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Pearls: can you wear it to an unmarried girl or not?


The only one of the jewelry minerals that does not need processing, the first precious in the history of mankind. It is all about pearls. For centuries, he embodied the wealth and sophisticated taste of the owner. Today, everything is the same: jewelry with pearls are loved and in demand.

Pearl Jewelry


In jewelery, the precious material appears on its own or as an insert. Depending on this, there are two types of accessories:

  • pearl jewelery: necklace, necklace, bracelets, rimless pendants,
  • products with pearls: earrings, rings, pendants in a metal frame.

Designers love to work with pearls, known as baroque. These pebbles are not round, but fantasy, bizarre. Sometimes this “defect” makes the product unique, raising the price at times.

In serial jewelry pearls rarely impose a neighborhood of other stones. Most often, this is a solo insert or a composition of multi-colored pearls. The delicacy of the material requires taste, skill, so that the result is worthy. At such experiments are masters, performing individual works of authorship.

The frame of the jewelry is made of precious or simple metals, depending on the quality or origin of the pearl.

Color, shape, quantity

The choice of color is a matter of taste. However, skin tone and wardrobe coloring are taken into account:

  • women with dark-skinned or slightly olive skin are ideally suited for peach or golden pearls, for the lady with fair skin a pinkish scale of stone is intended,
  • the shade of colored pearls is in harmony with the color of the eyes or wardrobe.
Pearl Beads

The first purchase, according to experts, should be a white round classic. The value of such a necklace or bracelet made of pearls is out of time or the whims of fashion. The decoration looks elegant, expensive and elegant.

An abundance of pearl accessories in one outfit - bad taste. However, for the evening exit a set of earrings, bracelets, necklaces is appropriate. Jewelry should not overshadow the hostess.

The classic version of the white pearls - a wedding dress. But the scope of its use is wider.

Pearl jewelry is worn every day with different things:

  1. The most recognizable option is the little black dress of great Coco Chanel.
  2. Plain top and pants or jeans with baroque pearls or multi-colored strands of pearls are an interesting solution for a walk, a friendly party, get-togethers.
  3. Pearls - the best office option: it looks more elegant than other gems, but does not attract undue attention to the detriment of work. One thread will fit (the size of the beads is medium): multi-layered or long beads, bracelets with large links are excluded.
  4. An elegant evening bow will complete the necklace: for a monochromatic dress, choose pearls of an original shade (it will become an accent of the image). A multicolored or embroidered outfit complement the set: a light short necklace of beads of regular shape plus earrings and a bracelet.
  5. Jewelry with natural colored pearls are not worn during the day: it is an evening attribute for special occasions.
  6. With a business suit or dress for an informal event in a team you need to wear a short choker type necklace. As a supplement, stud earrings are welcome, reaching to the shoulders is unacceptable.

Long earrings with pearls are worn in the evening, if the mistress is proud of the swan neck and complexion, seeks to draw attention to them. In this case, hair combed up, preferably higher.

Pearl Jewelry Set

Pearls, like most gems, are not universal. It is not intended for children or girls-schoolgirls.

Usually, the girl receives her first pearl jewelry for the wedding as a gift. An independent young lady can afford it.

If it seems that the pearl necklace is old or looks old-fashioned, it is easy to modernize. For example, attach a graceful suspension of current design in the tone of beads or clothing, or neutral.

If you are lucky to get a necklace made from freshwater pearls, accessories of the appropriate level are selected for it. Cheap will devalue decoration.

What to consider when choosing pearls

Having decided to buy a jewel, you need to realize that the extraction of natural ocean pearls has been banned for almost 70 years.

  1. Natural material in free sale - river or marine cultured. He is not cheap. The brightest representative of this segment is the Japanese brand Mikimoto, whose products go for hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  2. When choosing to appreciate the brilliance: natural pearls come from the inside, rather than being distributed superficially. Only a real pearl or a high-quality cultured analog is capable of reflecting light.
  3. Decorations by the Spanish company Mallorca are famous for their high level and more affordable prices. In its products the gloss of the beads is a little different from the natural, but the material is stronger, more diverse in shape and color. The technology is such that the fake end product is not considered.

This brand requires attention: the sale of an abundance of jewelry with an artificial "Majorca." Manufacturers almost always indicate this, so you need to read the label and estimate the cost.

Who wears pearls?

This gentle mineral is unique in that it is suitable for almost all dresses. A modest pearl thread often serves as a complement to an evening dress or business suit.

Jewelry from this mineral is popular with women of any age. However, we often hear the sore question: is it possible to wear pearls unmarried for girls?

Who is the pearl for?

Jewelry from a beautiful mineral can be worn at any age and in any social situation.

However, it is worth paying attention to some nuances:

  • Young ladies should not wear too many pearls. One fine thread is fine.
  • But ladies balzakovskogo age are advised to wear necklaces of several pearl threads, or from large pearls.
  • Girls with tanned or tanned skin should choose golden shades of the mineral.
  • Pink stones are very well suited for pale-faced young ladies.
  • White and cream-colored products can afford all women.

Pearls and zodiac signs

Pearls and zodiac signs:

  • Cancer It helps to relax and find harmony.
  • Scorpions The mineral carries a charge of cheerfulness and positive energy. Most suitable for them is the black pearl stone.
  • Fishesthe mineral protects against thoughtless and impulsive actions. He helps to develop intuition and find his love.
  • Aquarius the stone protects from gossip and detractors. What stones to Aquarius to choose as a talisman, can be found here.
  • Gemini mineral saves from emotional storms, as well as depression and apathy.
  • Mineral is perfect TDagests. He harmoniously harmonizes with their calm character. Therefore, to those who ask themselves the question: is it possible to wear a calf of pearls? The answer, of course, is yes.
  • Women Scales mineral serves as an assistant in the search for his happiness.
  • Black Pearl helps Sagittarius in conceived, contributes to the speedy achievement of life goals. But the white mineral they wear, alas, can not. What stones are suitable Sagittarius find here.
  • Capricorn shows sea pearls. It will help to calm the stubborn zodiac sign. What stones for Capricorn are suitable as a talisman, you can find out here.
  • Devthe mineral will protect against enemies and detractors. However, if a person born under this sign has a weak character, then pearls are contraindicated to him. He can only aggravate the situation.
  • Aries and Leo stone is not recommended. It is believed that these two signs are under too much protection of the sun, which is contrary to the strength of the water mineral. What gems are suitable for Leo, can be found here.

Pearl history

Records of the beautiful stone met in the days of the Roman Empire. Then pearl jewelry was considered an unaffordable luxury. They could afford only the very wealthy people.

It is said that Queen Cleopatra put the pearl in a wine cup before drinking it. Many considered it a secret recipe for its unfading beauty.

The Spanish conquerors, having conquered South America, saw the temples decorated with products of unprecedented beauty. In fact, many of the sculptures and ceilings of the cathedrals were framed with pearls.

Who discovered this beautiful mineral to the world remains a mystery to this day. George Frederick Kunz, an American specialist in this field, suggests that The first pearls were made by Indian fishermen. They stumbled upon magnificent pearls, opening the shells, in search of food.

Types and colors

The magnificent mineral is so diverse in appearance and color that even a professional can get confused. Natural stone is found in various and bizarre forms. Such as rice, drop, sphere, semi-sphere, baroque, semi-baroque, button, beads. About the types of pearls can be found here.

The most famous varieties of pearls are divided into the following categories:

  • Freshwater Pearl - mined in water conditions. It can be natural and cultured. The size of this mineral is from 4 to 7 mm, with a thick layer of nacre. The colors of the mineral are silvery and yellowish.
  • Baroque - this is a very small type of pearl of a peculiar form. It is found marine and freshwater, natural and cultured. It is often used to create beads and bracelets. Baroque colors range from silver to reddish. Learn more about baroque pearls here.
  • Tahiti - It is a high grade cultured pearl. The size of his pearls from 10 to 12 mm. The uniqueness of such a product in color. Shades of Tahiti are found from silver-gray to black.
  • Akoya - the round, cultivated sea mineral from 5 to 9 mm. The palette of its shades includes white, cream, silver, pink and even greenish-black.
  • Ocean - This is a variety of Akoya sea pearls, but with rather large pearls: from 9 to 14 mm. The colors of this mineral repeat the Akoy palette.
  • South Sea Pearls - It is the largest round mineral. He is called the "King of Pearls". The diameter of the pearls is from 10 to 22 mm. The colors of this product are varied, the pearlescent coating is thick, and the gloss is unique.
  • Mabe - the largest kind of natural pearls in the shape of a sphere. It is impossible to cultivate such a product, which is why it has a high price. The colors of this mineral range from silver to black. The diameter of the pearls is from 8 to 20 mm.
  • Kasumi - it is grown on the eponymous lake in Japan. The uniqueness of this product in unusual tints from golden to purple. The very shape of the pearls is very unusual.
  • Majorca - This is an artificial Spanish pearl. It is of rather high quality, of various colors and shapes. The size of pearls reaches 20 mm. Detailed article about artificially grown stones, here.

How and where are pearls mined?

As is known, organic mineral has been extracted directly from water for many centuries. Sri Lanka, China, the United States, Russia, Ireland and even Iran are all countries where there are pearl deposits. For many years, the natural mineral was extracted from the depths of the water by fishermen and hunters.

Artificially grown stone in appearance can hardly be distinguished from the present. Its cost is cheaper than a natural product. And this is justified, because people, taking it from the depths of the water, risk their lives.

Medicinal properties

Beautiful mineral to everything else is a wonderful doctor. They say that pearls can cure various diseases and even prevent new ones.

This mineral treats diseases such as:

  • Diseases of the digestive system.
  • Kidney and liver problems.
  • Hypertension, nervous disorders and weakness of the body.
  • Problems with gums.
  • Conjunctivitis.

They say that water with pearls infused in it, also has its strength. To do this, put a few pearls in a glass of water and leave overnight. Experts say that such water has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects on the human body.

Magical properties

Pearls are surrounded by lots of mystical secrets.

And each country has its own legend:

  • In China, the mineral is honored and considered as a symbol of fertility.
  • In European countries, they say that pearls bring longevity to its owner.
  • In India, it is a symbol of prosperity, improvement, and marriage.
  • In Japan, they believe that pearls are a symbol of youth.
  • The Mongols claim that the mineral gives power to its owner.

Cultured pearls

One of the varieties of pearls is considered to be cultured. It is very similar with the natural mineral, however, there is a slight difference. Cultured pearls create in natural conditions, but with the participation of man. The process is possible in both fresh and seawater.

In order to get the pearls in this way, it is necessary to implant the implant into the body of the oyster. This method is unique in that the result can be scheduled in advance. Scientists have developed a whole scheme, as a result of which, we get the desired shape, size and even color of pearls.

The term of creation of such a masterpiece varies from 4 to 24 months. Depending on what result we want to get. Pearls, growing to 24 months, are covered with a thick layer of nacre. To check whether the product has reached the desired thickness and size, experts use x-rays.

Pearl products

Pearl jewelery has always been considered an indicator of good taste. This magnificent mineral combines tenderness and luxury. The ideal combination that won not one heart is pearls and gold.

This is just a delightful option for the ring. Such decoration is often presented by young people to their brides. Therefore, to the sore question, on which finger to wear pearls? You can easily answer the nameless.

Pearl beads are beautiful in their own right. They serve as an excellent complement to the outfits of fashionistas. However, for lovers of chic, there are many options for combining pearls with precious metals.

Stone care

Pearls - quite picky stone. Therefore, care for him requires increased attention. But do not be afraid.

You only need to follow a few recommendations:

  • After each wearing, pearl products should be wiped off from the remnants of sweat, dust and cosmetics. To do this, use a clean soft cloth, slightly moistened with filtered water.
  • Do not often wear pearls in the open sunshine. From this product can quickly crack.
  • The thread on which the pearl necklace is strung needs to be changed every year.
  • To clean products from the mineral at home should be very careful. This can be done with shampoo, jewelry paste or olive oil.

Where can I buy pearls and how much does it cost?

You can buy pearl products in specialized jewelry stores or via the Internet.

The cost of the mineral is significantly different, it depends on the type of pearls:

  • Price for 1 natural pearl ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars .
  • The cost of 1 cultured pearl varies from 100 to 600 dollars .
  • Black cultured mineral cost from 1000 dollars per piece .
  • River cultured pearl stands from 20 to 100 dollars for 1 pearl .

Who will suit pearl jewelry?

Pearl is one of those gems that looks equally appropriate on a casual dress or a sophisticated evening dress, harmoniously combined with a classic suit or outrageous youth outfit. However, people of different signs of the zodiac, its energy often has the opposite effect.

  • The pearl is best suited to those signs whose element is Water: Cancer, Pisces or Scorpios. Cancers pearls help in moments of sadness and aggravates the innate intuition of this sign, but can provoke unwanted conflict at the time of opposition. The mineral enhances the mental abilities and independence of Scorpion thinking, but at the moment of the highest concentration can be a catalyst for an overly extravagant decision or act. But Pisces simply needs a gem, as it serves as a real talisman, bringing harmony not only in thought, but also in the emotional sphere.
  • Representatives of the signs of the Earth (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn) should wear pearls with caution. It prevents virgins from fully manifesting their practicality and rational thinking, makes Taurus suspicious and unnecessarily disturbing, and Capricorns adds unwanted cynicism in judgment and unacceptable familiarity with actions.
  • Fire signs (Leo, Aries or Sagittarius) pearls even useful. He makes Aries more prudent in a love relationship, cooling his excessively passionate impulses. Lion pearl helps to cope with pride and intolerance of others' shortcomings, but at the same time breaks too strong natures. Sagittarius shining gem reminds of the value of family comfort, not allowing the union with a dear person to be destroyed by ill-considered actions. Unfortunately, however, most of the representatives of the element of Fire do not feel particularly attracted to this mineral and rarely acquire products with shimmering pebbles.
  • Для знаков Воздуха (Близнецов, Весов и Водолея) жемчуг нежелателен, так как его энергетика вступает в противоречие с влиянием воздушной среды. Неустойчивым Близнецам перл помогает укрепиться в уже принятом решении, однако в двойственной ситуации мешает сделать окончательный выбор. If Libra shows sincerity and friendliness, then the mineral is their faithful ally. However, he does not encourage lies and perfidy, only exacerbating the negative qualities of the owner. Aquarius shimmering decoration turns into real seers, but with long-term wearing leads away from reality into a world of dreams.

How to wear pearls correctly?

In addition to the recommendations of astrologers, a lot of belief will be found in the fount of popular wisdom about who should adorn themselves with shimmering threads and brooches, and who should avoid their deceptive brilliance.

  • Before acquiring pearl jewelry, analyze the traits of your own character. If you are too gullible or are prone to obey, the mineral will lead you to frustration and depression, but for strong personalities it will be a great helper, holding back their pressure and aggression.
  • It is undesirable to wear pearls to lonely people, as it causes an unaccountable feeling of sadness and hopelessness of the situation. However, in love and married couples pearl beads will only benefit, strengthening the union and adding to the relationship of mutual understanding.
  • For a long time, dark pearl varieties evoke a special relationship. It is believed that it is suitable only for widows and divorced people, helping them to find a pair again. But for young and married women, black pearls are undesirable, as they can lead to parting with the second half.
  • Pearl is very susceptible to negativity, and therefore for an evil or envious person, it “dies” very quickly: it fades and collapses. In the same way, the mineral reacts to deep sadness, inescapable longing or death of its owner.
  • Pearls are an excellent choice for a female leader. Such a decoration not only gives its owner an appropriate status and elegance, but also helps her to be objective and sensible, making responsible decisions.
  • Even a person who is suitable for all parameters jewelry with pearls, it is necessary when wearing it to follow one important rule. So that pearl beads do not cause tears and loneliness, always wear pearl jewelry in pairs, wearing a ring and earrings, beads and a tiara, a bracelet and a necklace at the same time.
  • Depending on the desired effect, it is reasonable to choose beads of a certain shade. After all, white peas will make you wiser, add dignity, purity and elegance. The pink mineral will suit the girl, emphasizing her freshness, femininity and grace. The lilac thread will bring intrigue and mystery to life, and the golden thread will emphasize the high status of the hostess and attract wealth. A rare green variety is a real talisman of good luck and happiness.
  • One of the most traditional reasons to wear pearl jewelry has long been considered a wedding. Our ancestors believed that pearl beads are the best decoration for an innocent and pure girl bride. Ancient rituals included not only decorating with pearls of a wedding dress and offering them as a gift for engagement or wedding. Among the numerous rituals, it was even envisaged that the young people would be braided with a pearl thread for a strong and happy marriage.

How to make a choice?

To make the decoration truly complement the image and give femininity and elegance to its owner, you need to take a responsible choice.

Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Colour. There are many shades of pearls: delicate pink, peach, beige, mysterious black, classic and pure white, noble olive, mysterious blue and so on. When choosing a color, stylists and jewelers are advised to take into account the purpose of the decoration, as well as skin color. So, if you plan to purchase a casual low-key accessory, then it is better to opt for the classic white color. If you choose beads or earrings for a formal event or social event, pay attention to black, golden or silver pearls. And for a date or party interesting bright colors will do. Be sure to appreciate the color of your skin. If it is light, then you will suit pearls of soft, but not too pale tones, for example, pink. If the skin is olive, pay attention to the jewelry made from peach, black or golden pearls. Also suitable cold shades, for example, blue or olive. But dark-haired ladies are better suited to light colors, for example, milk or white.
  • The size. Large pearls attract attention and, therefore, help to emphasize or highlight one or another part of the body. But they will be relevant only in special cases. Small pearls always look stylish and feminine. In addition, this size can be called universal, as it is suitable for an elegant evening dress, and for a business office image.
  • The form. It is better to choose jewelry from round pearls, since irregular shapes are not suitable for everyone and often look too elaborate. But on the other hand, they look beneficial in the framing of metals and in compositions.

What clothes to wear?

How to wear jewelry with pearls? It is extremely important to combine them with the "right" clothes.

  • Simple thin beads and carnations-carnations will be perfectly combined with strict business clothes, for example, with a simple fitted blouse and classic trousers.
  • The elegant necklace will look best with an elegant evening dress.
  • Low-key pearl beads can be perfectly combined with free-style clothing, for example, with jeans or even shorts, sweaters, turtlenecks and so on.
  • Pearls look especially harmonious with a romantic style, so feel free to wear long skirts to the floor, dresses and new look skirts, feminine blouses and so on.

Several important rules for combining pearl beads with clothing:

  • Pearls do not tolerate competition, so if you decide to include it in the image, then the rest of things should be as simple as possible.
  • If you put on a pearl jewelry, do not cover it with clothes, otherwise chic and elegance will be kept to a minimum.
  • Best of all, pearls are combined with clothes of delicate, pastel, classical or deep tones, such as red, blue, burgundy, black, emerald. Bright shades are best left for another occasion.

How to combine with other decorations?

Immediately it is worth noting that pearls can not and should not be too much. That is, if you put on a chic necklace, limit it to them. If you chose thin pearl beads, then they can be supplemented with another decoration, but the same low-key and elegant. These can be small earrings or a thin bracelet.

Can pearls be combined with precious stones or metals? Full For example, it is perfectly combined with both silver and gold. If the pearl has a warm shade, then it will be in harmony with gold. If the color is cold, then it is advisable to choose silver. As for stones, pearls can be combined with them only in one ornament. In this case, the stones will complement and frame the pearls.

How to wear beads?

If you decide to wear beads, you can do it in one of the following ways:

  • "Collar" - a few strings of pearls, almost completely covering the neck and, possibly, part of the collarbone. This option is suitable for slender girls and owners of small breasts, as attention to the neckline will not be attracted. Such a "collar" will look best with evening dress with a V-shaped neckline.
  • One strand of pearls attached to the neck. This option is more suitable for mature women and ideally combined with business images.
  • Beads of medium length will be combined with a pretty deep neckline of almost any shape.
  • Beads to the chest are combined with different styles of clothing and are suitable for everyone. But such a decoration will attract attention to the neckline, so that the owners of a rather magnificent bust are more suitable.
  • Elongated beads are more suitable for young girls. You can tie them in a knot, it will visually stretch the silhouette.

Large and catchy earrings are suitable for owners of regular and soft face shapes. Carnations with small pearls look romantic and go to all. Long earrings can afford only owners of a rather long neck. In addition, they are combined only with evening wear.

Let the pearl make your look romantic, stylish and feminine!

Can I wear pearls today?

I attribute pearls to the category of jewelery that grows up. As a stylist with 14 years of experience, through whose hands many thousands of wardrobes have passed, I very well imagine my typical client, in the best sense of these words. This is a girl who stands at the fork: look like a girl, despite the numbers in the passport, or slip into the category of "aunt without age."

Pearls, like many other attributes of the classical style, must be worn very carefully, if you do not want to see the above-mentioned "aunt" in the mirror.

Because there is no ETERNAL classics, to which many appeal, waving pearl beads and black little dresses with a colorful handkerchief. Modern classics is a high-quality basic wardrobe with modern decorations and accessories, and not the costume of Grandmother Elizabeth with pearl pusetts.

Classic pearl jewelry is perfect for Queen Elizabeth. They are attached to her status and heavy life duty to comply with the protocol style of clothing.

I do not want to say that pearls are no longer worn - I want to emphasize that it must be from the 21st century.

In the photo below we see Angie in classic pearls. Extra age, solidity and severity of the image speak for themselves.

A strict suit in combination with this styling and precisely these decorations tells us that Jolie attends the event, which obliges to observe the protocol style of clothing. As a rule, these are meetings with top officials of states. Do you often meet with Putin? Then you need such earrings and beads.

How to give a pearl of modern times?

Maneuver number 1 - change the color of pearls! Black, pink, multicolored - not so solid and grown up anymore!

Maneuver number 2 - remove pearls and look 15 years younger :-)))

CONCLUSION: if protocol formalities have bypassed you and you are not one of the thousands of ageless fairy fairies with whom a white T-shirt, jeans and no make up go more than Irina Sheik, think 100 times before putting on classic pearls. You will look solid and adult. Do you really want this?

Compare impressions from jewelry?

Now there are a large number of modern jewelry in which you will look both young and modern without effort.

But if you have an incredible love with pearls, then, to brighten the age effect, burn! I will try to help with what I can :-)


DO NOT wear pearl headsets (earrings and beads).

DO NOT wear pearls with flowered dresses and ruffled skirts, shoes with a round cape, shoes with bows or buckles, clothes with round or shawl collars, and clothes with polka dots. The more you “round out”, the more you risk looking and getting # babi-style in the end.


Do not shrink, exaggerate!

Combine pearls with something grand, brutal. It will work if you have a long string of pearls and other metal jewelry. Or, for example, accessories with chains or spikes.

Remember the Chanel pearl necklace? The thread is long and supplemented with chains, ribbons, some figures. This is much more fun!

Another option - clothes and accessories decorated with pearls! Now it is very fashionable!

Reread the article about modern jewelry, as well as rings and bracelets. Practice your experience!

If your love for pearls is called “forever”, and you want to look young and relevant, pay attention to modern pearl jewelry. Note that the pearls do not play a solo part in them and, as a rule, are “twisted” by metal, an unusual or minimalistic geometry.

We are inspired by the correct jewelry, girls, and we wear pearls stylishly!

By the way, not only pearl jewelry can go out of fashion and grow their owner, making it difficult to look stylish and modern.

And as luck would have it, they did not hear about it in jewelry brands and continue to sell what is no longer fashionable.

Clothing stores have the same story. 80% of things on the shelves will not help you look stylish and modern, and to find the remaining 20% ​​you must be a STYLIST FOR YOURSELF and know how to choose and combine things.

This is what you can learn from me in ONLINE SCHOOL for six weeks! This is an ideal investment in your style, budget, self-esteem and personal time. You will be shopping as a sniper :-) Quickly, accurately, successfully. And your wardrobe will work for you, not you for it.

I will be glad to see you at the School of Shopping, girls!