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Protein diet: the pros and cons


Protein diet is considered one of the most effective ways to quickly lose the hated extra pounds. But can we call it a ticket to a new life, where harmony will be combined with health and well-being? Let's see.

Protein diet - what is the essence

The principles of a protein diet to the disgrace are simple: you need to reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates to a minimum and lean on lean meat, fish and cottage cheese. Eggs, any low-fat dairy products, as well as beans, peas and other vegetable sources of protein are also welcome. Zucchini, cabbage, carrots, citrus fruits, green sweet-sour apples, tomatoes, and porridge are allowed in oatmeal only (not muesli!)

Not recommended: starchy vegetables, sweet fruits, rice porridge, pasta and any other foods with high carbohydrate content. Strictly prohibited pastries, confectionery, jams, pickles, chocolate.

At first glance, everything is logical. Deprived of the usual excess of carbohydrates (and in the diet of an ordinary person - not an athlete - carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugar, about two-thirds of the total diet), the body begins to lose fat stores at an accelerated rate. In addition, to speed up the process of losing weight, with a protein diet it is recommended to move more and lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Protein diet - is it possible to lose weight

The protein diet has millions of supporters all over the world and it really helps to lose 10, 20 and even 30 kilograms in a few months. Even in the most neglected cases. And even when there is no longer any faith in losing weight.
Nevertheless, the observance of the protein diet without regard to the possible consequences - this is exactly the case when you can throw out the baby with water. Roughly speaking, you can lose not only excess weight, but also health. And then long and unsuccessfully treat the kidneys, liver and digestive organs.

Persistent, not amenable to drug therapy, constipation - the most innocuous of the effects of a protein diet.

Protein diet - what you need to know

A diet with a high content of protein has age restrictions and is not recommended for people aged 45 years and older.
Before you limit the amount of carbohydrates and fats in favor of protein foods, be sure to check the level of cholesterol in the blood, as well as monitor blood pressure for two weeks, make a cardiogram, exclude diseases of the digestive system (it is desirable to undergo a comprehensive gastroenterological examination).
And remember that in compliance with the protein diet, it is necessary to include fiber in the body (at least in the form of dietary supplements) and monitor the size of the portions.

Frequently recommended consumption of a large amount of protein foods can lead to a severe condition - protein intoxication. In this case, it is necessary to leave the diet in a hospital.

Protein diet - the pros and cons

If we talk about the short observance of the protein diet and short-term effect, then the advantages are certainly more.

  1. The diet, if desired, can be made quite diverse and avoid monotony.
  2. Sitting on a protein diet almost do not feel hunger, which virtually eliminates the possibility of breakdown and impulsive overeating.
  3. In losing weight on meat, fish, vegetables, almost guaranteed to lose weight, but to decrease the fat layer does not begin immediately.

The protein diet is used by bodybuilders to form muscle relief. Many, by the way, are inspired by this fact. Can there be a bad diet with which even athletes prepare for competitions?

However, we will be objective.

  1. Protein diet has many contraindications and as a permanent power supply system does not hold water. The imbalance of the diet sooner or later leads to the "yo-yo" effect - as soon as you switch to the usual dishes, the weight returns, and again it becomes much more difficult to lose weight.
  2. When the protein diet in the body ceases to remain and accumulate useful substances, such as vitamins, macro-and micronutrients. This is fraught with deterioration of the skin and nails, there is a feeling of constant fatigue, sleep, metabolism is disturbed.
  3. Most systems and tissues in the body receive nutrition not from proteins, but from carbohydrates. This also applies to the brain, for the brain to work, glucose is needed, which comes from foods rich in carbohydrates. The nervous system is impaired, concentration and memory suffer, irritability, nervousness, etc. occur.
  4. Increases the load on the kidneys. Those who have problems with the kidneys diet is contraindicated in general, and those who have healthy kidneys, this diet threatens with the emergence of problems.
  5. If such a diet is observed, it is not the subcutaneous fat that starts to leave first, but the muscles, since the body will take up the underused nutrients from the muscle tissue. And the smaller the muscles in the body, the harder it is to get rid of fat, and, as a result, lose weight.
  6. In meat food there are many purines, it is fraught with gout and other diseases of the joints.

We do not recommend becoming a hostage to the protein diet. Observe it for no more than 2 weeks per year and only if you first make sure that this system does not cause any harm to health. Take care of yourself!

The benefits of a protein diet

According to reviews by nutritionists, there are a lot of advantages to a protein diet, we tried to highlight the main advantages. So, the advantages of the protein diet include the fact that:

  • Familiar with other diets, the feeling of hunger is completely absent.
  • Virtually no need to artificially limit the amount of food eaten. If in the first days of a protein diet, the feeling of complete impunity allows you to eat quite a lot, over time, the appetite greatly decreases and remains in this state even after the end of the diet. This is an undeniable plus protein diet, which makes it most attractive for dieters.
  • A large amount of protein eaten ensures that weight loss during this diet is not due to muscle, but due to fat mass.
  • For the same reason, a protein diet is great for people with great physical exertion.

Cons protein diet

The few drawbacks of the protein diet are quite substantial, so for some people it is not suitable. If you like the principles of the protein diet, but for some reason you cannot follow it, then it is worth considering its popular varieties, such as the Atkins diet or the Kremlin diet. The disadvantages of a protein diet include the following:

  • Protein diet is suitable only for those who are no more than 35-40 years old and who do not have any chronic diseases.
  • It is not recommended to observe the protein diet for more than two weeks (even with a completely healthy body a maximum of one month), since it greatly overloads the kidneys and liver.
  • If protein products are abused, carbohydrate deficiency and deficiencies of many important vitamins and microelements, hair and skin may suffer, fatigue and irritability will appear, working capacity and attention will decrease.
  • The consumption of large amounts of animal fat leads to an increase in cholesterol levels.
  • Excess protein increases blood clotting, which increases the risk of blood clots.
  • Many people who follow a protein diet complain of bad breath.
  • Due to a lack of fiber in the diet, constipation can occur.

Protein diet: recipes and products

The recipes of the protein diet are fairly simple, so you will not have difficulty in cooking. For the protein diet of the products are best suited: beef, chicken, eggs, tomato juice, vegetables (zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots), kefir, yogurt, cheese and fish. Also products that are suitable for a protein diet include fruits that can be consumed in practically unlimited quantities.

Sample protein diet menu

The protein diet is calculated for a week or two weeks. In the best case, it is worth adhering to 14 days, and as we said above, continuously. With this in mind, our experts have prepared an exemplary menu of a protein diet for fourteen days. If you want to follow a diet week, you can use the recipes of the first seven days. Another plus protein diet - you can make the menu yourself, based on your eating habits.

First day

  • black coffee, tea without sugar
  • cabbage salad
  • 1 boiled egg,
  • 1 glass of tomato juice,
  • boiled or fried fish low-fat varieties.

Second day

  • black coffee, tea without sugar,
  • boiled or fried low-fat fish,
  • vegetable salad with cabbage
  • 200 grams of boiled beef,
  • low-fat yogurt or kefir.

The third day

  • black coffee, tea without sugar,
  • steamed or boiled vegetables,
  • 1 apple
  • 200 grams of boiled beef,
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • salad made from fresh cabbage.

Fourth day

  • black coffee, tea without sugar,
  • 1 raw egg
  • 3 pcs. boiled carrots with vegetable oil,
  • 15 g low-fat cheese,
  • fresh fruits.

Fifth day

  • raw carrot
  • boiled or fried low-fat fish,
  • 1 glass of tomato juice,
  • fresh fruits.

Sixth day

  • black coffee or tea without sugar
  • skinless cooked chicken fillet,
  • fresh carrot salad with cabbage
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • raw carrot.

Seventh day

  • green or black tea without sugar,
  • 200 grams of boiled beef,
  • fresh fruits,
  • low-fat yogurt or skimmed milk.

The eighth day

  • unsweetened green or black tea
  • 200 grams of boiled beef,
  • fresh fruits,
  • boiled or fried fish low-fat varieties.

Ninth day

  • black coffee or tea without sugar,
  • skinless cooked chicken fillet,
  • fresh carrot salad with cabbage
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • 200 grams of grated carrots (raw) with olive or sunflower oil.

Tenth day

  • fresh grated carrots,
  • big boiled or fried fish low-fat varieties,
  • 1 glass of tomato juice,
  • fresh fruits.

Eleventh day

  • black coffee or tea without sugar,
  • 1 raw egg
  • 3 boiled carrots with vegetable oil,
  • 15 grams of cheese
  • fresh fruits.

Twelfth day

  • black coffee
  • vegetable stew,
  • 1 apple
  • 200 grams of boiled beef,
  • 2 boiled eggs,
  • fresh cabbage salad.

Thirteenth day

  • black coffee
  • boiled or fried fish,
  • salad made from vegetables and fresh cabbage,
  • 200 grams of boiled beef
  • kefir or low-calorie yogurt.

Fourteenth day

  • black coffee
  • boiled cabbage salad with vegetable oil,
  • 1 boiled egg,
  • 1 glass of tomato juice,
  • boiled or fried fish low-fat varieties.

Principles of diet "minus 5-7 kg per week"

To get rid of extra pounds using a protein diet, you must adhere to the following rules:

The menu should contain mainly protein products. Their mass fraction will be at least 60%.

It should include in the diet not only plant proteins, but also proteins of animal origin. They must be present in the dishes in the same proportions.

Proteins must be clean. This means that any semi-finished products, sausages, sausages and other processed meat dishes are prohibited.

During the diet, you should eat fresh vegetables, which will promote the excretion of toxic decay products of protein foods.

You need to sit at the table at least 4 times a day. Even better, if you manage to allocate time for a couple of extra snacks.

3 hours before bedtime, you need to give up any food.

Those products that are on the ban list should be completely excluded from the menu. Failure to comply with this rule is unacceptable.

On the day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water.

Priority cooking methods such as boiling and stewing. You can also cook steamed, but it is better to refuse fried foods. In extreme cases, you can bake food.

If the diet is supplemented by physical exertion, the process of losing weight will go much faster. Allowed to go to the gym, do fitness, jogging, aerobics, walking. Forces after the load will be restored quickly, which is possible due to the consumption of large amounts of protein. If you ignore physical exertion, the protein will accumulate in the body, which can provoke disturbances in the work of the kidneys, their soreness and swelling.

If there is no allergy, then you can include in the menu of kiwi and grapefruit. This products have an antioxidant effect. Their regular use will also allow to saturate the body with vitamins and trace elements.

Reception of the complexes containing vitamins and minerals is an obligatory condition which needs to be observed during a proteinaceous diet. After all, from the products in sufficient volume the body can not get them.

Permitted and Denied Products

Products that can be included in the menu:

Sour-milk drinks and cottage cheese. It is important that the percentage of fat in them was minimal.

Turkey meat and chicken meat. It is necessary to remove the skin from it.

Shrimps, mussels, scallops, squids.

Hard cheese, tofu. The daily rate is 30 g.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans in pods, bell pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, pepper. In addition, these vegetables can be consumed in its pure form, of which it is allowed to prepare juice.

Cashew and almonds, but no more than 4-6 nuts a day.

Apples, but not sweet, grapefruit, kiwi.

Fruit drink based on berries, water, coffee, tea.

There are also products that need to be excluded from the menu, among them:

Sugar and all the sweets in which it is present.

Bread and other flour products.

Vegetables that contain a lot of starch, such as corn and potatoes.

Fatty dairy products.

All pastries.

Fruits that contain a lot of sugar: bananas, pineapples, grapes, apricots, peaches, plums, pears.

Products that have been preserved.

Calculate your metabolism

When a person completely refuses food containing carbohydrates, and goes to the protein menu, it can provoke ketosis (poisoning the body with ketone bodies resulting from the breakdown of proteins). Therefore, complex carbohydrates must be present in the diet. The daily caloric content is calculated based on the body weight of losing weight.

Individually calculate the metabolic rate. This will allow you to choose the optimal amount of food that a person should eat throughout the day. To the resulting figure will need to add no more than 300 calories, if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle. When he is experiencing physical exertion of a particular intensity, then the resulting figure will need to add 400-800 kcal.

To calculate your metabolism, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

Your body weight in kilograms should be divided by 0.454.

The resulting figure is multiplied by 0.409.

The result is again multiplied by 24. This is the last step. The final figure displays the individual velocity of the volume of substances.

There is a simpler formula for calculating metabolism, which looks like this:

Women need to multiply their weight in kilograms by 0.9 and 24.

Men need to multiply their weight by 1.0 and 24.

It should be noted that the result will be an average indicator.

The third formula by which you can determine your metabolism is as follows:

For women: 655 + (9.6 * body weight) + (1.8 * height in centimeters) - (4.7 * age).

For men: 66 + (13.7 * weight) + (5 * height in centimeters) - (6.8 * age).

It is called the “Harris-Benedict Formula”.

The protein diet menu for 7 days

Presented protein menu is designed for a week. It is advisory in nature and, if desired, it can be modified. The main thing is not to exceed the permissible number of calories per day and not to eat foods from the banned list.

The diet should go smoothly. To do this, a few days before it starts, you need to gradually reduce your own diet during main meals. This will avoid putting severe stress on the body.

Pros and cons of the protein-carbohydrate diet

The advantages of this food system: balance and variety of products, the absence of rigid frameworks, hunger, irritability and fatigue, the addictiveness of the body to do without high-calorie food and ease in drawing up a diet.

Cons of a similar diet: there are contraindications, the need for physical activity, so that all proteins are absorbed by the body.

The diet for losing weight is unique in that on one day you consume only protein products, while others exclusively carbohydrate. Once a week it is worthwhile to combine the day and mix the proteins with carbohydrates so that the body does not experience excessive stress. Please note that the first time possible delay results of losing weight, because your body begins to rebuild and it is very difficult at first.

Such a program of food consumption makes it possible to lose the maximum amount of kilograms for the first month and does not force to count the calories, which so worries everyone. When the weight "stands" on the spot, do not panic, because it means that your result is fixed.

Menu for the week

Monday - mixed food

  • Breakfast: 200 g of oatmeal, 1 glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Lunch: vegetable stew, 150-200 g of boiled turkey, green tea.
  • Dinner: 200 g of mashed potatoes, or steamed buckwheat, 150-200 g of boiled fish
  • Bedtime: a glass of kefir.

Tuesday - protein day

  • Breakfast: 4-5 slices of cheese, 1 boiled egg, coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: 200 g of baked chicken fillet, a portion of boiled lentils.
  • Ужин: 200 г отварной рыбы, салат из капусты, травяной чай.

Среда (белковый день)

  • Завтрак: 200 г нежирного творога с кефиром или натуральным йогуртом.
  • Lunch: 1 steam turkey or chicken cutlet, fresh vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: 200 g of any fruit, except grapes and bananas, 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese, tea without sugar.

Thursday (carbohydrate day)

  • Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 croissant, coffee (can be sweet),
  • Lunch: a portion of borsch with a slice of bread or porridge with meat, green tea, 1 fruit.
  • Dinner: a portion of rice pilaf, vegetable salad, orange juice.

Friday diet (protein day)

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole, coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: 200 g of baked fish, cabbage and carrot salad.
  • Dinner: 200 g of grilled chicken with steamed or boiled vegetables, herbal tea or rosehip broth.

Saturday (second protein day)

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, black coffee.
  • Lunch: a portion of fresh vegetables and boiled turkey meat.
  • Dinner: beet salad, fishcake, herbal tea.

Sunday (carbohydrate day)

  • Breakfast: cereal with yogurt.
  • Lunch: a portion of fish soup with bread, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes with cutlets, vegetable salad.
  • Dinner: cabbage rolls, tea (can be sweet).

Next, you should choose the right foods, so as not to return to the previous kilos, so you should not immediately overeat sweets and consume very high-calorie foods. Gradually add to your diet more and more fruits and vegetables, because they are very rich in various vitamins, and also quite low-calorie. If you are still unhappy with your result, then alternate meals, that is, combine proper meals with similar protein-carbohydrate days.

Protein diet - a panacea or a myth?

The widespread popularity of the protein diet among fitness women and actors is primarily due to the fact that weight loss is primarily due to fat, not muscle mass, which makes the figure slim and not haggard. The undoubted advantages of this diet can be attributed to its satiety, and therefore the probability of failure is small. Another advantage of the protein diet is its high efficiency and "fixing" the results at the end of the diet. But along with the mass of advantages, there are also disadvantages of the protein nutrition system. So, about everything in order

An incredible amount of a wide variety of systems for weight loss was invented by both Russian and foreign nutritionists. Some of them are less harmful and dangerous to health, some of them are much harder to feel better. Losing weight decide what is important for them - to maintain health or quickly get rid of the hated fat. For some, diets turn into a real hungry hell, but they bring fast, albeit short-term results. But are they worth the spoiled metabolism, intestinal and stomach diseases and other side effects? As an option, a person can resort to a protein diet that is in great demand in the fitness industry. It is also popular under the name "body drying". Professional fitness models use it to prepare for competitions, so that the reliefs of the body are clearly outlined. The protein feed system offers fast weight loss from any starting digit. Dr. Robert Atkins invented such a power system.

The essence of the diet is very simple - the maximum percentage of the diet of a person who is losing weight will contain foods that are high in both vegetable and animal protein - for example, chicken fillet, low-fat veal, low-fat cottage cheese, chicken and quail eggs. Carbohydrates, as you know, are provided in this way of eating in minimal quantities, and are presented in the form of light vegetables. There is not even a talk about any balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates - the main component of nutrition is proteins, proteins, and once again proteins!

For a week of such a diet, you can lose a solid amount of a kilogram. The more the starting weight of losing weight, the greater will be the "loss". For example, those who lose weight with weight over a hundred may lose in the first week about eight, or even ten kilos.

It is no secret to anyone that carbohydrate food gives a person energy and a sense of cheerfulness, and protein only serves as a component for building muscles. However, if you use only protein, the body will have nowhere to take energy fuel, and sooner or later it will begin to scoop it from fatty deposits. This explains the feeling of hunger after taking only protein foods.

But you should not rejoice at the first kilograms left - first the body is left by water, an intercellular fluid. It is for this effect that the “protein” nutrition system is called drying. Then there is the "burning" of muscle tissue, which will replenish the consumed protein. And only then the metabolism gets to the fat reserves. Due to the consumption of large amounts of protein products can not worry about the volume of muscles.

Such a food system is very effective - with rapidly melting volumes, a slimming person does not feel hunger at all - because there are no restrictions in the consumption of protein foods - you can chew chicken breast all day long. In addition, the diet does not suffer from a lack of diversity - you can alternate between animal and vegetable proteins, different types of meat. In this protein diet, undoubtedly, surpasses any food system with monodni - on buckwheat, kefir, oatmeal.

But the most important advantage of choosing such a diet will be that the dropped pounds will not return instantly, as is the case with most diets. Of course, provided that you do not begin to go out of the diet with sweets and hamburgers with rolls.

However, in the protein diet in addition to the undeniable advantages, there are also very serious disadvantages.

First of all, it is a strong stress for the body - both physical and mental. Without carbohydrates, mood, attention and concentration will suffer greatly. Without glucose, the brain will not work at full strength. Therefore, if you have outlined important events that require a full return - it is better to postpone the diet until they are implemented.

Most nutritionists recommend to be examined and to obtain the consent of the doctor for such a system of nutrition. After all, if a person has diseases of the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, then in no case should he go on such a diet. Also, such a food system is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating, retirees and adolescents.

Even if a person is completely healthy, he should not resort to using a protein diet more often than once or twice a year, because after such a shake-up, the body needs time to recover.

Another important condition for the use of such a system of nutrition is the use of vitamin-mineral complexes, since protein food alone is not able to give the human body all the necessary trace elements. Otherwise, a slimming person may experience the consequences of beriberi - deterioration of hair and nails, drowsiness and fatigue.

The next important rule of a protein diet is to drink plenty of water. It will relieve the stress that the kidneys experience because of the large amount of protein foods.

Approximate principles of nutrition on such a diet are: replacement of coffee with tea, sugar - with a sweetener. Breakfast is an integral part of the diet, and before the meal is to drink water, it will help disperse the metabolism. It is worth cooking with a minimum of salt, spices and oil. And remember that the main diet is protein food.

If these conditions are met, the kilos will go away quickly and efficiently.

What is this diet?

Protein diet is becoming more and more popular, many have already appreciated its worth, especially those who can not live without meat. It involves the predominance of protein foods and the restriction of carbohydrate intake. According to many scientists and nutritionists, this way of eating allows the body to begin to expend its own fat reserves, and this contributes to weight loss.

The body takes energy from carbohydrates, and if they do not have time to be spent, they are deposited “in stock”, and this is how fatty deposits are formed, localized on the stomach, hips, and other problem areas. But if you restrict the flow of carbohydrates, then those that already exist will start to be spent. And proteins are a kind of building material used to form muscle and other tissues.

Who is suitable?

Protein diet is suitable for those who can not imagine their diet without meat, and also lives an active life and moves a lot. Protein and other foods in the diet provide the body with energy and nutrients, so that it will not be under severe stress, which will prevent the likelihood of exhaustion.

Who is a diet contraindicated?

Protein diet has contraindications, these include periods of lactation and pregnancy, as well as chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver, such as an ulcer or gastritis, liver or kidney failure, kidney stones and others.

In addition, the diet in question is not suitable for older people and adolescents (the former have a slower metabolism, and the latter have an increased need for minerals, trace elements and vitamins). In any case, you should consult with your doctor before starting the period of adherence to the diet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each diet has its own characteristics, and protein - no exception. At first it is worth listing the benefits:

  • The diet is quite diverse, so that an acute nutritional deficiency will not occur.
  • Diet, although it implies a restriction in the consumption of many products (and some will have to be completely abandoned) and a decrease in volumes of servings, but still it is impossible to call it strict. Strong feelings of hunger will not occur.
  • Effect. It is noticeable and pronounced, because in a week you can lose up to five kilograms of weight, and this reduction is significant.
  • If you go out of the diet correctly and continue to follow the principles of diet, the weight lost will not return, that is, the results will continue for a long period of time.
  • You will not experience fatigue, as the menu will provide protein in the body, and it is necessary for proper muscle work and the formation of almost all body tissues.

Disadvantages of a protein diet:

  • Such a diet, namely reducing the amount of foods rich in fiber, can cause some problems in the work of the digestive tract, in particular constipation. So it is important to monitor the chair.
  • Such a diet can be called quite expensive, because all the products included in the menu are not cheap. And for many, this minus is considered significant.
  • Processing large amounts of protein is associated with a large load on the kidneys, so that with a long-term diet, problems may arise in their functioning.

How to comply?

It is quite simple to follow a diet, but it is worth remembering that it is designed for a maximum of a month, as with its longer observance, the body, firstly, may begin to experience a shortage of certain substances, and secondly, it will change over to the new regime and store that arrives. That is, the effect will fade away or, as they say, “the weight will rise” and stop falling. And it is better to reduce the duration to two weeks. In addition, you can repeat the diet no more than two or three times a year, this will be enough.

What products are allowed? All protein, which include lean fish and meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products (especially cottage cheese), seafood. Also on the list of permitted products is tofu.

As for the banned products, they include almost all carbohydrate and fatty foods: legumes, sweet berries and fruits, starchy vegetables (potatoes), sweets, flour, fatty meat or fish, lard, butter, and smoked, salted, semi-finished and fast food.

Sample menu for the day:

  • Breakfast: omelette of protein (you can add spinach).
  • The second breakfast: oatmeal cooked in skimmed milk.
  • Lunch: veal soup with non-starchy vegetables.
  • Lunch: a portion of low-fat cottage cheese, one apple (can be baked).
  • Dinner: 150 grams of boiled breast, vegetable salad (you can add a small amount of vegetable oil).
  • At night it is allowed to drink a glass of kefir.

The menu for the week might look something like this:

  1. Monday: for breakfast, eat a slice of low-fat cheese with a loaf, for the second breakfast, two boiled eggs, for dinner, soup with cod and vegetables, for dinner, cooked beef and vegetables.
  2. Tuesday: breakfast can consist of boiled oatmeal boiled in water, a second breakfast - from cottage cheese with berries, lunch - from chicken broth, boiled chicken and stew, afternoon tea - from an apple or other fruit, and dinner - from steamed fish with vegetables.
  3. Wednesday: breakfast is a cottage cheese casserole with apples, the second breakfast is an omelette, lunch is a vegetable soup with veal, afternoon tea is berries, dinner is a turkey with vegetables.
  4. Thursday: breakfast consists of an omelet with tomatoes, lunch - from cottage cheese, lunch - from beef with buckwheat, snack - from baked apple, and dinner - from baked fish and cucumber.
  5. Friday: breakfast - two boiled eggs, second breakfast - apple baked with cinnamon, lunch - stewed cabbage with meat, afternoon tea - cottage cheese, dinner - fish (trout, cod) baked in a foil with spices.
  6. Saturday: for breakfast, eat cheese with a piece of hard black bread, for lunch - an apple and avocado, for lunch - asparagus with a baked pink salmon, for an afternoon snack - an omelette, for dinner - a chicken breast with tomato.
  7. Sunday: breakfast consists of an apple and cottage cheese casserole with vanilla, lunch is from boiled eggs, lunch is from boiled beef and stewed vegetables, afternoon tea from berries, dinner is made from turkey and cucumber.

Useful tips

A few tips that will make a protein diet even more useful for losing weight:

  • Do not forget about the correct drinking regime: you need to drink at least one and a half to two liters of water a day, and still and non-carbonated. Part of the total volume of fluid can be replaced with herbal teas.
  • To speed up the process and improve the results, you can additionally play sports, especially the protein will provide a full workout of muscles and allow you to make the body more prominent and fit. But you should not overdo it, intense loads can provoke exhaustion.
  • If you are going to follow a diet for more than two weeks, then it is advisable to take a complex vitamin preparation to avoid a shortage of beneficial substances.

Follow the protein diet correctly to lose weight without harm to health!

The essence and features of the Dukan diet (Video)

Dyukan's diet is classified as a protein or low-carb diet. It practically does not impose restrictions on the amount of food consumed, but it clearly regulates the list of allowed and prohibited products. The basis of the diet on the Dukan diet is protein food, while almost no fat is used and in very limited quantities there are carbohydrates in the menu.

A very important part of the menu on the Dukan diet are oat bran. Every day, one of the meals will be completely replaced by bran. Bran help provide a feeling of fullness, while they reduce cholesterol levels, and, which is very important on protein diets, help normalize digestion and get rid of constipation. Bran can be eaten in the form of porridge, diluted in kefir or bake bread.

Protein diet must be combined with an active lifestyle, otherwise there is a risk of kidney edema, growth of the collagen membrane around the capillaries and the oxidation of urine.

Since the amount of fat in the diet on this diet is minimal, it is impossible to use vegetable oil or mayonnaise in the preparation of salads, they will be replaced by lemon juice. It is also impossible to fry foods, it is better to simply boil them, cook in the oven, steamer or grill. It is very important to drink plenty of water during the diet, but alcohol is strictly prohibited. You can not skip breakfast, to violate the meal plan is also undesirable.

Stages of protein diet

One of the main features of the Dukan diet is its division into four stages, each of which has its own purpose and a set of authorized products. Only after passing through all the stages can we talk about the results achieved and hope to save the result.

The first stage is the attack. The duration of this stage is 5 days and, if properly followed, it can be dropped to 5 kilograms. At this stage, you can eat any lean meat, such as beef, chicken without fat and skin, fish, liver, eggs. Meals can be seasoned with parsley, dill, thyme or onion. You can drink coffee without sugar and be sure to drink half a liter of water. Naturally, fatty meat and mayonnaise are prohibited, it is also worth refraining from eating mustard and ketchup.

The second stage is a cruise or alternation. The duration of this stage is a week. At this stage, you can combine protein products with vegetables. A good solution would be to allocate one exceptionally meat day, while others may eat meat with vegetables. But not all vegetables are useful, legumes, rice and potatoes are prohibited. It is better to give preference to green vegetables, low-calorie, rich in fiber and vitamins.

The third stage is consolidation or consolidation. The duration of this stage depends on the number of kilos dropped. They need to be multiplied by 10 and get the duration of the stage of fixing the result in days. If you managed to lose 10 kilograms, then the consolidation phase will last 100 days. Of course, this is a long time, but losing weight "forever" is worth it. Moreover, at this stage the menu will be a little more expanded and it will be easier to stick to a diet.

При неограниченном потреблении белка тело быстро выводит жидкость, что значительно уменьшает массу тела, и кальций, что негативно сказывается на состоянии организма.

На этом этапе кроме мяса и овощей, можно кушать ещё и фрукты (кроме вишен, бананов и винограда). Можно кушать также и хлеб, по два кусочка в сутки, а изредка можно позволить себе еще и немного картофеля или риса. Даже нежирная свинина иногда разрешается. But once a week it is necessary to spend strictly protein days.

The fourth stage is stabilization. Stabilization is just a period of proper nutrition, which will allow you to get used to your new body and new rules. New rules will be a bit - eat oat bran daily and move more. A food must be rational, correct, without obvious abuses, and weekly one day you need to do protein.

Cons Dyukana diet

The deficiencies inherent in the Dukan diet are equally characteristic of all protein diets. One of the main drawbacks - a significant burden on the body, especially the kidneys. Another big minus is the increased production of ketone bodies in the body due to the large amount of protein, which leads to a decrease in appetite, the appearance of bad breath and a general deterioration of health. Also, lack of vitamins in protein foods can lead to problems with digestion and the nervous system.

Most human hormones are fat-dependent, so during a protein diet, hormonal problems can occur. Constipation often occurs, and even bran does not help prevent them. There may also be problems with the gallbladder. With rapid weight loss due to the lack of fat, menstrual disorders may occur. It should also be borne in mind that the sugar substitutes used in some Dukan recipes can be harmful to health. A lot of this diet and contraindications.

To minimize the harm from a protein diet, you can take vitamin complexes.

Another side of the protein diet is financial. Protein products such as meat, fish and seafood cost a lot and not all women can afford to buy them.

Benefits of a protein diet

It should be noted that most of the reviews on the Dukan diet are positive. This means that with all its minuses, this diet is still quite effective and safe. Most women like that first results can be obtained very quickly. In just a few days, the bulk of the excess weight goes away, which strongly motivates you to achieve success.

Those who are afraid of the high cost of products for the diet, you can try to replace them with cheaper ones. Of course, it will not be easy, but you can try to look for high-quality offal with a minimum fat content, low-fat dairy products, eggs, fish, cheaper grades. The Dukan diet offers a wide selection of recipes for cooking, so even from inexpensive foods you can cook something tasty and healthy.

With a protein diet, you can sometimes indulge in tomato juice or apple and celery, they will help you get more vitamins and not harm the results of the diet.

Unlike many diets, Dukan Diet allows you to lose weight without deterioration of the skin, as meat products make it more elastic. Do not suffer on this diet and muscle, but cellulite often disappears without a trace. The basis of the menu on a protein diet are simple and natural products, it makes it safer than other diets.

One of the main advantages of this diet is the absence of strict restrictions on the amount of food. You can not starve and not count calories, losing weight at the same time. You can go to visit and to restaurants, because almost on any table there is something appropriate to the diet.


But not everything is so cloudless, as we have said, such a diet is quite a strong load for the body, therefore the list of contraindications to it is also wide. It is impossible for people under the age of 18 to adhere to this diet, or for women during pregnancy and lactation, as it does not provide enough nutrients for the growth and development of the body, as well as for milk production. Do not stick to this diet and women in menopausal and premenopausal period.

Dyukan diet is contraindicated for people with impaired kidney function. Although Dr. Dukan has positive feedback from such patients, it’s still not worth the risk. Also contraindications are metabolic disorders, gout and diseases of the central nervous system.

It is very useful during the protein diet to eat tomatoes, they contain lycopene, which greatly enhances the effect of the diet.

With depression, it is also impossible to go on such a diet, since the lack of carbohydrates can aggravate it even more. This diet is not recommended for knowledge workers. The brain needs carbohydrates to complete the work, and a protein diet cannot provide them.