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How to choose and what to wear female anorak?


Modern fashion is very diverse, and sometimes it is not easy to remember the names of all types of clothing and footwear. Therefore, they are often confused or called a common word. So it was with anorak, a comfortable, lightweight jacket that protects from wind and moisture. Despite the fact that she is nearly a hundred years old, in Russia this name is not widely known. What are its features and how it differs from other popular models of windbreakers.

How anorak appeared - history

The basis of modern anoraks was taken by the traditional clothes of the Eskimos. To protect themselves from the wind and simplify tailoring, they used a jacket without fasteners, worn over his head. And since anorak was sewn from the skin of fish and sea animals, it did not get wet and protected it from snow and water spray.

The modern history of anorak began in 1924, when a comfortable jacket was used by the military. Soon, her dignity was appreciated by climbers - she perfectly protected from cold mountain winds. Due to its high density, the thin fabric of the jacket was very durable.

A volume pocket in the middle was always available, while side pockets in other jackets covered backpack straps. For additional protection from the wind, a cord was inserted into the hood and the bottom of the anorak, which could be tightened. Thus, the clothing was obtained as tight as possible, but at the same time light and not constraining movements.

Soon all lovers of outdoor activities - tourists, hunters, skiers - began to wear this jacket. In addition to its protective properties, it had an important advantage - it was light and compact. Therefore, when the need for it fell away, it was folded and put into a backpack, where it took up very little space. Classic anorak can be folded into its own pocket, so it did not even require a separate package.

For the general public, anorak opened Vogue magazine in the early 60s. So from the sports and tourist environment jacket moved to the podiums. Today she has become a part of street fashion and casual style.

The model was gradually modified, but the distinctive features remained the same:

  • front buckle reaches a maximum to the middle of the chest,
  • length just below the waist and no longer than the middle of the thighs,
  • wide kangaroo pocket in front,
  • hood with puffs,
  • tight cuffs,
  • tightening at the bottom of the jacket and often at the waist,
  • thin waterproof material.

Anorak is often confused with the park. The principal difference between these jackets - in the appointment. The park was created to protect against the cold, so it is much longer. In addition, it is much warmer, and its hood is equipped with fur.


Traditional anorak is a thin and light windbreaker jacket. His goal was to protect against wind and rain. This jacket does not protect against the cold, so you can only wear it in the warm season. Fabrics for their production are used very different. Most often it is synthetic - nylon, bologna, polyamide, etc. Sometimes anorak sew from cotton with water-repellent impregnation. There are summer anorak models with short sleeves.

However, lovers of this jacket, appreciating its convenience and practicality, did not want to part with it with the onset of cold weather. Therefore, manufacturers have developed models for the fall and spring. Protection against cold in them provides a warmed inner surface. Usually lining in demi-anoraks made of fleece, sometimes it is removable. In addition, the jacket itself is sewn from tougher and denser fabrics or quilted. Male spring anoraks can be supplied with knitted inserts or additional fasteners at the gate to protect the throat.

Today they produce anoraki with insulation that can be worn in winter. Such anorak models are close to parks in their heat-shielding properties. The top is made of polyester or cotton, light synthetic materials are used as insulation. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep the weight and compactness of the jacket. Unusual only the need to remove and wear winter outerwear over his head.

The color range of anorak is also very diverse. If earlier in male anoraks the advantage was given to dark non-marking colors: black, blue, gray, dark green, then today the choice is much greater. Popular bright colors, colorblock, reflective inserts. Such anorak is especially convenient during cycling, skaters also love it. Military style continues to reign on the catwalks, so designers present camouflage jackets. Anoraks are also decorated with prints. For male models, geometric patterns or abstractions are most often used.

Modern variations

The main disadvantage of anorak stems from its merits - dense impermeable fabric and the absence of a fastener. Therefore, for a long time it was not possible to provide additional ventilation of the body, and when it became hot in the jacket, it had to be removed. Modern manufacturers have provided additional zippers on the sides. They can be undone when it gets too hot.

Experimenting designers and with anorak clasp. Most often for these purposes they use lightning. But there are models with lacing, velcro or buttons. The length of the fastener may be quite small, only to provide a comfortable donning, or to reach the middle of the chest. Now they produce jackets with a fastener along the entire length, but they cannot be called a classic anorak.

The hood is an integral part of anorak. But not everyone loves this piece of clothing, so manufacturers have made it possible to put it in a special pocket.

What to wear with anorak

Despite all the fashionable modifications, the anorak is still sports and casual wear. It goes well with jeans, tracksuit, loose pants or shorts, but with classic trousers will be inappropriate. Caution is required when combined with cargo pants - there is a risk to “overload” the lower part of the body with an abundance of voluminous pockets.

In accordance with your tastes, you can make contrasting combinations with other clothes and shoes, or dress in the same color scheme.

As shoes fit all types of sneakers or army-style high boots.

Popular brands

Anoraki for men produce many brands, both Russian and foreign. He is in the catalogs of major sportswear manufacturers - Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma and others. Jackets of these manufacturers are distinguished primarily by high-tech materials. Membrane tissues are often used to combine protection against unfavorable external environments with “breathing” properties.

World famous brands such as Tommy Hilfinger, Fred Perry, Napapijri and others are among foreign producers of anorak in casual style. From domestic manufacturers on these jackets specialize company Anteater, Skills and Devo.

Today, not all anorak models fully perform their original protective functions. Sometimes it is more comfortable everyday clothing than full weather protection. At the same time, due to the design features of the model, even a thin windbreaker-anorak will quite successfully protect against cool weather during an evening walk or morning jog.

The cost of the jacket depends on the manufacturer, seasonality and materials. Prices start at 2 tr. and can reach up to 30 tr. and higher.

What is anorak?

The not quite familiar and even mysterious name for our ears “anorak” comes from the East Canadian dialect. So the Eskimos called any similar clothing.

In modern reality, the word "anorak" means a windproof jacket, as a rule, very light, but produced from very dense fabric. Such a windbreaker is worn over the head, since it lacks the traditional fastener in front.

This item is part of professional equipment for mountain climbing and tourism.

Gradually, anorak jackets found widespread use among fishermen, hunters, and military. In recent years, the fashion for unusual windbreakers has spread among many youth subcultures.

Due to its convenience and practicality, anoraks began to enjoy extraordinary demand.

Now they can be found in the wardrobe of any person, and winter models have become especially popular.


There are a number of striking features that make it impossible to confuse anorak with any other type of jacket.

Lack of traditional fastener. This is the main distinguishing feature of anorak. It is equipped with only a small zipper in the front, at the top of the jacket. This provides the best wind protection.

Large patch pocket in the middle and no side. This design decision is dictated by the fact that all mountaineering and tourist backpacks are mounted with a special belt in front. This closes the access to the side pockets. The height of the front pocket on the anoraks is calculated, starting from the level of attachment of the backpack belt.

Hood. Since an anorak is essentially a windbreaker, it cannot do without such a characteristic element. Often, for convenience, anoraks have the option of putting the hood in a special pocket around the gate. This option is good for tourists, so you can adjust your uniforms on the road, adapting to changing weather conditions.

Additional wind protection. Anorak always equipped with a hood hood and the bottom of the hem, as well as elastic bands on the cuffs. This saves not only from the piercing wind, but also from falling under the clothes of snow, which is especially important for climbers.


Anoraki is not by chance very popular among lovers of tourism and active lifestyle. First of all, it is convenient to carry them on yourself - they weigh little, and at the same time they very reliably protect from wind, rain and any other vagaries of weather. Secondly, it is convenient to carry them with you - such jackets are very compact, they take up little space in a backpack. And if the weather changed anger to mercy while you were on a camping trip, having a small bundle of anorak in your backpack will not burden you at all.

In addition, branded anoraks are characterized by high strength and wear resistance. And if, nevertheless, the need for repairing such a jacket appears over time, it will not be time consuming or costly. Anorak repair is a simple process.


Unlike traditional windbreakers, anorak can not be casually opened, if it suddenly became hot and wanted to be aired. Not so easy to take it off.

This circumstance causes extreme dissatisfaction with some consumers, so they do not dare to purchase this fashionable type of outerwear.

Although people who want to lose weight can see this as a plus and use anorak as a thermo-slimming suit.

In everyday life, it is really unusual to see outerwear that is put on and off like a sweater or sweatshirt. It is not very convenient to shoot such things somewhere in a public place.

Besides - for girls this circumstance is especially important - there is a chance to damage the hair, removing or putting on an anorak on the run.

However, beauty requires sacrifice, and fashion fits all of us for ourselves. That is why the public at large will reconcile with these oddities, and this type of outerwear will no longer seem strange in everyday life.

Variants of models

In fact, anorak is a universal type of outerwear unisex. Manufacturers produce a wide range of all sizes and different colors. Since anorak has already ceased to be an exclusively tourist or mountaineering attribute, designers allow some deviations from the traditional features of such jackets. There are models without a hood, or, for example, with side pockets.

Models for men, as a rule, do not have much color diversity. They are minimalist, aimed at practicality and maintaining comfort.

Anoraki jackets for women are more elegant cut, have a wide selection of colors. Such models can be gentle tones or have characteristic, "girlish" prints.

Anorak models for young fashionistas differ from such clothes for adults, perhaps, only in their size. They can be called miniature replicas of female and male anoraks.

Seasonal Views

Over time, the production of anorak expanded, and now these jackets are created for each season, for any climatic and weather conditions.

Summer anoraks - light, thin, perfectly protect from rain and wind.

Demi-season anoraks (for spring and autumn) - are equipped with lining, made of more dense and rigid fabrics.

With reflective strip

Lovers of active recreation and sports lifestyle can come in handy modern models of anoraks, equipped with a reflective strip. Such jackets will appeal not only to tourists and climbers, but also to cyclists or skaters. Anorak, in which there is a special reflective elements 3M, always visible in the dark. Such a strip is capable of reflecting even the faintest light.

For greater convenience, such models of fashionable urban jackets, many manufacturers have begun to improve, adding to their design deviations from the classics. In particular, the practice of inserting zippers on the sides of anoraks began to be introduced so that adherents of an active lifestyle had access to additional ventilation of the body.

The most popular material for such sports anoraks is taslan with a membrane coating. It provides a high level of comfort when wearing

Popular model - Anorak Gorka 4 Bars original

This kind of anorak is borrowed from the city dandies from a suit designed for field special forces. Slide 4 of the Russian manufacturer BARS is a set of anorak and pants made of special materials and having a specific cut. The original Hill 4 has a natural base (100% cotton) and blended linings (51% cotton, 49% polyester).

The free cut of anorak Gorka Bars 4 allows you to widely use such clothing not only in the field, but also in mountain conditions. Especially important is the fact that the styles of these jackets allow you to warm with additional layers of clothing. This model is distinguished from the classical anorak by the presence of 5 pockets - one standard (in the middle on the chest), two - a little lower, on the hem and one on each sleeve. Since this is a type of military uniform, the colors of the anoraks Gorka 4 are appropriate - camouflage, khaki, olive.

Popular colors and prints

By the way, camouflage colors are relevant today not only on the anorak models described above, but also on the classic versions. The military style demanded in urban fashion today also suggests anorak jackets in the khaki scale.

It is very fashionable to combine different colors on the same jacket. For example, often there are models, the top of which is made in one color (print), and the lower part of the jacket - in contrast.

In the coming seasons white and black colors will not cease to be trends. Therefore, anoraks in these scales are also relevant. Combining these two trendy colors in one jacket is another stylish option.

Models of anoraks look quite fashionable, on the central pocket of which there is a large logo of the manufacturer. Abstract drawings and prints of plant themes are also relevant.

Since there are many flashy colors in the upcoming season (fiesta, green flash, buttercup, etc.), designers seek to satisfy the tastes of urban dandies in this. Anoraki - both male and female - can be easily picked up in any current range.

Famous Brands

The list of manufacturers of anorak jackets today is already so impressive that it is difficult to remember everyone. But the leaders in this fashion market, we note:

• Reebok, Adidas, Nike - the world's most famous sports brands with a rich history in our country. In their collections, along with all other sports trends, anoraki are widely represented.

• Tommy Hilfiger - American brand, which became popular in our country in the late 1990s, offers very interesting color solutions. Anoraks of this brand are multicolored, often the main motif is the gamma that is present in the company logo (red, dark blue, white).

• Stone Island - an Italian manufacturer of high-class clothing, very popular among football fans and urban dandies, offers a wide range of anorak models. As a rule, these are classic versions of the restrained "male" range.

• Fred Perry - English sportswear brand, founded by the famous tennis player, offers interesting two-color options for anoraks.

• Staff, “Hawk” - young Ukrainian brands, aimed primarily at football fans and lovers of an active lifestyle. Along with windbreakers and parks produce a wide range of anoraks.

• Skills, St. Petersburg Shield - Russian brands. They focus on the actual street fashion, on young and energetic people.

Tips for choosing

To get not only fashionable, but also high-quality thing, contact the famous time-tested brands. The official distributors of foreign brands described above, you will find a wide range of anoraks for any season, in the right color scheme. Российские бренды также стремятся создавать качественные и модные вещи, поэтому на них тоже стоит обратить внимание.

В зависимости от сезона, в котором вы планируете носить свой анорак, выбираются фасон, материалы и прочие отличительные особенности. Select the color so that the stylish jacket is combined with all your wardrobe

What to wear?

Like a windbreaker, anorak is a universal thing.

In addition to the strict office or elegant evening style with such jackets any combinations are appropriate. Check it out by browsing our gallery!

Interesting Anorac Facts

The prototype of the modern trend, gaining momentum in popularity, was the traditional clothing of the Canadian Eskimos. Hundreds of years ago, the inhabitants of those northern lands came up with such a bizarre construction and sewed anoraks from very dense materials (the skins of various animals)

In the aggressive environment of football fans there is such an absurd phenomenon called “explain for anorak” or “explain for shmot”. To find fault with passersby, dressed in certain attributes of hooligan fashion, is usually accepted among the youngest representatives of this subculture. For example, teenagers of intelligent appearance, dressed in anoraks, are at risk of being attacked by hooligans. Fortunately, this phenomenon is gradually becoming obsolete and is becoming less common.

The attention of the mods paid close attention to the outfit of the popular musician Pharaoh in the video for the song Black Siemens. Every second pursuer of stylish trends wanted to buy just such an anorak.

What is this model? Sensational jacket - nothing more than the brainchild of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. The full name of the model is a vintage Tommy Hilfiger colorblock competition hoodie jacket. The excitement is fueled by the fact that this model has already been discontinued. So everyone will have to look for her in flea markets.

Characteristics and features

Such jackets are, both women and men, distinguish them, of course, to a greater extent, the colors and size of models. All have a sports length just below the belt or to the middle of the thighs, equipped with a hood, which, most often, is complemented by a small zipper in front on the neck.

In the hood they sew special elastic bands, which are very appropriate for protection from the wind, along the bottom of the jacket, in the sleeves, and sometimes at the waist, they also sew elastic bands that ensure a tight fit of the matter to the body, and, therefore, additional comfort.

Another distinctive feature of such a jacket is the presence of a roomy kangaroo pocket, which is located on the chest and is a convenient addition for athletes and walkers. The fact is that both of them and others often have heavy backpacks behind their shoulders, which make it difficult to use their usual side pockets without any obstacles, by the way, in anoraks they are often not at all available.

It is worth saying that it is really a very comfortable and practical windbreaker, which perfectly saves you from bad weather, saves heat (there are even special winter models), and also allows its owner to look stylish and fashionable.

What does anorak jacket look like?

The style of these models, which has remained unchanged to this day, has Greenland and North American roots. Such jackets were part of the clothes of the Eskimos several centuries ago. In the middle of the last century, due to the global fashion for extreme tourism, thanks to their unique style, they became part of mountaineering and tourist equipment, designed for difficult weather conditions. But the idea turned out to be so good that it swiftly got accustomed, and became actual in urban fashion, first in the male and then in the female.

Today anorak jacket looks like its prototype. A model shortened to the hips, supplemented with tight knit inserts at the hem and cuffs or waders (they protect from piercing wind). Characteristic details of the model are the volume hood, the complete absence of the fastener - it is put on over the head and the volume chest pocket “kangaroo”. It allows you to comfortably wear a backpack, leaving your hands free.

The first anoraks were sewn from the skins of sea animals, which were ideally protected from wind, snow and moisture - today this is of course historical exotics. Models that are in demand today are made of modern high-tech materials that are equally effective in providing comfort. Moreover, such models are in demand in urban fashion, in which bright and non-standard ideas are much more important. Take a look at the photo, women's jacket anorak looks very stylish:

Today, these models are made of various polyamide fabrics such as varnish or bologna, cotton and nylon with special impregnations. Most brands that produce such models have branded fabrics of their own design that provide maximum comfort and durability.

How to wear an anorak and a photo of fashion jackets

Despite the fact that such jackets as an anorak, have absolutely clearly readable sports and masculine styling, they perfectly adapted to the women's, first of all, youth wardrobe. Moreover, they are in demand not only for their intended purpose - as clothing for sports and recreation.

Women's autumn-spring anorak is a great alternative to any style jackets. The reason for this popularity is obvious - almost all relevant images today are built around such things that are not standard at first glance.

But when looking at such models, you should definitely remember that you will not be able to wear an anorak like a regular jacket.

In the original style there is no fastener - the maximum is a rather short zipper up to the “kangaroo” pocket, and the model is worn only over the head. It is rather difficult to use such models in everyday looks, especially if you have to take off and put on outerwear several times a day. But you want and just save the careful styling done - anorak in this case is not the best option. But if your lifestyle cannot be imagined without sports and active recreation, then this model is simply necessary for you. Such as in the photo women anoraks deserve special attention:

Female camouflage anoraks, fashionable in 2018

This model is not new to catwalks. She has been in the trend for at least ten years, but every year new versions of the design appear, and most importantly, ideas on how to wear such models. The year 2018 was not an exception, fashionable anoraks are represented not only in collections of exclusively sports brands, but also those who set the tone in today's urban fashion. And since the style and cut and models remain unchanged, the designers focused on the colors, prints and new options for combining this thing.

While the debate about how unjust is the military style does not abate, it beats all records of popularity. And if you want to join this trend and make it stylish, then the female camouflage anorak will help you to do it without difficulty. He will act as a bright eloquent detail that will set the tonality of the whole image. But for this, in no case, it is not necessary to combine it with things in the sports or men's style. The more elegant and frivolous things are companions, the better.

Fashionable look of jackets for girls: anorak-sweatshirt

One of the new varieties of this model is the anorak sweatshirt.

It is perfect for almost any outfit in casual, sports or denim style. Such models are made of fleece or thick cotton, and fully meet the standards of style: Hip-shortened length, no through-fastener, voluminous hood and a kangaroo pocket. These models are great for summer wardrobe in an informal style.

Among other types of jackets for girls, anorak stands out for its amazing combinatorial character. The combination with jeans and sneakers is a classic street style that will make you feel comfortable.

A duet with short shorts and elegant sneakers or ballet shoes will give the image of sex appeal. But if you wear a short pleated skirt or a flimsy sarafan with a pair of stylish brogues or sandals on such a jacket of an obviously brutal and masculine style, the image will be trendy.

If you are close to the idea of ​​experimenting with street style, you should not be limited to just one model. Please note that in seasonal trends there are many design options for such models: from defiantly sports, to coquettish girls.

What weather is the anorak windbreaker designed for?

What kind of weather anorak is designed for depends only on the material from which it is sewn. One of the most popular versions of the style is an anorak-windbreaker, designed for the off-season.

Such models are presented today in a frankly sporty style, which is supported by fashionable bright pure colors and shades - red, blue and orange. Very stylish look models in the style of stritstayl, sustained in a low-key, but rich colors: gray, khaki or blue. They, unlike sports models, are perfectly equipped with everyday style things, including skirts, and help to create an original and at the same time very relevant image at the junction of different styles.

Such windbreakers, especially complemented with lining of tinselite or fleece - a great alternative to jackets and jackets for cool days. See how the female anorak looks natural in these photos in spring and autumn:

But the winter anoraks for girls did not manage to go beyond the sport style and become a thing for urban images. These are jackets for outdoor activities and sports, they are made from wind- and moisture-proof fabrics in combination with modern insulants based on tinsuleyt or fleece. But, to consider them as permanent winter clothes should not be, of course, if you do not adhere to the total sports style.

The most qualitative and effective copies should be looked for in female lines of the best world manufacturers of sportswear. The style, indeed, exists and will exist outside the trends, and such a thing will serve you for more than a year, providing an excellent winter set for recreation and sports. Notice how the merits of style and design in winter anoraks are combined in these photos:

With what and how to wear female anorak

Like any model with a distinct styling, such a jacket will require careful selection of a set. Choosing what to wear with a female anorak, you should avoid two unpleasant opportunities. The first is to dress fully in sporty style, especially if you are not going to the stadium or the rink. These models are perfectly combined with things of everyday style, for example, with jeans and sweaters.

But, it’s enough to see how designers use these jackets to create podium images to understand that these models are rich in features and are able to bring an element of surprise into everyday images.

Try to wear such a jacket with a maxi-length skirt and wide trousers in a classic or narrowed style - the contrast between the conservative "bottom" and the sports "top" will create the right combination. Comfortable, but respectable shoes without heels of unsportsmanlike style and “soft” volume of the bag will allow you to create a casual look that is so valued today. Notice how the female winter anorak looks good in the ensemble on these photos:

The second trouble that lurks fashionistas - to look in such a jacket is too simple. Any type of anorak is, first of all, sportswear, which involves simple things in a set, minimal makeup, and even more so - the lack of jewelry.

To look excellent, under such initial conditions, is given not to all. Therefore, when deciding how to wear anorak, choose very high-quality models from well-known brands that themselves look respectable.

And in the kit, select demonstratively expensive things of simple styles - for example, cashmere or mohair sweater, pants or jeans as elegantly as possible. And of course spectacular shoes. Exclude from the ensemble heels - especially thin and high, and if you can not imagine your life without heels, wear shoes on the wedge or platform - for example, sleepers. In the cold season, these can be boots on thick, grooved soles of recognizable designs, such as Martins. See how stylishly images of girls in anoraks are collected on these photos:

What to consider when choosing anorak

  • To choose not only a fashionable, but also a quality thing, it is important to pay attention to the clothfrom which the jacket is sewn. She is should be lightweight but at the same time durable.
  • When choosing the size is give preference to free silhouette, to be able to put on extra layers of clothing.
  • The color of the product should fit harmoniously in everyday wardrobe.. The shade of the jacket can fit most things or, on the contrary, become the only bright accent in the image.

Take a look at the sites of famous manufacturers before buying. From the photo you can determine which product you would like to purchase.

You should also focus on the budget - an anorak from a popular brand will become a real decoration of a fashionable wardrobe.

How to choose female anorak?

If earlier anoraks were used only to supplement the image of a tourist, today it is comfortable casual clothing for all seasons. However, manufacturers clearly grad the style of things and offer models:

Choosing a female anorak by this criterion, it is worth understanding that models differ mainly in fabrics. The cut and overall stylist remain with anorak always unchanged.

Sports anorak, like summer solutions, is sewn from lightweight fabric that has protection from wind, moisture and coolness. Models have a classic anorak cut, and are often presented in a variety of shades. The situation is similar with demi-season anoraks. Only for their production, slightly more dense fabrics are taken, and insulation is often made by fleece and or tinsuleyt.

Anorak women's winter jackets have become an interesting topic in fashion. It would seem that a model without a through fastener is not suitable for the cold season, but designers and talented designers could find a way out of this situation.

Anorak winter female is sometimes produced with a zipper along the entire length, but more often the canonical principles of the cut are not violated. They try to produce winter anorak from lightweight, but very warm fabrics, and such models are aimed at active recreation and fun pastime.

Anorak looks like: photo

The jacket is unusual in that it fastens with a small zipper in the neck and chest. Unlike conventional jackets, where the zipper goes vertically along the entire length, female anorak better protects from the wind, but puts on because of such a placement of lightning through the head. Her chest has a big wide pocket instead of side ones: earlier it was great for the climbers to rescue, because the backpack webbing blocked access to the side pockets, and now it is a new trend.

What does a classic female anorak look like?

Anorak is equipped with a hood. On cuffs of sleeves - an utyazhka for protection against hit of wind and moisture in sleeves.

Often found models with reflective stripe or inserts: for athletes or lovers of night walks. Some anoraks have a special collar pocket for the hood.

Classic female anorak season 2018-2019

Anorak Brands

  • Sports brands: Reebok, Adidas, Nike (have a more traditional sports look).
  • Tommy Hilfiger brand produces anoraks with prints and colors for every taste and color.
  • Stone Island makes anoraks of restrained colors, lovers of bright colors for themselves in the collections of the brand will not find anything.
  • Fred Perry offers its customers an original solution: two-color anoraks.

Pros and cons of anorak

All modernized implementations have their advantages and, in spite of their popularity, disadvantages.

Options for fashionable colors of female anorak

TO the advantages of anorak include:

  • perfectly protect from wind, cold and moisture,
  • fits absolutely to all girls with any type of figure and any build,
  • has a large and roomy pocket, from which nothing ever falls,
  • light weight, so you will feel comfortable in them,
  • compactness. Anorak can be easily placed in a backpack or bag, occupying a minimum of space, thanks to the material from which the jacket is sewn,
  • quality: anoraks are durable and wear-resistant.

Any time of year - anorak

If summer is not happy with sunny days, then an anorak would be quite appropriate: the summer version of this model is thinner and lighter, but also protects well from the cool wind or rain.

Winter and summer version of anorak for women

For spring and autumn, you can buy a demi-season anorak jacket that has a warm lining. A great option for the winter - winter anorak, trimmed with fur. It has a warm lining and withstands strong temperature extremes.

How to combine female anorak

Female anoraks have bright colors and a variety of prints, they have a softer cut.. In cool weather, anorak is one of the best options for outerwear, but many people think that skirts and dresses are not combined with such a jacket. This is not true. The main rule - no lace and fitting things.

A wide skirt will go well with such a jacket. Shoes are better to choose more rough, shoes, for example. Anorak can also be combined with a dress of a free cut and dark tights, and ankle boots or half boots perfectly complement the image.

Stylish images with female anorak, current in season 2018-2019

Если вы предпочитаете уличный стиль, то куртку отлично дополняют джинсы: олд скул, тёмно-синие, скини, джегинсы. В обуви лучше отдать предпочтение кроссовкам или кедам, также, хорошо будут смотреться ботинки или полусапожки грубой формы. Дополнить образ поможет шарф. Куртка интересно сочетается с шортами и кроссовками.

Для любителей спортивного стиля анорак — находка, ведь эта куртка отлично сочетается со спортивными штанами и кроссовками. If you like experiments, instead of jeans or sweatpants, you can choose leggings of bright colors and light-colored sneakers. Sports bow can be supplemented with accessories, such as a backpack, cap or hat.

How much is a windbreaker (anorak)

The quality of the jacket corresponds to the price. Female anorak is a warm and practical thing, which is made from expensive materials, has a warm lining and has windproof properties. If you want a brand thing, then you have to spend a lot.

Fashion does not stand still and always brings new types of clothing to our everyday wardrobe, which is not always practical or convenient, but this is not about anorak. The jacket is warm, protects from moisture and wind, and is a trend thing of the season 2018-2019.