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Winter makeup and skin care


A woman wants to look beautiful, and well-groomed in any weather and season. However, she must remember that for each weather must be appropriate cosmetics. After all, it is thanks to the proper selection of make-up products that you can preserve the health and beauty of the skin, protect it from weathering, dehydration and premature aging.

Features of the proper selection of decorative cosmetics for winter.

The choice of decorative cosmetics (as well as care products) depends on the skin type. Winter is a helper for the skin, and at the same time the cause of many troubles.

This period of time is best suited for owners of oily skin with dilated pores, because due to the cold, the pores are narrowed and the skin is matted. Owners of combination and dry skin will feel a lack of moisture, their skin will be very dehydrated.

Winter makeup should not only emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the face, but also reliably protect it from the harsh climate, as well as take care of the skin and restore the moisture balance.

What is the right skin care?

Applying a protective tone

In winter, the skin is aggressively affected by both cold and wind outside and dry indoor air.

There is a rapid loss of moisture derm, its drying, the appearance of small wrinkles. Therefore, in the winter, it is necessary to take care of the selection of a tonal foundation with moisturizing ingredients.

You can also add a few drops of water to the tonal base at once before proceeding with the application. In the case of using powder, you should moisturize your face with mineral or thermal water or spray for a few minutes before applying makeup.

In winter, it is better to use an oil-free concealer with a dense texture, which reliably tones the skin and protects it from the harsh weather. Remember that the foundation not only must create an even beautiful tone, but also reliably protect the skin from the winter frost and cold.

Note that unlike the summer period, when the skin is darker due to sunburn, in the winter period it is more pale. Therefore, in winter, the foundation should be lighter in tone than the natural skin color.

Do not forget that in the winter in your cosmetic bag must be a concealer and concealer, which will always help disguise dark circles and pimples on pale skin.

Even in the case of cloudy weather, use tonal means, which include the sun protection factor. This will help you keep your skin young for years to come!

Basic rules for the use of blush in the winter.

The advantage of frost is that he draws a natural blush on his face. Therefore, in winter, it is best to only emphasize the cheekbones with blush. This will prevent the emergence of the “matryoshka effect”, which may occur when applying natural redness and makeup. In winter, it is best to use cream blush textures.

If you do not want to have the same skin tone as Snow White, Nicole Kidman or Dita Von Teese, but you also do not want to use a tanning bed, it is better to use tanning. Although some claim it is unnatural in the winter.

Also in winter it is best to use bronzing blush, which is only one tone lighter than skin color. Bronzing agent should be shaded on the cheekbones with the help of circular movements with a large brush. Pay special attention to the forehead, nose and chin - those places that are covered with a natural tan in the first place. From above it is possible to put usual rosy.

Using bronzing blush beware of the appearance of the orange face, because when you apply your favorite bronzer in the summer, in winter there can be an unnatural dyeing of white skin in winter.

Particular attention should be paid to the lips, which are very sensitive to frost. Just imagine, we are talking, pressing, licking them, kissing - all of this very quickly erases the usual lipstick and exposes the skin to the effects of frost and winds.

Buying lipstick for the cold season, pay attention to the presence of vitamins and moisturizing ingredients.

In winter, follow two basic and very important rules:

The first. Applying makeup to the lips should be carried out in several stages - the first layer should be a dense protecting and caring balm, then there should be lipstick, and only then - lip gloss, which will give the lips a glossy finish. So you can reliably protect your lips.

In winter, you need to use bright lipsticks of warm tones that will contrast with pale skin. Winter colors of lipstick are red, mahogany, caramel, coffee, mocha, rich wine.

The second rule. Always carry a lip cleaner with you, with which you can protect your lips if necessary.

Note that the most terrible sight is lipstick on cracked and frostbitten lips. Therefore, in winter, please your lips with pilling. This will increase the holding of lipstick on the lips.

How to make an expressive look

As for the color range of traditionally winter makeup, the preference is given to deep dark, brown, purple, wine, mossy, dark gray tones.

Floral and bright colors leave for summer. Cold and pastel shades are best not to use in the winter.

If you do not want to give up your favorite summer shade of shadows, then mix it with brown shades. This color will look rich and deep.

In winter, do makeup in the style of matte smoky eyes. It also looks very beautiful sparkles on the eyelids, and lips in the style of nude.

Very well complement smoky black mascara for volume. Note that the volume depends not on the carcass formula, but on the shape of the brush itself. As a rule, carcasses with a large tassel give a good volume.

In winter, black mascara goes well with dark blue, purple, dark brown liners, and antimony (kohl).

And, of course, on a snowy and rainy winter day, it is better not to neglect the use of waterproof mascara, which will save your eyes from spreading.

In the winter mascara should be applied in several layers. When this application of the next layer should be carried out only when the previous one dries. This will prevent the effect of glued eyelashes.

1. Clean gently!

At any time of the year, going to bed without removing makeup or clearing the skin is a cruel crime against your own beauty. Superficial skin cleansing is necessary twice a day - after sleep and before bedtime. Deeper (masks, scrubs, peels) - once or twice a week. These are immutable rules. The only difference in skin cleansing in winter is that it should be more gentle, softer. In the winter, give up alcohol-based lotions and drying agents for oily skin. Replace them with softer formulations for dry skin, even if your skin is a combination. Use peels and scrubs no more than once a week.

2. Tone up your skin!

If you wipe your skin with a cube of ice or frozen decoction of herbs during the warmer months, in winter it is not necessary to stop this useful procedure under the pretext that your skin already gets its portion of snow and cold outside. Skin toning with an ice cube trains your vessels. After all, after or before this you washed your face with warm water. Your vessels have expanded, and after the ice narrowed. So your face will blush less in the cold. By the way, if the problem of “red nose” is about you, perhaps your vessels lack vitamins C and E, and you can get them not only with cosmetics, but also “from the inside”.

3. Moisten on time!

You probably heard that moisturizer can not be applied if you go out in the cold. It's true. After all, any moisturizer contains water molecules. The water in the cold cools or freezes at all and damages the surface of the skin. That's why you need to adhere to the rule: it is desirable to apply a moisturizer at least 40 minutes before leaving the house.

To moisturize the skin in winter is no less important than in summer. In the cold season, your skin suffers not only from hypothermia, but also from lack of moisture. Air that is too dry in conditioned rooms takes youth away from the skin. That is why we must not forget to apply moisture in the evening, before going to bed, and in the morning, but not just before going out into the cold.

5. Warm your face with a cream, not a scarf!

Some mistakenly believe that by pulling the scarf up to the eyebrows, you can protect your skin from frost. In fact, it is not only useless, but may even prove harmful. When you breathe, moisture condenses on your scarf. It can irritate and damage sensitive skin. To make the face suffer from cold less, apply a special cream under the makeup in winter - marked “protective”. As a rule, its consistency is rather greasy and thick (our ancestors similarly protected the skin, covering it with a thin layer of goose fat). Apply a protective time with a minimum thin layer, after a couple of minutes, blot the excess with a napkin. After that, you can apply the usual make-up in winter: foundation and powder.

8. Paint the eyelashes

In winter, bad weather is not uncommon: snow and rain (what could be more unpleasant ?!) or snow blizzards that throw armfuls of snowflakes in the face. After such a “cold shower”, the imprints of the painted eyelashes remain on the upper and lower eyelids. To avoid this, follow the rule to use waterproof mascara on inclement days. If you use arrows in winter make-up, also choose a waterproof one. We have already given advice to those who have watery eyes in the winter.

9. Shadows and rouge

There are rules that should not be overlooked. Light day is getting shorter. Therefore, it is necessary to apply makeup in the winter with artificial lighting. Try not to overdo it with colors so that they look natural in daylight.

Makeup in the winter is not very "like" lip gloss. For winter, matte and satin textures are more suitable. If you have not used lip balms before, winter make-up is the best reason to start using them. Apply lip balm in the evening - and in winter your makeup will do without the problem of chapped and cracked lips.

Rules for the use of blush

Features of winter makeup: you need to know!

In winter, the skin is exposed to aggressive exposure to both cold and wind outside, and dry indoor air.

The dermis rapidly loses moisture, it dries out, fine wrinkles appear. That is why In winter you need to choose a tonal basis with moisturizing ingredients.

Alternatively, you can add a couple of drops of water to the tonal base immediately before application. If you use powder, is recommended moisturize face (for example, mineral or thermal water) with a spray a few minutes before applying makeup.

Winter is best use a foundation that does not have an oil-free mark, with a dense texture that will not only tone the skin, but also protect it from the harsh weather. The foundation is not only a smooth beautiful tone, but also a reliable protection of the skin against winter frosts.

If in the summer the skin of the face is usually darker (due to the tan and a powerful dose of vitamin D), in the winter it turns pale. The best thing pick up for the winter tone cream to a tone lighter than the natural skin color.

In winter concealer and proofreader - must-have your cosmetics, because dark circles and pimples are more visible on pale skin.

Despite the cloudy weather, cosmetologists call us use tonal means with sun protection factor. Try to stick to this rule in the winter - you may be able to keep your skin young for years to come!

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Protect lips

Features of winter makeup: you need to know!

Frost is good because it gives the face a natural blush. Therefore, winter is better only slightly emphasize cheekbones with rouge, not to get the "effect of the doll" because of the imposition of natural redness and decorative cosmetics. Especially good in winter look creamy blush texture.

If you don’t want to look like a skin tone like Snow White, Nicole Kidman or Dita Von Teese, and you are afraid to go to a tanning salon because of fear of rapid aging of your skin, use tanning Although there is an opinion that autosunburn looks unnatural in winter.

Also recommended in winter use bronzing blush, which are only a tone lighter than the natural color of the skin. Blend the bronzer on the cheekbones in a circular motion with a large brush, also walk on the forehead, nose and chin - that is, in those places where the tan appears naturally in the first place. And on top, apply a little ordinary blush.

When using bronzing blush, beware of the orange face effect: a favorite bronzer in summer, applied to a natural tan, can completely unnaturally stain white skin in winter.

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A look that fascinates

Lipstick against weathering

Features of winter makeup: you need to know!

Perhaps it is the lips that need the most attention in winter, since they are most sensitive to frost. We talk, we press, we lick them, we kiss - usual lipstick is very quickly erased, exposing the unprotected skin to frosts and winds.

Buying lipstick for the cold season, be sure look for vitamins and moisturizing ingredients.

In winter, you need to follow two basic rules:

First: apply makeup on the lips in several stages - first, a dense protecting and caring balm, then lipstick, with a third layer you can add lip gloss to the glossy finish. Thus, you will reliably protect your lips, and they will look great even in the most severe weather.

Winter looks good bright lipstick warm tones contrasting with pale skin. The winter colors of lipstick are red, mahogany, caramel, coffee, mocha, rich wine.

The second rule: lip liner should always be in your purse, so that you can apply a protective layer at any time when necessary.

Nothing looks worse than lipstick applied to cracked and frostbitten lips. Therefore, in winter it is also recommended exfoliate lips at least once a week, that lipstick kept better and lay down evenly.

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Features of winter makeup: you need to know!

If we talk about the colors of traditional winter makeup, it will be deep dark brown, purple, wine, mossy, dark gray tones.

Everything is floral and bright is better to postpone until the summer - if this, of course, is not some trendy trend of the season. Cold and pastel shades are not for winter.

If you still do not want to give up your favorite summer shade of shadows in winter, it is recommended lightly blend your shades with brown. This will make the color more saturated and deep, in fact, not changing it much.

Winter is time matte smoky eyes. Also interesting in a snowy winter will look sparkles on the eyelids, while the lips are better to make up in the style of nude.

Black bulk ink - the best addition to smoky. Remember that the effect of volume is often achieved not at the expense of the mascara formula, but at the expense of the brush shape. Choose mascara with a large tassel - narrow brushes are usually used to capture hard-to-reach areas of the cilia.

In the winter with black mascara look good dark blue, purple, brown eyeliners, and also antimony (kohl).

And, of course, on snowy and rainy winter days (and such nowadays is not at all uncommon) it’s better to use waterproof mascara to protect yourself from spreading.

In winter, apply mascara in two layers, and the second layer should be applied only after the first one dries - this will help avoid the effect of glued eyelashes.

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Color spectrum

Оттенки в зимнем макияже отличаются от летних цветовых решений, тем не менее разнообразная гамма позволит любой девушке подобрать для себя подходящие средства.

Естественность – модный тренд не только в летнем и осеннем макияже, но и в зимнем. Нежные персиковые, полупрозрачные коричневые, песочные, бледно-розовые и все нюдовые оттенки актуальны как в макияже глаз, так и в макияже губ.

Романтичный pink colorне сдает своих позиций даже зимой, поэтому смело можно растушевывать розовые тени на все веко или рисовать дерзкие розовые стрелки.

Актуальным является использование серебряных оттенков, напоминающих искрящийся снег. Silver smoky eyes will be an excellent option for evening bow.

In addition to the above tones, all shades of gray, brown, olive, cold blue, purple, plum eye shadow can be used in the winter make-up. Lipstick according to your desire and mood can be chosen as light beige and pink flowers, and classic red, deep cherry, rich wine, burgundy, bright plum, dark brown tones.

Winter makeup: fashion trends and trends

World podiums from season to season set the fashion vector of development. What trends in winter make-up are offered to us by leading makeup artists?

Voluminous fluffy eyelashes- one of the fashion trends in make-up. Experts advise painting in ink both upper and lower cilia in several layers almost to the state of “spider legs”.

The trend in winter eye makeup is black eyeliner. With its help, you can draw classic arrows that are always in fashion, or dramatically circle your eyes (if you make up your lips with dark lipstick, you will get the image of a real Gothic diva).

Another trend is using different shades of the same colorin the makeup of the lips and eyes. For example, light brown shadows can be applied to the eyelids, while lips accent with dark brown lipstick.

Below are some more photos of fashionable winter makeup. Get inspired by new looks!

Winter makeup collection

To implement any ideas in make-up, leading cosmetic brands produce seasonal, in particular, winter makeup collections. We have selected for you interesting novelties of the coming winter:

Winter Makeup Collection Burberry Festive Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2017

Winter Makeup Collection Guerlain Gold Ball Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2017

Winter makeup collection Givenchy Striking Night Lights Makeup Collection Christmas Holiday 2017

Winter Makeup Collection Pupa Light Up The Night Makeup Collection Holiday 2017

Step-by-step lesson winter makeup

Try to create your own image in the trends of winter makeup, following this instruction step by step:

  1. Moisturize your skin care cream and let it soak,
  2. Carefully blend your face with a rather thick concealer such asLasting Performance from Max factor,
  3. In problem areas, use concealer,
  4. Fix the base with powdery powder of light shades with light movements of the brush,
  5. With a pencil or shadows, shape your eyebrows, fix them with a special eyebrow gel,
  6. Add a drop of liquid highlighter, for example, Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator from Nyx on the cheekbones and the back of the nose,
  7. Highlight your cheekbones with rouge,
  8. Apply and blend all over the eyelid cream shadow of a soft silver color Eyestudio Color Tattoo from Maybelline new york,
  9. Light cream shadows apply in the inner corner of the eye and in the area under the eyebrow,
  10. A natural light brown shade of shadows emphasize the fold of the century,
  11. Use fine arrows to draw neat arrows,
  12. Make-up your eyelashes with your favorite mascara and then cover them with a fixative. Proof It! Waterproof Mascara Top Coat from Nyxto make your makeup moisture resistant,
  13. Emphasize your lips with dark cherry lipstick.

Beautiful winter makeup is ready!

Another version of the make-up for the cold season is shown in the video: