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Brains on one side: 10 unusual TV shows that are worth watching


  1. "Game of Thrones". This series, undoubtedly, can be called strange, because passion, cruelty, bloody, frank and erotic scenes, civil strife, feuds and many other things are wonderfully mixed in it. And all this is happening in the world that does not exist and was created by the inimitable George Martin, divided into seven kingdoms. Each ruler is trying to conquer the iron throne and is ready to go to their heads and kill for the sake of it, and they do everything successfully. A long summer is coming to an end, a long winter is coming, and white walkers are tearing from behind the Wall, who can destroy everything in their path. There are a lot of different characters in this series, but you shouldn’t get used to them and you shouldn’t get used to it, because at any moment each of them may die: their life is very difficult and dangerous, and the author’s imagination is limitless and amazing.
  2. "Breaking bad" - the series, which managed to become a cult and allowed to watch the incredible reincarnations of the main character. A simple chemistry teacher, Walter White, learns that he is fatally ill. He was an exemplary family man, but, in despair and having decided to at least ensure the comfortable existence of his family, he began to manufacture amphetamine. And now this is not the modest teacher, but an experienced, methodical, cynical and mercenary drug dealer.
  3. “Mad ex” - This is a series with humor that will make you laugh. The main character is Rebecca Bunch. She is a fairly successful lawyer working in New York. But one day, the girl meets her old school love - Josh. And although it has been ten years since their last meeting, Rebecca for some reason decides that her feelings have not faded away, and only this guy can make her happy. She leaves work and usual life and goes to the California backwater with a strange name in order to win the heart of her beloved. But that reciprocal sympathy does not feel and treats the heroine frivolously. And yet Rebecca is ready for anything and more. She gets into funny situations, strives for a goal and periodically performs musical numbers. All this is a bit strange, but at the same time very funny.
  4. "Nicercocker Hospital". Events unfold at the beginning of the last century. In those days, science was actively developing, but medicine was still far from modern. John Tackery is a talented surgeon who seeks to help each patient, use advanced achievements and keep up with the times. The Nikerboker Hospital has become the most scandalous and well-known medical institution, because it used new, but sometimes strange and not fully studied methods. Few approved Jonah, but, like a real genius, he was ready for condemnation. At his own risk, he begins to try out new ways and means, but he doesn’t know yet what this may lead to.
  5. “Bad” (“Garbage”) - Another unusual series that is worth watching. A group of not the most educated and prosperous young people for committing minor crimes performs community service. They are not friends and not enemies, they have nothing in common. As in any team, quarrels, fights and scandals periodically flare up among them. But one “beautiful” day begins the strongest storm, and lightning makes these people superheroes. They understand that they are now endowed with unique abilities, but do not yet know how to use them. Moreover, none of the characters are happy with their new forces, because they can reveal the most intimate secrets and bring out all the experiences, fears and complexes. Perhaps someone tried to make a joke on the heroes? Anyway, watching their adventures is very entertaining.
  6. “You are the embodiment of vice”. This would seem to be a love series, but not the most ordinary, but a bit strange. The main characters Jimmy and Gretchen met by chance and realized that each of them - the real embodiment of vice. Both are incredibly cynical and depraved. Jimmy says what he thinks, and his thoughts are mostly vulgar. Gretchen is a girl without complexes and without principles, living by the norms she invented herself. And these two are trying to build relationships, if you can call it that. They try to be together and understand how unreal it is. And in the process of trying, young people reflect on life and its meaning, and some such thoughts are very entertaining.
  7. "Doctor Who". The story of this unusual and strange series began back in 1963. Twenty-six years later, it ended, and everyone almost forgot about this creation. But after the unsuccessful movie of the same name, the creators decided to bring the series back to life and launched it again in 2005. In the story, an unknown alien humanoid who calls himself a Doctor travels through time and space, and aimlessly. For some reason, his spaceship looks like a police box. And the alien himself, like a man, is incredibly eccentric, charismatic, intelligent and educated. He is well versed in history, science and innovative technologies. And together with him, the expanses of the earth and universal space plow his companions, and the Doctor constantly has to repulse the cosmic villains and once again save mankind from inevitable death.
  8. "Mother". The main heroine of the series Christie is a single mother, in whose life she is in turmoil. Women's happiness turned out to be unrealizable, the children did not meet expectations, and the bad habit was nearly destroyed. But still, Christie copes with alcoholism and tries to start a new life. And everything would be fine, but something constantly interferes with it. Either Bonnie's addicted mother constantly climbs with her advice, then Violet’s daughter turns out to be pregnant. And how to deal with this all, when to fight is simply no longer strength? But this woman is never discouraged, as well as the audience, watching her hard and sometimes ridiculous fate.
  9. "The Kimmy Schmidt Is Unbending". This series is worth seeing in the fall, because it will not just lift your spirits and make you laugh heartily, and sometimes to tears, but also make you not give in to depression and understand that everything depends only on us and on our mood. The main character - Kimmy Schmidt. For the past fifteen years, she was a member of a sect in which the cult of the end of the world was preached. One can only imagine how all these poor fellows lived, but Kimmy decided to start a new life and move to New York. Then she realizes with horror that the world has changed a lot, and she was not ready for some situations and changes. But strong Kimmy does not break! And she tries not only to adapt to new conditions, but also to help her friends. Not everything works out right away, but the viewers are even more fun.
  10. "Orange is the hit of the season". The main heroine Piper Chempen - the most common average resident of the US state of Connecticut. She loves her completely prosperous and successful life. Morning shower, delicious food, pleasant little things, temptations ... But all this collapses in a flash. And her fleeting infatuation with the drug lord who seriously framed the girl ruined her. The case with money earned on drugs discovered in her became a pretext for punishment and imprisonment. And although they put Piper in for just fifteen months, this short period will be a serious test for her, because now she must not only get used to a new, not better life, but also find out the answers to some questions and just save her life. Watching all this is extremely interesting.

It was the best and a bit strange series that will interest extraordinary people.

Legion: the most powerful mutant

What would a beloved woman think if she suddenly finds a boyfriend in a completely ruined kitchen? Well, that is, as ravaged: absolutely all objects (except for heavy furniture) left their seats (tabletop, shelves, drawers, refrigerator) and rotate in the air around the dark-eyed poor fellow. Who will tolerate this? No one! Especially if a loved one suffers from a split (or rather, deception or worse) personalities, he constantly sees strange, as if descended from the pages of children's horror stories, boys and mountain-like demons with burning eyes. Of course, the very place for such a schizophrenic is in a mental hospital! But not everything is so simple. It turns out that David from the very unusual series “Legion” (Dan Stevens) is not at all sick! What happens to him, find out when you look at the first season. And this is only the beginning of the adventures of the most powerful mutant.

Twin Peaks: the city "on your mind"

A lady of the power, gently pressing a log to the heart, red rooms and black wigwams, backward-speaking vile dwarfs and frightening bald brigands, frivolous starlets and one-eyed sullens - this is the world that Special Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLoclayn) has pleased. And Dale just had to: investigate the murder of the young darling of the town Twin Peaks, lost in a gloomy more often. The case, which was entrusted by the FBI sheep, brought him into the real jungle, and not at all forest, but otherworldly. At the same time, every inhabitant of the backwater is on his mind. Although “Twin Peaks” and the most unusual detective series, the authors, led by the hard-witted visionary David Lynch, are clearly bent on the final. Maybe the continuation of the show, which is about to be released, will finally explain all the riddles and omissions?

Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency: what happens?

In American slang there is an expression encoded in three letters: “WTF”. If you translate it censored, it turns out: what the “garbage” is happening? This is exactly what you are doing all the time while watching another unusual series, a completely new one (now its second season is being filmed), Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Absolutely pofigichesky title character in the performance of British actor Samuel Barnett sure: when investigating any, the most complicated, case, you just have to ... do nothing. The universe will lead to you and witnesses, and the perpetrators, and the necessary evidence throw. The main thing - be patient and watch! Well, Dirk does it just fine! Proof of this are the mountain corridor, who saw his twin in the hotel (Elijah Wood), his crazy sister, who is afraid to go beyond the threshold of the house (agoraphobia, you know), hiding in a gloomy mansion, a friendly corgi, a frightened black kitten, a holistic killer ( which is all the same, whom to deprive of life) and bloody traces. It remains to add that this cute nonsense is based on the book of Douglas Adams, who invented the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Wilfred: a very bad dog!

All the same slang can be shouted out when meeting the “Wilfred” sitcom, launched on American TV in 2011. Holistic Agency and Wilfred (by the way, a remake of the Australian show) are united by one name: Elijah Wood. In the sitcom, he portrays a handsome young guy who, instead of his girlfriend's dog, imagines a vulgar, foul-mouthed and constantly eccentric odd guy in disguise as a carnival dog costume. Such is insanity. What is strange: Ryan gets used to this communication and becomes better under the influence of the “miracle dog”. An unusual series about an unusual friendship went four seasons, it is curious that in the original and in the remake the role of the man-dog was played by the same artist, comedian Jason Gann.

Wonderfall near the waterfall

We will stretch the thread from the hero of “The Lord of the Rings” to the “Hobbit” character and recall the stately and beautiful elf king played by Lee Pace. Imagine this actor? Fine! He was still an antagonist in the first "Guardians of the Galaxy." Now imagine the scientist lady psychologist, who tried to justify in his eyes the heroes of the series "Hannibal": she was played by Canadian actress Caroline Daverdas. Both of these artists, Pace and Davernas, took part in the cute (and very unusual) mini-series of 2004, “Miracle”. Davernas became a simple girl Jay Tyler, a souvenir saleswoman in a shop near Niagara Falls, and Pace - her brother. Once, wild things began to happen to the girl: she heard household items and her souvenirs talking. Well, that brother believed her, otherwise Jay would have decided that she was insane.

World of the Wild West: permissiveness, put on a luxury level

When respectable actors (like Oscar-winning Anthony Hopkins or the wonderful Ed Harris) start playing futuristic, this is unusual and worth seeing! Especially if their heroes act in the universe invented by Michael Crayton (he is the author of the novel “Jurassic Park”). Spectators once again get acquainted with the fascinating realities of a vast amusement park, but this time the “attraction” for the rich is not inhabited by prehistoric reptiles, but by robots, which cannot be distinguished from ordinary people. At the same time, you can kill, rape, smash and rob (the Wild West environment has been reproduced in the park), and no one will do anything to you. It is impossible to shoot or kill the guests of the park (and even more so, bring to justice). But one day the androids will realize what's what (not without the intervention of a human genius, of course), and seize power. What will happen next - we will see in the second season of the unusual series “The World of the Wild West”.

Black mirror: media mania and how to deal with it

The British anthology “The Black Mirror” is undoubtedly one of the most unusual TV shows of our time. Take even the first episode, when the criminal blackmailed society, stealing the princess and forcing the prime minister to rape ... a pig. All this had to happen online in front of a bewildered and shocked public. The main objective of the authors of this show, in which many famous actors (Rory Kinnear, Hayley Atwell, Donal Gleason, Toby Kebbel) participate, is to show how bewitched we are by the media. After all, “black mirrors” (screens of smartphones, televisions, laptops, tablets) surround and haunt us from early morning until night. According to the rules of the anthology, the stories are short and limited to one series, the final of which is always terrifying.

Lost room is in no hurry to open everybody

The 2006 mini-series with Peter Krause (“The client is always dead”), Julianne Margulis (“The Good Wife”) and the very little baby El Fanning “The Lost Room” is another worthy representative of our rating. An unusual series tells about the detective Miller, who was confronted with the mystery of the issue, one day missing from the motel “Sunshine”. According to the statement, something supernatural happened in room 10, since then the objects in it began to show different "tricks". Hero Krause discovers a key that is able to open a room invisible to others, and got the opportunity to deal with all the terrible secrets.

Very strange cases: allusions to King and Spielberg

“Everybody get out of the dusk!”, - this is exactly how I want to scream when I see what is happening in the final episode of the first season, “Very strange things.” True, we suspect that the authors of the show, the Duffer brothers, are not familiar with the work of Sergey Lukyanenko and do not know who the Anton Gorodetsky from the Night Watch is. And yet the world in which the sheriff (David Harbor) and the mother of the missing boy (Winona Ryder) fell is very reminiscent of that very “dusk”. But Duffers are loyal fans of King and Spielberg, so in the magnificent series every now and then there are ommazhi and allusions to the books and films of these masters. My heart stops when you solve Easter eggs: this is like a scene from the drama “Stay with me”, and here it is - as if from an “Alien”. The second season (about which the young artists say: it will be much worse) will be released only in the fall, and we gnawed all our nails with impatience.

Feud: how joan with betty fell out

We saved the last unusual episode of our top-10 "for dessert" to those who truly love movies, those who are not seduced by miracles and mysticism, those who want to touch the dramas and storms that raged in the golden age of Hollywood. So, if you like action, chase, tricks, shootouts, comics, you can no longer read, this bonus is not for you.

Not a single show had such a brilliant and dense concentration of movie celebrities from the 1950s and early 1960s. In this case, every VIP person played by modern stars. Producer Jack L. Warner (Stanley Tucci), director Robert Aldrich (Alfred Molina), twice Oscar-winning actresses and girlfriends Olivia De Haviland (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Bett Davis (Susan Sarandon), eternal action, and on a date, on which you are on a mission. Lang), the legendary journalist who collects gossip, Hedda Hopper (Judy Davis), Anne Bancroft (Serinda Swan), Joan Blondell (Kathy Bates), George Cukor (John Rubinstein), Frank Sinatra (Toby Huss) and others.

The costumes will make those who know the vintage fashion swallow their mouths, and shots from the “filming” films (“What happened to Baby Jane?”, “Straitjacket” and “Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte”) will call on the blueprints to reconsider these geriatric horrors. The roots of mutual hatred of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are not at all in the plane of their common film “What happened to Baby Jane”, they lead into the youth of heroines when the second stole the lover from the first. Well, and then, Bette always envied Joan's beauty (comforting herself: “I'm a character actress”), and Crawford wanted to become as talented as Davis. Остается добавить, что этот очень красивый, стильный (и познавательный) необычный сериал родился благодаря культовому шоураннеру Райану Мёрфи. Но это – только начало, первый сезон антологии «Вражда», второй будет посвящен трениям между принцем Чарльзом и Дианой.

Дикие пальмы

После триумфа «Твин Пикса» в 1993 году был создан мини-сериал о новой технологии, виртуальной реальности. The protagonist enters the corporation that creates drugs for the subconscious and at some point ceases to distinguish reality from dreams, each of which is becoming worse. Explaining what actually happens in Wild Palm is difficult. But the spectacle is amazing, albeit slightly outdated.

Lost room

This series is probably not very crazy, but the plot is twisted into a spiral and does not let go: there is a mysterious room, the key from which went to the main character, detective Joe Miller. In this room, once a certain Event occurred, because of which all objects from there acquired magical properties, but not all of them are safe. There are also sects, adherents of which are ready for anything, just to get these items. And Joe accidentally gets the key to the room.

Perhaps this is the most overlooked series, which is insulting. The battlefield is a desert; God and the devil are fighting. Their tools are the preacher and the tramp. The tramp enters the circus, there are oracles and fortune-tellers, Siamese twins and seers. The preacher hears voices and suffers from visions. Bloody nightmares lead all the characters like a blind man. Towards a terrible fate. Carnival is a dark, cruel and intricate adventure for connoisseurs of mysticism.

“Utopia Experiments” is a comic strip created by a psychiatric patient. Several of its pages fall into the hands of five characters (one of them is 11 years old), and a deadly hunt immediately begins after them. Warning: in the series a lot of mat and violence (burning eyes with salt is so, for warming up). And in the second season, uncontrollable chaos begins, so be careful, not everyone likes shaking.

This series based on the novel by Stephen King is not very mad, compared to others, but also alarming because the main character falls into a cruel trap. An ordinary teacher goes to the past, where he can prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. As the hero masters in the past, time reveals his secrets and begins an insidious game against a stranger who has no place in this world.

Table in the corner

If you have problems with imagination, "Table in the corner" is better not to watch. The fact is that the action of this mini-series takes place at one point, in a small cafe. At the table sits a nondescript man with a little book. Different people come to him and ask him to fulfill their desire. He agrees and invites them in response to do something. For example, make a bomb. Or kill the little girl. Another important condition of the transaction: everyone should come and tell how he is going to do it.

Left behind

“Abandoned” is probably one of the most powerful TV shows on the topic of mystics at the moment: two seasons have been filmed flawlessly, we are waiting for the third one. The plot starts from the moment when a part of the population has completely disappeared from the face of the earth. The rest must somehow come to terms with the losses: someone is looking for and finding God, someone is starting a quiet war. And someone is trying to keep the mind in a world that is going crazy.

Black mirror

This is the best that was created in the genre of fiction. The very first series can “strike with a sledgehammer” on the head, so it is better to skip it if you are the owner of a fine mental organization. But she sets the tone. Each “Black Mirror” series is a separate story. All stories are about the world of the future, which takes people away from their hearts, kindness, and sympathy. Sometimes - the soul. And the very future. Almost all the series are shocking and make you think. Enjoy.

In the jungle, everything was fine until Goo arrived.

Let's start right away with hardcore. Guu is a girl with pink hair, a somber expression and a tough sense of humor. In fact, she is not a girl, because inside her body there is a whole world, where various things fall into, because Guu is all dragged into her mouth: people, birds, trees. So Hale, a boy living in the blissful jungle with his lazy mother, got there. This is not to tell, you must see!

Madoka girl

This anime series can shake the basics of your creation. First of all, he is terribly handsome. Yes exactly. Secondly, there is great music. Thirdly, the plot develops chaotically, but in the final, when all the pieces of the puzzle come together, it can break the brain. The plot, meanwhile, is at first simple: Madoka accidentally saves from death a strange creature with red eyes, and it seems to be cute in appearance. The creature offers the girl a deal: it fulfills ANY desire of Madoka, and in return she agrees to hunt down and kill the witches.