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10 posh modern films that you may not have seen


In 2016, cinema became almost omnipotent - special effects can put actors in any body and circumstance. But the movie, which is based on only an actor’s game, is not less exciting.

AdMe.ru collected the best films of the year in one list. We envy if you missed any of them, and enjoy your viewing!


Aliens arrive on Earth, their intentions are unknown: 12 huge spacecraft just hang over the surface of the planet. Linguist and polyglot Louise Banks and physicist Ian Donnely climb one of the ships to try to establish contact with the aliens.

One of the most successful contemporary directors, Denis Villeneuve, made a film based on the story of one of the most powerful contemporary science fiction writers, Ted Chan's "Stories of Your Life" Amy Adams became the pinnacle of this wonderful triangle, brilliantly playing the role of Louise Banks.

Fantastic creatures and where they live (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

The magical universe of JK Rowling is overgrown with new details. 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter saga, magician-zoologist Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayn) arrives in New York with a suitcase full of magical creatures. They accidentally escape, and the obscurant girl Tina Goldstein, her frivolous sorceress, sister Quinney, and not too smart, but pretty Muggle Jacob, help him catch them.

When the Magic Congressional Authority for North America discovers that the animals belong to Newt, he himself is in danger, because because of him Muggles can discover the magical world.

This film is only the first part of a big story, there will be five films in total.

Steve Jobs

This is the story of the life of one of the most prominent minds of the planet, whose name is familiar to everyone. Steve Jobs was a capable leader, a great businessman and a great entrepreneur. He devoted all his time to work and worked, not sparing his strength. But few people know what difficulties he had to go through before Apple became the world leader.

Disgusting eight

The hateful eight

United States after the Civil War. Famous bounty hunter John Ruth drives a caught criminal to the Red Valley, where she will be executed. On the way, they are joined by several other travelers who travel in the same direction. But the blizzard forces the company to interrupt the way and seek shelter in a tavern, where strange personalities have already gathered: Mexican, cowboy and confederate general. And one of them is not who he claims to be.

Short slide

This story, based on real events, tells us about several long-sighted guys who independently predicted the world economic crisis of 2008 long before they started whispering about him on Wall Street. And having predicted, the guys started to earn money on it, unwittingly.

Joy was born in a simple American family of Italian descent. Even as a child she decided that she would be happy and successful, but, unfortunately, in the future her life only became more complicated: she divorced, became a single mother and got a low-paying job. Once Joy realized that she was the creator of her own happiness and should succeed only on her own. Talent and great desire helped Joy to make her way into the business, but before that she had to go through many falls.


FBI agents are facing a series of murders that can not explain. The offender painlessly kills his victims, not leaving behind any traces and evidence. Agents turn for help to psychic Johnny Clancy, who will have to start an unequal fight with a maniac and find a way to trap someone who is always 10 steps ahead.

And the storm struck

The finest hours

The plot of the film is based on real events that occurred in 1952. Two oil tankers got into a violent storm and slowly began to go under water. The disaster seemed quite inevitable, because, due to the strongest waves, the sailors could not use the lifeboats. But the coast guard goes to the epicenter of the storm to save the drowning. And most importantly, they decided to carry out this operation in small motorboats.

Actively looking

How to Be Single

Tired of living with her boyfriend, Alice leaves him, moves in with her older sister Meg, finds a new job and acquires a new girlfriend, Robin. The latter turns out to be a passionate fan of the night "anneals" and tries to draw Alice into the quiet life in her insane life. Easy romantic comedy, which will appeal to both male and female audience.

Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger

This is a story about three legendary athletes, in total, who have 9 Olympic gold medals. Each had its own path and its own unique dramatic history of ascent. They became legends of world sport and made it possible for the whole country to say: “We won!”

1. Zeropolis (2016)

Welcome to Zveropolis - a modern city inhabited by a variety of animals, from huge elephants to tiny mice. Zveropolis is divided into areas completely repeating the natural habitat of different inhabitants - there is also an elite area of ​​the Sahara Square and the inhospitable Tundraun. In this city, there is a new police officer, a cheerful hare Judy Hopps, who from the first days of work understands how difficult it is to be small and fluffy among big and strong policemen. Judy grabs the first opportunity to prove herself, despite the fact that her partner will be a talkative sly fox Nick Wilde. Together they will have to solve a complex matter, on which the fate of all the inhabitants of Zeropolis will depend.

2. Arrival (2016)

The unexpected appearance of unidentified flying objects in different parts of the planet plunges the world into awe. The intentions of the aliens are not clear - the armed forces of the whole world are on full alert, and the best minds of mankind are trying to figure out how to talk to uninvited guests. The government is seeking help from linguist Louise Banks and physicist Jan Donnelly to prevent a global catastrophe and find common ground with aliens. From now on, the fate of humanity is in their hands.

3. Doctor Strange (2016)

A terrible car accident put an end to the career of a successful neurosurgeon Dr. Strange. Desperate, he embarks on a journey in search of healing and opens up in himself an incredible ability to transform space and time. Now he is the connecting link between parallel dimensions, and his mission is to protect the inhabitants of the Earth and resist Evil, whatever appearance it may take.

4. Captain Fantastic (2016)

They speak several languages, they know quantum physics and they understand philosophy. They know how to hunt and handle weapons. They live in the forest in complete harmony with nature. Only a combination of circumstances makes them leave their home and go to a big city. What will happen when they encounter a civilization, when the first love falls on them and the world of gadgets and social networks?

5. Miracle on the Hudson (2016)

What happened on January 15, 2009 will be called "Miracle on the Hudson." On that day, Captain Flight 1549 Chesley Sullenberger made an emergency landing of the A320 aircraft on the cold waters of the Hudson River in New York. At the same time, none of the 155 people on board were injured. But, despite all the honors of the public and the media, an investigation was launched that threatened the professional reputation and long career of Captain Sally.

6. Crew (2016)

The story of a talented young pilot Alexei Guschina. He does not recognize the authorities, preferring to act in accordance with the personal code of honor. For failure to comply with an absurd order, he is expelled from military aviation, and only by a miracle does he get a chance to fly civilian aircraft.

Gushchin begins his summer life first. His mentor - the commander of the aircraft - a severe and principled Leonid Zinchenko. His colleague is co-pilot, impregnable beauty Alexandra. Relationships are not easy. But on the verge of life and death, when the earth leaves from under the feet, around - fire and ashes and only in the sky there is salvation, Gushchin shows everything he is capable of. Only together the crew will be able to accomplish the feat and save hundreds of lives.

7. Warcraft (2016)

For centuries, magic and impregnable walls protected people from any evils. But the ancient evil, vanquished and forgotten thousands of years ago, has awakened.

A dark portal opened in the very heart of the kingdom, and a race of unseen beings overran the lands of Azeroth. Thus began the events called upon to forever change the fate of this world.

10. Payback (2016)

The tape tells the story of the mathematical genius of Christian Wulff, who works as an auditor for the most dangerous criminal organizations. When the crime ministry department of the Ministry of Finance, headed by Ray King, sits on his tail, he decides to find a law-abiding client and conducts an audit at a company that manufactures the latest robotics, where an employee of the finance department found a "mismatch" of millions of dollars. But it is worth Christian take up the bills and get on the trail, as in the case of victims begin to appear.

11. Pele: The Birth of a Legend (2016)

Biographical drama tells about the backstage of sports, in particular about the life of the greatest player in the history of football - Pele. Viewers will witness the difficult life of the Brazilian sports legend. How many obstacles did he manage to overcome on his way in order to achieve world popularity? Now he demonstrates incredible professional achievements and, in addition to everything, does not forget about noble deeds, but before that everything was different. From an early age, Pele was eager to get recognition, tirelessly went to his dream, overcoming obstacles, thereby tempering his character. The picture covers the childhood football player, until the victory at the World Championships in Sweden, when Pele was seventeen years old. Fate was not always supportive of an athlete, but for every successful person there is a lot of work, iron will and strong self-reliance.

14. The Maid (2016)

30s of the last century. Korea, occupied by the Japanese. The scammer, nicknamed Earl invites the poor girl Soke to take part in the work, promising solid earnings. The swindler’s plan is as follows. In a huge estate, not communicating with the outside world, there lives a rich Japanese Hideko. However, her uncle, who controls every step of the girl, occasionally arranges receptions for local aristocrats. The count expects to charm Hideko, run away with her to Japan, marry, declare her crazy, run into a madhouse and take possession of all the wealth. And Soke should help him, hired to serve Hideko. Which she did. But suddenly the graph’s ideal design was threatened.

15. Deadpool (2016)

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. As a by-product of the Armed Forces program called Weapon X, Wilson acquired incredible strength, agility, and healing ability. But at a terrible price: its cellular structure is constantly changing, and sanity is doubtful. All Wilson wants is to stay afloat in a social cesspool. But the flow in it is too fast.

17. Sing Street (2016)

Nostalgic musical drama about growing up. When the economic crisis of the 1980s hits the Conor family, he is transferred from a prestigious private school to a public school. The teenager is faced with the rudeness and ignorance of the new environment and, moreover, falls in love with an unattainable beauty. Wanting to impress the girl, Conor gathers a rock band.

18. The First Avenger: The Confrontation (2016)

The Avengers under the leadership of Captain America are involved in a devastating incident of international scale. These events make the government think about starting to regulate the actions of all people with special abilities, introducing the “Superheroes Registration Act”, forcing them to obey the UN.

Seeing in this agreement a violation of civil rights and spitting on everything he believes, Steve Rogers openly rebel against the new regime, leading a group of heroes who support his opinion. In turn, Tony Stark sees the meaning in the new treaty and becomes the head of the heroes who support it. All this leads to the inevitable split of the Avengers and the war between the parties. Fighting with each other, Stark and Rogers do not know that the mysterious Baron Zemo is already building his own plans, taking advantage of the schism of the greatest Earth heroes.

19. Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Going to the next watch and saying goodbye to their families, they did not suspect that they could not return ... This is a story based on real events about the terrible accident on the oil platform “Deepwater Horizon”, which occurred in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Chronicle of unparalleled courage and courage in the face of one of the worst man-made disasters in world history.

Entertainment and high technology - the hallmarks of films

Modern cinema has long gone beyond the usual broadcast of an interesting plot. Huge funds invested in the film industry, lead to the emergence of high-tech paintings with large-scale special effects, creating a complete illusion of presence. And the abundance of genres allows you to enjoy your favorite movie alone or to gather all your family and friends for an exciting time together.

Summer 2016 will give us a lot of new products, and the expected continuations of the already sensational paintings. At the same time film fans, along with famous cast members, will be able to contemplate the ascent of a considerable number of new stars.

So what movies should definitely watch in the summer?

Searching for dory

This is a fun cartoon for family viewing, which is a continuation of the beloved "Finding Nemo."

The main character is the Dory fish, working as a surgeon. She suffers from memory problems, so she cannot remember who she is and where she came from. But Dory is not going to give up, because her goal is to find her family. For this, she is ready to overcome her illness. And the inquisitive baby Nemo and his father Marlin intend to help her with this.

Date of premiere in Russia - June 16, 2016.

Independence Day: Revival

Roland Emmerich filmed a sequel to a cult film about the conquest of the world by aliens.

Earthlings have just begun to recover from an alien invasion that took place 15 years ago and claimed millions of lives. In an attempt to prevent a new attack, people master some alien technologies and create, in their opinion, a rather powerful protection program.

However, it turns out to be absolutely powerless in front of the huge hordes of cosmic monsters rushing to Earth. As it turned out, the dead aliens before death had time to send their relatives an SOS signal. And now the infuriated brethren want not only to take revenge, but to destroy all of humanity. Stop them to be a few brave heroes.

The premiere in Russian cinemas will be held 06.23.16.

Big and kind giant

This is a family fantasy from the magnificent Steven Spielberg, which will not leave indifferent either children or their parents.

In the center of the plot - obedient baby Sophie, who never broke the rules. But one day, when she could not sleep at all, a giant came to her window and took the girl to her mysterious country.

It turned out that, unlike his evil brethren, he gives children good and good dreams and relieves them of nightmares. Sophie gladly agrees to help him and is immersed in the study of the properties of dreams and the rules for their collection.

But the quiet life of the heroes ends as soon as the other giants find out about the presence of the girl in their secret country.

Russian spectators will be able to see the picture already on June 30, 2016.

Excellent screen version of the book written by the "king" of horror Stephen King.

Artist Clayton Riddell, played by John Cusack, becomes a witness to incomprehensible events. Mobile phones of others are beginning to emit dangerous impulses that turn people into zombie madmen. Worst of all, the speed of the virus is enormous.

Clayton manages to find some more uninfected people, in the company of which he goes in search of his wife and son.

The premiere of the fantastic thriller will be held in Russia 07/07/16.

See you

Another July premiere, once again confirming that the main thing in life is love.

Lou Clark, who was brilliantly played by Emilia Clark - young, frivolous and changing guys like gloves. She works in a restaurant and mentally prepare to part with another boyfriend who doesn’t like it.

Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin, is a serious and quite successful young man whose life is planned in advance. But it was until the moment of the terrible accident that broke all his dreams and deprived the guy of the desire to live. He knows exactly what he should do.

But he and she do not realize that soon their paths will cross, forever changing their fates.

To see the drama in domestic cinemas will be available July 07, 2016.

Ледниковый период: Столкновение неизбежно

Это пятая часть любимого мультипликационного шедевра, подтверждающая, что его популярность еще долго не угаснет.

На этот раз неугомонная белка Скрат в попытках достать свой желудь, катапультируется прямым ходом в космос. Там она нечаянно запускает череду событий, меняющих мир Ледникового периода, что грозит ему уничтожением.

In order to save the beasts, the sloth Sid, the mammoth Manny and the brave tiger Diego will again have to lead everyone to the distant exotic lands full of the most incredible adventures.

The premiere of the family comedy cartoon will be held 07/14/16.

Star Trek: Infinity

The actions of this sci-fi thriller unfold after two years from the beginning of the five-year space mission.

The Enterprise is exposed to a surprise attack by unknown aliens destroying it. Captain James T. Kirk along with the rest of the crew remains on an uncharted planet without any ammunition and supplies necessary for survival. But this is not the biggest problem. Very soon they will face a deadly encounter with a powerful and ruthless enemy.

Film premiere will take place on July 21, 2016.

Suicide squad

This fantastic thriller and action movie is teeming with “stars” such as Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne.

They are notorious villains with unique superpowers inaccessible to ordinary people. All of them waiting for the extermination, but the government gives them a chance to atone for their blood. After all, humanity is in great danger, to resist which is only possible for them. Nobody asks their consent, and the upcoming mission is likely to be fatal.

They are killers and outcasts. But protecting the earth from a terrible enemy, they become real heroes.

See the picture in cinemas will be starting from August 4, 2016.

The secret life of pets

This is a comedic cartoon, telling that pets are not at all bored, waiting for their owners from work. They lead an eventful life full of adventure.

Max Terrier and Duke Pooch never got along, challenging the exclusive right to love the owner. It is not known how their confrontation would have ended if not for the news about the impending attack of stray animals. Last conceived revenge on all pets and their owners for a happy and cloudless life.

To prevent the plans of the villains, our heroes will have to forget all the contradictions and combine their efforts.

The premiere of the family animated film will take place 08/04/16.

Very bad mommies

Merry comedy, telling about the six ideal housewives, embarked on all the grave.

Their life is adjusted and predictable. They are loving and caring wives, good mothers and beautiful mistresses. Only now husbands for some reason cease to appreciate it, believing that only men are allowed to entertain and live “to the fullest”.

Tired of enduring constant morals and reproaches, the team of desperate mommies goes on funny and interesting adventures.

Watch and laugh August 25, 2016.

As you can see, no one will be bored. The best summer films will give you a lot of exciting minutes and good mood. So stock up on popcorn and see you in cinemas of the country!

№10 "Cloverfield, 10"

(10 Cloverfield Lane)

Successfully pretending to be a sequel to Monstro, an excellent psychological thriller about a girl (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), waking up in handcuffs on a reinforced concrete bunker floor, whose formidable host (John Goodman as a prize caliber) claims that the rest of the world has come to an end.

№8 "To each his own"

(Everybody Wants Some !!)

A frivolous, but irresistible masterpiece of Richard Linklater, who returned to his own roots, is one of three indications that perhaps the most productive film-making of the outgoing year suddenly turned out to be more or less a school musical (see also Sing Street and Almost Seventeen).

№6 "New Era Z"

(The Girl with All the Gifts)

Economical, threateningly rational and surprisingly distinctive - as far as it is possible in principle - a horror on the always popular theme of the zombie apocalypse, which had to swell for the whole half of the season like the dull "Walking Dead". Young Sennia Nanua's phenomenal debut.

An elegant melodrama that warmed up last winter about everything (but first and foremost, again about the choice) - which proved, in particular, that good writers (like Nick Hornby) sometimes make excellent scriptwriters, and good young actresses (like Sirsha Ronan) - wonderful adults.

№3 "At any cost"

(Hell or High Water)

Wonderfully written, masterfully filmed, excellently played and quite topical neo-vestern about the brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) robbing banks in Texas wilderness, and the elderly ranger who took their trail (Jeff Bridges in a role that the second Oscar could well bring him) .

"The abominable eight"

This product got into the category of the same “transitional from year to year” and at the same time in the top 10 best films of 2015-2016. Quentin Tarantino is a well-known director who knows how to make movies, and he always does a good job, so the popularity of his next creation is understandable.

Eight people who were completely different in type, character, occupation and other details, including a headhunter, a criminal, a cowboy, a general, and others, were once all together in a small shop located on the periphery. Someone was in a place so remote from people from the very beginning, someone, right in the presence of the spectator, reached the destination and was forced to stop there because of the disgusting weather conditions. The essence is different: it soon became clear that someone present was an impostor. Obviously, it must be revealed and punished, but will it work out?

"Perfect Strangers"

Everyone has their own secrets in the closet, in our case - in the phone. The film "Ideal Strangers" once again proves that all the secret becomes clear and sometimes it is better to abandon the adventurous game, if you understand that the stigma in the cannon.

So, a large and at first glance friendly company of people familiar to each other gathered for a pleasant pastime. At first everything was fine. Nothing terrible happened even after the first harbinger of misfortune: the hostess’s offers to play a “fun” game. Its essence was to share the whole evening with others around your personal life, namely, to turn on the speakerphone during calls and read all incoming messages aloud. Naturally, soon the majority of those present were not amused, but the smell of trouble or danger was hanging in the air.

"Spell 2"

The only thing in our list of the 10 best films of 2016 is the cinema of the genre “horrors”. The second part of the sensational mystical creation about a married couple fighting evil, once again found a response from the audience. Most likely, this happened thanks to the well-known name of the director and the high-quality picture, because there are more and more ghost stories every year.

This time, the target of the attack of otherworldly forces was a poor family from the suburbs of London. Mother and it was so hard to cope with four children alone, and then the ghosts arrived, it was simply impossible to live in the house. Despite the premonition of something bad, the spouses of Warren could not stay away and went to help the family.

"X-Men: Apocalypse"

Yes, another comic book movie. The next part of “X-Men” could not help but get into the top 10 films - 2016. It more or less met the expectations of the audience, and therefore earned high marks and positive reviews.

In this part, the mutants finally learn more about their origin. But at what cost? A new deadly problem hung over our blue planet: an invulnerable and dangerous enemy appeared, whose name is Apocalypse, it is the most ancient mutant with unimaginable power. Since the enemy is immortal, the X-Men will have to spend a lot of time looking for a way to destroy the one who cannot be killed.

"Good guys"

Our top 10 of the best films of 2016 comes with a comedy with a mix of crime and action movie. Perhaps the topic of forced (or not) cooperation of two opposites, one of which. a little funny, never lose its relevance.

So, two guys have to become temporary partners to solve a loud crime about a kidnapped girl and save their skins, because they were involved in a serious war. The first is a brutal and serious man who will easily fill his face with anyone if he is paid for it. The second is an infantile and slightly dizzy young man working as a private detective. Their acquaintance was not a reason for friendly memories, and methods of doing business differ, but together they are able to move mountains. Though not aware of this.

Almost every new product has a lot of opinions and reviews - both from regular users and from critics. There are obviously more positive reviews, otherwise films would not be included in our list. In magazines, newspapers, social networks - everywhere people tend to tell others about their invaluable opinion.

In some reviews are similar: if the flaws and shoals are obvious, everyone notices them, if the film is beautiful, it’s stupid to deny it, if the actions of the characters are illogical or the actors play it very badly - this also does not hide from the eyes of advanced film fans. But subjective opinions are different, such as attitudes towards the characters, the storyline, camera work, etc.

This is such a diverse genre of the top ten films of the current year. Of course, there are much more good and interesting films than are shown in our top, but you have to choose them yourself.