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The basic wardrobe of a woman after 45 years: the nuances and rules of selection of clothes


Summer clothes provide us with an excellent opportunity for such a long time of grayness and dirt, to demonstrate to the world around us its beauty and stunning. Agree, the girl walking in a down jacket causes less positive emotions in men than the lady in a light sundress. Therefore, for women it is important that the summer wardrobe was complete, beautiful, fashionable and chic.

Cooking summer wardrobe should start today. Because, as the long-term experience of the majority of the weaker sex shows, purchases made at the last moment most often remain on the shelves of cabinets. And spending money on the wind in the summer is not very wise, because only at this time of the year can we go for a holiday in nature, travel and just walk on the street. And as you know, no type of entertainment is complete without financial costs.

What should be?

What we love this time of year for is that we have a great opportunity to wear various items of clothing in the summer. This is not what it is in winter: put on an elegant dress and hid it from everyone, wearing a long coat. The clothes that we wear in the summer show all our virtues and make us feel the most beautiful woman.

Of course, the choice of women's, summer things is simply enormous. We want to buy literally everything. Bright patterns, rich colors, unusual styles - all this in stores drives us crazy. Seeing the next summer dress, we immediately try to buy it, forgetting that we already have this at home.

In order for your summer wardrobe to be full and diverse, before sending to the store write a list of basic things. Only by acquiring the main components of a summer wardrobe, you can proceed to the purchase of additional things.

The basic ones can be easily attributed to things with the help of which you can get a lot of different images. It is very convenient, especially if you manage to take good care of clothes.

Just think, you can wear the same black dress for a week and no one will look at you, looking like an untidy and unkempt woman. Because every day this dress you will complement stylish accessories. Basic things any woman will help out and make the most stylish in the team.

In the summer wardrobe there are their basic things. Consider the main ones.

Trench Even in summer, our weather cannot boast of stability. We have long ceased to amaze in the summer, heavy rains, hail and a significant decrease in temperature. And you seem to understand that it is summer on the street now, which means that you should wear short skirts.

But what to do if in thin and short things is unrealistically cold. It is enough just to stop risking your health and when the cold comes in the summer to wear a trench. This stylish raincoat will become a reliable protector from wind, rain, and accordingly will save you from the cold and temperature.

Fashionable summer jacket. It is useful to those women whose work day starts early. In the summer, the morning is cool, and a jacket, thrown over a stylish top, only transform you. In addition, the jacket can be easily hidden in a handbag. And he is indispensable for evening walks on a yacht.

Short-sleeved shirt. An indispensable element of a summer wardrobe for a working woman. Buy only current models and the style that suits you.

T-shirts in the summer wardrobe of the girl should be at least three. Two smart and one sports. With the help of this slightly expensive clothes you can significantly dilute your wardrobe. Basic T-shirts should be plain and not have bright ornaments in the form of ruche, rhinestones and cutouts.

Summer T-shirt will help you out during periods of unbearable heat. After all, sometimes in the summer you want to leave a minimal amount of clothes on us. Buy T-shirts in bright colors, and then even with ordinary jeans you will get a chic look.

It is impossible to imagine a summer women's wardrobe without skirts. It is desirable that you have a couple of them. A skirt - pencil made of silk of warm shade is suitable for work, but for walking you can choose either a denim mini or a tulle skirt. In summer, you can safely wear bright and short skirts, the main thing is that in general your image should not be vulgar.

Shorts are a real summer trend of the season. Fashionable shorts should be every girl. They are comfortable, comfortable and at the same time you look amazing, especially if your legs deserve masculine admiration. For the summer season shorts are definitely an irreplaceable thing.

The advantage of summer sundresses lies in their lightness. They are sewn from airy fabrics in which our body feels comfortable, despite the unbearable heat. Yes, and they look colorful, bright and pretty. Any woman in a summer dress causes pleasant emotions.

Cocktail dress in the summer is necessary, as you will have to meet with friends for dinner several times. Yes, and discos should not be thrown. In such a cute dress, you can easily charm any guy. So be sure to buy it for yourself.

In the summer wardrobe, jeans and classic trousers should take their pride of place. In a skirt it is not always and not at all days comfortable to walk. And with jeans everything is completely different. For summer, buy them from thin material. You can choose strict jeans, without active jewelry. And you can buy jeans for a couple sizes larger with huge torn holes, complement them with a white T-shirt and you are the queen of the street.

Summer can not be imagined without swimming in the water. And it does not matter whether the sea or the nearest river, it is important that you cannot do without a fashionable swimsuit in the summer. Choose unusual swimsuits and do not be discouraged if your figure is far from perfect. Summer wardrobe for obese women can be very beautiful. Just buy a swimsuit, paying attention to your figure.

Accessories and shoes

For summer, you should have a large number of accessories cooked. Bracelets and earrings should be worn on you every day. The bigger and more interesting they will be, the more stylish you will look. Choose accessories from natural materials.

It is naturally difficult to imagine a summer wardrobe without glasses. Here they should be at least three pairs: the classical form, well, and those that you like. Just remember that glasses must be of high quality. The cheaper accessory will be on you, the worse your image and eye health will be.

Bags for the summer is also not enough. One for relaxing on the beach, the other for traveling, the third for work, the fourth is a small clutch for romantic walks under the stars.

In the summer a good wardrobe should be a considerable amount of shoes. Stylish sandals with high heels can be worn not only to work, but also to the disco. Ballet flats with an open finger will help out if your legs are no longer able to move in high heels. Sandals are suitable for tourist trips. By the way, they are great with shorts. Well and slaps are irreplaceable, when on the street the scorching sun shines.

Always be fashionable and stylish beauties.

Fashion Covenants by Coco Chanel

As the well-known representative of the fashion world, Coco Chanel, said: “Be careful with the notes of originality, in the female fashion excessive originality can lead to a masquerade”. Golden words to which you should listen. Age takes its toll and those things that made us beautiful in our youth will do the opposite at a more mature age. This means that ladies after 45 need to carefully select a wardrobe so as not to look ridiculous and ridiculous.

What does the basic wardrobe of a woman after 45 years contain

  • The first thing that should be in the closet - a classic jumper, preferably cashmere with a V-neck. It is necessary to give preference to shades of color of coffee, beige, not bright colors. Beige color will be the best option, it has a positive effect on the complexion, as opposed to bright or too dark shades. The whole secret of bright tones is hidden in the fact that they tend to emphasize imperfections, whether they are skin imperfections or dark circles under the eyes. You should not completely abandon the bright combinations, but their number should be limited and be chosen strictly with the color type of appearance.

  • Jeans - one more of the required items. Jeans need to choose the type of figure. In any case, they should not have unnecessary details, be it rhinestones, bright inscriptions or stickers.

  • A powder jacket is an item that can be combined with almost all images, but pants are the best option for a jacket.

Which dress is better to choose?

Dresses are a must-have for women of that age. They should not be too short, you should not also wear long baggy clothes to the toes. The best options will be dresses cases of black and gray shades. Jacket goes well with them. Dress length should be slightly lower, or just above the knees.

  • Trouser suit or just pants. These items just have to be in the wardrobe of every woman, not only 45-year-old. He perfectly combines light-colored shirts. By the way, shirts in women's wardrobe should not be limited to one thing.

Basic spring wardrobe for fashionable women 45 years and older

A wardrobe for spring should not have items such as jackets with bright prints and bright colors, no unisex items, aggressive stripes and so on. Jackets should be generally excluded from the wardrobe. They spoil the image of an elegant woman, such an item can only be worn when it comes to sports. It is better to give preference to classic models. Coats, trench coats, which are more like a jacket, but warmer.

Sure to! The free top is combined with a narrow bottom. For example, if you wear a loose trench coat, you must wear either skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. These will be the best options. See the photo.

Summer wardrobe: what clothes should be in it?

Summer wardrobe should not contain too frank and short things. It can be light dresses, knee-length, blouses with short sleeves, light pastel-colored trousers, pencil skirt. In the summer you can experiment a little with the color scheme, but do not give preference to too bright and catchy outfits. As a rule, they will look just ridiculous and ridiculous.

Autumn wardrobe for those over 40

Autumn wardrobe, as well as spring, is not particularly different from each other. In this case, it is necessary to give preference to the classics. No youth things. Will look great on a woman for 40 leather jackets of black or inconspicuous tones.

Winter version of the basic women's wardrobe (for age 40 years and older)

Winter wardrobe must necessarily include trousers, skirts and dresses of medium length from warm and high-quality wool. If you are working in an office, a dense sundress will become an integral part of your wardrobe. Under it you can wear not only a shirt, but also golf or even a thin sweater. This dress should be a little free - it will add elegance to the woman. By the way, dresses and sundresses at the beginning of winter can be worn with nylon pantyhose, and later, when it gets colder, warm wool tights will replace it. Warm cardigans and tight jackets are ideal as the upper garments - they can be combined with almost any bottom. From outerwear it is best to give preference to a fur coat - it is very warm, and in addition a lady is perfect for 45. If you cannot buy a fur coat made from natural fur, give your preference to high-quality artificial fur.

A few tips on how to dress

Most women at this age have already come to their own style, hairstyle and makeup. But having crossed this figure, many people for their own reasons want to change the established image. Many people want to switch to a more comfortable style, but this categorically does not mean that you need to dress in a tracksuit and wear it without taking off.

Fashionable basic clothes for mature ladies (with photos)

Find out what should be in the wardrobe of a modern mature woman. First, in the wardrobe should be things that look neat. It makes no sense to keep a thing, even if once upon a time it cost hundreds of dollars and sat on you wonderfully. It is necessary to give preference to pastel tones, they perfectly emphasize the dignity, but correctly choose the fabric of clothing. So, for example, shiny fabrics, reflecting the light, emphasize the flaws of the figure, and matt vice versa.

Being beautiful even in 45 is easy! To see this, see the examples from the photo below:

In addition to photos, be sure to watch the video compilation:

Why do you need a basic wardrobe?

Mostly, the things that we select as a base and as a special option are distinguished by their practicality. The basic wardrobe consists solely of those elements that can be easily combined with almost any option, they are quite versatile and often convenient. Another distinctive feature of such things is the restraint of design. Here you will not find bright prints, special finishes or ruffles, absolutely discreet, even classic options.

So what then is the need for a basic female wardrobe?

  1. To dilute bright clothes. For example, a low-key thing from the base will perfectly brighten a bright bottom and vice versa.
  2. Such things are ideal companions of everyday wear, when something simple, comfortable, but at the same time stylish is required.
  3. For a simple selection of sets. As mentioned earlier, the “base” is very easy to combine with almost any type of clothing, accessories or footwear. Thus, the problem of “nothing to put on” practically disappears.

Basic shades and elements

As a rule, not all manufacturers produce a separate series of things marked “basic”, which are exactly included in the basic wardrobe of a modern girl. And this greatly complicates the process of selecting this type of clothing. So you need to figure out what the base includes. Also further you will find recommendations for choosing shades. In addition, there are many photos of the basic wardrobe on the Internet - look at them to find something suitable for you.

There may be different options. Usually enough 2-3 2-3 models for each season.

    T-shirt or t-shirt. Running colors, of course, white, black, beige. As for beige, you should choose the most neutral shades that will only slightly emphasize the overall range of your future image. Sometimes good options are gray, blue or blue tones. But again, you should pay attention to the fact that the color was not screaming, calm.

Shirt or shirt. Shades base for shirts - white, cream, sometimes pale pink or beige. Do not overdo it with saturation.

Turtleneck Warmer option from the base. Here in the course can go already more saturated, deep shades, but at the same time, those that can easily be included in the overall range of wardrobe. These are white, black, brown, gray, blue, beige tones. Muffled shades of the above tones - the perfect harmonious option.

Almost all possible elements of the bottom black. Black is considered the most calm and neutral color, and if we talk about clothes, it also gives slimness and attractiveness. Here are the elements that are considered base here:

    Skirt. The skirt can be purchased not only black, but also gray asphalt. A good shade for the base is “wet asphalt”.

Other options

There are other things that you should definitely include in your basic wardrobe:

    The classic element of outerwear. Get yourself a standard beige, navy blue or black coat of medium length or a leather jacket - the choice of your style. These models are ideal for both romantic and business, everyday image.

Trouser suit or suit with a skirt. The standard for a business lady and a very convenient everyday option for work.

Little black dress. Perhaps it should be purchased simply in the first place.

  • Accessories. Buy a complete set or create it yourself. Perfect handbag, gloves and scarf perfectly complement your autumn and spring looks.
  • Before you go on shopping, carefully consider the photos of modern models. Very often their clothes may include basic wardrobe items. This will help you make the right and stylish choice in the department.

    Top Details

    • Casual options. For everyday choices fit shirt or t-shirt. Choose a shallow neckline and medium length. There are no longer or shortened versions, an absolute classic is required without any additions. In the basic wardrobe, 1-2 t-shirts and 1-2 classic T-shirts will be enough. And the length of the sleeves - at your discretion.

    Business option. Your business look will complement perfectly the white shirt of a male style. It is best to choose options without hangers, not completely tight. It will be as comfortable as possible and suitable for any shape. Fabric - medium density, opaque, not chiffon. С таким вариантом можно экспериментировать в плане разнообразных интересных аксессуаров, которые прекрасно дополнят классическую модель. Прекрасная база к деловому образу — жакет в стиле Коко Шанель. Непременно черная расцветка. Будет хорош как к юбке, так и к брюкам. Дополните пиджак сверкающей брошью — и образ довершен.

    Элементы низа

    • Брюки. Здесь нам потребуются две модели. Это — джинсы высокого качества и классические черные брюки. Оттенок джинсов — синий, цвет индиго вплоть до черного, оттенок брюк — черный либо серый. It is better to buy trousers together with a jacket, so that immediately there is a holistic suit. As for the style, straight or fully fitting things are recommended, depending on your shape. Landing - average or overstated according to your desire.

    Skirt. The ideal option is a pencil skirt. Suitable as a straight, and tight model. Both of them will be combined with any blouse and fit to the business image. Landing is also at your discretion. Recommended length - just below the knee. But, for example, a skirt with a high waist will look advantageous and in a shortened version, and a tight skirt from the hips long below the knee will emphasize the beauty of your legs.

    Additional tips

    To dilute the basic wardrobe and add some zest to it, you can pick up a few more elements to complete the picture.

      Sweaters Basic classic version, complementary to any image, plain knitted sweater with a v-neck. It can be worn with or without a shirt, complemented with dark trousers and classic shoes.

    Knitwear dresses are perfectly combined with various accessories and top options - for example, a jacket. The best style is a turtleneck dress. Very convenient for figures of any type. Recommended length - to the knee.

    Handbags. A must-have accessory and assistant of every girl. Get three classic options for any occasion - medium-sized casual, a small clutch bag on a chain and a sports bag-backpack for traveling or playing sports.

    1. Summer suit

    I think that many people have not only to relax in the summer, but also to work. For these purposes, perfect summer suit. It does not have to be a trouser, you can take a suit with a skirt, but you will agree that with white trousers you can make a lot of sets, and you can buy a skirt separately.

    The costume must be made from natural materials that keep their shape well. As part of the basic wardrobe for the summer, choose a suit in bright colors - white, light pink, light gray, peach, mint, beige.

    The blouse is also an indispensable part for both office and casual wear. In the office, you can wear it with a suit or pencil skirt, and for walking with jeans and shoes or sandals.

    It is better to purchase not one, but several blouses: one white, and the second of one of pastel colors, for example, light yellow.

    3. Top, T-shirt, T-shirt

    No basic wardrobe for a girl or woman for the summer can not do without these things. They will help you out on the hottest and hottest days, they are so comfortable to relax and rest. In principle, it is not necessary to buy all these things, they are rather presented here so that you can choose what you like best.

    If you want to look feminine and romantic, then choose a top with a floral flower and white or beige shorts. Love the freedom and informal style of clothes - alcoholic T-shirts, T-shirts.

    Here it is better to dwell on two options that will fit perfectly into our summer basic wardrobe, this is a denim skirt and a pencil skirt.

    A denim skirt is a great element for off-site living. Denim things practically do not go out of fashion, so this skirt will serve you more than one season. Choose a classic model of classic denim color. You can combine it with any element of outerwear from our wardrobe.

    Neutral color pencil skirt, for example beige Perfectly suited for the office (in case you have already bought a suit with a skirt, you can still buy one and not buy one).

    5. Dress, Dress

    Well, how can we do without the most feminine summer clothes - a sundress and (or) a dress. These things should be in the wardrobe of every girl and woman, especially in the summer. One of the things should be shorter, for example, a dress, and the second - to the floor. You can also do only one thing - a dress.

    Choose neutral monochrome colors, bright flashy prints for the basic version will not work, it will allow things not to go out of fashion and next summer.

    Jeans are always in fashion) And this thing is important not only for the basic wardrobe in the summer, but also in any other. For summer, you can choose a lighter model of thin fabric. As a base jeans item is better to choose a classic cut and color. You can combine them with a huge amount of things, the most diverse shoes and accessories. Everything will depend only on the event to which you are going.

    7. Breeches, Shorts

    It seems to me that shorts are difficult to replace with anything else. This is an incredibly convenient thing for summer. The best fit shorts made from natural materials (denim also fit). In color, try to choose them so that they fit well with T-shirts and T-shirts from your wardrobe. For myself, I chose these - beige.

    8. Swimsuit

    Without a swimsuit in the summer wardrobe just nowhere) Even if you have not planned a trip to the sea this summer, then this little thing will still be useful to you. Go sunbathing with a friend or just go on a weekend trip to the country. Best of all, if you have two swimsuits, they can be combined with each other (if models allow).

    9. Cardigan

    Our summer is unpredictable, so such a thing as a cardigan (or a warm sweater on the zipper) should be necessarily present in your basic wardrobe for the summer. It will warm you in the cool summer evening and will become a stylish addition to your outfit.

    And now a little about shoes. For a basic wardrobe you need to have at least two pairs of shoes:

    • heeled shoes (for office, special occasions, etc.)
    • comfortable shoes without heels

    The most ideal solution for the summer period will be classic pumps of beige color. These shoes practically blend with the color of your feet and will perfectly blend in with any top. They can wear an office with a blouse and skirt or trousers, and a walk with jeans and a t-shirt.

    11. Sandals, sandals

    Open shoes with heels in the hot summer time is especially relevant. Light and graceful white sandals are best suited for elegant bows.

    For comfortable walks around the city, for small and not very travels around your own city or the ancient European capital, you need something very comfortable and versatile. Ballet flats will help out in any situation.

    But for a very hot period of summer it is best to wear sandals. In them, by the way, you can safely go to the beach.

    Bags - a necessary attribute in any wardrobe for the summer. The most convenient option is to purchase three variants of bags for different tasks.

    Office bag. Office bow needs to be supplemented with a comfortable and fairly roomy bag with a neutral color that will be combined with the things we picked up earlier. I chose this beige handbag.

    A small bag on the strap is ideal for walking, small trips and informal events.

    For trips to the beach will also need a separate bag. It should be large, roomy and light. You can try to choose a model of the bag, which is suitable for the beach and for everyday walks.

    In any basic wardrobe for the summer should be a hat, because we spend a lot of time in the fresh air and the head must be protected. Why did I choose a shawl for this? Besides the fact that it perfectly protects you from sunstroke, this thing will be an excellent fashion accessory in your outfit.

    You can choose a large scarf and then it can be used as different parts of the set:

    • tie on the head
    • on the neck
    • use as a cape
    • how pareo
    • tie as a top

    14. Sunglasses

    In the warm season you need to protect not only the head, but also the eyes. For this we need sunglasses. Fashionable and stylish detail of your summer wardrobe will not only help protect your eyes, but also will be an excellent complement to the whole outfit. There are a lot of glasses models now and each season gives us new ones, but I advise you to buy well-known aviators glasses as a base.

    Basic wardrobe for the summer - options

    In addition to the main summer wardrobe, there are still a lot of different options, from which you can choose the one that you like more, and you can combine and combine things from different options, choosing your own unique owl.

    For office, work

    For the office, you can choose several jackets of different colors and pants that will blend in with the overall color scheme (white, beige, red).

    You can use different variants as informal images. An informal image is more suitable for younger girls, things from a romantic image can serve as the basis for a woman’s summer basic wardrobe at the age of 30 and 40.

    Basic wardrobe for the summer

    The secret of a good basic wardrobe

    The trick is, basic things don't just have to:

    • be a neutral color (all about which colors can be used in the basic wardrobe, read this link), which suits you,
    • universal in terms of cut (something too extravagant can hardly be called basic)
    • Relate to your style
    • it is great to sit on your body
    • but they still need to be relevant .

    If you have just boring gray trousers that are 10 years old, which, of course, combine with most of the clothes in your wardrobe, but you have no desire to wear them, then you can't call them good basic trousers.

    Basic things should be your favorite, such that you want to wear them again and again. They should be so good that they will look great on their own, and not just as a background for more interesting accents.
    Here, for example, below are sets composed entirely of summer basic clothing. They look interesting in and of themselves, of course, lively with the help of accessories.

    Therefore, relying on list of clothes for basic wardrobe below, it makes sense to customize it for yourself, for your own way of life, tastes, style and preferences.

    List of items for basic wardrobe and their equipment

    Once again, this list will be very general: you may not need one of them at all, but for some it will not be enough, but you can still use it as a guide if you feel that your wardrobe lacks a binder. link, some objects that allow to put it together.

    I included 15 things in the list: 5 tops, 5 top layers and 5 bottoms. Needless to say, it is best to pick up such objects of neutral color, but here you can deviate from general practice. For example, if in your wardrobe a certain accent color (which many would find completely neutral) is quite actively represented, then it can be considered neutral for you, because you can easily combine it with all the objects of your wardrobe.
    Also, try to choose neutral colors for your color scheme: everything about which colors to choose for each color type can be found here.
    Diversify your wardrobe: do not dwell only on black, gray and white. There are many other shades that will look no less advantageous.

    Since we are talking about summer, then this top is a must.
    Dance from your own needs and preferences. Knit shirt (the first photo above) is suitable for everyday wardrobe. You can consider and top on the straps.
    If the basis of your wardrobe is made up of things for work in the office, for example, then a similar T-shirt can be replaced with a top made of cotton, linen or silk (second photo).

    This top should not be tight, this is the most important thing (only if you are not going to wear it exclusively as the bottom layer). It is better if it is fairly free.
    This does not apply to women with large breasts - in your case it is better to prefer more adjacent silhouettes. All about how to dress the owners of an impressive bust, you can read here.

    If you are a lover of fashion trends, then you can go even further and supplement your basic wardrobe with a top in the linen style of satin, silk or chiffon.

    These examples of configuration (photo above) do not need to be limited: a similar top would be appropriate to look even in the office (if it is not equipped with lace), worn under the jacket.
    In everyday life, such a top can be worn over a simple T-shirt, you get an interesting multi-layered set for bold fashionistas.

    An indispensable thing for everyday summer wardrobe in casual style. But also, as with a top, if you collect a basic wardrobe for an office, you can replace such a T-shirt with a neutral neutral top with a short sleeve.

    Speaking of color. This also applies to the first item (sleeveless top): in my opinion, the most versatile option is white or its suitable shades (cream, ivory, oats, ecru, etc.).
    If you belong to the Deep color type with low contrast in lightness (you can read about the contrast here), then it makes sense to buy a T-shirt of some darker color, dark blue, for example.

    As for the cut, then also, as with the top, the T-shirt is better to choose a fairly loose one, so that it does not tightly fit the body and does not recall the beginning of zero. Make sure that the sleeve does not fit the arm, and freely hung from the shoulder.

    I recently stumbled upon a video of a girl on youtube, who calls herself a fashion blogger. She tried on her wardrobe there. Wearing a similar t-shirt, she called it an oversized t-shirt. Apparently, normal, not oversized for her is a tight shirt. So this is a good fit, as in the examples above. This is exactly what is worth looking for, so that your basic wardrobe looks relevant.

    And this is what a real overseas T-shirt looks like (photo below). It, by the way, can also be included in the basic wardrobe, if you like such a silhouette.

    You can wear a T-shirt / top with absolutely anything. She will give a pencil skirt and strict trousers a more casual look, and by adding a pantsuit to it, you will turn your office suite into a smart casual style that instantly rejuvenates it and makes the image more relaxed.
    It can also be worn as a bottom layer under a jacket, sleeveless jacket, cardigan, bomber jacket and any jacket, as well as under a combination dress.

    Do not be surprised, a T-shirt with a graphic print may well be considered basic if it is of a neutral color. The fact is that such a print is combined with absolutely any other pattern, such a T-shirt is not less universal than the plain version, but it looks more interesting. On the one hand, this is a basic thing, and on the other hand, her print will make an interesting accent to your image. Therefore, even combining such a T-shirt with other basic things, you do not risk assembling a boring banal set. With such a t-shirt, he will already be with a twist!

    As for the requirements for cutting and picking, they are exactly the same as for a plain T-shirt. For now, postpone too tight options until better times.

    I noticed that this object is not very much favored here, but in vain. I do not get tired of including it in the list of basic things, as it is truly unique.

    Stripped vest looks fresh, ironic, interesting, always very young and stylish. I especially recommend mature women to pay attention to this object - nothing rejuvenates the kit so much (without risking it) as a vest.

    The strip is fantastically combined with any other print, be it a graphic print (cell, peas), flowers or abstraction. How to learn how to combine prints as a professional can be found here.

    By the way, do not be afraid that the transverse strip can fatten you. If you choose the right strip, on the contrary, it can even visually make you slimmer. A wide, very contrasting strip will fill, but rather narrow strips, spaced from each other at a distance equal to their width, will produce the opposite effect.

    As for the cut, here I will repeat: it is better to choose a rather loose vest. Although, unlike a top or T-shirt, a tight vest is not forbidden to be worn, but then it should be done with taste, carefully considering the set. A vest that is more loose on a figure does not bear any risks, so I still recommend staying on this variant.

    Completing this object is incredibly simple: you can wear it with almost any bottom and top layer. Particularly interesting is the combination of vests with some other print. For example, on the first photo above you can see a combination of a strip and a jacket in a cage.

    It is in white or blue that the shirt is the most universal, but if you have other color preferences and a pink pastel shirt or something else fits into your wardrobe, then why not.
    It is very important to choose a suitable shade of white or blue.. Make sure that it matches the temperature of your colors: pure white and cool blue will suit the owners of cold colors, and cream, ivory and warm blue will suitably warm.
    How to find out if your color is warm or cold, you can in the article on this link.

    If you do not wear shirts at all (and this happens), then this item can be replaced by a minimalist cut to the shirt so that it is not inferior in the versatility of the shirt.

    Why is the shirt beautiful? Во-первых, она всегда уместно смотрится, ее можно задействовать не только в повседневных комплектах (с джинсами, чиносами и даже с джоггерами) и в комплектах для работы со строгими юбками, брюками и платьями (платьем футляр), но и создать замечательные образы на выход, дополнив ей нарядную юбку (с пайетками, например) или шикарные брюки-палаццо.

    Во-вторых, нет такого типа фигуры, которому она бы не подошла (как, кстати, и все другие участники этого списка летнего базового гардероба).
    В-третьих, она хорошо смотрится на любом типаже внешности, если ее сочетать с подходящими вам вещами.
    В-четвертых, если футболка или тельняшка мгновенно превращают любой комплект в более повседневный, casual, то рубашка, напротив, превозносит его на уровень выше. Jeans worn with a shirt, complemented by appropriate accessories (for example, metallized boats, beautiful large earrings or necklace, elegant clutch), it is quite possible to wear some kind of celebration, but with a T-shirt you can not do it.

    Like any other basic thing, a shirt well complements interesting accents.

    The modern shirt is also rather loose, straight cut. Beware of tight-fitting shirts: they are more suitable for creating office images, so they lose in versatility to a straight cut.

    No matter how strange it may seem, but a light pullover is also necessary for the summer basic wardrobe of those who do not live in a completely tropical climate. The weather can be cool, especially in the evenings, it should also be foreseen.

    Such a pullover can be purchased from cotton jersey; a mixture of linen and silk will also work well. If he is quite thin, then he can be worn not only in a dress, but also tucked into trousers or a skirt, if you have a slim silhouette.

    The main thing, beware of thin cheap knitwear. He not only looks ugly by himself, quickly loses his appearance (if he had one at all), but also emphasizes all the flaws in the figure, and sometimes creates them where there are none!

    Such a pullover is also better to choose rather free.

    Those who live in central Russia, as well as in places with a changeable climate, can consider a cotton sweater.

    You can wear anything with anything, not only a solid neutral pullover, but also in a monochrome strip. You already know that this is the most versatile print. Then such a pullover, despite the fact that it is basic, it will be interesting to look even with other basic things (the first photo below).
    A small digression: such a strip, when wider bands alternate with thinner ones, really visually expands the silhouette. Therefore, this option strip will suit the owners of the silhouette in the shape of A (pear) or very slender H (I).
    All about your type of figure can be found here.

    If you choose a monochromatic version of a neutral color, then wear it with either accent objects or with other basic things, but in this case enliven the set with interesting accessories (for example, such shoes as in the second photo below work well in this regard).

    Another alternative top coat for cool summer days.
    With jeans is not so simple. Often, people buy a denim jacket, but later they don’t wear it, because they don’t like it or it seems to them that it doesn’t suit their wardrobe.
    With the right jeans, this should not be.

    First, pay attention to the cut. The current model is also somewhat loose, broad at the shoulders, it should not tightly fit your chest, maybe even an oversize, but in no case does not fit tightly to the figure. This is the cut that will look modern.

    Secondly, with jeans it is simpler, since they are located on the part of the body that is remote from the face. But jeans - very close. Therefore, when choosing this jacket, pay attention to its color. Evenly colored denim is suitable for anyone with a clean exterior paint, that is, for those who go to quite bright colors. But the jeans with scuffs is better to choose people with muted colors.

    Accordingly, it also depends on it whether it will be combined with your clothes or not. If you are dominated by muted shades in your wardrobe, then the shabby denim, as if faded, will be just right.
    On the contrary, if the colors of your clothes are mostly clean, bright, then a uniform denim of a rather saturated or bright color will be combined with it.

    With jeans, it will be a very casual, rather banal set, if you do not revive it with unusual accessories, but with various skirts, dresses, culottes, wide jeans trousers it can look very interesting. By the way, if you wear an elegant dress or skirt with her, they will instantly turn into everyday ones and you can wear them even during the day. The same applies to elegant tops, metallized, lace or with sequins, for example.
    How to combine different styles in one image, you can read here.

    Biker jacket, rather, can be attributed to early fall or spring, but sometimes in the summer it may be needed. What to do, what summer, such a summer wardrobe.

    Also, as well as jeans, leather jackets can be combined with completely different stylistic directions: it is not necessary to create only a biker look, it will look great not only with jeans, but also with dresses, like minimalist with sports shoes or boots in men's style, and air lungs, quite summer.

    You can wear it with a strict pencil skirt, and with joggers: there are many options!

    If you buy a leather model, try to choose some neutral color (black, cognac, camel, beige, maroon), because bright colors can quickly get bored, and buying is not cheap, and you will wear it for really long.
    A good quality biker jacket is one of the few things I really would call an “investment.”

    If we are talking about an actual cardigan for a basic wardrobe, then it is best to pay attention to the elongated model. But she has other advantages, besides relevance: such a cardigan will suit almost any type of figure, and also it is good for silhouette correction, since it creates two long vertical lines on the sides.

    Also, as with a pullover, make sure that the knitwear is of high quality and does not look cheap, so that it does not cover an ugly arm above the elbow. Corpulent beauties can recommend a model of more dense knitwear.

    Here are two points at once, as the trouser suit consists of a jacket and trousers. Of course, you can also choose separate trousers and a jacket, but this is a more versatile option, since, which is logical, together such trousers and a jacket make up a suit. And individually, they can always wear.

    The suit may be of some bright color, but such a risk quickly get bored, so neutral colors are still more reliable in this sense. If you are suitable pastel shades, then they can also be considered as an option.
    Also, the suit may be in a thin strip, you already know that this is a very versatile print.

    Jacket try to choose a modern cut. The style depends on your type of figure, but the fit of the base jacket must be impeccable. You can even tailor the jacket you like, if there is such a need.
    Pants can be as short (narrow or wide - you decide) and long. Proceed from what shoes you most often wear.

    It is possible to complete such a suit not only with familiar shoes, but also with shoes in men's style or with sneakers or sneakers. If you want to achieve a smart casual look, wear a T-shirt with a suit instead of a shirt or blouse. Looks beautiful with a suit and a top in a linen style.

    Basic jeans can be considered those that you can wear with most of your tops. From here, proceed by choosing a style for them. And, of course, they should fit perfectly on your figure, and even correct it if necessary.

    Summer pants made of lightweight fabric can take a worthy place in your basic wardrobe. Pay attention to light cotton fabric or mixed. Flax is very wrinkled, so it is better to save it for the top (jacket, top, shirt) or dress, if you like it.

    It is better to choose a shortened model of any modern style that suits you.

    Here it is necessary to pay attention to where the culot ends. Ideally, if the culottes are just below the calf, they should not be cut off at its widest point.

    If you have a type of shape in the shape of the letter A (popularly pear) or X (hourglass) with well-defined forms, then choose models that are adjacent on top and extend from the thigh. Avoid wrinkles at the waist. They also should be avoided and the owners of figure type O.

    Treat the culottes like a flared midi skirt - with the right choice of style they will suit absolutely everyone!

    In fact, now fashion offers us a huge number of styles of skirts, and each of them goes to a certain type of figure. But a pencil skirt can flatter absolutely everyone! That is why I included it in the list of basic summer things.
    If you have a type A figure, then just balance the silhouette by slightly adding volume to the top (top with volumetric sleeves, with frill at the top, wide silhouette, etc.). For example, the option, as in the second photo above with a top with diagonal stripes, visually expanding the shoulders, is very suitable.

    But if you are a fan of some other style and prefer to wear it, then, of course, in your case, this model will be the base. How to choose a skirt according to your type of figure, you can read here.

    As for the cut of the pencil skirt, the optimal length for the basic version is just below the knee or covering the calf. Try on both and choose the one that suits you best.
    By the way, you can consider not only the usual classic version of such a skirt, but also very topical modifications: a pencil skirt with a slit, with a smell or with an asymmetrical bottom.

    When creating a capsular wardrobe, do not forget about your coloristics: you can read all about color types and contrast types here.

    For example, similar summer basic wardrobe suitable for people with cold and muted colors, which, by the way, are very many among the population of our country:

    All that remains is to complement the base with a few accents, and a full summer wardrobe is ready!
    Dear readers, on how to make a summer capsule wardrobe, read the following articles, leave your feedback and suggestions, ask questions, I will be happy to answer them, write what else you would like to read and subscribe to the news.

    © The author material garderobe-ideale.blogspot.ru
    Reproduction of my articles is prohibited without my permission.


    Olga, hello! Thank you for the fresh article! We have all been waiting and exhausted here))
    But still, here are my questions. You write that these options tops fit any shape. But it seems to me that a straight free cut spoils the hourglass shape, and if the chest is also outstanding (I'm sorry, I'm all about my own)), then it will all look absolutely ugly. The examples are thin and forgive almost flat models. It is clear that such things look great on them. I’d love to wear a free T-shirt and a short denim dress, but I wear plus 5 kg at least right away. And in a fitted silhouette - minus 5) So think: either it is important to dress up and spoil the figure, or old-fashioned, but then the men fall in piles)))

    Hello Anna! You are absolutely right - a straight free cut really hides the dignity of an hourglass, and the owners of an outstanding chest can optically increase. But the whole trick is how to wear and pack these things. For example, such a skater beauties straight shirt must be filled in fully or partially in pants or a skirt.
    Oversize T-shirts You really better to avoid (or emphasize them with a belt), but a rather loose, well-fitting T-shirt (like the first white and fourth gray, for example) you can easily wear - it is a little fit, but not taxing.
    http://us.asos.com/asos-curve/asos-curve-t-shirt-with-ultimate-80s-motif/prd/8058602?iid=8058602&clr=Pink&cid=9577&pgesize=36&pge=5&totalstyles=489&gridsize=3&gridrow= 12 & gridcolumn = 2

    Short jeans are also not the best option - but they have a lot of styles. You can choose a slightly more elongated model, but it is better to wear it with something fitted or with a top tucked inside the bottom.

    Anya, old-fashioned - it is very tight, especially since it can look too grotesque on such a chest. But the adjacent silhouettes (but not too tight) you are very suitable, and let the men fall in piles! :)))

    What is a basic wardrobe?

    At the beginning of my career as a shopper, I did not fully understand the importance of a basic wardrobe. However, in practice, I gradually began to identify universal things that are relevant in any closet. And today I wanted to tell you about these things and their importance in the wardrobe of any woman.

    Each of you probably have such a thing in the closet. This is the same dress or jacket, and maybe jeans that are relevant in any situation and rescued a thousand times. As a rule, it is from such things that the basic wardrobe is formed (with an eye on your lifestyle).

    There are things that do not go out of fashion: sheath dress, jeans, white shirt, classic skirt and jacket, turtleneck, black leather jacket, trench coat or coat of classic style, sneakers, boat shoes, knitted sweater. Each of you will find at least one of these items in your closet.

    Female basic wardrobe consists of things that are relevant for more than one season and are easily transformed into any set.

    The base is a universal clothing for all times, it is the foundation of the wardrobe, the basis from which you are pushing further.

    This is not a random set of things, as you might think at first glance. Inside the base, all things fit together perfectly. On the basis of each individual thing you can build a whole set.

    Basic things are perfectly rescued in a hurry, when you have a stupor in your head and you don’t understand what to combine with, so that you can finally run out of the house and not feel uncomfortable due to the fact that something was not dressed up.

    The difference capsular wardrobe from the base

    Capsule wardrobe is a set of items matched to each other with bright accents and prints, there may be fashionable novelties and various style directions. The capsule does not need to be supplemented. And even if you want to do it, you will not succeed. The things inside the capsule are well matched to each other, but something extra is very difficult to integrate there.

    And the basic things are well combined with each other and are also easily supplemented with new things and accessories. Those. the base is the backbone to which you add extra things. This is the main difference from the basic wardrobe capsize. It is in 100% compatibility and extensibility that its secret lies.

    Capsule things are difficult to transform into other kits, basic ones are easily packaged with many other things, including bright and colorful ones. Imagine what you can put together with a black knit dress? - Yes, with anything

    As a rule, stylists pick up capsules. Such kits are often featured in glossy magazines, they can be quite diverse, ultra fashionable. Well-known bows from Polyvore are also capsules. The main problem of such bows is that they are not tied to a specific woman, a specific figure, or a way of life.

    And the worst thing is that stylists select such capsules for clients. Forgetting that in front of them is not faceless Polyvore and trends, but a real woman, with her own peculiarities of shape, lifestyle, etc.

    As a stylist-shopper, I often collect my capsular wardrobe in the Moscow shopping center. These things are well combined with each other and do not require additions. All colors and prints, styles, texture of fabrics and accessories are chosen for the client in a single concept of style.

    An ordinary person without specific knowledge and experience is difficult to assemble a capsule. Basic wardrobe, as opposed to capsular, is much easier to assemble.

    What is the ideal basic wardrobe?

    As I wrote above, the secret of the ideal basic wardrobe and its whole essence is 100% compatibility of all the things that make it up. Those. All variants of top and bottom are combined in color, texture and style.

    I believe that the base wardrobe can be quite diverse and depend on your social status. For example, if you are a young mother, this is a black jacket, a gray T-shirt and jeans. A red dress case can become a base for a business lady.

    Textures of fabrics can be different: leather, large knitting, chiffon, wool and cotton. The combination of different textures in the kit looks stylish, so you can supplement the basic things with different textures. For basic wardrobe styles, choose simple, with no interesting details and fanciful elements. Laconic cut of basic clothing will allow you to add to them accessories of different styles and topical trendy things.

    As a rule, these are several options for bottom and top. Moreover, the top is definitely more due to the fact that the top has an outer and inner layer. And so that the set was stylish, it is desirable to make its top of two layers, for example, a T-shirt and a jacket.

    Also, these can be dresses of a laconic cut that are universal in color and texture, which are even easier to combine than the top and bottom. And, of course, these are several variants of demi-season outerwear.

    It may seem to someone that the basic wardrobe is boring and colorless. But, firstly, not all women love bright, and such a concise wardrobe can already be successfully worn. And secondly, it is easily complemented with accent accessories and flowers.

    For example, in my mini course “How to easily create a basic wardrobe,” I clearly showed how one basic dress with different accessories can play in 4 different styles, and dress accordingly for different situations.

    I would call the basic wardrobe - system wardrobewhere the basic things are the basis of the system and are expanded with additional things and accessories for different cases.

    Professional photographers will understand me. Там «тушка» фотоаппарата является основой и расширяется разными объективами под разные ситуации - портрет, пейзаж, макро. Но работает все в пределах одной системы - самого фотоаппарата.

    У большинства женщин, которым я разбирала гардероб, было много комплектов одежды, идеально сочетающейся между собой, однако эти вещи никаким образом не сочетались с элементами других комплектов. Т.е. в гардеробе было несколько капсул, никак не сочетающихся между собой.

    В итоге, гардероб очень большой, в нем трудно ориентироваться, легко запутаться, особенно в моменты утренней спешки.

    Therefore, the colors of basic things are basically beige, gray, black, dark blue or white. Things must be concisely shaped, simple cut, without elaborate elements and details. And then this base can be played with accent colors, trendy additions, various accessories in different styles.

    As a result, you get a large number of different kits for different life situations.

    White blouse with ruffles

    When the world of fashion is ruled by feminism, it is not surprising that the list of trends includes feminine blouses with ruffles. Elegant and delicate options, like in the Victorian era, wear instead of the usual classic white shirts, for example, midi skirts, black pants, jeans and dresses in lingerie style. If all these combinations seem boring, try another hit of the season - white total look.

    ISABEL MARANT, mytheresa.com

    Stella McCartney, farfetch.com

    Waist bag

    If you still do not understand, then the basic wardrobe of 2018 is unthinkable without a waist bag. In the summer you should pay attention to the models of bright, pastel and metallic colors.

    Miu Miu, net-a-porter.com

    Cropped blue jeans

    Among the basic things in the wardrobe a special place is occupied by jeans. In the summer, forget about skinny, flare and straight options. The most versatile and relevant in the new season - wide and shortened (yes, jeans are no longer fashionable to tuck). To these jeans fit to everything in the world, choose a dark blue model without faded, cuts and any other decor.