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How to make your husband jealous and afraid of losing his wife - tips from a psychologist and men


As the saying goes: "In love and in war, all means are good." And forcing a man (husband) to be jealous, you must use a new type of "weapon" effectively and purposefully.

If you click on the right man button, you can use this weakness to your advantage. If you want to get new emotions, make your husband more passionate, or just want to take revenge on the former who left you, follow these steps to make your “enemy” even stop eating and not think about anyone except you. If you dream of using jealousy to return your ex-boyfriend under your wing, you will have a harder time: after all, a third person will have to be lured into such a game. So, take our advice.

Making the man jealous: 8 steps to success

Step 1. Make sure he has feelings for you. Playing with jealousy works only if the man (husband) is not completely cold feelings. If he is not at all interested in you, you will have to really try to arouse his jealousy. The good news is that any man with whom you communicate in any way is almost certainly interested in you. If you are not sure: attempt not torture. If you do not notice jealousy - it means he does not feel any feelings for you. Of course, it is difficult to admit this if this man is your husband, but the truth is sometimes bitter.

Step 2. Be active. Actively get involved in things that really interest you. If you are busy and cheerful, so that even you do not always have time to think about your man, he will begin to be jealous slowly. For former husbands and guys, this method acts almost flawlessly. Your activity will show him that you spend time without him much better than with him. Even if this technique does not cause jealousy, you will be much better off having a good time.

Step 3. Flirt with other guys. Perhaps nothing annoys men, as flirting his women with others. Almost all men are incredible owners and do not tolerate competition with them. And even if other men do not pay any attention to your flirting, this should have its effect. Make sure your young man notices your flirting by doing this right in front of him or in situations where you know that this information will definitely reach him. Aim for quality, not quantity. If your husband notices that you are flirting with all the people of the opposite sex in too short a period of time, he may feel the catch. Especially if you have not seen this before.

Step 4. Meet other men. In fact, meeting and meeting other men raises your war with jealousy to a whole new level. Of course, you should not do this, trying to arouse the husband’s jealousy, since he already identifies you completely with his property. But if you just started dating or he recently left you - this step is perfect for your situation. Such actions will help preserve your independence and punish the man who left you, making you regret your deed.

Step 5. Get male friends. Even if you really do not go on dates with other men - a good option to have them as friends, with whom you will regularly communicate. Even if you are in a permanent relationship, there is nothing wrong with that. But when you communicate with them, your husband will probably be at least a little jealous and nervous. Ignore his feelings, and you will get the perfect fight plan with jealousy.

Step 6. Try to ignore it slightly. If a man you like meets you on the street (bus, subway) at the same time as your friend, say hello to your friend first. If he immediately responds to this, then he loves you. If not, then you probably don’t care.

Step 7. Make him nervous. If you are always available to him, you lose the principle of mystery for him, and the secret is always capable of causing jealousy. For example, do not always answer his calls. After a few hours, call him back and tell him that you were with a friend or very busy. Just by not answering the phone, you can really stir up his interest in you. In the same vein, if he asks you if you want to take a walk with him at a certain time, just say that you have other plans, even if this is not true.

Step 8. Talk to him about other men. Start talking about nice men - celebrities, and that with him you would go to the ends of the earth. Yes, it does not sound very decent, but a man should not take everything too close to his heart. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not exaggerate, because he can sometimes understand that you are trying to warm him up.

  1. Doing a contented look, smiling and just talking to other people, you can make a man jealous.
  2. Try to always look good when your boyfriend is around.
  3. Do not let the man guess that you are trying to make him jealous. Otherwise, your plan will fail and have unpleasant consequences. If suddenly he begins to solve your plan and asks you about it - answer that you have no idea what he is talking about. If he is your ex - say that he is too fixated on himself, if he thinks that you are flirting with other men just because of him.

Be careful!

There are some type of men who like to feel jealous. And as soon as he learns that you really have a feeling of love for him, he abandons his “victim”.

Sometimes, a person may feel unwelcome and hurt. Some men may feel a lack of love. He just leaves. Do not overdo it!

When starting a game, do not ignore the feelings of a person representing a third party. You may seem selfish and insensitive. At the same time, you can ruin the reputation of another man, as if you were stealing a foreign guy.

By the way, it is also useful to read:

If you are trying to make a man jealous by spending time with others, your loved one may interpret it so that you are no longer interested in him. Despite having a feeling for you, he can take it as a “hint” to retreat and leave you alone. You can regard his inaction as not being interested in your relationship. Therefore, when you play such games, you risk creating confusion and losing a person who may have thought that you are amazing, but did not know how to say it.

Remember, when you try to make a man jealous, you play a kind of game. Get ready to change places. He can go and spend time with his girlfriend. This game can hurt both sides.

When you flirt - do not look at him, trying to evaluate the reaction. Otherwise, he will begin to suspect you of the game.

Male jealousy can have a very unfavorable effect on you, causing the man to become obsessive or even causing violence. If you know that your man is hot-tempered and has a tendency toward aggression, you should definitely not try to make him jealous. If you stopped the “war” at the wrong time - stay away from him, and in difficult cases, contact the police.

On the other hand, some men respond to jealousy by simply giving up. If you want a man to be interested in you, and you make him jealous, he may just decide that you are not worth it.

How does a man's jealousy manifest

Many women are interested in the question of how to make their husband jealous, because they tend to "cool down". The confidence that the wife will not go anywhere, loves forever and recklessly, very thoroughly settles in her husband. Because of this, he ceases to give her proper attention, spends little time, ceases to care. A woman can draw the attention of a loved one to herself and cause jealousy of her husband.

Psychologists say that relationships should be subject to an emotional shake from time to time. Many women are afraid to provoke a soul mate, thinking that this will lead to disastrous consequences. However, psychologists say that, on the contrary, the feeling of jealousy in your beloved provokes the best feelings, pushes for actions and removes indifference as a hand. So, to the main advice, how to make your husband jealous, include the following:

  • Ignore, because the second half often get used to the increased attention of women. Skipping a couple of his calls by accident is a great start to jealousy.
  • Paint yourself bright and look good so that the jealous person would think that the wife is trying for someone else.
  • Try to always look beautiful, because the beloved one gets used to the everyday images of a woman and ceases to see in her “something unattainable”.
  • Behave aloof, sometimes the distance also helps, it is not bad to leave for a couple of days to rest.

A loved one should wake up a sense of ownership, rather than indifference and jealousy. This will be a sign that the couple is on the right track and the marriage is saved. To understand that the beloved "pecked", you can by the following of his actions:

  • offended you
  • stopped talking
  • forbade brightly dressed and painted, or even leave the house.

How to cause jealousy in men

Let's leave theoretical advice aside. It is necessary to resort to specific "tricks" that will make her husband jealous:

  • Buy a beautiful bouquet, bring it home. When a loved one asks about who the flowers are from, say you don't understand what's the matter. The idea that the wife has a fan, will not leave her husband indifferent.
  • Tell about your new colleague, even if there is none. Accidentally drop the phrase that the guy is not married, it will make your loved one nervous and jealous.
  • When watching a movie, say what the actor likes and as an actress, you would be ready for it for everything. Often, the second half has a strong sense of ownership, and they don’t want to share their woman with anyone.

Another way - conspiracy with a friend. Ask her to call from an unknown number. Leave your phone near your loved one so that he sees an unknown number. An incomprehensible conversation, such as: “It is inconvenient for me to talk now,” will make the half nervous. If we are talking about more serious things, for example, a loved one indicated the intention of his departure from the family, try to appear in the company of mutual friends with a friend or any acquaintance boyfriend, so that the loved one learns about the act from friends. This method will encourage jealousy and help return the spouse.

How to cause jealousy in her husband

Men do not like riddles and the thought that a woman is hiding something. Any intrigues, incomprehensible conversations, unfamiliar, suddenly appeared young people surrounded will make the loved one nervous. So how to get jealous? The main thing is not to do it improperly. Do not immediately take all the tips to implement in one day. It is necessary to begin gradually so that the husband thinks that the wife is really changing. It is impossible for the jealous man to immediately guess the idea.

At home, be less, indulge less cooked snacks. Such care becomes boring, and its absence begins to suggest different thoughts. Try away with a flirt with an unmarried friend. Do not overdo it, easy flirting in the form of phrases: "you are so caring," "how funny you are," "why are you still alone" will alert and attract the attention of your husband.

How to make your husband afraid to lose his wife

Every woman needs to know how to make her husband jealous and afraid to lose, because this will improve relations between spouses. A jealous man will only love his soul mate more, and this effect can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Do not control a dear person, do not require detailed reports on the past day, let him tell you what he considers necessary.
  2. Share a hobby. No need to shrug off when the husband talks about his beloved car, fishing, etc. If a woman listens, nothing will happen to her, but the beloved will be pleased.
  3. Do not spend 24 hours a day together. Rest from each other is important for relationships.

Do not show jealousy of her husband, because so he thinks that he is interested in other women. Do not insist that the guy did what they do not like, do not try to "bend under him." All this kills the ego of her husband, and whenever he can, he will try to get away from his wife’s total control, and sometime he will want to leave altogether. Attentive in moderation, understanding woman - such anyone will be jealous and afraid to lose.

Learn ways to get your wife back to your family.

The content of the article:

Love is unpredictable. At first, the husband spoke and argued with deeds that he could not imagine his life without a woman like you. Therefore, the thought of how to make your husband jealous did not even occur to you - he was so afraid of losing you that he was jealous of “every post”. But several years passed, and the ardent knight in love disappeared, turning into a man who was absolutely indifferent to your charms, who would rather sit with friends in a bar or watch football at home with beer and chips than go to the movies with his wife.

What is the reason? The most basic - you lost interest. This is an unpleasant, but quite reparable situation. And the most powerful tool to return past feelings - male jealousy. But at the same time you need as carefully as possible to plan the "military operation". After all, you want to return your loved one, and not to completely lose it.

We will explain why it is useful for a man to be jealous and offer some tried-and-true advice on how to make your husband jealous of you again, as at the beginning of a relationship. By the way, such advice of a psychologist will be useful to those who do not have a husband yet, but there is a boy or a man. In addition, we will point out women's mistakes that are able to negate the strongest feelings.

When is jealousy useful?

Jealousy is inherent in every person. Only one can control it, while others can not. Uncontrolled jealousy is destructive in nature and indicates the partner’s emotional immaturity, not the power of his love. We need to figure out how to make a husband jealous of his wife with “classical” jealousy, which refreshes feelings, gives them the necessary nourishment, and does not destroy life.

To begin with, we will clarify exactly when jealousy can be caused:

  • your relationship continues, but froze "at one point"
  • you have not gone anywhere together for a long time and this suits your husband perfectly,
  • Husband doesn't care where you go or what you do,
  • you are bored together
  • you change.

There may be other "symptoms" of cooling feelings, but these are the most characteristic. Why it happens?

If the husband does nothing for the development of relations, it means that he is satisfied with everything and he just does not want to strain himself. In this situation, 3 "pitfalls" relating to you personally:

  • Most likely this situation suits only him. And you do not know how to influence the situation.
  • You can be replaced at any moment by a less convenient, but more interesting and “live” woman, who knows what she wants and will find a way to “stir up” your husband.
  • Your marriage may well be preserved, but you will gradually degrade in development and "burrow" in everyday life. By the way, so many couples live this way.

If you go together only to visit relatives - this is an alarming symptom. In the end, your husband may decide that you (note that you, not him!) Become boring and do not know how to have fun. And this is the beginning of the cooling of the senses.

Man or boy, who is not at all interested in where his beloved walks, I am sure that she will not get anywhere from him. Boredom in relationships primarily indicates that you have ceased to be interesting to yourself. Well, who wants to live with a woman who must be constantly entertained? After all, the husband is not your personal mass media tinker, he also hopes to receive from his beloved something besides care, tasty lunch and sex.

Betraying a husband is a serious reason to review your life and learn how to cause the unfaithful spouse’s jealousy. The psychology of a man is such that he is naturally polygamous, so an intrigue on the side may not mean anything serious. But if the situation repeats, this is a completely different case. You do not give your husband what he needs, so he is trying to find this “something” from other women. Finally, you can competently make your husband jealous at a distance.

Beautiful to madness!

Self-respecting woman in her own garden will look immaculate. Do not wear old, faded things: of course, they are comfortable and loved, but do not give you attractiveness. And forget about the "everyday" bathrobe. He is worn in the morning, getting out of bed and in the evening - before bedtime. We must constantly beautifully comb your hair, do a pedicure and manicure. If you wish, you can apply light makeup.

If you have not done this before, start immediately. The husband either decides that someone has appeared in you and a feeling of jealousy will make him reconsider his attitude towards you, or he will again be interested in you as a woman.

You do that, but your husband doesn't care? Male psychology is poorly known to you - men love innovation. Change the image, perhaps your previous image was not sufficiently effective or relevant. Buy new clothes and shoes, jewelry, perfumes, be sure to go to the hairdresser, visit a beautician or homeopath. Change, but not for him, but for yourself! Only this will work.

Going out to people ALWAYS look “at 5+”. Уверенность, ухоженность, подтянутая фигура и собственный стиль в одежде неминуемо привлекут к вам мужское внимание. На вас будут оглядываться, а это если не сразу, то постепенно начнет вызывать у мужа ревность.

Tip! Constantly adhere to these rules, even if you are not going anywhere to leave the apartment or house. Believe me, my husband will be very pleased to look at you. And it will become a constant reminder that such a woman is a tasty morsel for other men.

Without you, the light is not nice to me ?!

Husband - is the light in the window, your world and the meaning of your life? Congratulations, you will soon have to look for a new "window", meaning and peace to boot. A man does not appreciate a woman who dissolves in it entirely. This is the psychological feature of most of the representatives of the stronger sex. He appreciates the one that has its own purpose and ability to be happy by itself.

Find your hobby: creativity, sports, music, dance, tourism, cooking, and begin to improve your skills. You will have energy, a new circle of acquaintances and your family life will be transformed. And if before a man was not afraid that you would leave him, now he will have to quickly reconsider his point of view.

Important! Your hobby MUST be associated with communication with other men. First, they will accuse you of compliments: it is pleasant, it increases self-esteem and mood. Secondly, if your teacher, trainer or dance partner is a man - the husband’s jealousy is guaranteed!

"Helping" her husband jealous at a distance

Many women husbands pay little attention, lingering at work, driving around on business trips and spending hours at meetings or business negotiations. They rarely or do not call at all, do not pick up the phone, do not write SMS and do not answer them, and consider that “here I’ll come back, then let’s talk”.

Knowing how to make your husband jealous and afraid to lose you even if you are far from him, you can change the situation. This is done simply. Start by not calling and writing to him. Did you call yourself? Say in a cheerful voice that you are very busy right now, you can’t talk and hang up. You can never answer the call - you, too, have important things to do! Posted by sms? Send the answer in 2-3 hours. If you want.

Advice! If you are afraid that you will not hold back and answer, the psychological support of a wise friend will help you. Talk to her better than her husband. And by the way, if he decides to call back, he will find that you are talking to someone else. Such atypical behavior will puzzle and alert the man, will cause his jealousy.

“It's good with you, and without you ... it's good too!”

Life kills the strongest feelings. Noticing that the husband frankly misses in your society, take the initiative in your hands. To begin, diversify leisure: start walking to places where you have not yet been. Instead of a cinema, visit a theater or an exhibition, give up the restaurant, but go to a sushi bar, go together for a weekend tour or to a nearby town for a performance by an artist appealing to both of you. Be creative!

Do not constantly force your husband to go somewhere with you. From time to time, go "on your own business" alone. “Cases” can be very different: a meeting with girlfriends, a cinema, a concert of your favorite group, a foray into nature in the company of your (not common, but your) friends, a visit to a bath or SPA, rest in an aquapark. You can just go to a cozy cafe and sit there with a laptop over a cup of cappuccino and chocolate cake.

The main thing, without a husband. And it is not necessary from the threshold to tell him where, how and with whom you spent your time. Ask - tell me what went for a positive. After all, you have returned happy and cheerful! And the goal has been achieved: you are already jealous, and how!

“Why is he not jealous of me?” Or 9 reasons that kill love

In order to properly use the advice of a psychologist, it is necessary to understand why your family life has ceased to bring joy:

  1. Full "immersion" in a man. This is the most important female mistake. There is NOTHING in your life more important and more valuable than HE. As soon as you began to think so - the relationship is close to completion. A man loves a woman's individuality, an interesting and independent personality. The submissive concubine and the maid, looking into his mouth, he is definitely not afraid to lose. Remember Roxolana: she did not just become a sultana. Having become a slave, she learned several languages, learned to understand Eastern politics, mastered the masterly skill of “harem” intrigues, and without stopping her efforts went towards HIS OWN goal - to become an Eastern ruler. That she definitely did not need to be taught how to make a man jealous! And her husband adored her until his death.
  2. Untidy. Ignoring their appearance, relying only on the fact that your husband values ​​you for his inner qualities is quite risky. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a woman who does not pay proper attention to her appearance loses her partner.
  3. Moods and Tantrums. Permanent hysterical, which rolls up one scandal after another, no one likes. Including adequate men.
  4. Total control. Any psychologically healthy man has a hobby or hobby. And it has every right not to devote in detail his beloved. This is completely normal. By the way - you should do exactly the same way. You may know about each other's hobbies, but forcing your husband to report regularly about them is a mistake. You are a woman, not a warder, and the family is not a prison. Respect the freedom of a partner.
  5. Criticism and constant discontent. Another extreme in which some women like to go mad. Here the reason most often lies in the subconscious copying of the behavior style of their own parents. An eternally nagging and “gnawing” wife and a resigned (and sometimes elementally frightened) husband — such a picture of relationships is typical of many families.
  6. Increased self-esteem and requirements. Remember - your partner is completely consistent with what you are now. Want to change it (or change) - change yourself. Modern psychology confirms this fact.
  7. Disrespecting a man, ignoring his values ​​and interests. You can not despise the person with whom you live or meet, do not take into account his interests when planning a vacation or a budget, do not respect his way of thinking and acting, and make fun of his outlook. In doing so, be prepared for the fact that he may get bored or opposed. And you too.
  8. The script "Mom Son". A moderately caring woman is attractive to men. But the wife-mother - not always.
  9. Constant jealousy and treason. Would you like to live with such a person?

We sincerely hope that our advice and recommendations on how to make your husband “effectively” jealous will help you to restore your husband’s interest and bring newness and energy of passion into the relationship.

Important! NEVER evoke a man's jealousy by talking about the fact that you have a different one! And the more so do not prove it in practice.

Do not start talking about the former "where-to-you-there-before" partners - this is infantile and stupid. Such actions and conversations can cause jealousy, but destructive. Rather, you will push away from her husband, and for a long time, if not forever.

Experienced tips - how to make your husband jealous?

For a husband to be jealous, you need to make your relationship more acute, and joint nights - unforgettable. The main thing is to use the following recommendations wisely, so as not to worsen the situation!

  1. Stop being an open book for your husband, stop telling him everything you need and not need. In communication, hint at certain intimate details of your past, give the relationship the missing urgency.
  2. Do not report on each meeting and each call, answer gently and ambiguously, but do not make tantrums, worsening your situation.
  3. Talk on the phone barely audible, if possible retire to another room, most importantly, do not overplay, so that my husband did not rush to the disassembly and did not arrange a scandal with each of your friend or colleague.
  4. When the husband calls - try not to take the call longer, let him think about why you are busy. But it should not be heard male voices in the background, so as not to incur serious suspicions.
  5. Take care of self-education, be busy more often, go home less often, go in for sports, which will allow you to hone your figure, increase your self-esteem, increasing your spouse's jealousy every day.
  6. Take care of your appearance, make a massage, wellness procedures, change the image, visit a cosmetologist - let your husband not forget how beautiful you are, and what is stupid to leave you unattended for a long time.
  7. Refuse the husband in the intimacy, think up a good reason for this, but do it carefully so that the husband does not go to the left, then you will have to be jealous and cry!
  8. When returning home, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, and at home tell me what your friend gave you and do this more often, just do not catch the eye of your acquaintances who can open your little secret.
  9. Be changeable, you should not show your ardent love all the time and hang from your husband, let sometimes be slightly impregnable or cold, tickle his nerves.
  10. And finally, tell your husband in a broken voice that you have another one, and then laugh and say that it was a joke. Suppose for a few seconds, but the trick will work, and a wave of rage will cover him with his head.

Jealous - means, loves or not: the relationship of a young family!

When love leaves, jealousy takes its place. She settles in the heart. This feeling has nothing to do with love. Jealousy is destruction, and love is creation.

If a feeling of jealousy enveloped anyone in the family, then expect trouble. The family will fall apart. Jealousy destroys everything in its path, sparing neither feelings, nor emotions, nor human dignity.

Why does this emotion arise that takes control of the behavior of the spouses? Oh, of course, not because of the big love.

The girl tries to be attractive. She doesn’t want the extra kilos to hide her beautiful figure and prevent her from living an active, familiar life.

To do this, the beauty selectively eats, attends fitness, tries to diversify free time, playing tennis or taking a bike ride. The girl is beautiful, smart, active.

She has many friends and she is the soul of the company. Who would not like this creation? The guy is crazy about her. Love and respect for her leads to marriage. A young married couple is happy for a whole month, because he was truly “honey”. He will remember the honeymoon trip.

What happens in a month? Young spouse does not want to change their habits. She still attends training and wants an active life. Twice a week, she comes home late at night, staying at the gym.

He plans to go on a picnic with friends for the weekend, persuading his spouse to go on a nature trip with all his might. Only here, he - laziness. So much fun in the computer and in the TV.

Why do we need this picnic, and even in this heat? Upon returning home, the girl talks a lot about the trip out of town and has a lot of fun.

What's up boy? You always wanted to be with her. Even a year has not passed, and you already walk along different paths. She is with friends, and you are at the TV. Don't you wonder how your young wife spends her free time? What if you're not interested in her anymore? You have a beer belly, and she flutters like a butterfly.

That's right, you have to get into her phone and read SMS, and also see the calls. On the page in the social network you have to look. Not enough yet to get some private gifts and emoticons. Found a lot of interesting things? - Well done. Now what? And now it is necessary to draw conclusions and work on yourself, and not to play “tanchiki”.

Most often, the conclusions are not in favor of the family. Her husband reproaches that his wife is attracted to men of athletic build, that she constantly disappears somewhere until the evening. Of course, why should she have such a simple hard worker with a tummy who just wants to lie down quietly or sit down after a busy day.

Jealousy provoked a scandal in a young family. The husband is trying to defend his vanity, causing his wife a sense of guilt. Love has long passed with him. He is poor and unhappy, and she is a star that would not hurt to return to earth.

Jealousy does not come by itself. It is stimulated by self-esteem, low self-esteem and laziness. Love happens by itself. In order to keep it in the family, one must work on oneself and on a common new home, referred to as the family.

Useful changes

The spouse is not the center of the universe. The wife is not obliged to devote her free time exclusively to His Majesty, refusing all the joys of life. To strengthen family life, it is useful to recall old hobbies and hobbies, or to find new activities.

A good idea: sign up for a dance where there are a lot of hot and seductive men. You can attend foreign language lessons, where you will definitely find a charming teacher or a cute and loving student. There are a lot of interesting and useful courses that allow you to expand your horizons, and as a bonus get a fan.

Bad decision: do macrame, embroidery and other exclusively female hobbies. A husband, as an individual, not deprived of his intellect, will realize that he has no reason to be afraid of forty years old lonely aunts, and will change his mind to be jealous.

Tip: Hobbies - a way to relax and go out in people, which has a positive effect on women's self-esteem. The main thing - do not forget about the existence of a husband who needs clean shirts, a delicious dinner and a pleasant society of a legitimate spouse.

Beauty is a cause for jealousy

Men love when the house is removed, and from the kitchen smells like borscht, but it doesn’t bring them the appearance of fresh cake or washed dishes. Males are driving a beautiful and well-groomed woman.

Spouse changed her tail to exquisite styling? Instead of a well-worn dressing-gown, does she wear seductive outfits? Do not go to the store without makeup? The male brain begins to actively move the convolutions, and look for the cause. One of the first questions will be: “Is she cheating on me? Did your wife have a lover? ”

The task of the pious is to pacify the rage and indignation of her husband, convincing that she simply decided to take care of herself. At the same time, it is necessary to sow in his subconscious a seed of suspicion that will not allow him to sleep well.

Active sports, diet and a visit to a beautician will make her husband jealous, and his wife will make more confident and attractive. A beautiful woman is a desirable booty that is scary to lose or give to another.

Tip: Do not get involved in hard diets, while exhausting the body with heavy loads. A hospital bed is not the best way to make your husband jealous.

Secrets, intrigue and secret information

The phone call at 8 pm made my spouse jump up in surprise, and then retire to another room or go out to the porch? For the first time, the strange behavior of the faithful does not arouse suspicion in husbands. They only reduce their shoulders, and continue to watch the next football match. But if the situation repeats regularly, and every evening the wife spends with an unknown caller from 30 minutes to several hours, or writes messages to someone, the spouse is alarmed.

The gray matter in the head suggests that a woman cannot talk daily with a friend or mother without devoting him to the details of the conversation. He begins to get nervous, follow, trying to examine the contents of the phone book and the folder with the incoming messages. Suspicions gradually increase, and develop into jealousy.

  1. Ask for help from a friend by signing her Zhenya Job, or Sasha Courses. The alternative is to resume communication with an old male friend, warning that it is better to call in the evening.
  2. Leave the phone next to the spouse so that it can hear the sound of messages and incoming calls.
  3. To make an innocently frightened face, try to quietly hide the screen from her husband, quickly go away from the sofa on which he sits.
  4. Taking the phone with you to the bath and to the kitchen, you can accidentally forget it in the bedroom so that the spouse gets the opportunity to explore the contents of the smartphone.
  5. Put the password, especially if before the faithful had unlimited access to all files on the phone. Sudden protection is a great excuse for jealousy.

Important: The messages should not be compromising information, which can not just cause suspicion, but become direct evidence of adultery.

Hall assistance

Is there a childhood friend who is ready to take an active part in the fun game “Bringing the husband to white heat”? Remarkably, because she may have serious problems, and the wife will often have to come to her and stay overnight. Well, if the young lady lives on the other side of the city, or in the suburbs.

Battle plan:

  1. Tell her husband that Masha broke up with another boyfriend, who turned out to be a scoundrel, and now she will have to console the unfortunate girl.
  2. Take pajamas and warn you that after work you will have to spend the night at an abandoned young lady so that she will not do anything in a fit of rage.
  3. Forget to answer 2-3 calls, then call back, and come up with a plausible excuse: turned off the sound so as not to disturb the girlfriend, decided to take a shower, and forgot the phone in the kitchen.
  4. Ask Masha to pick up the phone instead of the legitimate wife, and say that she is now busy.
  5. Returning home, to convince her husband that he really stayed with a friend, and he has no reason to worry or jealousy.

Tell me, honey, where was

When the husband leaves to drink beer with friends, the wife does not find a place for herself, drawing pictures of treason in bright colors. Аналогичные чувства овладевают супругом, когда его благоверная отправляется с девочками в бар, чтобы вспомнить молодость, и немного развеяться.

Подозрения закрадываются в мужскую голову, если жена задерживается на работе, пускай и предупреждает об этом. Некоторые начинают волноваться, если супруга пришла на минут 20-30 позже, потому что стояла в пробке, или в магазине были длинные очереди.

Smart young ladies know how much time is needed for the spouse’s indifference to be replaced by doubts and suspicions, and they can linger for a while, writing a report, or discussing girlish problems in a cafe with their best friend.

Important: You can not disappear overnight without explanation, and return home in a shabby form, with a sharp aroma of fume. This behavior will not only make her husband jealous, but also push him to the idea of ​​divorce.

Sex is a weapon for jealousy

Marriage is associated in men with regular and free sex. If you deny your spouse in intimacy, he will begin to look for the cause of headaches and protracted critical days. He will ask for advice from the Internet, and will definitely get an answer: “My wife has another one”.

The noble's task is to refuse softly, finding logical and plausible excuses so that her husband does not accidentally think that he has ceased to attract her. He should suspect her of infidelity and be jealous, and not lose confidence in his abilities.

Important: You can not completely deny the spouse in intimacy, otherwise the place of the legitimate wife will take a lover who does not torture migraines and remorse.

Obvious signs

My husband did not give flowers for a long time? Forgotten a woman should be cherished? Time to remind him of the direct male duties, and treat yourself to a sweet bouquet or a nice decoration. Money for the golden ring can be taken from the stash, which the wife collected with a bait for her lover.

Flowers to buy at different points, preferably not near work. Otherwise, acquaintances will see a woman who repeatedly leaves the store with a luxurious bouquet, but without being accompanied, and the secret will be revealed.

A few words about flirting

The girl who monitors her appearance and manners, attracts men. They offer to carry bags, treat coffee, or give a lift. To make the husband jealous, it is enough not to refuse help, and allow him to see himself in company with other males.

A sweet smile addressed to his friend will cause the spouse to clench his fists and gnash his teeth from discontent. A woman must convince her lover that she tries to look friendly, and nothing more to avoid scandal.

Forbidden method: You can not compare the husband with the former, saying that they showered the lady of the heart with flowers and gold, but he is not able to give his wife a plastic hairpin. Such actions underestimate his self-esteem, and kill the love of his wife.

The woman who started the game, should understand that you need to behave cautiously, and not leave any evidence. Its main task is to give a hint and make you build painful guesses. The main thing - do not forget that jealousy can either save a dying marriage, or completely destroy it.

Love yourself

Dear women, remember: self-sacrifice is no longer in fashion, especially in the love sphere. The more you protect your spouse from everyday life, putting all your responsibilities on your fragile shoulders, the more he will move away from you. Think for yourself: is it really nice for him to come home and see a tired, half-asleep wife with a wry face and a drooping look? Of course not. If you do not know how to make your husband jealous and afraid to lose his wife, the first thing you must do. so it is to love yourself. And as a result - devote more time to yourself - charming and attractive.

The spouse will immediately notice when the wife begins to dress beautifully, make new hair, visit a manicure salon. To whet his interest, in the evening often turn around in front of the mirror, smiling mysteriously. In the morning, dressing for work, also spend a lot of time admiring your reflection. Do not forget to ask your spouse if you look good today, like your appearance to him. Believe me, this is one of the most effective ways to make your husband afraid to lose his wife.

Men love to repeat that they are alpha males, hunters, conquerors and masters of this life. There is some truth in this. Therefore, play with him in this entertaining game: arrange something like a hunt for him, where the trophy is you. Your actions are simple: flirt in front of his eyes with other representatives of the stronger sex, talk about them, admire other people's achievements and appearance. Believe me, even the coldest spouse vzrephenёtsya. He will look at you with different eyes, afraid that he may lose forever.

And vice versa. Remain indifferent to his flirting - it will touch a man and give reason to think. When thinking about what to do to make your husband afraid to lose his wife, remember: when was the last time you read a book? Self-development is the fad on which to stand. Perhaps the husband stopped paying attention because of a banal reason: he is not interested in you. Therefore, become new - find unusual activities like, entertaining hobbies, read a lot, be aware of various issues and learn to speak on any topic.


Why not. Take it and come home with a gorgeous bouquet. On the question of who gave, mysteriously smile and answer: fan. Or just wave it away, placing the flowers in the best vase. This will not only make him jealous. Such an act will cause a flurry of emotions. A man, feeling a rival, even if conditional, will try to oust him, so he will start paying more attention to his wife, spending time with her. And this is exactly what we need.

How to make her husband afraid to lose his wife? Keep intriguing. For example, often "dig" in your mobile phone, as if rereading other people's messages. And do not forget to smirk mysteriously - this is the main weapon. When watching a movie, pay attention to the main character of the spouse: how beautiful he is, well-groomed, athletic, fit and so on. In the end, summarize what kind of men you like, excite your imagination and cause sexual desire. The last maxim about physical attraction will be a control shot.

Psychologist tips

Experts are sure: even if the spouse finally devalued the relationship, he will try to avoid situations that threaten to divorce. But there is one “but”: he does it on a subconscious level, unconsciously. Therefore, when a professional is asked how to make her husband afraid to lose his wife, the advice of a psychologist is: tell him directly about it. Do not put any ultimatums - men do not like them. Just say that your feelings start to cool when they are not heated. It will strike at his vanity and the man will be frightened.

Also, psychologists give two more important advice. First, give him the right to his territory. Let him meet with friends, go to football and go fishing. No need to intrusively control and pry into all men's affairs. Second - share his hobbies. No, it is not necessary to go to the stadium. But to give him the opportunity to watch the match at home, you need to give up the beloved series. A man will appreciate it and be afraid to lose such an intelligent and intelligent wife.

Help magic

Often women turn to otherworldly forces, not knowing how to make her husband afraid to lose his wife. Magic, they say, will help consolidate the result obtained after using the other methods mentioned above. I present a popular rite, which is easy to use and does not require large expenditures. It is called "Candle for a loved one." To do this, buy a white candle in the temple, lubricate it with any aromatic oil, thinking at this time about your spouse. On paper, write a wish: "I want my husband to be jealous and afraid to lose." Put a candle in a candlestick on a written piece of paper.

Looking at the flame, you scroll your dream in your head, imagine how it is embodied in reality. Whisper appropriate words. Which phrases will be exactly - decide for yourself. The main thing is that they are sincere, felt and come from the heart. After you burn a piece of paper over the candle with desire, the ashes wave to the wind. This is one of the strategy options - how to make your husband afraid to lose his wife. A conspiracy can be carried out with a different purpose, only candles are used for this different: yellow - to calm jealousy, red - to cause love, blue - to get rid of problems, green - to find well-being.

What do men think themselves?

Representatives of the stronger sex have their answer to the question of how to make a husband jealous and afraid to lose his wife. Listen to them is, because who, if not the men themselves, know the psychology of their own kind. Firstly, according to their advice, you need to spend a certain amount of time separately, taking care of your personal interests. This buffer time zone is a great rest from each other, a period when you can get bored. Secondly, it is not necessary to pester the spouse with questions, where he was and with whom. He will tell if he sees fit. Being tactful, you will become the most desirable for the husband. After all, men love so much when they are understood.

Thirdly, the spouse will be afraid of losing you if he feels some freedom of desire in the relationship. That is, if he does not want to go to the store today - do not force. Coercion is a direct way to ensure that your loved one is angry and alienated from you. And fourthly, do not be jealous yourself. Trust your partner and do not make loud scenes just because he was staring at a young waitress. That the husband appreciates you, loves and cherishes, do not be selfish, subordinating him only to your own interests and desires.

Some more tips

How to make your husband afraid to lose his wife, you are now aware. Finally, it will not hurt you to know those negative moments that, conversely, can destroy even the most durable relationships. Remember: men lose interest in a girl who puts him on top of a pedestal, becoming a submissive slave. They quickly cool down, if they make constantly scandalous scenes with tears and cries. They also do not forgive the violation of their personal space, the attitude to themselves as a child, the absence of passion and love, neglect, betrayal and disrespect. To preserve the relationship, the wife also needs to look after her appearance, care for herself and smile more often.
Do not forget: some men are not jealous, not because you are not interested in them. And only because it is their strategy, behavior model or life principle. Remember the terrible jealous people who enter into a rage just because a woman looked at another man. So appreciate what you have. Better complete lack of jealousy than her constant dominance in the relationship.

Popular Phobias

  • The fear of death (thanatophobia) is a phobia of a person, expressed in an obsessive one.
  • Fear of failure (athyphobia) is peculiar to each individual, but one person succeeds.
  • The fear of being alone at least once in every life was experienced by each individual. Many people understand.
  • How to make a husband jealous

    How to make a husband jealous? Jealousy is a component of many relationships and so organically entered into the definition of value that it has become synonymous with love, caring, expression of warm feelings and sympathy for many. Being careless about the absence of jealous notes is easy when everything is fine in a relationship, there is emotional contact, a spark of passion, common hobbies and a lack of doubt about the loyalty of a partner and his value to him. As soon as in some part of the relationship there is a shortage (attention, care, joint time, passion, desire to protect), the first thing that comes to mind is to shift the current situation with the help of jealousy.

    Littering signs and headers on how to make a husband jealous of his wife and give there really effective advice, the use of which should be approached deliberately, because to turn on the system to its fullest, attempts to maintain and preserve feelings can lead to betrayal and collapse of the family.

    Remember that jealousy in homeopathic doses, comic manifestations acts as a binding mechanism, whereas, developing into an extreme of total control or intrigues on the side can destroy and so is not stable and in some ways not satisfying relationship. Comparing a husband with others (revealing a topic not in his favor) may end in a scandal, but attending events where there will always be men, but not a husband, and it is quite acceptable to inform him about it. Adhere to trust and decency, do not degrade his dignity, but do not close the princess in the tower, putting on the veil.

    Emotional shake-up based on jealousy is useful for feelings and relationships, but choosing from the proposed methods of causing jealousy, choose portable and understandable for you, because many people do not like to be jealous of themselves.

    How to make your ex-husband jealous?

    The motivation for striving to cause jealousy in the former is varied and always filled with passions: from the fact that you still love him and want to return, to the point that you wish this man to suffer from the regrets he has lost in your face. If this idea originated in your head and it does not work out for several days, then proceed as early as possible while the time is on your side, because the first months after breaking up, partners often monitor the lives of their former halves, some even call up and offer help.

    The basic rule for stimulating jealousy in the former is your happy state, because it is impossible to be jealous of someone who walks with a depressive cloud and tells you how much he misses. Maximize your own life: take care of your appearance and wardrobe, start visiting interesting places, develop a career and hobby, expand the circle of friends, fill every day with positive emotions and impressions, indulge yourself with events, acquisitions and creativity. When your meeting happens, the effort spent will pay for itself, and many men are affected by positive changes in the woman after he leaves.

    Continue to communicate with other men, you can deepen the interaction with someone specific or increase the number of male friends in principle. It will make your former jealous, and you will be of exceptional benefit (and a sofa on the eighth floor will raise, and men have a better sense of humor, and self-esteem, injured after parting, will remain at a decent level). Play on your ex-husband's unconscious confidence that he is the master of the situation, and you are ready to return and just wait for it, ignore calls through time. Access to you should remain, but be very limited, then what he used to get easily and in unlimited quantities, he will get harder, and look more tempting. The distance in contact, an even emotional reaction to any provocation and a happy own life full of events are components that can give rise to a jealousy in a former husband.


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