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Summer manicure - new photos


Summer is the best time of the year for fashionable experiments. It is in the summer that you can create original fashionable bows from simple and stylish things, playing with hues and tones, and combining them in a variety of stylish sets.

In addition to clothing, fashionable experiments are welcome in categories such as makeup and, undoubtedly, beautiful summer nail design.

Summer nail design 2018-2019 will be as bright and interesting as ever, bringing summer accents, rich colors, original summer solutions into every fashionable image.

Beautiful and fashionable summer nail design is a summer manicure that refreshes the image of a woman, makes her unique and unusual.

Fashion trends dictate their own rules, what should be the summer nail design, offering the fair sex an actual summer manicure for every taste.

Today we will offer you our view on beautiful summer nail design, showing you a chic summer manicure in amazing examples.

Our photo collection on the theme “The most beautiful summer nail design” contains original summer manicure ideas, presents both delicate summer nail design and bright summer nail design with drawings, patterns, concise summer nail design in monochrome using traditional and innovative techniques.

Today, summer nail design can not but rejoice with diversity, because the talent of professionals is limitless, which means that every year a new summer nail design appears, complementing existing ideas.

For women who like restrained, but interesting summer nail design, summer nail art using French and moon manicure will appeal to taste. Restrained, elegant, but at the same time rich and bright.

On warm days, you can make French and lunar summer nail designs in pink, red, blue, light green, yellow and other rich colors that harmoniously complement your summer look.

Perfectly look summer look of a design of a service jacket a french and lunar in combination with patterns and drawings which will bring notes of heat, the sun and a positive in classical decisions.

It is for this season that the summer manicure in a complex design is very relevant, creating a whole composition on the nails.

In one manicure several colors can be combined, stripe and polka dots, rhinestones and beads, pattern and pattern, matte and glossy summer nail design, etc.

But be careful that your summer nail design does not turn out to be too flashy and intrusive.

Even in summer, when the brightness of colors and unusual solutions are welcome, you can spoil the summer nail design, if you overdo it with a lot of elements.

Considering the win-win nail art options for the summer, we can surely point out the summer nail design with flowers, because flowers look delicately at the hands of women, when a light summer dress flows through the figure, hair develops from a warm, playful breeze, and the woman’s eyes reflect her beautiful mood.

Floral fantasies that adorn the summer nail design, can be gentle, rich, bright, calm.

You may prefer a summer nail design with a monochromatic lacquer, highlighting only one or two nails with a floral pattern, or the flowers will cover the entire summer manicure.

A good idea, which you should definitely try in the summer, will be a summer manicure with butterflies.

Positive summer nail design with butterflies, like flower manicure, will be the highlight of any summer bow, because summer design with butterflies can be done not only in the daily version, but also create a summer manicure with butterflies for a special occasion.

Only at this time you should definitely try to make a delicious summer nail design.

On the nails, you can draw juicy pieces of oranges, lemons, berries and other fruits that only your violent fantasy wishes.

For creative women, you will like summer nail design with cute animal patterns, stylish summer manicure with painted shoes, squares, stripes, and blots.

Geometric summer nail design, as well as a jacket, can be attributed to the already traditional versions of nail art, because stylish geometry will be appropriate at any time of the year.

If you have a special event, make yourself nice, choose a summer nail design with rhinestones, exquisite patterns, microbies and acrylic modeling.

This summer nail design is presented in our photo collection in a large number of examples, so we advise you to choose for yourself a luxurious summer nail design with rhinestones and patterns, so that you always have a super idea of ​​evening nail art in bins.

We will not forget today to mention such a variety as summer nail design with a gradient.

Fashionable ombre manicure pleases with a combination of rich and restrained shades, decorating both cool summer sets and impressive fashionable bows.

For girls and women who want to be in trend, we offer summer nail design with drops, as well as summer manicure, broken glass and summer nail design with glitter.

Named summer nail design can be presented in a complex design on a glossy and matte surface, combined with the techniques of ombre, drawing drawings and patterns of different subjects.

Do not forget that summer nail design on your hands should be harmoniously combined with a pedicure, and it is not necessary that summer manicure and pedicure be the same, as long as summer nail design is united by a common idea.

In fact, summer nail art can be talked about for a long time, but we’ll better show you a beautiful summer nail design, inspiring you to create original manicure options, both at home and with the help of a specialist.

Fashion news summer manicure gel varnish

  • Bright summer design sweet bloom

Very beautiful and unusual in color design nails, which can rightly be considered a bright new year. Such a manicure for the summer differs not only with a special style of drawing, but also with the technology of implementation. First, a black substrate is applied to the nail, then different elements are drawn with a brush and colored gel polishes, and after that the same shades of varnishes are mixed with particles of fine white acrylic powder and a voluminous pattern is applied. In the photo below you will find options for design in the style of Sweet bloom.

Training video on summer manicure Sweet bloom

  • Insect theme

Last summer, a manicure with butterflies was incredibly popular, this year it will be replaced by designs with dragonflies and cute little ladybirds and other cute bugs.

Modern technology nail design allows you to create very realistic drawings on the nails. In this regard, the topic of juicy fruits this summer will receive a new life. The drawings of lemons, watermelons and kiwi will become more voluminous, more elaborate, decorated with juicy droplets.

It's like summer rain on the nails. Manicure with droplets is now decided to perform on coatings with a metallic effect and powdery matte shades.

  • Minimalism and nud style

Despite the fact that in the summer you want more vibrant colors, nude and minimalistic designs will be popular on a level with a colorful manicure. Minimalism and naturalness in fashion is not the first year, but in the 2018th these styles will receive a new reading. The most trendy is the combination of beige and black gel polish in manicure.

Summer manicure: popular techniques

Bright cocktail colors in the technique of ombre. A smooth transition from dark to lighter shades always delights those around you. Such summer manicure looks spectacular and very catchy. Such beauty is hard to miss. It should be noted that ombre refers to a variety of gradient manicure, which for several years now has not lost its popularity among fashionistas. Therefore, be sure to try to embody this stylish solution on your nails.

Summer Ombre Manicure

Moon manicure. This is a fairly simple, but very fashionable summer nail design. Its main advantage is that you can cope with it without even resorting to the professional help of a master. Summer manicure in the "lunar" technique is universal. It is appropriate as a business image, and for parties. As a daily option, you can choose the popular pink manicure.

Summer moon manicure

If you prefer the classics, then you will need a French manicure, which never goes out of fashion and is appropriate in any situation.

Summer French manicure

Matte manicure looks restrained, but no less impressive than glossy.

Summer matte manicure

An unusual and summer-like marble marble manicure in bright shades looks fun. This is one of the most difficult manicure techniques, but the end result is worth it. The pattern turns out to be fantasy, that not every person will guess how it is performed.

Summer marble manicure

And what if you decorate the legs with a velvet manicure? Everything is very simple here and it can be done even at home. To perform it, you need a short-haired flock of any bright shade. For example, pink. Paint the nails with a shade close to it, after the varnish dries a little, the finger goes down in a jar. The fibers stick to the nail. Surplus can just shake gently. The effect is just awesome!

Summer velvet manicure

Summer manicure: the brightest ideas

In the summer you can pamper yourself with a bright and eye-catching manicure. And the brightness is not only in the use of colorful shades. Lucky can be pastel colors. It all depends on their contrast and additional design on them.

Ideas of summer manicure photos, which can be viewed on the Internet, are simply endless. The design can use a variety of glitter, acrylic paint, decorative sand, and more. For a more sustainable manicure, nails can be covered with gel polish. As for its color options, the most popular are: mint shades, emerald, blue-blue, peach, pink, beige and lilac.

The fastest way to perform a beautiful manicure with a pattern is to use all sorts of stencils and stamps.

In 2018, simple patterns are relevant, such as circles, broken lines or vertical, horizontal stripes. The latter are performed using adhesive tape (tape).

In summer, floral and fruit motifs also remain popular.

Summer manicure with stickers (photo)

Summer manicure with flowers (photo)

Ideas bright summer manicure (photo)

Summer manicure with rhinestones (photo)

Summer manicure with rhinestones and velvet powder (photo)

Summer manicure with a picture (photo)

Summer manicure with flowers (photo)

Summer manicure: photo design gel nail polish

This year is relevant medium and short length nails. Long extended nails receded into the background. Now it is fashionable to cover nails with shellac of various shades. Also, do not think that it is impossible to make a beautiful drawing on short nails. This is absolutely not the case, as you can clearly see by viewing our photo gallery.

Stylish summer manicure in nude style (photo)

Baroque summer manicure (photo)

Fashionable summer manicure with flowers (photo)

Summer manicure with rhinestones and broken glass (photo)

Stylish summer manicure in a nautical style (photo)

Stylish summer manicure in beige color (photo)

Stylish baroque summer manicure (photos)

Stylish summer manicure in pink color (photo)

Ideas summer manicure (photo)

Summer manicure: lines and geometry (photo)

Summer manicure with rhinestones (photo)

Summer manicure with raspberries (photo)

Manicure with a pattern of dots

Ideas summer manicure (photo)

Summer manicure with velvet monograms (photo)

Beautiful summer manicure (photo)

Summer Provence Manicure (photo)

Fashionable summer manicure 2018-2019: a very bright summer manicure

When not in the summer to try the most breathtaking shades of lacquer, making the most beautiful and vibrant summer manicure. Variants of summer manicure 2018-2019 years in bright and very unusual solutions will please even the most demanding fashionistas.

Original ideas for the summer manicure of 2018-2019 using unusual and funny drawings of a wide variety of subjects - appetizing fruits, spectacular palm trees, sea anchors, flowers and beautiful abstract drawings.

All this can be used to create a beautiful summer manicure 2018-2019 year. The sea theme is also very popular - a fashionable summer manicure with sea stripes and anchors looks very colorful.

You can create a spectacular summer manicure with geometric patterns, if you choose the right shades of lacquer. Such a summer manicure is very unusual and bold - a great option for summer.

Fashion experts also offer a bright summer manicure using classic techniques - Ombre, French, moon manicure only with brighter summer shades of lacquers.

Such a summer manicure will appeal to lovers of a classic manicure, but will allow you to bring bright colors to the summer manicure of 2018-2019.

Beautiful summer manicure 2018-2019 year in pastel colors

For lovers of gentle and light manicure, we offer summer manicure options in gentle pastel colors, which are popular and will be in trend in 2018-2019.

Summer manicure in soft pastel colors is perfect for any summer outfit, harmoniously combined with light dresses, sundresses, silk blouses. Beautiful summer manicure in pastel colors can be created using the ombre technique, as well as with a delicate floral design.

Summer manicure in pastel colors with a beautiful design is incredibly delicate, romantic and as if airy. Such a manicure for summer will harmoniously complement any of your image.

Beautiful summer manicure 2018-2019 year for the evening

Fashionable summer manicure for evening out should be more restrained, elegant and concise. Preference can be given to a manicure in dark or nude tones, as well as the popular and very fashionable metallic manicure.

For special occasions, you can use jewelry for nails - rhinestones and a special strip of golden or silver color in combination with light varnish - such a summer manicure looks especially beautiful and luxurious.

Summer manicure: 170 photos of bright and stylish examples

If you are interested in ideas for summer manicure, our article will be as useful as possible. We collected in one place 170 different examples for all occasions. In order not to get lost in such a diversity, all the photos of the summer manicure are divided into separate categories. We are sure that they will become a real inspiration for you when creating an original and memorable summer manicure.

Bright summer manicure

Girls who are not afraid to attract the attention of others, we advise you to pay attention to the most catchy and colorful options of nail art. Create a bright summer manicure is easiest with different neon shades. It will be even more noticeable if you use several contrasting tones. Dark colors may also be present in a small amount, but unlike winter manicure, they do not play the main role here. Bright manicure is a great idea for both relaxing and having fun in the city.

The basic rules of manicure for girls

The first thing to focus on is the age of the child. Of course, the smallest ones do not need to do this procedure. She will be too tiring for them and in 5 minutes any child will simply start to be capricious.

Nail art experts still recommend starting to do a manicure no earlier than 10 years, and only at the request of the child.

It should be noted that manicure for children is carried out a little differently than for adults. First, in no case can not push back the cuticle and cut it. Moreover, the technology of non-trimmed manicure is considered much safer even for adults. As for children, the cuticle is still very thin, so in the process you can damage the nail plate. Unfortunately, this very often leads to the deformation of the nails.

To soften the fingers, you can make a bath of herbs or with sea salt. This procedure will definitely appeal to all girls. If there are burrs, they can be cut with scissors or with the help of special tweezers.

We should also note the length of the nails. Do not leave them long or cut down to the base. These are the two extremes that should be avoided. After all, too long marigold will interfere and break, and short ones will lead to the fact that they will not grow properly.

The most optimal length of the nails - no more than 3 mm free edge. This will allow them to stay clean and tidy. In addition, the girl's well-groomed nails gnaw much less often. Therefore, a manicure is a great way to get rid of such a habit.

The shape of the nails is better to choose rounded. She will be comfortable in the active daily life of the child. In addition, these nails will not scratch the skin.

As for the color scheme, then for school everyday the best solution is a clear varnish. He will not cause questions from teachers and give the nails well-groomed. Of course, during the holidays you can allow the child a greater variety. For example, bright colors and beautiful pictures.

Маникюр для девочек: варианты дизайна 2017

Во время каникул можно делать ребенку интересные варианты дизайна и вовлекать в этот процесс. У девочки наверняка есть предпочтения и пожелания к тому, что нарисовать. Предложите попробовать сделать ей самостоятельно рисунки на одной руке, а на второй помогите сами. Если стремления рисовать у девочки нет, то можете сами сделать дизайн исходя из ее пожеланий.

Lovers of cartoons can please the image of the main character or another favorite character. Also a good solution would be drawings in the form of animals, butterflies or flowers. Believe me, she will be delighted with this marigold design.

To draw such a cute bunny without problems can every mother. To do this, you can use a special brush or scrap materials in the form of a toothpick.

If the brushes make it difficult, do not worry and get a slider design with the necessary image. To properly apply it, you need to prepare the nails. First you need to cover them with a base coat of varnish. The most suitable is the white color, since all the details will be visible on it.

After the varnish has dried, you need to prepare a slider. In a shallow container of water, place the picture for a few seconds. When it is separated from the paper, transfer it to the desired nail with an orange stick and evenly distribute. Apply a clear lacquer over the slider to fix the design.

In the summer season, images of berries and fruits will be an excellent design option. For example, cherries and strawberries decorate nails and make a manicure a little more playful and fun.

By the way, it is not necessary to draw only one fruit. Show a little imagination and be sure that your daughter will appreciate such a manicure.

In 2017, the dot design is very popular. It is used by modern girls to create a picture on their nails. Make a beautiful pattern in this technique can be for little girls.

This will require dots - a special tool that allows you to do the same size points. First, cover the nails with a base coat of varnish. Then apply points of a contrasting color in any order. By the way, the dot design is very simple to do, so your daughter will be able to make such a manicure on her own.

A teenage girl can offer newspaper design as a design. It looks quite unusual and will be appropriate even for visiting the school. First you need to prepare pieces of newspaper that will be used for design. Moisten a cotton pad with alcohol and place a picture on it. At this time, varnish the nail and not waiting for drying attach a piece of newspaper.

After removing the newspaper with tweezers, the letters will be printed on the nail. Repeat this on a few nails to create a beautiful design.

If you are planning a trip to the sea with your whole family, then this is a great reason to do a themed manicure. The combination of red, blue, blue and white colors - ideal for relaxing on the beach. A drawing in the form of a steering wheel or anchor will complement the design of the manicure and make it even more beautiful.

Another design that is very popular in 2017 is a geometric design. It will look great even without the little girl's marigolds. Do not choose too complex patterns that will be difficult to apply. Simple stripes and geometric shapes can be made with a thin brush or even a toothpick.

To make a beautiful manicure for a girl is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Listen to her opinion, show your imagination and then the result will delight you both.

What do you think, is it worth it to manicure your little princesses?

Create a summer mood and trendy summer manicure 2019-2020

Fashionable summer manicure 2019-2020, like all other fashion trends, will embody femininity and personality.

Summer manicure is in fashion, which will emphasize your summer style, whether it be sports, romantic, street or business style of clothes.

Summer manicure will be decorated with bright monochrome varnishes, complemented by delicious fruit patterns.

Popular will be a fashionable summer manicure with a floral ornament. A beautiful summer manicure with stripes, decorated with anchors, painted ropes and other similar details supporting the summer sea theme in manicure will look gorgeous.

Colorful summer manicure 2019-2020 - fashionable summer manicure with abstract drawings, blots.

Fashionable summer manicure with abstraction - it’s as if the artist’s careless strokes, rather than the efforts of a professional master, who smoothly fall on the nail plate, creating the effect of expression and a colorful explosion.

It would seem that the techniques are repeated, and the trendy summer manicure is not very different from the nail art options of past seasons, but in fact, every season there is a new summer manicure, which, even using familiar techniques, looks and is perceived in a new way.

The trendy summer manicure with a geometric print that will be even cooler and more interesting this summer can be attributed to the category of recurring trends.

Although many people say that it is better to refuse classics in the summer, we note that the classic summer manicure has not gone away, on the contrary, a fashionable summer manicure welcomes the use of french, ombre, moon nail design, which will be performed in bright and saturated shades of varnishes.

Girls and women who love an exquisite summer manicure, no doubt, need a trendy summer manicure in all shades of pastel.

Gentle summer manicure in pastel shades is also a fashion trend of 2019-2020, because such a summer manicure is universal, it can be made to any outfit, they can not spoil any fashionable image for the summer.

Just a summer manicure in pastel colors can be an experimental basis for creating other manicure options.

A plain summer manicure can always be supplemented with a neat pattern on one nail.

Flowers, photo design, newspaper ornament, cell, metallic summer manicure, boho-style summer manicure and summer manicure with ethnic motifs are many ideas, and all of them are very appropriate for summer.

Therefore, lovely women. Whatever fashionable summer manicure 2019-2020 would not suit you, be sure to try the trends of summer manicure and add something new and exclusive to your summer look.