies.
  • Dress sundress It has an advantage, as it is constantly changing due to lower clothing. Combinations with blouses, turtlenecks, jackets are possible.

  • Long shirt different comfort. It is often decorated with a belt, decorative shoulder straps or patch pockets.

As we can see, beige clothes add elegance and beauty to modern fashionable women.

Tip!If you want to visually lengthen the legs, shoes flesh-colored shoes. She will make you tender and graceful and give you a few extra centimeters of height.

Color details

Many people believe that the beige color looks too simple, and it is completely in vain. In evening dress, he knows how to express himself in unexpected ways. Those who want to get a dress in a classic color design will be interested to know that the beige tone is obtained by mixing brown and white paint with the addition of a small part of gray. In fact, it is a kind of light brown color. It includes many tint forms of varying degrees of intensity. Depending on the saturation of the beige color gets a shade of champagne, baked milk, ripe wheat, ivory or coffee with milk.

Pronounced color preferences in clothing can tell a lot about their owner. By the beige shades of enthusiastic romantic nature, who do not like public attention and are often indecisive. It is the latter quality that creates big obstacles for such women to create a wardrobe, because they are sure that they are of little value. If you find a pair of beige things in your closet, this does not mean that you are a devoted fan of pastel color. Beige shades are calm and relaxing, so having at least one such dress is absolutely necessary.

Who are beige evening dresses for?

The modern world of fashion offers a huge variety of styles.among which any woman will be able to find the best offer for herself. For brown-haired girls, stylists recommend choosing a classic beige color. The same shade is recommended to stick to honey blondes. The fact is that beige colors are associated with tanned skin, skillfully highlighting the natural beauty of the face and shape.

When choosing a suitable shade, the dress should not be allowed to blend in with the skin. Textured fabrics, lace trims, and various prints are very helpful in this. Women with curvaceous shapes should choose free cut outfits. They delicately mask some figure flaws and visually reduce the volume. Girls with a short stature or a disproportionate addition, are recommended maxi-long evening dresses, decorated with a deep neckline on the chest. Such clothes are able to visually pull the figure and make it more slender.

Possible combinations of beige color

To make long plain clothes look luxurious, they are carefully selected jewelry and accessories. For dresses that use two or more colors, special requirements are imposed.

As for compatibility with other colors, in this beige color shows amazing flexibility. It manages to harmoniously combine with almost all pastel tones. In addition, he develops successful tandems with a classic set: black, white, gray, brown. Such combinations form a good basis for restrained concise images.

To achieve a spectacular presentation of the evening dress, a combination on the contrasts of the color palette is recommended: red, turquoise, emerald green, purple, and wine.

Photo: styles of evening dresses

Beige models are perfect for both fleeting events and for long events lasting for several hours. Such outfits do not tire the eye, so they are often chosen for prom, wedding or family celebration.

Beige dresses with mini or midi lengths are quite suitable not only for party trips. Such outfits quite appropriately look at a cocktail meeting or gala event.

Beige dresses in length in a floor are presented on fashion podiums in a big variety. First of all, it is necessary to select outfits with a deep neckline in the shape of the letter V or an open back. Such dresses, sewn from thin transparent fabrics, create a feeling of exquisite weightlessness.

To make a neutral beige color to play with bright colors, in a cut of an evening dress should be used soft folds, draperies, shuttlecocks. As additional elements, it is desirable to use embroidery, rhinestones, beads, feathers, sequins. Instead of finishing, you can use beautiful high-quality jewelry. This creates the impression of an expensive dress and successfully emphasizes the sophistication and elegance of an evening look.

If the evening dress is supposed to be put on romantic meetings, then it is best to use a soft lace or fine openwork weaving as a base. A beige evening dress with black lace harmonizes perfectly with a leather leather jacket and high-heeled ankle boots.

Women with lush hips and folds in the abdomen should pay attention to the models of dresses with a high waistline. They beautifully present an elastic bust and easily hide the shortcomings of the lower part of the body. Fabrics for such dresses should be thin and flowing. Due to this, the skirt, expanding downwards, is collected in soft exciting tails. Satin, silk, chiffon base is perfect for this purpose.

Makeup for a beige evening dress

Brown color of decorative cosmetics is chosen in the case when the base of the dress is close to the typical beige color. This combination makes the female image more expensive and luxurious.

For a dress decorated with lace pastel details, it is logical to choose a discreet make-up as close as possible to natural tones.

For brunettes well suited rich shades of makeup: blue, gold, pink, purple. It is not necessary to allocate at the same time eyes and lips, it is better to focus on anything one. For example, this combination looks spectacular: dark blue shadows, pale pink blush and the same lipstick.

For those who prefer golden colors in make-up, you should not use them in large quantities. Otherwise, the face will lose its naturalness and will look like a mask. Therefore, it is enough to apply a thin layer of shades of a pale golden hue and discard the black eyeliner.

Fashionable beige dress: a noble color for real ladies

From the psychological point of view, beige-colored outfits are chosen by women, distinguished by purposefulness and strong-willed character. They value family values ​​and do not like to deviate from their plans. If you do not yet possess such traits, but wish to develop them in yourself, then first buy a few things of beige color for everyday use.

Choosing beige outfits, be sure to measure them right in the boutique. The main reason for this is the highly capricious nature of the cream color palette.

In the assortment you can find dresses of various beige shades:

  • corporeal
  • wheat
  • sand
  • peach
  • coffee with milk
  • lilac-beige and others

Each of the shades can be clearly divided into cold, warm and mixed, so to call this color universal will not work. The choice of the perfect beige dress is based on the individual characteristics of the figure and the female color type. Some bright colors can visually enlarge the figure, others, on the contrary, will help to hide extra centimeters on the hips, waist, arms and legs.

The beige color palette copes with such a difficult task as creating a soft and feminine image. Even if the dress is made in a non-standard cut, the girl will look fragile and easy.

Before going to the store carefully examine yourself in the mirror. What color type can you attribute yourself to? Light girls with blond hair are recommended to wear outfits in peach, beige, gray-lilac color, gold and brown shades are suitable for brown-haired women.

Cold beige tones have a touch of formalism, so they are often used in a business wardrobe. Such dresses are indispensable for important meetings and work conferences.

Shades as close as possible to skin color make a woman sexier. This outfit is able to drive men crazy, stirring their imagination. Beige dress in nude colors should be worn by women with a perfect figure. For romantic encounters or casual looks, get a dress in warm colors.

Beige dresses: choose the right accessories

Beige color is very loyal to any accessories. It should be borne in mind that if the dress already has complex decorative elements, it is better to do without rings, earrings and bracelets. In addition to this image, choose fashionable pumps and an elegant small handbag.

This season will be relevant such styles and decorations as:

  • stones and rhinestones - this decor is appropriate in evening and ceremonial attire, which looks great on holidays and social events. Look for dresses with a gold, silver decor.
  • dress in pajama style - looking at such a thing is difficult to say that in front of you is a dress or a combination. The pajama style gradually invades everyday looks, turning women in such clothes into role models. Silky dresses, casual styles, complemented by sweaters with large knit or cardigan look beautiful in beige color.

  • tight beige dresses - only those girls who are confident in their figure can afford a tight-fitting dress. This outfit looks very frank and sexy. Be sure to replenish your summer wardrobe with a pair of short beige dresses, indispensable for evening walks and romantic meetings.
  • Lace beige dresses - not one style of dress can do without openwork design, because it creates a light and weightless mood. Lace can make even the most simple and trivial cut original and textured. Fully openwork beige dresses do not need additional decorative ornaments.

Fashionable beige dress to the floor: feminine and luxurious models

The beige color palette assumes that the dresses will most often be made of light flowing fabrics. Undoubtedly, this is the most correct variant of using numerous beige shades. For the summer period, choose a cream outfit of chiffon and guipure. Valid options with pleated and frills. Warm and gentle tones in this design look especially impressive.

In winter, the relevance of beige color slightly decreases, but many women of fashion do not part with their favorite shade during this period. Зимой присмотритесь к трикотажным моделям в холодной цветовой гамме, вязанным длинным платьям.

Бежевое вечернее платье: обворожительный образ для торжества

Подчеркнуть мягкий и нежный темперамент женщины позволит теплая бежевая цветовая гамма. At a gala event, a corporate party or a party, a girl in a cream dress will look gorgeous and elegant.

Outfits in light brown colors, dresses of color baked milk, champagne, ripe wheat, ivory, and coffee with milk are suitable for special occasions. Unchanged attributes of an evening dress are lace inserts and decor with rhinestones or stones. In this dress you will feel confident and calm, because your image is 100% thought out.

Fashionable beige dress 2018: a combination with other shades

The beige color palette looks self-sufficient and without any adornment, but often designers combine flesh color with other shades, creating unique and fashionable outfits. Which colors are in harmony with beige? Let's figure it out.

Beige and black

This combination gives the image of elegance and restraint. Black and beige is used to form an office wardrobe. Dresses with this color mix look luxurious and rich, without a hint of pretentiousness and obsession.

Beige and red

The main rule of this image is “not to overreact”. If you want to diversify the beige image with bright accents, the maximum that you can afford is a thin strap at the waist or another minor decor in red.

Beige and brown

This is the most harmonious combination that you can think of for a casual look. Feel free to choose a dress with brown details, it will always look charming and stylish.

Beige and white

The combination of beige and white fills the dress with lightness and weightlessness. This is the most advantageous option for owners of fine-molded perfect figure. Girls with flaws in the waist and hips should refuse such dresses and opt for dark beige shades that visually narrow the silhouette.

The dress of beige color is a profitable purchase that will help you out both in everyday and in solemn manner. Use all the advantages of the cream color palette, and you can create charming and stylish combinations every day.

Beige dress: features of choice

Beige color has the following advantages in relation to other colors.

  • He is self-sufficient.
  • Gives elegance, mystery and romance of the image.

Selecting an outfit in this key, find your color scheme that suits you perfectly. If you do not take this into account, then you risk turning into a nondescript beige stain that blends with you. Or even worse, it can visually add you a few unnecessary kilograms, if your figure is far from ideal.

When buying a beige dress, choose styles that emphasize the dignity of your figure, slightly loose with a combination of black and gray shades.

To understand what kind of beige shade will ideally suit you and at the same time emphasize all the advantages. It must always be remembered that:

  • If you are a blonde and you have a marble skin tone, then peach outfits are perfect for you.
  • If you are brown-haired or have blond hair, then a combination of beige-gray and beige-lilac tones will suit you perfectly.
  • If you are a burning brunette, your dark complexion perfectly highlighted coffee shades (brown and flesh or beige - pink).

Beige red dress

These shades give bright, unique images of the temptresses. However, the dominant presence of scarlet tone, will lead to fading and homeliness beige. Be careful not to disturb this delicate balance between them.

Beige dress combinations

For each case its own tactics:

  • If it's dinner at a restaurant, then stilettos, matched to the tone and elegant clutch. These components will look great together.
  • For every day, a dress selected in a darker tonality, without unnecessary details, will be harmoniously complemented by boots with heels, as well as a small bag. Stylish and great will be combined.
  • For friendly gatherings fit combination beige - black dress. In addition to it, a short black jacket with high boots and small heels will look great. Completing the image will give a modest little bag with personal belongings.

Beige dress to the floor

Such a luxurious outfit does not require a variety of accessories. Choose tight-fitting silhouettes that highlight your figure. The beauty of this shade is that it looks like a second skin, especially if the tone of the attire is light. Therefore, the image as a whole will be especially to the liking of the opposite sex.

To heighten the effect, choose a dress with an American armhole - a high neckline on the thigh.

Beige lace dress

Flesh color is tender in itself, and the image of "vamp" does not fit this shade at all. What then to choose? Of course, a romantic image! To emphasize this, decorate your outfit with lace. Almost any color will be perfect, but in special favor we have black, brown and light gray.

Romanticism to your image will give a flared dress of a pleasant bright shade. A coat or a raincoat in beige keys or black will look harmoniously. Shoes of the same tone as the top, selected in accordance with the season.

A free dress cut is suitable for office workers. A bag with good spaciousness of coffee tone, and of course elegant shoes.

Fitted dresses look elegant. Comfortable shoes and a small handbag, in combination with a coat of classic cut, will give the image completeness.

Beige wedding dress

Perhaps the name of this shade does not always mean the color of ocher. Beige dress for the bride may well be only slightly yellow. The color of champagne is the perfect wedding outfit, it is gentle and much less whimsical compared to dazzling white. After all, to combine with a white outfit, you need to perfectly match the shade of hair, foundation and make a suitable makeup.

Accessories must be selected depending on the style of your dress and the place where you intend to go in it.

  • If this is an office or you have a business meeting, then the pearls will look - subtle.
  • However, if you are going on a romantic date, then discreet and restrained in the colors of the jewelry, fit just right.

Before any of the women at least once, but the question arose, what bag to take today with you?

Handbags are perfectly combined with body-colored outfits: gray, brown, beige, red and of course black tones.

In everyday life, handbags of practical tones with good spaciousness will serve you well.

Stylish clutches, decorated with various kinds of embroidery and stones, are perfect for an evening promenade.

Like handbags, shoes also need to be selected depending on the time of the year and according to where you want to go.

In the cold season, boots or boots of coffee color will be harmoniously combined with your dress of beige color. In summer, elegant shoes or sandals of the same shade will do.

If your choice fell on a dress of beige color, then you should not improvise with make-up. Pastel colors should be the basis for makeup. Muffled, not bright should be eye shadow.

If you want your look to become more expressive and deep, use black mascara. Brown mascara will give the look of softness and tenderness.

Looking at celebrity photos on glossy magazine covers. You can easily choose for themselves similar shoes, accessories and of course dresses.