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High-heeled shoes for 2018


In the past, the main purpose of wearing shoes was to protect the feet from external factors. Today, it has become part of the way of life, and many people carry it not only as a means of protection, but also to designate their social class. Especially important is their exclusivity and luxury for the fair sex, who must certainly have in their wardrobe a few pairs of original designer creations. Some of them are often truly luxurious pieces of jewelry and shoe art that can be worn instead of precious jewelry, while others are considered an important part of history, which is significantly reflected in their value.
Present to your attention top 12 of the most expensive women's shoes in the world.

12th place: Golden sandals "Eternal Diamond" from the English jeweler Christopher Michael Shellis are a precious jewel that can be worn on your feet. A pair of pure gold shoes is covered with 2200 diamonds, which justifies their fabulous price - 220 thousand dollars.

11th place: Heels Sandals “Diamond Dream”, which cost 500 thousand dollars, were created by the famous shoe designer Stuart Weitzman in tandem with the jeweler of the company Kviat (Kwiat). To decorate exclusive shoes with stiletto heels, the craftsmen used 1,420 colorless diamonds, with a total weight of about 30 carats. Precious stones are attached to the shoes with the help of pure platinum straps. Lucky woman, who was honored to defile in these shoes on the red carpet at the Academy Awards in 2007, became actress Anika Noni Rose.

Anika Noni Rose in “Diamond Dream” shoes:

10th place: Diamond shoes, created by New Zealand designer Kathryn Wilson, are classic white pumps with golden heels-heels, studded with specially cut stones, laid out with ornate patterns on the entire surface of the shoes. This masterpiece, the total weight of which is 21.18 carats inlaid diamonds, costs 500 thousand dollars. In total, 2,000 diamonds were used to trim shoes and more than 50 designer hours were spent. The shoes were created specifically for a charity auction, which was organized to raise funds for a network of children's hospitals. This event took place in autumn 2013 in Auckland.

9th place: Dorothy's Ruby shoes from the film "The Wizard of Oz" is a real rarity, which is one of the pairs of famous shoes, created in the amount of seven pairs specifically for the filming of the film in 1939. Today, the fate of only four of them is known. The first couple, a member of our rating, were sold at Christie's auction in 2000 for 666 thousand dollars. Another pair was part of the Judy Garland collection in Minnesota, but was stolen in 2005. The third pair can be seen at the exhibition at the National Museum of the Smithsonian Institution of History in Washington. The last couple in 2011 was put up for sale at auction with a starting price of $ 2 million, but never received a single bid. Artificial silk shoes made by Shoes Co. and converted by the dressers of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, covered with red glass beads and decorated with a buckle with three glass ornaments.

8th place: Retro Rose shoes from the already known leader in the field of creating exclusive shoes, Stuart Weitzman, represent a model relating to the style of the 40s. Silver-colored boats with a T-shaped strap and a high gilded heel are decorated with roses, studded with more than 1,800 diamonds, with a total weight of about 100 carats. Such a serious arsenal of precious stones fully explains their value, which reaches $ 1 million. Each year, Stuart Weizman selects for his exquisite and fabulously expensive shoes a new Hollywood star, which effectively strides through the red carpet at the main event in the world of the film industry.

7th place: Elegant stiletto heels from Stuart Weizman with an eye-catching name, “Marilyn Monroe,” topped with a large satin rose studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals. These crystals explain the origin of the name of evening shoes: earlier they decorated earrings that belonged to the famous Marilyn Monroe. At the Academy Awards in 2005, actress Regina King appeared in them. After this event, a pair of luxury shoes was bought at auction for $ 1 million.

Regina King in Marilyn Monroe shoes:

6th place: Platinum Guild stiletto sandals (Platinum Guild), authored by the brilliant designer Stuart Weitzman, cost a fortune - 1,090,000 conventional units. Their platinum straps are encrusted with 464 round and pear-shaped diamonds of the Kwiat jewelry house. Gems can be removed and worn as jewelry. Actress Laura Harring in 2002 became the first woman who was lucky to wear this piece of art at the Oscars.

Laura Harring Platinum Guild Sandals:

5th place: “Ruby sandals” - another creation by Stuart Weizmann, created under the influence of the fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz”. Inspired by Dorothy's shoes, he designed sandals on 11-centimeter heels, trimmed with cherry-red satin with platinum inserts, generously decorated with 642 oval and round rubies, the total weight of which is 123.33 carats. It was planned that the first appearance of the ruby ​​sandals on the public will be held at the ceremony of the Oscars in 2003, but actress Judy Garland, who was supposed to appear in them on the red carpet, did not put them on this event. Later, they still were presented at the exhibition in London. The cost of “Ruby sandals” is a very substantial amount - 2 million USD.

4th place: Luxury sandals made of diamonds and tanzanite worth $ 2 million were invented by Stuart Weitzman in collaboration with elite jewelry designer Eddie Le Vian. This explosive duet of talented designers managed to create stunning silver-plated sandals from 28 carats of colorless diamonds and 185 carats of bright blue semi-precious tanzanite stone of the highest quality. The jewelry composition of stones, wrapped around the ankle, very much resembles a luxurious necklace that was accidentally used for other purposes. They were first demonstrated in Las Vegas in the summer of 2008.

3rd place: “Shoes for Cinderella” - sandals on 11 cm heels, which were used 595 carats of diamonds from Kwiat. On one of them is placed a 5-carat diamond of amaretto color, which itself is estimated at $ 1 million. The American violinist and singer Alison Krauss became the lucky one who wore “Shoes for Cinderella” at the Oscar award ceremony in 2004. The cost of a pair of exclusive shoes from the great designer Stuart Weizman reaches $ 2 million.

Alison Krauss shoes for Cinderella:

2nd place: Rita Haywort shoes from shoe king King Stuart Weitzman are plain-looking chocolate-colored satin shoes that were created in the style of earrings belonging to the legendary Hollywood actress of the late 40s, Rita Hayworth . These earrings, inlaid with rubies, diamonds and sapphires, are placed in the center of satin bows adorning this Weizmann masterpiece. American actress and singer Kathleen York wore these shoes for the first time at the Oscars in 2006. The price of the original pair of shoes from Stuart Weizman is $ 3 million.

Kathleen York in Rita Hayworth shoes:

1st place: Harry Winston's Ruby shoes - another version of the famous shoes of the protagonist of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, released in 1939. On the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the film, the son of the famous jewelry designer Harry Winston, Ronald Winston, decided to create something grandiose that would meet the great love of people for this tale. Two months of tedious and hard work, the jeweler at home Harry Winston spent 4600 rubies on inlay, with a total weight of 1350 carats. In addition to rubies, a precious pair of shoes is decorated with 50 carats of diamonds. This piece of jewelry and shoe art is estimated at 3 million dollars.

The most fashionable high-heeled shoes

Today's trends are relentless. Even if you are a dedicated fan of flat shoes, creating fashionable images without fashionable high-heeled shoes you will not manage. Moreover, the choice is almost unlimited:
from romantic “boats” on stiletto stilettos to feminine variations on the theme of frankly masculine styles. Retro, oriental theme and a bit of glamor - trends invite you to indulge in fashionable fantasies.

The basic rule to which the designers remained faithful is the underlined femininity and sexuality of the models of this season. The poignant nose, which returned victoriously to fashion, sets its own rules of the game - flirty, elegant models in the classic “boat” variant - one of the most popular versions of this season.

The basic style today is enriched with the most unexpected colors and combinations of materials. Juicy complex shades of cherry, turquoise or any "citrus" color, especially in combination with patent leather - hit collections of the fashion season 2018.

Two trends at once, fashionable yesterday, today have lost their relevance. Coloring in the style of "Nyud" - they were replaced by an active "flower" range and massive platforms. But the fact that the proposed designers as an alternative can not but rejoice.

Bright colors and light elegant styles of high-heeled shoes as in the photo - the style of the new season:

Stylish high-heeled shoes

The hit of the new collections was the models in which exactly the heel was given the role of the most expressive and bright detail. First of all, this is height - a modest 7-8 centimeters do not attract designers today. But all that is higher, was the reason for the experiments, which need not only not to be surprised, but also to enter into their own images.

In the first place - it is the shapes and silhouettes of high heels, giving the stylish shoes not only beauty, but also practicality. Massive, steady, rectangular or rounded heels this season have become the main focus and real decoration. Sometimes - literally, as the inlay of metal trim, rhinestones and stones - one of the most relevant methods of shoe decor this season. As well as transparent and matte plastic - it introduces a fashionable daring contrast and easy outrageousness in quite respectable models.

Original and very stylish solutions are given by a combination of materials that literally all leading designers are passionate about today. First of all, these are color compositions that are feminine and flirty this season. As well as fantasy forms of decor - large buckles and flowers from textiles - which are actively gaining popularity.

Two or three colors, combined in one in one model - the current technique of this fashion season, which looks especially impressive in nontrivial combinations of colors and textures. Turquoise with purple, pink with green ... Even the classic options - beige or black today combined with the texture of dressing "under the metal" or plastic. The bolder and more original the combination, the more accurate your stylish high-heeled shoes will fall into the trend.

The most chic high-heeled shoes

The fashion for exquisite luxury, which this season has reached its peak, could not but affect shoe trends. Demonstratively high-quality and noble natural leather with a subdued matte sheen or "varnished" delicately, but accurately emphasize not only the beauty, but also the origin and cost of the model.

Rare types of leather, with reptile dressing, have been enriched with color this season. The whole range of turquoise-blue and red shades perfectly fit into this trend. Such a fashionable mix of timeless classics and design searches resulted in completely new textures. Complex colors in a new way demonstrate a rich natural pattern, and, the simpler the style of the model - the more effective it looks.

The original design idea has always been considered a constant sign of luxury. This season, this was a combination of classic style and original combinations of textures, colors and finishes. Suede and leather, perforated under the lace of the texture and plastic ... Their complex and contradictory combination in chic high-heeled shoes is set by high fashion.

Chanel hit this season in retro style. Brilliant Mademoiselle came up with not only the most elegant dress, but also aristocratic shoes. Today's designers interpret classic “shoes” with a contrasting spout in their own way. Traditionally, light models they decorated with a contrasting combination of black, blue or cherry. And the most avant-garde options - metal inlay.

High heel shoes

Refined luxury is fully revealed in evening models. High-heeled shoes are a must-have for an elegant and sophisticated look for an evening. And here, nothing can compete with models on heels - it gives the image not only lightness, but also sexuality.

Pointed elegant nose is the best match with a thin, almost weightless, but very high hairpin.

Expressive decor and materials in this season completely transformed the classic style. This is not only a demonstratively expensive leather, but also textiles, which will allow you to create original decorative elements for evening models. Bows, flowers and even butterflies adorn the most fashionable evening options.

Comfortable high-heeled shoes

Compromise, it would seem impossible. But the installation of designers on a daily basis shoes with high heels dictates a prerequisite - convenience. To easily and elegantly wear them all day long, you need to get used to them, of course.

Since this is done by professional models, they easily and naturally demonstrate literally stunning samples of design ideas on the catwalks.

But even the most avant-garde shoes can be really comfortable. Fashionable "wide" steady heel of any, even the most intricate form will be a guarantee that you will be comfortable. Especially if the model has a low - no more than a couple of centimeters - a platform in the toe part. Rounded and “closed” sock, with a “tongue” or lacing and ankle strap guarantee you that it will “sit” on the leg like a glove.

But no less important condition on which comfort depends is natural leather, not only outside, but also inside the model.

In such shoes, stylists recommend to master the “catwalk” walk, even to those who usually prefer sneakers and ballet flats.

The important point is the model's shoe, it should be chosen very carefully and not save on its quality. The myth that sophisticated designer models are incompatible with everyday images is hopelessly outdated today. Beautiful current models are designed to wear them every day.

Beautiful shoes

Beautiful and stylish shoes are a fundamental factor in the right wardrobe.. which can highlight your uniqueness and taste. To date, the choice of beautiful shoes has become so diverse that it is quite difficult to sort out the assortment on your own. Consider the most fashionable models, as well as independently make the right choice.

Considering the current fashion shoes in general, all options can be divided into three categories:

Each of the above categories, in turn, is divided into many different subcategories, which can be talked about endlessly, but there are basic models that have won love and recognition:

  • ballet shoes - flat, closed shoes, the heels of which should not exceed 5 millimeters,
  • sandals - shoes with an open top. Can be performed both on the platform and on the heel,
  • open heel shoes - shoes are kept on foot due to a small bracelet or buckle,
  • court shoes - a classic model, suitable for both business style and for combination with jeans and trousers,
  • guarachi - Mexican shoes with leather straps on a small sole,
  • wedges - shoes on a high stable platform,
  • flip flops - summer lightweight shoes with an open upper part with thin soles,
  • flip flops - open shoes on a flat sole, is held on the foot by means of a membrane located between the fingers,
  • slipons - soft cloth shoes on a flat sole,
  • gladiators - sandals, fastened to the foot due to the many straps, rising to the knee.

When choosing shoes, be sure to pay attention to the material from which they are made.. and on their interior trim. It is desirable that it was made of thin skin. In this case, you can not doubt their durability.

As a rule, different models are sewn from the same type of fabric. For example, gladiators are made of leather. Если рассматривать варианты из ткани или кожзама, то есть несколько минусов. Во-первых, слишком тонкий материал может стать причиной быстрого износа. Во-вторых, постоянный контакт с голой кожей может привести к раздражению и неприятным ощущениям.

Стоит ли переплачивать значительные суммы за обувь из натуральных материалов? В основном, да. Однако все зависит от того, насколько хорошо вы носите обувь. Неоспоримыми преимуществами натуральной кожи, замши и т.д. являются:

  • wearing comfort
  • no smell
  • quality,
  • durability.

But there are also disadvantages. For example, the skin will withstand worse permanent contact with water, thereby making the shoes less durable. In addition, the skin tends to stretch.

How to choose heels

No matter how comfortable flats and sneakers are, it is worth knowing that a completely flat shoe sole for health is not only not useful, but even harmful. therefore One of the criteria for the selection of "clothing for the feet" should be the presence of heels.

Most people with the word "heels" in the imagination immediately have pictures of some have already become the talk of the town of Labuten. Meanwhile heels come in different lengths and widths: high, medium, low, thin, thick. The choice is large, and each woman will be able to choose for themselves shoes in accordance with their preferences.

But personal preferences in the buying process should not be a major guideline. It is important to remember that shoes, like clothes, should emphasize strengths and hide flaws.. Women-inch can afford long studs, but the Rubens women - no. That is, they can buy something, this is not prohibited by law, but there will be no positive effect from this shoe. It is better for ladies in the body not to be seduced by the beauty of shoes with a thin hairpin and to opt for the same high, but wider heel and platform.

In this case, the harmony of the image will remain, and the effect of lengthening the legs will be present.

When choosing a heel, you should focus not only on the parameters of the figure, but also on the clothes, and even on the fabric from which the clothes are sewn. Here, a simple formula works: the heel thickness is directly proportional to the density of clothing fabric. The lowest length of the heel - from 0.5 cm. These shoes are comfortable and practical. With them you can safely wear a mini-skirt or dress.

Regarding the length there is a rule: the higher the heel, the lower the length of the skirt, and vice versa.

Of course, the most beautiful shoes are high heels. You can not love her, but you can not deny her magical effects on the exterior - it is worth a woman "soar" above the ground with the help of studs, and now she looks quite different. More luxurious, more feminine. If the desired transformation in heels does not come out, then the point here is no longer in the shoe itself, but in the fact that it was incorrectly chosen or the particular lady was not accustomed to walking in it.

To achieve the desired effect of heels, you need to know how to choose them and avoid mistakes.

Women who do not have slippers, except slippers, are well versed in how to choose the right shoes, boots or sandals. However, they may be mistaken if they wear heels solely because in all women's magazines they say that it is beautiful. Such Ladies suffer for years, stoically enduring all the physical suffering caused by uncomfortable shoes, paying for their old-age health problems in the foot area. Therefore, for the beginning, a woman who came to a shoe store should decide for herself whether she really needs these torments?

The fact that it is pleasant to look at the shoes from the outside does not at all mean that it is pleasant to walk in them. Beauty requires sacrifice.

Do I have to make sacrifices in the name of heels? Not. Refuse in this case from the heels? Also no. In fact, shoes, boots, high-heeled sandals can be comfortable, this is not a myth at all. You just need to choose those models that have a platform under their toes, sometimes hidden. And the higher the platform, the better.

The heel can be very high, but if it is adjacent to a wide platform under the toe, the foot will not feel this height. The leg will feel like a support and a slight heel of the heel, because for it it feels like shoes with low heels. By choosing such shoes, you can safely walk in it all day. The legs will get tired, but rather from walking than from the load caused by heels.

What to do with other shoe models that do not have a platform? If shoes fit the figure and clothes, then it is better to buy. But in this case, it should be understood that imminent inconveniences are inevitable and, if possible, prepare in advance interchangeable shoes (if circumstances allow it to be used).

You should not buy shoes in the evening, as many of the legs in the evening swell, thereby changing their shape and size. The main thing when choosing shoes is comfort in further use, a feeling of lightness and comfort when walking. Quality material from which they are made, plays one of the main functions when wearing shoes. It is necessary to be able to walk beautifully in them in order to arouse the envy and glances of outsiders.

Choose shoes that would look elegant, and also be comfortable and comfortable.

These boats fit any girl and woman, regardless of style. Classic is always in fashion. Neutral color allows you to combine shoes with jeans, suits and dresses.

Classic shoes with a steady heel made of natural suede. This option is suitable for business ladies for the autumn period. Beautiful and trendy shade emphasize the taste and style.

As we noted above, the current trend is an emphasis on material. A beautiful pattern on natural leather with suede tabs will look great with jeans and skinny pants.

Weekend shoes with an emphasis on color combination and a spectacular stud. A great choice for holidays.

Choosing the right shoes is a guarantee that your appearance will always be on top!