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Lay one left: what is brushing


Hair styling is a great way to emphasize the beauty and health of your hair. And in order to create a beautiful haircut, it is not necessary to turn to professionals. You can quite beautifully put their curls, even at home. From this article you will learn the features of such a procedure as styling with brushing, as well as the nuances of choosing the perfect comb for this purpose.

What it is?

If this word is unfamiliar to you, then let's first deal with what it is. This word is also called the comb, with which the hairstyle is formed, and the styling process itself. From the English language the word itself is translated as a comb or brush. But in the modern world this term means a special round brush. It has very close setae and hairs. This allows you to lay curls without hurting them.

From the name of this hairbrush comes the term for the process of hair styling into a beautiful hair style. About him and will be discussed further.

Hair styling

In order to put your hair in this way, you will need a special comb and a good hairdryer. If you paid attention to how stylists and hairdressers work, then you, most likely, noted that they first wash clients' hair before styling their hair. And this is not just a whim and a way to relax the visitor. In order for the hairstyle to turn out beautiful and well-groomed, the hair must be clean.

They should also be slightly wet to make it easier to shape the shape you need. On slightly dried with a towel strands need to apply a means for fixation. Without this, of course, you can do, but this stage allows you to extend the period of socks hairstyles. It will keep its shape longer, despite the conditions in which you are.

In this way, you can stack and the bulk of the hair, and bangs, which is very advantageous and convenient. As a result of a simple process of combing hair, a very natural and beautiful styling is obtained. It is perfect for every day, and for some special occasions when you want to look as attractive as possible.

Pleasantly pleased is the fact that brushing is a process that takes a minimum of time, especially as it is much easier to work with a special comb than with different curling irons and irons. You will learn how to use a brush and a hairdryer and you will be able to quickly form your hair into a beautiful hairstyle.

Laying options

With this type of comb you can create hairstyles for different hair lengths. Your hair is long or short, it will still be convenient for you to work with them in such a technique. The main thing is to choose a comb with the desired diameter and understand how to handle it. Let's look at several options for hairstyles that you can repeat yourself at home.

Radical volume

To lift the hair at the roots and make the hair more lush, you can use brushing. In this case, the comb is used only at the very roots, the remaining curls are combed with a simple comb. To get a beautiful volumetric styling, you need to properly pull the hair. It is worth doing this by dividing them into several separate strands. Each of them should be lifted with a brush and dried along the entire length of the hair dryer. It is worth working from the nape and towards the edges.

Straighten with a comb

With the help of brushing, you can not only curl or lift hair, but also straighten it. At first this task may seem impracticable, but over time you will understand the features of this process.

Before you use brushing, your hair should be well combed so that it is smooth and prepared for further styling.. Then, using brushing, start pulling individual strands and blowing them along with the help of a hair dryer along the entire length.

Professionals say that the proper drying of hair in this way using cold air will make the curls smoother, more docile and beautiful.

Make curls

If you do not like straight hair, then with the help of brushing you can curl your hair. Make it even easier. Using combs of different diameters, you can create neat curls of the size you need. The larger the diameter, the larger the curls will be in the end.

To beautifully curl hair at home, divide them into strands. Each separately wind on a comb, as on a curler and then dry it with a hairdryer. To keep the hairstyle a little longer, each strand is recommended to pre-treat with mousse or foam. And when the main array of curls will be ready, fix the resulting hair with lacquer.

Special attention deserves a hairstyle caret. If you decide on it, you are probably ready in advance for the fact that it requires special care. Every day you will have to pull the edges of the hair, forming the desired styling. This is very easy to do with a good brushing and medium power dryer.

As you can see, with the help of such a comb you can make many interesting hairstyles yourself. You can put and long, and medium, and very short hair as you wish.

How to choose the perfect comb?

To have a good hairstyle, it is not enough just to have skills in working with hair. In order to style them, give volume and make interesting hairstyles, you will need a good brush.

A quality brush of this type looks very simple. It has a round base, on which the setae are located. Best of all, if they are soft, so they do not injure the structure of the hair. A good comb of this type should massage the scalp and not harm it. Experts recommend to give preference to brushing made from natural materials, for example, horse bristle.

But if you do not like this option or it seems too expensive, you can always buy a cheaper nylon comb with artificial bristles.

The more obedient and softer your hair, the less problems with them. So, the brush should not be too hard. But for curly and unruly hair, which is difficult to style, you should choose a model with tough natural bristles that will cope with your curls. She will help straighten the curls and make her hair exquisite and beautiful.

Brains with thermal protection deserve special attention. This brush is perfect for styling with a hair dryer. It differs from the classical model by the presence on its surface of special openings into which air penetrates. They help to dry hair more evenly and form a beautiful hairstyle.

Another good option for styling unruly hair is hair dryer. This can be a full gadget or just a hairdryer with a special nozzle. With this device you will work much easier, because everything you need for styling will be in one hand, and the second you can safely divide the curls into separate strands to make them easier to lay.

If you have injured or thinned hair, we recommend also to pay attention to models with a ceramic base. They are able to significantly reduce the harm of hot air and make styling safer for healthy hair.

Also worth paying attention to the diameter of the brush. The size of your hair depends on its size. For large brushes it is worth paying attention to girls with long hair, because short-haired young ladies will find it difficult to work with such a comb. If you have long hair, you should buy several models at once, which will be useful for different situations. You can experiment with the size of the curls, straighten the strands and wind them.

Choose the right model of brushes for you, learn to use them, and even at home you can create a hairstyle no worse than in the salon. So, you get the opportunity every day to look gorgeous.

To find out how to choose brashing for hair styling, see the next video.

How to choose a comb?

Brashing with an aluminum or ceramic base and artificial bristles is useful for any styling. But it is especially convenient for them to create curls, because with its help you can heat the strand with a hair dryer and then cool it, thus forming a beautiful curl. Comb brushes with natural bristles (as a rule, they have a wooden handle) you can straighten your hair, making it naturally smooth and voluminous. Also pay attention to the diameter of the comb. The principle of choice is simple: the longer the hair, the greater the amount of brassing to choose.

How to make this house styling?

For a light volume and moving curls on medium-length hair (across the shoulders), spray on clean, damp hair with a styling spray (for example, Body Crafter, Wella Professionals), and then dry your hair about 80%, head down. At the same time the air of the dryer should be directed along the growth of hair - from the roots to the ends. If you are in a hurry, you can make the air flow maximal, but it is better at this stage to blow-dry the hair at an average temperature and the same speed. Then work bangs and hair near the face. To do this, switch the dryer to hot air and maximum speed, take it in one hand, and the other - brushing. Brush your hair with brushing from the roots to the ends, holding the dryer over the strand at a 45-degree angle above the brushing and not pressing it to the brush itself. After that, comb and dry the strand, but do not let go of the ends, but rotate the brushing. It is very important at this moment to keep the strand taut, otherwise it will become tangled. Then cool it with cold air, and, not letting go, and pulling, wind it on the brushing. Heat the hair again with a hair dryer and cool it with cold air. After the strand has cooled, carefully remove the brushing without stretching the curl. So work out all the hair, winding them away from the face. Fix the result with varnish, and then comb the strands with a large comb. And by the way, with the help of brushing, you can not only twist, but also stretch your hair, you just need to take a brush with natural bristles. And with the help of 2-3 brushes of small diameter you can make curls: just wind small curls and leave them cool.

Do I need styling tools?

Of course! Such products will not only facilitate styling, but also prolong its durability, as well as protect them from harmful hot air. For example, the primer Velvet Amplifier, Wella Professionals, which should be used before the spray to smooth the surface of the hair, is perfect for everyday easy styling.

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What is it for?

Brosage is a very popular procedure in our time, because with its help you can restore your skin's beauty and health. Due to various nozzles and rotational movements, the epidermis is amenable to a good massage, which stimulates the renewal of its surface layers, as well as enhances blood circulation, which contributes to the improved enrichment of skin cells with vitamins and other important trace elements.

After the horny surface layer is completely cleansed, the skin is better to take all sorts of masks, moisturizers and nourishing cream.

The indications for using this hardware method of cleaning the face are: tired skin, fine wrinkles, uneven complexion, black spots, increased skin porosity, as well as increased activity of the sebaceous glands.

So popular is the fact that it can be done without prior preparation, at any time and without a mandatory rehabilitation period. It is performed simply and quickly, usually the session takes no more than 15 minutes depending on the type and characteristics of the skin, during which you will not feel any unpleasant or, even more, painful sensations.

Literally after one session of brushing you will feel how your skin has become younger and transformed: it has become softer and softer, small wrinkles have smoothed out, complexion has become smoother.

Plus, after the procedure, you will not need any special cosmetic care products, you can use any makeup and even sunbathe in the sun. And yet, with all the advantages of the procedure, brushing has its drawbacks.

It is worth noting that this is an easy cosmetic procedure that does not have a deep effect, and therefore is not able to cope with serious temporary changes: deep wrinkles or other defects.

How is the procedure performed?

Brushing is usually performed in beauty salons, however, with special brushes, it can be done at home. Usually in the salons use a special preparation with nozzles that can change during the procedure, rotate at different speeds and in different directions.

  • Pre-face skin is cleansed of make-up, steamed, and then a special exfoliating agent is applied (most often, a scrub for a certain type of skin) and a tonic emulsion.
  • Further, the skin is prepared by applying special cosmetics for the operation of the device.
  • Then, moving along the massage lines, smoothly remove the entire outer layer of the epidermis. Different nozzles are designed for special effects on the skin: on some parts you can use brushes with softer bristles, and on some it will be more sensible to use rigid nozzles.
  • After the procedure, special smoothing preparations are applied to the skin, which, in combination with brushing, produce the maximum effect.

If you want to make high-quality brushing at home, then this is not a problem: in any cosmetology shop get a few necessary brushes and an exfoliating scrub. For face it is necessary to choose a brush with natural bristles or rubber. Before the procedure, always soften it in warm water so as not to damage the skin of the face.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite all the safety and, in fact, harmlessness of brashing, he still has its contraindications. For example, it is most likely not suitable for people with sensitive skin, since mechanical action may adversely affect its condition.

In addition, brushing is contraindicated for people with acne, inflammatory processes and herpes, as well as women during pregnancy or lactation. Take care of yourself and be beautiful!

What is brushing for?

Today, many women have resorted to such a cosmetological method, as blesazh. With it, you can restore the skin of its former attractiveness, fresh look and beauty. In addition, during the procedure, the top layer of the skin is cleaned, the face undergoes a pleasant and gentle massage, as the brushes gently massage the skin, providing a positive effect on it. Among the indications for the use of this cosmetic method for the rejuvenation and cleansing of the face is worth noting:

  • Presence of a black dot
  • Face color change
  • Enlarged pores and increased porosity of the front of the body
  • The appearance of small wrinkled formations
  • Faded and tired skin.

The stimulation stimulates the work of skin cells, serves for the production of collagen and enriches the skin with useful elements. Due to the rotating movements, the skin is well massaged, and after several procedures, it is possible to replace the cheeks and the second chin to become smaller. First of all, this procedure is useful for obese women with large faces.

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