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How to get rid of scratches on glasses


If the glasses are neglected and their storage conditions are not observed, scratches appear on the surface. In turn, this leads to distortion of the image, eye fatigue and deterioration of vision. On whether you can remove scratches from the glasses or still have to buy a new optics, we will tell in our article. Consider several solutions to this problem based on the characteristics of the material from which the lenses are made.

Useful tips on glasses care

For storing glasses, special covers are provided that protect the lenses from scratching. However, many people neglect this rule. As a result, their glasses are often subject to mechanical impact from the outside. It is non-compliance with the recommendations of optics experts that makes it necessary to figure out how to remove scratches from glasses.

We can highlight the following recommendations for the care of glasses:

  • If you find a scratch first thing, contact your optics. Most likely, a specialist will better remove this flaw from the lens.
  • If you often scratch lenses, find out in optics about the protective coating for them.
  • Never remove scratches from dirty lenses. Before starting work, wash them thoroughly in warm soapy water.
  • If the anti-reflective coating has deteriorated when removing scratches from sunglasses, it is recommended to remove it completely with a cream, then visibility will improve significantly.

How to remove scratch from the glass of glasses with toothpaste

Even available tools can be effective in combating scratches on the glass lenses of glasses. To do this, you only need toothpaste without abrasive particles and soft felt. Also suitable chalk, which will need to be pre-converted into powder.

Consider step by step how to remove scratches from the glasses:

  1. A small amount of toothpaste is applied on a piece of felt.
  2. Circular movements polish the lens surface. As the work of toothpaste can be applied to the fabric several times.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to use pastes with solid particles, which can additionally damage the glass.
  4. Similarly, you can remove scratches with chalk. His slightly moistened with water and using felt polish the surface of the glasses.

After polishing, wash the glass with warm water and soap.

Soda scratch on glasses

This method is used if you are unable to find a non-abrasive toothpaste. How to remove scratches from the glasses in this case can be described step by step:

  1. The amount of water is added to the container with baking soda to form a thick gruel or paste.
  2. A small amount of cooked pasty is applied to the cloth and rubbed in a circular motion at the place where the scratches were found.
  3. The remains of soda paste are washed off with warm water and soap.

Scratched glasses are dried in air, and then wiped with a special microfiber cloth.

GOI paste to eliminate scratches on glasses

One of the most effective means for removing scratches is GOI paste. It is a mixture of finely divided chromium oxide, active ingredients and a fatty bond. The consistency of it is both coarse and fine. This allows the paste to be used to polish optical glass.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the paste, but you need to figure out how to remove scratches from the glasses with the help of this well-known tool. In order to work more conveniently, it is recommended to pull the lenses out of the frame (in the event that they are screwed on with screws). Next, the GOI paste should be applied to felt or thick cloth, and the lens should be placed on top (scratched side onto the fabric). Circular movements of the lens to polish the surface. To scratch completely disappeared, it will take a different amount of time, depending on the size of the damaged glass.

After processing the surface of the lens, it will need to be washed in warm water from the paste residues and inserted into the frame.

In this way, small scratches are easily removed. To remove more serious damage you will need a grinding wheel with a felt wheel, car polish paste and GOI. This method is effective only when working with ordinary glasses, without tinting and special protective coatings, since the entire surface of the lens is subjected to processing.

How to remove scratches from plastic lenses glasses

Even deep scratches from ordinary glasses are usually removed quite successfully, which is not true of plastic lenses. As a rule, such glasses have an additional protective coating, which, when trying to get rid of damage on optics, is immediately destroyed. In turn, on the lenses without coating new scratches will appear very quickly.

Before starting work, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the lenses of dirt using microfiber. After that, a special abrasive containing hydrofluoric acid is applied to the plastic. As a result of the reaction, the top coating of the plastic is removed along with scratches. However, this method is applicable only to plastic, but the glass surface from the reaction of hydrogen fluoride with silicon oxide will be hopelessly damaged. It is important that gloves are worn when applying abrasive to hands. After completion of treatment, the lenses are well rinsed in cold water.

Since this method completely removes the anti-reflective coating, it can only be called a temporary method of cleaning the surface of the lenses. In the future, it is still recommended to get new glasses.

How to remove scratches from sunglasses

In the manner described above, scratches are removed from sunglasses, the lenses of which are made of plastic. You will also need an abrasive agent with hydrofluoric acid in the composition. Just before removing scratches on the glasses (sun), it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface and clean it from dirt. Further it is necessary to act according to the instructions described in the previous paragraph.

If the sun protection coating was of poor quality, then, most likely, it will deteriorate. Then, using a cream, it is completely removed, after which they use glasses for their intended purpose.

Causes of scratching

Minor damages in the form of scratches can appear on the eyepieces of not only children who have casually treated this accessory, but also adults who carefully keep this thing. The fact is that small cracks are formed both under conditions of active exploitation of the lenses and during their storage - when worn in pockets of clothing without a protective case.

In the process of using an accessory, micro-dust, invisible to the eye, accumulates near its rim, while wiping the scratching material from which the lenses are made. Also, with the active wear of glasses on them sand can get, which has strong abrasive properties.

Getting rid of scratches

Scratching your favorite glasses is far from a reason to say goodbye to them and not a reason for acquiring new ones. Clear glasses from scratches can be in normal home conditions, if you follow a few simple tips.

Plastic glasses

If small scratches spoil the attractiveness of eyepieces made of plastic, the easiest way to get rid of such a defect is to use ordinary toothpaste.

It is important to remember that for such purposes is suitable paste that does not contain in its composition abrasive particles.

Having squeezed a small amount of paste from the tube onto the finger, it is slowly rubbed into the area with damage by successive circular movements. Then the glasses should be wiped with a damp cotton wool roller. In cases where the scratches are deeper, the manipulation of the paste should be repeated a couple more times.

Almost every house has a polish for furniture made of wood. It will also help remove small cracks. After sprinkling the glasses with this substance, you need to take a small amount of Vaseline and rub them into the lenses. The mixture is rubbed until the scratches disappear.

Instead of polishing for wood, you can use a similar substance for cleaning items made of silver, brass or copper. The mixture is sprayed onto the surface of the glasses, slightly rubbed into it, and then, using a piece of dry and uncontaminated tissue, remove unnecessary residues. This procedure must be repeated until the scratches become visible.

Car wax and washer

Remove the scratches from the glasses from plastic will help wax, which motorists use when repairing works on the car body. Such a substance should be rubbed in a circular motion in places with scratches and wait until the damage disappears. Excess wax is removed with a cotton wool roll or soft cloth.

For the "repair" of plastic glasses, you can use another tool from the arsenal of motorists - washer glasses. Such a tool smoothes most of the microscopic irregularities, and lenses treated with a washer will mistreat less.

Glass glasses

To get rid of scratches on glasses with lenses made of glass, you can use the same polishes, computer spray and toothpaste. However, one of the best and most popular methods for eliminating defects on glass is the use of GOI technical paste. It is made on the basis of chromium oxides, and it is sold in almost all hardware stores. To eliminate scratches, besides the paste itself, you will also need:

  • polishing material (felt, felt, cloth flap),
  • medical cotton (dry cloth),
  • a bit of any cooking oil
  • grinding machine.

The GOI paste is applied to the polishing material attached to the grinder, and, using low revolutions, the polished surface is polished. Then, after smearing the glass with any vegetable oil, wipe the lenses with a dry rag or roller of cotton wool.

In the absence of a grinder, you can use a shaving machine. And if there is none, treat the damaged area manually. In the latter case, the paste is applied to the polishing material and rub the surface of the glasses in a circular motion. The polishing agent must be dispersed over the entire surface. Leftover pasta is removed with a dry rag of cloth.

Glasses with diopters

The hardest thing (or rather, it is simply impossible) is to remove scratches on glasses with diopters, used to treat eyes and correct vision. Such products are not allowed to polish, because their medicinal functions can be damaged. Do not be polished and glasses with a mirror, anti-reflective, dimming coating. By acting on them mechanically, such a coating can be erased. Accordingly, if scratches appeared on lenses with diopters or with a special coating, such glasses should be replaced.


After the scratches on them, the same polish for metal products, toothpaste, and car wax will help bring the sunglasses to normal appearance. The method of their use is similar to the restoration of plastic products.

And the use of baking soda can return to the glasses for protection from the sun. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of soda and water, which by its consistency would resemble fat sour cream. Using a piece of cloth or a cotton wool roller, it covers places with scratches, and after 15 seconds, thoroughly rinse with water. Soda helps not only smooth out uneven surfaces, but also disinfects them, making the glass more transparent.

Some useful tips

In order not to think about how to clean glasses from scratches, it is advisable to follow simple tips when storing and using them daily.

  1. When buying an accessory, you should pay attention to whether the model you have chosen has a special film to protect it from scratches.
  2. Do not wear glasses in your pockets or bag without a special case or hard case.
  3. If you have doubts that the scratches on the glasses can be removed by yourself, it is better to immediately seek help from a qualified specialist. Quite often, the employees of the optics store in which the product was purchased agree to restore its appearance free of charge (accordingly, you need to keep a receipt confirming the purchase).
  4. Do not leave glasses in the wrong places without a protective case. And also from time to time wipe the glass with special wipes.

How to remove small scratches on glasses

Remove small scratches that are formed in the process of light friction of the lens with the surface is quite simple. Before proceeding to the procedure, wipe the glasses with a special napkin for PC monitors or LCD screens. You can also use the cloth that comes with the glasses.

    Toothpaste. To remove small scratches, take a toothpaste without abrasive particles (suitable for any child or "Black Pearl"). Apply a small amount of the composition to the surface of the lenses, go through the cosmetic sponge with light circular movements, do not press hard. After all manipulations rinse the paste with cold water. In the case of deep scratches will have to repeat the action 2-3 times.

How to remove large scratches on glasses

The above means are effective in the case of small scratches. If the lens coating has become cloudy from the defects that have appeared, a more colossal approach will be required, such as removing the upper layer. It is important to understand that after the procedure the glasses will be unprotected, and the procedure is only suitable for working with plastic. This is especially true for accessories designed to work on a PC, as well as sunglasses.

  1. First of all, wipe the lenses with a special cloth for glasses soaked in alcohol solution. After that, wipe the lenses dry with a microfiber cloth, lift the glasses higher to see scratches.
  2. Visit the shop that sells art products and kits for needlework. Get an abrasive composition for glass parts, flip the bottle, study the column "Composition". The tool should contain hydrofluoric acid, the main purpose of which is the dissolution of the glass. Since your lenses are made of plastic, this effect will not occur. However, you can remove the top layer without touching the main part of the lenses.

After the procedure, purchase a special protective film for the lenses in the optics salon, it will prevent further scratches. Wear glasses in a case, regularly wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Fill the cracks with car polish or furniture gel. Consider popular recipes based on toothpaste or baking soda. Buy polish for copper or silver, in extreme cases, remove the coating with an abrasive for glass.

Why are there scratches?

Scratches occur on the glasses and adults, and children. And to prevent this phenomenon is quite difficult.

After all, the lenses can get scratches not only during active use, but also during the rest period. For example, if you wear them without a cover, just in your pocket.

Microscopic dust accumulates near the rim and scratches the lenses during wiping.
When wearing glasses on the sand can get sand, which is an abrasive.

For plastic glasses

Wood polish

Buy wood polish at your local household goods store. Sprinkle them with glasses, and then take Vaseline and rub the lenses with this substance.
Rub this mixture until the scratches are completely not noticeable.

Polish for copper and silver

Such a special tool can be purchased at the store or ordered online. Spray the polish on the glasses, rub it a little, and then remove the residue with a dry, clean cloth.
Repeat the procedure until the scratches disappear completely.

Spray for computer

To restore the performance of computer disks in services often use a special tool. It also copes with minor damage on the glasses.
After applying the liquid and not prolonged rubbing, the surface of the lenses should be cleaned with a soft cloth.


For these purposes only non-abrasive paste is suitable. Apply a small amount, about the size of a ball, onto your finger and rub it in a circular motion into the scratch. Then wipe the site with wet cotton wool.
If the scratches are too deep, then the action must be repeated several more times.


To polish plastic lenses, you can use wax used in the repair and restoration of the car body. This substance should be rubbed into places with scratches in a circular motion until the damage becomes invisible.
All that remains on the surface, clean with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton.

Window washer

Some particularly creative motorists use car washer glasses to restore the appearance of glasses with plastic lenses. It perfectly repels moisture and smoothes all microscopic asperities. By the way, glasses treated with this tool will be less mistyped.

On video: how to remove scratches from glasses at home

For glass

For glass lenses, the methods described above can be used with polishes, toothpaste, or computer aids.

Также одним из наиболее популярным методом считается обработка пастой Гои.

Паста ГОИ

Это средство изготавливается на основе окиси хрома. В работе вам пригодится:

  • Паста ГОИ,
  • The polishing material - cloth, microfiber, felt, felt,
  • Sander,
  • A piece of cotton wool,
  • Some vegetable oil.

Fasten a felt nozzle greased with Goi paste on the grinder and polish the surface at medium speed. Every few minutes the device must be turned off so that the mechanism does not overheat. After grinding the glass, smeared with vegetable oil and polished with a dry cloth.

If you will not have a sander, then can be applied by hand polishing. To do this, apply the GOI paste to the fabric, and then gently rub the surface of the glass in a circular motion. It is necessary that the substance is evenly distributed over the surface. This method is suitable for glasses without diopters, and for high-grade optics.
After processing, remove any residues of the composition with a dry cloth.

Useful tips

The best treatment is prevention. This medical rule also works in many domestic situations. In order not to scratch glasses ahead of time, just stick simple tips on their operation and storage:

  • Do not wear glasses without a special pouch or hard case.
  • When buying glasses, pay attention to those models that provide a special protective film from scratches. If there is such an opportunity, then purchase an additional pair of films. They can be glued on their own when the time comes.
  • If you notice ugly and dangerous scratches on your glasses, but you do not dare to repair them yourself, then use the help of a qualified specialist. You can contact the optics store where the product was purchased. Employees often agree to restore the appearance of glasses even free of charge.
  • Try to explain to your child the basic rules for handling optical products so that their glasses do not fail within a few months after purchase.

These simple rules for taking care of glasses will significantly increase their lifespan. It is only necessary not to throw the tender product in unsuitable places, to use the case and often to wipe the lenses with special napkins.
It is not always the appearance of scratches on the glasses - this is the need to buy a new product.
The problem can be solved at home.